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File: 733ced79c46e0c6⋯.jpg (5.94 KB, 300x227, 300:227, h2so4.jpg)


>This product is now restricted from sale to the General Public under the new Precursor Legislation (Sept 2014).It is now a criminal offence to attempt to purchase or to possess this product without holding a license. Sales to Limited Companies are not affected.

>Please contact us before purchasing this product as orders will not be released until due diligence checks have been completed.

How do I get sulphuric acid in the UK? I'm looking to carbon monoxide mysef to gensokyo with the help of formic acid, please help, I'm too much of a pussy to hang myself properly. I have about 500 USD, does anyone know about registering a Ltd. or products which are mostly sulphuric acid?


just buy charcoal

they can never ban charcoal and grills


Nice try Ahmed, but we can't trust you not to throw this in a white girl's face.



That's my backup, but this is faster and easier.



plz no bulli, I know my country is a joke


File: b5be1d8287fb411⋯.jpg (157.82 KB, 621x478, 621:478, uk_acid_attack_every_week.jpg)

>How do I get sulphuric acid in the UK?

Walk outside.



Damn she was actually cute.



If I lived anywhere near muslims I might try that lol, unfortunately I've never seen one IRL.


In the UK the only thing you're allowed to do is TRANSITION your gender. Why haven't you done this, bigot?



I almost have lol, I'd post pics but don't want anyone trying to "save" me



>I'm looking to carbon monoxide mysef to gensokyo with the help of formic acid

What? The fuck does gensokyo mean, all I find when I search it is some touhou bullshit, and I doubt spilling acid on yourself would transport you to the land of fantasy let alone anywhere other than a hospital anon, elaborate a bit.



sulphuric acid + formic acid -> carbon monoxide + water


Drain cleaner. Read some labels.


File: 4c9baed03a0b8c3⋯.webm (1.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4c9baed03a0b8c3523df6c08e….webm)


tl;dr: vid related



Equals what exactly? A portal to the land of fantasy? Sorry, I was never very attentive in chemistry.



thank you! I'll check B&M tomorrow.


equals death. the CO binds to haemoglobin preventing oxygen uptake.


Too many sand-niggers tossing acid. You need a loicence



>He doesn't know he needs to breath oxygen

Seriously anon?


Pure helium works better and isn't restricted.


You can easily obtain your own mixing ammonia with bleach in an open container, you may stay indoors but the mixing needs to interact with the oxygen of the air, make sure to not put any water into the mix and use clean containers, after mixing both wait at least 2 hours and there you go.



You should really talk to someone though. There is something out there for you. And honestly it’s easier to make with charcoal like they say.

But really, don’t. And I’m not just saying that because I want you to be miserable too. I don’t even know who you are.



>equals death

So basically we're telling a man where he can get the equipment to kill himself or someone else. Seems pretty fucking depressing, like I know we're all on 8chan but this seems a little low.



I'm concerned about a) tanks including oxygen and b) fucking up the pressure.


I'm already trying to kms, that's just a more painful way to go.


Thanks for trying, but this isn't something I want to avoid.


File: 2f93146825252c2⋯.jpg (94.92 KB, 704x1024, 11:16, suicideparamedic.jpg)


You better at least livestream it.



>this isn't something I want to avoid

Listen anon, I know you probably won't care, but listen to me. I've known some pretty screwed up people in my time. While none have actually killed themselves some have tried. I can assure you, there's greener pastures ahead of you. Hell, if you can't vent to a family member of therapist, you always have your fellow anons, that might sound a little faggy but it is true. Though maybe on here you'd be considered either a drama queen or something of the sort. Just please anon, don't kill yourself, if you can't do it for your family or friends, at least do it for us anons.


Cant you britfags just buy codeine over the counter? God I'm so jelly. Just start stockpiling and have a party one night with a lot of booze on top. Or gas yourself with nitrous like a nonretard.


File: 4372ec310dfcd33⋯.jpg (18.21 KB, 446x357, 446:357, 0a2ce6c55ddaaf6fdf9975e626….jpg)


Steal a car battery, idiot.




