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File: f0c8086d9116fc6⋯.jpg (76.02 KB, 739x737, 739:737, ME@MODS.jpg)

37d029  No.24857

Why is the Charls discord and this board ran by kikes? Why can't you just let people shitpost in peace? Why are you actively trying to control the community and why do you IP ban people and delete all their shit - no traces left behind - gestapo style for doing nothing wrong except question your autism?

VERY obvious that you give no shits about the community and only feeding your fragile egos. Fuck you.

mde never die

777d3f  No.24859

you are entitled to n o t h i n g

b46fe2  No.24861

whose gun is that sweatie

f2a97c  No.24866

chuck's discord is run by baldanders i think, so nothing should surprise you there

ca96f6  No.24882


But the MDE discord too? VERY disappointed in the state of the community

7b792a  No.24886

the board runner here (no idea who they are, just based on past behavior) is a tremendous faggot, as bad or worse than what they accuse the reddit mods of being


does nothing to make the actions less hugely pathetic

ca96f6  No.24896

What's the deal with the ballander dude anyway? I've been hearing his name and that he's an ass but no specifics


You know any place MDE fans can properly hang out and not get banned for not being vegan?

777d3f  No.24921


the inside of a fucking dumpster

9c5679  No.24922


he's some whale supporter of charls, not sure how much actual cash he's provided him with tho

f2a97c  No.24937


he's been there from the start of chuck's streaming "career", and has had a tier 3 twitch sub for him for almost 2 years. i have no idea how much money that totals to, or what else he could've possibly donated

324022  No.24939


when did twitch get tiered subs? havent been there in forever. the 5 bucks subs means he spent about 120 but if he subbed for that long he probably threw donations at him too

f2a97c  No.24940


I've been watching chucks twitch shit since like last thanksgiving so at least that long

10d262  No.25117


tier 3 is like 25 a month, and you can bet that he's subbed to charls.world for another 10. So thats like 800 over two years (not sure what cut Twitch takes tho, never been a camwhore myself), not including upfront donations/gifts which Im sure amount to alot also.

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