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game devving

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we have one for books and movies

I'll start. can't get anymore bleak than this:

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File: 4f6b2341ad91773⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 720x886, 360:443, large (1).jpg)


this board will remain like a true doomer - dead and empty inside

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wtf i love milfs now?

File: fb181ef08e4532d⋯.jpg (32.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tvbad.jpg)


I can't tell if the media was always this cancerous or if I just didn't know. I can't sit down in a restaurant with a TV on and no be bombarded with (((messages))), no matter the channel. Sports, kidliedink shit, (((comedy))), and of course NEWS, it's all propaganda and doesn't even try to hide it. I don't go some places anymore because of it

When I think back to the 90s and 2000s, I don't remember it being like this, even when 9/11 and the Iraq War were going on. Looking back on shows and cartoons from then I see messages, but they don't seem anywhere near as bad as the in-your-face agendas these days.

Was the media always this bad and it just brainwashed me when I was most susceptible? Or has it gotten that much worse in the last 10 years? I just want to go about my shitty existence without having to be bombarded.

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It's all relative. Like some people used to love MTV and some hated it but media recently became cashgrab for advertisements. Everywhere I look, there are tons of ads. The propaganda factor is obvious though, especially in mass media news etc. but I think this was always present and every news channel/papers were biased towards something. Easy way out is to stop paying attention to it. Since I know now how it works "inside" and what reporters do (they just want to get article or report out without giving a fuck because they want to get paid and go home) I can't be fucked to pay it that much attention. Of course you have people who shill 100% propaganda because they want to do that primarily but I'm not target audience, or maybe I am, It just has zero effect on me.

What I don't understand is how some people feel offended by some propaganda in news while all you could do is to not give a fuck. If some newsboi write about me that I should feel shame for being white or something, I will just laugh him off, non-issue. I can't imagine feeling something like rage because some "nobody" is presenting his hot opinions to me. But this brings me to another thing which actually makes me rage:

People started to think thanks to internet, that their voice is actually valuable. Every retard nowadays think he is the messenger of truth and the patron of wisdom. This is something that really bothers me and even makes me angry sometimes, when scum is trying to teach me what should I be or what should I do. Sometimes I ask myself if It wasn't really a mistake falling for anarchy meme and if loss of hierarchy wasn't the worst thing that happened to us. I admit, I fell for a lot of ideological traps but I hate myself for not seeing any other option that going back to good old NS, I don't even know why I turned back to it except people around it brought me some minor disappointment. Fuck MY LIFE



It was always shit, the problem is that before they had a monopoly, how were you going to know anything without buying a newspaper or watching tv? The internet changed that, you can get your news elsewhere and even see other people showing how the MSM news are lying to you

>even when 9/11 and the Iraq War were going on

How old are you? back then the news sold people that iraq was behind 9/11, they fabricated an entire war just like later they fabricated the arab spring that led to the shitfest we have now


>I admit, I fell for a lot of ideological traps but I hate myself

What kind of traps?



>I fell for a lot of ideological traps

Most traps aren't all that ideological. They just want to have good time.


>What kind of traps?

The passable kind, of course.


File: 72f6f7634b5a582⋯.png (687.09 KB, 720x720, 1:1, KujoAnime_(1).png)

It got worse when it no longer became about consumption but about restrictions to the consumption thereof

The late 90s was peak liberalism. Noone gave a shit about anything. Really the only reason Trump pisses people off so much is he's a reminder of just how pathetic they've become when not that long ago we called Donald Trump Bill Clinton

The early 2000s because of a cocktail of 9/11 bullshit and the internet now having a means to silence and harass anyone who did not fall inline set the momentum for a completely privatized police state. Blaming everything on moderators isn't just a meme. You got these deranged, often child predators or at least tax evading slobs going around commiting vigilante justice on anyone they deem bad. And everyone just lets them. Somehow it's their right to ban but not your right to shit post. Somehow they don't have to face jail time when time and again they are caught doing dirty dealings but somehow you should be scared of jail time for some hentai or calling a cop a faggot on Facebook

This mentality leaked offline because everyone kept writing it off as "oh that's just the internet" and its not. Everything is interconnected to the internet. As such it has become one giant cultural apparatus where now we wanna ban people from everything.

