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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 414b394553d75cd⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1425x1842, 475:614, Slavshit Tactics.png)

c9df93  No.480825[Reply]

Let's have a PDF thread going. Going to dump some stuff I have.


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9dfd9d  No.669195


Anyone have english language books of the Portuguese colonial wars post WW2? I have heard the claim that the Portuguese got very good at guerilla warfare and they were generally very good at their african operations but this seems like an even less known topic than the bush war or rhodesia.

File: 2338c424fd11170⋯.jpg (391.39 KB, 1000x659, 1000:659, 76gj.jpg)

f1c95b  No.665502[Reply]

Welcome to /k/

If you're looking for gun history, terms, the basics to gun laws, or what gun you should buy next, go here: http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky#

Other board of interest:


Rules: http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/k/rules.html

Check the sticky before posting.

All random questions about guns go in the QTDDTOT thread.

Please check the Catalog before posting and avoid duplicate threads.

Tripfags need not apply; see rule 7

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36f0ea  No.669099


Even as a /k/ fag, there's no guns news to speak of.

Weapon development has come to a stop since the world is getting genuinely dumber.

I check firearmblog every weeks and it's just the slight variant of AR/AK/pistol.

File: 8bfdc5820f9f532⋯.jpg (98.16 KB, 768x432, 16:9, 84fa9ced7c472048f18102fc12….jpg)

File: 23cc6c1f740cfa8⋯.jpg (274.44 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D17vp3ZW0AELvxB.jpg)

File: 25cf8d90d2afaba⋯.jpg (324.17 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D1700UjWkAA7N60.jpg)

fe6e86  No.658887[Reply]



Man fires on passengers in tram in Utrecht, Netherlands, several injured, attacker at large - media



> Multiple shots were fired in a tram in a Dutch city of Utrecht, leaving several people injured, police said. Emergency services and anti-terror teams have arrived at the scene.

>A square around a tram station outside downtown Utrecht is on lockdown following the shooting, local media reported. Police have cordoned off the area and adjacent streets, but the perpetrator managed to escape.

>Ambulances and emergency services are also present although the number of injured is yet to be clarified.

>BREEK - Volgens getuigen heeft een man in een tram op weg naar Utrecht CS een wapen getrokken en meerdere personen neergeschoten. Hulpdiensten massaal aanwezig en bezig met eerste hulp in de tram. >pic.twitter.com/eQOWF2e5Ze

>— Yelle Tieleman (@YelleTieleman) 18 марта 2019 г.

>Medevac helicopters have been send in to airlift the wounded, Utrecht police have said. they also urged drivers to make way for medical vehicles.

>U-OV, a local transport company, said tram services were suspended all around the city.

>Slachtoffer wordt terwijl medewerkers hem/haar in ambulance leggen nog steeds gereanimeerd. >pic.twitter.com/73aOZx2Qrz

>— Yelle Tieleman (@YelleTieleman) 18 марта 2019 г.

>A shooting occurred on the #24oktoberplein in #Utrecht. The incident has been reported at 10.45 hour. Multiple people have been injured. The surrounding area has been cordonPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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476e9a  No.659617

File: cc8f4f6b15161bc⋯.jpg (407.39 KB, 536x619, 536:619, 1551501123906.jpg)


Dubs have spoken

9b8f92  No.666760




A spike up the pooper, sends muhammed into a stupor.

773870  No.666780


>Terrorism level raised instead of incident just being ignored

Definitely a white guy then.

fcad71  No.666786

File: c831fec76c87512⋯.webm (3.91 MB, 1280x712, 160:89, c831fec76c8751200ed36a641….webm)

d5d10d  No.669277

File: e9957e5195474d8⋯.jpeg (779.32 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, willem.jpeg)

This guy was loved (!!) by all the youth of Utrech, and beyondt. He was a hero to them.

He rose to fame in a viral video years ago.

He just ought to said an example I guess.

Also I''m not sure if he randomly shot people. What I heard is that he shot someone, then shoot those who helped.

>were going to kill people

>if you help we shoot you

Surely if he wanted to injure as much people, there are better ways to do such.

The political climate is what it is. Nothing will suddenly change that. Denying its existance makes it worse.

