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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

704b6e  No.12697484[Reply]

1:12 into the video. The old Indian man and his group approached the students first already banging his drum to harass them, not the other way around as the mainstream media insists.

The students are clearly minding their own business, waiting for their bus in front of the memorial as they were told to do by their teacher. How can the mainstream media defend this?

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6c3229  No.12701257


Cool. Now tell us how baste we are.

0ffabd  No.12701267



holy shit, you are dumb

f7d50c  No.12701353


>>getting drunk and being in Harlem

Harlem isn't everything that it used to be. There's a lot of White people in Harlem now. Niggers and liberals suddenly hate gentrification now that it's happening in places like Harlem and Bed-Stuy, but 60 years ago when they were forcing it onto our neighborhoods, they swore up and down that gentrification could only benefit everyone involved and to oppose it was morally repugnant. But regardless of nigger/jewish hypocrisy, the fact is that it's not as dangerous or uncommon these days for White people to be walking around Harlem. In fact, if you live in the Bronx or Westchester county, Harlem is a very convenient place to hang out. The Metro-North train station is right there on 125th St and will get you back out to the burbs in 15 minutes.

I say all that to say that my brother and his girlfriend would normally have been fine walking around Harlem, especially when you're the size of my brother and a former amateur boxer like he is. But these nigger Israelites are basically just IRL trolls who do and say this shit with the sole intention of getting people to attack them so they can "defend themselves" and prove that White people are violent and emotionally fragile, and maybe sue someone. No one tried to sue my brother, but we've always suspected that he hurt their pride and they didn't want to publicize the fact that a pussy-ass, fragile, scared, cracker devil handed them their asses. He hospitalized one of them with one punch, then held his own against three of them, then they had to be rescued by the cops. Then after all that, he spent one night in jail before his privileged White devil family and friends posted his bail. We think that's why they never showed up to court either. They didn't want to show their faces.

And yeah, he just had his third son about 10 months ago. A happy little red head boy who is the spitting image of my oldest daughter's baby pictures. The White race grows stronger

20dc4d  No.12701357


910e66  No.12701710


File: 93be552f32da6f9⋯.png (195.02 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Manchild.png)

7bced3  No.12693952[Reply]

I really don't think that people in the early 20th century, maybe except intellectual who read all day, had any eye problem, not as close as we do now, especially in the young age of 5-40 years old.

According to the """common sense""", people lose their quality sight like "that", for no reason at all. That we almost all have somekind of vision problems, including myopia and others, is "normal" and "natural".

Somehow, I extremely doubt that people in the 16th century were that blind, not even close.

I think that our societies make people more and more blind…But what are the reasons ? Too much screen-pixels times? Reading or watching the screen too close too long? Being closed inside (home or school) all day, lack of Sun light in the eye? Lack of outside time when a child and teenager and adult ? Too much masturbation and lack of good nutrition ?

Somehow, I think that glasses/contact lens makes the situation worse and make it so that the correction makes the situation worst, in the sense that the correction does all the work and your eyes makes no more efforts what so ever anymore, meaning that your eyes can't never improve and recover from bad vision, but it keeps it in this bad vision state and degrade it even further. That's my sense on it.

I don't think it's organic to have that many 5-40 years old people having vision problems, it makes absolutely no sense biologically wise.

So let's imagine you are myopic and in your twenties…Could you make that your myopia recovers slowly ? Not wear glasses anymore, going outside all day, getting all the indirect sunlight in your eyes, watching landscape and very far in the distance to work the eye?

I somehow feel it's one of these situation where the Jew creates the blindness problem, makes goyim weak and then sell you the solution which also makes the problem worse in the long term.

Any thoughts on that ?

I personally have around -4.00 myopia each eyes, got new glasses and I felt that as soon I removed them, I felt much more blind than with my older weaker corrections.

PS: Don't delete this mods, this is a very important issue that we don't talk while afecting the first sense of probably billions of peoplePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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6750d9  No.12701672


>Somehow, I extremely doubt that people in the 16th century were that blind, not even close.

Natural selection man. just kill the weak (or leave them to die in the wild).

6750d9  No.12701678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he doesn't know bout disruptive technology

720d8d  No.12701689

It could be "natural" in the sense that requiring glasses might be a naturally selected trait as a result of an artificial environment. In other words, maybe the Jews aren't making us need glasses, but simply manipulating our culture into one that values blindness as a positive trait.

