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File: 71c33c49962442d⋯.jpg (20.88 KB, 468x286, 18:11, article-2186416-0B298E9A00….jpg)


>teens years

>back to home with my childhood friend after a long house party

>both exhausted we lay in a bed

>my friend puts his hand on his balls

>do the same

>he starts to rub them

>says he's enjoying it

>graps his dick

>says it's going bigger

>starts to jack off while watching me

>puts a finger in his butt

>sticks his cock on my thigh

>jacking off faster

>ejaculates on my leg

>wishes me a good night


File: 57f10918147b67d⋯.png (338.04 KB, 668x463, 668:463, r6515.png)


I do not have any problems with this, in any way.


you and your childhood friend are closet faggots


File: 06eb964cd0067af⋯.jpg (61.7 KB, 760x505, 152:101, waltjr.jpg)

>last year

>late afternoon, all friends in class

>sitting in dorm smoking a cigarette

>chad friend comes in, says he got out of class early

>visibly drunk and high on something

>asks for a drag off my cigarette

>he comes over really close to my face and takes the cigarette out of my mouth, smirking

>anon, has anyone ever told you how much you look like your sister?

>I guess

>shes cute anon, you're lucky

>are you gay m8?


>he starts laughing

>anon do you really think I'm gay? like I would bend you over that bed rn and fuck the shit out of you, in an ideal world?

>u wot m8

>anon comeoonnnnnnnnnnn

>he comes over next to me on the windowsill and sits really close

>anon what if I grabbed your dick rn.

>keep in mind this guy has at least 45 kilos on me in pure muscle mass

>m8 u wot m8 u wot

>he flashes me this really wet, wide smirk and starts twiddling his fingers moving toward my pants

>nigger if you grab my dick I swear


>slams his palm into my dick and grabs my entire shaft


>he leans into my face and gives me an extremely wet and sloppy kiss on the mouth

>pushes in for a second before leaning back

>just stare in disbelief

>his hand is still on my dick, he caresses the head with his thumb before pulling his hand away

>still grinning like a fucking madman

>he throws the cigarette stub away and says that I deserve another, since he fucked mine up

>he takes out one of his cigarettes, lights it, and puts it in my mouth

>still staring at him in shock

>anon I'll be seeing you later at the party right? I wouldn't want to miss you



>flashes me another squinty-eyed smirk

>oh and anon, keep your hair down. its cuter that way

>flashes his eyes wide for a second, gives me another wet smile and strolls out of the room laughing

>the fuck just happened

>expect this to never be spoken about ever again

>a week ago, chad friend tells the story to all my friend's my makes it out like I'm the aggressor

>noone believes me because I look "like my sister" therefore I'm probably gay

>everyone thinks I'm a trap now



things that actually happened/10



Post pics of your sister



Are you sure that's not just your gay fantasy?



Why didn't you fuck him?


File: 078437ef682a6d3⋯.mp4 (374.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ad59e2c7.mp4)


not that bad, my cousin forced me to give bj and then he fucked me… sad part is that i liked it



Just eat your goddamn breakfast Walt, plenty of time for your gay fantasies when I'm not here.


File: 498bf7110debe3e⋯.jpg (47.26 KB, 460x667, 20:29, fappista.jpg)

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