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Nothing to Declare [The Goldwater Live Stream]
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File: 08b54cf86e42f5f⋯.jpg (181.32 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Mi-28NE Russia to Develop ….jpg)

File: 7d8ef97694ffadc⋯.jpg (174.02 KB, 1024x805, 1024:805, RAH-66 Comanche Light Atta….jpg)

File: 849aed6e58e2fdc⋯.jpeg (202.64 KB, 1600x1064, 200:133, Mi_35_Russian_Attack_Heli….jpeg)

File: 4f4186791ee15f7⋯.jpg (560.53 KB, 1211x753, 1211:753, OPERATIONALarmed Chinese Z….jpg)

File: 2ea8cdd23a8564a⋯.jpg (324.57 KB, 1366x1020, 683:510, cgi kit tool armed Chinese….jpg)



Text only: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.txt

Markdown: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/blob/master/FAQ.md

HTML: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.html

Readme: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/readme.txt


Copypasta for turboquestianons: https://pastebin.com/GRB6cabX

Fixes for common errors

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

>Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at JSON.value or some variant

Delete your browser cookies which contain your saves. Use Save to file from now on.

Optimal slave stats for assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/be67deb95e9a36b1f07fd0734de60a9c9e112764c33f6091a099154d7510035b.png

Thread text archive: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/TextOnlyQuickArchivePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Don't worry about it, everything should be fine. The .pregSource issue is entirely display based, so won't be critical.


File: e8431f8bb91f9d0⋯.png (186.96 KB, 1551x851, 1551:851, ClipboardImage.png)

This is so much better. Top notch.


is there any way to get areolas to return to their normal color after giving birth?


I want to play this game but just getting up to 30 slaves causes week transitions to take like 10 seconds each. Am I doing something wrong or am I just meant to not have very many slaves?



What's changed?


No, that's how it usually works. Either accept the wait, get a faster computer, or sell some of the slaves.

File: 78edddc14ffe9a4⋯.jpg (461.41 KB, 673x744, 673:744, もそりもそり.jpg)


This thread is for the Corruption of Champions mod being made by OtherCoCAnon and Denizens of this board.

Corruption of Champions is a text based flash game that anons can and are writing content for to be implemented into the mod.


Latest Version (1.3.5)


Use a standalone flash player (projector) because shit's no longer supported by any web browser.

Remember to save to file to prevent save loss.



>/hgg/ CoC Mod Build Changelog


>Source Code


>Previous/Archived Threads

Previous thread: >>276450



OP Template: https://pastebin.com/raw/q38CcPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>AN urta

The impication that there is multiple urtas existing simultaneously is scary



>The live alice was a joke.

Sounds like a funny little snippet though. Maybe something for sillymode, having an Alice just hanging from a wall by some straps or a hook stuck in the scruff of her dress occasionally asking to be let down or getting upset about how no one is even acknowledging her existence (because the player doesn't have any ways to interact with her).

Given time, and someone willing to work on her, she could end up being a silly mode exclusive slave character, Wall Alice.



A wallice if you will



Can we a grommet with that?


File: c9394244aaf8d8a⋯.png (586.78 KB, 915x1086, 305:362, 1690860 - Legend_of_Zelda ….png)


I can´t find a tread of Loli Games here! Can we make a collection of the best games with lolis and shotas here?

(Games like Unteralterbach and so on)

(Read board rules on OP quality.)
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Wish you added a way to skip the intro and start-up



Just spent an hour playing it. It's exactly as >>275900 describes. You play a shota, you meet a loli, and you play games to unlock h-scenes. All the games are random chance and that's the whole thing. The animations are cute but I don't think it's worth more than a quick fap.


So, I'm new here. I've seen a lot of names without a link. Since Google is certainly going to hide these games, where do I even search for them?




Dev just added a deviancy stat to the game, does anybody know of a surefire way to grind that particular stat out yet?


