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File: 60ee7170008002c⋯.jpg (6.44 KB, 217x233, 217:233, varg.jpg)

cef5de  No.28065

Stop giving Sam money

Make him get an actual job. He's lived off the neetbux of his friends, fans, and family for too long. He's a 30 year old manchild.

Make Sam get a job.

26eeb2  No.28067

34 year old manchild. He's only held legitimate jobs for I would estimate a total of 1 or 2 years at most in his entire life. He also needs to stop watching porn.

505e97  No.28071

He's rich off of getting lucky with crypto coins, he admits this in his latest HW where be smugly brags to his paypigs how he's paying on upkeep for his car collection and how he has an apartment he's not using that he's too lazy to get rid off because burning 700 a month is nothing to him.

And at the same time he's tweeting shit saying that he'll die if his paypigs dont support him lol. He's a kike.

226cb0  No.28073


I just donated $50 to Sam. Eat a dick hater

cef5de  No.28074


Is it not patently obvious at this point that Sam doesn't give a fuck about anybody except himself? He'd fuck over anybody out of money or commitments if it meant a brief moment of gratification for him.

People who give money to Sam are dumber than people who spend money on camgirls. You're giving a 34 year old HGH mutant money for tranny hookers and steroids with the off chance that he might say something funny every once in a while. Just stop.

f0b805  No.28078


nah keep him comfortable so he’ll never make anything funny again

2bd046  No.28081


You fail to understand your sperging galvanizes his supporters, right?

Get a new playbook, shill, the current one don’t work.

f0b805  No.28083


what’s his long term strategy? make a living off $5 donations from teenagers and selling t-shirts for the rest of his life?

f0b805  No.28085

File: 7a40a2aa4df0401⋯.jpg (108.6 KB, 1242x519, 414:173, IMG_6806.jpg)


y are sam’s fans like this?

can someone tell this kid

- this is gay

- you can’t “clone” a female version of a male

cef5de  No.28087



He's not some political figure. He's an entertainer. He fucks his fans and his friends harder than he fucks trannies and underage girls.

I used to be a big fan of his, but seeing how he's such a hypocritical degenerate totally poisons anything of value he's made.

Add to the fact he hasn't made anything good in years. Are we paying a comedian to entertain us or we paying for a has-been's addictions?

8f8532  No.28113

File: a6484c49bf34536⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 856x858, 428:429, 1555977992906.jpg)


it can't be gay if sammi-chan has a real pussy

1136d1  No.28121

I just donated $175 dollars. I love Sam.

cd8a91  No.28122


Just donated $20,000 to sammy boy. Maybe one day we can hang out and be best friends.

a5e4f4  No.28172


>He fucks his fans and his friends harder than he fucks trannies

i've been his fan for years and he still refuses to fuck me

f0b805  No.28173


just send him a pic

69d6a5  No.28183


If your willing to shove stuff in his butt he probably will. That is if he can get an erection in which case you'd need to be underage or do some sort of bdsm porn star degeneracy/gay stuff.

59d428  No.28185

just gave sen hyne a big sloppy smoocher!

2bd046  No.28187


>he still refuses to fuck me

GD man, try harder.

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