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Nothing to Declare [The Goldwater Live Stream]
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File: efe912b8cd52d0e⋯.jpeg (696.1 KB, 850x850, 1:1, nick-mullen__78427.jpeg)


Can you imagine if sam and nick ever joined forces?

also apparently nick invited weev on the podcast but weev declined because he didn't want to hurt the fee-fees of his delicate homosexual prison skinhead buddies. fucking queer.

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You've got it in reverse; I dislike this comedy show because it's unfunny.



>It's ironic guyz!!1

Your father was a nigger, wasn't he? ;)



hey man! :) link a funny part of one of their videos, like from youtube with using timestamp feature :D


File: 627ebdaa1015c59⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 586x446, 293:223, 1262055260350.jpg)



Finally someone calls out cumtown on not being funny. They couldn't be riding the coat tails of MDE harder. smh

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Does sam still do standup or is he being a lazy jew

File: 6c03165bb3ed9c4⋯.png (33.85 KB, 1151x358, 1151:358, kl.png)


Absolute fucking travesty. It's fuckin' gone.

Total unbelievable fucking bullshit.

Those kikes zucced the channel, the CUNTS!

Who's next in their campaign to wipe the face of MDE off the internet?

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PM him



88RISING pool party in a mansion bro :)



>copyright infringement

Copyright is kike shit.



sam should resurrect the brony game if he's that strapped for money [he isn't]





so so far the retard fucking up the board with gay gossip has so far:

a. admit to doing drugs and says sam "needs to have a psychedelic trip to see what a shitty person he is"

b. admit to being incredibly autistic

c. is a woman

d. dodges questions about being a prostitute

e. is a frogposter but cant even save the full image of apu, just the fucking 50x50 thumbnails

why are we letting this retard bitch ruin the board?

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suck on a popsicle slut




Why the hell is someone getting banned for that?


File: d41117e631b4893⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Chelsea-clinton-satanist-6….jpg)


strange things are afoot



idk but im glad LOOOOL


james price is a pedophile

File: a3e4ae0c5feed12⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 480x200, 12:5, charls_gay.webm)

File: 5f29f5ba21d4042⋯.webm (4.18 MB, 480x360, 4:3, charls]gay]pride.webm)


is charls a faggot?

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yes, and?



Sam is a literal FTM transsexual and Charls is a pre-transition MTF transsexual, so it makes sense.



is sam wearing a dress and nick wearing a wig really all you got from those wp skits?

if women aren't funny and men should never cross-dress, that means a lot of missed opportunities to elaborately make fun of women



Women are allowed to be utilized and instructed by men to serve as an object to fulfill a purpose in a man's creation. no woman can be funny on her own however or playing anything other than a supporting role (or a main role guided and instructed by a man)



oh nice looks like we're on the same page then :D

File: 3e7b0ac37356fe5⋯.png (25.75 KB, 666x382, 333:191, Screenshot from 2018-11-12….png)


Vote with your wallet and don't pay for trash.

You know what you have to do ;)

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i don't bother subscribing because i now will be informing you all of when i donate 20 dollars to sam because it bothers you and is nothing to me.

see you next donation



>mfw all anti-sam threads were started by sam with the sole purpose to get defensive retards like you to donate more



>(even though they have no idea who I am)

Friend simulators are not healthy man. Especially if the friends you are simulating give no IRL shits about you and just want your money.



DUDE. Don't you feel bad reading this comment? All day I feel bad with my heart and stomach twisting and turning and my soul crushed by corrupted sincerity. I pasted a Mega64 500 Podcast youtube comment replacing their names with MDE for my comment, epic huh?



Dude, I am you, I am the person that wrote the comment I'm replying to. We are the same person, but I just wanted to tell you, maybe you're just thinking about it too much man. Maybe the guy that wrote that comment, maybe his sincerity wasn't corrupted, maybe he just likes the videos and wrote a beautiful comment about it, sincere and pure, joy. Maybe I'm the one that got corrupted feeling bad about a sincere comment that just isn't a big deal, fuck.

File: f01a4215a99e0c8⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Ass n Titties.jpg)


Do you think 2018 post-bloatmax Sam would still be able to pull off these moves?


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t. /r/mde





What year did Sam become bloatmax? It seemed to be a very sudden change.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This was the first time I remember seeing big boi Sam. It's from late 2016.



whoa rare



i think this is the most neurotypical he has ever looked

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reveals a lot…maybe?

>Mainstream views on racism (ironically?)

>Went to Gibbs College and studied marketing briefly

>Tried to enlist in the army

>Has Marfan syndrome

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>Has Marfan syndrome

Apparently, lifting heavy weights puts dangerous stress on the heart with Marfan syndrome.


hes joking about marfans retards



sorry sam, nobody shits on charls or nick, just you.



<(((Marfan Syndrome)))


look at his fucking shoulders

File: cf4069196f9d3f8⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 452x500, 113:125, 1424022992482-0.jpg)


t. questioner (this is all i have to say but i need to make 50 chrs bcs rulecuckery)

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yeah sure sam.



im not sam you fag




>calling anyone a fag



Sam will gladly make fun of Jews/name them in his comedy, but rarely, if ever you see him talking directly against them. He has blatantly stated that he doesn't hate Jews and doesn't mind working with them, and I don't think he's ever addressed zionism/Israel.



so saying he's a zionist is retarded, thanks for confirming

File: 7fc48951b3a1389⋯.jpg (203.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, texas shooter.jpg)


Sam Hyde did nothing wrong.