I can only imagine what chaos will ensue if for example Boko Haram blows up a freightship coming into a harbour. Or you know, 1000''s of other examples that are completely within the realm of happening.

File: 175f30f7c2fa4cc⋯.jpg (466.58 KB, 1856x3742, 928:1871, zn2efsB.jpg)

7155e2  No.515408[Reply]

Archive of previous thread- Anon's uncle provided a bunch of info, very well worth reviewing.


There are three stories from Northern Nevada, two within rather close proximity of one another. I've done some digging and I think I've narrowed it down quite a bit.

Based on the description, we should be able to find a few abandoned mine shafts on the eastern side of the Ruby mountains.

>Per one UNR source, there should be two abandoned shafts in the vicinity of, both for tungsten.

>Cross-referencing that against their database for documents involving tungsten mines/claims in Elko county produced quite a few results.

>One definite tungsten mine location is by Battle Creek. The Battle Creek location is ~20 miles south of where we were looking, but it does have the crook in the road as described E Zed. The trees are there as described, but I can't see a structure or a giant rock. The topography isn't an exact match either.

>A website that tracks mining claims, places 4 potential entrances within a few hundred yards, but not at the particular location that E Zed indicated.

> There is also a second hook in the road on the other side, but it doesn't exactly match the description either.

If OP wasn't 100% accurate in his recollection, I would argue this would be a good place to start. The Northern location has proved much harder to locate, which will be addressed in the next post.

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38a81d  No.669162


Sorry about the spacing. I'm retarded

ac783a  No.669266

File: f6f7072dff1d0dd⋯.jpg (20.76 KB, 452x338, 226:169, oyjew.jpg)


>I wouldn't worry about it.


df7b0a  No.669273



Delete it and try again.

ac783a  No.669275


If you can track the plate no. Without having yourself, as well as your buddies tracked, of course you might be able to get a bit of info as to who the car belongs to.

As with your pursuers, if the people that own the SUV are ded, chances are the ones pursuing you might have some "connection" with what habbened. That "moloch" written on the tailgate could prolly be a marker/signal of sorts that the ones "in the know" would know what means.

Since /k/ommando spoops mostly have cults and innawoods is the perfect place to start one, it is not outside the realm of possibility that the dudes that tailed are possibly security elements of a cult.

Or it could have been plain kidnapping and you accidentally stepped in while they are doing a snatch and grab. But since state troopers didn't budge, prolly it is some eyes wide shut kind of thing.

684644  No.669276


>Or it could have been plain kidnapping and you accidentally stepped in while they are doing a snatch and grab

This seems like the most likely scenario from what we just read.

Who wants to go Moloch worshipper hunting in Alaska?

File: 4385afd408aac07⋯.png (2.87 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

3efa01  No.662030[Reply]

I'm getting a bit of heel lift with my current pair (Swiss KS90s)–can't go next size down, it's too small. Are there insoles, or some special lacing technique, I can use to mitigate this?

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182fd0  No.668695


this is the standard issue hot weather boot of the US army

aa86d1  No.668698

Humorless Greek volunteer, on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard would you ban me if I posted a joke image with some sexy womens boots.

a426fa  No.669001

Whenever I wear boots the top of my foot hurts

9aec56  No.669119


Fucking Greeks should never be given a position of power

cc1158  No.669274


The 2007 model is shit. I've seen soles fall off after one year. What good is a boot that just falls apart like that? Any shoemaker will tell you that they suck because of the way they are glued together.

They realized that though and for the very new models you can now choose between Meindl and Haix boots, which are both amazing. They're from reputable companies that have a name to lose.

File: 294def4a722c719⋯.jpg (16.84 KB, 481x439, 481:439, 294def4a722c719c1373d4c4d8….jpg)

1cbf1c  No.668706[Reply]



Armed civilians are detaining migrants at the border. The (((ACLU))) wants them (((investigated)))

>In the middle of the night Tuesday, United Constitutional Patriots, an armed civilian group patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border in the Sunland Park area, detained more than 300 migrants who illegally crossed the border.

>The group, who claim they are at the border to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” is patrolling the desert near Sunland Park searching for migrants.

