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File: c5c04c7e5d5a33a⋯.jpg (144.35 KB, 1069x748, 1069:748, pzo1132_archetypes_opener_….jpg)

f4645b  No.3908

I thought I would start a thread for Pathfinder (Or D&D 3.5) Players and DM's to present idea's, ask questions, and discuss any rules issues they might have.

I will try to keep things fresh by posting idea's/experience's I've had and you are welcome to do so as well.

f4645b  No.3909

File: fd39a700a621760⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 288x368, 18:23, LongScornfulKilldeer-size_….gif)

>Do you enjoy adding creepy, eerie, and horrific elements to your game?

>Have you ever been seriously creeped out by a DM's adventure?

>What are some fun and creepy adventure hooks/ideas that would work well in a TTRPG?

>Here's a idea/concept that I've been working on.

>Its called "The TPK that never was...Or Was It?"

>It mix's some of my favorite genre's in role playing games: Time Travel, Creepy horror, and Twilight Zone styled, Mindfuckery.

>Start with a adventure that the player party is currently involved in.

>Near the end or some other time juring the adventure have this happen; "A pin point of light appears out of nowhere and you hear the sound of a arrow striking the wooden wall/post nearby."

>When the PCs retrieve the arrow there will be some sort of warning message on it..something like "Do not cross the Ebony Bridge or we will all die!"

>But the strange thing about the message is One of the PC's recognizes that the hand writing is the same as his or hers. Infact it is the PC's handwriting!

>As the DM you should not let the players side track your current adventure plans.

>Its not meant to be a adventure hook that the players can immediately pursue. Its better left as a What The Fuck moment leaving your players scratching they're heads.

>Since its a message from (the future) and one of the PC's in the party was the author you should choose a player who regularly plays one character for long periods of time. It won't work well if the PC who received the message is the character of a Player who keeps switching his/her PC's.

(Part 1/3)

f4645b  No.3910

Now FAST FORWARD. Its many weeks/months later in "real world time".

>Your running another adventure or you plan to run the "Ebony Bridge" adventure by itself.

>Hopefully the same Player, running the same PC, who received the "arrow from the future" message is still in your game.

>At some point juring the adventure have the PC party discover The Ebony Bridge.

>Be obvious about what this means for the player whose PC received the strange warning many real world weeks/months before.

>With a sly, grin on your face look at the player and drop a few hints until he remembers the ominous, message which was written by his own characters hand, warning him about the Ebony Bridge, and that it came from the future. But the future is now.

>Do the PC's say fuck-it! and cross the bridge? If so, then things get very interesting and creepy from here.

>The PC Party cross the bridge and are tranported back in time (Or so it would seem).

>Have them arrive in the same location where the "arrow from nowhere" struck the wall/post many weeks/months before in a previous adventure.

>For the purpose of this explanation I'll say the party had been at or near a tavern when the PC's discovered the arrow from nowhere, with the warning from the future written in a PC's handwriting.

>If the PC's venture to explore the "Tavern from the past" they will quickly discover that things are definitely not as they were before.

>Approaching the tavern entrance the PC's hear lots of talking and laughing but the voices are distorted and the laughing sounds like a cacophony of Hyena's.

>Upon entering they see the same patrons of the Tavern that were there in the adventure many weeks/months before, including the "Past selves" of the PC party.

>But...Things are NOT REALLY the same..

>The "people" in the Tavern are twisted and creepy, versions of those who were in the Tavern that night in the past. (SEE THE GIF I USED FOR THIS THREAD).

>The Tavern goes dead quiet and every one of the Creepy patrons in the room stops what they were doing and looks at the PC's with twisted smiles, and murderous glee.

>At that point the players should get the hint that their PC's are about to be slaughtered (TPK).

>Maybe they take the hint and run back to the Ebony Bridge in hopes of escaping "Back to the present".

>Maybe in the weeks/months before, after the PC's received the strange message from the "Arrow from Nowhere", they asked each other some important questions.

(Part 2/3)

f4645b  No.3911

>Why use a arrow? Why didn't our future selves just escape using the same magic that allowed the Arrow to be shot back in time?

>Hopefully they did ask these questions, because if they try to cross the Ebony Bridge, with "the Creeps" pursuing them, they will discover that they can't return and are trapped in the twisted, creepy, version of their past adventure.

>If this turns into one of those TPK sessions the DM can hardly be called a "Killer DM", since the players not only received ample warning and time to consider the possibility of crossing/not crossing the bridge, the warning came from one of the PC's themselves!

>The Players should be able to discover that living/sentient beings can't go back across the bridge, its one-way for them.

>But they can..lets say "shoot a arrow with a message" back to the past and warn they're past selves of the future threat. (Use Twilight Zone theme song here).

