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File: e55ba3ab7fbb512⋯.png (71.12 KB, 700x700, 1:1, CUP LOGO 2.png)



The Infinity Cup is returning once again, and 8chan's boards will be fighting it out on the pitch to claim divegrass supremacy. As a board that has participated in the Cup at one point or another in its history, you are invited to the reveal stream for 2019 Summer edition of the Cup. On Saturday June 22nd, at 3 PM EDT/7 PM UTC, on cytu.be/r/8cup I'll be giving you guys an early look at the Cup's 5th edition, which will include revamped aesthetics, team stadiums and other quality of life improvements I've figured out how to do in PES 17. Hopefully this will get anons back on board with the Cup, considering it has struggled mightily since its 2nd incarnation.

So how is it going to go down? I'll be staging a couple of exhibition matches between teams using their rosters from the last Cup, and we'll shitpost our merry way through the stream. Once the stream ends, entries will be open for the Cup, and boards can start putting together/editing their rosters and kits. Entries will close in early July, the field will be determined, and the Group Draw will take place approximately a week before the Cup kicks off in August. I'm also hoping to possibly introduce managers for the Cup, although I'm still working out the details to keep this from devolving into a namefag dick measuring contest. I hope you all will tune in, and in case you aren't caught up on your board's history, I've provided some links below to get you caught up:




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If you want to go the Blender route, look at the 4um wiki for their Cup. The PES 16 pages on Blender/Blender editing will tell you how to import the model files for players and edit them. As for the reskin route, I'm working on a tutorial for the wiki, it might be up tomorrow night.

File: 0bded5f37adbf39⋯.png (123.57 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 0bded5f37adbf391693543d9c7….png)


ITT: share /co/ related material with other anons - cartoons, comics, etc.


Due to the smaller userbase of comics compared to films and video games, torrents are usually less seeded, if they even exist. MEGA links will be primarily used as they are faster and reliable for the immediate future.









Lots of comics and cartoons are available on sites like Kisscartoons.io and Readcomicsonline.com

Vola https://volafile.org/r/kVIkT3

>How to remove Mega's 1.5gb download limit/bandwith quota?

Download MegaTools or JDownloader Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post last edited at



Oh and the link in that site leads to nowhere, same with all other links.

File: a15981d6229bf74⋯.png (99.7 KB, 200x361, 200:361, Power_Girl.png)


Welcome to /co/!

This board is for topics pertaining to western comics and cartoons.

If you aren't sure what is considered on topic feel free to email me

or simply just lurk.

Generals are allowed for now until people can make and sustain

their own dedicated boards and move out.

Duplicate threads will be deleted or locked, check the catalog.

Spamming is as expected not allowed.

If you see a thread you don't like, hide it and ignore it.

If they are breaking any rules report them and move on.

If you have any questions I can be reach at:

yani@8chan DOT co

Thanks for understanding.

Post last edited at

File: fc487b3198309a1⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 570x335, 114:67, deadhorse.jpg)



Can't wait to see how it one-ups Korra in how shit it is.

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What, you expect a fanfic writer to remember canon? Remember, fanfic writer would bend canon over backwards to justify their ship…among other things.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



That's already been posted


File: b55478889878b2e⋯.png (93.4 KB, 261x440, 261:440, 11f49604f56a5ec60d8dc54324….png)

>tfw the Abandoned Sparks fic finally updated

>tfw more comfy Azula and Zuko adventures

These two were the only characters I liked in the first show but everyone else only ever cares about shipping them with whoever. It's sad but eh, you learn to live with it.



The showrunners knew that the Fire Nation was the most compelling bit in TLA. Hence them trying so hard to recapture their success for LoK (see Mako being called Zuko without the angst, Korra being a master firebender, redoing Ozai and Iroh's dynamic with Unalaq and Tenraq, Kuvira being a more boring Azula, etc.).

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Della Duck is back.

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Yeah I don't even know why it was necessary for me to explain nostalgia towards something great from the 90s (80s?), because there's nothing bad about it. The references in The Duck Knight Returns were brilliant.

