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File: 1418268277310.pdf (104.69 KB, Feeding your Body to Gain ….pdf)

f17692  No.194[Reply]

I wrongfully assumed that I would be allowed to post pdfs universally. This thread is a crosspost from >>>/fit/14065 .
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f17692  No.227

File: 1418702221506.pdf (1.01 MB, 3XM-Nutrition Guide.pdf)


f17692  No.228

File: 1418702251478.pdf (1.4 MB, Muscle Building Nutrition-….pdf)

And last of the requested.

f17692  No.230

File: 1418782237900.pdf (7.5 MB, The New Rules of Lifting f….pdf)

Seriously, pls be in London.

f17692  No.4130

just tryina post, mods

f17692  No.4198

Any of you guys have Ultimate MMA Conditioning by Joel Jamieson on PDF?

File: 1470150369944.pdf (2.04 MB, Cliff Arnebeck - ARNEBECK ….pdf)

984e37  No.4167[Reply]

Cliff Arnebeck letter to POTUS and VPOTUS

984e37  No.4168

File: 1470150696745-0.pdf (3.52 MB, Complaint.pdf)

File: 1470150696745-1.pdf (735.91 KB, Reddit thread Open Letter.pdf)

Court case complaint and Reddit thread

984e37  No.4169

File: 1470150792958.pdf (189.15 KB, Michael Connell - Wikipedi….pdf)

Michael Connell wikipedia page

984e37  No.4170

File: 1470150847685.pdf (1.47 MB, Voting Irregularities by t….pdf)

Voting irregularities in Louisiana, definitely check this one out.

File: 1469755138960-0.pdf (7.06 MB, Shock Therapy for a Brain ….pdf)

File: 1469755138960-1.png (93.46 KB, 570x806, 285:403, Shock Therapy for a Brain ….png)

0a06af  No.4146[Reply]

0a06af  No.4148

Thank you!

File: 1468336852276-0.png (125.83 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fr_pol_croix_celtique_BBR.png)

File: 1468336852276-1.pdf (246.53 KB, fr_pol.pdf)

10a161  No.4104[Reply]

Flyers pour le thread francophone de /pol/

10a161  No.4125

Je ne parle pas francais?

Je suis un user de /pol/

J'ai un frommage.

What was I saying? Was it correct? I don't remember my french classes lol.

10a161  No.4129

pourquoi ça existe? il y a vraiment un /pol/ français?

File: 1468607894125.pdf (4.91 MB, declasspart4.pdf)

9e3773  No.4117[Reply]

28 pages

File: 1467179004374-0.pdf (2.83 MB, 1 Intro Material.pdf)

File: 1467179004378-1.pdf (1.1 MB, 2 Part I Redacted DR_0.pdf)

File: 1467179004378-2.pdf (1.12 MB, 3 Part II Redacted DR.pdf)

File: 1467179004378-3.pdf (798.53 KB, 4 Part III Redacted DR.pdf)

File: 1467179004378-4.pdf (446.99 KB, 5 Part IV Compliance.pdf)

99bc5a  No.4067[Reply]

81 New Witnesses, 75,000 New Pages of Documents Reveal Significant New Information,

Fundamentally Changes the Public’s Understanding of the 2012 Terrorist Attacks that Killed Four Americans

99bc5a  No.4068

File: 1467179032382-0.pdf (40.78 KB, 6 Part V Recommendations.pdf)

File: 1467179032384-1.pdf (19.74 KB, 7 App A H Res 567.pdf)

File: 1467179032386-2.pdf (30.83 KB, 8 App B Persons and Orgs.pdf)

File: 1467179032386-3.pdf (17.15 KB, 9 App C Questions to POTUS.pdf)

File: 1467179032386-4.pdf (19.12 KB, 10 App D Timeline of Secur….pdf)

99bc5a  No.4069

File: 1467179095064-0.pdf (1.85 MB, 11 App E Security Incident….pdf)

File: 1467179095064-1.pdf (211.83 KB, 12 App F Benghazi Security….pdf)

File: 1467179095065-2.pdf (884.41 KB, 13 App G Attack Timelines.pdf)

File: 1467179095065-3.pdf (70.43 KB, 14 App H Sit Rep-PDB Redac….pdf)

File: 1467179095065-4.pdf (88.91 KB, 15 App I Int Summaries.pdf)

99bc5a  No.4070

File: 1467179141393-0.pdf (321.86 KB, 16 App J Request - Product….pdf)

File: 1467179141393-1.pdf (178.06 KB, 17 App K Prior Report Revi….pdf)

File: 1467179141393-2.pdf (10.88 KB, 18 App L Bios.pdf)

File: 1467179141393-3.pdf (446.59 KB, 19 Jordan and Pompeo Addit….pdf)

99bc5a  No.4085

File: 1467907884713.pdf (2.84 MB, capstone-workshop.pdf)

Dropping this here. It is relevant to Benghazi through the email scandal… I guess.