>If the PC's decide to send a "new arrow" with a differnt message, perhaps one more urgent and detailed than the original, let them.

>It doesn't have to be a genuine, TPK, fuck you to all your players.

>Then allow them a time-loop, redo of their fatal decision "Your at the site of the Ebony Bridge again..But you haven't crossed the bridge."

I would appreciate any feedback on this adventure idea I've been working through in my head. If you have any ideas, additions, questions or criticisms about it feel free to post them and I'll answer any serious posts

(Part 3/3)

d93797  No.3914

It's an interesting start. What is the party's motivation to cross the bridge? Pursuit of a villain? Flight from an enemy? Following a map to some goal? There needs to be something. Perhaps the Ebony Bridge could be a supposed shortcut avoiding a long, arduous path.

As for the image, I prefer all my Momos to be Ducky Momos.

f4645b  No.3915


I originally thought of my "The TPK that never was...Or Was It?" as being a (strange encounter) within (a larger adventure) that is not connected to the adventure in any way. Its more of a sideline encounter to add a little mystery in a campaign. If the PC Party receives the "Arrow from the Future" hook in one adventure and several weeks of real world time later I wrap it up with the conclusion (The PC's actually find the Ebony Bridge) then the overall motivation can be as simple as curiosity. Its almost a "Dare" in a way.

>DM: You remember a few weeks ago when you found the mysterious warning about the Ebony Bridge written in Kaeloks hand (PC character)?

>Player (Kaelok): Yah..Nothing ever came of it. Something about..Don't cross the Ebony Bridge..

>DM: Well..Kaelok and the rest of the party have now discovered a bridge which is looking like it was made of very dark stone..

>Player (Kaelok): Uhh! OK...

>DM: So..Do you and the others cross the bridge?

f4645b  No.3916

File: b8c21153a546de1⋯.gif (590.93 KB, 500x280, 25:14, tumblr_mkieaqKiDU1r1tn8jo1….gif)


>I prefer all my Momos to be Ducky Momos.

Ok..I know you gotta be joking. (gif related).

Although...Ducky Momo does have a creepy quality in a tele-tubbie sort of way....

0f2097  No.3919


Drifting seriously OT, The Exploring Series (YouTube) did a video last year about the Cthulhu Mythos in Teletubbies.

On topic, the final PF AP is supposed to alter history so all the previous Adventure Paths were successfully completed (e.g., the Worldwound is closed.) Does this also hold for Society Seasons? Specifically, will the good fire archomental be free?

f4645b  No.3920


>the final PF AP is supposed to alter history so all the previous Adventure Paths were successfully completed

Interesting, I didn't know that.

>Does this also hold for Society Seasons? Specifically, will the good fire archomental be free?

I guess only time will tell..(Snicker).

f4645b  No.3922

File: 8e44f9f3658fdb5⋯.gif (5.63 MB, 480x480, 1:1, giphy (1).gif)

While on the topic of using time travel in my Pathfinder adventures I was thinking of running a time loop adventure that has a similar premise to the movie Groundhog Day.

The PC party finds themselves repeating a single Day? A entire week?

In order to free themselves from the loop in time they have to find a (MacGuffin). Maybe something like (gif image related).

But why are the PC's the only ones who are aware of the time loop?

How did they get stuck in a time loop in the first place?

f4645b  No.3940

File: 9609120e12c3b9b⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1941x3066, 647:1022, Munchkin Monster Manual08-….png)

My brain is just bubbling with ideas about fitting this weird little Ooze into my Pathfinder games. What are your thoughts.

64f90f  No.3941


first idea: a jealeous servant of a beautiful princess struck a deal with a rakshasa (or evil wizard or whatever), who with the help of two face suckers transfered the face of the princess to the servant. now the servant sits on the princesses throne but is secretly controlled by the rakshasa, while the true princess is held prisoner without a face. somehow the PCs meet the imprisoned princess, investigate, confront minions of the rakshasa and have to acquire another face sucker to get the stolen face back. to this end they have to travel to the place, where the rakshasa got his two face suckers: a weird cavern in the darklands, where not only lots of face suckers lay in wait, but also their original creator, a mentally deranged oozemaster alchemist / oozemorph shifter and servant of juiblex.

