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File: e4e1b5c35f032c4⋯.jpg (216.85 KB, 720x1024, 45:64, Screenshot_2019-04-07_1201….jpg)

6440a6  No.13090513

The world will never embrace Marxist ideology… The final victory of The Führer and National Socialism over Judeo-Bolshevism will come… and soon. It is inevitable. These people, brainwashed by Jews like Lenin and Marx, truly believe they are right. How naive and wrong can a group of people? Truly worthy of the gas. Their day will come…


fb6d82  No.13090533

>Either give power over to the workers or fuck off

They fail to see their revolution will never come about under current circumstances because an overwhelming majority of the white working class (the real backbone of western nations) hates their guts. They reject their message. Which is probably why many of them are so adamant about attracting spic migrants with gibs

The majority of people who compose their movement are fat feminist bulldike baristas and limp wristed college soy boys.

b77410  No.13090541


checked for truth

Of course, in fairness, most White working class men in America also don't like Hitler either.

cab085  No.13090566


reprogram your bot

53a9d3  No.13090578

the average person is dumb as shit, giving them any power whatsoever was a mistake

746001  No.13090587


The bot posting is getting insane lately hey? I noticed they stepped up the bot posting when we had two threads in the catalog showcasing that

70% of the wealthiest Australians are Jewish despite making up a fraction of a percent of their pop

6440a6  No.13090601

File: fd2bb0892985997⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 360x270, 4:3, giphy (4).gif)


Yes, the posts are starting to look like the comment sections of abandoned blogs where there are 1,000 comments of gibberish world salad and shilling for penis pills

Remember to report, lads

b77410  No.13090606




What is the point of a bot that cannot even speak English?

4108f8  No.13090771

Fuck off nigger.

b77410  No.13091786


How do you remove kebab if you are kebab?

53a9d3  No.13091810



You're replying to a bot, although he's not really a bot, just a faggot who red texts every other sentence

000000  No.13091888

The Left: Removal or liquidation of Wealth, Class, and Hierarchy will resolve individual and inter-group conflicts. (Bolshevism)

The Right: Promoting the Individual, Personal Rights, and Free Enterprise will resolve individual and inter-group conflicts. (Capitalism)

The 3rd Position: Acknowledging individual and group differences are biological and inherent, thus promoting separation of groups solving inter-group conflicts.

It seems like everyone but the 3rd position is just trying to tweak the system instead of building a world where all people of all genetics can thrive, but this is just my outside normie perspective here. Am I on the right track here?

6f3110  No.13092156


Want to know how I know you're not from around here?

Fuck off and lurk for two years before you so much as think about making another one of your shitty threads.

40aa6c  No.13092178


Capitalism isn't really hard right, the "3rd" position is further down the right side of the scale if you prefer to see politics that way.

a15dec  No.13092203


>building a world where all people of all genetics can thrive

Read Mein Kampf, the goal isn't to build a world where all people can thrive. The perspective of our world-views is our race and our race alone. All of our thoughts and actions start from this standpoint. Cucked bourgeois nationalism isn't particularistic but makes universalistic claims that "everyone should have a nation", while Hitler made the claim that the only thing that ultimately matters is forwarding the interests of the German people. This doesn't mean "hurr conquer everyone on the planet" of course, but is in line with social Darwinism and a view of history as the struggle for existence.

d2d079  No.13095379

Confronting commies is what I do.

627f92  No.13095389

Can't we just rename National Socialism into something that basically means something similar but removes the socialism part so faggots can stop thinking it's some Marxist-esque classist shit?

I'll pitch in: Ethnic Populism.

038cae  No.13096056


Their revolution will never come. It's a fairy tale. Chinese Foxconn workers are never going to coordinate with Mexican illegals working meat-packing plants in Texas. The logistics alone make it impossible. But community identity interferes as well.

