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File: 2cbb46af3e0cd5c⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 566x564, 283:282, Adolf Hitler reading - mag….jpg)

20d2aa  No.12150496[Reply]

Discussion, suggestions, projects


Morgoth's Library


PDFs Online Libraries Listing


/polarchive/ book links


/polk/ book thread


<Chan Thread Watch to batch/auto-download threads and PDFs


<Thread II >>11702721

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3daa39  No.12690921

File: 41fe414f2700c33⋯.pdf (1.72 MB, [Fred_Rush]_The_Cambridge_….pdf)


The first step would be to stop badjacketing, or permitting it with the men around you. Also, by setting strict parameters around things like 'revolutionary' talk. Look at a group like Sellner's Generation Identity. They get young fit white men and women together, where they can meet in a controlled environment, and use their bodies and minds to benefit their people. Clearly Sellner has headed off the most grievous accusations of Antisemitism by restricting conversation on that topic and addressing it himself, distancing himself from the 'Old' Right in the process. Naturally I do not believe that Sellner, nor the average GI footsoldier really believes this mission statement on the Jewish Question (or the lack thereof, if we want to suspend reality for a moment), just as I don't believe Jared Taylor when he says that the Jews have nothing to do with the racial mission of American Renaissance. Taylor, being an intelligent man, is playing the game, and well. He is always careful to mention the blatantly Jewish surnames of journalists he quotes, as if 'dogwhistling' to the crowd that he is Jew woke. I consider myself a student on the JQ and a dilettante historian in such matters, so perhaps if I went public in one manner or another (a blog under a pen name perhaps), I wouldn't employ such subterfuges, but I recognize their utility when applied surgically with organizations like GI and Amren, and I don't blame them for staying mum. Inculcating a racial sentiment in our brothers and sisters will of consequence lead to an awakening of the Jewish Question down the road, and some of us should be there with accurate facts. Probably a second step would be to always guard against well poisoning and point it out when you see it. Jews are known for literally and figuratively well poisoning for a reason.

8778ca  No.12692202

File: be63c0b371a444d⋯.pdf (2.93 MB, SS Leadership Guide by Alf….pdf)

File: fd73b47b1698cfa⋯.jpg (614.53 KB, 1039x1650, 1039:1650, SS Leadership Guide by Alf….jpg)




e47544  No.12695274

Could any anon recommend a book on active rather than passive traditionalism?

Is such a thing even possible?.jpg

d19686  No.12695615


Here is a video of German Fitness


They did more short, high-intensity types of cardio including running, jumping, throwing, crawling, balance/coordination exercises, etc. These have been rediscovered in recent decades by militaries.

One major improvement since WW2 is the inclusion of a lot more direct resistance training.

226a62  No.12695893


At 4:38 they do "kettlebells" which has become very popular in recent years.

File: 9a47ea13879e412⋯.jpg (153.39 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 1485041319717.jpg)

835b5d  No.12691670[Reply]

Okay boys lets be real. This place is polluted.

Shills, blackpills, fracturing, and tail chasing are rampant, and morale is low. Frankly stated /pol/: were in a rut.

Our group is lacking. We simply do not have enough of the right sorts of people. Industrialists, revolutionaries, scientists, politicians. We've only ourselves, but it is not too late to create the future, and create these people among us by inspiration.

I propose a plan to not only get us out of this rut, but to also secure the future of the NatSoc ideology utilizing our greatest skill on this board.

Propaganda via Memes.

We double down on meme production. Memes of all shape and form across everything that we discuss.

Racial realism, NatSoc ideology, pride in our race, all of it! compartmentalize it into memes and spread them far and wide across all platforms and social media.

This does not have to be, nor should it be isolated. Everyone should participate.

Preppers, Thinkers, even LARPagans have insight and knowledge to share. Share it, they will hear it. We must all do our part in spreading our ideas and ideals across the west by means of the internet, and whatever else can be conceived. Give it style, give it humor, give it everything you can. Fashwave was briefly popular and it still is to an extent because it is stylish and uplifting, despite it's short comings it drew attention and delivered its message.

