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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: 28d6825b052b877⋯.png (461.35 KB, 639x396, 71:44, isobel.png)


A woman died in a 10 million to one “freak” accident when she was struck by lightning while hill walking with friends in the Highlands during a thunderstorm.

Isobel Bytautas, 55, died in the incident and a second woman was injured on a ridge in mountains near Fort William.



WoW! Finally some true news.


Good. She should have been at home.



Too bad it wasn't boris johnson or some other wanker brexiteer




nice to see some lithuanians in the news



That's no woman.

Shouldn't have been in the country.

Bet it was carrying a metal selfie stick on the highest point of ground it could find.

Describing a lighting strike as a "freak accident" is fucking stupid on several levels,

Looks like a dyke, the old gods are returning and cleansing the earth.



Nice larp jew be careful what you wish for


I'm just surprised it didn't follow up with:

"Any and all metal objects are now forbidden to be carried outside during any thunderstorm in that vicinity in the UK."

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