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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: 204a5d2edea3ebf⋯.png (473.4 KB, 637x358, 637:358, facial recognition .png)


The bill, dubbed the "Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance," is the first of its kind to gain approval in the U.S., and similar bans are pending in Oakland, Calif. and Somerville, Mass. Other cities may follow suit after San Francisco's ban on facial recognition tech goes into place.




best news

why is san trabajado doing something decent?


Good luck. The state is going to march right on forward with research and surveillance, only thing this 3rd-meaning bullshit is gonna do is remove the capability for that research to be done at America's tech hub.


You know it only bans the CITY from using the tech, every individual and corporation in the city is still free to do so. The same legislation also MASSIVELY expands the number of people wearing body cams and the number of places where fixed city cameras are to be installed.

It helps to read past the headlines.


…based libs?



Oh, right… This.


Could it be that they the homelessness (((shit and needles in the street))) problem is leading the San Fransisco people to realize that Communist sucks ass?


Could it be that the homelessness (((shits and needles in the streets))) problem is leading the San Fransisco people to realize that Communism sucks ass?

>Is it possible that they don’t want more Socialism?



No, they just care more about criminal niggers than victims of crime



Or could it be that they don't want people prosecuted for victimless/fabricated crimes?



Amazingly, you might actually be right…


Protecting criminal niggers also protects paranoid patriots. Paranoid patriots protect all of us from tyrant.

Freedom is a two edged sword that protects both the light and the dark.

That is why this issue will be debated for all of eternity.

Those who are hurt by criminals will seek protection from the law.

Those who are hurt by the law will seek protection from the law.

Those who are criminal will seek protection from the law.

Those who wish to protect themselves from criminals will seek protection from the law.

Those who are weak and submissive will want the law to protect them.

Those who are strong and individually autonomous will want to protect themselves.

Cops cannot tell the difference between the criminals and the strong people who believe in individual autonomy because EVERYTHING aid technically illegal, and only a weak cowardly weasel even has the capability of following all of the laws…

Cops cannot tell the difference between the citizens that are weak and cowardly and the citizens who are obedient and patient.

Those who are submissive and week will be guided by cowardice for all of their days; right and wrong is of no consequence to them.

Those who are obedient and patient will suffer the agony of being abused by people who misperceive their kindness as weakness. They are bound by rules that the cowardly and the criminal niggers do not play by… and the cops honestly cannot tell who is who…



This has of course nothing to do with state sanctioned murder of whites without evidence…get ready for another round of mysteriously vanishing homeless demographics.


<oh noes this [insert incredibly useful technological advance here] is harmful for black people of color and hispanic mexican illegals! we have to BAN it!!!1

Another day in burgerkike zionist paradise.


>would not address law enforcement's use


File: 416d336cc3786c8⋯.png (48.08 KB, 858x806, 33:31, banaan.png)

The Bill Being Passed In Court!



File: 6cf29393df60259⋯.jpg (201.74 KB, 599x599, 1:1, All around me are familiar….jpg)


I know it could be worse, but that doesn't really help.

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