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File: 5695d0f1b7ca2bf⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 420x255, 28:17, 27079412aff9ff5f21ee91e03c….gif)


>Milk Thistle

>Mammary Glandular

>Ovarian Glandular

>Pueraria Mirifica

>Saw Palmetto (Be very careful. Can cause heart problems)

>Chinese Skullcap


>Estriol Cream

>Progesterone cream (optional)

<Donkey Kicks


<Hip Bridge Crutches

<Fire Hydrant

<No Weight As Deep As You Can Go Squats

<Wide Stance Wall Sit


>yoga stretches

>Lots of Soy Food

>Hops alchohol

>Fruit Juice


>How to become a woman

>Take hormones and permanently fuck your body up

>Or eat 500 supplements that will definitely fuck your body up, but have a fraction of the same effect



Pm is stronger than medical grade shit and the glandulars DIRECTLY stimulate fat buildup in chest butt respectively WITHOUT fucking up your hormones. Also, its not 500. Nor anything that can't be taken in one swallow. You exaggerate bigly. And rubbing creams are not "herbal".


File: 0eaec1ff0fdadb5⋯.jpg (172.87 KB, 600x852, 50:71, 6c80d32cff2d72ef921cfb6377….jpg)


As someone who has taken both, you're full of shit.


>ITT: placebo effect the thread



That's all bull, but it does raise a good point.

Even IF this works, you can't control where the fat ends up. You won't just get a "cuteboy" big ass and hips, you'll also get boobs. It'll just make you look like fat in general.


File: 28d3c911498be97⋯.gif (395.78 KB, 500x375, 4:3, youcantberanma.gif)

I started taking saw palmetto, black cohosh, soy pills, and drinking a lot of soy milk every day again after I quit a couple of years ago. The supplements make me sick if I take them in the morning, but it's perfectly fine at night before bed. The black cohosh capsules are too large, so I have to open the capsules and mix the granules in with liquid. Also I've been a vegetarian since I was 10.

Effects after a few weeks seem to be negligible. One thing I have noticed for certain is that my libido is lowered, which is actually kind of nice since I was a chronic masturbator before.

My mood and what I enjoy seem different. I don't get as irate. My butt and lower abdomen feel softer even though I'm the exact same weight, but maybe that's just the placebo effect. I don't know how to scientifically measure any of this lawl, and I've always had a big butt anyway.

Be careful with this stuff. You never know what you might be allergic to. I'm still kind of nervous as to what long term effects on my health might be, but I'm fine for now. I'll stop taking them at the slightest sign of anything bad. I'll probably quit eventually anyway. Inb4 I get properly identified as an idiot.


Mostly this. Pills won't turn anyone into Ranma. Sorry fellow traps.



I've actually thought about using estrogen cream on my chest because supposedly it makes you more sensitive and I want to see what it's like to actually enjoy nipple play but apparently it can fuck up your hormone production if you use it. Have any of you guys ever done anything with estrogen creams? I'm probably going to avoid it but if it was like a safe option I'd try it since my nips are as sensitive as my elbows are which is none



Do you know how homeostasis works? Your body will produce testosterone to counter those effects and you may get even more manly. This is why what OP listed is bullshit. You want to look better? Eat well and exercise more, you lazy fucks



>OP lists exercises


File: a29e2322cf60420⋯.jpg (530.77 KB, 2686x3256, 1343:1628, Fak6o4k.jpg)


OP lists really shitty exercises, especially no weight squats. I'm not expecting you to pump 200 pound racks, but weighted squats make your ass fucking amazing like mine.



Yes you can get great glutes on squats. But not the greatest. Free weight lifting is great for stimulating growth hormone. However glutes are mostly slow twitch muscles. Include the mentioned excericises for >1.5x gains. A squat rack alone can never get you close to full potential. That is why you see most body builders have (although still big) PROPORTIONATELY small glutes.



As someone who as taken both, you are wrong.


Then only take ovarian glandular


File: 54b12a6a5b9fbf8⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 612x918, 2:3, IMG_9012.JPG)


The easiest way to get thick is to have a fat transfer procedure done. They take fat from your belly and move it to your hips, butt, and thighs. It totally works but it's expensive for most people. I think I'd like to have it done maybe next year.



How long did it take you to grow such a yummy ass?



That's fucking grody dude, probably looks nasty. Just exercise and eat good. Anyone who gets surgery done to look more attractive comes off uglier afterwards.



yeah but it fucks up your fat distribution, won't look good long term and also doesn't make up for the fact that you'll have a fat ass with no leg/thigh muscle/fat because you artificially enhanced your body. Just look at kim kardashian. there are hundreds of thousands of 18 year old girls with better asses than hers and she's spent a small fortune on it.



>Look better

Next time read my post if you're going to bitch and complain I'm not trying to do this for appearances sake.




You have no idea what you are talking about.

Enjoy your sad fate, Cuteboys.



I'm not cute dude, just gay and concerned. Not only is it gross, it'd probably be painful as all hell. Do you honestly want to become some surgery-addicted, vain, self-obsessed tranny? Just stick to diet and exercise, and keep a positive attitude. Pills and surgery won't help you become more attractive, and they certainly won't improve your personality.