File: 1a7d0b806de3972⋯.png (949.07 KB, 2784x1708, 696:427, Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at ….png)


Trying to run it with Wine 3.20 on latest Macos and the game does start but the text is all rectangular symbols. Any idea what may be going onand how to solve it? The previous release had the same issue (and the mac version just never started ;____;)

File: 11472d54d91ab09⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 400x600, 2:3, hcol1.jpg)


This is a thread dedicated to Girl's life and other similar games.

This game allows you to play as a female Russian. You can do a fair amount of things. That includes: Getting a job, Graduating school, Fucking your brother, Fucking a dog, Fucking your teacher, and so much more!

This website contains all needed links (audio, images, etc.) [https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=597]

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>literally named tyrone

whoever is making that game must be mocking the people who wanted that in that's just too funny



most of the characters are just so ridiculous. The chad alpha character who gives lectures about the importance of "being alpha" like something straight out of a PUA forum, the worthless dad who looks just like Jeb!, the sugar daddy who is a traced drawing of Anderson Cooper of all people. I don't think it's possible to play this game and not laugh at how ridiculous it is



>saving nigger porn

i avoid those parts. i keep her pretty pure



That disgusting cunt will never be pure

>playing a game with niggers

>Masturbating to a single woman fucking multiple men

What a cuck.



>assuming what i masturbate to when i posted nothing with multiple men

you literally saved nigger porn to your computer faggot. i avoid it because i don't like it

File: 3260762ef725d56⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, e556e0b317a8e9bfe8bb5f633d….jpg)



We now have new era engine in development by a cunt that's going to break everything, and it'll be great. The source code is actually in a human-readable format! RAM usage is estimated to hover around 100mb instead of 3gb and load times reduced to milliseconds! When it's finished, that is. Repo here: https://gitgud.io/Bepsi/NTERA

We're always looking for new translators, come to the discord and ask for help. You don't need to know Japanese, just have a basic understanding of grammar rules, or failing that, the ability to google.

The admins still can't do basic math, more at 11.


Era Games Git: https://gitgud.io/era-games

There still is no public account, and probably never will be again. If you want to download every single revision you'll need to make your own account. Otherwise, you can download from the wiki.

Era Games Wiki: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page

The homepage has a fuckhuge table near the bottom that contains a prepackaged download for every game. Make sure you look at the dates to see how up to date they are compared with the git.

Wiki is quite WIP, feel free to contribute.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/7MAArwP

Come here to keep up to date on development and translation progress or just to shitpost. Fag95 still not allowed.

Translation Tools: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Contributing

Tools for tranPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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era-inSchool is severely underrated by this general



Mostly wanted it for archival purposes but would be cool to try out the feature that anon was describing.

>because it's the only one out of 1, 2 and lite that lets you highlight words, display their translation and infer meaning from them, especially since erospeak sometimes gets a wrong meaning in translation(hambones ahoy).



What's good about it?

Both versions being updated are

shallow slave trainer/dating sim.

Only good thing about the version with schools in various animes is that you can cuck Rito.



it has the animes instead of the 2hus


Translate more of reverse please

And tw

But especially reverse

File: 1466976696897.jpg (2 KB, 142x233, 142:233, vy.jpg)


Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread

Lewd edition.

I want to ask some dumb shit without making a thread for it, but I don't think we have one of these, so here it is.

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Don't bother at all in that case.

Because you will end up with riceballs being translated as hamburgers someday.



The horror.


How can I get visual novels running on my Ubuntu install? I've tried Wine, Winetricks and PlayOnLinux, with all of them not working (black screen without audio) >:-(



Which ones? What engine are made with? Also, Linux general here >>261608


>Get English uncensored Little Witch Romanesque that doesn't require install

>Alway fiddle with settings before starting a game

>click fullscreen virtual

>Crashes the game

>Try to open the game again

>Setting remains and game closes with the same error every time before anything can be done

>Create Shortcut

>Shortcut properties

>Open as windowed

>Doesn't help

>Delete and redownload

>Doesn't help

Where is this setting located and can it be changed manually outside the game?

