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File: d531f3a5128f1c3⋯.jpg (251.26 KB, 620x480, 31:24, Man-Cash-Money-620480.jpg)


Oregon moved to crack down on racially motivated 911 calls on Monday, responding to a series of publicized incidents across the country where predominantly white civilians called the police on black people going about everyday activities like napping or barbecuing.

Victims of those police calls would be able to sue the caller for up to $250, under a measure overwhelmingly approved by the state Senate.

The move is a joint effort by the Oregon Legislature's only three black lawmakers and is meant to "shine a spotlight on an issue African Americans have known for far too long," according to sponsoring Rep. Janelle Bynum.

"When someone gets the police called on them for just existing in public, it sends a message that you don't belong here," said Bynum, the only black member of the House.

A black family in Oakland had the cops called on them for barbecuing in the park. A Yale graduate student was questioned for sleeping in her dorm's common room. And a pair of black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks after one of them tried to use the restroom, sparking public outcry and the closure of 8,000 stores across the country for "racial bias" training.

Bynum proposed the legislation after being on the receiving ends of such a call. She was canvassing door-to-door for her re-election campaign last year when a woman called 911 because Bynum looked "suspicious."

She said although she was able to get an apology from the woman, she realized that most people have no way to hold these callers accountable.

"This creates a legal pathway to justice for those of us who have to worry about getting the cops called on us for existing in public," she said.



Since when is napping or barbecuing unlawful?


>>783739 I'd like to sue you for creating a boring thread that wasted 45 seconds of my life


So if you see one committing a crime, shoot him dead. Dead people don't sue.



I am very impressed with your sedentary videogame version of what you think represents 'a badass'….

Time to watch another anime cartoon, softieboy




it just gives blacks a way to drag a well-meaning white person's name through the mud. so when you call 911 it's not anonymous anymore and if they feel you profiled them they'll send their mob and the courts after you


>>783747 it doesn't matter that you just so happened to be born white. YOU (you in particular) are just as low and worthless as ANY stupid nigger

I'd love to hear you list some worthwhile contributions you've made on this planet.

you're a lazy, soft, self-entitled marshmallow, unable to back up any of your claims of 'superiority'.

yes, whites are superior…. generally

just not YOU…. you're a bum.


>>783747 you're more reminiscent of a patch of mold growing on your computer chair than you are a man.


Land of the free, home of the brave.

Reminder that this will be done worldwide over the coming few years, they are already making steps toward it.



r h e t o r i c









same-tranny-fag is obvious

kill yourself


File: 2bcec5ce4c8edf0⋯.png (939.54 KB, 1024x776, 128:97, 1171076477939.PNG)




The negroids are now given free reign to do as they like, without adhering to laws. The excuse being that the negroid is too primitive to understand normal societal laws, and that even after hundreds of years of domestication, they still haven't learned a thing. This is of course because they are incapable of learning, and are a dead-end subhuman species that should have been rendered extinct immediately after discovery.

When you let chimps into your society and try to treat them as equals, they will still be chimps with no concept of right or wrong. On top of that, with them being allowed to vote, and thereby vote in their fellow chimps, they will alter the laws to suit themselves, criminalising the act of reporting crimes, if the criminals themselves are fellow chimps.



The evil racist white in that cartoon should be arrested and be forced to pay the poor negroidus criminalus.



>nigger detected

having fires in a public park is illegal in most place.

if an unrecognised nigger is seen sleeping in a campus area they are likely to be a vagrant abusing the facilities.

the two negros that were in starbucks 'wanting to use the bathroom', had not bought anything, and refused to leave without being given access to a customers-only toilet, the staff were right to call the police.

all the stories are twisted, with facts and background elements stripped out.


>sue the caller

Too much effort for $250 niggers won't bother.


File: a8bf41a9317d264⋯.jpg (111.41 KB, 393x480, 131:160, DamonFreemonCivilRightsAtt….jpg)


You're forgetting about all the 'civil rights' attorneys who will gladly sue on every black person's behalf for free, just so they can get a pro bono hours service award in their jurisdiction. This is going to be a mess.



>"When someone gets the police called on them for just existing in public, it sends a message that you don't belong here," said Bynum, the only black member of the House.

That statement is correct though.



>yes, whites are superior…. generally

And because of that the issue is on you to prove that anon as being worthless, rather than him proving his worth. He's white, his semen has intrinsic worth.



Are you telling me it’s against the law to build a fire in one of those barbecue grills that are in like every public park?

I’m having a hard time believing that.



>"When someone gets the police called on them for just existing in public, it sends a message that you don't belong here,"

Gee, maybe there's something to that you dumb niggers. The pozz level just keeps going up in that faggot-riddled state.



Transient donut shop boomers dont get a gret out of jail free card



No decent person wants loud annoying niggers loitering about. They're correct to call the police. Because even if you allow a rare law abiding nigger, it won't be long before he invites his criminal friends.



>No decent person wants loud annoying white nationalist shitting up the internet. They're correct to be banned. Because even if you allow a rare 1/2 decent avg IQ white nationalist free rein, it won't be long before he invites his criminal friends.

this message brought to you by (sac)rifice yor freedoms



>Bill Allows 'Minorities' to Sue

when whites become a minority, this law will be magically abolished..