And you'll probably let them. Even though it's nonsensical. Even though it's wrong. Even though it's actually illegal to do. You'll make every excuse there is before you just admit kill the mods. Because you don't wanna go back to the 90s. The 90s were the troll's era and that's why shit was so cash. But the reason people stopped acting like 90s consumption whores was because some dumbass got this brilliant idea if we all acted like obedient goyim we'd never have another 9/11. But instead we just have shairah law. Great job.


You should watch brazilian TV, I could say it's even worse than american TV.

File: 875fcbffbaeb9db⋯.jpg (61.17 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Philosophical Pessimism.jpg)


Outside of philosophical pessimism, what school of philosophy would a doomer ascribe to? As for myself I think it's between Existentialism, Nihilism, and Stoicism. With existentialism it is up to us to find our own meaning, regardless of the hand we were dealt (no control who are parents are, our race, the country we were born in, and etc). I believe Nihilism might be the default doomer stance, if not a misguided choice. If nothing matters then why be a doomer? You could go on about your day not caring what happens. Lastly Stoicism agrees that existence is a nigger, but you just got to grin and bear it or kill yourself. What say you /doomer/?

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File: 4516e791ec88c62⋯.jpg (206.14 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, a3592879a234e9091c99d25022….jpg)

Top three I usually get are Aristotle, St. Aquinas, and Spinoza (just warmed up a bit to the last one recently)


I'm a Marxist Leninist and have been for a while now. Not as long as I've been a doomer, but it's the only philosophy that is able to interpret everything in a way that is consistent with itself and with my personal experiences. It also kills a lot of time because there is so much theory and history to read which is nice. I've also been trying to submit papers, and I actually did get into a conference, but my social ineptitude stopped me from making friends there, and I'm not in any organization. I guess if I was I wouldn't be a doomer, would I


File: ec66828a33b4bee⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 510x755, 102:151, 1521624052971.jpg)

Diogenes is fun but he is mostly a fictional character at this point. Parmenides is the foundation of my worldview and the philosopher responsible for my conversion to monism (panentheism on wiki). Plato is good for understanding the foundations of the foundations of western thought. Aristotle is the foundation of western thought. The skeptics were the original trolls. Stoics are interesting, especially Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, simply because you see the god-emperor of rome being /doomer/ as fuck and basically just writing this book to keep from killing himself. I skipped the christian philosophers, I like the idea of Jesus, but buddha had the same message (if not better) and it is much more philosophically coherent. Speaking of which Zen Buddhism is fucking awesome, everyone should read the Dao de Jing at least once (it's super short and one of those books you can read 3x per year and always get something out of it). There are some new philosophers that are pretty good, but it starts to get overlycomplicated with Kant. Hume is kinda fun if you want to be an empiricist, Kant wants to be able to put everything into a giant system that has an answer for everything, Schopenhauer is /doomer/ as fuck, existentialism is all about make your own meaning because none is here, absurdism is existentialism in clown world, postmodernism is existentialism where everything has to be "deconstructed" rather than just meaning and purpose of life, analytic philosophy is a massive circle-jerk that was BTFO by Goedels Uncertainty Theorem, Plain language philosophy is Wittingsteins attempt to undo the overcomplicated bullshit transformation that philosophy had undergone (with his help) so that people could figure out what the fuck they were saying since every philosopher had a different technical definition for each fucking word they were using, American pragmatists such as Dewey and Pierce were pretty cool to read if you want something positive and scientifically oriented, especially Charles Pierce.




