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File: 9ce4af29612a5fc⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2051x1473, 2051:1473, image.jpg)

c47575  No.59

Our first tabletop RPG thread.

What're you running?

What're you playing?

What systems do you want to try?

Any neat character ideas you've been wanting to try?

Share greentexts, homebrew ideas, etc.

3d46d6  No.62

Is table top simulator a good way to get into 40k without shelling out absurd amounts of Brouzouf to GW?

c47575  No.65


Probably. Haven't tried it out yet. I might if there's a decent torrent for it

888458  No.81

File: f06f0bd976f7493⋯.gif (975.27 KB, 400x300, 4:3, forrent.gif)

I'm going to try out my first tabletop game in a few days, playing a wizard/necromancer in 5e. How do I not fuck up?

Oh, and me and some other guys are making an OC tabletop. I'm writing the fluff while some other more experienced guys handle crunch, but I do give mechanical input as needed. Tell me, is there anything you guys despise in tabletops, be it fluff or crunch, that we should avoid at all costs? Conversely, is there anything you love in tabletops we ought to put in?

c0a732  No.122

File: c142e81af242e57⋯.jpg (293.74 KB, 1280x828, 320:207, Slothj.jpg)

>What're you running?

Nothing at present. Currently in the earliest planning stages of a new campaign

>What're you playing?

Playing in a nwod Mage game which should hopefully be resuming this weekend.

>What systems do you want to try?

Been itching to try OVA

>Any neat character ideas you've been wanting to try?

Been wanting to play some kind of golemancer for a while, but the opportunity hasn't presented itself.


TTS is good for some things, but not so good for others. I've only toyed around with it a little bit, but it doesn't seem quite as good for RPGs as it could be, but that may be a matter or adjusting the settings and grids and such.

Not sure if it would work well for 40k, as there is a lot of fidgety measuring for movement and targeting, but I think you could probably run a simple demo game through it just to get a feel for the rules. Otherwise, your best bet is to find your FLGS and see if someone will run you through a game.

fc116a  No.254

I'm trying to think up a story for a game of Only War that'll turn into Dark Heresy or Black Crusade depending on the actions of the players.

507743  No.256


You ever read the All Guardsman Party? That can be good inspiration.


fc116a  No.276


Yeah that's what got me into the whole idea. I was thinking on tossing in something from other media however like a Bolo tank from that book series i can't remember the name of.

56c3f9  No.351

I'm going to be playing a 5e campaign soon and I'll be playing a halfling artificer alchemist using the playtest material from unearthed arcana. My party consists of a human rogue, dragonborn ranger, tabaxi druid, and me. So here's my question for you guys.

At level 6, the artifcer gets to create a mechanical servant, in the form of a large beast with a CR 2 or lower. The stats do not scale at all so it should be picked for utility. I bounced around a few ideas with my DM and came down to the following choices.

>giant eagle

>giant owl

>dire wolf

>giant constrictor snake

I plan on using it as a mount (if it's not constrictor snake) to keep me mobile as a halfling. I'm leaning towards Giant Owl and Giant Eagle because they can fly, get bonus perception, and have 8 int so they can cast infused spells by themselves. However, DM said that if I pick a flying beast, he's going to put in more flying enemies into the campaign for balancing. Assuming flying enemies go straight for other flying targets first, wouldn't this completely fuck me up? I'm assuming all flying enemies have high dex, which means I would whiff a lot of my alchemy vials against them. If I picked the less mobile dire wolf or giant constrictor snake, I would spare both myself and my party from having to deal with flying enemies (earlier than usual?). Feel free to suggest other mechanical servant options I may have missed

0133ce  No.411

File: 1847465dae850c9⋯.jpg (752.75 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1405741605467.jpg)

File: 998c500a2c8e8bc⋯.jpg (195.48 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, 1437947804688.jpg)

File: 6788bf14d7de553⋯.jpg (469.42 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, 1437957768830.jpg)

File: d11ee8f8cd12555⋯.jpg (338.67 KB, 1200x1664, 75:104, 1475957241043.jpg)

File: 28ea0dc74121f05⋯.jpg (769.72 KB, 1920x1306, 960:653, 1478041218952.jpg)

I'm thinking of running a Weird West type deal soon, but that's a bit ways off till I can figure out what to run it in.