Those complaining about the annoying references are probably jerking off in the Frozen 2 thread right now.

If you like that shit, you don't have any right to complain about anything.



>Those complaining about the annoying references

You mean like in everything?



Ironically on /co/, where everything is referencing everything.



Now anon you don't have to blame the board for your own personal fuck up.


Fuck Duck Tails

File: d62b3198c26766c⋯.gif (204.84 KB, 320x192, 5:3, sheep puppet 1.gif)

File: cb68ed2413dabfb⋯.png (91.55 KB, 260x195, 4:3, sheep puppet 2.png)


Anyone knows where this is from? Someone told me this is a snippet from some cult video.

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OP here. Thanks for the help. I guess it was too much of a stretch to call it a cult film when really it looks like it's based on a children's show.



Its either some obscure Christian children's film or something relatively foriegn when shown to burgers.



Knock it off.



Knock what off?



Ignore him. He's just a pertrubed burgerstein who gets angry when people call him a burger, like the burger he is.

File: 35341d626759f36⋯.png (106.95 KB, 436x306, 218:153, purple doug.png)



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You fucked me wife? YOU fucked MY wife?!



So it would be just the show's creator autobiography about when he gets cucked by irl Patty?





But they won't respect the warranty if it's you who caused the damage, and in such a deliberate way.

If the product wasn't bad (like, functionally or in any other sense) when you bought it, anything after that is your fault, Douglas.




>fucking anyone

File: 9c26cf5f8d5d45e⋯.png (46.77 KB, 591x270, 197:90, D3qn8WaU8AAiEYh.png)

File: d7c2a87ae8db50a⋯.png (47.38 KB, 589x293, 589:293, D3qn-m0UYAAgUjq.png)

File: 1abbf5e7884842a⋯.png (39.08 KB, 603x262, 603:262, D3qn_frUEAAZsay.png)


Seriously. What is wrong with him and how can we quarantine it?

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I'm still fucking mad to this day that Archie was so incompetent. The one time I wanted a corporation to fuck someone over and they couldn't even do that.


>people defend this

How? Penders is a faggot that took a lot of stuff too far but this is just a recipe for stagnation. Also I like seeing the protagonist lose from time to time, makes it interesting.




You can't blame Sega for enforcing this shit on Archie. Archie proved they were horribly incompetent fuck ups who couldn't be trusted, and the fact that their fuck up even resulted in Penders having the ability to actually fuck with the games was fucking unbelievable. Archie deserved to get shit canned for their idiocy. This and their failure with Mega Man and Archie itself just shows that Archie comics are a bunch of retarded faggots.



Somebody bothered to continue it. That's how much we love it…



Just like every company, it starts out great, but eventually they'll stop catching up with the times. That's when it starts going downhill…



I'm from New Jersey, and Chris Christie is the King of Holland compared to this Pen-Head.

He wouldn't last a second in my neighborhood. Tell him to come down here and I'll gut him myself.


I always knew that Sonic was a cuck.

File: c45d490a16fcb9d⋯.jpg (299.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vv.jpg)


Cartoon Network released the first episode of their new show Victor and Valentino.


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File: a96a6761ce8e5ce⋯.jpg (102.23 KB, 652x556, 163:139, Annotation 2019-04-17 1228….jpg)


>Machu Pichu




>Of al Spanish names why do they always choose the most faggy or shitty ones. Andrés, Luis, Raúl, Manuel, Ángel, Francisco, José, Julio, Jesús

Because that's the most common names the indio peasants that sneak into the US go by.

You're never going to see any Mateos, Salomones, Edwins or Enriques going around.



A lot of spics are usually named after biblical names too but I guess that isn't progressive enough.




>Not faggy

Sure thing, Edwin.



shorten it to Kike, thanks :^)

File: ddaddd6d304a777⋯.png (59.75 KB, 696x594, 116:99, DC Black Label Logo.png)



With mature stories for mature readers, by acclaimed creators.