forgot to reply to you here >>7513

. Can't you figure out that communism doesn't work? It's an ideal, that still has a ruling class (e.g. every communist government ever) its only difference is that it is the communist party that is the bourgeoisie rather than whoever the bourgeoisie was before. The communist party controls the means of production, the communist party controls the distribution, the communist party chooses who lives and dies (e.g. Stalin). It is still a hierarchal power structure with a clearly defined noble class. And don't even say "I'm an anarcho-whateverist" while Noam Chomsky may be able to imagine a society of Noam Chomskys which might work out for a little bit testing anarchosyndicalism, the fact of the matter is once you have a large population you don't have anarchy anymore, you have a fucking warlord. Your freedom is now a dictatorship of violence where the law is the warlords opinion, which is subject to change, yeah it is anarchy to an extent, but only because you have no certainty in your safety on a daily basis.

Marx created an ideology that is perfect as long as everyone is hard working, moral and fair to each other. Which is not representative of reality. It is an ideal system for an ideal world which does not exist.


File: ba7f0870245f8aa⋯.jpg (293.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, adam smith.jpg)


Smith created an ideology that is perfect as long as everyone is hard working, moral and fair to each other. Which is not representative of reality. It is an ideal system for an ideal world which does not exist.

File: e05d13bd7488be7⋯.png (344.71 KB, 480x601, 480:601, ClipboardImage.png)


I've been constantly depressed and apathetic for at least 3 years now. Around a week ago, I tried to bring myself to cry to see whether it would help. I've tried it for multiple hours, but it didn't really work, it seems I can't cry any more, even when I want to. However, since I started doing this, I feel much better than usual. Occasional happiness visits me now. Although my laughter sounds somewhat broken to me since then (I don't know what exactly happened to me), people around me say that I sound much happier. Even though I didn't manage to go into a crying fit, it seems it still did somewhat cleanse my emotional burden. I even noticed that during those occasional moments of happiness, even if I think about the state of the world, it doesn't drag me down any more. I am now regularly setting some time aside during which I try to cry, in hopes that the moments of happiness increase. I hope that this might be helpful to some of you.


I tried crying regularly, and it seems to make me happier.

I have the hope of blooming soon. What do the aspiring bloomers among you do to ascend?

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>having hope left


>cries a bit

>endorphins rise up tiny amount


I don't even know how to respond to this.



Thanks, I'll look into it.



this is my new favorite troll response. I don't like siege because it stupidly assumes that all these "lone wolves" will be effective and everyone will be able to conveniently all join up on DOTR and be organized and effective with no planning or organizational structure. Also, atomwaffen ruined siegefagging. Also, lol at "Aesthetic Terrorism" it's so fucking larpy. Also: Mason lives in Virginia near the intelligence hub of the US.



also I like the word also



this, don't get your hopes up, it will only make it worse

File: d9ea1747b2ae38d⋯.png (155.11 KB, 727x560, 727:560, 1529546270612.png)


thread for doomer lasses

tell us the woes of doomer life from the female perspective

>not a girl myself just interested in how you girls are holding up

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Not alpha at all. This is just how reproduction takes place anon. Ideology, memes, etc. needs means of reproduction, whether conscious or non-conscious. For example, it is speculated that the reproduction mechanism of pedophilia takes place through molestation of children. This is why pedophiles are dangerous. There is nothing inherently toxic about being attracted to children (if it is not acted upon), except for the fact that this ideology needs to reproduce itself. Like our genes, ideology needs to spread itself. And this is why pedophiles are dangerous, because the mechanism of regeneration is in the sexual abuse of children.

We are DOOMers. This is our means of reproduction. Spreading DOOM is our ideological means of regeneration. Read Althusser and Girard (and maybe Dawkins but be careful to not become a cringey atheist). "Life" is a vastly complicated thing anon. We have no control over it, really.


BO, this thread is still pure cancer. It is the turd of the board. A female turd. Expunge already.