Maybe the need for glasses is a result of soft "eugenics" and intentionally dysgenic practices.

They are incentivizing the selection of negative traits, and they have done so for decades. By doing this, they manipulate natural selection, so that we evolve into something inferior to our ancestors.

Why are we taught to accept, and even love low-functioning autistic retards, while simultaneously being told to demonize and ostracize high-functioning autistic geniuses? Why do advertisements, manstream media, and pop-culture magazines constantly target good, masculine men as some sort of oppressive monster, while propping up a bunch of faggots, beta-males, and literal cucks as the "superior man?" The Jews push inferiority as a high-status feature because they want our women to select for negative traits.

90a286  No.12701699


maybe not but they certainly take full advantage. interesting thread.

6750d9  No.12701701

File: 35e8086e5a6d051⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4353.jpg)


>Why do advertisements, manstream media, and pop-culture magazines constantly target good, masculine men as some sort of oppressive monster, while propping up a bunch of faggots, beta-males, and literal cucks as the "superior man?

This only happens for the last 30 years.

File: d6bad2d17c4f474⋯.png (715.18 KB, 767x796, 767:796, 1548025359740[1].png)

7a5c1b  No.12699934[Reply]

Hollywood Producer @Jack_Morrissey just went private after tweeting this death threat about Covington Catholic school kids wearing MAGA Hats http://archive.is/ZgXXd

It's going viral with most of rightwing Twitter reposting it.

58 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

32c598  No.12701534


Go drink your listo you fucking chug.

356847  No.12701536

Funny how Dimocrats are mostly quiet on Native Americans unless it has something to do with attacking Republicans or anyone who isn't them. By their behavior, anyone would think niggers are the 'original inhabitants'.

98307b  No.12701621


Whose to say that Lenin 'didn't' only have this to work with. Lefties are lefties down throughout time.

0f1d98  No.12701632


>native americans


5e06e3  No.12701687

File: 3498f058367973b⋯.png (169.78 KB, 361x500, 361:500, putinchuckle.png)

yfw you realize the injun was engaging in a healing prayer

Great Spirit, when will you strike (((them))) down?

File: 14547f3d16facae⋯.jpg (139.9 KB, 602x400, 301:200, Cointelprostalk.jpg)

0813c9  No.12701685[Reply]

Actual COINTELPRO operations in Minnesota


7394d8  No.12701714

File: bea9a64dc6fd204⋯.webm (471.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, The Ballad of OP.webm)



Shill your shitty channel elsewhere, faggot.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12701684[Reply]

DAGOMA Aims to Curb 3D Printed Gun Production with Operation Harmless Guns

>The French 3D printer manufacturer DAGOMA has launched Operation Harmless Guns, a unique campaign that is attempting to halt the production of 3D printed guns by modifying real firearm blueprints to make the unusable and releasing hundreds of them online


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c342a  No.12701313[Reply]

BAM!! All it took was one vidoe

31 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4c5783  No.12701658


Change that to:

You boy, do we have to show you what a real Israeli looks like?

4c5783  No.12701659


*Jew boy

05b2aa  No.12701662


Oy vey, hate whites/blacks in a thread focused on kikes and their horrible pedo and baby torturing habits!

000000  No.12701669



<imagine my surprise

He may be a nigger, but at least he's attempting to un(((fuck))) his broken culture.

000000  No.12701683


do it faggot

that would be dank af

File: c87fbac970f692f⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 361x550, 361:550, MV5BYjRiY2Y2NmItM2ZhMy00ZD….jpg)

File: b633d9c0ab8520b⋯.jpg (197.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Aldrin_Apollo_11.jpg)

File: 7643602d9724089⋯.png (370.54 KB, 689x718, 689:718, 1435150847470.png)

9f8938  No.12701014[Reply]

Mockumentary - Psychological Weapon to discredit conspiratorial views of events

/pol/ I've been around for long time in the conspiracy circles. I've contemplated UFO's, Jews, Hollywood, Banks, etc, and even if I don't believe in all things blindly just because they are conspiracy theory, I believe there is a way to see if conspiracy theory is legit. If it is surrounded with shenanigans by the establishment then there is some agenda.

What I've noticed is that there are intentional alphabet groups made to spread disinformation and lead people who seek truth to the path of lies, and thus destroying their credibility and getting them under mockery.