Playing a Warlock Chef in 5e who's Patron is a demon who is pushing the world into a flavorful land of wonder.

I've been getting shilled Exodus alot as a system for the one listed above but I'm unsure how it will perform with some of the set pieces I have planned.

I JUST WANNA STOP PLAYING MEME CHARACTERS. Witch hunter like Constantine or some shit sounds rad as fuck

aa7a38  No.854

Playing DnD 5e with some online friends. The current party comp is a gnome alchemist, a tiefling rogue, a druid belonging to some homebrew race of tree people, a human fighter, and a human paladin. Haven't gotten to do a session yet since it's hard to find a time slot where we're all available.

d8cad5  No.894

File: 252e63ba0333395⋯.jpg (26.13 KB, 500x670, 50:67, d0d0fc09e8588b03ae67dd0f5e….jpg)

> What're you running?

1st Edition AD&D w/Homebrew

> What're you playing?

See above.

> What systems do you want to try?

FATE SRD. OVA. Some new OSR systems.

> Any neat character ideas you've been wanting to try?

I tend to go by roll of the dice for characters and see what pops out. And since my players won't even read the books. I'm consigned to never getting out of the DM seat.

For the reason given above, my version is pretty stripped-down, so it's closer in some ways to Basic. I'm working on a more complex variant at the moment as a stand-alone system, since honestly I've strayed so far in homebrewing that it's hard to still call in DnD.

28834e  No.946

>What're you running?

A Pathfinder game taking place in MGE with the sex downplayed for the most part. Primary things used are Path of War and Spheres of Power to more closely emulate how magic works within the setting.

>What're you playing?

Due to a really bad schedule shift someone in the group got stuck into 5am-9am a lot of my group's stuff is on hold now. So right now I'm a PF game outside my usual group where I'm playing a japanese Lizardfolk bodyguard(Warder) that sadly got stuck with 14 strength(12 before racial). I think I might be wearing out the DM's patience with initator classes though. I don't think I should go into it as it's not the proper thread for it unless someone seriously wants me to.

>What systems do you want to try?

I've been curious about 5e and I want to actually play a game of Fantasy Craft.

Any neat character ideas you've been wanting to try?

Something about of In the Company of Dragons, and its expanded edition when it comes out. Probably an Egoist. I also have been wanting to play a sniper with flight capabilities of some kind.

Share greentexts, homebrew ideas, etc.

I've actually been working on a revision of the 3pp Pathfinder Dragonrider base class(or I guess my own verison?), but I haven't worked on it in literally a year. Though it at least has a completed draft.

ff4e1d  No.1014

File: 295494542a0cbeb⋯.jpg (173.33 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, OUT_OF_THE_ABYSS_2.0.0.jpg)

>what you running

Out of the Abyss, the premade campaign for 5e

>what you playing

5e DnD, used to play 2nd ADnD in highschool with some friend, but after moving for college i rediscovered it as a means to get closer with friends, apparently it's not that good but it's simply to understand which helps with the new players i have

>What system do you want to try

game i've had my eye on for a long time has been rogue trader, i even bought the core rulebook but just never got around to reading through it. Other then that i really wanna find some simple pirate themed system, 5E has been pretty good in having flexible rules for a lot of things but i would prefer something which adds more depth and strategy to ship to ship fighting

>Any neat characters ideas

a guy in the group i'm running for out of the abyss made his character a warlock chef who sold his soul to a demon of gluttony in order to be gifted the greatest cooking skills in the world, he ended up going blade lock and made his pact weapon a frying pan, he does no damage but i gave him the trade off that he can create the greatest tasting food out of any quality ingredients, other then that his attacks have consisted of throwing butchers knives and hacking off any limbs of dead bodies in order to provide for the party

b130ee  No.1060



So you guys play together?

d8cad5  No.1062


One assumes that the number of warlock chefs in the /tg/ community is somewhat limited.

888458  No.1593

File: 799e6299fe085d0⋯.jpg (35.76 KB, 278x278, 1:1, noreplies.jpg)


Had to cancel the DnD thing, but I'd still like answers for the OC tabletop thing.

