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File: fc6638beb9bb605⋯.png (164.02 KB, 1280x668, 320:167, Soybeans Crash To Decade-L….png)


Soybean futures fell 25% in 50 weeks since the inception of President Trump's trade war early last summer.

CBOT Soybeans futures plunged to their lowest level in a decade as China on Monday said it would raise tariffs on $60 billion in US goods in retaliation for Trump's decision on Friday to raise duties on $200 billion in Chinese products to 25% from 10%. The deepening trade war has pushed American farmers onto the verge of disaster.

The escalation in the trade war doesn't directly affect agricultural products since most were already facing a 25% tariff rate in China last year. But the news on Monday sent soybean prices tumbling.

CBOT Soybeans broke below $8 per bushel on Trump's escalation of the trade war last week, plunged to $7.81 per bushel on the retaliatory tariff increases from China.

Refinitiv trade flows indicate the Sino-American trade war has cut over 80% of US soybean exports to China so far this market year (September-August).

The breakdown in negotiations comes at a time when soybean sales are decreasing, and huge stockpiles are building, have resulted in many farmers teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

Morrison said China could cancel the 7.4 million metric tons of beans that have not yet been shipped, according to the US Department of Agriculture data.

The collapse in negotiations has also led Trump to pledge $15 billion worth of agricultural product purchases from American farmers through the Commodity Credit Corp., a federal agency given authority during the Great Depression to stabilize prices. Given the large stockpiles, it's still unclear how government purchases of soybeans would resolve the current supply overhang.




>David Fairchild's mistake of bringing soybeans and kale to the U.S. is being steadily corrected

I like this.



The ONLY good thing I can think of would be that this is killing incentive to grow soy (which contains strong estrogen mimickers that feminize males).

However, whats bound to happen is 1) soy will be subsidized by the government to save farmers' livelihoods and 2) soy will be shilled on us more than it will China from now on. China will simply buy soy elsewhere, while the US govt subsidizes the production of our soy at US taxpayers' expense.

In other words, its a MESS. And thats all war ever creates for humanity, one big mess having to be cleaned up later on.



>China will simply buy soy elsewhere

The trouble with that theory is that China doesn't use soy the way we do.


But trump said tariffs are a good thing because it taxes china and brings millions into the US.



But ZOG will be completely worldwide, and imagine all the war profits for oligarchs. Can't you just die for their profit, you selfish asshole?



Well I'll say this, for a dictatorship, China surprisingly has some good policies I can agree with. Certainly not all their policies, but when it comes to immigration control and economics, I admire how they operate to protect their own interests. Wish we could learn a lesson or two from them.


How about trying to grow a different crop that has more value. Dumbasses.



It did have a lot of value. They exported billions of dollars worth to china alone. Trump's trade war has meant china's not buying, and the american farmers are left with an oversupply with nowhere to go, which means the price has dropped to a level where they can't make money on it. So now after the tariffs, we have to subsidize the farmers and give money to them so they can feed their families.

Yeah, tariffs, trump is a genius. He has this child-like view where he thinks putting tariffs on things means you make money. He doesn't consider the impact they have on the rest of the economy. It's ok though, because there's plenty of mcjobs available out there, best unemployment numbers ever! The farmers will just do something else.


We've been talking about Soy beans tanking for the last two years, dumb ass farmers still put all their eggs in one basket


Soy is bad for people.



You're insane. China's a shithole.



biggest economy in the world is a shithole? You must be american, and think your country is the best.


Market corrections, as expected.



All the tariff does is to add to the price consumers pay.


What if all the leftist cucks begin to support Drumpf because he made their soy products cheaper?



Our farmers really should be growing other crops anyway, the way the US consumes soy is ridiculous and dangerous. Don't mind prices going down, but our farmers who depend on that money as income are going to be hurting. Remember that most the rural farming class came out to vote for Trump. He relies on their support.




On the plus side, the increased soy prices in China will mean hundreds of millions of chinese will be back below the poverty line and probably unable to afford meat again.

Take that slitty eyes.


Soy farmers should learn to code.



well another reason the price has dropped is because it is part-GMO soy, in the united states non-GMO and GMO soy are mixed. If they would separate them as they do in other countries the price would not have collapsed as much. I am not talking about organic soy btw organic soy is a completely different animal and an expensive niche product.

Once you take china out of the equation, you see that globally there is an increased demand for quality food, and the united states just isn't able to satisfy this demand due to the biotech industry getting in the way of farmers doing their jobs. its a shame because us agriculture used to be known for its good quality and value.



