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File: 868da2e02f128cf⋯.jpg (20.68 KB, 270x330, 9:11, 212636678.jpg)

3a11fc  No.13097499

Considering how France is nowadays, Is it still worth it to learn French? I like it's pronunciation and writing, but I'm doubting it's worth my time. I don't know the country's future (any frenchie's insight it welcome), but now I just doesn't look like a worthwhile effort. Even Japanese seems like a better choice now.

fe6226  No.13097517

15101d  No.13097520

8c2eb3  No.13097522


This isn’t your fucking blog.

fe6226  No.13097526

3a95d2  No.13097530



don't waste your time on new arabic language le faggot. also this is not worth thread.

7d442d  No.13097538


Also this-ing this.

No sense in learning what will be a dead language in a decade or two.

f4b76f  No.13097546

Obviously not. Considering the majority of French speakers will be a bunch of worthless Africans in the next 10 years.

fa50a8  No.13097549


Considering how the QTDDTOT is nowadays, Is it still worth it to post in the QTDDTOT? I like it's use in cleaning up the board and preventing shitty OPS, but I'm doubting it's worth my time. I don't know the threads future (any Anons insight it welcome), but now I just doesn't look like a worthwhile effort. Even posting a pointless two-line thread seems like a better choice now.

3a11fc  No.13097563



Sorry mates, I'm new here. I should've lurked more.



That's what I thought. It's such a nice sounding language though.

92a877  No.13097583

For me it's always more about the cumulative literature, not so much about what some scullion is saying to her doltish boyfriend so yeah French literature is very entertaining…but for business, no. Chinese all the way. Even the Japs are getting swamped.

7d442d  No.13097593


>cuckchan do not learn mandarin screencap.jpg

3a95d2  No.13097595


Nevermind. But create thread only if you have something imprrtant to say. You could ask this question in random thread and answers would be same.

8431cd  No.13097596

File: fced81d0c2f63b0⋯.png (857.11 KB, 1400x5552, 175:694, do_not_learn_dogeater_lang….png)


>Chinese for the business

3a11fc  No.13097610


Thanks for the insight. I do think about learning Chinese sometimes but it seems like such a chore, but I do recognize the Chinese may be the future, even thought >>13097596

>>13097593 since they're terrible as workforce. Is France really that fucked, you think the language will unironically die in the near future? It seems like such a damn shame.


Won't happen again, sorry.

8431cd  No.13097635


I live in France, and yes it is that fucked.

ea1f19  No.13097638


Just learn Arabic.

France has maybe 10 to 20 years left, before it's officially a Caliphate.

3a11fc  No.13097641

File: 2ca2678f10f7b5f⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 600x696, 25:29, fox.jpg)



Fucking hell, I don't even know how to cope with this.

3a95d2  No.13097668


Are you ok fox? Forget France. Forget UK. They are gone. We should be glad if white european race survive. We can't save all nations.

59d209  No.13097672


Where do you live anon? The U.S or France? If you live in France, you better hope for a bigger boogaloo. But if you are a Amerifat I think you should stock up on supplies in case of boogaloo, and vote #YangGang for the monthly $1000

8431cd  No.13097677


>#YangGang for the monthly $1000

>implying whites would see a single dollar from UBI

123647  No.13097690

File: 4dba1fd7e746be8⋯.jpg (72.61 KB, 1279x707, 1279:707, wasteoftime.jpg)

don't waste your time

3a95d2  No.13097697

File: e0547ab49389b09⋯.jpg (47.9 KB, 589x387, 589:387, 1552599976860.jpg)


If you don't belive in bag, what else you have to belive in?

59d209  No.13097700

File: 68f57cc0dd45f75⋯.jpg (195.95 KB, 600x768, 25:32, 1514346187098.jpg)


You are missing the point of #YangGang..

000000  No.13097706

French comes from Franco-gallic which comes from Vulgar Latin.

Vulgar latin also became Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and some other shit.