In fact, commies have no plan on how to rule once in power. The entirety of their intellectual effort is put into how to cajole workers into rebelling. In their mythology, this yet-to-materialize international worker rebellion -this is why so many unions have "international" in their names despite actual transnational associations -will bring about a classless society which will necessarily be paradise on account of a complete lack inter-class strife. Apparently individuals can't be mean to each other or self organize unless they first belong to different classes as defined by capitalist market forces. And apparently once the means of production are under the workers' direct control there will be infinite fucking everything, infinite farmland, infinite oil, infinite minerals, infinite space, infinite copies of every landscape so that there will be no disputes over real estate, infinite copies of every work of art, infinite everything and absolutely zero scarcity of anything.

We'll all also be each other's neighbor, and even the people who live on opposite sides of the same tracks will actually live on the same side of those same tracks. And we'll all be equally desirable so no man will want to horde resources in order to win an attractive mate who won't need his horde because there is infinite everything anyway. Also, she'll fuck him anyway because every woman under communism will be a totally unbitchy whore and sex was all he was after anyway, amirite?! You'll also be able to pick your children out of a test tube, if children are something you want. If you don't? The government will grow a replacement workforce to make up perfectly for the deficit. Remember, infinite, fucking, EVERYTHING! Don't want to be the sex you were born as? That can be fixed to, along with your ugly face! Don't like your parents? You can run away and squat somewhere! Don' t like school? The same! Don't want to brush your teeth or wipe your butt or change your diaper? There's someone or something to do that for you too, the technology will invent itself once workers seize control of production from the bourgeois! So, there will be no reason for people to attempt to gain control of natural resources, production or other people at the expense of others in order to achieve a goal. We'll all also be equally talented so no one will accidentally pull ahead of another. We'll all also make the same choices given the same situation so there will be no accidental differentiation between people. Everything will have a cause completely fixed in material. And thus, there will be no organization of people with shared interests into competitive classes. You will want for nothing and envy no one. Your whole life, cradle to grave, will be taken care of for you!

bbf9e3  No.13106430


Of course it will never come most of them are lazy.

bbf9e3  No.13106433


That is debatable even on this board.

299219  No.13113220

66290b  No.13113249


The cucks that yell "rich deserve their wealth"? No, thats just dumb teenagers thinking they will be those rich. The second they actually grow up and start being the working class, forced to live on a working class share of profits from economy, suddenly it will change.

0f9691  No.13113262


They turn into people who want to get rich and spend half their time thinking of ways to get rich you fucking retard. Talk to literally any normalfag.

1fe78d  No.13113276

What I wouldn't give to have taken part in the street beatings of marxist scum during the 30s.

0f9691  No.13113284



Capitalism and communism are both progressive materialist ideologies that were revolutionary against traditional tribe based economics. They are both left wing ideologies meant to undermine old social hierarchies. Only in the American context, where we are so far removed from traditional forms of governance, are communism and capitalism seen on opposite sides, because we're already operating outside of the old order in a left wing cultureless materialist atmosphere.

c596f6  No.13113296


The dumbest thing they believe in is the idea of "Worker's Councils". It's so stupid because it's the kind of thing that only a soft-as-babyshit pussy could think up. Workers don't want to go sit on councils and have a circlejerk about revolutionary propaganda and three-year plans. They want to get paid, go home, and fuck their wives.

0b456f  No.13113895

what do these fucks even believe in social issues. radical equality?

cd5e4b  No.13115464


>The world will never embrace Marxist ideology…

The domino effect of making Marxist ideology and subversion understood will produce many decades of happiness. Only the stupidest of people think an utopia which you get shot for trying to flee is a good idea. Marxism in it's modern form is a political tactic of taking the weakest of society and getting them to attack the strongest pillars so that the people at the top of Marxism can seize power, kill their useful idiots, and rule with an iron fist like the control freaks they are.

6f3944  No.13118463



we need a return to theocratic monarchy

df7cf1  No.13118489



Why were they removed?

9c03ae  No.13118540


Except that neo-reactionaries are some of the most odious people you could ever meet.

f1d51b  No.13118565

Marxism is delusional.