I am very, very glad to inform you that Bayer-Monsanto is facing over 13,000 lawsuits right now, and just has lost the first three of them in a row costing them around a billion in profits. If their defeat continues, we may be able to cripple this very evil corporate beast and be able to grow better quality foods.



newsflash, there's more americans living in poverty than chinese. Americans have this really skewed view of the world where they think they're the best, think that other countries are un-advanced or economically successful, think that asian and african countries are contributing to global population and unsustainability by having more than the sustainable 2.1 children per couple, etc.

Get educated, you silly stupid americans, then maybe you'll understand the world you live in and will be able to compete. Trump has pulled the wool over your eyes and you're all the stupider for it.



>newsflash, there's more americans living in poverty than chinese.

In relative poverty yes.

In absolute poverty no.

Relative poverty means people living in the bottom 1% of income.

Absolute poverty is where people look like skeletons because they cant afford enough calories to survive.

The poorest people in the US, still have a higher income than 70% of the world and ironically the problem with poor people in the US is actually overconsumption and obesity.


File: 45b269758e432a6⋯.png (152.99 KB, 500x423, 500:423, reserve currency status.png)


I have seen plenty living in the more rural areas where it is very depressed, most local shops no longer in service, old dilapidated housing, junkers, etc. I live in a small town just like that, although some of the farmland nearby have some pretty nice homes if you can afford them.

The cities are way overpriced in the States and there when you see poverty its typically homeless people on the sidewalks or in tents. So I rather be in a low income area, with trailers and old dilapidated homes, than living in an overpriced indebted death trap crime-ridden city when the US dollar loses reserve currency status. At least out here, we can have still have chickens and garden in our lawns! Many cities and suburban areas won't let you do that today!


File: efe1b269853e371⋯.jpg (102.03 KB, 546x715, 42:55, tariffs.jpg)


>I have seen plenty living in the more rural areas where it is very depressed, most local shops no longer in service, old dilapidated housing, junkers, etc. I live in a small town just like that, although some of the farmland nearby have some pretty nice homes if you can afford them.

Its like that everywhere in the west.

That sprit of optimism where everyone is certain that the future will be better than the past has now trasferred to asia.

Thats why Im kinda glad about the soyboy tariffs are going to increase the prices the Chinks pay for their food.

There will be chinese who can currently afford meat once per week who will have to go back to eating meat once per month. I dont think the Chinks will start protesting or anything like that but we are giving them a taste of our medicine for once.



>give billions of handouts to farmers

>complain about socialists

jesus fucking christ america is a paradox



Modern America sucks. It sucked during the Carter years, it sucked during the Reagan years, both Bush years, the Clinton years, the Obama years and it sucks under the Trump years too. Modern America fucking sucks. The REAL America I knew (late 50s to mid 70s) is long fucking gone today. Long long gone and I'll kiss it one last goodbye with a lot of alcohol on my breath before my death.

I don't know what the future has in store for you younger Americans but you best be ready for SHTF because we are all on a sinking Titanic and its going down.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Its chemicals in soy that mimick estrogen, which over time re-wires the brain making men become more feminine. Does not mean you turn gay. It does not mean that soy is bad for you. What it does mean is men who consume a lot of soy won't be as aggressive. They start to act…. how should I say this? They'll act weaker, they'll behave differently than men that are full of testosterone flowing in their bodies, because the chemicals neutralize the ability to be aggressive, hostile, dominant, a natural predator. Its like a perfect drug for the elites, soy won't intoxicate, but it will numb male hormones and behaviors naturally overtime, as more and more is consumed.



Perfect example: think of being "edgy", you think of being bug-eyed, wild, manic, hostile, obnoxious, aggressive, unpredictable…. thats actually natural male behavior when we have testosterone and hormones flowing through our bodies. Women have estrogen which works similar, it makes women more caring, considerate, loving, affectionate. Now, when males consume soy the soy is being broken down and the chemicals produced in the body mimic estrogen. So this counter-acts with the testosterone and other male hormones, making males more docile. When you are a male, and consume a lot of soy, you cannot become "edgy" anymore. That aggression becomes almost impossible.



It is bad for you tho. Soy contains little minerals or vitamins but alot of phytonutrients that suck nutrients from your body. Only fermented soy is ok because the bacteria eats some of the phytonutrients, and in some kinds of fermented soy the bacteria produces a lot of vitamkn k2. We in countries that are not Japan don't consume much fermented soy. We consume soy bean oil(awful for you for more reasons than listed above) and soy juice which is also awful for you



I meant to reply to the post above the one i did



Wrong. These males dont have a lot of test, its not that you retard. Also men are usually more lovey than women these days, women are crazy selfish these days



>Also men are usually more lovey than women these days, women are crazy selfish these days

And why do you think that could be? Maybe people today are consuming something they shouldn't be that messes with hormones, as soy often does?