I like you anon. This board needed more people like you when it was still alive. Now idiots like the one you're replying to are here.



What sad fate? Not being a woman? Enjoy your vanity and diaper butt


File: c65d18ba06374d7⋯.png (834.07 KB, 621x899, 621:899, 3E47682A-4F5D-4F88-8BAD-9E….png)



You're probably right! I was just answering OP's question. This IS a way to get thicc without hormones and cheap Amazon pills.

You can fat graft to places other than the buttocks, or in addition to. It works.



Has anyone done a regimen like this and actually seen results…?



The exercises will give you an ass of steel, but won't make it much bigger if you're not already the kind of person who grows bulky muscles. The supplements won't do jack shit except make you moody and possibly fat (in the waist).

Soy, in particular, is 100% a meme.


Sorry for necroing the thread, but has anyone here actually used ovarian glandulars (bovine ovaries) and had success?

I've read quite a few positive reviews of them and decided to order two bottles. With the suggested intake the bottles should last a month, which'll be a nice testing period I guess.

Most of few dozen reviews from male users on Amazon are positive and boast about getting softer skin, more sensitive nipples, better overall smell and reduced hair growth on legs as well as fat redistribution to hips and breast growth. I'll probably stop if my breasts start growing, though…

Anyways I should be getting my order next week. Will update my journey on this thread if anyone has any interest.



It's OKAY to have estrogen in a man's body.

>And feet btw



please update the thread thankyou

before/after pics if you can



>Then only take ovarian glandular

Tell me about this


File: aa455373c39647b⋯.jpg (261.29 KB, 600x692, 150:173, aa455373c39647b23258f25333….jpg)


I'm masculine but browse here and wanted to say I've got a juicy ass just from doing stiff-leg deadlifts, maybe the deadlifts helped, but it was specifically building the hamstrings that made me juicer than well over half the women I see in yoga pants. I don't do squats because I don't have a squat rack, and lifting up the barbell from the floor for front squats is too heavy and hacksquats don't give me enough of a burn but I do them anyway. If you really wanted to build your quads, just run on your toes on anything but hard ground and do the weekly sprint and bada-bing, bada-boom.

It's about building the legs and not being scrawny (even though I've been able to clearly see my ribs my whole life.) Fuck, one of the worst things a cuteboy can be is a skeleton beanpole, you may as well have a horizontal access to your frame with muscle and then pad it out with some clean bulking like hitting healthy smoothies for the extra girth development.

I wish I could meet more women or boys with legs as thick as mine, and I don't even explicitly focus on my legs or work-out consistently. I do eat fucking clean however and do my reps slow, Doug McGuff style.

Do yoga too. You wana stretch that tight-hamstring after workouts or you'll have to foam roll it out and that's much more painful and you also want to be flexiable enough to comfortably be able to grab your ankles and still be able to flatten your back so you can seductively arch your back.



That ass is purely genetics.

Also if you're going to go the work out route, half squats > deep full squats.

If you ever watch a bodybuilder they only do half motions because it keeps them in the range of constant tension, no rest.

feel the fucking burn.


File: cd35e3389df053e⋯.jpeg (474.37 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 05A31907-B616-440E-A9D1-D….jpeg)

I’ve already posted this on the other thread but

Is this thick enough? Do people like this body type or should I lose more weight?

I’ve already lost a lot and I kinda like where I’m at rn thoughts?



It's up to you, I prefer to have a more athletic toned body but many guys will probably like you the way you are. I personally think you look pretty good.



alright thanks for the feedback ;3


what can a nigga do to get a big muscular butt without the use of racks or more than 40kg of plates?



That amount of body fat is a good but I agree with anon, it looks 1000 times better with a slight athletic tone under it.



stay like that, you have that nice plump aesthetic thats hot as shit



Awwh anon honestly it’s just the angle is too good

I don’t look that good irl but I certainly have the potential

I just need to lose a little more weight



got anymore angles or pics?



or even a kik?


File: 6a01fa2cae1f5cb⋯.jpeg (55.22 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 09E7826B-4ED7-468D-B97A-1….jpeg)

File: 5f8c8d6a9d9ec09⋯.jpeg (737.99 KB, 2320x3088, 145:193, AA571579-A6A1-421F-89FE-5….jpeg)

File: 9f8300591cc620d⋯.jpeg (766.2 KB, 2320x3088, 145:193, CA6F01E0-9ED2-4FF6-B314-0….jpeg)


Well there you go





honestly, what i first said i would say still stands



youre p fucking yummy looking tbqh fam




Thanks anons ;3

I have good genetics

But I also need to work a bit cuz I’d look a lot better with a flat tum and a better shaped thighs and butte


If you're going to mess with hormones just go with HRT, at least you'll know exactly what and how much much you're taking instead of this retarded diet mix.

Also half of that stuff is just plain stupid.

>hops alcohol



Can someone help me know if my thickness is acceptable please?

Snap: sebsblanc



got a kik?



are you saying you can grow hips and ass without breast growth with glandulars?


Can i replace soy with flax seeds, or it's not working?


File: 057297411dce063⋯.webm (1.77 MB, 960x720, 4:3, faggot.webm)

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