File: 1466787324047-0.pdf (1.63 MB, Bernardo Investigation Rev….pdf)

File: 1466787324047-1.pdf (127.89 KB, 10_Campbell_Summary.pdf)

89dd34  No.4062[Reply]

For >>>/pol/6461392 and >>>/pedowood322/

File: 1465975163341.pdf (3.3 MB, SJWs Always Lie - Vox Day.pdf)

f47dd5  No.4023[Reply]

For anon.

f47dd5  No.4046

File: 1466663497027.pdf (235.95 KB, I've Got Nothing to Hide a….pdf)

need somewhere to put this

I've Got Nothing to Hide and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy by Daniel J Solove

File: 1451085112213-0.pdf (636.46 KB, HitMan-Manual_for_Independ….pdf)

File: 1451085112273-1.png (807.77 KB, 1070x800, 107:80, 324242342380.png)

8abd7a  No.3125[Reply]

for a pol tread.

2 VERY politically incorrect books :^)

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

8abd7a  No.3178

Fist thyme per-rousing tis bored.



Pardon I don't recall the author or title of my mentioning however I think the title is 'On Killing'. It's a book by an retired Col. or something and he discusses what it takes to kill. By this I mean he starts out talking about back in the day when growing up in a farming community. The respect of the animal you're raising to slaughter for survival, substanance was of grave importance. I've not read much past there. He does mention how soldiers would usually do things like aim high, to the sky, during early gunfare wars. As a man who's killed, seen killing, studied it, he gives insight on what it's like. Considering your titles I thought I'd mention what I could to recommend this book.

Tanks ewe berry mulch.

Curry urn.

8abd7a  No.3187

The book I mentioned,


I found it in Casey's thread on this board:


>>From my personal books folder

In his post:


>>all my e-books are now here:


>>you can make a request itt and ill look into uploading it if it's good. thanks.

The book is 'On Killing' by Grossman.

8abd7a  No.3915

File: 1463284282131-0.pdf (585 KB, abramelin3.pdf)

File: 1463284282131-1.pdf (475 KB, abramelin2.pdf)

File: 1463284282131-2.pdf (518 KB, abramelin1.pdf)

8abd7a  No.3997

File: 1464824699855.pdf (4.24 MB, The Art of Memetics - Edwa….pdf)

Using this thread for another /pol/ thread

8abd7a  No.4031

File: 1466248195359.pdf (3.46 MB, djtdncgucc.pdf)

Well someone on /pol/ requested this and I don't know how to do the PDF in the pic trick so I'll put it here

File: 1465411959742.pdf (1.37 MB, Conference of Berlin.pdf)

fbdeb1  No.4003[Reply]

Can we perhaps have a thread dedicated to books about colonialism and imperalism?

File: 1455624823358.pdf (403.84 KB, Schauberger, Viktor - Unse….pdf)

861f13  No.3449[Reply]

Request for some anon.

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861f13  No.3886


Since you've made it this far


No one in STEM will teach you aether physics, but an understanding of the aether is a must if you want concrete evidence for your esoteric phenomena.

861f13  No.3889


Thanks, man. Looks interesting. I've yet to dive into physics in relation to my occult studies a la http://scalarphysics.com/ . Will add this to my reading list.

Got any more?

861f13  No.3890


I checked the forgottenbooks copy; it has an ad instead of a page every once in a while, so to anyone interested in the book I'd suggest downloading from archive.org instead:


861f13  No.3920


I aprreciate it greatly, anon. Have sporadically tried to gather resources to kickstart the endeavour towards true natural science. I could pay you back in kind, but I haven't started reading my own materials yet, so I might be peddling you misinfo. Thus I'll refrain from doing so.


Robert Otey has done a lot of research on this based on what he has said in interview related and seems to be one of the most based individuals I've ever heard talk. https://redice.tv/red-ice-radio/unscientific-cosmogony-gravity-quantum-physics-and-einstein (The second hour is also excellent and further reinforces his level of fullspectrum "redpilled" I have rarely seen before)

When I've got more time on my hands I think I'll delve into his resources first and work from there on out. http://www.feandft.com/

861f13  No.3932


I don't know how to feel about Otey juts yet. I don't think he did a good job of presenting his side in the redice interview; I feel he came off as "It's all baloney, no argument needed" too much. He does know about the zionists and about hermetics it seems, so odds are he might be quite right. I agree with the mythamatics angle as well.