> They'll act weaker, they'll behave differently than men that are full of testosterone flowing in their bodies, because the chemicals neutralize the ability to be aggressive, hostile, dominant, a natural predator.

so in other words in makes you act middle aged and wiser instead of a roid monkey?




No. Not at all you mongoloid.

People are laregly not wise at all today



Nothing like that usually happens you dumb american, people CAN eat for 2$ a day in many parts of the world, it doesnt make them poor, thats just low prices of stuff.

>hurr durr i had to pay 1mln$ for a place, im rich!

People buy the same sized ones for 10000$ and live the same way. Oh wait, no bragging rights.



And birth control. That is even worse and it's in the water. It's the estrogen version of anabolic steroids. Also all the xenoestrogens from plastic. BPA that is on reciept paper and many plastics was originally designed to be straight up synthetic estrogen. Thats not even everything


Soy does contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but nobody should eat it in large amounts. If you gotta eat it, only eat it organic because if it's not organic it's going to be loaded with pesticides. Even then you might be naturally allergic to it the way that some people can't eat chocolate or they break out with acne. That being said, if you don't like soy you don't have to eat it, since there are many other great options out there for food like peas. The list goes on and on. Another big issue people are having trouble admitting to themselves is that soy isn't the cause of men turning into weak limp wristed pathetic soyim. The direct root cause of this behavior is mind set. You are acting on childhood trauma and accepting what others try to force you and mold you into. Stop listening to SJW's. Stop thinking like a liberal. Thinking like a liberal and listening to liberals is the biggest cause of acting like a retard because the people who believe them start acting a certain way and that causes physical changes in the brain and body of those who are infected with this way of thinking. This is exactly what the satanic globalists want. They want you worried about a vegetable that nobody even forces you to eat BUT MUH SOY IS IN EVERYTHING! stop eating processed foods and make your own food from scratch every day like a real man when you should really be focusing on philosophically and mentally fighting back against liberal ideas that are harmful and unhealthy and have communistic and satanic roots in history, INSTEAD OF BITCHING ABOUT BEANS, YOU FUCKING PUSSIES.


Don't eat avocados any more

Don't eat soy anymore

Stay the fuck away from it from now on

Things are changing


i had sum firm tofu today

it was firmer than my cock



Yes, you may make more money in the US but the prices of things are more expensive. If a poor chinese guy makes 10 dollars a day and has to spend 1 dollar on food, but an american makes 50 dollars a day and has to spend 10 dollars on food, the american is actually worse off in his country (of course there are other factors as well, but we're just talking in terms of how much money you make to live)

Again, more americans are in poverty than chinese. And remember, chinese have over 1 billion people, so that just shows you how shit things have gotten in america. The middle class has been rapidly disappearing.






>stupid assumptions about tariffs taken from trump's ramblings

Uh, in case you haven't noticed, the whole subject of this thread is how the chinese are NOT buying soybeans from the US because they're too expensive. They're getting them from other countries instead. The only ones that are losing in trump's tariff war are american manufacturers, suppliers and consumers.


Soy was primarily used as livestock feed up until the 1990's when humans were legally designated as livestock.

>but muh soy sauce

Fermented soy is a different story and will not make you grow tits.



The problem is the soy we are generally fed is not fermented properly.



Soyboys on scuicide watch. How will the starwars fan base ever recover?


true rational news



>people CAN eat for 2$ a day in many parts of the world, it doesnt make them poor, thats just low prices of stuff.

Yes but $2 is their entire income. Thats not just for food its for accomodation, clothing, childcare, security, housing / heating / water if they are lucky enough to have that available.

Face it. You Americans are not in poverty when you are clinically obese. You could simply eat half the food you do now. That would cost you half the amount and you would be much healthier.



When the supply of soybeans goes down, the price goes up.

That is basics of any economy. Seriously how do you not understand that?



Often its NOT how much they eat, its WHAT they eat. And many Americans eat total garbage junk food manufactured to cause diabetes and cancer. Its not how much you eat that gets to you, its what you eat. Thats the issue most of the time. If you have a healthy diet you can eat a lot without being obese. Not true if all you rely on is fast food, soda and junk foods from a local gas station.

Best thing to eat is a balance of non-hormone/non-nitrite meats and organic non-gmo vegetables. Sometimes with organic fruit or homemade salads. Stay away from too much processed sugar, or sweets, toxic crap like soda and candy. Lower the amount of carbohydrates too. You can eat like a king and still be fine. My only bad habit is alcohol, but I can deal with that because I eat very healthy.



>organic non-gmo vegetables is healthy

>claims man who doesn't understand how gmo works

boy i sure love choosing between patented gmo plants from scummy companies and "organic" covered in rat shit and salmonella with 1 out of ten plants being edible



Organic is just fine, as long as it is certified organic. If you want to eat shit thats sprayed with toxins or loaded up with crap goe right ahead, thats your choice. I stick with certified organic as much as possible.



