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File: 568e359a3b30876⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 440x391, 440:391, 1557882197192.jpg)


wats superior



File: 157f58ee6c3eeeb⋯.webm (14.79 MB, 406x720, 203:360, video.webm)


Apparently 8chan is handing over IP addresses to the FBI if this video from /pol/ isn't staged

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I promote violence every day and I'm going to continue to do so, because it's not against the law.


>nothing you're doing is illegal

why didn't he leave as soon as they said this wtf


sauce on the thread this was originally posted in?


sounds like they were just trying to recruit him


FBI already has my IP, they pay me to come to 8ch and incite violence

t. Acid Man

File: 1d4d78ce51cee1a⋯.png (62.2 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 1557627942333.png)


Fuck im experiencing nonstop flatulence once again


File: fbefb3bff2fdc4d⋯.jpg (223.31 KB, 1609x1080, 1609:1080, soygoy.jpg)



i wish i could have sniffed the fuhrer's farts


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>"He talks in a mellow baritone, without that raucous, unpleasant stridency of his public speeches."

tfw no smoove chillax'd hitler gettin into his groove


Just took a shit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i fucking hate irritable bowel syndrome

i often take like 5+ shits per day


my normie druggie friend loves george benson heh

File: 67875b4f75033ff⋯.jpg (63.78 KB, 376x767, 376:767, zvqlHs4y52YkjzA1Q0uZwHV-r1….jpg)


ok this is epic


File: 929c97f26451373⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 1027x658, 1027:658, eD5-KA7.jpg)



I've been having dreams lately about talking to military recruiters and joining the army. Even started browsing various military recruiting sites. I am conflicted but want to be part of a military and prove my worth. At same time don't want to help ZOG.

File: 7053773a033c186⋯.png (152.61 KB, 344x445, 344:445, pondering germanic ice pri….png)


Princess of Northern Germania officially fucks low test bitchass niggers now



File: 8b92f06cb99e29c⋯.jpeg (173.96 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 0909324D-1288-4986-BDE6-E….jpeg)

Even Brendan Fraser is getting in on the action

File: dd1d871532748cf⋯.jpg (22.86 KB, 601x270, 601:270, google-e1547648561243.jpg)




While censoring conservative voices, Google pushes extreme leftist media stories to the top of their “Top Stories.” This provides users with articles from left-leaning news organizations such as CNN 62.4 percent of the time while only showing a conservative media outlet’s story 11.3% of the time.

We all know Google has been leaning left for a long time, but the bias is not only beginning to become obvious, but they are systematically silencing conservative and libertarian voices with censorship through their algorithms. Google balks at the idea that they are censoring, but if they don’t want to be accused of silencing dissent, perhaps they should stop silencing dissent.

And that’s exactly what Google is doing according to a study by Northwestern University researchers. The researchers conducted an “algorithm audit” of the Google Top Stories box using data from late 2017 to determine the tech giant’s role in shaping which news its audience consumes, according to a report by ZeroHedge. The Top Stories box – which is the three highlighted articles that appear with images at the top of any Google search – is among the most prominent real estate on the Internet.


File: d201b4ca39b7776⋯.png (266.93 KB, 801x400, 801:400, joogle bias at work.PNG)


File: b06f233c0c9ae20⋯.jpg (22.02 KB, 219x233, 219:233, manic pixie elsa.jpg)

File: 7efb2e6dadedc96⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2345x1118, 2345:1118, Magyaryans are centralo-ea….png)


While systemic agitation against Europe's true human rights advocates such as Viktor Orbán, also populists, nationalists, called neo-Nazis, is in full swing, US President Donald Trump put the Red Carpet to the Hungarian Prime Minister in the White House. On 13 May President Trump said after an intense conversation with Orbán, "It is a great honor for me to have the Prime Minister of Hungary, who is doing a great job, he is highly respected throughout Europe and he is probably like me little controversial, but that's fine, because he did the right thing in immigration, he made his country safe, it's a great honor for me.