Equality cannot exist, nor should it and the blank slate is sophistry.

c57aca  No.13118589

File: 852828dfd7a6761⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 371x371, 1:1, OC1.jpg)


Agreed. No more fear. Confront/combat all forms of anti-white actions, and bring attention to the acceleration of the inevitable 'balkanization'.

233faa  No.13120957

>Communist revolution will never come!

>Says the Nazis that got crushed in less than 20 years.

These mutts are going nuts!

a15dec  No.13120971


>muh mutts

It's funny that (((you))) think this offends people here

eed37a  No.13120987

It's easier to win over Marxists than to win over Christfags and Libertardians. All you have to do is show them the idea that "white supremacy" rules that thing called "America" is absurd, especially after 50 years of forced integration with niggers by the ZOG.

233faa  No.13120999


>Everyone that says I'm not white is a Jew!

>I-I-I-I I'm not butt hurt.

Honey I lived in Germany for 4 years, I know what an Aryan looks like, and none of you are it.

253ba9  No.13121027

Remember that Marx said a great war would unite the workers against the proletariat and finally bring about Communism. WWI happened and no great revolution, nationalism and community grew stronger. If anything, poor conditions bring people together, out of necessity and survival if you want to boil all of humanity and our behaviours into the more primal view. Comfort and luxury tears us apart because work stops being about your folk and more about yourself, your immediate circle.

We don't even have to talk about the genocides that Communism has perpetrated to know Communism doesn't work. Also how do these barely functioning leftists deal with the fact that the Rothschilds, the literal most powerful and richest oppressors, were behind Communism's roots?

000000  No.13121046



Always kill marxists. Always kill communists. They are inferior beings. Subhumans, no different than niggers.

Marxists and communists have no power. Never had any power. They can, and will, be easily killed.

The world will be free of marxists and communists soon. Keep killing all of them.

Always kill marxists. Always kill communists.

4a7d4e  No.13121057


Slide thread

Stop being a fucking boomer I don't give 2 shits about /cargocult/

Nobody here gives 2 shits about muh gommunism NYPA

4a7d4e  No.13121068



>jpegged phoneposter screenshot


Imagine being so boomerfied that you think Socialism is a dirty word.

National socialism IS socialism. And there's nothing wrong with that.

b6dc45  No.13121406


Why is it called /cargocult/?

710dc7  No.13130806

File: a1b3cdd8212a63e⋯.jpg (56.33 KB, 640x640, 1:1, tumblr_orfliwG38g1v6da5y_f….jpg)

To understand why there are lots of conflicts between groups of people in USA and Europe, you should definitely check out Yuri Bezmenov’s lecture and interview from early 1980s. Yuri was an KGB agent who deflected to Canada.

He explains the mass psychology manipulation and power usurping techniques used by the communists/Marxists. The idea is to subvert people’s ideology and cause conflicts between all groups of people. Social justice / weaponised compassion / rights of sexual and racial minorities / etc. are mentioned as being used as weapons to destabilise the country and to cause crisis. Then the new power can step in and take total control. Really scary stuff.

Interesting fact is that if you try to mention any of Yuri’s videos in the Youtube’s comments section, your comments will get censored immediately. You will see your own comments, but when you log out, you don’t see the comments anymore. Youtube tricks you into thinking people see your comments.

Here are the videos. Check them out for yourself and you’ll understand a whole lot more what’s happening right now in the world.



6c6688  No.13131975

File: 92aec536feb11bb⋯.jpg (135.85 KB, 979x513, 979:513, revolt-against-modern-worl….jpg)

File: 0c51da79bef954e⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 3307x3937, 3307:3937, honkler-yuden.jpg)

What's happening here? Write a caption.

