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File: dda0d00b896c299⋯.jpg (53.67 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 9CktefQ_d.jpg)

File: 0d842ae2262cfbe⋯.jpeg (829.04 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D8WZ8m_XYAA098b.jpeg)

458f7f  No.28002

Sam Hyde is Happy, because we live in a World where white kids have Daddy

485033  No.28003


Sam would probably die if he ever took acid. He strikes me as the window jumper type or someone who’d hide under the bed for hours.

a506d4  No.28004


So you're saying he's a fraud and not at all what he implies through these images he has his interns produce so he can tweet them to his idiot followers?

Also who cares about some ARG/viral marketing shit because Sam wants to sell gumroad subscriptions. The real digging has already been done and it turns out Sam sodomized a 16yo fangirl he groomed and abused.

a45675  No.28005



>sodomized a 16yo fangirl he groomed and abused

based and redpilled

485033  No.28006


I mean I’m a top Sam critic on here because I think he’s a sociopath but I was just making a more lighthearted comment here.


You’re disgusting

eca9e7  No.28009


Get over it Channing. And get help

eca9e7  No.28010


Based. Nobody wants some dried up old roasty whore

485033  No.28011


That doesn’t sound like her really

485033  No.28013

File: 62f84d092e255f2⋯.gif (175.78 KB, 380x400, 19:20, gif.GIF)


Sam hide fucked a kid dude!!! Yalls would never have the balls ro sodomize a child!!

abf19b  No.28014


Shill is little mad

How yo gey ops goin? Still paying by engagement I see.

485033  No.28015

File: f8eefd60f7cad48⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 540x297, 20:11, IMG_6753.GIF)


I should get paid for this shit tbh but I don’t

80c29f  No.28016



Someone should dose him lol

80c29f  No.28017

File: 4f26d92286c7c79⋯.jpg (3.31 MB, 4208x2368, 263:148, DSC_0202.JPG)


That ain't even me homie

eca9e7  No.28019

File: b63ebc44ccf600f⋯.jpg (319.28 KB, 1535x1536, 1535:1536, DeepFryer_20180707_110447.jpg)


Show feet

80c29f  No.28020

File: 5f6e8d16be1fbc0⋯.jpeg (3.79 KB, 188x141, 4:3, download (1).jpeg)

db75c7  No.28021

he looks like he has AIDS in that first pic

d56b25  No.28022


This is so autistic lol.


Eh, I'm glad to see him looking healthier. Regardless of one's personal opinions I pray everyone on this board considers their physical health and how they can improve it. Physical, mental, and spiritual health all interconnect and affect each other. Powerblessings to you and all of you.

0f5350  No.28025

when are we seeing more donposts

93dccd  No.28029


what are the chains and hooks on the wall for? questionable

23eb72  No.28031


no, were saying youre full of shit an need a psychiatrist. not a psychologist, a psychiatrist.

23eb72  No.28032


maybe you should get a job and stop wasting your parents money on xanax

897d08  No.28057

93dccd  No.28082


maybe you should mind your business

i do have a job and am working with profs and xanax is lame

93dccd  No.28086

File: 0893dd463ee6f6d⋯.jpg (273.73 KB, 1281x502, 1281:502, jjjjjj.JPG)



^ these are probably sam

he has an obsessive need to know what people are saying about him to the point where he's hacked the computers of multiple people working for him and fired them

it's not just a bit

23eb72  No.28098

File: f1f6ec4c5c08866⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 555x644, 555:644, 1468387481136.jpg)


>leave me alone, so waht if i do xanax

23eb72  No.28099


>anyone that disagrees with me is sam hyde

wheres my money bitch

93dccd  No.28129

93dccd  No.28134

how do i get a job making goofy pictures of sam hyde and spamming them out so he gets his daily dopamine rush of people talking about him online

a8f4e0  No.28138


just be an art thot and message him on social media for like 2 years until he hires you. Or browse gay dating apps if your a guy. He's really into twinks apparently.

23eb72  No.28191




>step 1) get some psychiatrist to help you with your mental issues

>step 2) sign up for straight camp so the beat the fag out of you

>step 3) get a job or a degree so youll actually have 1 usefull skill in your life

>step 4) offer that usefull skill for services

but i guess its gonna be hard to get past tha 1st step for you huh?