One of these methods of demoralizing us is by mockumentary. To make a documentary look like a real documentary about the subject, but to make a mockery out of it. To make people who are authentically interested and exploring truth seem foolish, and demoralize the whole idea of that conspiracy.

Some of these mockumentaries are very high budget. Some are older then even the conspiracy movements they seek to represent. Like they were made in advance to hijack and demoralize a movement before it even gets started.

What is more disturbing that some of these mockumentaries are not spotted and advertised as mockumentaries, but if they outed all of the sudden everyone in the comment sections are saying that they are in on it and knew all along, and it's all a joke. They make zero money, as they are only shown in clips in youtube. Nobody buys them.

I'm not saying all mockumentaries are made with ill intent. There are plenty of mockumentaries from fictional bands and people, but it's a phenomenon we need to be as a movement aware. It really hurts us if we have wrong information flowing around disguised as good..

Some mockumentaries clearly made to discredit ideas and people

>Why They Sank thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12701570

How do I know this thread wasn't created by the CIA


4f1c0f  No.12701602

You’re not on /x/.

4f1c0f  No.12701610


Reminder to never let jews dictate your language.

Note the first image. It has the tag line, “The ultimate conspiracy theory, or could it be the truth?” This implies, as per the last 40 years of propaganda, that “conspiracy theories are a priori false, conceptually.”

Shit, the 1970s were 50 years ago… Just fucking kill me now. No one is ever going to fight back against any of this.

4f1c0f  No.12701612


It was just capitalizing on the “found footage” craze after Cloverfield came out. Note that Cloverfield was made by ✡J. J. Abrams✡, which is the only reason the genre was promoted.

000000  No.12701674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

These jewy looking guys say it was to kill people opposed to the Fed. So I'm going with the insurance scam theory since jews made a fortune from 9/11 that way.

File: fbddfd013860a5f⋯.jpg (96.22 KB, 712x488, 89:61, newstalk.jpg)

60ae66  No.12701670[Reply]

Deep State Targets COINTELPRO


File: 688bf68089e1acb⋯.png (264.24 KB, 564x376, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

3fb288  No.12683460[Reply]

First plants ever grown on moon have now died, says Chinese scientist

Plants reportedly died on Sunday when lunar night fell, before first reports of succesful germination

>The cotton plants had been the only seeds to sprout inside their aluminium container, known as a “moon surface micro-ecological circle”, which cost more than 10 million yuan (£1.15m). But the probe is now in lunar night, and temperatures have fallen too low for life to survive. Just 24 hours after releasing photographs of the first ever plants grown on the moon, China has revealed the tender green shoots are now all dead.

>The Chang’e-4 probe, which landed on the far-side of the moon on 3 January, apparently entered “sleep mode” on Sunday as the first lunar night after the probe’s landing fell, Professor Xie Gengxin, chief designer of the experiment, told China’s Xinhua state news agency. “Life in the canister would not survive the lunar night,” Professor Xie said.

>It is not clear why, if the Chinese space agency knew the falling of the lunar night would kill the plants on Sunday, their death was not announced along with the successful germination of the seeds on Tuesday.

>Other reports have suggested the pod was supposed to last three months and create a self-sustaining environment for life away from our planet. The South China Morning Post even said the China National Space Administration planned to broadcast such an experiment in “less than a hundred days’ time”. The moon lander was carrying soil, cotton seeds, rock cress, rapeseed and potato seeds, yeast and fruit fly eggs.

>On Tuesday Professor Liu Hanlong of Chongqing University, who led the research, said the rapeseed and potato seeds had also germinated, but the cotton seeds were first to sprout, according to the South China Morning Post. “We have given consideration to future survival in space. Learning about these plants’ growth in a low-gravity environment would allow us to lay the foundation for our future establishment of space base,” Mr Liu said.

>Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

224 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a735be  No.12688644

Do people honestly believe China has a moon farm?

1d78f9  No.12688731

File: 9f3605e897cbc34⋯.png (260.6 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 5862b392440fe76866ebbaa4a0….png)



>This level of slant-eyed salt.

f619b6  No.12688749

File: 2ec5db80450c61d⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, YjUyH-Sx[1].jpg)

>growing cotton on the moon

000000  No.12688797


The pajeet went off on him for god knows what reason. My coworker is a very docile new ager peace and love type who is as inoffensive as humanly possible. The pajeet went apeshit for no apparent reason.

