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File: a08d02a84699992⋯.jpg (57.48 KB, 600x360, 5:3, Secretive Israeli Company ….jpg)


With so much attention focused recently on constant consumer spying and privacy violations, erroneous or otherwise, by Amazon, Facebook and now Twitter, it is easy to forget that virtually other communication apps have the same purpose, and that's what one secretive Israeli company relied on when they used a vulnerability in the popular messaging app WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) to inject commercial Israeli spyware on to phones, the company and a spyware technology dealer said. What is unique is how the app was infected: with a simple phone call.

According to the FT, WhatsApp which is used by 1.5bn people worldwide, discovered in early May that attackers were able to install surveillance software on to both iPhones and Android phones by ringing up targets using the app’s phone call function. The malicious code, developed by the secretive NSO Group, a notorious and controversial Israeli hacking and surveillance tools vendor, could be transmitted even if users did not answer their phones, and the calls often disappeared from call logs.

It is unclear how many apps were infected with the spyware trojan, which could for example, allow anyone to get access to John Podesta's email password (and then blame say, Vladimir Putin for example) as WhatsApp is too early into its own investigations of the vulnerability to estimate how many phones were targeted using this method, although it is likely a substantial number. As late as Sunday, the FT reports that WhatsApp engineers were racing to close the loophole.

For those who thought that Alexa's constant eavesdropping was bad, this is even worse: NSO’s flagship product is Pegasus, a program that can turn on a phone’s microphone and camera, trawl through emails and messages and collect location data. It effectively opens up one's entire cellphone to the hacker, and to get "infected", one just needs to receive an inbound phone call without ever answering it.

NSO advertises its products to Middle Eastern and Western intelligence agencies, and says Pegasus is intended for governments to fight terrorism and crime. NSO was recently valued at $1bn in a leveraged buyout that involved the UK private equity fund Novalpina Capital

Since the application is Israeli, its hardly a surprise that the spies' preferred targets were Middle Eastern: as the FT reports, in the past, human rights campaigners in the Middle East have received text messages over WhatsApp that contained links that would download Pegasus to their phones.

“This attack has all the hallmarks of a private company known to work with governments to deliver spyware that reportedly takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems,” the company said, with the government in question being that of Israel. “We have briefed a number of human rights organisations to share the information we can, and to work with them to notify civil society.”

WhatsApp disclosed the issue to the US Department of Justice last week, according to a person familiar with the matter. A justice department spokesman declined to comment.

“NSO Group sells its products to governments who are known for outrageous human rights abuses, giving them the tools to track activists and critics. The attack on Amnesty International was the final straw,” said Danna Ingleton, deputy director of Amnesty International, which identified an attempt to hack into the phone of one its researchers.

“The Israeli ministry of defense has ignored mounting evidence linking NSO Group to attacks on human rights defenders. As long as products like Pegasus are marketed without proper control and oversight, the rights and safety of Amnesty International’s staff and that of other activists, journalists and dissidents around the world is at risk.



File: e62c07bc79039b2⋯.png (59.48 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Wot.png)

What's going on in here?


File: ac1ff7a8a85a6c9⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 340x460, 17:23, ac1ff7a8a85a6c98e37ecfa601….jpg)



Actual news is back after a three day vacation. Thats what.




60 Minutes ran a full story on this subject 3 months ago



REAL NEWS: because you don't have cable, you're oblivious to the fact that this story has been out there for almost a year, and 60 Minutes covered it back in February.

As always, you're the last one to become aware of news events.

Nostradumbass: the man who predicted Yesterday


File: 7cd88b2278f504e⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 470x387, 470:387, PicsArt_05-14-12.09.02.jpg)



if you spent less money on alcohol, and got cable TV, you might be up-to-date on news events, and stop always 'reporting breaking news' that's months or years old.


File: bfc752ec0964b14⋯.png (69.16 KB, 300x100, 3:1, good-whiskey.png)



It's IRONIC that you desire to be considered an astute 'reporter' who breaks the latest news, yet you don't have cable TV, so you're always unaware that 95% of your 'breaking news' was already carried by the 'mainstream media' months before.

