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File: 1419186520036.pdf (1.9 MB, 31323686-Guerrilla-Air-Def….pdf)

80d66a  No.267

Guerrilla Air Defense

80d66a  No.268

File: 1419186558099.pdf (4.18 MB, 79153236-Special-Forces-Ha….pdf)

Special Forces Handbook

80d66a  No.269

Total Resistance: Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare

80d66a  No.270

File: 1419186878270.pdf (190.74 KB, CIA Psychological Ops in G….pdf)

Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare

80d66a  No.271

File: 1419187255419.pdf (3.94 MB, Guerrilla Warfare by Mao T….pdf)

Guerrilla Warfare by Mao Tsetung

80d66a  No.272

File: 1419187308084.pdf (95.24 KB, GuerillaWarfareCheGuevara.pdf)

Guerrilla Warfare by Che Guevara

80d66a  No.273

File: 1419187375074.pdf (4.71 MB, Guerrilla_Warfare__by__Yan….pdf)

Guerrilla Warfare by "Yank" Burt Levy

80d66a  No.274

File: 1419187427883.pdf (1.38 MB, How_to_Start_&_Train_a_Mil….pdf)

How to Start and Train a Militia Unit

80d66a  No.275

File: 1419187526832.pdf (7.59 MB, The-Trapping-and-Destructi….pdf)

The Trapping and Destruction of Executive Armored Cars

80d66a  No.276

File: 1419187585240.pdf (2.18 MB, OSS Manual- Simple Sabotag….pdf)

OSS Manual: Simple Sabotage

80d66a  No.277

File: 1419187623468.pdf (75.69 KB, Evading Dogs and Myths.pdf)

Evading Dogs

80d66a  No.278

File: 1419187678303.pdf (3.45 MB, GuideToFieldManufacturedEx….pdf)

Guide to Field Manufactured Explosives

80d66a  No.279

File: 1419187719260.pdf (379.52 KB, 50678984-Electric-Detonato….pdf)

Manufacture of Electric Detonators

80d66a  No.280

File: 1419187792674.pdf (2.12 MB, Manual_of_Shaped_Charge_De….pdf)

Manual of Shaped Charge Design

80d66a  No.281

File: 1419187865220.pdf (1.82 MB, AR-15 to M-16 Conversion.pdf)

AR-15 to M-16 Conversion

80d66a  No.282

File: 1419187899329.pdf (2.71 MB, Bazooka - How To Build You….pdf)

Bazooka: How to Build Your Own

80d66a  No.283

File: 1419187996579.pdf (4.73 MB, 50calRifleConstructionManu….pdf)

.50-Caliber Sniper Rifle Construction Manual

80d66a  No.284

File: 1419188196053.pdf (3.68 MB, Improvised Recoilless Laun….pdf)

Improvised Recoilless Launcher

80d66a  No.285

File: 1419188390587.pdf (5.4 MB, 2165936-Getaway-Driving-Te….pdf)

Getaway: Driving Techniques for Escape and Evasion

80d66a  No.287

File: 1419190214865.pdf (267.93 KB, Disinformation How to Figh….pdf)

Disinformation How to Fight Back by Sweeney

-I used this one quite regularly in early january and July when the Russian Shills went to halfchan's /pol/

80d66a  No.288

File: 1419190399675.pdf (3.56 MB, Residential Crime Preventi….pdf)

Residential Crime Prevention Information Kit Victoria Police

For when you just want to ride through the happening

80d66a  No.289

File: 1419190510244.pdf (340.88 KB, The Normalization of Corru….pdf)

The Normalization of Corruption in Organizations by Ashford and Anand

Useful if you want to see whether the revolutionary organization you just joined is going to turn on you

80d66a  No.355


now these i can use

80d66a  No.511

File: 1422357344855-0.pdf (516.05 KB, Curzio_Malaparte_Technique….pdf)

File: 1422357344855-1.jpg (24.69 KB, 201x320, 201:320, malaparte coup.jpg)

80d66a  No.632


compilation of ww1 speeches of David Lloyd George

Hitler praised their agitative power in chapter 6 of Mein Kampf vol #2 and sneered at contemporary german intellectuals who thought that they were "low quality".

80d66a  No.643

File: 1423838018859.pdf (1.06 MB, PPsh-41.pdf)

The Complete Machine Plans for
Shpagin PPSh-41 submachine gun

80d66a  No.644

File: 1423841779649-0.pdf (1.75 MB, The Man on Horseback - Sam….pdf)

File: 1423841779649-1.jpg (18.72 KB, 227x346, 227:346, man on horseback.jpg)

File: 1423841779649-2.jpg (76.25 KB, 374x578, 11:17, luttwak coup.jpg)


>In a 1980 review of the book, Richard Clutterbuck called Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook (1968) one of "only two general contemporary books on the subject" of military coups d'état that are worthwhile in content and readerly interest, the other being Samuel Finer's The Man on Horseback. However, Clutterbuck criticises the book for not further emphasising the role of the news media in determining the likely success of a coup d'état.

