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File: cf3d45c2d9e0c3d⋯.mp4 (12.21 MB, 960x632, 120:79, furry.mp4)


Been working on an a sort of AC-styled ero VN/RPG type game. Aiming for something like CoC but with a bit more lifesim elements to it. I'm still building out tools and nailing down the data schema for things, but I've also spent some time with the more fun bits. The goal is to be able to turn out content like dialogue quickly without hand-animating every single interaction with dialogue tags and simple animations for standard interactions, and more fleshed out animations for more intimate scenes. Lemme know what you guys think. I'd like to post updates here if that's alright.

Give me all your weird ideas or feedback. I can't guarantee I'll implement any of them, but I'll certainly try my best to improve when priorities are in order.

You can reach me at https://twitter.com/GentlesArt if you want to bug me in dms. Can't guarantee I'll get back quickly, but I'll try!

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Hiatus officially over. I'm starting work on the game again in earnest as of today. Sorry for the lack of updates.

File: b9ad3ac96d105b0⋯.jpg (112.98 KB, 1023x570, 341:190, 1459183175741-2.jpg)


Discussion on new rule below

(for real today)

Welcome to 8chan's board for furry related discussion and content.

The idea here is to foster discussion and content creation as we share our interests. In contrast most furry communities tend to prioritize being porn dumps.

If others are a porn boards with discussion, /fur/ is a discussion board with porn.

If you're interested in porn dumps or a fetish thread without close relation to furry, take a look at the board >>>/fp/

(Static pages aren't working right now so the rules are written out here)



1. No excessive, irredeemable shitposting or derailment

1.b. Leave real life politics at the door

2. Don't make excessive dump threads, particularly for porn; this isn't e621

3. Porn/fetishes stick to a handful of threads. >>>/fp/ is for added specificity

4. Keep trip/name/avatarfagging to a minimum if you have no reason to do it.

5. No doxxing and no calling for raids and personal armies.

6. Keep original post images relatively tame. Explicit imagery may be spoilered. (keeps the catalog somewhat tasteful)


1. Use the catalog

2. If you're thinking of making a porn dump do so on /fp/ or use the gfur or sfur general instead

3. Unless there is good reason, make threads for a series rather than a specific character. Doing so only for porn is not such a reason.

4. Try putting some effort into the start of your thread to spur discussion

5. Spoiler images others may find uncomfortable in threads where they aren't expected.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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based gamer bird furry obscure board moderator

File: 6ae892021df53a6⋯.jpg (233.08 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Marcus.jpg)


What do you think of the furry fandom lately?

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File: 90090367525e5dc⋯.png (221.15 KB, 663x528, 221:176, 73115c03b2c68c3abd0ca6091e….png)


This is exactly why furry isn't fun anymore. Because of you posting your politics. Didn't we just discuss what is ruining furry.


I have some very conservative opinions and never really feel at home anymore or free to voice them. A friend blocked me for two years because a friend told him I said there's only two genders.

I originally sought friendship and love among furries. I did find them but later on realized that most of them (and most gay people in general) aren't capable of sincere, monogamous affection. Instead they're trying to fill a hole in their soul with sex and forgettable friends, only ever feeling lonelier in the process.

That said the art has come a long way, forgettable pornographic trash as most of it might be.

All in all it has become too "social". I was happy when it was lonely nerds looking for friends. Now there's so many big social cliques and groups, poison to my introversion.



Me doing your mom is political.>>102121



What about the EZLN?



Also I need to do a bit more reading up on Anarcho-syndicalism in Spain, but from what I’d heard, they were actually doing great and making vast improvements over what they originally had, up until the fascists funded Franco’s army and the Anarchists were all wiped out s:

File: d20789161d82a4a⋯.png (66.71 KB, 510x168, 85:28, 687474703a2f2f737461746963….png)


Because why the fuck not

Talk about F-list

Talk about your character

Meet people to rp with on F-list

Call me a faggot

Complain about stuff

Don't have fun

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>Probably do a writeup in Notepad or whatever and just drop it into F-List

That's perfectly fine!



He's a lot better now: I enjoyed reading that.

Though, the first paragraph is a little pretentious, in my opinion. It also doesn't quite jive with F-List's metagame: I've been told by a lot of people that they find explicit declarations of being normal or boring to be distasteful. Perhaps you could move the first paragraph so it's the last paragraph, so people only read it after reading the rest of your profile! Hence, keeping it but de-emphasising it. That's your choice, though.