They are all Celtic language.

A European should know their native languages. At least one Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic language. I speak Anglo-Deutsch and Gallo-French and would love to learn Lithuanian or Polski.

3a11fc  No.13097726


What will even survive, man? The bastions of Europe like Germany, France, Scandinavia and UK are already fucked. What is there to look forward to? I'm doubting there will be more like Tarrant to stand up to this.


None. I live in a third-world shithole and I've always dreamed about learning France and going to France, but that's been ages ago, before all this bullshit began. I'm actually feeling rather bad right now.




Enjoy your further brazilfcation.

25bc78  No.13097727


>They are all Celtic language.

there's retard, braindead, and then there's you

000000  No.13097731


>doesn't know what the Italo-celtic language branch is

>t. jew

15101d  No.13097745


Still better than Trump.

000000  No.13097752

Yes, learn French and move to Quebec.

25bc78  No.13097757


>Does not understand what a linguistic clade is

t. legitimately mentally retarded

May as well say Sanskrit is Celtic, after all they are both Indo-European.

Italic is Celtic about as much as Celtic is Italic, they both descend from a common ancestor, none of them is the other aside from sharing a bronze age parent, and as far as importance goes, Italic shits on pretty much any European linguistic family, certainly on Celtic ones

3a95d2  No.13097760


>What will even survive, man?

I can tell you who will not survive. Britain and France.

Germany have other neighbors who are still clean. But Britain and France love nonwhites more than themself. I can imagine germans doing some hard decisions. But Brits and French are not able to do it.

America is also fucked but they can split to smaller parts. After you get over blackpill phase, you will see there are only two options. We will surivive or we will be erased. Nations itself are not important. Whole race is.

25bc78  No.13097769

Why the fuck not. There's tons of important French literature to access, and in any case you'll be able to understand what most nafris and niggers say, which may be tactically advantageous in the future.

3a11fc  No.13097790


I asked some people about it, they just say Nah, everybody in Quebec speaks English. Is it true?


Damn shame. I just hope some part of France is preserved somehow.


I thought about this, but I also love listening/speaking French. To whom would I even speak to?

65fd60  No.13097845

File: f02d882496980df⋯.png (34.68 KB, 139x123, 139:123, 1509497781934.png)


Learn Hebrew and chase that bagel.

277263  No.13097860

France is being increasingly Africanized and will fall from world prominence. Save your time.

1f62ef  No.13097861

File: 90aab4dba2a7d60⋯.png (250.61 KB, 1500x1550, 30:31, indo-european.language.tre….png)


>celtic is not italic

Next thing you will say is that Hispanic languages are not Celtic.


Pic related is a visual aid for you nigger nuts.

1f62ef  No.13097869

File: 0f5efbf73db6dc7⋯.png (51.78 KB, 1024x710, 512:355, uralic.language.tree.png)

3bea05  No.13097897

There's still Quebec.

Probably more useful learning Hungarian or some Baltic language (Estonian?) at this point.

25bc78  No.13097903


>does not understand the difference between Gallo-Romance(an historical branch of Italic) and proper Celtic languages(split from proto-Italic in the bronze age

confirmed braindead mongrel


a dead family of Celtic languages once spoken in the Iberian peninsula replaced by Vulgar Latin, wow, you sure showed me

restart your brain before shitting the board further

000000  No.13097934


>Italic master race

>doesn't know he is a Celtic

What a nigger you are.

You probably don't even know how the Germanic people came to be.

You aremost likely one of those brown Southern Italians from Sicily, which means Semitic-speaking Turko-arab. Not the true Italics which are Celtic (includes Germanics) and Illyric (includes Slavics).

000000  No.13097944



>comes before vulgar latin

>which predates celtic

>none are related

>stupid goyim

Lel jew.