It’s not like I’m trying to help you avoid something. It’s gonna come to all of us eventually.

I’m just saying that I believe in your right to make that decision but it’s not one to make lightly and that you haven’t worked out the mechanical details shows me that you haven’t given it enough thought.

It’s not like there is anything else in the world that is more important for you to be thinking about. You should be committing every moment to fully understanding the aspects and outcomes of this decision, and you shouldn’t be taking action until you really know this inside and out.



will do if it's easy, but you better be prepared for some really shitty music.


I have ceased to identify with my future self. I don't care about him.


Good idea, I mixed it with alcohol once and was sleeping on the floor less than three feet from my bed. I might do that if I go the charcoal route to assure I'm asleep.


File: 91b8bb70801d35b⋯.mp4 (4.47 MB, 854x356, 427:178, blackpill.mp4)



>killing yourself

If you're going to do it, don't fail (and don't worry about pain you fucking pussy). If you're doing it because you're a failure (that's what it seems like) you're going to fuck it up and you shouldn't bother. Listen to that other guy with his flowery words. Life probably won't get better, but you'll get over wanting to die, settle into living with being the way you are and agree that dying is gay.



>they can never ban charcoal and grills.

Careful what you say, anon; Britbongistan might take that as a challenge.



You can buy 8mg codeine mixed with paracetomol. Taking more than 2 pills is overdosing on the latter.

I think you can buy certain cough syrups with codeine in them over the counter but not sure.



This. Dying is gay, don't do it anon.



We all die eventually Anonymous.



Oi you got ya carbon tax certifercate for that charcoal grill?



Yes we shall, however, dying of your own will, when you have so much left to do, is pretty gay.



Thanks, I'll check how pure they are.


I've been wanting to die on and off for a decade, this isn't new. I just finally made the decision to die in light of certain things which are not external. If I won the lottery I would still do this after a month or two.


Thanks for reminding me of those films, I'll rewatch them. If I fuck this up, I'll be in a position to finish myself off with a short drop hanging, I'm not about to get "saved".


You think you're joking, but IIRC the police are handing out blunted kitchen knives without points.


The paracetamol mix (acetaminophen for burgers) is enough to knock one asleep when mixed with alchohol.


I'm already a faggot lol.



Paracetamol is a horrible way to die. And if you don’t die from it you just live in excruciating pain for months or years under hospital care while your liver regenerates. That’s how the anthrax mail guy killed himself and he took two whole bottles of Tylenol



Car batteries are basically half water and half sulphuric acid. You can open a car battery and let the water evaporate over like a week or you can boil it outside in a glass container till the water has evaporated. Then you can mix the formic acid. Be very careful though because water is very reactive with sulphuric acid.

Outside of that, your options are making carbon monoxide from charcoal, resorting to helium, or giving up on this method. There may be other sulphuric acid sources I don't know about, but they may not be as easy to prepare.



helium is probably still legal.



>I'm already a faggot lol.

Then dropping dead is the only option, so do it already.



I agree, I would just be using enough to put me to (literal) sleep while the charcoal burned if I can't find sulphuric acid.


I don't care about my future self.


Thanks, I might do that. I've enough money to buy batteries and access to a portable camping stove thing if the drain cleaner doesn't work out.


I'd rather use a method which doesn't require me to keep a mask/bag on. CO filling a tent is easy, no matter how violent a seizure I have while unconscious, I'm staying inside it.


Will do anon!

Y'all were taking so long with the day of the rope I decided to take it into my own hands.