"Unimpressive" physique being mentioned in the next paragraph seems fine to me, despite what I've said. He's a cutie.

I'll send you a note sometime soon.



Would you care to explain the purpose of this random Discord link



It's just spam. Report it like other spam.


File: f89f285b0c34d38⋯.jpeg (72.86 KB, 403x490, 403:490, C0B1F36D-4291-47E3-84FE-1….jpeg)


>shill your profiles

>post my profile

I don’t know if I should be flattered or disturbed.

File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

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This one shouldn't be too hard with the amount of people subbed

Anyone got any more updates for Fek?



requesting xenoforge/dogbone



If anybody would be so kind as to update Rikolos page. A new scene for dinner for 3 a large movie is available part 4




Requesting the newest image from Slypon.



File: 0027089741c599b⋯.png (382.6 KB, 598x594, 299:297, Pepper_Paladinsicon.png)

anyone have the nude and full-rez?

File: ed2b9f51a506963⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 418x600, 209:300, 1569277.jpg)


Doujinishi / Thin Book collecting thread?

For some reason it felt a lot easier to get this stuff when Morenatsu was running wild in the West, now outside of Alicebooks I have no idea where to find things. I see artist posting stuff they're taking to conventions all the time, but they never come up anywhere.

Does anybody have a few resources, or know a few places where to get more? The west doesn't like print stuff as much for some reason.

File: abc22ed13016aa7⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190422-213510.png)

File: 51a2ad3405eebb5⋯.png (442.89 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Revenir-1556006440.png)

File: ffa249a55ad3b0e⋯.png (363.24 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Revenir-1556003049.png)


Hi folks. About a year ago I asked /fur/ for feedback and input regarding a porn game I was working on. You guys seemed really interested, and considering I still browse /fur/ all the time, I wanted to reintroduce the game now that a demo is finally available.

You play as a farmhand from a mountainside village. A storm hits the valley one night, and a fateful meeting with a morally-ambiguous god sends the protagonist off to retrieve a set of artifacts from around the world.

There are loads of planned NPCs and monsters to romance and get lewd with along the journey. You can recruit most of them to join your adventure - they'll help you in battle, teach you new skills, and might even sleep with you if they're affectionate enough.

The game has been designed from the ground up to have the most robust and painless modding support I could manage. There'll hopefully be a how-to written up in the near future.

Like I mentioned above, a demo is available right now. You can find it here:


Feel free to ream me in this thread with any comments or questions you have regarding the game.


File: 11fe46bb8404224⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190422-213629.png)

File: b00d69ec362f714⋯.png (656.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190422-213914.png)

File: 7f4421ccfa9e0f2⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190422-221409.png)

A couple more screenshots before I head to sleep


Well, I think you are wasting your talent. I couldn't tell it was a porn game from the twenty minutes I spent fiddling around with it, the writing is too good.

Why do people like us do this? Why do we always end up wasting our skills in writing pornography when we could do something else? Is it to appeal to more people?

Or maybe you actually like writing sensual things. You're clearly talented enough to bring them to life in unique ways.


Despite the small content i found as of yet, this game look and play way better then coc/tits and many of it's competitors

A few suggestions, remind the player that he has progression points to spend at the very beginning, also remind the player to ready his abilities slots

Every time you explore somewhere, a small loading icon appear and the game go into a wait state, unless absolutely necessary because the game is actually loading, shorten the loading animation a bit, a second is more then enough to convey the idea of needing time to explore without wasting the player time

Allow the numpad enter to have the same functionality as the main enter on the keyboard

Abilities with cool down should show how many turns it takes before returning available again

Abilities cool down should reset after combat, and not carry over

I suppose it's still and incomplete feature, but does it matter if your opponents are male or female? Will all enemy be sexable, or only some?


That game's design is on a whole new level. Great job.

File: 85778baa800ba6d⋯.gif (1.53 KB, 96x96, 1:1, apis.gif)

File: 8cf1531309370ba⋯.jpg (307.26 KB, 575x619, 575:619, 4e7dc2bd3dff0bc84bcecd37e9….jpg)


Does anyone have an archive of Apis' old works? I love this guys art, and it's bullshit what happened. Pretty much everything he's done pre 2016 has been wiped clean from the internet. FA onion has some of his stuff, but not what I'm looking for and a lot is missing.