Our Target: Generation Zyklon

Many will see what we have to say, and some may even be inspired by it, but Gen Z will be the most receptive. They already show promise. They are young, they are hot blooded, they come from a generation of distant or overbearing parents, and no matter where they look they see with young fresh eyes: a corrupt system that does not function, and the parties that uphold it. I believe that with the right push we can redpill and indoctrinate en-mas the future of National Socialism.

As it stands we are slowly emerging. Slowly, but surely. Sometimes we stall like we do today, but inevitably we press fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

36 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aaecbb  No.12695790

File: af2fa10fce4ec56⋯.jpg (88.15 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, linkola.jpg)


Thatt's just pinetree gang though, that already exists.

974245  No.12695812

Misleading memes are the next big meme. Because of image recognition AI. Memes that have some random picture and a quote like "Did you know Fortnite lost 6 million players in the last week? Google 'remember the 6 million' to find out more!"

aaecbb  No.12695821


People should actually read the 88 precepts, you will be extremely surprised. It isn't at all what you would expect it to be.I also very much doubt most '1488' stereotypes have read it either.


e9f608  No.12695832


>Propaganda via Memes. We double down on meme production. Memes of all shape and form across everything that we discuss

I’m on it chief! Another shitty wojak variation coming right up!

8f3fba  No.12695849


Praise Kek!

File: 5d28f5a00511251⋯.png (5.88 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.png)

9933b5  No.11699120[Reply]

This thread is for all political related infosec, opsec and war information.

Posting links to vital opsec websites to start so the rest of the thread and 8chins is safer.




390 posts and 63 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12690969


You're not important schizo paranoid retard.

fd408a  No.12691906


Yeah that's what I was implying.

8f0898  No.12692716



>Waterfox is not pozzed


>If you start up Waterfox for the first time, it will make 109 requests[5] to several spyware platforms, most notably Google Analytics, and Mozilla online services like its Geolocation service, and several other Mozilla services, as well as Waterfox's own update service


Option 1: https://spyware.neocities.org/guides/firefox.html + uMatrix

Option 2: Use Tor with 'security' at highest

b53caf  No.12692959

Stop bumping this thread you fucking unamerican niggers

fa424c  No.12695718


Is this nigga serious?

lol wtf am i reading

File: 1bc2602fa7520c9⋯.png (618.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fucking google.png)

b6b1b9  No.12692109[Reply]

"Disrespectful": Google Employees Melt Down Over The Word "Family"

> - Google employees melted down after the word “family” was used in a company presentation, documents obtained by TheDCNF show.

> - Employees were upset that the word was used in a way that links families with children, which they argued was homophobic.

> - A Google vice president acknowledged that the word “family” had sparked “concerns” about inclusivity.

>A Google executive sparked a fierce backlash from employees by using the word “family” in a weekly, company-wide presentation, according to internal documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

>Many Google employees became angry that the term was used while discussing a product aimed at children, because it implied that families have children, the documents show. The backlash grew large enough that a Google vice president addressed the controversy and solicited feedback on how the company could become more inclusive.

>TheDCNF received the documents from a source who insisted upon anonymity in order to share them.

>One employee stormed out of the March 2017 presentation after a presenter “continued to show (awesome) Unicorn product features which continually use the word ‘family’ as a synonym for ‘household with children,'” he explained in an internal thread. That employee posted an extended rant, which was well-received by his colleagues, on why linking families to children is “offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.”

>He wrote:

> This is a diminishing and disrespectful way to speak. If you mean “children”, say “children”; we have a perfectly good word for it. “Family friendly” used as a synonym for “kid friendly” means, to me, “you and yours don’t count as a family unless you have children”. And while kids may often be less aware of it, there are kids wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

100 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

09b598  No.12695419

Fuckin faggot ass liberal cucks, stick a nigger dick up their ass to calm em down, hit that P spot so they don't have to keep bending over for their pets to fuck their shit

6d27d8  No.12695525


The first infograph should be modified to refer to "biological gender" to be accurate. Gender itself existed as a grammatical concept for ages, and has nothing to do with jewish poz

f288a2  No.12695563


Because conservatards and libtards are not NatSocs.