If anyone else if considering this, here are my notes, everything except ligature and monoxide is incomplete. Short drop is also a good choice, turns out hanging doesn't kill one by stopping one from breathing, but by carotid compression causing global brain ischaemia.

destroy brain

fall (hit and miss, and needs great height)

jump in front of train (same as falling, except higher relative velocities are possible)

remove blood from brain (ischemia)

TODO merge carotid compression notes all together with variations having their own specific subnotes

compress carotid arteries (and maybe jugular) (name: ligature carotid compression)

TODO download those images from the book "final acts" in the thread on /suicide/

cord above adams apple

head exploding/pressure sensation is the jugulars without the carotids, light headed/swimming/euphoric is correct

the neck may be somewhat padded, and objects placed over the carotids to increase pressure there

possibly bind hands


(hookless) ratchet strap

~1m of webbing

seizing isn't a problem

cord and stick to twist-tighen it

stick jams against jaw, I'm concerned about it coming undone if I seize, a long rod will help but just ratchet

partial suspension hanging

knot at the back

unreliable? (60% of successful hangings are partial, no known stat for success rate)

I'm concerned about about seizing breaking the required posture

short drop hanging

turns out this is how that works, but it's less comfortable

remove oxygen from blood

rats exhibit (respiratory type)-panic at 7% oxygen

prevent oxygen uptake via CO

formic acid + sulphuric acid

WARNING: CO is inflammable at the concentrations this may produce

TODO read PPeH (chapter 6?)

500ml formic (85%) + 1,000ml sulphuric (95%)

85% formic will store for a while, higher won't, take the use by date seriously

no idea about storage of sulphuric

"one shot instant drain cleaner" is 91% + additives and should be good

drip formic into sulphuric, sulphuric above 25C (not required but helps)

dripping isn't required, could also just pour over 20s while holding breath

deep bucket due to foaming

5x volume of reagents is probably overkill


not metal or plastic (but polypropylene might be ok (PP stamped on it))


burn charcoal until white, bring into small room (name: charcoal grill)

barbequick or kingsford are good, just AVOID CHINESE CHARCOAL (and that of unspecified origin)

use briquettes

chimney starter with newspaper at the bottom

once lit (~25min maybe) dump into portable charcoal grill (not bucket, you want surface area) and wait until fully white (~45min maybe, the smoke will stop) then bring inside sealed area

drink self unconciouss or wait 20min before entering

1kg for a small space like a car or tent

oven gloves for manipulating hot grill

3-4 man tent with 3000mmhh water resistance and a flysheet stitched into the outer ground sheet

insulate grill from tent with bricks (beneath and around)

CO2 + heated charcoal

sodium bicarbonate + vinegar -> CO2; CO2 + heated pulverized charcoal in vessel for 10m -> CO; release CO into sealed area

warning about poisonous gas somehwere, use standard warning symbols

plan for seizure after passing out, avoid being able to knock the bucket/grill over

seal with electrical tape

remove oxygen from env.

CPAP mask + pressure regulator + inert gas tank (name: exit bag?)

CNS damage

(long drop) hanging

how quick: 0.5s of awareness/6min braindeath/5-18min heartbeat IF hyperflexion of the neck successfully causes fracture-dislocation and crushes or severs the spinal cord OTHERWISE 10-20s max (as short drop hanging) due to compressed carotids/vagus nerve OTHERWISE long and painful

train decapitation (head/neck on rails)

certain and fast



Just jump in front of a train like everyone else in the UK does.



One method I've considered is going to a truck stop at night (18 wheelers) and laying down underneath one with your head directly in front of one of the wheels. Once the trucker gets back in and leaves, your head will be instantly crushed.


File: e0871efa3a1d418⋯.png (2.64 KB, 841x98, 841:98, actuallyDel.png)


I have the willpower of a damp tissue, I'll go with a train after I fail monoxide and ligature and short drop.


I'm scared of him realising and stopping half way, I'd go with a train instead.


File: 0ba861e3d0c4a92⋯.jpg (115.79 KB, 1200x865, 240:173, catbat.jpg)

Just checked the first two pages of amazon for "drain unblocker", nothing which says it's sulphuric acid. Looks like I'm concentrating battery acid.

Any chemfags around? My current plan is to heat it to less than 337°C outside on a camping stove until it stops steaming and then assume what's left is mostly sulphuric acid. How careful do I need to be about the vapours?