691eca  No.13134029

> The world will never embrace Marxist ideology

Russia & China have what, a quarter of the world's landmass and a third of its population? They must've missed a memo.

d67edc  No.13134087


Oh the … Guy is from lelypol huh?


dedab8  No.13144117


>Russia and China



cb0e96  No.13144163

File: 9bcc81fc9147c78⋯.jpg (493.63 KB, 929x1201, 929:1201, Francis_E._Dec,_Esq._Nazi_….jpg)

>The true story of Nazi JEWmany

Lol, that was an epic classic. Love Francis E. Dec, Esq.

000000  No.13144203



Yeah but only post "trump is a jew 2.0 bumpstock ban". Before then there were still plenty of "trump can do no wrong 88D chess maymays" since 2015 or so.

beleted thread effort

26e865  No.13144286

File: d988a8a640246b8⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 265x370, 53:74, overrun.jpg)

This board has been overrun by shills and bots after Christchurch to an extent that it is barely usable…

Where are you gays migrating? Neinchan?

26e865  No.13144289

9ea52b  No.13144340


It's one thing to convince a /pol/ack that this is the case, but try to actually convince a normalfag and you're in for a ride.

9e5efc  No.13146118

File: 64d4fc474923a18⋯.jpg (156.88 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1555361613583.jpg)


Fuck off neinfaggot, your site sucks ass.

5480a2  No.13149264


Communists are no longer trying to do a violent revolution, although they wouldn't be against it. They're slowly exterminating now, and it is easily working. White numbers should be around 1.5-2 billion. But are at 870 million, and average ONE child per woman for birth. Great.

The West is being exterminated.

Millions are dying from abortion.

Feminism & immodesty is destroying the West & exterminating white people rapidly.

As a part of the GenPolice—Genocide Police—we will use social stigmas & critiques to end the genocide.

We will give lists of actions that people are doing that will result in a Negative Social Punishment.

The punishment will be to:

1) Give the person doing the Genocidal activity a death stare, make sure you make eye contact with them.

2) Shake your head in disappointment and anger.

3) Turn away quickly after doing the death stare & shaking your head & continue on your way.

The Death Stares should be filled with anger and righteous indignation. They shouldn’t be creepy, that will obviously ruin it. You want them to know they’re bad. All together it should only take 0.5-1 seconds to give death stare, shake your head in disappointment & anger, and turn away quickly.

The things we’re putting on the Genocide Police List will be actions that either are, or cause, genocide of White People, or the West.

So, for instance, we will put a woman you know, or see, who has gotten an abortion in any way, on the list. You will give her a quick, vicious death stare, make eye contact, shake your head—make sure to do this—then continue on your way without looking back or talking to them anymore. Obviously mention the abortion, but if it’s soon after it happened they’ll know what you’re referencing.

We will have various things on the List which are, or cause, the destruction of America, any country, the West, or White People.

Simple as that.

We must save our people and end this madness. Or we will not exist anymore! Who will be brave & join the Genocide Police? Who will fight for their freedom and existence? If not, then you’ll be on the list. Tell others about the GenPolice, and if they don’t want to join, do 1), 2), & 3) to them.

Let’s begin:

FIRST Anyone you know who’s gotten an abortion or someone you hear about or see, do 1), 2) & 3).

SECOND, tell people about the GenPolice. If they don’t want to join, do 1), 2) & 3) to them continuously. It will also take out some frustrations, but don’t do anything more or less than 1), 2), & 3).

a) If you don’t join, then you’re on the List. GenPolice will do 1), 2), & 3) to you. GenPolice is started elsewhere as well.

THIRD, if you see a White Person in a relationship with a person from a different race, do 1), 2), & 3). Especially White Girls or Women in relationships with another race.

FOURTH, if you see a girl dressed immodestly, do 1), 2), & 3).

This is about Honor. Courage. Survival. Heroism. Remember these! Don’t be a shill or a coward.

Once on the list, you do 1), 2) & 3) repeatedly until they’re taken off the list.

More will come for the list as time goes on.

000000  No.13160096


there are uses for the marxist. if put in a position of privilege among the undesirables he can then be used to go after enemy religions.

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