Everything is homophobic, goy. [CLASPS]

f288a2  No.12695570


>my contradiction

No. It's sex. There is no such thing as gendurr. Gender is grammar-only. Stop using enemy terms and making me doublepost.

000000  No.12695609


Nuke SF when?

File: 14c683ac3f9eaa6⋯.jpg (57.3 KB, 800x507, 800:507, ghostTOP-800x507.jpg)

f17901  No.12682355[Reply]



>“This is the next chapter in the original franchise. It is not a reboot. What happened in the ‘80s happened in the ‘80s, and this is set in the present day.”

Harold Ramis died in 2014, but Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Bill Murray are still around. Murray had a small role in the 2016 reboot, along with cameos by Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts (who played the shrill receptionist Vanessa in the original.)

148 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6638c8  No.12694576


She's Oscar's mother and I think Oscar should appear in the new movie (as a Ghostbuster, like his dad) so she should at least have a minor role. At least I think Peter is Oscar's Dad. Dana says her ex-husband is the father but don't they at least imply that Oscar is really Peter's son?

38111a  No.12694620

File: 4e492e1043a8601⋯.png (546.29 KB, 412x552, 103:138, Alexander Linder 2.png)


>Harold Ramis died in 2014,

Wrong. Alex Linder is still alive.

750063  No.12694663


Ghostbusters III? Great, only 25 years late.

937d0b  No.12694689

Really, the propaganda is getting really weird. I was on the Internet Archive, found an episode of some modern fantasy show like Charmed or Buffy, no idea what the name was and the first thing I noticed was:

1. That's a lot of black characters, like about 1/3 of the cast, not just a single black sidekick that was alteast decent, so many blacks at a university it doesn't make sense.

2. That's is one creepy porn jewesh as the main lead.

3. "So even evil creatures hate nazi's huh" said against the necromancer character they got chained in the basement.

It's over the top, I honestly can't get sucked into a show like that, which means it's losing it's propaganda value, which means their grip is failling.

I turned it off when I saw a black woman in period clothing.

4cae9d  No.12695331


who cares all you need is Bill Murry and Dan Aykroyd from the original cast everything else is expendable in fact putting in the baby from the 2nd one is probably the worst idea imaginable other than the feminist ghost busters.

File: 164abf66a007fbd⋯.jpg (218.36 KB, 1500x843, 500:281, Free_Hugs.jpg)

bd3ce9  No.12695099[Reply]

California Governor Gavin Newsom challenges President Trump to dominance contest. Displays protective coloration in threat display.

California's Governor Gavin Newsom, defying Trump Administration instructions, has pledged unemployment benefits to federal workers whose paychecks have been held up by the shutdown. This is being interpreted as the opening salvo of Newsom's 2024 presidential campaign, in which he plans to use niggers and spics to overcome the rational resistanc eof America's dwindling white population.

This action is the result of a peculiar quirk in the law, where federal workers who have been furloughed during the shutdown can stay home and receive unemployment benefits during their downtime, while "essential" federal workers who stay on the job without pay are not eligible for benefits. Usually, the federal benefits paid to federal workers is considered a federal matter, but California is now effectively an independent country (except for electricity and water, plus federal transportation and education funding), so they'll do what the fuck they want to do.

Newsom, who successfully campaigned for governor in 2018 on a platform of promoting niggers and spics to high office and accelerating the destruction of our race via creative irresponsibility, does not expect to face consequences for his defiance. Using the language of a liberal vagina, the Governor queefed:

>"So, the good news is, we're going to do it, and shame on them. And by 'them', I mean taxpayers and voters in the other 49 states."

California so based. This guy really cares.



8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

f84d37  No.12695245

Make the Spics fight the Negros.

It's that easy.

6e6a31  No.12695258


It's actually easier to respect guys like this, even if you disagree with them and see them as a mortal enemy. Trump is such a microcosm of worthless, self-aggrandizing, cowardly simp republicanism it's genuinely embarrassing to be associated with him – no matter how much his negrophilic shills try to bombard the internet with "alpha memes".