80d66a  No.672

File: 1424126697436-0.pdf (4.64 MB, Walter_Lippmann_The_Phanto….pdf)

File: 1424126697436-1.jpg (18.39 KB, 239x346, 239:346, phantom public.jpg)

>Although he had written it as a shorter and more popularly aimed sequel to Public Opinion, which had enjoyed considerable intellectual and popular success, Lippmann worried that the more pointed and damning argument of The Phantom Public would get him in trouble

>The book's argument, for all its bleakness, deserved a better hearing than it got. Most reviewers were disheartened by its seeming pessimism. The Phantom Public soon went out of print, and in the years since has been virtually forgotten. This neglect is unfortunate, for it is one of Lippmann's most powerfully argued and revealing books. In it he came fully to terms with the inadequacy of traditional democratic theory.


>Bernays - Propaganda
>Debord - Comments on The Society of the Spectacle

80d66a  No.1717

File: 1434540589067.jpg (38.72 KB, 313x475, 313:475, canetti crowds and power.jpg)


elias canetti - crowds and power

massive original attempt without freudianism, marxism or lebon, to describe mass psychology and its instances in history

80d66a  No.1718

File: 1434575710835-0.jpg (48.09 KB, 480x596, 120:149, POLITICAL TERROR.jpg)

File: 1434575710851-1.png (246.52 KB, 300x450, 2:3, Aqea0bO.png)

File: 1434575710852-2.jpg (8.37 KB, 182x276, 91:138, siege.jpg)

80d66a  No.3093

File: 1450432591893.pdf (779.31 KB, Kilcullen - The City as a ….pdf)

The City as a System: Future Conflict and Urban Resilience - David Kilcullen

80d66a  No.3094

File: 1450433502635.pdf (262.71 KB, 100 Ways to Disappear.pdf)

100 Ways to Disappear

80d66a  No.3416

File: 1455317471705.jpg (260.99 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, kohlhaas.jpg)

80d66a  No.3426

File: 1455365540764.png (530.33 KB, 1350x2000, 27:40, 1455047367440.png)

military grade meme and mass movement research by dr robert finkelstein (2011)

presented at Social Media for Defense Summit

Alexandria, Virginia


currently unavailable at original sauce:


80d66a  No.3429

File: 1455378965547-0.pdf (4.17 MB, Internet Trolling as a hyb….pdf)

File: 1455378965548-1.jpg (697.01 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, 3353-0.jpg)


>Internet Trolling as a hybrid warfare tool: the case of Latvia

80d66a  No.3477

Does anyone have an English copy of Werwolf field manual?

I'm not sure how dated it is, but it sounds interesting

80d66a  No.3510

File: 1455995809046.pdf (3.91 MB, sswerwolf.pdf)



I also have a copy with better quality but it's too big for 8chan as it is slightly above 8 MB


80d66a  No.3511

File: 1455996248144.jpg (11.85 KB, 300x300, 1:1, linebarger.jpg)


official military manual for many years

>Psychological Warfare (1948)

>by Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger

>aka Cordwainer Smith



use pomf

80d66a  No.3609

File: 1456968679241.jpg (39.02 KB, 310x500, 31:50, true believer.jpg)


>eric hoffer

>The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements


80d66a  No.4938


Can somebody upload these books again ?.

80d66a  No.4945


I uploaded Coup D'etat to Endchan /pdfs/ since it's too big to upload here.


Is there something wrong with The Man On Horseback file above? Seems fine to me.

80d66a  No.5120


Thanks for your help bro, let's keep the good work!

80d66a  No.5121


Thanks for your help bro, let's keep the good work!>>4945

80d66a  No.5554

good shit. thanks fellas.

577b91  No.7670

File: f28e26e1afd2e8d⋯.jpg (37.27 KB, 314x500, 157:250, schelling.jpg)

294fc3  No.7681

File: 87ec12820be5be4⋯.pdf (3.32 MB, Bookchin-The_Next_Revoluti….pdf)

The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy

by Murray Bookchin

e0d1ba  No.8212

File: 9b582568ab78789⋯.jpg (18.78 KB, 322x499, 322:499, 31 oql69nsL__SX320_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 90a657915244b32⋯.pdf (374.81 KB, the-invisible-committe-to-….pdf)

To Our Friends

e0d1ba  No.8293

File: 6978474b5bfacca⋯.jpg (43.34 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51nWF1FWn1L__SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 9841660ebf14506⋯.pdf (2.09 MB, [Prof._James_J._Brittain]_….pdf)

Revolutionary Social Change in Colombia: The Origin and Direction of the FARC-EP

by James J. Brittain

e0d1ba  No.8313

File: daf6f1b3ee88847⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 305x499, 305:499, 31Mh90q4TlL__SX303_BO1,204….jpg)

