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File: 577e59284fec2a7⋯.jpg (69.09 KB, 630x483, 30:23, 105481479-1538425295940ch.jpg)


Chad Haag considered living in a cave to escape his student debt. He had a friend doing it. But after some plotting, he settled on what he considered a less risky plan. This year, he relocated to a jungle in India. “I’ve put America behind me,” Haag, 29, said.

He now lives in a concrete house in the village of Uchakkada for $50 a month. His backyard is filled with coconut trees and chickens. “I saw four elephants just yesterday,” he said, adding that he hopes to never set foot in a Walmart again.

His debt is currently on its way to default. But more than 9,000 miles away from Colorado, Haag said, his student loans don’t feel real anymore.

“It’s kind of like, if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it really exist?” he said.

The philosophy major concedes that his student loan balance of around $20,000 isn’t as large as the burden shouldered by many other borrowers, but he said his difficultly finding a college-level job in the U.S. has made that debt oppressive nonetheless. “If you’re not making a living wage,” Haag said, ”$20,000 in debt is devastating.”

He struggled to come up with the $300 a month he owed. The first work he found after he graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2011 — when the recession’s effects were still palpable — was on-again, off-again hours at a factory, unloading trucks and constructing toy rockets on an assembly line. He then went back to school to pursue a master’s degree in comparative literature at the University of Colorado Boulder. After that, he tried to make it as an adjunct professor, but still he could barely scrape a living together with the one class a semester he was assigned.

Haag had some hope restored when he landed full-time work as a medical courier in Denver, delivering urine and blood samples to hospitals. However, he was disappointed to find that he brought home just $1,700 a month. He had little money left over after he paid his student loan bill. He couldn’t afford an apartment in the city, where rents have been rising sharply. He lived with his mother and rarely went out with friends.

Milestones that seemed like pipe dreams back home, like starting a family, and owning a house, are now on his horizon. This year he married an Indian citizen, a professor at a local college. He now has a five-year spousal visa, and plans to renew it when the time comes.

Adjusting to a new country, he admitted, has not been entirely easy.

“Some toilets here are holes in the ground you squat over,” Haag said. Recently, he ate spoiled goat meat at a local restaurant and landed in the emergency room.

Still, he said, “I have a higher standard of living in a Third World country than I would in America, because of my student loans.”

Defeated by their student debt, some borrowers are packing their bags and fleeing from the U.S. to other countries, where the cost of living is often lower and debt collectors wield less power over them. Although there is no national data on how many people have left the United States because of student debt, borrowers tell their stories of doing so in Facebook groups and Reddit channels. How-to advice is offered on personal finance websites.

“It may be an issue we see an uptick in if the trends keep up,” said Barmak Nassirian, director of federal relations at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

Outstanding student debt in the U.S. has tripled over the last decade and is projected to swell to $2 trillion by 2022. Average debt at graduation is currently around $30,000, up from an inflation-adjusted $16,000 in the early 1990s. Meanwhile, salaries for new bachelor degree recipients, also accounting for inflation, have remained almost flat over the last few decades.

Half of student loan borrowers haven’t paid even $1 toward their debt’s principal five years into repayment, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Forty percent of student loan borrowers are expected to default by 2023, according to the Brookings Institution.




File: d6748a6c3ef0b70⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 724x455, 724:455, Capture.JPG)

Moving to another country to escape student debt is risky, experts say. If the person wants or needs to return to the United States, they’ll find their loan balance has only grown while they were gone, thanks to compound interest, collection charges and late fees.

Although the Education Department typically can’t garnish someone’s wages if they’re working for a company outside of the United States, it can take up to 15 percent of their Social Security benefits when they start collecting.

“The loans do not disappear when you become an expat,” said Mark Kantrowitz, a student loan expert.

Chad Albright attended Millersville University, in Pennsylvania, where he studied communications and history. He graduated as the Great Recession was beginning in December 2007, and couldn’t find anyone to hire him in his chosen field. “I went to interview after interview after interview,” Albright, 39, said.

Still, he had $30,000 in student loans and was soon faced with a monthly bill of around $400. Unable to support himself, he moved in with his parents in Lancaster and worked as a pizza deliveryman. “There was anger,” Albright said. “I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find a job in America.”

He fell behind on his student loans and feared the Education Department would soon garnish his wages. The government seized more than $600 million from student borrowers’ paychecks in 2017.

Albright’s credit score tanked as a result of his repayment troubles, making it difficult for him to buy a car and to land certain jobs, since some employers now pull credit reports. “I feel that college ruined my life,” Albright said.