That will be a medium yikes for this gentleman right here *tips fedora*



>since man and women compliment each other

surely you meant complement


File: 0671df34a538193⋯.png (419.52 KB, 1887x2545, 1887:2545, 0671df34a53819350caad6221d….png)


Why is every /pol/ stereotype about sweden true? Pic related. Your logic and worldview made me think you were a woman before I saw your flag and remembered this post. You make appeals to social acceptance "desire to feel loved and appreciated" and your idea of conflict is "misunderstanding" based upon social interaction rather than action. I had a swede explain this to me once, that you all have a concept called Utfryst meaning "frozen out" as in someone who has been shunned by the community and therefore will die during the winter. There is another about conforming and going with the flow that was brought up, but it escapes me. You are simply justifying her bad behavior and blaming everyone but her for the way she is acting.

File: 08c9e89dcd64251⋯.jpg (39.01 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 08c9e89dcd642514b8db636825….jpg)


tfw you go to the doomer board expecting fans of doom but it turns out to be depressed 20 somethings

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>being disappointed at something you thought would be something else

/doomer/ af



Oh yeah. Its great


I have it. Should reinstall it



Man, Doom is still dope. I should reinstall Zandronum. It was fun.


File: f828a6c19e28d6d⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 800x450, 16:9, BOOM.jpg)


boomer alert

File: a06887e0942f906⋯.jpg (386.78 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, fight club end scene.jpg)


I saw this post and thought we should have a thread of weird doomer fantasies. dont post if you're going to be a faggot.


>That said Eva Green is probably my personal most heartbreaking "its a Jewess" find/discovery since she is an absolute knockout or at least was in her younger "Kingdom of Heaven" movie years.

<Fucking this. In my fantasies I like to pretend she isn't a kikess, or at least that she's a race-traitor Jew-hating kikess, or something.

17 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>I find the rising tide of ironic and genuine obsessive antisemitism on /doomer/ quite amusing especially watching others frustrated they're impotent to stop it.

Historically, Jews have been stopped at least 1,030 times, if not more. You overestimate their importance here. This is Doomer not Joomer.



the little girl?



That's not quite what I meant but we'll roll with it anyway. How are you going to stop the Jewish menace anon?


File: 57bfd6508109840⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 192x251, 192:251, 1338588537235.jpg)


I fantasize about contributing to free software all day. Also being able to solve any problems I come across in software, whether mine or a friends. If I find a project with no activity, I want to be able to help a little. I want to write free drivers for any hardware I or a friend have that lack them so that the world may be more free. I want to help projects short on people but doing something big. Libreboot, HURD, Guix, etc. I keep losing interest near the start of learning any language and just going back to chatting in irc and not growing my skills. I've romanticized hard work and I've turned programming into a super power in my head, so every day I feel I disappoint myself. I cut out proprietary software. I cut out video games. I'm even on break from anime because I feel I'm wasting important years of my youth. I worry about neuroplasticity running out and making things even harder in a few years, but still I'm not really getting anywhere right now. Never got into smoking or drinking.

File: 0fa3e07cec1d764⋯.jpg (129.21 KB, 564x839, 564:839, signal-2018-05-21-143556.jpg)


>be me 23

>fresh out of military

>transformed myself from skinny mallet to beefy mid size man

>fuck 10s I couldnt fuck in high school

>get involved in music


>go to art school (AI now shut down)

>attend school for audio engineering

>Live with 20 something man child and 23 something deathcore illiterate asshat.

>lots of vidja

>both depressed


>late on rent

>always need everything

>cant and won't do shit


>get depressed and feel used


>move to south philly with 3 women and 3 men

>4 out of 6 work at whole wholefoods and have pursued liberal art degrees

>house has 3 cats 2 rats 1 dying dog

>they all collect comics and have hipster wholefoods parties every night with ultra liberal world views

>I slowly start losing my mind living in the city with these people

>nu political ideology everywhere

>feeling hopless

>no desire to be apart of middle class

>love interest no longer love intrest

>get drunk every day, stop going to school, no more gym, bad case of the fuckits

>starts to yell the most offensive shit I can think of at anyone I see.