>In a video livestreamed April 16 on Facebook by one of the United Constitutional Patriots' members, the group is seen detaining a group of about 300 migrants, including children. The video starts in the middle of the incident with U.S. Border Patrol vehicle and agents already at the scene.

>In the video, the member repeatedly says, “This is an invasion … and it is never, never ending” referring to the large number of Central American migrants crossing into the U.S. to seek asylum.

>The group claims on its website that it is not violating any state or federal laws.

>The (((American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico))) disagrees with the group calling their actions, “unlawful.”

>In a letter sent to New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas, (((ACLU))) officials request they “investigate an armed vigilante group currently engaged in the unlawful detePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

27 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4f87f8  No.669267


>anons shitpost on a mongolian anime drawing image board about planning to kill X person

>retarded feds take it as serious threats

Sure, some anons are serious sometimes, but that doesn't mean you can put someone in jail for it.

8ca882  No.669268


There aren't any social media posts or evidence.

Its 100% the feds making up shit so they can crack down on the whole militia.

4e4b90  No.669269



The thing is, there's no price for them to pay if the public realizes it's a lie because anyone in some alphabet soup agency doing shady business and killing people in cases like Ruby Ridge are never held accountable.

State protected murder.

4f87f8  No.669271


>State protected murder

All it takes is 2 ballsy people to put a stop to this. First, someone with lots of money and a will to sacrifice everything. Second, someone skilled and willing to accept the job even if it's the riskiest assassination job he's ever been issued.

Or, preferably, just 1 person willing to do the job by himself.

Kill them, kill them all. Blow their brains out wherever you see them. Bankers, politicians, everyone

8ca882  No.669272


It surprises me how people don't see this coming 10 miles away and always take claims at face value even though no evidence is presented.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

143e5d  No.669186[Reply]

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ba2cbc  No.669236


Polite sage for doublepost.

So telescoped ammo is actually going to not be a meme? Never thought I'd see the day.

542a2d  No.669238

File: b387003599f02d1⋯.jpg (349.44 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, MIME.jpg)


I'm sure the Mexican Army is glad to hear that and hopes to take a few off US Army troops ASAP! :)

I wonder if Jews will stop making jokes about the French surrendering to Nazis, and start making jokes about US Army surrendering to Mexicans?

I doubt it, after all, the French did kill about 20,000 Nazis, and took over 100,000 of their own dead, and fought all the way to the beaches of Dunkirk. The US Army at the border, in contrast….. :(

f8dd2a  No.669240


Rood but fair. If I could back out I would but as far as I know I'm kind of already fucked. Just trying to look at the bright side of a shitty situation.

b30738  No.669242


>Never thought I'd see the day.

Easy there, we still might not.

It's just the technical description of what they're talking about since many people believe it's 6.8 SPC or caseless ammo or something.

de1444  No.669270


Here you can explicitly decide whether you want to be deployed abroad or not (if you want to, you have to meet higher standards than those who don't want to of course). Now I understand why when some of you Americans mention that he enlisted/wants to enlist he is bombarded with things like "you'll die for Israel" etc.

File: aa9e86067a643c2⋯.jpeg (103.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 48F18B58-E4AB-478E-A59A-C….jpeg)

41e274  No.546766[Reply]

Old thread will no longer bump back up to the first page, creating a new one.

Old thread >>530956

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Post last edited at

eefb79  No.669147

Is there any info about the pistols Richard Lawrance (the guy who tried to kill Jackson) used?

00e532  No.669154

File: ae6df3da740681c⋯.jpg (1011.38 KB, 1221x843, 407:281, JacksonAssassinationAttemp….jpg)


Probably a pepper box of some sort. Could have been an ordinary pistol at the time as well.

b0354f  No.669260

File: 8d33213c62e9b9b⋯.jpg (302.64 KB, 1280x858, 640:429, M16 and M203.jpg)

File: 4ecef957776ecb4⋯.jpg (162.74 KB, 458x700, 229:350, Rifle grenade.jpg)

How does rifle grenades compare to under-barrel grenade launchers?

92afe6  No.669262

I live in a city with numerous terror cells, and plan on getting my carry permit sometime soon. Is printing really as big of a concern as boomers make it out to be? I'm drawn more to the idea of either a 357 revolver or something in 45 acp for my first handgun..