6705c5  No.12701667

Makes you wonder if it is even possible with this level of stupidity right?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

14eeca  No.12701554[Reply]

Overweight divorced Florida white woman with insane Facebook webcam show flies to Italy to get culturally enriched by two African nigger rappers, ends up recording "music" with them. Her followers actually create t-shirts celebrating her muh-diking.




64ae00  No.12701585

File: 8f5a76dc38d1c5a⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 582x534, 97:89, 8f5a76dc38d1c5a125293c1646….jpg)

Jesus fucking christ this is post-irony

also, these small incident threads are fucking cancerous. Hatechan can handle a wide, deep range of topics. Pizzagate, hitler ufos, and genetic threads, for example. This "omg look how degenerate the world is" crap is on par with reddit, and godlikeproductions, in terms of pretentiousness, and retardation

5e0eec  No.12701630

Why the fuck did you make a thread about this

7b0c86  No.12701661


Because /pol/ is /b/ and the moderators were hired from intl. I'm not joking.

File: c95d8464d1053bb⋯.jpeg (615.18 KB, 776x1000, 97:125, submission-15468532575224….jpeg)

2ba7ad  No.12692678[Reply]

Jews trying to poz China

Yes Chinese people cannot be trusted business wise but people in China generally live wholesome lives with a kid early on, the extended family sticking together etc.

China is closing up again due to western degeneracy, but that doesn't stop jews from ramping up their poz spreading efforts.

63 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6714e4  No.12700545



>threat to the west

How? Please explain. It isn't their military. It isn't their economy. It isn't their intelligence lack of.

So what is it?

4a3f82  No.12700560



== YES, but it was JEWISH when it started.

By Arnold S. Leese


9e66c5  No.12701555


With all the shills here we have no secure way of knowing the real situation there. But one thing is certain, (((they))) want us to hate China so we don't focus on (((them))) alone.

9e66c5  No.12701561


Nowadays China is almost NatSoc in nature, albeit with a bit too much of capitalistic greed and corruption, but unlike ours their system is actually working to better the lifes of their people.

9e66c5  No.12701648


I doubt he will respond as he's probably a kike or just stupid. In my eyes China is an economic competitor and there's nothing morally objective about it. People should blame the (((ownership))) of western corporations for outsourcing jobs, not some poor fucks who try to make a living and create a better future for their children. Likewise it's the leadership of western corporations and our politicians who don't take appropriate measures to better protect western know-how because they mostly care about short term profits. The smart move on our part would be to redpill the Chinese about the (((rootless international parasite))) so (((they))) have nowhere to run or hide.

File: e5aa805c2b230f8⋯.jpeg (222.66 KB, 3200x1800, 16:9, 2ACABFB3-C854-48E4-A1DF-B….jpeg)

e5946b  No.12685086[Reply]

>A Muslim residing in Georgia was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of planning a jihad attack on the White House, other high-profile national targets and at least one Jewish site in the nation’s capital.

>Hasher Jallal Taheb was taken in after a year-long FBI sting operation that grew out of local authorities’ fears that the 21-year-old Cumming resident had “become radicalized, changed his name and made plans to travel abroad,” according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday with a federal court in Atlanta.

>“The [Joint Terrorism Task Force] initiated the case after receiving a tip from the community,” B. J. Pak, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, said in a statement.

>The attack was supposed to come Thursday and, the complaint states, Mr. Taheb was arrested immediately after picking up the planned weapons — “three semi-automatic assault rifles, three explosive devices with remote initiation and one AT-4,” an anti-tank rocket launcher.

>According to the criminal complaint, Mr. Taheb told an FBI informant in October in a meeting in Cumming, that he “wished to conduct an attack in the United States against targets such as the White House and the Statue of Liberty.”

>The other targets of the attack plot included the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and a “specific synagogue” that was not specified in the complaint beyond its being in the Washington metropolitan area.

>According to the document, Mr. Taheb told the informant that “jihad was the best deed in Islam and the peak of Islam,” and “it was not complicated at all to do jihad today.”

>He also purportedly told the informant that he wanted to be a “martyr” and do as much damage as possible.

>During weeks of conversing with the informant and an undercover agent, the complaint states, he sought help obtaining weapons and explosives and showed off a hand-drawn diagram of the White House’s West Wing in a composition notebook.