000000  No.13097982

Learning Languages Guide:

Latin→German (or other Germanic language) or Russian (or whatever Slavic language you'd like)→optional romance language→Ancient Greek→Sanskrit→ I N D O E U R O P E A N

25bc78  No.13097987

File: e777cc721f4546c⋯.jpg (66.72 KB, 525x867, 175:289, 6515F3FE-0FC3-45DB-8873-DF….jpg)



this is what mental illness looks like people, take a good look at this freakshow

000000  No.13098012


>mental illness

Might as well say "schizo/schizoid" and wholly out yourself, in whatever ways your public failure at logic hasn't already.

3a11fc  No.13098035


I think I might just learn Russian first, since the country seemingly isn't as fucked, then move on to Italian and maybe French.

3a95d2  No.13098038


Chill or take your meds. Because you post insane text.

000000  No.13098060


>insane text

jn should ps me a rad maymay for this tbh.

000000  No.13098102



It doesn't even use the same glyphs. It is easier than Gaelic glyphs and is somewhat readable to Germanic language speakers but I would go with a Slavic language. I think Uralic might be Mongolian influenced or entirely Mongolian.

ce5329  No.13098111


IMO not really. France is a terrible place to do business and their language is mostly irrelevant. Spanish and Mandarin IMO are much more useful languages. I study Mandarin with a tutor once a week

3a11fc  No.13098141


How hard is it to learn Mandarin? How many years you think it'd take to speak it?


Isn't Russian slavic? Also, I like how it sounds, and Russia is a rather powerful country that isn't so fucked by the outside world (even if they fuck themselves over). I'd learn Estonian but maybe after two more languages, because Estonia is still in an uncertain place in all this fuckery, no?

ce5329  No.13098147


yeah, but of all the things you could learn, French should be last on the list. Chinese is 100000x more useful right now.

25f634  No.13098156

File: a437dfacc9dc8ea⋯.png (85.58 KB, 500x228, 125:57, Dialects_of_the_french_lan….png)

Quite a few areas have a decent amount of french speakers worldwide but like any language if you don't plan on hanging around any of the affected regions there's no point in learning it.

ce5329  No.13098175


I live in Vancouver so I hear the language all day long, so for me it's about as hard as an amerimutt learning to speak spic in some spicced up southern state like Texas.

The written language is exceptionally difficult. You just have to grind through it learning characters, vocabulary, and grammar from textbooks. You can do that on your own if you have the audio that accompanies the textbooks. What I did was the just get a tutor and start working through news articles about various topics that were higher than my competence level. Just copy down the words that you don't know and create a vocal list and study them in the evening during the weak. Then do another article the next week. You can grind through a lot in a couple of years doing that and the logic of the language will start to make sense to you.

25f634  No.13098194


You are quite right i live in quebec and because we don't speak exactly how we write a lot of people have trouble learning the written language

e7e20c  No.13098264

I personally don't like the French language that much, but it is still one of the more useful languages of the world as its use extends outside the borders of France.

Best "bang for your buck" languages are the following in order of importance:

1) English

2) Spanish

3) Arabic

4) French

5) Russian

6) Portuguese

Keep in mind that English and Spanish are the two big ones, with English being the undisputed king because it is the primary language of the superpower of the world (USA) + several other nations(UK, Canada, Aus, NZ, Ireland), language of flight, language of international science, language of pop culture, and so on. It is also a good language because it is gender neutral and only has one article, so it is not as complicated. The only thing that is somewhat complicated about English is its spelling.

Spanish is also crucial as it gives you access to basically an entire continent, + Mexico and Central America, + Spain, and helps facilitate communication with Portuguese speaking nations.

Other then English and Spanish being the two best (with English being the best) the other languages depend mainly on your area of interest. For example do you like the culture (if you don't like the culture you will find it very difficult to learn the language), will you be conducting business with the language (for example if you will be working in the former Soviet states or Russia or states in Russian sphere of influence then Russian is preferable to Portuguese. If you will be doing business in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, or other former areas of Portuguese colonization, then Portuguese is better.

