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File: 2af6b7104bbb3ec⋯.png (51.99 KB, 769x661, 769:661, 377-3772302_6283920-spurdo….png)


Clean-up complete. Resume funposting.


File: 7bee8cfdc1bfeeb⋯.jpg (835.17 KB, 3803x2152, 3803:2152, gettyimages-493346284-e147….jpg)

All bans and most wordfilters have been removed.

Post last edited at

File: 100bc5d3879d30a⋯.png (31.14 KB, 543x459, 181:153, b4b[1].png)

File: 206c66f8d8dc36a⋯.png (13.11 KB, 1555x450, 311:90, a55c5aa85318d108cef144276f….png)


>Deviantart removes the ability to enter your birthday to look at mature content

>you now have to make an account if you want to see the fucked up/sexy shit

Now what cheap accessible of degeneracy and autism can I lurk for free?

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File: e0077b5d9862e11⋯.jpg (33.53 KB, 403x392, 403:392, e0077b5d9862e110fb13200b1c….jpg)

Man, ngl. Those guys seem chill I just don't like the thought of having a account online.

I never expected fucking deviantART of all places to have that kind of content. Maybe make throw away accounts?




You dumb cunt you want bo to nuke again or what? Useless fag.



i dont care

File: 8e5e40347c37fe1⋯.png (970.74 KB, 898x904, 449:452, 8e5e40347c37fe167eb1af40a1….png)


God i wish i was white.


god i wish i could crawl inside your ass, die and lay my eggs.


File: c678d03e9e2ca7f⋯.jpg (67.44 KB, 862x1024, 431:512, 1560980034.jpg)

File: 341e0776a6a3719⋯.jpg (33.85 KB, 1050x630, 5:3, 1560897385262.jpg)


>tfw I'm gonna get shot on sight by you boys during the race war



What is your percentage of European dna and from what country does it come from?


what's your nationality


File: 7f306c5200e1817⋯.png (129.65 KB, 329x291, 329:291, 1411613551480-2.png)





Bitch more, you cancerous aids ridden faggots.

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why are you so pissed over trips being removed?

cope more tbh




>spams same word over and over

>surprised when it loses all meaning

Cope spammers do tend not to have a very high IQ



This is an example of a cope.



I'm not mad.

i just miss pissing off people and causing their IQ to drop over you have a trip.



IQ is a cope. I bet you've practiced for and taken the test multiple times. To cope.

File: a08ba5dc6936880⋯.webm (73.54 KB, 624x348, 52:29, yuu_yuu_yuu.webm)


how do I have sex? I don't wanna pay and I never leave my room. I am also not very gay. I am very lonely. please be my friends

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File: fc1b517f0ddd6b7⋯.jpg (7.97 KB, 200x147, 200:147, sky.jpg)

dream of amazing places anon

dream of worlds far beyond this

there you will find her


File: fdf9ba5da6c0261⋯.png (178.73 KB, 400x296, 50:37, bwcl0h32uwqz.png)


Thank you friend. I am off to put my penis in someone now.


Why not just a hunk of TPE/Silicone?

Feels better.


Do you have a sister/cousin? Maybe even your mom could be an option


are traps gay?

File: d52a2b84c480c01⋯.jpg (360.6 KB, 605x1047, 605:1047, d52a2b84c480c01ddbde3c0f98….jpg)


When did you realize that the people on /cuteboys/ sound just like people on /r9k/ except they want to get fucked by men instead of wanting to fuck women?





File: 454e884e6c79fde⋯.png (1.33 MB, 2723x1543, 2723:1543, Fuck You.png)


File: 099a0aace540390⋯.png (296.97 KB, 1151x277, 1151:277, wut.png)

What the fuck is this shit?



It's a gay boy fantasizing about being a tradwife obviously.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dice rollRolled 2 (1d2)

Can you tell which ones are faking?

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that's fucking sweet, how does one get a position like this?

also when the company drops support for the software they'll move you right? or do you lose your job at that point?



They already let go of me back during the company merger, but my product is esoteric enough that I was able to come back to the same position with higher pay. I got this job because I passed a retard test, had a college degree, and hit it off with the interviewer. I recommend finding a company that's the top dog in their field, but isn't actually a monopoly yet. Latch yourself onto them, keep your head low, and cash your paychecks while they're on the upswing. Always let the suckers do the real work.