File: 42c5d3c966c2686⋯.jpg (112.89 KB, 483x500, 483:500, 11moth-slogan-popup.jpg)


File: 829d9ee690d2394⋯.jpg (69.04 KB, 751x699, 751:699, SeeSomethingLogo.jpg)


File: a248ba558180ca0⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 304x448, 19:28, DomesticViolenceVINNY_web.jpg)


File: a6ff96e73268e05⋯.jpg (97.37 KB, 595x842, 595:842, STOPCSE-SSIYSS-Poster4.jpg)


File: 86f809dc7a64dc0⋯.jpeg (977.21 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, ShowImage.jpeg)


>cant post multiple images in same post

So is the slogan of See Something Say Something no longer acceptable?



so the question is what would count as a lawful reason to contact the police?

after all, i'm not aware of any nigga that's going to say, "I was casing the joint, Mr. Officer" or "I just executed someone and am looking for my ride" when confronted.



i just be workin' my 9 to 5. now respond to my bs brief.


Maybe if they didnt commit 50% of crimes we wouldnt have to call the police on them so much…too complex of a concept for apes to understand though I guess



The best suggestion I've ever read.


File: 04d5651de6a6c5f⋯.jpg (17.73 KB, 480x488, 60:61, niggerbab.jpg)


It already has been dead for years dumbass. Corporations and money shape your politics.


File: 89c48b93d3155b9⋯.jpg (121.87 KB, 720x556, 180:139, SPWATJJ1.jpg)


I'm Oregon Bill

Did you mean Washington Wally?

Do you pleasure yor anus?


File: be78401e6500298⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 600x373, 600:373, original (1).jpg)

making false police reports is already a crime and it counts for all races. what the fuck is this crap?



>what the fuck is this crap

it's on my cock

give yor self an enema nexy time



>making false police reports is already a crime

Gotta make it EXTRA illegal for whites to do this. It's just another step towards making their very existence a hate crime.



>making false police reports is already a crime

>and it counts for all races

Tell that to Jussie "AIDS Tupac" Smollett, whose 16 felony counts of falsely claiming a hate hoax were dismissed by Afritranny DA Kim Foxx


File: 1c0aacd211308d1⋯.jpg (12.96 KB, 300x200, 3:2, african-american-woman-jud….jpg)



There are a number of distinctions to be made between the crime of filing a false report and the crime this bill is proposing. Filing a false report is essentially lying to the cops and they put it in a report and then you get caught, whereas this bill wants to make it a crime to call the police on a minority in situations where the minority later feels discriminated against pursuant to contact with law enforcement.

So basically, the caller will have committed a crime based entirely on the minority's feelings. There are obvious avenues for a person to abuse this law.

Even worse than what was stated in the article, the $250 fine is only the statutory component of the damages. Check out this bullshit:

>Upon prevailing in an action under this section, the plaintiff may recover:

>(a) The greater of:

>(A) Special and general damages, including damages for emotional distress; or

>(B) Statutory damages of $250 against each defendant found liable under this section; and

>(b) 'Punitive damages.''

>(3) The court may award reasonable attorney fees to the prevailing plaintiff in an action under this section.

So the media is trying to sneak the $250 amount past us, but in reality the defendant (the person who calls 9-1-1) could be on the hook for emotional damages, punitive damages, and will almost definitely have to pay the minority's attorney fees.

Glad I don't live in Oregon!



>If you see someone acting jealous create a distraction




so once again the (((news media))) downplays black bullshit. a law like this would make me terrified to call 911 even if what i saw was a crime. enjoy lawlessness seattle hipsters


File: a912d8308222f89⋯.jpg (62.48 KB, 500x410, 50:41, something-is-afoot.jpg)

>someone suspicious going door to door

>can't call the cops

>they could be testing doors to see if they're going to open to steal small shit

>could take the small shit back to their house if so

>could knock if not

>if someone answers could ask if they're interested in thing in pamphlet, and hand them one if they are, thus covering their ass with each person greeted

>they basically could bullshit and look like they're handing out some pamphlets

>even could set it up so an organization thinks that's it's just some guy handing out pamphlets, further securing their alibi

>or they could just grab some off of a table somewhere and use them to avoid having their name on record in some company

This is ripe for abuse.



>that should have been rendered extinct immediately after discovery.

Then you woulda been extinct you genuinely stupid person

I see alot of dummies here, but you are pure wood




you are the most predictable dipshit on this planet


File: 8e4c81779af7e04⋯.jpg (8.32 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 1uzr4p.jpg)


File: 8bf1f476baf10b6⋯.jpg (93.39 KB, 313x382, 313:382, 1552979904990.jpg)


Lol nigger.


How exactly does it hurt you to have to talk to a police officer?



>Glad I don't live in Oregon!

I am so glad I don't live among a high population density at all. Today, depressed rural small towns are the only retreat in America. Its literally all thats left worth living for. And thats not much, but consider the alternatives…..


anti-slide 33334


File: 09ec1554b3589f0⋯.gif (140.61 KB, 469x340, 469:340, giphy.gif)


Even is I saw some thug robbing my old white haired lady neighbor I wouldn't call the cops because then he can just ask the cops for my name. Fuck that. This judge who whoever did this ruling is going to turn the whole area into a nigger's paradise



Just do like the scammers do, use an app to call from a number which isn’t yours to falsely report the negro festivity’s. Only down side is if that number belongs to a white person, so make sure you use known negros phone numbers. You’re welcome!



The alternatives being that the nogs are around every corner and now they can rob you through the courts



Honestly, what’s going to stop them from purposely going to places and acting shady trying to get the cops called on them so they can make a quarter of what many Americans make in a week.


fake news

real news:

i'm hooked on eating shit


my anus hurts


paint dries


Do like Andy, just-kiss-it, fuck off for good


truth hurts


>the nanny state where you can't even pump your own gas now wants to make you calling the police a criminal action

What a surprise

There's like 20 niggers in total in the state of Oregon outside of portland and salem, still glad I moved out of that shithole

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