For Viktor Orbán this was an accolade, because so far he could call on the open support of his anti-migration policy only to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Not even the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti has officially praised or supported him because Matteo Salvini is not yet Prime Minister. Of course, the globalist criminals puked poison and gall because of Trump's Orbán praise. It was disgusting that President Trump would pay homage to a man in the White House who openly propagated not letting his Hungarian people mingle. CNN introduced the main phrase of Orbán's Veszprém speech of 8 February 2018, where Orbán et al. said, "Just because it's different in color and different in character, it's not necessarily more valuable, we want to protect that Hungary as it is, because we do not want diversity, we do not want to be mixed, we do not want our own color, We do not want to be a land of diversity, we have to be like we were here 1100 years ago in the Carpathian Basin and we have to fight for it, we have to defend that .


File: 1bb7ffbe25c45fd⋯.jpg (226.35 KB, 563x651, 563:651, 1556512267949.jpg)


I need to stop fappan. I really do

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a girl sent me nudes today and instead of fapping to them i just watched didgeridoo vids

chad or autistic?



I got tired of trying not fapping and slowly becoming gayer by the day, for me personally gay is not the way. So i found a tatted milf thot and fugged her no protection. It has been so long since i felt this good. I'm gonna fug her tomorrow too. I was so tired of watching degenerate videos and i personally don't think edging is good to do regularly.

>but muh std's

If i was more pure i would find a more pure woman to marry. Or spend lot's of time with one and fap as last resort. I fear i may never achieve chaste enlightenment. so i may as well fug than jerk it and be a laughingstock.


File: 08c398d67609ea5⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, 331:402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)


*schmack schmack*


File: 30b68d1a5b950c4⋯.png (186.11 KB, 952x717, 952:717, 1557482603213.png)


File: 1576a39ae37307a⋯.jpg (151.71 KB, 634x845, 634:845, 1494272319021.jpg)

I think in the month leading up to de tradeskool entry i shud prolly try doing nofap consequently

File: 5901b41194e7317⋯.jpg (104.05 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1511018443061.jpg)


Heh mfw during de appointment innacity today i saw tons of qt breedable arab non-muslim thots in tight jeans once more. It seems the hotter the weather gets the more sexually provocate they're dressing themselves heh

The fucking city centre was also filled to the fucking brim with people fucking errywhere and for some reason when i went across de square in front of de train station a whole Bundeswehr regiment started marching off inna pedestrian area. Gonna try and look up the regimental flag the guy in front was carrying, there were also a couple american occupation forces officers for some reason too in bright camo garb heh

I also saw a couple election posters from pro-white folkish nationalist parties in the ghetto areas where poor whites lived which was gud

Also when i took doggerbreh for a walk just now it was full as h*ck aswell, in fact i cannot even remember de last time the route inna back was this full at all heh. Fucking boomers also kept blocking the lane so that doggerbreh cud b unleashed only on the very last stretch, he managed to take a comfy bath inna creek nonethless heh

Tomorrow at 10AM i will have the next appointment inna city also


File: 25ff977fa1a41b9⋯.png (44.3 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1510767514463.png)

Oh yeah and the ride itself was quite smooth aswell since i optimized the route even further now, it was quite hassle-free in fact thanks to de kratom and shit

Holy fuck that goulash i ate just now was also way too seasoned smh

Here's hoping dem sweet benefit bux will arrive in muh account soon heh


Fucking ncunt's also been banging and stomping around nonstop since 8:30am this mornan

File: 7f679eaa0b8b274⋯.png (236.42 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180715-195514.png)


Made a grindr last night after dealing with a bunch of female bullshit, now there's all these weird fags messaging me lmoa

>fuckload of messages from normal, mediocre men and older types

>handful of twinks have messaged me, only two of whom are do-able

>main one is 18 years old and qt, but currently out of the area on vacation

Gonna start hitting some of these fags up. That'll really get to this blonde bitches head when she sees me nailing some barely legal boyass