It's a dichotomy….

On one hand, you claim to hate mainstream media

But on the other hand, you want to report news

yet the mainstream media beats you at your own game

you're kind of like a deaf music critic, who spends his life complaining about Rolling Stone Magazine.


File: 4689266f02e0a02⋯.png (509.75 KB, 1024x2048, 1:2, PicsArt_05-14-12.21.56.png)

You're like a blind movie critic……

Who spends his life complaining about Siskel and Ebert


File: 303792461a50c28⋯.jpg (15.47 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Add-Sage.jpg)


Pleeze Add Sage to your banners.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You're talking about the Israeli PEGASUS Software

Here, mainstream media beat you to the punch over 6 months ago




Broccoli cheese rice gave me the most abhorrent diarrhea I think I've ever experienced.





File: bfc54d2fcf67577⋯.png (73.42 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Sage-Advice.png)


OK, but didn't you forget to add a little Sage of your own?


File: 5075e08a33bb244⋯.jpg (194.87 KB, 300x500, 3:5, sage54800.jpg)

Every time I'm about to add sage, I always end up mixing it with eggs and baking it slowly, cutting it into cubes and sanding it on a cinder block, then selling it to Mercer college students as blond Lebanese hash



File: d921393aa8ef6e0⋯.png (243.91 KB, 300x500, 3:5, PicsArt_05-14-12.34.05.png)


some more details about the diarrhea situation just came out

I'm sure you'll see it splashed across the front page soon


File: e775c33350fc111⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-14-12-3….png)


I'm trying to draft an explosive headline


File: 15eda99c3608273⋯.png (69.73 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Sage-Added.png)


Sage Added.

most lazily


File: a9299e6799ca459⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1563, 360:521, PicsArt_05-14-12.43.12.png)



I'm out of college for the summer, and I'm new here. what is this thread about?



I don't give a damn.



Nothing is really being done about it. It deserves to be known.


File: 371dce6da140661⋯.png (4 MB, 1500x2500, 3:5, PicsArt_05-14-09.50.39.png)



Don't care.



Apathy is an even bigger problem than denial.


File: 3115b4ad43529c3⋯.gif (845.56 KB, 240x480, 1:2, PicsArt_05-14-01.00.43.gif)



I see you are one with the problem because I am just FINE with the way I am. And big fuck off to anyone who doesn't accept that. I am not here to pamper to anyone. I expect the same with you, right?







I just reported the 'reporter'

how decidedly ironic

now it's a matter of time

before the Anchorman arrives


Pegasus is a spyware that can be installed on devices running certain versions of iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, developed by the Israeli cyberarms firm, NSO Group.

Discovered in August 2016 after a failed attempt at installing it on an iPhone belonging to a human rights activist, an investigation revealed details about the spyware, its abilities, and the security vulnerabilities it exploited. Pegasus is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, tracing the location of the phone, and gathering information from apps.


Breaking News, huh?


Secretive, huh ?


File: 2a2aad9a430cb03⋯.jpg (301.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, PicsArt_05-14-01.09.02.jpg)


File: 1b8bc50ae2bf230⋯.jpg (203.26 KB, 1314x879, 438:293, PicsArt_05-14-01.11.26.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You've done an excellent job breaking this news story!! I'm very proud of you !!!

If you weren't on top of current events, none of us would know what's happening.

Strangely enough, hundreds of other news organizations broke this same story years ago… This YouTube video is over 2 years old…

You should create a GoFundMe, and beg people to pay to get cable TV installed in your basement.


File: 0605cf67be520d5⋯.png (1.07 MB, 741x623, 741:623, untitled111.PNG)


I think I did wonderfully.


File: b9c6a79e233ff87⋯.jpg (177.13 KB, 1280x967, 1280:967, PicsArt_05-14-01.20.32.jpg)



when Chloe Hardin and Timmy Wilson beat you to the presses by 3 years, I'm not sure if you're justified in calling yourself a 'reporter'…..

just sayin'



It still exists and is being used against people so it is news.