File: 1f2618e2aeaacf6⋯.jpg (270.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, piggyback.jpg)


2.0 is finally out edition!

previous thread >>167809

dev website: teraurge.blogspot.com

2.0: https://mega.nz/#!4b5wXIYA!ebMIKB85Au7YkLGHdz1W9of1hZpE50sIjS9bIQQPDss

What is it about? You were having a comfy night, about to fall asleep when you've been accidentally summoned to an unnamed alien planet by a witch, whose done this many times. You're able to communicate with most species you meet, unless they cannot speak.

Forget the "can you fuck it test", this game throws it right out the window. If you don't like feral, gore, or rape, there are even filters for it in the character creation.

NOTE: Current build is very buggy and untested. There's plenty of missing art, if you find something, post it here or tell draco about it so he can attempt to fix it.

356 posts and 82 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 43bb72c338185b0⋯.gif (3.39 KB, 145x155, 29:31, totodile_chuckle.gif)


>Mouth can be used as an emergency harmonica


What do you do with the lockbox?


So does Tornoth ever actually figure out you're banging his daughter, or is that just not implemented? Because man, it's been going on for a while.



Doesn't seem to be the case with 2.3

Unless there's something I'm supposed to do besides just making the stat edits and saving over the old .sol file


Anyone have the creature chart?

File: 003558703f1e736⋯.png (18.49 KB, 709x166, 709:166, but i didn't die tho it wa….png)


Previous thread: >>259116, https://archive.fo/ChxAf

Prior threads:

Too scared to make a new general 247231 https://archive.fo/11R7a

Sex Rework soon™ 235840 https://archive.fo/vYBzH

Text-based sandbox HRPG (Once updated weekly)

Takes place in an alternate dimension

-Includes Furries/Futa/Shemale/Trap/Dolls/Demons (Can be Disabled)

-Turn based combat


-Forced and/or optional body Transformations

-Unique sex mechanics that give player "choice" (heh)

-Too much clothes

-Will be entering beta in Valve Time™

Thread creation version:

Newest version always available to build on github (tutorial on git) or wait until it's posted on blog (on a Full Release week).

Download from blog: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/

Github: https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public

Latest Version:, https://mega.nz/#!OxszkbTB!pV1Kg0oqyr7YyHvspn1IJW6QhSz0XYvs25F-ZGgSyds

Wiki: https://www.lilithsthrone.com/wiki

8chan Mod:

https://gitgud.io/LilthsThrone/code-base (updated to v0.2.6 ) Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post last edited at



It wouldn't even be that hard

Just make two stats: can't talk and won't talk for being mute and just staying silent and then going over all sex dialogues

Not only it allows for mute characters and improves rape variance somewhat

It would even allow for things like trauma making characters mute and shit



Eh, she doesn't look enough like a cute dork




this is why I just disable the art. Not worth it.



all implied by "putting her in her place"



What is that shit?

File: b545fca6b7edcae⋯.jpg (123.2 KB, 821x869, 821:869, b545fca6b7edcaeb2830e3e691….jpg)


This thread is for begging for links to games, any other new begging threads hence forth will result in deletion and a ban.

Previous thread: http://archive.is/bdqSO

Simple Suggestions To Help Anons Locate Files When No One Else Will

For New Uploaders: I suggest using a temporary storage service that doesn't require a login like filedropper or nofile.io in order to avoid having your filehosting accounts banned for hosting porn/hosting illegal content (if your content happens to be illegally obtained).

>Long-term storage runs the risk of hurting you or coming back to bite you in the ass later.

>Attach passwords (if applicable) to prevent bots and newfags from simply searching and locating your files to send DMCA requests.

>Name your folders something related to the game but not the game's name for the same reason as above

>If you know what you're doing, carry on and disregard the above advice.