64f90f  No.3942


variant of the above: instead the face was stolen from one of the PCs and now somone with his or her face runs through town and comits crimes and acts of indecent behavior.

f4645b  No.3943



Both are very interesting ideas/adventure hooks. Thanks for your input.

ec26f3  No.3949


Sorry taht I can't contribute anything on your face sucker right now, bur the idea is priceless and I will use one or three of them in the next session!

f4645b  No.3950


Feel free to comment on "any" post in my thread. Unlike "the other Chan" this thread doesn't have a 11 page countdown if no one has replied to the thread for awhile.

f4645b  No.3968

File: 6d2bf8edf50dcef⋯.jpg (983.22 KB, 1535x1067, 1535:1067, BABA YAGAS HUT.jpg)

The Dancing Hut was first introduced in Dragon #83 which was a full adventure for 1st Edition AD&D. I was 13 years old at that time and I ran my buddies through that module. We had a blast. Have any of you used Baba Yaga's Hut in any of your Pathfinder adventures? Did you play through the "Reign of Winter" adventure path? If so, how did you like or dislike it?

9f2ed7  No.3969


Reign of Winter is fucking brutal. One of the more difficult AP's.

f4645b  No.3970


I have yet to run any of my "present day" friends through "Reign of Winter" or any other adventure involving Baba Yaga's Hut. I do have fond memories of that Dragon magazine adventure. Although, I admit I haven't done anything with "the Dancing Hut" since 1984. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I'll actually read through that AP in more detail.

9f2ed7  No.3971


Heads up for the tanks. Not even joking.

f4645b  No.4024

File: 582bb1709821932⋯.jpg (601.7 KB, 600x1127, 600:1127, wxj10592.jpg)

My face when a player in my game wants his/her PC to draw 3 or more cards from "The Deck of Many Things" (See Picture).

> In your opinion, how many cards does a PC have to draw to be considered "Going Full Retard" in your game?

>Got any weird/extreme/funny stories involving the Deck of Many Things in your game?

f4645b  No.4091

File: 45b15ca3af4803e⋯.gif (680.31 KB, 360x360, 1:1, giphy.gif)

I've had lots of strange and humorous game sessions over many years as a DM. This is one of them...

One time I ran a adventure (2nd Edition AD&D) in which my friend played a Thief named "Giggly".

Player/Giggly decides to go on a night time excursion to a local Manor hoping to rob the lord and lady of the Manor of their prized possessions.

He perpetrates this late night home invasion by himself without the other members of the party.

Giggly scales the wall of the manor using rope and grappling hook, entering the second floor window.

Everything is going well for Giggly at first.

Giggly finds ornate candle sticks, silver ware and valuable curio's as he quietly creeps through the sitting room into the Lords den.

On the desk in the den he finds a gem encrusted signet ring and easily spots a 5 foot tall mirror, framed in gold, on one wall of the den.

Giggly discovers one drawer of the desk is locked and like most Players running a Thief, my friend tells me "Giggly checks for traps".

He is relieved to find no traps but he still has to Pick Locks. And he is successful.

Inside the desk drawer Giggly finds a small, silver tray with a lid and discovers a sparkly, metallic, powder on the tray when he lifts the lid.

This is where things get fucked up...

>Giggly: I'm going to make a line of the sparkly powder on the desk and snort it.

>Me: Your gonna snort w-what?!

>Giggly: Yah..Giggly snorts some of the powder..So..What happens?

>Me: UuuHH..Ok..Giggly snorts some of the powder after you make a line of it on the desk.

My friend thinks that Giggly had snorted some fancy, "Snuff Tabacco". But he actually snorted about a half-ounce of "The Dust of Disappearance".

At this point I'm having a complete, fucking, "Brain Fart" because I don't know of any rules that handle this sort of situation. So I just improvise.

Meanwhile I'm doing my best to try and not laugh my ass off.

>Giggly: Soooo...What Happens?

>Me: Giggly feels some strange discomfort in his abdomen which quickly becomes painful. Make a Save vs. Paralyze/Poison.

>Giggly: Paralyze/Poison!!..Fuck... (Giggly fails his save)

>Me: Now the pain in your gut feels like you swallowed razor blades and they are churning in your intestines. Due to the intense, gastro-intestinal, hell Giggly is experiencing he takes a big, diarrhoea, dump in his pants!

>Giggly: My character shits himself!

>Me: Yes. Long, nasty, Shit-squirts, shoot out your ass and down your legs onto the rug your standing on..But...You notice wet marks in the rug fibers but you can't see the shit on the rug!

>Giggly: WTF!..I can't see it...INVISIBLE SHITs! WOO HOO! AHHAHAHAHA!

My friends amusement because of his PC's "Invisible Shits" is short-lived when I tell him that any abrupt movements that cause his character strain will also make him Squirt shit. I tell him that he can't move very fast, only limp along, from the pain he's in.

>Giggly: I go to the gold framed mirror and unmount it from the wall.

>Me: Its heavy and awkward but you pull it off the wall...Shit Quirt!

>Giggly: I put it on the rug and drag it using the rug so it will be less noisy as I drag it to the window.