I got this picture of Fizz fron LoL here, but it's lowres and that makes it almost unfappable. Not on the onion either. I badly need the full version. Image search engines can't pick up anything.

Also, Apis dump thread. Post rares.

21 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 74ebbb0f9af0734⋯.png (745.47 KB, 971x1024, 971:1024, caprino_tastepls.png)



True, so that means I can't have two waifus (m)? ;_;



Correct. You can only have one shota husbando to shotgun cum all over their face



I know, Apis wiped and reorganized his server several times and that one was the only update that had the most images available, but I was aware there weren't all of them, it's something at least


File: 1c723e42cfbd916⋯.png (280.42 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Maybe_Next_Time_Emote.png)

File: 47a39b46cf4688e⋯.jpg (55.91 KB, 598x800, 299:400, capri_fuuuu.jpg)


>Apis wiped and reorganized his server

>several times

fak.. Apis' sure is a harsh critic of himself isn't he? His other Fizz pictures and kemo are out there and I'm gonna find them at all costs. Perhaps another anon has a dump as well?

Still really appreciate the share. It's a lot of his stuff, and you've done your part. Thanks a bunch!


File: 262aee527516d39⋯.png (950.23 KB, 767x825, 767:825, 801339Apisfizzfeets (1).png)

aye beebois. thanks to a real nice chap on FA, I managed to get the original! Enjoy this glorious fish by Apis before Riot gives him a VGU workover.

Also, keep dumping Apis' stuff. I still gotta find that kemostry and other anons might need it.

hahahahaha! told you i could get it. i know youre still here, fakface :3 suck my fishhole. i will gank you next time we play~

File: b775a48e6769e7a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.08 KB, 1170x663, 30:17, 8639ed7c9553d1057784bffc55….jpg)


So what's been going on with Bad Dragon?

It seems like the quality of their toys has dropped, at the least I've seen a lot more complaints about defects or tearing.

Also they've scrubbed the site of all art associated with each toy for some reason, which is even more confounding. How am I supposed to get off if I don't know which imaginary animal hunk is ruining my ass?

349 posts and 111 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
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Yea, and with all the strokers I've been getting not lasting more than a few weeks, I think i'll just save up for something from primal hardwere or something. :\


Despite being 1.5 years old, i'm still here lmao

i've not gotten anything from PH since I forgot about them a little while after making that post

In regards to your recommendations, I've been considering the muzzles since that's pretty much the only ones I've heard don't have a death grip and are generally wider. Sugar star looks way too tight for me, I'm a bit on the girthier side and most toys that are at all tight are just hell.


+1 for primal.

I stick things up my butt. When I have an issue with one of those things, I call the people who made that thing and ask them questions. Got sick of BD's cookiecutter "did you look at our website" word track customer support crap pretty quick.

Primal asked how they could improve and described the manufacturing process to help me understand things


How do people feel about twitch?

I have heard good things from friends and ftg


File: f3640337ca9e975⋯.jpg (558.02 KB, 773x1000, 773:1000, 0032_full1.jpg)

File: dc6ef2753e3efe4⋯.jpg (27 KB, 381x384, 127:128, ss (2019-04-23 at 11.51.17….jpg)

Does anyone have any experience with Kona and/or Nox?

Pretty inexperienced when it comes to dildos and don't want to litterally rip myself a new one.

I was thinking about getting a small Kona for stretching until I could handle a medium Nox, but all this talk about the silicone chipping and tearing has got me a bit worried since they don't seem like the most sturdy of toys. At least not Kona.

I was planning on having harder base soft top for them both.



A friend of mine (disclaimer: female, so she was using it vaginally) likes Nox though she found the... ridges? notches? whatever on the top of the cock head to be mildly uncomfortable at first. Not sure how that will translate to buttstuff.

(Aesthetically I find Nox to be one of the best-looking cocks I've ever seen.)

File: a4795a3e13c7ffb⋯.jpg (81.74 KB, 635x800, 127:160, 5176b13765f61af56301d6a3d7….jpg)


Welcome to the Draw Thread!

In this thread, you state requests for artists to draw, and if they like what you requested (or are just feeling generous), then they'll make your dreams into tangible reality! If you make shitpost requests such as of Nickelodeon shows besides The Loud House, then people are probably not gonna draw your request, and you're only wasting time/data!