6b3cf1  No.669265

File: 3007154514e9649⋯.jpg (304.13 KB, 1024x762, 512:381, RAW.jpg)

File: ac47da6f1f5964b⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 779x522, 779:522, download (1).jpg)


rifle grenades are actually good, while under-barrel launchers are mostly garbage. The NATO ones at least. I think once an anon provided some information about the 40mm russian VOG rounds, and they supposedly have a more explosive filler than the M203 ones.

Grenade launchers fire pussy nu-explosives with <50g of explosive filling. Meanwhile rifle grenades are usually >150g of explosives. The reason NATO replaced them with shitty underbarrel launchers was due to ease of use.

File: f1e00cc6f0572dd⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 685x385, 137:77, methode_times_prod_web_bin….jpg)

931197  No.668487[Reply]

British Tank Force Falls to the Lowest Level Since WW1

Defence chiefs have expressed anger that Britain is to mothball a third of its tanks, leaving it with fewer than Serbia, Cambodia or Burma.

The military is planning to revamp only 148 of its 227 Challenger 2 tanks because of cost constraints, The Times has learnt. That would send the armed forces down to 56th in the global league table of number of tanks available.

The remainder of the Challenger 2s, which entered service between 1998 and 2002, are expected to be used for parts. It is possible that some could be patched up for deployment in an emergency.


119 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f4402c  No.669237


Did you know the Challenger 1 wasn't even built for the British Army? Originally we were going to sell them all to Iran.

08577b  No.669251

File: b98c856b08212d4⋯.jpg (66.1 KB, 600x433, 600:433, Top level UK security.jpg)


Our 'Nuclear Silos' are all on submarines. There's supposed to be a few on furlough at any one time, but I'll leave you to suggest infiltration plans there if you want to. As for the codes we already know them. A freedom of information request a few years back revealed that all the nuke launch codes (and the off the shelf bicycle locks that are the only physical security on the UKs stock of 'Research only' biological weapons) are all set to 0000. The best part about that is the response from the MOD when journalists started asking if a UK nuke sub captain was able to launch the missiles pretty much whenever they felt like it.

>"It is invidious to suggest that senior service officers would act contrary to their standing orders". t.MOD

a4b572  No.669257

File: 30ec1e660a0ed53⋯.jpg (225.49 KB, 835x1094, 835:1094, page-1.jpg)

File: b478eb61f524999⋯.jpg (223.24 KB, 829x1092, 829:1092, page-2.jpg)

File: 75439daab710779⋯.jpg (297.41 KB, 853x1087, 853:1087, page-3.jpg)

File: 64c3ddc5d6998f0⋯.jpg (229.52 KB, 809x1097, 809:1097, page-4.jpg)

File: 0085018c2024e31⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 835x994, 835:994, page-5.jpg)


The lack of stabilization is because the RARDEN was designed as a semi-auto AT gun and nobody thought it needed stabilization for that role. It was also mounted almost entirely outside of the turret ring, so there wasn't really any room for a stabilizer in the first place. Pics related go into some of the logic behind the design.

There's no excuse for the lack of periscopes though.


Isn't that lack of security by design? All of Britain was within range of East German MRBMs and fast bombers, it was pretty much taken for granted that most of your leadership would be wiped out in the event of a Soviet first strike.

a4b572  No.669258

File: d33fbfeda74d0e6⋯.jpg (251.76 KB, 819x1095, 273:365, page-6.jpg)

File: ebb6bd66e8d8954⋯.jpg (189.48 KB, 813x1081, 813:1081, page-7.jpg)

e48868  No.669263

File: 74c2353d9d507f8⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 766x545, 766:545, memery.jpg)


Well chuffed m8

File: 9ecb0f3e5df97ce⋯.jpeg (112.67 KB, 943x589, 943:589, really now.jpeg)

fd0314  No.621123[Reply]

>SDF can't conquer the remaining 2.5 square centimeters of ISIS territory for months on end

>burgers unwilling to give much support beyond botnetting and political posturing ever since Assad managed to grab Bukamal

>Russia pulls out of 5 ceasefire+protection deals regarding Afrin back in january