958bf2  No.1601

File: 980f71b44ac3b01⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 980f71b44ac3b01ab537c15da9….png)

File: 1bc8194beb5caaa⋯.jpg (301.33 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, michel-donze-dystopia-fina….jpg)

File: 81f144bd72b619f⋯.jpg (34.84 KB, 600x598, 300:299, 19f3bfbc165c93d98e8c54881d….jpg)

File: 82802c1c724cd97⋯.jpg (133.09 KB, 996x897, 332:299, jessica-burns-vamp3.jpg)

File: cfea36db2dbc4e3⋯.jpg (517.16 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 1309377114833.jpg)


>What're you running?

Nothing at the moment. I'm working on a homebrew though!

>What're you playing?

Also nothing, work has me separated from my gaming group.

>What systems do you want to try?

Traveller, Savage Worlds, 13th Age, Fantasy Craft, Microscope, Ashen Stars, Mobile Frame Zero, Burning Wheel, Rise and Fall, Heroes of the Hearth, Before the Storm, Degenesis, Rogue Trader (Or any of those 40k RPGs)

>Any neat character ideas you've been wanting to try?

Yeah, a few, but nothing particularly fancy; Awakened slime, an awakened cobra that sets up an alpha legion/word bearer type cult, a worm that walks, a primitive rogue/sorcerer that likes to gamble (and cheat), a multi-armed (devilish? undead? alien?) surgeon who helps people in exactly the same way as a monkey's paw.

>Share greentexts, homebrew ideas, etc.

My homebrew idea is a bit much for one post so I'll give it a brief overview. If any of you have played D20 starwars it uses that as a baseline for how it works. Initiative is scrapped, so are jedi and anything overtly technology related (like starships and computers) as the setting has a fantasy skin on it, skills are chosen separately from the class sorta like D20 Modern/CoC and they're condensed into a shorter list so that there's more room for knowledge skills, languages, music, or any skill unique to a character like scrying or autohypnosis or whatever. Magic is kept subtle as possible along the lines of The Force/Lord of the Rings/Conan type stuff and takes a lot of inspiration from the occult. With this lack of enchantments or blasters, a greater emphasis is placed on quality crafted items and alchemy. Diplomacy has been turned into a full party activity (like Red Markets if you've had a chance to try that out at Gencon I highly recommend it) so that nobody gets bored or distracted while two people have a dialogue. What I'm tossing around as an idea now is Traveller style character generation as an option for players who are indecisive about what sort of character they want.

Setting can be anything but I'd like to run it in a sort of post-apocalyptic far future to the point that society has regressed to medieval and nature has completely reclaimed all previous remains of civilization. Cryptids roam the land along side various megafauna, ice-age animals and chimeras escaped from wizard laboratories. I was pondering using a map of earth with large chunks of it flooded or irradiated and the poles reversed, but I'm not 100% sold on the idea. The system still needs to be playtested and I'm more than willing to flesh out the setting with the players as I go along. Pics related are the sort of things that have inspired me and I've amassed folders full of similar stuff.


>like a Bolo tank from that book series i can't remember the name of.

Is- Is this a meme I'm not aware of? Surely this isn't serious. The first book in the series is called 'Bolo!' for goodness sake.



As a DM I hate anything that bogs down gameplay: Hordes of enemies that need to be fought individually, initiative order (players will get distracted while waiting their turn then need to be caught up on what they missed), parties larger than 4 players. As a player I hate being told that things are impossible. If it's really difficult and would take a long-ass quest to do, I'm fine with that. But impossibilities are annoying as hell, especially for little things. As a general piece of advice. Games are for enjoyment. So facilitate the players having fun. If they want to do something hilarious and awesome but their dice roll doesn't meet the DC, just fudge it. If the campaign stops being fun for the DM, let the players know why because the last thing they want is for the DM to get burned out and not want to play the setting they enjoy anymore.

5e92f3  No.2126

Currently I'm thinking about giving new edition of Conan a try. It has been years since I used the setting and played rather dark games, horrors and such. I'm not sure I still have it in me to properly run a heroic fantasy.

15158d  No.3112

Anyone here have

3 v 3 r y v 3 r s 3


h 1 g h 3 r d 1 m 3 n s 1 0 n g a m 3 s - particularly - g 0 d l 1 n g t 3 c h

Thanks in advance...

169d26  No.3819

Anyone know of a good torrent for a map maker, anything i've checked out is completely out of date or doesn't work at all

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