>I start to read books but never finish most of them

>drop out of school


>meet Mongolian gang members and start smoking lots of weed.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


yeah keep going, in the meantime ill start own too.

ITT: green text your doomer shit existence


>shy nerd kid didnt talk

>summer between middle and highschool parents divorce

>mom moves out and does weird things

>small town still see her

>mid 2000s 9/11 still fresh

>high school was gonna go into the army.


>Dead set on it, told everyone.

>didnt even apply for scholarships to anything

>senior year 2005 i get in touch with a recruiter.

>bring up how i take adderal every day for ADD.

>get shutdown, need to be off stimulants for a year.

>knew i was addicted and couldn't cope without.

>no worries had a 3.8gpa and basically an art prodigy.

>just need to make shit for life. forget about military

>Had shit social skills and never got laid. nice guy

>Mr. Cope, dont do, dont regret, take the high road.

>graduate 06

>first summer free babysit disabled neighbor kid and his sisters

>normal kid but degenerative disease rendered him paralyzed waist down

>had to wipe him every day, get the shitty shit out of the way early.

>shrug it off

>mom is bypolar addict and cancerous to me and dad. skimmed my prescription, drunk, gambler

>get done baby sitting never talk to kid again.

>07 move in with dad to new town where he had daughters from a previous marriage, rarely talk with mom from then on

>highspeed Internet vidya/porn dive in the deep end

>comfy room, good computer,

>loose touch with friends from home town

>Learn 3d art, but perfectionist, never finish anything

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>meet 19 year old girl who thinks I'm incredible

>I smash, hurt her feelings and want to die even more

you deserve to die slowly

someone should chain you to a chair, then cut wounds into you so you bleed and then release 100 hungry rats into the same room as you are. They will not be able to resist the blood and eat you alive.



>know i should get help but just push it down

In all honesty what kind of help can you get? afaik theres no help for hikkis like you outside of japan and even over there its very limited


File: e801d0893796647⋯.gif (925.58 KB, 480x270, 16:9, kebab removes itself from ….gif)

I'll keep it short

>mother alcoholic and shizophrenic

>father don't give a shit as he left family

>fuck up mandatory shool

>NEET with some apprenticeships inbetween which I couldn't finish

>some shitty jobs inbetween

>now NEET again

File: a38758b1958ceca⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2320x2824, 290:353, 1542369820752.jpg)


There's a thread for movies, so why not one for books?

88 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f9617256e213639⋯.jpg (35.46 KB, 445x500, 89:100, a fugitive in the forest.jpg)

Juenger's works, especially from On the Marble Cliffs onward but in a more stoic, matter-of-fact sort of way.



I wanted to read the Glass Bees, is it good?



Ok. I'm not him so I don't care


I'm still working through recommendations, but here's my list so far.

1. The Art of Worldly Wisdom - Baltasar Gracián

2. Maxims - François de La Rochefoucauld

3. Essays and Aphorisms - Arthur Schopenhauer

4. The Passionate State of Mind - Eric Hoffer



Oddly enough, that's one of the only works of Junger i've been saving in my backlog that's been translated into english. Hell, I've even read the single chapter of Heliopolis thats been translated, Ortner's Tale.

File: 4a19a8eeaf6dfd5⋯.mp4 (206.7 KB, 1160x480, 29:12, 0b0d048c-fd01-4136-a025-d4….mp4)


And that there is nothing you can or will ever be able to do anything about it.

That sudden moment of clarity, that it's all over, no matter what you will ever do.

30+ thread only.

Before i jumped, there was hope.

After the jump, there is nothing.

It's over.