For Beggars:

If you live in North/South America or China, try searching for a torrent before begging. Most of North/South America has pretty lax laws or doesn't care about going after people for torrenting porn games (especially H-games). A VPN or at least a proxy is always recommended, but I've never used a VPN before in my 5 years of torrenting, and never had a letter or fine from my ISP of course I only torrent shit from Asia and obscure porn games, not Game of Thrones episodes and obvious shit like that. If you live in Europe (especially Germany and UK), Korea, or Japan, a VPN is pretty much required, and I'd suggest begging first, with torrents as a last resort (unless you know what you're doing).

If you legit don't know where to look for torrents or start, use nyaa.pantsu.cat/nyaa.si first (safest one, almost a guarantee all files are clean), and then either torrentz.colorask.com or torrents.me if your results weren't on nyaa. Always use a magnetPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post last edited at




Anyone got the English version of Exposure Quest, Naked Order, or Naked Plus?



Crossing Knightmare has RPG mechanics, heavy body modification, and you play as a woman much of the time. The sex scenes and dialogues are VN-style, though.


This is the Crossing Knightmare DeepS starter set. It includes the base game and expansion, an artbook and a soundtrack.


Anyone got RJ195183?

File: d61351e1f8b8564⋯.jpg (239.33 KB, 873x1200, 291:400, Cover.jpg)

File: 014481f1e71ea8b⋯.jpg (37.27 KB, 800x450, 16:9, EV000_0010DA.jpg)

File: 8e93911c12dc746⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, EV010_0130CX.jpg)

File: 5a0b55305fa7fdc⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, EV010_0030DA.jpg)

File: d40dd66939fabf3⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 800x450, 16:9, EV000_0020BX.jpg)



>be faceless male of undetermined age

>find lonely neglected milf with 3 sons of undetermined age

>seduce milf

>slowly corrupt milf via sex/drugs/hypnosis, whatever you fancy

>molest mother in front of one of the sons repeatedly

>eventually catch him watching from the closet while you fuck the mother

>blackmail him into sexual slavery

>corrupt the little faggot with sex/drugs/hypnosis/violence

>sissify him

>eventually get help from mother to corrupt him

>proceed to use the mother and the sissy to rape and corrupt the other 2 sons and possibly eventually their friends

It's literally that fucking easy, why is nobody making a game with sissies and/or milfs for people who just want to play a goddamn dominant male for once?

>inb4 do it yourself

I've worked on about 20 (finished) hgames (if you count episodic ones seperately, otherwise about 10) with others, I have never been able to enjoy ANY of them.

I can only dream and help people make games I'll never enjoy because I've read the entire fucking code.

206 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: dae79fde3246462⋯.jpg (96.12 KB, 1000x1098, 500:549, 2e1d93dd.jpg)


If you disagree with a "don't" sentence, you should reply with yes. I think. that's what my teacher said.


Crusader Kings II being made compatible with some kind of 3D sex engine. Upload the characters into the engine and do lewd things. If a man cums inside a woman in the sex scene it has a chance of getting her pregnant in the game.

In addition:

>pregnant women's characters will adjust their bellies accordingly if they are pregnant in game (to the month)

>people will address each other by their proper titles

>family members will call each other by relation

>models will adjust based on age and race of characters in game

>support for group sex

>support for satanic society orgies and demonic impregnation

>VR support

>applicable traits will affect character appearence

Finally I shall be able to experience the joys of being consensually cucked by Satan with my [REDACTED] year old sister-daughter-niece-cousin-wives in 4K VR. Then metaphorically fucking Satan in the ass by sacrificing his child to him (who I would have also impregnated if female), then leaving the society and burning everyone in it as heretics. Imagine the possibilites!



Both are correct depending on which words follow them



Glorious, albeit highly unrealistic.


I had a text file with my dream game idea on it years ago, but it's gone now. It's an RPG/SLG where you have a (reasonable) time limit to corrupt the world. Go around and capture people to bring to your dungeon, break them in and have them help you get others or recruit them as party members for battles. Detailed training menus available with unlockable categories as you advance.