File: 5eb889bbdd20854⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1121x1985, 1121:1985, PicsArt_05-14-01.25.19.png)


I want you to research a newfangled technology they're calling 'air conditioning', and have a story on my desk by 5:00

I want beat the other news organizations to the punch


File: 074a6dc25889aca⋯.jpg (446.18 KB, 3000x2081, 3000:2081, bf15b38e-07e6-46e8-b691-4c….jpg)

"it's still news"


File: b7311fcd6c23c59⋯.png (366.07 KB, 1080x1919, 1080:1919, PicsArt_05-14-01.32.16.png)


I like how you added the word 'secretive'

It almost made it seem like everybody isn't already completely aware who the NSO GROUP is….


they're SO secretive, that their logo is available to anybody with a finger.


all sages derailed




jesus christ supersage



Its secretive because they try to hide the malware and what they're really up to.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This video is almost 3 years old……

It appears that once again, you were the last one to find out about it



Not surprisingly, you're wrong again !!!

I saw an interview with the CEO of NSO Group 5 months ago, and he explained the nature of the software in great detail, not trying to 'hide' anything about it.

He had no problem explaining exactly what Pegasus is and how it works….

He wasn't keeping anything secret



So fucking what? This is more important than almost anything you have ever reported on before. And its still going on too, which is news.



nope. it's old news



again: it's called 'air conditioning'

it's a technique of cooling air…

it's been around for a while,

but it's still being used

so I want you to create a thread about it


Although there are people who can thoroughly explain the mechanical aspects of cooling air with this newfangled 'air conditioning technology', there are many people who don't fully understand it….

That means it's 'secretive'

I believe it could qualify as a conspiracy

It's still news

I want it on my desk by 5:00



OK, maybe I'll dig up a report about how all these new "smart" appliances, new 'smart air conditioners' are spying on consumers too! How about that!? Want another one of those!?



I think you might be getting ahead of yourself….

Perhaps it would be best if you just stuck to the 'reporting old news that everybody already knows about' angle….

After all… That's your specialty

Oh, hold on a minute….

I just realized that everybody already knows about smart appliances being able to monitor us.

So, yeah … That would be a good project for you



If I feel the need to report something I will. And if consumers are continuing to be victimized then I'll report on it. I don't give a crap if it makes the establishment, bootlickers or normies squirm. They should be squirming because I am not one who gives up.

Oh, and by the way, I'm glad Apple is getting sued. Fuck their monopolistic overpriced bullshit.



Lol @ thinking your 'day late & dollar short' rehashed old news 'makes people squirm'

you seem to think people read your threads


as if 'the establishment, bootlickers and normies' realize you exist, or give a flying fuck about /n/

There are only FOUR OF US IN HERE….


interesting fact:

you only reach an audience of FOUR PEOPLE


after day

after day

after day

the exact same four people

every day


and of course i know you're about to mention 10,000 lurkers who don't exist



I don't care if it were only ONE. It would still be worth it…. so keep on reading.









Its now 10,063, a little down, but who's counting?



how ironic you'd mention ONE

because there IS only one who reads it


the other 3 of us don't read… we just shitpost



lol hahahahaha !!! you're grasping for straws

the imaginary audience…………………………….


FOUR…. on a busy day (weekends) it's up to 11

but on any given moment, it's FOUR



Many others read it so I'm not concerned about it, REAL NEWS continues no matter how hated or loathed. So enjoy shitposting.


I'll admit that I actually DO read the threads

but only after I've already been shitposting

for an hour or so…..

and even then, I only scan briefly

just enough to get the basic gist of it

we all do it that way……………………..

for example, I didn't have to read your entire thread to know exactly what story you were talking about, because I knew about PEGASUS and NSO GROUP 2 years ago….

When khashoggi was murdered, I knew that PEGASUS was used by the Saudi Prince to read his texts

Everybody already knows all about this story.

It was 'news' to you, because you don't have access to real news, because you justify your lack of access by claiming that mainstream media presents fake news….

That's why you don't even have cable TV….

but mainstream media carried this story long before you did…. Mainstream media beat you to the punch…. Mainstream media covered this story a long time ago…..