File: d6ff4f7a1b5bbfb⋯.png (53.39 KB, 165x261, 55:87, bloomerdoomer.png)


Anyone else here a former bloomer? Trying to figure out what made me lose all hope and stop trying..

99 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Luckily I rarely leave my house, and when I do, I am in a rush, so I don't have to pay attention to how people feel. Although it's a dick move, it's a good protection mechanism, I guess.



but where is the love anon?

to quote the black eyes peas



2003 feels like a different lifetime.



Black Israelites are fucking hilarious. I can laugh for hours watching them.



Without religion, race, nation, and etc most people wouldn't have a reason to exist. The only thing keeping them going is their choice of identity poison.

As for myself I was former /pol/, until I realized that the day of the rope was never going to happen. Even if it did, it wouldn't be peaches and cream as we'd either find something else to fight about or everything would go shit again after some hundred or thousand of years.

File: 7dc20519aa0fd99⋯.png (667.35 KB, 1225x687, 1225:687, d8525834210742572e95a03ad0….png)

File: 5a45f26a8b55b74⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 5a45f26a8b55b7416a9e62ac43….jpg)

File: 5a45f26a8b55b74⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 5a45f26a8b55b7416a9e62ac43….jpg)

File: be07ad289cd6d72⋯.jpg (52.97 KB, 566x561, 566:561, ce36dc8c8ab4564441fec97115….jpg)

File: 2d3de5552ae9e52⋯.png (425.51 KB, 587x608, 587:608, 038ac8f5e7534dbaa18d03e53a….png)


I have noticed there is a meme that indicates that there are two large generational and perspectival divides in people, often co-indicated in some combination when assessing the types of persons often encountered in life but especially in a "chan" environment. Yes, it is the Boomer/Zoomer, Doomer/Bloomer matrix. It is a sort of evidence-based and fact-based "net" which "captures a lot of fish", as they say. So it is not without merit even from a scientific point of view, if given the right development and modification. But that is not my purpose here. Indeed, my purpose is not even to go into the question of what is "Doomer" in any way shape or form. I prefer to leave that handle something amorphous, especially since it was not meant to be analytically descriptive in the first place, and also because it is not only a term of classification but of colloquial use which is always diverse in its intents and applications. It would be a hopeless task. And there are more important issues to dissect.

First of all, however, I will "take a stab" at what "Doomer-ism" or "Doomer Phenomena" might be, at least in some respects. It seems that we can go back to the original meaning of the term "Doom", which is in reference to taxes, and the possibility of death which lurked on either side of it back in the days of the Norman Conquest of Britain. Not a bad place or time or event in history to give birth to a term with such a reputation for a sense of bleakness and looming disaster. It was called "Domesday" when the assessors would be sent out to see what everyone had and what they were expected to contribute. So it became an analogy for what it is like when finally the chickens come home to roost, as they say. It is rightly analogous with both the positive and negative implications, and not only gloomy ones, as I've elsewhere indicated in a comment here or there on this board. For one thing, you may have prepared well, faced facts squarely, and gotten into the best shape possible for the "big event" whatever it is, and so for you, it is a day of both victory and glory. For the majority of those whom I will call "victims" rather than "victors", it is a day of paying the price for lack of due diligence. "Doom" means different things, to different people, at different times, and in different ways!

But that is just the opener of myPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Not everyone is like you, faggot.


GenX, and not interested in being a failure-fag, like you. So you'll be waiting until you get raided by hungry niggers when you're fat ass is asleep dreaming of your kike princess.



>le self improvement meme

>le jews



okay, lifecoach-san

I am glad you want to give the rat race a chance.

There is always a supply of wagies needed to fund my neetbucks

I honestly hope you find what you are looking for in this rat race

however I came to conclusion that in this race there is nothing to be won

at least nothing of worth


I understand doomerism as sort of revolutionary nihilism that goes beyond personal despair. There is no return to sanity and wholesomeness, either personal or societal. U-turns are impossible, the only way is through, and what lies ahead is full-blown collapse. Revolutionary nihilism is the only thing that makes sense: hasten that collapse, and let this gay earth burn itself down.