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File: a9323a9b2a742ca⋯.jpg (217.77 KB, 638x913, 58:83, soyDenialVirginspergy.jpg)

Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically



Pasting that is the ultimate cuckoldry.



correct and so is believing the bullshit about black 'men' getting the most women






I will bump for answer

File: 7fcbbe8790ae4dd⋯.png (314.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1E6F9CA6-2CB4-4024-8B4B-15….png)


Fans Are Concerned About Barret's Voice In The Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Yesterday a new teaser for the Final Fantasy VII remake dropped, and players got to see and hear more of the characters as they will appear in the new game. For the most part, the reaction is positive. In the case of Barret Wallace, the reaction has been mixed.

I’ve never played Final Fantasy VII, and because of that, I’m interested in the remake. When it came out, the PlayStation was my older brother’s console, and I wasn’t allowed to touch it, as he (rightfully) feared I’d break it or mess up his saves. Eventually I was old enough to be trusted not to destroy a console, but by then, the game was much harder to find. By the time I was in high school, I had already heard many stories from my friends about how this game had such a strong emotional impact on them. I didn’t learn that Barret was a pretty egregious stereotype of blackness until long after I had internalized the idea that my video game fandom was incomplete if I hadn’t played Final Fantasy VII.



What should a gun-armed terrorist nigger sound like?


>concerned about his voice

>not at all bothered about how he doesn't even look like a nigger anymore

Legit looks like a White person with a tan. Look at that nose. That facial structure. That hair. That beard. Dude's not Black, he's a fucking Med.


Barret had a big fat head and a big square beard, he should look like kimbo fucking slice.

File: 97e32520ef599b7⋯.png (1.31 MB, 998x1154, 499:577, 54 (3).png)


My dick smells of rancid dick cheese


File: f3432765d2eea04⋯.png (610.5 KB, 1200x1104, 25:23, smegma.png)


you gotta pull the foreskin back and wash out all the smegma

File: 497de4803275797⋯.jpg (879.28 KB, 1440x1920, 3:4, 1557874037187.jpg)


Why is it when someone makes a movie that even remotely puts jews in a bad position(which this movie hasn't even come out yet) the media goes batshit crazy??? I've never seen any media complaining about race mixing movies or white males getting belittled and degraded in movies and shows(which are too many to count) why is this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

William Randolph Hearst burned down a city block in Los Angeles trying to destroy the original negative print of Citizen Kane, who knows what happen this time.


Because Jews are WHITE and REDPILLED and naughty goys shouldn't be allowed to exercise their first amendment rights.


File: 7ad299a3b005643⋯.jpg (118.94 KB, 744x1200, 31:50, elon.jpg)


you know why.


File: 0b2bbacf42e746b⋯.jpg (184.97 KB, 481x640, 481:640, 1175553701217.jpg)

Is Cracky going to be in the movie? Shes a Rothchild, thats how she got to be an epic meme on the interbutts

File: c92bb114687a023⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 54 (6).jpg)


British Women Regularly Have “Surprise Childbirths” – Do Women Lie About Pregnancy Being Hard?



File: 175f4a08f8df649⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 250x375, 2:3, JUST.jpg)

SURPRISE child-support!


File: e2bd0358e593d90⋯.jpg (208.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1512376921103.jpg)


File: 0df67f02e853cc4⋯.png (504.93 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 0df.png)


18-25 years of payments.

File: c6b9534ba9a1c46⋯.png (143.34 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ccd.png)


Imagine waking up one day

and realizing that you've spent the last decade doing nothing

but posting on imageboards

and playing videogames

and beating your meat to pornography

zero meaningful friendships or gfs

zero skills cultivated

absolutely nothing gained

That would really suck haha

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i thought people on this board wud of averaged 19 or 20 yrs of age r sthn like dat



i'm around that heh



(you) the me



im 22 ama



how old are you

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