>“He said the group would fight to the end and make it a big bang,” the charging document states, adding that he discussed having a “base” to regroup and “give a speech to motivate people” and show cliPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

135 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

238caf  No.12701031


>Extermination of them when?

Exterminate yourself racist cunt

87009e  No.12701200


Hell, the entire Get retard to attack govt buildings isn't the Feeb's own plan, its something the Spetznaz would do to hit the USA without leaving a paper trail. Except the the weapons were actually real, delivered dead drop to dead drop to dumbass environmentalists and then they attack a Nuclear Power plant or something. Viktor Suvarov, Spetznaz

388e1e  No.12701566

What an ambitious young man.

05871d  No.12701635


>what was Rhodesia

The absolute state of nu/pol/.

900ab4  No.12701643


Every fascist with an inkling of manhood and vigour claims that twothirds of Africa belongs to the European race. You need to lurk more.

File: 9967aff5a738d3c⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 7000x5893, 7000:5893, 1488533716867.gif)

43b74a  No.11883114[Reply]

FYI newfags, Pizzagate is real.

Pedophiles run our major institutions. Jews do this so they have an easy way to blackmail them into doing what they want.

Jews are also pedophiles themselves. It's a part of their culture.

Enjoy your weekend anons.

Eat shit shills.

521 posts and 338 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c7347b  No.12687402


On the episode where he had Alex Jones on, the Most Paranoid Man in America™ was humoring all kinds of conspiracies- but refused to admit that Pizzagate was real, despite Joe playing the Ben Swann expose that put him into hiding for a year. Although Joe was careful with his language, he never disparaged Pizzagate researchers in the same way that Alex Jones consistently does on his show today. I rarely listen to Alex, but when I do he's still regularly saying shit like, "PIZZAGATE WAS NOT THE REAL ISSUE. IT WAS A MANUFACTURED CONSPIRACY BY THE GLOBALISTS, TO GET THE HEAT OFF THE REAL ISSUES THAT TRUMP HAS BROUGHT TO THE FOREFRONT, SUCH AS THE CHILD-TRAFFICKING RINGS THAT HE'S BUSTED. BTW, HE'S LOWERED BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT BY 2 PERCENT. THEY BLAMED SOME INNOCENT PIZZA PARLOR, ALEFANTIS IS INNOCENT. PEDOGATE IS THE REAL ISSUE, LOOK AT JOHN PODESTA'S EMAILS."

No Alex, Alefantis is specifically guilty. He has child-only nights in a ping-pong room with pictures of naked men and 'fuck me' painted on the walls, jokes about torturing and having sex with kids on facebook, child-sex symbols all over his Pizza menus, and mysterious connections to the most powerful leaders in our government. Anyone who tries to dissuade others that Comet Ping-Pong is NOT a child sex trafficking den, are shills. Alex Jones is a shill. As bluepilled as Joe Rogan usually is, at least him and a few others have had the balls to expose it, instead of gaslighting people who are putting their lives in jeopardy by covering it.

0c8d39  No.12690272

Scientology, Elite Pedophilia Networks, And The CIA

"It is well-known that Scientology enables pedophilia."


Why Scientology is a haven for sexual abusers its the way L. Ron Hubbard designed it.


Weinstein, Scientology, Doyle Mills, Scientology, Michelle Stafford, MOCA / Abramovic / Stalking / Kamil Beylant / Boychat Pedos / Stalking

"There is a connection between Scientology and Human Trafficking."



I have gave some references.

Hereof I present all leaked documentation, files, and leaks within Scientology that I can locate at the moment.

These leaks should be helpful due to past evidence and disclosure regarding the Scientology Instituton & Foundation. This "Church" of Scientology and it's likes have been helping enable pedophilia, human trafficking, and cannabalism.





Basic Books-

Tech Bulls Volumes & Directives-

Upper Bridge Work-




5b2480  No.12701350


Actually its creating a split personality through torture where the child can be easily controlled, and be more willing to commit sexual acts

75bfa3  No.12701441

File: 31218ee711fc34c⋯.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1564x1564, 1:1, F8E1BF76-026D-481B-8B90-7….jpeg)