You can post any art that is made (/fur/ has to be in the image for e621 to take it) to https://e621.net/post?tags=%2Ffur%2F for anons and other furries to see! Please, for the love of god, don't cause pointless drama! This is a thread about arts for poorfags and cheapskates, as well as inspiration, so take your shitposting and SJW agenda to the meta thread! :^) Do not spam this thread, either, as it makes it harder to keep track of! Even if you're a rapid autist or spammer, I'm sure you want a shot at free art, so why not just treat this thread with some respect and get some nice art while you're at it? Never hurts to not sperg out, and it doesn't make you "unique" or "cool" to sperg, it only makes you seem like a braindead retard who will probably end up getting banned. You'd get better butthurt reactions off of Furry Amino anyways.

First request:

This Yoshi Milf in a french maid outfit

Last Thread: >>64264



57 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I don't see why it needs to be lewd, but whatever. Just make it slightly less gay than the average for this board.



yea making it lewd would make it look weird




Figured it'd be more true to the situation, but it'd be funny either way.


File: 5103d95ab9892e9⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 367x500, 367:500, 847169841228430465.jpg)

All of your tastes are objectively shit. There is no weapon within our plane of existence that is superior to Katana.

Requesting everyone ITT executed via the blade.


Crossgender Biolizard from sonic porn? If anyboyd is willing to do that

File: 444de21feaa363d⋯.png (15.61 KB, 480x400, 6:5, chart.png)


Here's a political compass of a furry discord server. I thought it would be interesting what /fur/ is like.

Post your answers and I'll combine them. This is just a fun experiment, you don't need to talk about politics.

263 posts and 151 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>becoming left-wing because a politician wasn't right-wing enough

What kind of weird defeatist nonsense would make somebody do things like that?


File: 3d39e1c7a409023⋯.jpg (50.74 KB, 888x410, 444:205, УСР и украина.jpg)


>Denying a people the most despicable act one can possibly commit.

Ukrainians are a people, but they did not come out of fucking nowhere. If you actually read (for example) either the links I posted or the image I most recently posted you'll note that Ukraine and Ukrainians did not exist until late into the Russian Empire. They are a cultural outgrowth from the Russian empire. There is nothing wrong with that, but creating some fake populist nationalism and denying that is just pathetic.

>your claim is as worthless and untrue

Слушай пидор твоя хуйня достало. Всё болтаеш и болтаеш а не чего конкретного не можещ сказать. Хватит болтать тут, хочешь по умничять иди в >>>/leftypol/ и попробуй ДОКАЖИ долбаёб не доученый.

>Ukrainian history exists despite your racially and ideologically fueled crusade

Sure, but not as far as you claim


Ukrainians are not a race, even SLAVs are not a race but a culture. You're like those moron SJWs who called anti-muslim people 'racist' even when talking about purely religion.

>blablabla muh utopia 'we will outlest u

Иди в жопу... или к стенке

>You are advocating for the most insidious method of genocide

And what would that be?


>plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups

Nationalism is not the same as culture, not to mention the biggest anti-communists the world has ever seen (after the USA of course), Nazi Germany fear-mongered about 'communism' destroying culture, when their own plan for the East was to eliminate Eastern cultures and nations and subjugate them as ignorant Helots. Moreover, under socialism in the USSR countries like Ukraine or Uzbekistan continued to have many mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



So apparently criticizing a policy of russification that had existed for several centuries before Russia became the soviet union is somehow a criticism of communism specifically? Go ahead and keep repeating literal tsarist and russian ultranationalist propaganda then.

The Soviets didn't start it, but they didn't exactly go out of their way to put an end to it either.


File: c19ec4524683c47⋯.png (17.18 KB, 480x400, 6:5, chart.png)

File: 2e29736f594e00e⋯.jpeg (204.17 KB, 1284x1600, 321:400, 5a50d07f921b6.jpeg)

>disagree, agree, disagree, agree, disagree, agree...

>tfw radical centrist

>tfw anybody at this area on the compass is literally a meme


File: e8ed47b37ed8d5f⋯.jpg (4.98 MB, 4879x3021, 4879:3021, Soviet peoples and culture….jpg)


>a policy of russification that had existed for several centuries

This shit again...

>somehow a criticism of communism specifically

No, but the post being replied to has been from the get-go anti-communist. I don't think the Russian Empire was very communist.

>keep repeating literal tsarist and russian ultranationalist propaganda then.

Except I'm not... If I was either I wouldn't point out earlier in this thread that Nicholas the II was no innocent pansy and while his children may have been innocent and did not deserve to be shot, he certainly did.