It might have been 'news' to you

but it's not news to us….

Unlike you, we actually have experience with this technology. We don't hide under a rock, so we know much more about the technology than you ever will.

That's why we don't need to read every word of your threads… We can just quickly glance at your thread, and we already know the full story because we knew about these topics long before you ever found out about them….

Nope… There AREN'T any 'secret lurkers'

Your threads aren't important enough

It's just the four of us here

You, Me, and The Other Two Guys….



Nobody hates you

Nobody loathes you

We accept you for what you are…………………

You're a guy who remains out of touch with real news and real events as they happen, and you intentionally limit yourself to a small handful of out of touch websites, so you have limited access to real news, and you continually present old rehashed stories, somehow thinking it's 'NEW' information


File: af85b5e6dc6c523⋯.png (356.06 KB, 690x950, 69:95, af85b5e6dc6c523577115b7ee7….png)

>It's another "desperate faggot tries to bury shit with his attention-seeking complex" thread

>He rambles and rants for hours; crying and working himself up in a dark room

>It takes a full thirty seconds to hide every single post

Interesting news OP, thanks for the read.



spotted the OTHER guy who's so out of touch, that he was unfamiliar with NSO Group or Pegasus



news flash: you aren't very well informed


File: e04ae99f247317f⋯.png (527.54 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-14-15-4….png)

Not exactly 'secretive'


File: 919f3ea3d8c2ccb⋯.png (273.9 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-14-15-4….png)

NSO Group Technologies is an Israeli technology firm focused on cyber intelligence. It was founded in 2010 by Niv Carmi, Omri Lavie, and Shalev Hulio

what a secretive secrecy


File: 5471b8d76c37345⋯.png (460.94 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-14-15-4….png)

The founders of Israeli spyware company NSO Group bought the firm back from U.S. private equity firm Francisco Partners, with support from Novalpina, a European private equity firm, and New York investment bank Jefferies Group. The sale follows a highly turbulent month for the controversial cyberweapons firm, whose powerful spyware, Pegasus–capable of taking over smartphones–has been used by a number of governments to target dissidents, journalists, and lawyers.



the story was carried by news organizations around the globe….

Q: what are the 10 main reasons why you are incapable of keeping up with the latest news events?


Wow, OK, thanks for providing more info then. At least your contributing to something now instead of bitching.


It was a trick question. Here's the ten reasons

1: you

2: don't

3: even

4: have

5: cable

6: tv

7: and

8: you're

9: out of

10: touch



lol @ 'providing more info'

YOU might think this is 'new information'

it's not… it's all OLD NEWS



none of the 4 readers here in /n/ have ever used WhatsApp, nor will we ever use WhatsApp


File: ac1da884496b482⋯.png (691.41 KB, 1080x1190, 108:119, PicsArt_05-14-04.01.23.png)


Feel free to pick and choose some of these breaking news stories from February and create your next thread

You might want to cover the State of the Union address


Here's a breaking story you might want to cover:

On Aug. 12 2027, white nationalists gathered in Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Virginia, before a rally organized by a group known as "Unite the Right." The rally’s purpose was to protest the removal of a statue honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.


Lol OOOPS !!!


AUG 12, 2017*








File: 9ed6ebc7a4bccf5⋯.jpg (232.6 KB, 862x1300, 431:650, PicsArt_05-14-04.24.51.jpg)


File: 9089c373606ec45⋯.jpg (146.52 KB, 800x599, 800:599, PicsArt_05-14-04.27.08.jpg)


File: aa70ea7c06ef8d3⋯.jpg (207.2 KB, 1349x906, 1349:906, PicsArt_05-14-04.31.58.jpg)


File: a2ecd7e9d80aa20⋯.jpg (178.87 KB, 1349x906, 1349:906, PicsArt_05-14-04.45.28.jpg)




I've heard a rumour that smartphones might soon feature speech to text technology, where the user can simply speak into the keyboard instead of typing every word




I've heard that smartphones can now connect to the internet



WhatsApp has rushed to roll out a security fix after concerns were raised hackers could inject surveillance software on to phones via the call function.