I would say if you like French culture and the language then go for it. It will give you access to France and her overseas territories (French Guyana, New Caledonia, Former French Caribbean, French Africa), and it is the former language of diplomacy.

0addba  No.13098281

File: cc0bf48d6bd1ad1⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1015x1484, 145:212, jimmyolsen.png)


Learn Russian and Spanish, anon.

c5a390  No.13098293


0addba  No.13098368

File: 159059d65c29c7b⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, lonchaney.png)

You'd be good in many countries with Russian (russia, eastern europe) and Spanish (central and s. America, Spain), also millions of bitches.

3a11fc  No.13098390


I have a natural facility to learn languages. Could I speak Mandarin in a year, at least a conversation-worth?


How is Quebec nowadays? Is it wort to learn French for them?


I speak three of those. But as stated, the state of France is chaotic, and frankly what would I ever do in Africa? The thing that worries me is that French culture is rapidly dying, so I won't even have anything to practice on other than (old) literature.


I can speak Spanish, I'm tempted to learn Russian now, and maybe French after a second new one, as a hobby.


Beautiful spoken and written language, and beautiful now-dying culture.

7cbe4c  No.13098398


3bea05  No.13098438


Like everywhere else, Quebec has strong and growing white farmer population, an aging/degenerate urban white population, and a booming urban shitskin population.

Canada is importing like a million nignogs per year in a country of only 30 mil. It has 10x less population than the states so it is getting non-white far more rapidly. Luckily, the rural areas are hard and cold and well protected by strong ag zoning laws, so the shitskins stay in toronto and montreal.

9c11fe  No.13098454


>no sense in learning what will be a dead language.

*laughs in ancient latin*

0addba  No.13098462


>>Could I speak Mandarin in a year, at least a conversation-worth

Yes, just concentrate on speaking and listening, leave reading and writing for later. It's not that difficult.

3e56fc  No.13098488

File: c0a7a7c23a109e1⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 329x329, 1:1, douk.jpg)


we can take them back.

have hope.

now go and do the biggest thing that men could have ever done.

8c2eb3  No.13098504


>What will even survive, man?

Nothing. It's already over. White genocide is literally complete. Our time to grab guns was over 100 years ago, and we didn't do anything. We are the last generation. Whites will be exterminated worldwide before 2100.

>I'm doubting there will be more like Tarrant

That was a false flag. You'll notice that everything happened exactly like every other false flag in history, and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, ANYWHERE, FOLLOWED HIM IN ACTION. BECAUSE HIS WAS JEW-PLANNED ACTION.

9c11fe  No.13098534


If you want to know useful languages for the future, I'd recommend Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese (English too, but I'm going to assume you already know that one).

8db1ed  No.13098590


Learn Japanese to counterbalance the oodles of leftist tranny weeb faggots learning it in order to counterbalance the subversion. There are tons of Japanese people with far-right views, and it is worthwhile to make those kinds of connections.

You will probably give up learning Japanese though. Learn French.

59708a  No.13098598


its the most disgusting language on the planet. sounds faggot

ba24e7  No.13098604

File: 48a65a9061db24d⋯.png (84.46 KB, 400x489, 400:489, tumblr_oc9ylhfKBi1sjgwk8o1….png)


I've actually been considering learning it specifically because of how bad things are getting there.

Sage because you're a defeatist faggot.

3a11fc  No.13098631


People didn't follow him because they were cowards. The reasons he said in his manifesto were 100% right, even if it didn't justify his actions.


Aiming towards Russian right now.


That's good to know, thank you.


Thanks, I might try it.


I'll look into it. I really respect japanese people and culture, even if I don't like anime that much.


Here's the defeatist faggot>>13098504, not me.

000000  No.13098667

By the time you ever get functional in something a difficult as Chinese, there will be apps (good ones by then) that translate on the fly.

Learn Latin to make your English brilliant.

Learn to code.

3a95d2  No.13098684


>White genocide is literally complete.