If I am ultranationalist, why have I continually throughout my life critisized Putin for his hypocritical statements and state-media pointlessly antagonizing Ukrainians living in Russia with generalized anti-ukrainian shit that is no different to how the current Ukrainian junta behaves.

Again I repeat. I did not deny Ukraine exists now or has existed in the past, but that Ukraine did not develop as a culture WHOLLY independent of others but as an outgrowth of Russia. This is not a bad thing as Russia itself came from an amalgam of other cultures before it and most modern nations of Europe also arose from other cultures.

> they didn't exactly go out of their way to put an end to it either.

Their goal wasn't russification and never promoted that. When such action was promoted it was quickly shot down as "chauvanist nationalism" This is even seen in the fact that in the RSFSR if you had a fight with a citizen of another Republic then there could be problems if they accused you of prejudice. The USSR took the issue quite seriously and encrouaged a fraternity of the peoples, which changed at the end of the century after the USSR fell and people like Islamic Fundementalists and Nationalists were allowed to speak publically and encouraged people to hate their neighbors... which began a long line of conflict in the Caucasus, Far East borders and with Ukraine.

File: 21c2c30a3be9746⋯.png (26.84 KB, 262x208, 131:104, 21c.png)

File: 04a31c3d486157a⋯.png (254.8 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 04a.png)


This is a thread for discussion about disgusting furry pedophiles/zoophiles/degenerates. PLEASE keep discussion about this topic to this thread and don't make individual new threads about every new thing that crops up. Any attempts at doing it will be locked and will have a reply telling you to post it in this thread.

30 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: a3f2d71624de2c4⋯.jpg (399.41 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, Judge-Gavel.jpg)


Most of the time the "proof" isn't actionable. It's stuff like "he sent a naked picture of himself to a 14 year old". Or "He erps with 14 year olds". Whenever someone gets busted for CP they actually had it on their computer or they were soliciting a child and showed up. This is also not something that's preventable, people just have a gut emotional reaction to pedophilia and that's not going away any time soon. As soon as they see a potential crime being committed and justice not being done they will try and do it themselves. You can also see this with the dozens of Youtube livestreams where vigilantes attempt to do their own sting operations with pedophiles.

At the same time to play devil's advocate there is a reason why possession of CP is illegal and it has to do with how decriminalizing it will directly lead to a massive black market of pedophile pornography in third world shitholes that will make the creators millions of dollars. And you can't bust distributors if they put it on TOR. That and it is absurdly easy for a pedophile to nab a child, molest and murder them within hours. Which occurs somewhat regularly and is so hard to prevent. CP being found is the best evidence a cop can find to try and prevent one of the worst crimes on the planet from being committed. And a lot of the time the reason why people are spreading news someone is a pedophile is to try and get the police's eye on them to try and prevent something from happening in the future.



>decriminalizing it will directly lead to a massive black market of pedophile pornography in third world shitholes

Isn't that what already happens? Wouldn't decriminalizing it make it happen in first-world countries instead, under better labor laws?



>Most of the time the "proof" isn't actionable. It's stuff like "he sent a naked picture of himself to a 14 year old".

I was actually under the impression that was actionable as long as mens rea could be established (i.e. he knew he was sending lewds to a kid). Which, come to think of it, might not necessarily be the easiest thing to establish... but still.

>Or "He erps with 14 year olds".

I'd think that as long as mens rea could be established this too would fall under whatever "corruption of a minor" charge was applicable by region. Then again, I'm not a lawyer or LEO.



>Isn't that what already happens? Wouldn't decriminalizing it make it happen in first-world countries instead, under better labor laws?

It does but it would blow up to be like 20 times larger if people didn't risk going to prison and it being made public if it was found on their hard drives. Like it would easily become the largest human trafficking market. It also wouldn't affect first world countries as no first world country would ever decriminalize distribution or production of child pornography. Third world countries on the other hand can barely deal with shit like pirates robbing tourists on their coasts so it would happen regularly there.


>I was actually under the impression that was actionable as long as mens rea could be established (i.e. he knew he was sending lewds to a kid). Which, come to think of it, might not necessarily be the easiest thing to establish... but still.