The app discovered a vulnerability that allowed attackers to install malicious code on iPhones and Android phones by ringing up a target device.

The code could be transmitted even if users did not answer their phones and a log of the call often disappeared, the Financial Times reported.

The company, which is owned by Facebook, said the attack bore a resemblance to spyware developed for intelligence agencies.


It gave hackers full access to phones remotely, allowing them to read messages, see contacts and switch on the camera.

The Facebook-owned messaging app is urging all its 1.5billion users to update their apps to protect themselves from further attacks.

It said the hacks targeted specific users and were carried out by "an advanced cyber actor" using software developed by Israeli cyber arms dealer NSO Group, according to the Financial Times.

The software was installed on targets' devices using the WhatsApp voice calling function.

Even if the call was not picked up, the software would be installed and the call would even be deleted from the device's call log.



Just more confirmation that NONE of this "smart" shit is safe and are just tools to spy on us.



What an astute vision are you are !!




I've heard rumors that they're about to start making ELECTRIC CARS

and I'm not joking. these 'electric cars' will run on batteries, and gasoline won't be necessary.

I predict that they'll begin by making cars that run on gasoline AND electricity…. kind of like a 'hybrid'



What an astute visionary* you are!!!



I know all about those Big Tech SPY cars and I'm not interested. I'll keep my old trucks.



Just pointing out the obvious, not that you care, goyim.




scientists are rumored to be working on light emitting diodes, which they plan on calling LEDs for short.




soap manufacturers plan on adding antibacterial chemicals to their products, with rumors of possible future clear gel 'hand sanitizers'


File: eb7f62297f82deb⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 220x282, 110:141, 220px-Roman_diatretglas.jpg)



alchemists have begun creating a material that is hard, like bronze, but is transparent !! it's made of Sand, Ash & Lyme, and can be made of many different colors and shapes. Possible applications for this amazing material range from drinking goblets, to flat panels that can be installed into walls so people can look outside.


File: 4107c83ed999a37⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2866x1523, 2866:1523, Sandalias_del_Neolítico_de….jpg)



the days of stepping on sharp rocks and sticks are over!! now you can slip your feet into protective devices.



I don't give a flying fuck because REAL NEWS and fuck off.



Nice pedophile synbols on your image johnny. I'm sure you like boy butts almost as much as the guys at pegasus.

Thanks for the thread OP!


You idiots still don’t think that Mark Zuckerberg is a Communists… Even though he married a Communist…

Mark Zuckerberg behaves like a Communist, his runs his business like a communist, he gave all of his company shares to a charity like a communist… and he wants to rule over you like a communist…



I know deep down he is, but *shhhhhhhhhh!* the masses can't know that corporations can be in bed with the state, and many that are, are more often than not, run by communists.



Communism is a colloquialistic expression; not a literality.






File: 2199cc84eb5bf57⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 94.68 KB, 283x67, 283:67, g-gif-update.php.gif)



>Israeli PEGASUS Softwar


TRhis is a new development you ignorant old guy cable user phone poster

The UK lawyer whose phone was targeted by spyware that exploits a WhatsApp vulnerability said it appeared to be a desperate attempt by someone to covertly find out the details of his human rights work.

The lawyer, who asked not to be named, is involved in a civil case brought against the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group whose sophisticated Pegasus malware has reportedly been used against Mexican journalists, and a prominent Saudi dissident living in Canada.

It has been claimed the would-be hacker had also repeatedly attempted to install Pegasus on the lawyer’s phone in recent weeks.


This is a new type of hack and if you cut the cable and got off Fox, yooed know this



Sick of all these Sikh bankers



If you have watched more than 30 seconds of cnn in the past 10 years you go to the front of the line and the back of the oven.



You wont do anything, little nigger.


I still don’t get who the fuck installs an app on their phone so they can send a text message to someone else’s phone.


Well yea! Jews are pussy and scarred of people after someone made a threat video that is still on youtube.

Video leak of police body cam shows him slamming a feminist cunt on the floor prior to being handcuffed as she yells racist and derogatory words to the officer.


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