File: 46c3d726605da9e⋯.jpg (107.23 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 46c3d726605da9e5d70468a679….jpg)


this picture made me laugh and smile

should I be worried?



see you on the other side



draino has muriatic acid, if you're trying to make meth…


>prevent oxygen uptake via CO formic acid + sulphuric acid WARNING: CO is inflammable at the concentrations this may produce

what's wrong with your country, doesn't anyone own a car and a garage?



>draino has muriatic acid

I wanted vitriol* because it decomposes formic acid into water and CO.

>car and a garage

Charcoal is better than that, and sulphuric + formic is better still. I can't afford a car, I have 500USD to make my exit with.

*archaic names are kino tbh, quicksilver >> mercury, wolfram > tungsten



There is no other side, that's the best part.



Have sex incel



>Although nitrogen is non-toxic, when released into an enclosed space it can displace oxygen, and therefore presents an asphyxiation hazard. This may happen with few warning symptoms, since the human carotid body is a relatively poor and slow low-oxygen (hypoxia) sensing system.

> the atmosphere is about 78 percent nitrogen so liquid nitrogen can be manufactured anywhere and will still be relatively cheap.

easy, cheap, non-toxic , loiscence not needed etc..


File: 0b7fb796e3ca0cc⋯.pdf (234.44 KB, simulation bostrom.pdf)


There's no true afterlife sure, nonexistence is just the same as before conception.

That's not to say that the death of your current embodiment is true death. if you're simulated then superrationality* implies an afterlife with reasonable probability. There's very strong reason to believe you're a whole brain emulation (file releated, no background needed to read this paper).

*clickbaity as fuck term, but the math is sound




If I have a seizure while unconscious then my CPAP mask may come loose. I will go this route prior to attempting ligature if I can't get hold of sulphuric acid.



Almost any car made after the late 80s come with filtration systems in the exhaust that takes out most of the carbon monoxide. They did this because when traffic is at a standstill, people having cars running in garages, or cars in tunnels would have carbon monoxide buildup and effect people or kill them. The suicide by car exhaust is a dead meme now unless you buy an old junker. You wouldn't even be able to kill yourself if you made a tube from your exhaust lead to the car window and tape it sealed if you were using a car made in the past two decades. Youd probably have nothing happen for an hour or so, after that you just got brain damage.



Can tape the mask to your head just in case. Only have to deal with discomfort leading up to it. Could tie your hands behind your back or to a bedpost or something as well to ensure they dont pull on the hose or knock your mask.



Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……young man



Just go walk in London, you'll get stabbed after a few hours, easy as that.



If someone is to the point of where they will readily commit suicide, you arent going to be able to stop them from saying shit theyve heard a thousand times already–online at that ,from someone they dont know. The best we can do to actually help an anon out is with helping him finding a way to kill himself that is painless and doesnt make him or others suffer physically.

Would you rather he goes through a ton of pain, fucks up badly, ends up a vegetable, or accidently injures other people?



Only if your black really.



>How do I get sulphuric acid in the UK?

The fuck should I know? Ask your muslim neighbors. All 97 of them.



I'd rather him not dying at all, but I guess I'd rather it be painless.


File: d2aff99ba799cdf⋯.jpg (28.33 KB, 715x313, 715:313, nice.jpg)



Top Kek

The UK is so cucked. Soon enough they'll be reinstating the political power of the monarchy.


File: e6e37c7c3352042⋯.jpg (131.35 KB, 800x800, 1:1, rope.jpg)

File: 0f44bdf24758098⋯.jpg (477 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ratchet.jpg)

Couldn't find drain unblocker which said it's sulphuric acid on amazon or B&M, though I wasn't too thorough. Concentrating battery acid is too much work. I might go with some inert gas + CPAP mask. In the mean time I've gotten two backups.

The ratchet's webbing is 1" wide and I can't get it between by larynx and hyoid, so I'm going to try cutting it thinner/melting the edge closed.

Barring that I've got some cheap rope and will do a short drop.


Good idea, thanks.


100% correct, thank you.



And where are you from?



And where are you from?

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