This is REALLY hard to prove and most of the time the person just has to say "yeah she said she was 18 so I thought she was 18" enough times til the prosecutor decides it's not worth pursing. As it can take months to years to prosecute someone on a "he said she said" case and most of the time they'll just drop it. Whereas if you can prove they knew the subject was underage they'll often just accept a plea bargain. This is why during pedophile stings they often state their age more than once in chat just to nullify this possibility.

>I'd think that as long as mens rea could be established this too would fall under whatever "corruption of a minor" charge was applicable by region. Then again, I'm not a lawyer or LEO.

Most of the time this'll just get plea bargained down to a misdemeanor with a minor or public mischief. Some slap on the wrist charge and they'll just pay a fine. Unless they do something REALLY heinous like extort them for sexual pictures cops really don't care that you typefucked a 14 year old. Unless you actually do something like attempt to meet them irl.



>This is REALLY hard to prove and most of the time the person just has to say "yeah she said she was 18 so I thought she was 18" enough times til the prosecutor decides it's not worth pursing.

For further proof of this. The evidence of The Dishonored Wolf being a pedophile was mostly just him erping with a girl who pretended to be 18 and then went "lolno I'm actually 14". And posted doctored photos of him pretending to be naked. The fact she lied so much and then later claimed she was being abused would already be something that would cause the prosecutor to prefer to not pursue it. If indeed it went that far. This is why people just instead made a thread about him and harassed him instead because it's highly unlikely the police would do anything.

File: d8045b9b4c5afa3⋯.jpg (404.92 KB, 750x896, 375:448, 472947.jpg)


How is there no booru that actually gives a shit about archiving anymore? e621 is basically a cuckchan for furry porn now, when it began, it cared about archiving everything it could and hosted paywalled art after 2 years. Now its just an administrative dystopia with Ratte and NotMeNotYou going trigger happy on anything that dissents their shit policies (don't get me wrong, a lot of bans are justifiable like spam, cringy comments and captain picard, but nobody can even have a discussion there anymore about website policies). I assume Varka doesn't do anything anymore there and he's just the owner, letting the mods run free to satiate their power fetish while he's busy trying to figure out how to use a mould of the Empire State building for his next dragon dildo design.

YP works well, its just invaded with cam thots and if you want to find furry stuff you need to know what you're looking for, unlike a booru where everything thats uploaded is neatly shown by the most recent post from top to bottom for whatever tag you're looking for. I don't know why u18chan doesn't have a booru and has a garbage thread index instead of a catalog. If it did have a booru it could clone e621 but have paywall content as well, making e621 completely eclipsed and useless in comparison, which is the goal here.

How do you create a booru, how do you store so much shit on it and where can you host it where DMCA takedown requests don't mean shit? I know it could be done on an onion site, but it would be surprising if it could be functional for flash games, webms and other high size/demand files. How much money would it take to start it and keep it running? If it takes under $1000 for starting costs like HDDs and whatever else you need and then do some ads on there like e621 does already it could pay for itself as long as it doesn't get shoahd, that and literally any determined schmuck with some 100 dollaridoos lying around could get it off the ground, and theres furfags that spend over 3 grand on larpsuits and commissions as it is. How do we start?

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We already have that, look above




Serving tons of people could be quite intensive. I run h@h and back when I was getting 150 requests a min it maxed out the 4-core cpu on my old 2013 pc.

e621 only has almost 2TB of content. You could probably get 5 times that with enterprise ssds and the cost would still be reasonable.


File: d3a04353ee0977f⋯.jpg (295.26 KB, 3840x2180, 192:109, 2630874_BrieNoir_roo.jpg)


While not to suggest storage is cheap, the biggest cost is bandwidth and administration. That shit would eat up a retarded amount of data, and you'd have to be highly active to prevent shitters from flooding the site with garbage/irrelevant material or flat out sabotaging it by fucking with tags and other infrastructure. And good luck getting jannies to keep your e621 piratebay running when you don't pay them and the kind of people that don't recognize intellectual property are a mixed bag of attitudes and ethics.


>not just renting a server and crowdfunding the server cost



True, I'm not entirely certain how administration would work, but it could be made easier by only having a few rules. It would only be

1. No real humans, especially captain picard

2. No spam/sabotaging

4. No white knighting/mod impersonation

5. No doxxing



Not necessarily, whoever is responsible for those hilariously bad furfling ads seems to have no problem advertising them on u18chan, which I'm not sure if its because its not exclusively a pirate site or because they see opportunity where there would otherwise be none. Individuals could also shill their website, project, discord or minecraft donkey dick and that could still suffice, the payments would just have to be somewhat under the table. Or just go thepiratebay route and be a complete shyster and have a miner working in the background of the site farming your cpu for shekels, but that probably would be the worst because it would disable ancient devices from using the site and it would hurt playback performance on flashes and webms.