>Kurds deny all of them as the purveyors of global democracy will surely aid their greatest proxy warriors against any insect incursions

>The Roach invades, burgers do nothing

>Afrin falls into Roach hands within a month

>Kurd gorilla warfare still ongoing there

>SDF decaying internally as incompetent Arabs with no promise of American gibs can't capture the last bit of ISIS territory

>burgers still do nothing outside of rambling about fighting ISIS and protecting democracy or some shit

>Russia negotiates angry Roaches into not liberating Idlib in exchange for a DMZ

>Deir ez Zor military council Arab "soldiers" still haven't captured the last few ISIS villages

>ISIS counterattacks and drives them off the Syria-Iraq border, burger air support is nowhere to be seen

>King Roach shells border towns and is beginning to hire TFSA niggers for an operation east of the Euphrates

As retarded as the DFNS may be I can't really see them side with the US any longer if Erdogan goes through with an invasion of the Syrian Kurd "mainland".

How does /k/ expect this shitshow to end?

Personally I expect the YPG/SDF owned territory to descend into its own civil war if they don't side with Assad at some point in the near future, the Arabs there only remain docile through US financial injections and would be more than willing to change sides once those dry up.

497 posts and 164 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

72b964  No.669245

File: c74f8fcc2967424⋯.mp4 (8.91 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Chen and the faces of evil.mp4)


Iran now considers US Armed forces a terrorist entity.

62f5a6  No.669248


They are deeply concerned that the illegal African "Syrian refugee" tide might actually be halted.

580d3e  No.669250



Read that this morning.

>US declares Revolutionary Guard of Iran a terrorist organization not too long ago

>Iran declares the entire US Army a terrorist organization

Gold. Just pure gold.

052875  No.669255


Syrian Airborne defended Deir Ez Zor for most of the war.

If a six year siege is not seeing much use, I don't know what is… Note that most units in the middle that call themselves "airborne" are really "air mobile" more than paratroops.

a1bb85  No.669256


>every regular Army is declared an irregular Terrorist organization by some legitimate governing body

>only non-Terrorist "regular" Armies left are Militias, PMCs and groups of genetically modified Gorillas with human-level intelligence allied with Afrikaner revolutionaries

WW3 is gonna be weird as hell.

File: 7e768382d1b6b28⋯.png (23.17 KB, 647x251, 647:251, DOOOOOOOOOOOOM.PNG)

721fef  No.657867[Reply]

Press F for respect

350 posts and 105 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

149e32  No.662961


They've always been is X white sorts if I recall.

eff5a0  No.662963

Have they actually done anything yet? I keep seeing yank media sites going "NZ BANNING ASSAULT RIFLE-15S!" and shit, but have any actual laws even been passed yet?

10d3bf  No.669232


ed309c  No.669243



As someone from Minneapolis, I should tell you that even without terror cells a lot of Muslims here do seedy stuff like run money wiring business, restaraunt fronts with strange curtained off booths, and live in what appear to be crack dens. Just from my personal experience by the way, in addition to one time a few years ago, I was walking with my then gf to a museum, and these middle aged Somalians started following us trying to snatch her purse and weedle money out of me.

fb40e9  No.669254


File: 509df5148f2b477⋯.jpg (197.82 KB, 597x615, 199:205, 1b2edf087808ebe2c3e96c7deb….jpg)

e84939  No.650077[Reply]

What weird experiences have you had while adventuring in the night hours /k/? Met any mysterious wooly creatures or had unknown noises spook you while camping? Every run into something you don't think bullets could kill?


61 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e7fcbc  No.669227


Unfortunately it wasn't. The other two guys with me don't like to talk about it much because they were as disturbed as I was, but they don't deny it happened. My biggest worry is that what you posit is right.


I suspect it was the three AR's in plain sight and my friend sleeping in his PASGT helmet. I think they checked us out because we were turning off at, I believe, was a fresh crime scene of their making


I just need a pair of young, attractive kids around 17/18, preferably male/female, to be bait :^)

2af261  No.669246


>I just need a pair of young, attractive kids around 17/18, preferably male/female

We'll just abduct mark and dress him up

27a6d6  No.669249


You missed the "attractive" bit.

a8c6ba  No.669252


>implying Moloch worshipers don't want some hairy jew ass

2af261  No.669253


We'll add some makeup, just like japanese camwhores do. Also see >>669252

File: f72d6816749b303⋯.jpeg (284.5 KB, 1200x857, 1200:857, serveimage.jpeg)

f50cd5  No.665217[Reply]

A Japanese F35-A has been lost over the pacific ocean.