The best way to detect soyimboy infection is checking for the neckbeard. If the person had neckbeard pre-soy this is N/A.

The most common is accumulation of fat on the chest aka 'gynecomastia'.


Soybean oil is awful as it is designed to replace trans fat and derive from patented GMO genes from the Rockefellers et. al.

Trans fat is already bad and its purpose is to fuck up your health and preserve food. If you want canned/packed foods to stop from incidental rotting all you have to do is add a milligram of trans fat and it won't rot. Bacteria won't touch it and I bet even your good gut bacteria won't too.

Check the label for trans fat which is usually 0 grams because you don't need that much only milligram of it though they Italicize the text because they're not being truthful though you can calculate the Total Fat minus the other fats = Trans Fat 0g I bet it's called "trans fat 0g" some marketing stunt.


>non GMO soy

>gets pollination from a hybrid African honey bee with GMO pollen

>the soy is now GMO

There are few countries mainly Japan and few parts of Russia and China.

The USA is literally the four horsemen. Fuck your country.



Pepper is better.



I rather eat non-mass-produced quality meat which has vitamins and minerals so long as you don't overcook it. Just make sure it has no nitrites or hormones or other toxins that mass produced meats have and its OK to eat a lot of meat. Also organic vegetables, preferably green ones like asparagus, broccoli, green beans, cabbage, artichoke and brussel sprouts. Meat and vegetables is what I typically eat every day. Also homemade chicken noodle soup or homemade stew. I love making beef heart stew, but only make it twice a year (the heart is huge so it can be cut in half, and the rest saved for another time).



Do you not understand? The prices have gone down, not up. Because China is not buying the soybeans. It's right there in the title of this thread.



americans are so retarded that they don't realize they can go to a doctor and get testosterone levels measured if they're that fucking scared of soy oh wait, they dont have free healthcare. america is a fucking cesspit of poorly educated inbreds



No such thing as "free" healthcare, go ahead and ask the Brits, they will tell you how shitty their system really is, what they have to pay in taxes for "free" care and their press are not allowed to report about it under threat of arrest.



>posting something something

It's true, because trump tweeted it.



Angry monsanto shill spotted. Enjoy your 2 billion dollar lawsuit for giving people cancer with glyphosate (roundup) you huge turbo faggots!



THIS. Anyone who has a problem with this post is a pro-gmo pro-pesticide big aggro shill.



It does not you illiterate fag.




File: 05a692a3afa777c⋯.jpg (31.68 KB, 389x377, 389:377, 05a692a3afa777c3a096a23ba3….jpg)


Going to the doc is not a solution.

>your test levels are in the normal range

>nvm this normal range for a 20yo is what an 80yo man would have had 100 years ago

>nvm half the population is obese

>if your levels are like theres your fine

What can the doc even do? Inject you with steroids is about all, and thatll be way more expensive than doing it your damn self. Nothing in life is free. Also those steroids will make you temporarily infertile. Thanks doc shlomo! What would us whites do without you?



I read the news every day, even foreign press. I have heard many stories about the long waiting lines, the cheaper (yet shitty) medical care experiences as well as rationing of services (and there is a lot of that over there). I'm not saying the US system doesn't suck either, it does. And it is overpriced here no doubt. But at least over here there are not long waiting lines and rationing of medical services.

That said, perhaps it would be better if we had more affordable care, cheaper. But with that comes a price, less options, less services, longer periods of waiting, DMV-quality care and lots more foreign doctors from countries like India who are paid a lot less to take care of many more.



>But trump said tariffs are a good thing because it taxes china and brings millions into the US.

It is. Previously if you bought something made of steel (for example) it was subsidised by the Chinese or Indians etc.

With the added Tariff now the Indians and Chinese are subsidising the US government.

There is no super cheap steel available in the US anymore. Where it costs less to buy that it did to produce. Instead its super cheap soy which surely you would appreciate?



No, they'll make you kneel and beg for a violent opponent to not hurt you or your own instead of defending those you love. Docile means at the mercy of others.



See, for me, I honestly just rather be dead than live like that. If I had a choice of being a subjugated slave or going out with a bang, I'd chose the latter because what else would I have left to lose at that point? Sure, I'd admit I'd be scared of dying, but I'd be more scared of living like a slave than dying.



You'd rather be dead than have to defend yourself? Or did I misunderstood?



I misunderstood you, or you misunderstood me. What I meant is I rather be dead than a disarmed slave that has to beg and cower for mercy.


File: b9c0d6ec412a8fb⋯.jpg (55 KB, 495x501, 165:167, 1557404031863.jpg)

>soybeans affect the US economy

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