He's a faggot owned by Rothschild creditors and everyone knows it.

0b5cc2  No.12695285

I left California about 20-years ago because of how pozzed it had become. Smartest thing I ever did; the state is turning out to be far more appalling than I feared it would. It was merely vile back then.

If California sunk into the ocean tomorrow, nobody in their right mind would miss it.

c4bf74  No.12695303

File: b1d24af548a01fb⋯.png (184.04 KB, 334x267, 334:267, Count Em.png)

585303  No.12695814


> that pic

I just lost respect for Cantwell.

File: e2d630ec8518a6d⋯.jpg (74.37 KB, 800x420, 40:21, russians-welcome-wehrmacht.jpg)

File: cb4e97db2f38b93⋯.jpg (331.1 KB, 1280x1738, 640:869, hitler-freedom-russians-1.jpg)

File: 8073359c1603b42⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 386x533, 386:533, hitler-freedom-russians-2.jpg)

099e3c  No.12653961[Reply]

/leftypol/ BTFO

>To put it briefly: Ethnic Russians were much less loyal to the Soviet regime in their encounters with the German occupiers than historians have believed up to now.

>This is the story told by UiO researcher Johannes Due Enstad, who has recently published a book about the German occupation of Northwest Russia during World War 2.

>After World War II the Soviet Union created a grandiose history of how all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union were loyal to the regime and formed a common front against the Germans in the “Great Patriotic War”.

>It has been common knowledge for a long time that this is an untrue story, because many Baltic and Ukrainian people despised the Bolshevik regime. At the same time, western historians have largely agreed that the ethnic Russians were loyal to the Stalin regime when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

>According to Enstad, who is a post-doc at the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages at the University of Oslo, it is time to crack this myth apart. In a book recently published by the academic publishers Cambridge University Press, he addresses which side the people of Northwest Russia chose during the German occupation.

>“This area can, in both historical and geographical terms, be seen as a Russian core area and has been part of the Soviet state since the revolution. Nevertheless people – especially the peasants in the countryside, who accounted for 90% of the population – were much less loyal to the regime and the Soviet state than has been thought,” explains Enstad.

Article too long for post, continued here: https://dailyarchives.org/index.php/history/2189-many-russians-hoped-that-hitler-would-free-them-from-stalin


Archive2:https://web.archive.org/web/20190109192850/https://dailyarchives.org/index.php/history/2189-many-russiaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

95 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5a66fc  No.12694060

File: 0bfc6d5e5f717d0⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 534x400, 267:200, 1-09-savvalnieku-dziesma.webm)


Well Trotsky is liked by Commies because "well X happened because that was Stalin, I wanted the other guy that died before he could do anything".


In the Baltic people fought on the side of Germany under the Legionnaires or just on their own (individually or as the Forest Brothers) until Germany announced defeat. After which the ones from the Legionnaires that still wanted to fight joined the Forest Brothers, which caused the Soviets enough trouble that they simply decided to burn down entire forests trying to get them. And the Legionnaires made the Russians incredibly butthurt, since even today Russians protest in the streets every single year on Legionnaire Day accusing everyone of being literally Hitler and waving around signs about the Holocaust while screaming at the top of their lungs. And both Western and Russian media to this day (especially RT) try to paint everyone as literally Hitler for having the gall to commit the crime of remembering the people that died for their country.

1f920e  No.12694171



slavs have the highest yamnaya/afanasievo admixture

d5891e  No.12694338

File: d7cf50db6186e6e⋯.webm (9.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, We Go on the Wide Fields ….webm)

467555  No.12694339


Now that's what I call censorship

4f0e64  No.12695273

File: 0562e0cafad0e5e⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1526647017161.jpg)


>implying american lend lease to allies and to the soviets began only after Germany declared war on U.S.A.