>Winona, occultism, boozing, and other concomitants of doomerism being degenerate

None of this matters. When the world is burning, morality is worse than a spook- it's a fucking cope.

>you'll be waiting until you get raided by hungry niggers

Or you can camp out away from civilization and watch the urbanites being devoured by their pampered pets.




Who says you can't have both, and have it all! Remember, there is always another way. It is a lie to say that one must cuck to the system in order to take meaningful action IN ONE'S OWN LIFE. One can always optimize even in worst possible worlds! There is always the chance for a "dark miracle" in the best of all possible worlds, or evil would not exist. So, why not the reverse! It is not "hope", it is nothing but the purification of the purest sort! Into the darkest pit descends the innocent. Not to descend forever, but to arise a dragon of doom, instilling the TRUE DOOM upon those who thought him lost in the void. What a mistake on their part! But if you would not be such, that is your choice. Not everyone who embraces the hard and evil facts need be nihilstically swamped by them. And this is beyond "cope", this is refusing to cope, this is exactly the opposite. This is the only way "through". This is passing through the Nigrendo of the Will to Power. If you fail, YOU FAIL ALONE.

File: 4ce6cc639943b3c⋯.jpg (36.14 KB, 480x640, 3:4, buffalo city court buildin….jpg)

File: 78941d813180761⋯.jpg (186.96 KB, 1200x1499, 1200:1499, valentin-jeck-photographs-….jpg)

File: a43d20bf2627820⋯.jpg (167.95 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, yugoslavia brutalism.jpg)


The question here is: Do I like Brutalism because I'm a Doomer, or does liking Brutalism make me a Doomer?

50 posts and 83 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 63c6ef123eadcc5⋯.jpg (106.63 KB, 750x563, 750:563, Torre Velasca by BBPR. 195….jpg)


Brutalism is like the average doomer: it had lots of "potential" but in reality it looks ugly and doesn't works


Not brutalist, that one is called "metabolism", and also looked better in the drawings. The actual building has tons of issues.


File: 3a016f7c7dbfc75⋯.jpg (3.7 MB, 3844x2883, 4:3, Thalmatt_1_005.jpg)

This one looks surprisingly comfy for me.



that looks like a god damn fallout building



Hello slovencek how is the dragon at triglav doing

I hope he is happy and enjoys the snow

>genex tower

entire new belgrade (west of the sava river) looks like this. It is commie block after commie block. when I drove through there in summer I felt like in the past

File: db0b9512dc68f56⋯.webm (3.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, comfy gondola.webm)



Post comfy gondolas, and maybe keep the darkness at bay for a little while.

19 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Gondola is what happens when the laughing stops

Is spurdo after the dumb jokes get old

After the irony wears off

What happens when your problems get too real, out of your control

When life stops being a "what if" and becomes a "this is what I am now"


dead meme


File: 962ed8f3992df66⋯.webm (3.74 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Gondola Mandala.webm)


Gondola is always about a feeling. The image, music and him all contribute to make you feel something. Being an evolution of Pedo bear, he went from representing pedophilia to intangible feelings that can't be described with words. He's transcended to mean so much more, as his definition is the feeling you want to convey. You could say he's a definition of art.

I've always liked Gondola as it's something that can't really be corrupted.

And remember, be at peace with yourself. The world is a grey place to having that inner calm will help you in the long run.



Then it is like all of us inside.



Gondolas are really defined by one thing: they observe. They witness everything that life is, war, famine, family, love, loneliness, late nights, anything. I find gondola to be very easy to relate to, because that is what most of us are doing, observing. We haven't the power to change anything, we might barely be keeping our lives on track, so we sit back and observe life and society moving on around us.

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