File: 5c9d63f09c48f72⋯.png (183.74 KB, 600x800, 3:4, thonk.png)


So I'm curious to see how popular certain species are among the fandom.


If you have more than one sona, choose the main one you go with.

Also discuss/shit on each other's species choices in this thread.

136 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 5a285fc8b359683⋯.png (79.81 KB, 439x297, 439:297, cri.png)

I want to be a brown tabby cat, but I also want to be a green pond frog, and sometimes I want to be a north american fork tailed barn swallow. I want to have a great many fursonas, but I can't decide on just one.


File: ec03c8a78d8a423⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, puma.jpg)

My 'sona is a beeg kitty.

(I actually considered going with a goat instead at one point but someone else I sort of knew went with a goat and I didn't want to be that faggot who copies someone else's idea.)


A flying squirrel


im a hugefuckingfaggot


Where are all the dinosaurs? Especially the ones with feathers?

Haven't really seen many of them.

File: d1ea57436479f6b⋯.png (1.53 MB, 840x1200, 7:10, ClipboardImage.png)


>CTRL + F, No Herm/Futa/Shemale/Dickgirl thread

Post your herms/futas/shemales/dickgirls here, be they pics, stories or discussion

No scat or gore and don't be a cunt are the only 'rules' per say.

Pastebin comps of stories:



Shark Herm story: https://pastebin.com/TWQKi5yM

Mechanist's Rythm: https://pastebin.com/jLzB6b23

Sandwiched by herms: https://pastebin.com/rZ8yBg9N

Writefag paste 1: http://pastebin.com/u/Tailowking

http://pastebin.com/ZV5dk1sp (Mother's Day)

http://pastebin.com/eXEY5fvL (I want 1)

http://pastebin.com/UyFGz9wb (I Want 2)

Writefag paste 2: https://web.archive.org/web/20161027015603/http://pastebin.com:80/u/SubbySlut4FurryHerms

You will never have a Wolf herm gf :( [1/3]: https://web.archive.org/web/20161101112623/http://pastebin.com/LihvFnVQ

You will never have a Wolf herm gf :( [2/3]: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

45 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ae8eb309e157758⋯.png (759.85 KB, 1130x1335, 226:267, ClipboardImage.png)


A variant

>Be a herm of indeterminant species, working at an office

>Doppelganger who looks almost the same as me, aside from the fact that she's slightly taller and thinner than me decides to pull me aside to have sex in the elevator while I'm on my coffee break, saying that nobody uses this elevator because they think it's out of order

>She rides my dick, forcing me to the wall, causing me to hit some buttons and send the elevator down a few floors

>Thankfully, nobody saw us except for one guy who seemed too dumbfounded at the sight of two herms going at it in the elevator to do anything about it

>After we both cum, me in her ass and her on the floor and in my cup of coffee as I'd later discover, we would part ways

>Until, that is, when I found out what she did to my drink

>I was about to throw it away, but I enjoyed the flavor and texture too much to let it go to waste

>I find the doppelganger in the men's bathroom, wiping cum out of her ass, giving the guys there a show

>I get mad and pull her aside, into a larger stall

>"What the hell do you think you're doing, Clone?"

>"I think I'm cleaning your jizz out of my ass."

>"No, I mean why are you acting like such a slut?"

>"I don't know why you worry about me being a slut, Anon, it's not like I'm hurting anyone."

>"You look like me! If people think you're a slut, they'll think I'm a slut, too!"

>"That's not true. You're shorter and thicker than me."

>"Not by a lot."

>I leave the restroom in a huff, some guys and a few girls catcalling me


>Futa thread devolves into roleplaying and cocklust

there's already a gfur thread, m8


File: 2cd1c2824e1a52c⋯.jpg (84.11 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a81ad4633317349cea49af3f53….jpg)



When did poprocks change his name to slashysmiley? I saw this and thought "Wow, new artist to follow" then I saw it was just poprocks.


File: 0aeb51ed50dc529⋯.png (501.24 KB, 800x1166, 400:583, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 38289acac062cc7⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4a3bcbfbc06dcaf⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1224x833, 72:49, ClipboardImage.png)

Bump with thick canine D

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