File: b849b5245c6ae88⋯.jpg (180.41 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 7d37eef43d111259db8fd1ec87….jpg)

File: b05bed263ca07a6⋯.jpg (51.75 KB, 395x500, 79:100, German_Soldier_Battle_of_t….jpg)

File: ddc07fc26b692f4⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 297x480, 99:160, d13fa38b29eba723f5db5de9a0….jpg)

0712dc  No.11651293[Reply]

Since it won't be a Turkroach sponsored circlejerk and we can actually have differing opinions, let's discuss World War 2.

Were Germans the real niggers for invading Poland and conquering different countries such as Czechoslovakia?

Would things be better had Hitler not invaded neighboring countries and instead focus primarily on making Germany prosper even more?

Why was Italy so useless?

Did Bomber Harris do anything wrong?

501 posts and 519 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8b4609  No.12694049

Anyone get the "WW2 - Battle of the Atlantic (Combat footage)" video of HCT it's now removed from jewtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDX0odyws_s&list=UUsLKywX28e0d9BoTfALKIcw&index=27

2d488d  No.12694291


It might be blocked in your country IP, I need to switch often too


2d488d  No.12694304



Wrong clip


f2485b  No.12694448


I've seen this countless times and have always felt the same way about it. Only the elite politicians and military commanders knew the real reasons for the war. The average man fighting for the Allies believed he was defending his country and innocent civilians from an evil force, because that's what he had been told. At least in the case of American and British men. Russian men didn't have to believe anything either way because Stalin didn't give a fuck. You were going wherever and doing whatever he said. But for the rest of the Allied fighting men, they "knew" they were fighting the good fight. In the minds of both my grandfathers, they were fighting for my life, freedom and way of life, even though I wouldn't be born for almost 40 more years. It's not fair to hold these men accountable for the lies of the unscrupulous men above them who had their own agendas. Also, in the US, the military had instituted the draft. Many American men didn't have a choice anyway. I don't know if the British were using a draft system as well

cd6151  No.12695042



File: 74dc0eef2c9da10⋯.jpg (154.79 KB, 676x918, 338:459, 45h45h45u4567435b34y66432y….jpg)

168a70  No.12644005[Reply]

HAPPENING: French police to confiscate private guns

> From: Minister of the Interior

> To: Prefects of the police in departments and regions, Prefects of the police

> Subject: Initiation of procedures of confiscation of firearms of categories B,C and D pursuant to legislation 2012-304 of 6 march 2012.

> Due to the gravity of the current situation and expecting a worsening of the insurrection please put into place without delay the necessary procedures to confiscate all firearms of aforementioned categories held by citizens on the national territory.

> Local police and gendarmerie forces will carry out the confiscation and deliver receipts mentioning the date of the confiscation, type and number of seized weapons, information of the identity of the legal owner and [his] corresponding [firearm] permit numbers.

> This confiscation will be applicable for a period of 6 months, which it can be renewed, and after which the firearms should be returned to their owners.

> Special categories[?] and agents of the State authorized to keep and bear firearms will be exempted from the confiscation of their service weapons. [Service weapons of state agents will not be confiscated].

> Local police forces will be responsible for storage and security of the stored weapons.

> Operational orders will be given to you in the next communications.

> /signed/

> Christophe Castaner


323 posts and 62 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

964adc  No.12693754

File: 31e4dc8475b7bff⋯.png (59.66 KB, 480x288, 5:3, 4kvwi.png)


Bulletproof vests are not very resilient to being stabbed, and many of them can indeedd be penetrated with arrows, especially bladed ones, like bleeders.

That said, good luck convincing every frog in the insurrection to start training their ranged skill outside of Runescape.

3f908b  No.12694770


>I love how this board is filled with white nationalists who hate Europe. How the fuck does that even work? Lmao

How does it work?


Is a (((white))) nationalist, otherwise known as a (((fellow white person)))

This means he is in fact a jew.

Any time you see someone trying to divide white people, it is a jew or someone helping the jews.

Every. Single. Time.

3f908b  No.12694810


>The only thing animals fear are beings more savage than themselves.

Luckily we all have the savage within us somewhere underneath all the brainfuck pumped into our heads growing up.