9cc46f  No.28194


Pretty sure step one is being a sub 100 iq normie who just learned who Sam Hyde was from twitter then begging him to use your work for free. Step two is probably agreeing to shove a big Purple dildo in his butt everyday.

23eb72  No.28211


you have some hilarious credentials, but im afraid sucking dick isnt gonna be enough to work in media production, or even pay for your psychiatrist appointments

9cc46f  No.28214


Who the fuck wants to work in "media production" and be surrounded by a bunch of degenerate faggot kikes like Sam? Sucking dick worked for "darkstalker" pretty well though.

23eb72  No.28215


>Who the fuck wants to work in "media production" and be surrounded by a bunch of degenerate faggot kikes like Sam?

you apparently.

but most people dont hold an retarded grudge against an employer if they get rejected.

255d5a  No.28216


I would love to tbqh fam

9cc46f  No.28217


Don't unless you want to be surrounded by a bunch of narcissists with no actual skills. Artists are all a bunch of fags and "actors" are even worse. Musicians are usually cool people though but you ain't gonna make money in that. Get a real job.

b1484b  No.28218


“Darkstalker” lmao. She can’t even keep track of her own boyfriend

389647  No.28219


Pretty sure most people would be pretty upset if they got paid in bad checks amounting to 20k.

b1484b  No.28223


But seriously, how could someone be living with a guy and not know where he’s sneaking off to every other day or why he sends you away for weeks at a time. Get it together

389647  No.28224


Yeah she's pretty stupid but I still feel bad for her because she probably gets pumped in the ass full of STDs everyday.

389647  No.28225


She's a starfucker. She has no self respect obviously. Sam's also filled her head with lies though so I pitty her.

a45675  No.28270


Oh, you get paid. You shills are all the same, attack the same people with similar tactics. You get paid by engagement. So – YOU'RE WELCOME – here's another $0.02. Enjoy.

507327  No.28273


Sam's shills get paid in abuse tokens

9cc46f  No.28275


Someone should contact her mother before she ends up with aids. Why the heck would you want to live with a guy who cheats on you constantly, won't let you drive or go out or have friends. Pretty weird. Maybe it's Stockholm syndrome.

a45675  No.28277


How confident we are this shill is "Channing"?

93dccd  No.28281


idk. he seems to get giddy from psychologically tormenting girls, which isn’t hard to do if you lack a conscience and are significantly older than them. it’s been going on for at least a decade now.

one account of the girl who lived in the fall river dungeon is filled with legitimately disturbing stuff— graphic videos of her boiling rat remains, cryogenically frozen rats, references to the “baby” stuff, other dead/skinned animals, pics of her edited to look as grotesque and death-like as possible, and more. all that considering she used to run a pleasant asmr account that’s now dormant. the comments suggest that she was in a very rough situation around the time sam, after limiting her healthy development for years, decided he was done using her. i normally don’t get scared by graphic content or automatically assume the person posting it has mental issues/trauma but in this case i do. that’s backed up by what i’ve heard/seen said by numerous other girls about how sam treated them and the after effects of that.

whenever i begin to forget about all this stuff i just glance back at things like that and am reminded that sam will run through as many people as he can, wreaking hurt and destruction in their minds until he’s unable to anymore. he probably thinks that this kind of stuff is chad and cool and to be admired by other guys though.

56738e  No.28282


wtf why was that bitch boiling rats

its time to cut off the supply :)

93dccd  No.28283


what supply?

the video was only posted recently and i think she was trying to isolate the bones of the dead rats from their cryogenically preserved remains.

30ce49  No.28284


Sam's supply of little girls he likes to destroy

and supply of ppl to work for him and get fucked over as well :)

where her channel

93dccd  No.28285


oh. yeah i agree.

i dont think i should share her @ publicly on here though

30ce49  No.28286


yeh i agree can you email it to me i wont share

93dccd  No.28287

e15ba4  No.28294


30ce49  No.28295


no one wants to see that roid shrived little ball sack and that limp dick bro

ff5ce4  No.28319


No they’re in my personal archives and will never be released

072a62  No.28347


Post on /b/ in a dick rate thread duhhhhh

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