Seeing no future for himself in the United States, he decided to move to China in 2011. In the city of Zhongshan, he discovered he loved teaching students English. Unlike when he was delivering greasy boxes of pizza, he found his work meaningful and fulfilling.

Though he earned just around $1,000 a month in China, the school where he was teaching covered most of his rent and the cost of living was much lower than in Pennsylvania.

A few years later, Albright moved to Ukraine, where he is now a permanent resident. He first taught in Kiev and now does so in Odessa, a port city on the Black Sea. He has no plans to return to the United States. “I am much happier in Ukraine,” he said, adding that he hasn’t checked his student loan account in nearly eight years. “I lost faith in my country.”

There are more reasonable ways of dealing with student debt, said Nassirian, at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.



communications and history.

Wonder why they couldn't get jobs?


>Recently, he ate spoiled goat meat at a local restaurant and landed in the emergency room

indian food has poo in it, when will these liberal retards learn.


>get the government to pay for your education

>can't get a job with the useless degree you got

>eh it's ok if i can always flee to a foreign country




The student loan system is definitely predatory. They’ll pretty much loan money to anyone for any degree program, without regard to whether your degree will provide the wages necessary to pay it off in a reasonable time. That said, these people took the loans knowing what they would owe, and presumably what they could earn.

Ironically, one thing they won't teach you in the American school system is how to make sound financial decisions


Real title of the article should be

"American fled to India to avoid paying for his poor life choices"



If the universities were on the hook somewhat for job placement after graduation they would work harder to ensure people graduate with marketable skills. This guy Haag never did a lick of work after graduation related to his skill set. The university knew that would be the case, but allowed him to pay them and waste years of his life.



Not how it works.

Guy wants to go to uni

He needs to pay but doesn't have money

the govt guarantees the university payment up front on the condition that the student be given fixed interest/payment rates and that the student will actually pay (one day)

This is why universities don't sue students who don't pay their loans and default like the parasitic worms they are, because the uni has already been paid for by the govt (taxpayer).

University students are thieves




Banks don't just give loans to kids; their parents have to co-sign them. He didn't fuck the bank over, he fucked his parents' credit score.



Loan repayments shouldn't be required until you start earning money. That's how it works in my shithole and the longer you aren't paying the more interest piles up each year. Eventually the government catches up to you when you start bringing in cash.


Nothing to see here…just another jewish enslavement tool that leaves nothing but destruction in it's wake.


I'd fug that elephant.



>his difficultly finding a college-level job in the U.S. has made that debt oppressive

>philosophy major

Found the problem.


Man can you imagine this people in this dudes village. Some fat amerimutt shows up and he is all creepy and weird but he throws around a lot of cash, but I mean he is a fucking loser running away from shit. Like you and every one you know is struggling to get by and he comes around throwing money like a faggot while hiding from his responsibilities.

Fuck him though, college faggot




>University students are thieves

Bbbut the article say the gov goes after thr students


Capitalism works guys. You'll all be millionaires when you grow up, just shill more for free market.



>cuck goes lives with poos

Good for him. More of them need to leave the country.


File: c338c0e657353e4⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 297x365, 297:365, angry merchant.jpg)





Chad the Debt dodger and the Virgin Jew Banker



That's what I thought when I noticed they were both named Chad.



Maybe the parents should have told their kids to get a qualification that can actually give them a decent-paying job? The child is the parent's responsibility, it's really their fault.



If it all goes belly-up the gov. will pay the debt, and the tax-payer will be on the hook.


Jews control the monetary system and they create money out of thin air–just enter the amount they want and they have that much because that fiat shit isn't backed by anything.


>philosophy major

>turning into a hippie faggot




>Wonder why they couldn't get jobs?

If they had gotten STEM degrees the jewish gatekeepers wouldn't let them in their chosen field unless they got 3-5 years of experience—who the fuck has that much experience straight out of college. Every time any internship opens up at a company the employees plug in their own kids and friends–outsiders have no chance.



This is the sad reality. Unless you're a superstar and luck out with internships, then it's pretty damn hard to get a good job straight out of school. Some people luck out, despite that. But many are left delivering pizza, while their degree rapidly becomes a worthless piece of paper.


Peak capitalism, people having to run away from the richest country in the world. Wealth collected by war based economy by the way.




Yes, communism will offer us all the opportunity of free college! Everyone will be educated then and own a big mansion and a sports car!



>Philosophy and history degree.

>Goes inawoods to find contentment and freedom.

Seems like the education was effective tbh.