06e6ca  No.12701624

Blind Items Revealed #38


There are so many angles at play that I wonder if anyone is really 100% in the know and feels as if they can trust the others. Many years ago, this international society woman decided to gather together her A list friends and ask which of them would be interested in being a companion to the global elite. I am sure many of you know the result of those meetings and who chose to accept. Time have changed and now most of her work is done online on a well protected website behind a wall that almost no one can breach. The thing is though, in order to keep it protected, our socialite entrusted this very small country, which is not really even a country. They keep the site safe, but it has also allowed them to see all of her "members," and all of the "connections" they make. Obviously, this very tiny country loves having this information at its disposal. However, they also know the reason they were chosen is because many of the leaders within the country have availed themselves of the special services of the socialite. She has organized the ships that carry hundreds of refugees from the top of a continent to the very near shoreline of this European country. Most of the refugees would be returned when they reached this point. Not these though. These are children which are under the special protection of the very tiny country. When they reach the very tiny country, they are passed around like party favors to various locations throughout the world, all with shiny new passports. Our socialite is well paid for her work in this process. This tiny country has an interest in keeping the information about who received what far from any viewing eye which is another reason they protect the system.

It is those recipients who have blocked and wedged and impeded and done anything they can to stop their activities being brought to light which is what had been happening here in the States. In recent days, our socialite was publicly spotted with the leader of the tiny country. Photos were taken, smiles were exchanged. Apparently one of our socialite's actresses in her stable has the ear of the head of an organization of countries in Europe. The leader of this group is married but has always been a fan oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d4b2b98b3283a35⋯.png (11.62 KB, 691x435, 691:435, ol5kl5flcfez.png)

3d71cb  No.12675486[Reply]

I'm so tired of those liberal snowflakes arguing that trans people will commit suicide whenever they don't get something they want:

>maybe adding a third legal gender will accomplish nothing socially and will make the jobs of government employees and medics worse

>yea but transpeople are commuting suicide because they're being oppressed

No, it's a mental illness you moron that's why

Trans people commuting suicide should be called TransTerrorists

74 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8475e4  No.12701577


> Fuck me, if I wanted to trigger the libs/own libs, I'd be lurking wherever the last eleven GamerGaters are still shitposting about Anita Sarkessian.

That'd be over here >>>/pol/12564178

> Feminist Frequency was an offshoot of the Proteus fund which was paid PR for Islamic extremists.

> Of course George Soros was behind it.

Taken from here >>>/gamergatehq/332277

8475e4  No.12701584

>>12701577 (I can't link)

feckit, here's an archive. https://archive.is/4GqrC

f9504f  No.12701587


>trans people



They're not people.

8475e4  No.12701605


> Required reading on the trans shit:

> http://thefederalist.com/2018/02/20/rich-white-men-institutionalizing-transgender-ideology/

Thanks, I haven't seen that one.

Here's some more info: https://pastebin.com/RswdKfaD

c6e565  No.12701619


remember remember eternal september

File: 811f5ce5809cddd⋯.jpg (75.33 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa_….jpg)

d21549  No.12687741[Reply]

Thread dedicated to the investigation and reporting of suspicious channels.

Please DONT casually distribute the vids,because of their nature but go ahead and report them.

Where to report:


Now the suspicious vids.

Russian vids masquareding as masage channels or many gymnastics videos



https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CuMtuk36Y34 [Open] [Open]


This girl is showing her chest.

And a faceless adult is touching /massaging her.

This is a literal (russian)pedo ring

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24e2d5  No.12697683

File: 9b63c1ea97507fe⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 200x303, 200:303, 1c33d1e617c9e31c4af4103b13….jpg)


I don't believe you

d21549  No.12697899


Begome a new unabomber

66acec  No.12701072

File: eeeb2ce6ba6f28c⋯.png (570.8 KB, 900x605, 180:121, cb6f9173260ca957c795a17e5f….png)

>haha let's be mods on jewtube for free

Fuck you Google Kike

a9d641  No.12701532


You don't know they did nothing. The boards you are referring to can be classified as an open garden of low hanging and ground littering fruit for law enforcement; and potentially emerging buds (no, not that variety) of information which can result in prosecution. For all the autistic, ignorant sperging about any child on any website so much as showing an unsocked toe, there's little meaningful activity targeting real predators and rescuing real victims; and those who are working to do so don't appreciate constant distractions from before mentioned retards.

663930  No.12701574

File: 69a979be8a42292⋯.png (676.37 KB, 640x638, 320:319, 29855e9632b8b48d068add4614….png)

i sure would hate to see some motivated anons show up at youtube HQ and firebomb it and kill everyone inside

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