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File: 71cf749f3bcadd0⋯.png (94.82 KB, 1491x1384, 1491:1384, poll-box.png)


how many of you here have a gf?

how many have had one in the past?


File: e0ad14ac58f20e2⋯.jpg (441.52 KB, 1043x680, 1043:680, esme__by_leshawk_db425f8.jpg)


File: 8689cf0ae8e0a81⋯.jpg (112.58 KB, 634x768, 317:384, Narcissus-Caravaggio_(1594….jpg)

Ok everyone, this is your opportunity to bore us to death with longwinded bragging about your imaginary sexual conquests



...I kind of like this one tho



j/k ofc

>unironically imagine the smell



i had a gf once.

Your mom



File: 60328d8009dce5c⋯.jpg (98.19 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, 1200.2x1.jpg)

Yes i have had gf's inna past heh


File: 558034c27186ee4⋯.jpg (30 KB, 495x485, 99:97, 0ifgdxmjq6t21.jpg)


ngl (not gonna lie) i only made this thread so i could brag about how i finally just got my first gf tbh (to be honest)


File: 7d0ce49c7135104⋯.png (41.33 KB, 594x582, 99:97, le soyddit face.png)


*upvotes u*



File: b6ca851a5b8faa5⋯.png (48.1 KB, 328x254, 164:127, cucked by jewinsky.png)


Well thanks for announcing you're a cuck.

That a woman will spend time with you gives you a great sense of pride, so they're the authority figure in your life now.



lol ur just mad i have a gf and you dont


>tfw no gf, ever


File: 0e208d16c8b20e2⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 619x386, 619:386, CE1L3ByUEAEkSqd-619-386.jpg)


If you got a waifu, you got a gf!

These are the rules!

Do you need to watch some movies?!

Chinese cartoons?!


I'll let you like 3dpd because I am a rule breaker like that!

Do you want lindsay lohan or some other unattainable young starlet to be your waifu?!

>you ain't gonna get her anyway so she's a waifu! DUH!

Pick up your waifu today!!!

Heck! I am so generous! I'll let you pick one or more today!

Yes, friend! That's right! You can have more than one waifu!

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