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/444444444444444444444444565/ - Germans don't deserve to live

As a proud Czech I have responsibility to defend Czech republic and there is no bigger threat than Germany


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File: efc83a8786fa256⋯.png (83.35 KB, 243x206, 243:206, nazi.png)


I am disappointed in Czech nazi movement. They completely ignore the fact that Germans wanted to destroy my culture, send half of my people to Estonia and germanize seconds half. All of progress done by my people would be destroyed. I hate Germans. Deporting them from my land was good thing, but it is not enough. We need to destroy idea of Germany. We have to genocide them. That is only permanent solution.

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I’m from Bavaria and I agree with you, Germany fucking sucks. Give us back our Independence!



you may be from bavaria but your spirit is neither nationalistic nor not nationalistic, as you are the kind of faggot who spreads poison into his own house; the fuck wrong with you? Deutschland hat ein reiches Erbe und dieses gilt es zu erhalten, weit über dem Geiste von Nationalität oder chronischem Linkssein schwebt ein geistiges Erbe, das der Profane nie greifen wird, ob er sich nun rechts oder links, politisch oder unpolitisch nennt! How can you correlate with the idea of genocide on germans, on what ever people? Go back to the stinking hole of shit where your kind resides usually


The (((European problem))) won't be solved by the removal of the germans however. In this timeline europeans have to work together.



if you have a look on Dortmund you see app 13 people every saturday demonstrating in yellow vests despite its a major town. the fuck is wrong with these german faggots? they are still too pleased with their master degrees and electric cars to get their asses out of their 9 to 5 jobs and stop sucking their bosses dick by letting themselves be exploited with extra hours of work on the weekends

germany wont be a help at all because they are still behaving and feeling like worthless pieces of shite because of Adolf Hitler and nazism so they rather keep shitting into their own houses just to pay off the "nazi debt" while welcoming all those nigger and arab fuckers raping their women and bleeding out the social system



who cares if the germans are white in a pure racial sense? was anyone ever pure racial? (except for the niggers) the thing I am talking about goes way over the head of the usual materialist dumbshit fucker who has not enough intelligence to look beyond the shit the regime is drilling into your heads, I truly have experienced things that would drive you and your materialist big picture into madness immediately, so dont come at me arguing with your stupid ass racial arguments

we germans stand united as a culture with rich heritage and this is exactly the reason why other countries want to eradicate germany from the global play and they use reasons like antisemitism and nazism of the past to get it through

again, we will fuck your mothers, and your sisters (but only if they have big tits, otherwise we will declare them as dog food)

File: dfc40fca9302d76⋯.jpg (55.17 KB, 620x407, 620:407, ShrekHeil.jpg)


unser Fuhrer mit Shrek sieg heil faggots

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