Prove me wrong.


File: 5ca7479d28dbf2c⋯.jpg (306.83 KB, 1675x940, 335:188, wow.jpg)

Sam Hyde BTFO by Varg



varg was a prison bitch


File: 3ba154b535c563a⋯.jpg (25.79 KB, 220x345, 44:69, 220px-Mommsen_p265.jpg)


wth is this bullshit about diapers. i dont respect the board enough not to post it in a seperate thread pls answer im sorry



Sam uses diapers for good ideas


you know how girls like their little stories

File: b3f33f64c0ff457⋯.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1401x1140, 467:380, B9C673C1-3808-4304-A8B2-3….jpeg)


So is Sam a bad man or not??

Just tell me straight, is this an joke or is he really a diaper baby and rapist?

How tf am I supposed to know what’s real, do I cancel my hydwars or not I need to know?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>really a diaper baby and rapist?

Exaggeration. However the non-sensationalized stuff spilled about the guy is probably true. He probably is a sociopath, and has sexually preyed on teen fangirls. He probably does care more about money than he does about engaging with his fans directly and honestly to create positive relations.

If that doesn't bother you and you are willing to separate the art from the artist, and want Sam to start taking his comedy seriously again, then it's probably a very good idea to cancel your sub to him, as giving him money only enables him to keep shitting out lazy vlogs or work on vaporware projects his fans obviously dont want.



>sexually preyed on teen fangirls


<not even part of sams submissive sycophants

also literally a diaper trust fund baby, check those emails w step mommy hyde


File: df7be27fa48d64f⋯.png (532.52 KB, 1176x1080, 49:45, 1408441146550.png)

Sam's a greedy faggot and probably Jewish as well.



If he is really a diaper baby i am cancelling my subscription



he is

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


out of the goodness of his heart sam called in to some internet cancer fundraiser to plug his shitty vlog

what a great guy

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God, the dicksucking sounds on that video, holy shit.

You think he was laughing at them after the stream about the brownnoisng and dicksucking they did?

Metokur was noticeably quiet.



He does, that's why he does so little. If he made the effort of shooting the books of people who emailed him and complain, he'll scribble his name on a few pieces of junk.



he maybe signed a few shirts in the past but the book isn't in print anymore and the shirts are shipped out of minnesota or missouri (forget which one but i ordered last winter).


Please include me in the strike force Sam I’ll be your finest soldier just like I would’ve been hitlers finest soldier



damn u ARE an alpha

File: 65f65d1a361b31c⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 330x330, 1:1, 05-million-dollar-extreme.….jpg)


They call me Crunchwrap.

They call me asscatcher supreme.

They call me dickjawed predator.

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


They call me Longpole Sticky

They call me Rat Fist

They call me Elbow Grease

They call me Slipfoot Marty


File: bbf308b7b8f70f0⋯.jpg (75.55 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, ok thumb.jpg)


File: ecff0d5288d3cae⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 500x305, 100:61, REACTION_BUGS_Discordant.jpg)





<They call me LOVE NIGGER


File: f8581635d4160f2⋯.jpg (322.96 KB, 2202x1440, 367:240, screenshot_2018_08_0_MUQYx….jpg)

they call me diaper man


They call me Xanax smoovie

They call me trashbag lady

They call me Subliminal messages

They call me Mcdonald'sBreakfast

They call me Jonah Shill Weinstein

They call me Caramel Cooted Nougat

They Call me Homeless

They call me broken beer bottle

They call me shiva the mothafucka

They call me Cream berry

File: 78d5467ad398725⋯.jpeg (75.32 KB, 900x544, 225:136, DrYSMImX0AIQ6hn.jpeg)


What is this shit what the fuck what the fuck

>be sam

>get your show cancelled

>get your reddit banned

>intentionally take your vids off youtube

>create a website that will rival twitter and reddit and youtube and everything else.

36 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Is this a psyop conducted with the cooperation of both FAGGOTano and HYDE? because if it's not a psyop conducted between the two, then it follows that:

-FAGGOTano is a fat, ugly, unfunny, FAGGOT that thought SAM was funny and used his dumb fucking retarded brain to emulate SAM in his older videos to make HILARIOUS funny video telling people to stop saying he's SAM, it was fucking so funny.

-FAGGOTano take his dumb fucking nigger youtube talk video seriously and invite SAM on

-FAGGOTano laugh at everything SAM say on his podcast and acts like a little SYCOPHANT bitch himself LOL

-FAGGOTano goes on MDE subreddit after his GAY video on THEgayNEEDLEgayfaggotDROP




Imagine Anthony doing his "Cal chuchesta" character while Sam just stares at him and doesn't laugh and it turns out the only reason he did it was to show off his acting/comedy skills so he can be a part of World Peace because the YouTube revenue checks aren't what they used to be so Anthony has been forced to sell his entire vinyl collection all while being evicted for not paying his rent because no one wants to buy second hand records from a bald freak.



Hi Sam. How is his comment about you squeezing whatever money you can out of your dying, sycophantic fan base not accurate though?


If $5 a month isn't a big deal to me, do I not understand just how bad things are for a lot of people - especially within the MDE fan demographic?



you're both niggers. what fanbase isn't "sycophantic"

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