>basically twin futa goddesses are in charge of a world that their futa goddess mom made while she's off fucking around somewhere

>onee-chan goddess makes angels as servants while the imouto discovers sex magic and fucks mortal volunteers into demons

>evil god invades and the goddesses team up to stop him; onee-chan seals the demons' orgasms to try and make them fight better

>demons go nuts from infinite blue-balling, stop fighting and start raping everything to try to get their rocks off

>imouto finds out about this while helping to seal off the evil god

>confrontation occurs, onee-chan blows up imouto and shifts the blame for the demons failing onto her

>imouto wakes up in a magic prison with no arms or legs

>she rubs her dick against the floor to build up sex magic until she has enough to break out and steal onee-chan's limbs as revenge

>imouto goes on a rape crusade to conquer the world and make the evil god her bitch before Mom comes back

>onee-chan gets her senses synchronized so she's forced to watch and feel imouto rape everyone; she eventually breaks herself

>lots of body modification, incest, every combination of sexes (is it cheating if they're all your fuckslaves anyway?), BDSM, torture and mindbreak, no snuff or vore because it's not fun if they aren't alive to feel it

>hand-holding and headpats

File: 6d37dc6f0ab5d17⋯.gif (3.69 MB, 306x176, 153:88, ayuracrisis_BJ.gif)

File: bac9d1326bb6c9f⋯.gif (172.55 KB, 164x195, 164:195, ayuracrisis_oldgrab2.gif)

File: 0eb726146722c00⋯.gif (5.91 MB, 450x595, 90:119, 25bb60680091335ca53ca82b23….gif)

File: aedc48a48a80cdd⋯.gif (742.22 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 059_PixelArt.gif)


Since the last one died last month, I'd like to make a new thread.

Post your favorite /hgg/ snippets.

34 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Jesus christ the first google result is literally the game download link



Wrong game, fam. Looking for >>272247 not >>276920



if i remember correctly, that's all it is. there's no game, just a collection of pixel art. disappointed me too back in the day



>I read the filename that doesn't give any useful information not the actual one



can't find anywhere to get this game. The ULMF link is dead.

File: 2191a66439fda50⋯.jpg (127.44 KB, 931x858, 931:858, eliza_banner2_by_hardcoref….jpg)


>What is Tower Of Trample?

A RPG maker ryona/femdom game where the erotic focus is more on humiliation and fetish stuff than intercourse. After all why would women that disrespect you want to fuck you in the first place?

>Where can I find the game?

It is currently available on Patreon, but since the creator has met his Patreon goal I think it's fair to post links to the game in the thread.


>When does bowei update?

On the 15th or 16th every month.

>Can I transfer my old save file to an updated game?

Yes. Just copy your save files from the old folder into the new one and your progress will be carried over.

498 posts and 71 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f82be9e520ae1fa⋯.jpg (39.54 KB, 938x477, 938:477, doubt3.jpg)



>oops guise, looks like you will have to wait another week :^)


File: 8fbffcb37fa9ebf⋯.png (28.5 KB, 509x404, 509:404, 189166_8699ac2d08951bee934….png)


Can't wait to play a Halloween themed update on Thanksgiving.



Would you rather on Christmas?

At this point, it may happen.


File: ac086b644968e7a⋯.png (274.33 KB, 544x712, 68:89, Magic camp.png)


Any love for it here? I've discovered it purely by dumb luck and it quickly became my favorite gradual mtf transformation game.

The basic premise is that you ended up stuck in a magical girl training academy who's headmistress hates men. So you crossdress and pretend to be a magical girl until you can escape. Of course, the character changes as you play).

Game has around 6 hours of content and some open world elements that give you freedom. There's also 30 or so transformations making the character more girly - body part by body part and mental preference by mental preference. While the gameplay is pretty standard for an rpg maker game, I like level design and writing is very fun. However, character progression is amazing and what made it great for me.

It's still getting updates, last one barely a week ago.

inb4 someone asks for a link


291 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Same for me in the mist woods. The spoiler paper says you can go through that place but I really don't know where the tiles could even be. You do have more tiles than me so that makes me hopeful. Really wish some anon or the dev would post a map. This dungeon is really making want to drop the game.