Savagery that can be unleashed in a controlled manner with absolute focus and unrelenting ferocity until all enemies are eliminated.

The only problem is that for most to reach that level, they need to lose all hope, and make the decision to crush our enemies, to win or die trying.

But the distractions and the small comforts of their lives are preventing them from reaching that point, so far anyway, but not forever.

It's only when you've lost everything that you are free to do anything

e87fb4  No.12694914

File: e44f81ef5dd2780⋯.jpg (177.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


They're one of the top 3 producers of arms, next to America and Russia.


The way that the Jewish government has?

>Won't the government call that treason?

<We're a board of peace, allegedly


Don't bother with bows unless you're already good with them. They take too long to train for, its why the British abandoned the longbow in favor of black powder. A war longbow is also hell on the user's body.


It takes practice to hit much of anything. Sure, they're silent - but have you ever used one? That kind of accuracy is with the help of very fragile sights, and you're going to be standing still for rather long when getting your shit together in a high stress environment.


They do, and unless the target is wearing ballistic plates? They're fucked.

>Call someone else a brainlet

<Doesn't know what bodkin points are

<Hollow point arrows? Pic related is for you



This board's understand of archery is disappointing.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ae8ae0  No.12694952

File: c845ef35b7e154a⋯.png (1001.32 KB, 1194x895, 1194:895, Orson_Welles_Paul_Masson_F….png)

Any news?

File: 801e5d363e6847f⋯.jpg (74.19 KB, 756x898, 378:449, 2,w=756,q=high,c=0.bild.jpg)

9cbc35  No.12689046[Reply]

Halfbreed and sandnigger cousins beat German teenager to death

Halfbreed Kenny R. (16) challenged Aryan Maurice (15) to a 1 on 1 fight in downtown Passau.

Little did he know that shitskins never fight honorably and are backstabbing roachpeople that just ramble on about "muh honor".

He brought his three cousins along and 20 other teenagers watched.

He told Kenny R. he was fighting like a pussy and allegedly kicked him while he was down.

His roachcousins Alan B. (17) and Nurettin U. (15) jumped in and Maurice was able to fight them off.

Pas­cal K. (25) the much older body builder saw his family honor threatened as everybody now knew that his family were loud mouthed wimps that can't even fight a guy 3 on 1 and gave him two knock out punches, which he bragged about.

Maurice suffocated on his own blood.

The murderer is sentenced to three and a half years in prison.



Lessons learned: Never fight sandniggers 1 on 1, they'll roll up with half a dozen people and beat you to death and they'll get off lightly every single time due to jew judges and laws made for whites.

97 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

395097  No.12692768


hot lead is the only solution to the invader problem

why fist fight a bunch of apes that are just going to gang up on you?


it's just a hasbara nigger paid to post this shit in every thread as a derailment tactic

71e0f3  No.12693612


wow a young white boys' life is worth 3 years jail time. way to go!

621c92  No.12694166


Considering that they had abolished the death penalty even for high treason, I doubt it.

76c75d  No.12694232


>kicked him while he was down

this is why you bring back up, to help mediate. Kicking while down opens you up to being ganged up on.

also al lthe people in the pictures look white.

812e7d  No.12694912

It's pretty simple really.

You have one set of rules for dealing with your own kind, and another set of rules for dealing with outgroups.

If you have to fight another white, you keep it 1v1, a fair fight, no cheating.

If you are fighting anyone else, anything goes, be as savage and as ruthless as necessary, just win no matter what.

In the same way the ideas of christianity like charity and kindness should be reserved for your own kind, otherwise you find yourself dealing with predatory shitskins taking advantage of your perceived weakness.

Honor when dealing with whites, with anyone else, the gloves come off.