>Tarrant was a false flag.


3a11fc  No.13098688


Latin is virtually useless. No app will be as good as you knowing something.

5a63e4  No.13098713


Tarrant was a false flag you yid.

f22b90  No.13098731

/dempart/ speaks french

tbh just learn the language of your ancestors

76ede6  No.13098931


You're failing to make the distinction between rural and urban. Rural France and Britain are still very much white. You might just be a Gemanophile to the point it's got you a bit myopic.

76ede6  No.13098940


Russian characters are not especially hard to learn, it's not anything like kanji/hanzi. The gender and extensive case system will be more of a shock for Anglophones.

76ede6  No.13098948


Which dialect? Not everyone speaks standard Mandarin, far from it. Plus they have a lot of problems, and you can't leverage the language for finding a wife. They also hardly produce any media or even publish on the internet. You can also easily learn 2 European languages in the time it takes to learn Chinese. So a lot of downsides if you don't plan on living there, even as they are further restricting visa access.

8c2eb3  No.13098949


>White genocide is literally complete.

Show evidence that any whites, anywhere, will fight back under any conditions. I'll wait.

>Tarrant was a false flag.

It's proven. His own manifesto says so.


>"I have no argument"

We know.

76ede6  No.13099004

File: 99402a0bf2bf73d⋯.png (154.93 KB, 1830x706, 915:353, language internet.png)


Arabic is not a lot of bang for your buck. They hardly produce any native media. They don't write, they don't even dub or translate foreign media. Not only that but MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) is only used in media. Which means that if you actually want to communicate with Arabic speakers you have to additionally learn a dialect. Which dialect? Egyptian is far and away the most common, then maybe followed by Gulf. But the educated class of Arabs all speak French or English. So you're left with a language where you can only talk to dumb people who are barely even literate.

Portuguese gives you access to Brazil, which is a shithole country of retards. Portugal is a tiny country of ~12m, so the "white" (educated, high quality) media is far less common. They also have a more complex phonology than Brazilian Portuguese, to the extent that most Brazilians will not understand you. And it has way less resources to learn.

If you drop Arabic and Portuguese off your list I think it's closer to accurate. But French still has a way higher quality media output and legacy corpus of literature than Spanish, even with the Latin American colonies included. I'd also put German a lot higher on the list if your only goal is to consume German media. They have a lot of old literature that is great, and a lot of technical books and translations from other languages that you won't find in English. The big downside is that most young educated Germans will speak English so well that you're unlikely to have a higher level German, and they'll end up switching on you (when you talk to someone, whoever has the higher level language skill, that is the language that gets switched to).

76ede6  No.13099019

File: 92ff17b1e77789a⋯.jpg (27.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, romance.jpg)


>I can speak Spanish, I'm tempted to learn Russian now, and maybe French after a second new one, as a hobby.

This is a great plan. French is insanely easy if you already know Spanish. You could also pick up pic related and learn all the romance languages at once. The main difference are pronunciation and some function words like pronouns/prepositions. Russian is unique enough in terms of content that it will open up a new world to you. Don't learn chinkshit.

d543c1  No.13099420

It's always worth learning another language used by White people. French is easy. Japanese is VERY difficult and you can fuck off to /anime or whatever with those larpy dumb cunts.

d7f671  No.13099705

File: c40a453c419cf13⋯.png (846.02 KB, 2000x2200, 10:11, Rwp0GSO.png)


If you haven't already seen this, you might find this interesting

Languages ranked by how difficult they are to learn for an English speaker

Although if you already know Spanish, it might be better to go in the other direction.

As for your other question, it says Mandarin would take roughly 2200 hours to learn, compared to less than 600 hours each to learn Italian and French (would be easy because you already know Spanish and English) and then roughly 1100 hours to learn Russian

545a74  No.13099935


Thank you. I will definitely get this. Do you have a comparable recommendation for someone with a workable French/Spanish trying to pick up German?