Also, I'm being trained in something else so I can keep my job later. It pays off to not be a nigger and have a boss that likes you.



over 80% of women fake it. Women lie about everything. They don't care about whats real and will convince themselves of getting off over fake shit. They tell men how sexual crazed they are to try and divert how they are even more so. They lie about how messy men are only to shit and piss everywhere and not respect anything. If you are single, The only way to find a good women is to find one who understands and Hates other women. Maybe then she just may be a keeper.



speaking from experience?

File: c034539cd76fe81⋯.png (39.88 KB, 1257x386, 1257:386, libredead.png)


It's dead jim

Mirror for OP pic since servers are being shit: https://i.imgur.com/ncnY8V8.png

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their IP is\was


Well shit


File: b4931b5308f81a2⋯.jpeg (1.56 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_4697.jpeg)



Are those buds attached to someone of age, anon?


File: 784c572683f6949⋯.jpg (443.25 KB, 1032x815, 1032:815, 1549502966742.jpg)


Niggers are inferior. The statistics prove it.

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File: a63a73c81887d5e⋯.jpg (55.37 KB, 500x631, 500:631, a63a73c81887d5ef268122ef01….jpg)

File: 042a5f871ce5408⋯.jpg (95.79 KB, 724x1040, 181:260, african grooming of europe….jpg)

File: ec4c78a3a700a56⋯.png (446.1 KB, 885x728, 885:728, black vs white college acc….png)


File: a180bb78126c49d⋯.jpeg (54.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 745323004fd8bfe82e3a922cb….jpeg)

File: e56e0f343970def⋯.jpg (37.7 KB, 403x403, 1:1, modern africans are homo e….jpg)

File: 36564a0d33f7185⋯.jpg (160.5 KB, 1080x1169, 1080:1169, 36564a0d33f7185247af1f34a3….jpg)


File: b3a152301c7876d⋯.mp4 (4.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, glassed nigga.mp4)




>it's been proven wrong, I didn't post anything to support my claim, but it's been proven wrong


File: cf6cfabb7a31544⋯.png (31.86 KB, 959x639, 959:639, 6532f7rgyfhunjb.png)



>literally ignorance

Well since faggots are going full PTSD in the thread I'll just leave I guess


File: 3ac64878d40e67d⋯.png (597.63 KB, 1903x877, 1903:877, b2 Niggers are inferior….png)


I see images

File: 058a3e83694a99a⋯.gif (1004.2 KB, 500x350, 10:7, 058a3e83694a99a0809575fa14….gif)


Any one up for a movie night?

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Movie will start in 10 minutes at https://cytu.be/r/animeisdegenerate


File: 7641d329a444087⋯.jpg (38.32 KB, 512x423, 512:423, 7641d329a444087edacd4993cd….jpg)


>/pone/ thumbnail


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Should play this one. I think you guys would enjoy it.

Full movie



File: 661637e2ca328a2⋯.jpg (168.64 KB, 999x1500, 333:500, hoose.jpg)

File: 115f215300c164c⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1356x1962, 226:327, MODERATINGFUCKYEAH.png)

File: 4ea0a715777de4b⋯.png (631.53 KB, 3869x509, 3869:509, fagmod analytics tybb.png)



BO, are you in a wheelchair? You pretty much have to be wheelchair-bound in order to be at your computer moderating this board at literally all hours of the day. I mean, look at the board log and see how much of your time you're spending banning proxies and deleting/bumplocking threads. That level of commitment to a shit board you don't even physically own reaches unprecedented levels of autism.

I've taken the liberty of scrubbing the /b2/ board log and compiling Tybb's moderation activity into this easy-to-read chart. It shows hourly counts of how many moderation activities Tybb has by day of week and by hour. Times/hours are in GMT, so just convert that to your local time zone to get an idea for the best time to shitpost.

Definitely in a wheelchair judging by the erratic activities. Probably NEET as it is hard to pintpoint any consistencies in his schedule like waking up for work, hotpocketing on lunch break, commute home, etc. When I compiled these metrics for /pol/ and nignomia's /b/, they blanked out the moderator names so you couldn't find out who's who. Being the only janny on your board, you can't really do that, can you Tybb? Disabling the board log is your only recourse. I hope you do it.