You can refight her easily. Just save before the blue flame where you see her and run into it. It'll either be two satyr, two satyrs with a tree spirit or the dryad. If you don't get the Dryad just reload until you get her, it's that easy.


All the tiles are in chest, there's like three tiles more then what you need to complete the puzzle but it's easy to spot when they're wrong. The chest are somewhat hidden on the map. remember to be on the white flower path when going through the fog path to go the farm. On the farm there's a chest with one of the tiles you need hidden behind a tree, walk around each of them to see where you bump into it.


I defeated the staff and Veroica joined the party. Now I am stuck. Where do I have to go next?


Is there walkthrough for this game?


>transformation shit

Is this "Manly or beta looking guy get animporphed into a girl" or "trap/otokonoko becomes increasingly feminine until he's 100% girl"? I'm curious about the the latter and repulsed by the former.

File: 95927b9ab1bce55⋯.jpg (160.28 KB, 1518x1325, 1518:1325, b_1_q_0_p_0.jpg)

File: 44041e55ea99c01⋯.jpg (85.64 KB, 869x391, 869:391, image_318403.jpg)


The old bread >>169156 hit the bloody cap and lazy copy and paste OP.

>What is Koikatu?

Koikatu is the latest game from Illusion. It seems to share many similarities to Artificial Academy 2, and follows the anime style in contrast to the realistic style being used recently in Honey Select, Play Home, and so on.

>Where do I get it?

<Trial Character Maker

Mega: #F!G5hXmbAb!ZjVPbbnuQlURe9UgGFGz1g



<Character Cards


675 posts and 246 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 6d3e53cce884cda⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, swimsuits.png)


File: 9b899413482b046⋯.png (156.11 KB, 257x365, 257:365, 67ea8ddf356584ed8e39e0d3f9….png)


you're a fucking attention-whore anon

but please, never stop posting that shit



>seeing how HS barely has any fucking gameplay in the first place

Koikatu has the EXACT same gameplay though. You create a character, then fuck her in various positions. So it really just comes down to which art style you prefer.



Muscle girls and Cardio bunnies are two very different things anon.


File: f56a3f96636008d⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Koikatsu-2018-11-12-03-03-….png)

File: a32d9619e375249⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Koikatsu-2018-11-12-03-56-….png)


that's the plan

File: e0590db0f9f72b3⋯.png (563.16 KB, 569x802, 569:802, Not_Me.png)


The message was up longer than initially intended but is now fixed. - BO



Contact Info:


Board Logs:


Public Bans:


Board Settings:


Banners: (Feel free to submit more!)


>File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly.

>You may upload up to 300 custom banners per board.

>Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.

Only CodeMonkey (CM) can change these.

Feel free to discuss Meta stuff ITT.

If you have to privately contact the current BO: hggbo@airmail.cc

Or look at the contact us page for the emails of the vols.

This thread may be periodically edited/updated.

Previous meta threads:

II: https://archive.is/PYHXH

I: https://archive.is/eqWQU


>Why isn't this thread stickied?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Post last edited at



It's not about keeping newfags out but rather their shit taste. They either assimilate ot keep out.



You're clueless, the very concept will only serve to keep the lowest of retards out and only inconvenience the ones smart enough to get past it.

Inconvenience them every singe time they come here.



>Using the name field like a subject field

You may not have been intending to namefag, but you still deserve a ban for such retardation.

Please don't ban me for this >>280124 The name carried over from another board for some retarded reason.


File: 9bb5c8e8604225d⋯.jpg (46.73 KB, 800x450, 16:9, worldburn-top[1].jpg)



File: aa4ef88a58f1c12⋯.mp4 (7.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nice_Shot_Man.mp4)


>This board IS hypertrash, though.

>Says that while avatarfagging with garbage music covers unrelated to board topic for over 2 fucking years on said board.

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