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000000  No.10768

Hello anons.

I will soon, go live in nature. I want to abandon this shitty civilization and go resource myself in nature, but i want also keep reading. It will be a sort of purification of the body and the mind.

The problem is that i want to keep reading, but i can't bring dozens of books in my bag, that's why i want to have a way to read on a screen.

I had a e-reader, a Kobo (120€, don't remember the model) but i sold it because she didn't read well pdf's files.

Do you have a e-reader who read pdf good ? Or should i buy a tablet with anti-blue filter ? But the problem is that the autonomy is lower than a e-reader (i will have a solar charge).

Thanks everyone.

6ee500  No.10811


I have a asus zenpad 3s. I like it really well. It has a bluelight function on it.

6e71cc  No.10939

File: 0f369e6c8c70827⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 4208x3120, 263:195, IMG_20190115_210614.jpg)


Get an e-reader, and install KOReader on it.

Set it to landscape mode, set the zoom mode to 'Zoom to fit content width', and enable auto or semi-auto page cropping. You should be able to get a good third to a half a page on the screen at a time and have the text be a reasonable size.

f652e9  No.11136


It depends how much you want to spend. I lucked out and found a Kindle DX (the discontinued large screen kindle) on craigslist for 50 Canadian Dollaroos. All of the current gen large format ereaders are 400Cad+.

391d45  No.11487


edit: can't get my kindle dx registered, so can't transfer. bought books onto it. only worth it if you're interested in reading only pirated books.

2ce3a7  No.11490


You can transfer bought books to an unregistered kindle, its just a lengthier process. You need calibre and and old version of kindle for pc, I think 1.17 its the last one before the new DRM. Then get the books from the kindle folder and throw them to calibre, convert them to mobi and from calibre put them in the kindle.

b15c91  No.11642

619cce  No.11645


That might be a good alternative to the "established" brands. Post-purchase support might not be as good.

72ae5f  No.11647


A decent tablet

000000  No.11933

Ok guys, OP here.

I come back to you after a little while, I was busy. I go on a trip, in the nature this summer, I already have some equipment. For the tablet, I still have not decided but I do not think to take a e-reader, I think of going on a tablet.

Which tablet do you recommend? Knowing that it must be resistant, no apple shit.

Is Raspberry good? I find it nice to be able to mount his own tablet.

Thank you.

e2ebda  No.11935


If you go for a tablet, you'll compromise on much of the battery life. And a tablet's LCD display might fare badly under sunlight.

Kindle Paperwhite seems the best to me (then check if the OS can be rooted, search for it).

b7bcab  No.11937



Get a used Kobo aura

000000  No.11967



Ok i agree with that. But i have book about comestibles plants and i need a color.

But if the e-reader really worth, well i guess i'll buy one.

Kindle Paperwhite or another ?

37cac7  No.11974


I got the paperwhite kindle and I am satisfied with it. I dislike the kindle format, I like to run pdf through it.#

The battery lasts long enough. When I read every day one hour or more the battery lasted for two weeks, otherwise it lasts much longer.

There is no color though

1ae377  No.11977


yeah, the kindle dx is fine for novels, but it sucks for PDFs (which is most of what I want to read). I have a kindle DX, but it's getting kind of old and I am thinking of upgrading to one of the ebook readers on aliexpress. I want the boox max 2 but the price is so… damn hard to justify.

1ae377  No.11978


I meant kindle paper white is fine for novels, but sucks for PDFs. Kindle DX is great for PDFs, but they are getting old now

378d16  No.12295

Get an ipad for 300 bucks. Fuck everything else.

554f10  No.12353


iPad is hard on the eyes and is distracting because of other apps

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