Dewey B. Larson's The Case Against the Nuclear Atom might as well be a good place to start with him.

File: 1452215323570.jpg (844.22 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Watchtower.jpg)

c2874a  No.3204[Reply]

Hey /pdf/,

So lately I've thought I should contribute something to the chans beside shitposting, so here I am to read anything interesting you want me to.

Link PDF's or books that you can't already find an audiobook of here, and I'll do my best to record them as soon as possible.

What I sound like: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1uDQY1YM7cV

Also if anyone has any tips on better sound quality pls give

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

c2874a  No.3799


>Culture of Critique

That would be marvelously

c2874a  No.3814



Thirding CoC.

Final Judgment would be another good one.

c2874a  No.3838

Someone should do Houston Stewart Chamberlain - The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century

c2874a  No.3893

bumping this.

If OP's no longer interested, somebody else with a decent voice should step up. Audiobooks are one thing we desperately need to get the information out to a wider audience.

c2874a  No.3899

I'll bump this again.

Any short book from the General Thread will do.

File: 1444390656050-0.jpg (450.81 KB, 1152x768, 3:2, DSC_0156.jpg)

File: 1444390656050-1.pdf (217.23 KB, holy hell it is finished.pdf)

706d3c  No.2619[Reply]

Sup /pdfs/ I'm a writefag for /pol/.

A couple months ago I wrote a novella for all the /new/smen and /pol/acks of the world. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

The Hand that Holds the World

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

706d3c  No.2899


Oops meant to greentext that email address, for no reason


706d3c  No.3121


hope you work with the fixed version (no typos)

706d3c  No.3151

85fb30 here, I haven't set anything yet but I'd probably fix any normal spelling errors if I encountered them since OP is probably not going to be in communication with me it seems.

706d3c  No.3250

Shit piece of writing. Nothing to do with the politics, you are just a banal, febrile little prose stylist.

706d3c  No.3849

I liked it, but a bit depressing

File: 1460019257263.jpg (23.32 KB, 600x274, 300:137, trump-lion.jpg)

4d7e0c  No.3781[Reply]

PDF cache of files used to create a comprehensive list of delegates supporting Trump.

4d7e0c  No.3782

File: 1460019379480.pdf (70.94 KB, Pennsylvania alt delegates….pdf)

Pennsylvania alt delegates list for verifying correct merging.

4d7e0c  No.3783

File: 1460045681293.pdf (289.83 KB, Pennsylvania delegates.pdf)

These are all the Pennsylvania delegates in just a plain list. Click the delegate's name or petition link for more info (that should be put into the table if you feel you have the time).

I've kept all the redundant info in this table for reference. It should preferably be trimmed out with any update.

4d7e0c  No.3784

File: 1460046611911.pdf (284.78 KB, Pennsylvania delegates tri….pdf)


Realized it would take me two seconds to do this.

4d7e0c  No.3803

File: 1460363237140.pdf (193.76 KB, Delegates.pdf)

Contact information and survey results entered.

File: 1422050677272.png (105.96 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, New Rhodesia.png)

8ad31a  No.470[Reply]

This thread is dedicated for stuff that might help in the colonization of >>>/namibia/

Also check >>>/pol/ for dedicated threads.
>>>/k/ for knowledge and discussion on weapons

Here is some other allready here on /pdfs/ that is relevant allready. More specific things will be added in the coming days. I have a shitton of things here on my PC

Check out Krystallnacht, CNQZU and LibGen. These sites have a lot of pdfs covering the building of homemade weapons, building shelters, storing food, filter water and survivalism, military stratergy and so on. I will upload related content in the coming days. Feel free to do so yourself.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

8ad31a  No.1835


Communism was never tried which is why the hammer and sickle is not censored where as the Swastika was represented by people who outright stated their hate for other races.

8ad31a  No.2006


Back to /leftypol you communist retard!

8ad31a  No.2011


Civilian casualties of wwii perhaps. Because zhe germans always start wars.

8ad31a  No.3687


ded board

ded movement

ded race

8ad31a  No.3743

File: 1459360222732.pdf (1.81 MB, Into_the_Cannibal_39_s_Pot….pdf)

Ilana Mercer - Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa (2012)

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