>be offered money to get a degree

>accept it and pick a degree that offers slim chance at getting a job

>can't get a job now, so can't afford to pay back the money

>can't even afford to pay bills and food

>run away

More like peak irresponsability

Yes, I know. If he lived in a communist utopia, instead of fleeing, he could of just stood in the nearest bread line to get some food and be given forced "volunteer" job in a production line somewhere.



Guess I'll go ask for all the money I wasted on lotto tickets over the years then. It's not my fault I'm irresponsible with money and gullible. It's the lotto's fault


>MFW I paid for college without loans and worked full time while schooling, and now I still can't find a job in my area in my field of IT. Still, being poor in the midwest beats living in India.


>yuppie faggots go to a marxist university and get a worthless degree

>leave the country

>less yuppie faggots in America

sounds good to me


Give it a few years until more and more women rack up student loan debts they can't repay and the government and politicians will find a way to relieve them of their burdens cuz vaginas.


What a scumbag, you need to pay for the stuff you get



Communist indoctrination is worthless, a racket. I could care less if he screws over the banks and/or commie universities.




>communications and history.

>Wonder why they couldn't get jobs?

An often-repeated talking point, but in fact incorrect, or at least meaningless. Those subjects are perfectly valid, and tens of thousands of graduates after WW2 entered the workforce with no problems at all. In fact, not such a long time ago there were many careers where a rigorous (!) liberal arts degree was highly preferred e.g. to "mere" engineering.

Yes, he's responsible for his actions, but let's not ignore the fact that today's youth is, on average, very poor compared to their parent's generation, and has to face professional uncertainties virtually unknown to older people.



How the hell do people manage to be so retarded that they can't figure out how to get 3-5 years of experience before landing a paying job?





"Work experience" usually is defined as paid and relevant to the job you're applying for. So working e.g. as a barrista to make ends meet, or doing unpaid internships, is NOT considered "work experience" in the HR sense.



This honestly. I'm in a similar bind- I work in manufacturing but I want to do repair work so my work experience means jack shit.



Also this. I fell for the trades meme and now I'm hurting because the only way to make money is to move to the middle of nowhere and HOPE that you can work for 3-5 years without being fired. Otherwise it's back to the molasses refinery with you.




This is like 2008 all over again. Banks were doing NINJA loans, not giving a damn. Then they got bailed out when everything crashed. Shit's probably gonna crash again in 2023. Then they'll just get bailed out. Banksters win, everyone else loses.


Escaping western shitholes. Not surprising. Better than offing himself.



No. At least in this time, if you are poor enough and over 21? your parents won't have to cosign shit… Trust me..

In 2000-2007 all you had to do was shop at University, they promised anyone who graduated they would be fucking rich. In the meantime the credit card companies would hang out in the student union to give you a line of credit you couldn't afford and the student loan companies would tell you to spend spend spend.


>waaaaa mommy the world is being mean to me

get a sex change faggot, it's all you're good for; jew medical experiments


File: 85fbe0bbef48fb2⋯.png (511.12 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, 85fbe0bbef48fb2e99bb9f7ff1….png)



>Oy Vey goyim give us money to get a job so you can work to give us money after giving us the money to go to school and give us money

They're retards for falling for the scam though in the first place

>philosophy major

>surprised when you can't pay (((them))) back

Every part of this story makes me sick



You are right about the guarentee. If the University had to sue people in order to get their payment they would be a lot more selective. Young impressionable people get talked into degrees by people who never left school. They don't have the experience to make informed decisions. I got meme'd into a liberal arts school when I was young and stupid, thank god I went for a stem degree. The current system is worse than "free college" because we end up paying for peoples degrees and their interests. It's just banks and universities using the "muh education" meme as cover for the government just handing them chunks of cash.



This kid probably never had a real life experience before he made the decision and I guarantee you he was surrounded by teachers and boomers who told him that it was a good investment.


File: f704542a679f4e9⋯.jpg (238.99 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 1541554307213.jpg)

>master’s degree in comparative literature

>he could barely scrape a living together with the one class a semester he was assigned.

Lesson: don't get a pointless degree like "Comparative Literature"….


>soyboy racks up enormous debt


>moves away footing the bill to the taxpayers

<psh not my problem fuck you America

The average American today. Lazy, no good babies who hate themselves and their country.


Jew usury money isn't being paid? Based as fuck. Take the jewish money and run away.



Meh. The fish always begins to stink from the head, so while I don't cheer for him, he at least took a decision for himself - perhaps the real first decision in his life after having been told BS by kikes and boomers his whole life. Frankly, all those people here going "pay ur debts!!1" or "shoulda done STEM/trades/CS" are missing the point completely. I even suspect there might be some bona-fide shills around, because student loans in the US are one of the primary psycho-economic weapons against young white Americans.