Right now it is unknown where the plane even is. A crash is the most likely outcome at this point, as no airbase has reported an F35 emergency landing anywhere.

This is the second time an F35 was lost. Last year an F35-B of the USA crashed in Beaufort SC due to a failure in the fuel flow system.

Source: https://theaviationist.com/2019/04/09/japanese-f-35-lightning-ii-stealth-aircraft-reported-missing-over-the-pacific-ocean/



RIP Nip-bro.

202 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5aad5f  No.666451


Have they found the jap pilot yet?

e7e148  No.666461

File: 72ef606eeea906d⋯.jpg (87.52 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Imperial_War_Museum_Galler….jpg)


Like always, the final conclusion is that if you want big guns, then it's better to build 12 monitors than a single battleship with 12 guns. And if you want to use them for anything other than shore bombardment, then those big guns should be scramjet-firing CLGGS.

23811d  No.666476

4b4d87  No.666477


935589  No.669241


Lockheed is required to hire Jews and give them clearances. Red China gets F-22 info before the USAF. However, they are too poor and stupid to use most of it. It wasn't enough that they had full access to all NASA rocket stuff from 1945-1990, it took US Govt to gift them the actual hardware to allow them to make their own rockets of type USA was making in 1960.

File: 449f504cd8009e8⋯.jpg (88.31 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 6edac2882673efbfcb46e7c50e….jpg)

04997b  No.668884[Reply]



Why did these fucking cucks lay down their weapons? Would you be allowed to shoot them in this situation?

76 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4cd573  No.669212

File: b7351485f7f1c04⋯.jpg (89.55 KB, 342x400, 171:200, Oda Nobunaga.jpg)


>Abe genuinely cares about race and tradition.

Are you sure about that?

Japan should not be one country

16b097  No.669222


>This was a powerplay by Mexico.

Exactly, Mexico's game will be to claim total control of the river, as well as all soil up to the Great Trump Garden


^^^this sounds good, but IMO the correct thing to do would be tell the Mex Govt they will be setting aside a few 10x10 mile zones DEEP inside Mexico for USA to process any hopefuls, since Mexico is considered a "safe nation".


c03141  No.669228


>let's just allow samefagging and sophistry and country LARPing because serious discussion about things like gun laws or military subjects is for fags lmao

>makes a completely irrelevant post that replies to nothing while accusing other people of not contributing

Projection isn't healthy, fampai.

82b30c  No.669233


Who fucking cares? /k/ became a gun-flavored shitposting board. It's fucked and we will never have the /k/ of old back.

c03141  No.669239


>being Spergkike

>being a blackpillfag

>who cares lol

>I blame other people for my own inability to say something meaningful or interesting!

>the onus is not on me to out any effort into my own life!

You've been doing this for a year and still nobody buys it. Go be a fatalistic cuckold somewhere else.

File: 42773b27898d265⋯.mp4 (12.06 MB, 1048x584, 131:73, 42773b27898d265ab3898d7fc0….mp4)

fb74fc  No.656439[Reply]



726 posts and 189 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bd238c  No.657291

File: 33e4b98746c1c45⋯.png (48.49 KB, 461x458, 461:458, ssi.png)

Serious now, any guesses how many years will Brenton take in prison, guys?

d81548  No.657292

File: 952a0d9ace0b707⋯.png (142.83 KB, 540x562, 270:281, 2a0b08556fbd0f2e6983194a0f….png)


Now it's down to us and the Swiss to keep our god-given rights of firearms safe, and I don't even know if we'll last.

a09148  No.657293


None because keeping people against their will violates their human rights.


>have guns

>don't use them in any way

>wtf we're fucked they'll take our guns

Good job.

19afdd  No.657294


Its written in his manifesto, 27, then he will get a Nobel Peace Prise (just like Mandela)

042fa8  No.669231


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