>Me: Ok..You get the large mirror off the wall and lay it on the rug, and proceed to drag it across the floor to the window...Shit-Squirt, Shit-Quirt, Shit-Squirt!

>Giggly: I push it out the window and then climb out to repel down my rope.

>Me: Ok..The Mirror crashs to the ground below and now roll your Climb Walls to see if you can make it down your rope..Your in extreme pain so you have -20% to your roll.

>Giggly: FuuuuccccK!..(Fails his Climb Walls roll)

>Me: Giggly falls from the second story window into the bushs below..Shit-Squirt!

Afterwards we couldn't stop cracking jokes for the rest of the night and started refering to my friends character as "Shits and Giggly".

I suppose there were other possible ways I could have handled this. But it was how I let it play out at the time.

We were kinda drunk by that time of the game session. Which is why my imagination went off the rails.

>Have there been ridiculous situations in your game sessions involving very unexpected uses for magic items?

>Or other situations not involving Magic items that made your game night outrageous?

f4645b  No.4210

File: 4a2cc6af5759d19⋯.jpg (101.2 KB, 740x560, 37:28, The_Black_Book.jpg)

I Have idea's for a Pathfinder "Book Of Grudges".

>Its a Minor Artifact.

>Those who "place their hand on it" will have a strong/obsessive grudge removed from them which they have been carrying against someone or a group of people.

>But the book is cursed because for those who "open the Book" of Grudges they will have one or more of the deep, grudges in the book become a obsession that they must pursue.

What ere your thought? How would you add to or change any or all of my idea's?

f4645b  No.4212


Also..As part of the Artifacts description I think it would be fun to have a (Table for Random Grudges). Roll a D20 and get a random grudge.

>What are some fun/interesting/nasty grudges a player might get when rolling on the random grudge table?

f4645b  No.4234

File: 4479ef7be035644⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 425x445, 85:89, 26745_1073019600.jpg)

Anybody interested in posting idea's for a Lich with the personality, charisma, and "tastes" of Hannibal Lecter.

Would he make a fun re-occuring antagonist for the Player Party?

5cb511  No.4237


I made a bad guy like that several years ago. It wasn't a lich but a human, leading a cult of wealthy nobles gourmets.

He changed to a ghoul master slowly, trying to hide the change but you can also took him and change him to an Oni if he's from an asian country.

A lich is, imo too powerful and too focused for this kind of behavior.

Just my two cents

f4645b  No.4238


Thanks for your input. I was thinking of building a campaign over many months of game sessions. My players wouldn't actually be confronted with Hannibal Lichter when they are still a low level party. I'm hopeing to come up with many adventures that will be directly and indirectly related to Hannibak Lichters devious activities.

>example: the PC's discover a crew of brigands delivering a fresh corpse to a local manor. When the brigands are encountered by the PC party the brigands become nervous like they know they've been caught with they're hands in the cookie jar, so to speak. After all, its a little strange to be bringing a dead body "to a manor" as opposed to removing one from a manor.

5cb511  No.4242


Why the lich would use brigands when it just can summon everything it needs ? It's why imo the lich is too powerful.

It can summon or create everything it needs without help from anyone, it have eternity to create unique spells. And brigands are far from being reliable.

A ghoul master can be the leader of a big city and a cult leader but compared to the lich its limitations are way more managable for the players. It can even be posing as a sorcerer, asking player to bring him part of creatures, prisonners or anything else he can buy. Imagine the shock of your players when they'll learn how they've been played and how everything they bring back was devoured.

And yep, i'm a Ravenloft DM ^^

f4645b  No.4243

File: 031aaacb24fbf3c⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 2298x1465, 2298:1465, AD&D RAVENLOFT.jpg)


I also enjoyed the Ravenloft setting back in the day, (1st and 2nd Editions AD&D) and ran my players through many Ravenloft adventures including the original modules. I'll have a look at the Ghoul Master and see if it works for me. Which book is the Ghoul Master from?

>It's why imo the lich is too powerful.

I think you misunderstand my intentions of using a Lich in my campaign. I'm not trying to present a BBEG, combat opponent for my Player PC's to fight (at least not until they are much higher level). Have you seen the movie Silence of the Lambs? (Keep in mind I have no idea what country you live in or how old you are). I'm not trying to insult your intelligence. The point is to use Hannibal Lecter as inspiration for the personality and scheming attitudes (and lets not forget his cannibalistic tendencies that made him so terrifying as a character in the movies) for the Lich I will be centering a campaign around. "Hannibal Lichter" could have been a mortal man who was a cannibal with a criminal genius mind who couldn't bear to simply grow old and die. So he learns the dark arts of Necromancy and after many years of gaining more and more power he finally becomes a Lich.

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