Wheelchair BO pls post pics of your legs.

Also post your face and address.

16 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




>what is working at home



What is it with autistic pedos always trying to test the waters with mods? It's almost a given that some autistic pedo will come around to start shit on boards and invent problems where there are none.



>autistic pedos

No one – literally no one – was talking about pedos. Why are you talking about pedos?



It's just dysnigger.

Ignore that pedo.



>/b2/ BO is hotwheels


File: 8984a9e9a41db3d⋯.gif (645.25 KB, 700x625, 28:25, 8984a9e9a41db3d5963683909d….gif)


I opened /b2/ today and I see that the entire catalog is fucking gone and there are 2 pages of threads. Why the fuck are you screwing with the board? You dumb nigger, randomly fucking around with the board is the reason why Dysnigger killed /b/ and caused the population to move here. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU REPEATING HIS MISTAKES?

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


BO you faggot want to kill your board? what the fuck?


File: 0e255aff9b9062b⋯.png (239.51 KB, 906x666, 151:111, 49336094_2271745519708136_….png)


> bans trips

I hope he doesn't ban those trips… You beautiful man.



>bans trips

Unironically fucking based.



how is banning tripfags not the most fucking based action humanly possible?


File: 962f1966db832a6⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 308x230, 154:115, 1560911403670.jpg)


We are now worried that he is going to ban these trips tho >>293000

File: 120626f4886ff1f⋯.jpeg (87.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, graham.jpeg)



- Navy

- C3I

- Air Defense

- Air Force

- Nuclear refineries

- Oil refineries

- Electrical generating stations

- Electrical substations

- Civilian airports

This is a list of things you won't have soon if the Ayatollah doesn't leave the country. Our rolling list of targets is at 568 as of this moment. By failing to comply, you invite disaster upon your people.

30 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


ww3 when?



Israel has no trouble defending itself, this isn't about nuclear weapons.

Discoveries of shale and new crude deposits discovered since 2008 changed the calculus for war. It almost happened with Iran in 2012, but it wasn't necessary yet and Obama didn't want his Presidency to be all about war.

Now, the time has come.


File: 2d31ac5915a7418⋯.png (49.64 KB, 1055x393, 1055:393, Screenshot_2019-06-19-19-5….png)


>This isn't about weapons


>time for war

Time to die for israhell amiright my fellow MIGApede?



That must be the Iranian air force you're quoting because the American Air Force capitalizes its name



>U.S. Third Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, who is one of the highest-ranking military officers in the U.S. Armed Forces, told the Israeli daily that the two countries strive to enhance military partnership and cooperation through Juniper Cobra, a joint military exercise that has been conducted for almost a decade.

>"We are ready to commit to the defense of Israel anytime we get involved in a kinetic fight there is always the risk that there will be casualties. But we accept that - as every conflict, we train for and enter, there is always that possibility," Clark said, highlighting that U.S. soldiers should be prepared to die for the Jewish state.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailysabah.com/americas/2019/03/25/us-troops-could-be-asked-to-die-for-israel-top-air-force-commander-says/amp

File: 78b3be0ddfeb16c⋯.png (435.73 KB, 800x800, 1:1, summon.png)



Explain yourself. What caused your outbust of faggotry? Answer ASAP you colossal queer.

44 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: e72f87b582bc616⋯.jpg (151.92 KB, 1606x830, 803:415, e72f87b582bc616e198d710fe3….jpg)


Here take a meh pill sweetie



Let's hope board nuking doesn't become a regular thing.



It won't.



I hope it happens every 72 hours.



>I haz crystal ball


your mother should have swallowed

File: cec95a3e4c14992⋯.mp4 (5.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ciaraposter.mp4)

File: 5407913d1694060⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1881x2132, 1881:2132, CiaraHoran.jpg)

File: ca92b634662af81⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 4032x2708, 1008:677, ciara.jpg)


If the question is "How many abortions?"

the answer is: two


i want to hit her with a mallet in her retarded drug addicted face




Should this matter to me?


who FUCKING cares, Nigger

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