>The success of Batman: White Knight, Dark Knight III: The Master Race and Nightwing: New World Order has demonstrated a readership for more adult-suitable stories using DC Comics characters. So while DC Zoom and DC Ink offer comics aimed at a child and young adult audience I get the word that something called DC Black Label will feature comics aimed at adults using familiar DC characters.



>DC Black Label is an imprint designed to allow “an all-star lineup of creative teams” to “craft their own personal definitive DC stories.” According to DC’s official press release, the imprint is inspired by some of the publisher’s most successful prestige titles including Batman: The Killing Joke, The New Frontier, The Dark Knight Returns, and Watchmen.

>According to DC co-publisher Jim Lee, Black Label books, much like the predecessors that inspired the imprint, will be creator led, rather than continuity driven, takes on the DC universe. He said:

<Many of our perennially best-selling, critically acclaimed books were produced when we unleashed our top talent on standalone, often out-of-continuity projects featuring our most iconic characters…creating DC Black Label doubles down on our commitment to working with all-star talent and trusting them to tell epic, moving stories that only they can tell with the highest levels of creative freedom.”

>When thinking of DC Black Label, longtime fans might turn to DC’s “Earth One” graphic novels as a point of comparison. The Earth One comics, like Black Label’s future booksPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Lurk moar fagget



Well you probably won't like Riddler's name being Edward Nigma.



Forgot that but yes, I've not much liked Edward Nigma either, but at least that says Enigma, and not something like Ridley Idler or something.

I still prefer villain names being completely different, like Oswald Cobblepot or Johnathan Crane (Crow, Crane, both birds, eh different enough). I'm just not a fan of real names being too close to villain names. I think it's dumb.


File: 6241613c8577b50⋯.jpg (443.88 KB, 614x549, 614:549, Dete #140 (1948) - Page 4.jpg)


>Forgot that but yes, I've not much liked Edward Nigma either, but at least that says Enigma, and not something like Ridley Idler or something.

The Riddler's name says two things. Mister E. Nigma. It's a combination of both Mystery and Enigma

Considering that Bill Finger used Batman as an outlet to his near limitless knowledge of trivia, punny names should be expected.



Guy could put out someone's eye with that chin.

File: b975a6ee82df6ad⋯.png (117.67 KB, 425x636, 425:636, latest.png)


My absolute favourite is Eustace.

There's no other character I absolutely love when I need to hate him.

Every time he does something on screen, I burst out laughing just by how pessimistic and grouchy one person can be.

I'm surprised Muriel didn't already divorce him. I mean, he cares more about his Chair and TV than he does about her.

Does she see what's under that shell, was he a better person when he was younger, or was he cruel and miserable his entire life?

Not to mention his greed. He'd sell anything for a dollar, and I mean anything!

Weirdly enough in the end, he's very relatable. We're probably going to be him after we finish busting our backs at our only workplace until we're 65, and get lousy retirement benefits.

Name me one Grump in media who's probably better than he is…

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Hey /tv/


File: 61512d07a835ca8⋯.png (25.1 KB, 402x162, 67:27, Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at ….png)


even the captcha knows you're a fag


File: 797677c2e3c34c0⋯.png (132.41 KB, 616x615, 616:615, Scrooge_McDuck_By_Don_Rosa.png)


Dan was relatable in ways that hit a little too close to home sometimes.

I will nominate Scrooge McDuck for a good cantankerous old bat. The amount of enemies he has over his long history are well earned, and he still managed to be a fun character when he was being a wad.



>I will nominate




new season never

File: 0469e16a3aec33f⋯.png (477.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FEE8433A-3D19-4AED-B5F0-8A….png)


>The only masculine fusion

>Super Gay british Steven

What did Rebecca sugar mean by this?

188 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>White girl

>Is a robot



>is a girl

>is white



90% of robots are whites and act white.


File: ce3d087c08c25ee⋯.webm (1.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, shit.webm)

>no synopsis

>no release date

>no promo art

confirmed for disaster



You needed to know that much before consigning this to the garbage heap? As soon as I saw the words MOVIE I knew this was going to be complete trash, like the rest of the IP.