File: eaa76f692d9a12b⋯.gif (87.95 KB, 289x350, 289:350, panath1.gif)

0458f8  No.12668463[Reply]

From the first aryans spreading around the world, to greeks bringing the world a new age, romans giving europe its form , germans defeating the muslims and asiatic tribe and founding the middle ages, to spaniards reconquista and posterior colonization, to the russian expansion all across the steppe, to the french revolution and british industrialization and our children expansion in usa australia and canada

A cathedral forged in european stone remenbering the sacrifice of our ancestors , the heroes that defended it and that genious that impulsed our prosperity , statues of them and luminous paint of the big event of european history

A cathedral dedicated to our common european history , a symbol of unity glory and strenght

A materialized version of what we want to be in this times of uncertainty

A humane and a real founding rock of the of the european project against the desnaturalized version of the EU , lets hickjac them how EVROPA should be built

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3e98a3  No.12670871


Thats one of the problems like the other anon has said, moder architecture studies are imbued with all postmodernist values so letting them built would be a sacrilege to what we are trying to built and express

9e5e49  No.12671940

Im in

89acff  No.12693516


7526e3  No.12694878


So we do it ourselves.

2a023f  No.12694881


In Jerusalem. It will be the only building for 200 miles because everything else will be bulldozed and sown with salt.

File: 5d9b33a26b9b8c0⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 432x604, 108:151, Protect Zach.webm)

File: f137fa578ed0e4d⋯.png (829.77 KB, 868x650, 434:325, david rossi.png)

File: 08141bfab602be6⋯.png (363.72 KB, 707x745, 707:745, screen.png)

3e1214  No.12605735[Reply]

The scandal of Forteto (italian wiki)


The infinite scandal of the Forteto of Florence (Panorama)


PD, cooperatives and the Foreto Scandal: where the children were raped


Giorgia Meloni (Leader of Fratelli d'Italia Party): "PD does not want to clarify the Forteto case because they are involved"


Whoever touches the Forteto dies. And Renzi closes his eyes


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7a5498  No.12651446


7a5498  No.12666008


7a5498  No.12680238


c8a529  No.12680356

File: e3a0763bc87f335⋯.png (510.82 KB, 932x680, 233:170, 1496257961061.png)


Thanks Mr. Pasta-man

b1cf7c  No.12694774


This should be stickied. Fuck kikemonkey for killing the moderation.

File: 5e2cf2d54574f87⋯.png (659.14 KB, 1730x1438, 865:719, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at ….png)

File: c9749cd7a3f6afc⋯.png (249.87 KB, 1744x1338, 872:669, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at ….png)

File: 1a65388eb98f3c9⋯.png (911.42 KB, 2578x1214, 1289:607, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at ….png)

File: b818909d8a44567⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1830x968, 915:484, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at ….png)

File: f272d6340be951b⋯.png (42.7 KB, 2002x440, 91:20, judenblud.png)

45cb62  No.12600603[Reply]

Blood Sucking Jews





>Jewish blood transfusion company

>Unlicensed "anti-aging" trials

>Washington D.C. based

>Founder Jesse Karmazin (Juden confirmed)

>Dig for famous Jew clients & connections


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b54db6  No.12669732


e47857  No.12669839


Nice. Gonna laugh so hard when all these fatties and drugheads die out while /SIG/ crew is around long enough to gain an extra 20+ years of lifespan. Give us the good HGH too, chemanon!

eb31dc  No.12669875

In 1992 or whenever it was we cloned an entire sheep. What's to say we can't clone blood? We're in the future effectively, bioengineering shouldn't be reserved just for these satanic (((people.)))

b54db6  No.12680228


b54db6  No.12694769

bump for relevance

File: d2bfa2ee411a03d⋯.jpg (166.45 KB, 792x1024, 99:128, 1544452273043.jpg)

File: 6e2a31af887fd64⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 1544452328864.jpg)

File: ef6a90795249f81⋯.jpg (578.9 KB, 1280x2853, 1280:2853, 1546125219349.jpg)

File: 3239876ada467ae⋯.png (135.13 KB, 1374x750, 229:125, 1546132002955.png)

a99cf6  No.12640066[Reply]

Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail

>Australian nurses and midwives who dare to speak out against the dangers of vaccinations on social media or in person will be prosecuted, the Australian government has warned, urging members of the public to report vaccine skeptics to the authorities.

