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File: 5feaf550e64dd2b⋯.jpeg (19.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 002931EC-5483-4D04-A89C-9….jpeg)

907165  No.12227

ITT we post left nationalist PDFs from ideologies such as


National Bolshevism

Syrian social nationalism

Social nationalism

Polish Falange

National syndicalism


And many more

907165  No.12228

File: f9a90b750b00a9f⋯.pdf (239.77 KB, national-bolshevism.pdf)

907165  No.12229

File: 5426f627f799cd5⋯.pdf (564.67 KB, Germany_Tomorrow_-_Otto_St….pdf)

Germany Tomorrow by Otto strasser

d3a4b0  No.12250

good god I have a huge library, take a look

only thing missing is a copy of The Green Book (though I may have it), and Karl O. Paetel's book (still waiting on that English translation, Ich sprechen schiesse Deustchlander…anyways


907165  No.12262


You are a saint

ad71e4  No.12263

You can spend your life reading books. Make sure you do something before you die.

907165  No.12267


That’s kinda the driving force behind left nationalism lol it’s just really hard to find books on the subject thus this thread

6c4e39  No.12269

2bd8df  No.12275

Anyone got any niekisch or SSNP books?

7498ec  No.12276

death to socialism

907165  No.12277


Yeah this ain’t /pol/ buddy it’s just a pdf thread

2f1693  No.12281

d3a4b0  No.12286

anyone have any pro-Khmer Rouge publications….several people on /fascist/ are looking for it.

dd4e40  No.12288


This place is pretty much /pol/s bookshelf.


That board confuses me sometimes.

d3a4b0  No.12289


no problem, I believe that was me before my IP change

d3a4b0  No.12290


I'm sorry you feel that way

907165  No.12298

File: 242df3dfe3e7cda⋯.pdf (1.35 MB, Paetel-The-National-Bolshe….pdf)

Here it is everyone. The Translation everyone has been waiting for. National Bolshevik manifesto by Karl Otto paetel

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