File: d736ca54ac36223⋯.png (48.5 KB, 393x362, 393:362, questionable_background.png)


Well, it's that time again. Taking bets on whether or not this thread will outlive the upcoming marriage. who am I kidding, it won't even happen until the next thread

Last thread: https://archive.fo/DNCFt >>1047873

Archives (which will actually get updated eventually):

Edits: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Edits/tree/master

OC: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_OC/tree/master

Threads archive: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Threads/wikis/home

Older stuff (Editfag Prime):

Edits: http://imgur.com/a/Sf5J0

Omits: http://imgur.com/a/HtKr0

Twitter Bully: http://imgur.com/a/Jb1a1

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>And if the state should be convinced to provide an upgrade to an anthroform, wouldn't it then follow that all those stupid anthroPCs and talking iPods should also be given full-sized bodies, especially if they're law-abiding?

No, because May's body is state concern since she's a felon. What would worry me is all those anthroPCs starting to commit felonies to get new bodies if this becomes known.


Can anyone remember May's body just "falling apart"?

So far we've got the battery needing recharged slightly more often than usual (I assume), but I suppose that could be the equivalent of a curfew.

Even then it's not a very good one if it can be charged from any outlet.



I thought her hand fell off one time.



Speaking of, why would the state ever provide anything other than a bottom-of-the-barrel robot body for a former convict? Providing for the citizenry better than they can provide for themselves only incentivizes crime.


File: 3146c2f13d55618⋯.png (43.74 KB, 658x234, 329:117, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e13419bae32319⋯.png (384.62 KB, 600x552, 25:23, ClipboardImage.png)


honk honk

File: ae2690c08c57d91⋯.jpg (200.28 KB, 453x666, 151:222, banana force.jpg)


ITT : post your favorite obscure cartoon

mine is pic related

184 posts and 111 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>was giant white dog like creature

Anon that wasn't a dog, it was your stepfather's cock when he was molesting you. You're just repressing the memories and anal bleeding.



Thats it man, it was really bothering me that I could not remember the name. I never really watched it while it was airing so I didnt have too much to go off of.


Wasnt me. These two posts will be the only ones I make in this thread. Someone bumped it a half hour before I posted, so it was at the top of the catalog regardless of whatever I did. Since I had something relevant to say I said it.


Piss off mate, would you have preferred I just asked for something without contributing like some fucking newfag? That's the truly abominable thing to do.


File: 7b541e032dd560f⋯.png (22.08 KB, 183x232, 183:232, D4NKs3zWAAEt9m2.png)

Oh boy cant wait for necroanon to bump this it thread 3 weeks later



Typical he does it every 3 months.



>would you have preferred I just asked for something without contributing like some fucking newfag?

Just fucking say it, "Hey does everybody remember this retarded shit or am i autistic? (You are)" Not "I hear by contribute to this specific thread about my single question."

You sound like a redditor trying his damn hardest not to sound like a newfag but failing spectacularly.

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


in spic language; there'll be a dubbed version uploaded soon

Also, CN greenlighted 6 episodes

And they created a fake site, Gorillaz style:


Password: 01vw058wrv30r1

15 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Spic here

The dub is pretty accurate, there's only some issues because some things can be easily translated but they aren't.

>Jefecito Chulo

Dear Boss


Fluffy Oh wait, he corrects it later

>For some reason censored himself while correctly translating "Superass"

I'm pretty impressed nonetheless.

Also by the show in itself, the introductions are fucking amazing and it doesn't matter where I pause in the episode the animation is consistent and always doing something appropriate. A far cry from Steven Universe both in style and quality.



This one is more accurate and has less censorship for what is worth.

I'm pretty amused, Demencia is pretty much Excel from Excel Saga with Pinkie Pie's voice and the animators are putting a lot of effort animating… her.

And everything really, every second of animation is in movement and exudes with the personality of the character on screen.

It feels like a 2004 CN show with 2019 cartoony animation quality

Also, when do we get 5.0.5 is maid outfit R34.

I'm not asking for it, I just know it'll appear.






That dub was fucking awful.

Is like is actively trying to fail ffs.



>2004 CN

I know right? It reminds me a lot of Evil Con Carne.

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