>Medical professional face a jail sentence of 10 years for expressing doubt about the effectiveness of vaccinations or urging further studies into vaccine safety. Opponents of the new law claim free speech and scientific integrity is under attack in Australia by a government that has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

>“With no exceptions we expect all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions. This includes providing information to the public about public health issues,” Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NAMBLA) Dr. Lynette Cusack said in a statement.

>The NAMBLA has called on Australians to report nurses or midwives promoting anti-vaccination – ‘anti-vaxxers’, as they’re known colloquially.

“The board will consider whether the nurse or midwife has breached their professional obligations and will treat these matters seriously,” the statement said.

>“Any published anti-vaccination material and/or advice which is false, misleading or deceptive which is being distributed by a registered nurse, enrolled nurse or midwife (including via social media) may also constitute a summary offence under the National Law and could result in prosecution by AHPRA [Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.]”

>One of the strongest supporters of vaccination, Victoria’s Health Minister Jill Hennessy, has no time for parents who believe vaccine safety requires further study in order to ensure they are safe for our children.

>Describing vaccine skeptics as “brain dead sheep“, the politician said:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

199 posts and 125 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a99cf6  No.12680744

File: ec6fb5804a66542⋯.jpg (144.77 KB, 759x672, 253:224, 1546138679889.jpg)


This is our future if we dont stop it.

7b6874  No.12680753


David Dees is a fucking legend, I recognize his work anywhere, I think everyone here does.

10ff5e  No.12683151

File: a501f4ca9f66468⋯.png (167.29 KB, 1768x471, 1768:471, vax.png)

a99cf6  No.12684406


Currently shills are starting up threads on other boards complaining about getting their lies disproven and being BTFO.

They have lost their raid for 8/pol/ and are trying to create an issue where they can dispose the moderation, and impose censorship of topics they have lost to on /pol/


05282a  No.12694767

File: 8c087abf1398dc5⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 402x391, 402:391, arnold-ss.jpg)


Well done, have a bump.

File: 857b0cbc0639dcb⋯.png (430.64 KB, 663x629, 39:37, MalonOfLonLonRanch.png)

c34821  No.12457791[Reply]

Been on 4chan for more or less two years, and I've never seen this kind of mass shilling or mass derailling on threads, except on this one. (that I did two times).

The title " The PURE PILL is the only Red Pill."



As you can see, the shills work really hard to derail those thread,I've never seen such dedication to derail a thread from the inside. So I'm wondering…Did we it one of their "weak" points? Do they REALLY don't want white people to be pure and virtuous ? And start to think that it's what they fear the most. And seeing the Oy Veying of Xhamster recently about NoFap on twitter makes me convinced that if you are seriously trying to stop degeneracy or to start being someone Pure and Virtuous, they start to loose their shit.

Any thoughts on that ?

312 posts and 124 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fac070  No.12671367


drumpf is a kike shill tho

refute my premise


b8b72e  No.12672070


I think it actually came unironically from chastity / cuckold fetish where the wife or master would be the keyholder for a month. In this way denying the cuck or guy in chastity release for a month long.

Usually the longer you restrain people the more they will turn towards degeneracy since almost everything turns them on and they feel like they're missing out and just getting denied. The longer you deny yourself the more stuff will turn you on. But now I'm not sure if it's very healthy for society a child of 12 can just look up with searching a single word on google a whole collection of sick fetish porn. Anyhow I don't see how that problem can be fixed in any way though with how current internet is.


Shills bother less with 8pol. 8pol is a lot slower, if you don't put in any effort in your thread it gets deleted and it has no effect. The userbase will likely attack itself anyway over a given topic. They start to derail the thread by claiming xxx politician is a kike shill or that Christianity is a Jewish psyop or stuff like that. There doesn't need to be a consensus though but some threads are just disappointing when there are like 10 replies on topic and 50 replies arguing if one guy who made a reply is a kike shill.

63ed4c  No.12694606

shills are all over the board right now trying to raid us and deradicalize us

a55abe  No.12694609

e81543  No.12694704


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