File: b716339cef442ae⋯.pdf (847.34 KB, coming in.pdf)

e0d1ba  No.8345

File: 7aa1eb4e42ffded⋯.pdf (3.72 MB, Invisible-Committee-NOW-RE….pdf)


e0d1ba  No.8348

File: e3ff76cc7483c99⋯.jpg (49.6 KB, 323x499, 323:499, 51dQxQ5PKAL__SX321_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 3838f1b05490510⋯.pdf (665.36 KB, J._Moufawad-Paul_-_Continu….pdf)

134742  No.8367

e0d1ba  No.8369


That's the title, author(s) are anon, so no credit given.

a3f3b7  No.9875

File: 32002be378ec5ce⋯.gif (159.09 KB, 301x475, 301:475, system.gif)


>(((aaron nimzovich))) - my system

>considered to be one of the most influential chess books of all time

this edition uses descriptive notation


db7870  No.10676

File: fbdf2a3350e7ee1⋯.jpg (28.41 KB, 341x499, 341:499, copeland.jpg)

File: efdbf063ae118fe⋯.jpg (34.4 KB, 313x499, 313:499, copeland2.jpg)

some Miles Copeland books


>The Game Of Nations(1969)


>Without Cloak Or Dagger (1974)

>Miles Axe Copeland, Jr. was an American musician, businessman, and CIA officer who was closely involved in major foreign-policy operations from the 1950s to the 1980s.








e4bc52  No.10948



Is this real anarchism or some antifa LARPing shit?

000000  No.10992

9dfa5c  No.11001


what is real anarchism?

3993fb  No.11007


People like Proudhon and sorel to an extent

118737  No.11010


who is sorel?

3993fb  No.11013


Georges sorel newfag

cb148c  No.11020


>communism as real anarchism


70aa96  No.11021


Let me guess you did a quick google search and saw “inspired by: Karl Marx” and instantly assumed they were communists

2a88cd  No.11028


syndycalism is almost the same as communism

2b6274  No.11029


The only commonalities are that they are worker based and left wing. Let me guess everything on the left is “muh communism”. Seriously go back to /pol/ please

96b12c  No.11042


arent both egalitarian and anti-money and anti-capitalist?

3993fb  No.11052


National syndicalism isn’t egalitarian as it believes in guilds and meritocracy in those guilds, it’s not anti money unless you look at anarchist syndicalism maybe but I doubt it since it contrasts with the whole point of guilds. Also what’s wrong with anti capitalism?

f3c62a  No.11061


most anticapitalists are either communists or socialists

3993fb  No.11062


Jesus you’re fresh out of /pol/ aren’t you?

3993fb  No.11063


Maybe actually try reading something on this board?

9dfa5c  No.11086


im not

3993fb  No.11091


Then you have a very shallow view of politics my friend. Either that or your “right wing” propaganda videos told you that anything against capitalism is just muh communism or muh anarchismt

9dfa5c  No.11095


>muh national socialism was not socialism


27a04b  No.11096

< "Why," I asked Hitler, "do you call yourself a National Socialist, since your party programme is the very antithesis of that commonly accredited to socialism?"

> "Socialism," he retorted, putting down his cup of tea, pugnaciously, "is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism. The Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning. I shall take Socialism away from the Socialists.

> "Socialism is an ancient Aryan, Germanic institution. Our German ancestors held certain lands in common. They cultivated the idea of the common weal. Marxism has no right to disguise itself as socialism. Socialism, unlike Marxism, does not repudiate private property. Unlike Marxism, it involves no negation of personality, and unlike Marxism, it is patriotic.

> "We might have called ourselves the Liberal Party. We chose to call ourselves the National Socialists. We are not internationalists. Our socialism is national. We demand the fulfilment of the just claims of the productive classes by the state on the basis of race solidarity. To us state and race are one."


3993fb  No.11100


Who was talking anything about national socialism? Are you just pulling things out of your ass or are you just trying to find some political knowledge on all the memes on your phone?

67f46c  No.11103


what do you mean by capitalism in the first place?

2b6274  No.11108


Wow what ever could I mean hmmmm. Capitalism is such a confusing term am I right?

b80270  No.11113


yeah there are many subtypes of capitalism

2b6274  No.11116


Notice how I wasn’t specific and just said capitalism in general. When someone says anti capitalism it’s against capitalism as a whole.

b80270  No.11134


>capitalism as a whole

what do you mean by it?

2b6274  No.11137


I think you’re just trying to be intentionally retarded

291fa3  No.11142

File: 31d6b672edbb603⋯.jpg (105.87 KB, 304x475, 16:25, reluctant partisan cover.jpg)

Do any of you argumentative autistic retards have .pdf or .epub copies of John Mosby's "The Reluctant Partisan" Volumes 1 &/or 2?

6c1f23  No.12124

File: 398be2123ca922f⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 353x500, 353:500, hybrid wars.jpg)


>Andrew Korybko - Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change (2015)



2e0554  No.12354

File: 6852adcb0ad1816⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 274x436, 137:218, law.jpg)


decent book. I found one of his other books on kindle unlimited and uploaded it to libgen but haven't read it yet.

6276e1  No.12445


This please.

I would be very grateful.

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