Indeed. For the kid to fail, many times the adults in his life have to fail him first


All he had to do was play crazy and get ssi disability and they forgive all your student loans. Its a fact.



Lotto is not shoved down your throat like post secondary.


I didn't go to college. I own a pest control company that I started with about 3k in my bank account. After about a year I make about 2k per week. I plan on making twice this next year through increased marketing and new hires. Girls are turned off when they find out I'm not "educated." Women are retarded.


>philosophy major

Aaaaaaaand that's how you go homeless



>Moving to another country to escape student debt is risky

and it also makes you a kike. white men pay their debts.

>college is jewish

that may be, but when you default on your student loans, who picks up the slack?

not jews.

not niggers.

not illegal beaners.

our white grandchildren will pay.



No, just don't hand out loans to every idiot; only admit students who are top academically, no affirmitive action of any kind; and only admit as many as the economy demands in each field; and tell employers to not require a degree for shit-tier job. Then the gov. could easily subsidize the massively reduced pool of students.


>Banksters win, everyone else loses

Short history of the world.



This is sadly true. Most people in college today have lived very sheltered lives and the experience of past generations is either no longer valid or never passed on.



Yeah if you're a nigger, nigger


File: 46d173afa8a5160⋯.gif (7.89 MB, 350x232, 175:116, MIND = BLOWN.gif)


>Chad Haag considered living in a cave to escape his student debt.

>He trolled kikes by taking out loans, fucking off to where they can't reach and never paying them back

>mfw I released that I can get paid to do something I'd happily do for free

>mfw I learned that the kikes hold on us all is nothing more than an illusion

>mfw he's literally named chad



>mfw I learned that the kikes hold on us all is nothing more than an illusion

You have to go deeper…debt is just fiat, the FED is empty, they are holding everyone hostage with nothing.



>banksters are blah blah negative words




>banksters bla blah, negative words




That's not irony that's entirely on purpose.

Smart people aren't as profitable as retards.


Don't shit in the street, Pajeet

Put your poo in the loo


>>699355 (check)

>Aaaaaaaand that's how you go homeless

Completely incorrect. A rigouros (!) course in philosophy is the very best preparation for higher studies and management functions imaginable. As we all know, the Left took over academia, so there simply is no rigour left, and what was before the domain of second-rate thinkers (engineering and natural sciences) became the new yardstick.



> If the universities were on the hook somewhat for job placement after graduation they would work harder to ensure people graduate with marketable skills.

Yes. It's no different than a warranty


File: db88f368a745967⋯.jpg (67.27 KB, 675x813, 225:271, C907s7ZU0AA1066-1.jpg)


>gets useless BA degree from a shit school

>no work

>gets useless MA from a shit school

>no work

This sounds familiar. pic related



Time was, any degree was worthwhile because it proved you could learn in a hurry.



Based Bike Lock Hero



people are forced to pay taxes no matter what. some guy runs off to escape, or stay= we still pay tax. we will never pay any more or any less just because some guy ran away or stayed to pay.

biggest and best question in the thread is this: why to colleges offer degrees that are 100% useless?



>biggest and best question

dumb question tbh. colleges offer retarded degrees because retards will pay for them. capitalism doesnt work because the proletariat are retards and cant into personal responsibility. then retarded wamen and niggers complain that their lives suck, and they convince cucked white men to pay for gibs.


The only way to improve the world is to cull everyone under 130 IQ tbh



>Also this. I fell for the trades meme and now I'm hurting because the only way to make money is to move to the middle of nowhere and HOPE that you can work for 3-5 years without being fired. Otherwise it's back to the molasses refinery with you.

This still sounds like a better life than being part of the service industry.

<you have to stay in areas with high population density to get a decent job, because every other place that isn't overcrowded hasn't a need for your skills

<areas with high population density also have a high cost of living, which means without a job that pays you a great salary you will be part of the "working poor"

<if you are part of the "working poor" you will basically share the fate of the in dept student, except your future is much bleaker because the service industry gates higher level positions behind degrees and certificates, regardless of how useful they are for the job

<you can only get a great salary at places that offer a sophisticated service to their customers, which is only done by a handful of big name companies and you only get a place at these companies if you have friends or family working there already.

<the only other way to get a great salary is having a ridiculous amount of specialization in your field of work, for which you need certificates and training that together almost cost as much as paying for a college degree



>philosophy major

>can't come up with $20,000


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