000000  No.13100122


>2) Spanish

Most overrated "World language"

Less economic importance than Italian.

>4) French

Nigger, but France is still economically more important than Italy

>5) Russian

Meme from Soviet days. Economy smaller than Italy. A filling station with nukes. Maybe worthwhile if you have to operate Russian weapons tech.

>6) Portuguese

Brazil is the future and will it be forever. Depends on how important South-America is for you. They have less gardener and pool cleaner in the USA, than the spics.


>Learn Latin to make your English brilliant.

A retard that think English is related to Latin.

644106  No.13100161


I am a Québécois and yes most people in big city can talk english but we always talk old french so we dont really pratice and git gud.

We learn it in school but with anti-french the rest of canada (ROC) did on us for 3 century with dont feel like cooperating and fuck anglo. we want to preserve our language.

a3427c  No.13100167


>I asked some people about it, they just say Nah, everybody in Quebec speaks English. Is it true?

Their English is terrible. I knew a fag from Queuebeck and his English was fine but his brother had to use google translate.

a3427c  No.13100170

File: 86c846753b0ff34⋯.jpg (47.25 KB, 407x500, 407:500, 51K8FsHpx8L._SX405_BO1,204….jpg)

Learn Latin, I don't have a pdf for Wheelock's though.


545a74  No.13100172


Let's reorder this list from the perspective of someone who has actually read things from time to time in life:

1) English

2) French

3) German

4) Spanish

5) Russian

A lot of people will take issue with the prioritization of French over German. I acknowledge this objection but would respond that this ranking takes into account the English speaker, who arguably has more access to Germanic texts than the Francophone. As other anons in this thread have noted, it is important to take into account "conversation quality" when evaluating the utility of a language. I don't give a fuck that there are more speakers of Spanish than German – far more interesting conversations (written or not) have occurred (and will occur) in German than Spanish.

000000  No.13100174



>recommendation for someone with a workable French/Spanish trying to pick up German

English speaker go straight to German. German has lots in common with old English (that is like ah foreign language for contemporary English speaker) English is more simplified, so it more easy for a German to pick up English than the reverse.

Spanish speaker have it more easy to learn German than French ones. Pronunciation of written text is quite similar. I'd say the speech melody of (Castilian) Spanish and German is quite similar. The argot they speak in the Americas is something different.

French is quite odd for a Latin language. The ancient spelling doesn't help. Italian/Spanish is quite similar. Which is nice for picking up the basics but can lead to not proper speaking both.

d4c9ec  No.13100182

>>13097499 (checked)

Nearly 100 replies with suggestions of learning Latin being shilled, what a surprise. That's basically required if you want to read anything in context, before jews controlled the narrative.

000000  No.13100186

French is fucking useless and you don't have to understand the language to riot. The most useful European languages now after English are German and Russian.

6cf29c  No.13100188


quebecois french and parisian french are very different.

Also, fuck Quebec. I think we should let you french faggots leave just so we can invade you, fuck your women, and force you to speak english.

971e96  No.13100208

Of course it's worth it to learn French, lots of important literature in need of being read, understood and preserved.

No need for it to speak to niggers though, there's nothing that you need to communicate to them in French that can't be better said with a sjambok or rifle.

79913e  No.13100213


>Considering how France is nowadays, Is it still worth it to learn French?

For the old texts alone it would be.

644106  No.13100231

File: a8df607a6bcfeee⋯.jpg (151.18 KB, 746x599, 746:599, Drapeau-Carillon-Sacré-Coe….jpg)


We already speak english! Its funny because The Québécois is everything /pol stands for. But because we are sticking a fight against the anglo-saxon way of domination we are (bad0 (faggots) and whatever. But what happened in Québec is unique and special.

For almost 300 years we have been control by exterior forces. Forces that didnt want our good, our well being and our future strenght. The British kept us weak and always destroyed every gems we had. Does it sound like something similar? Ya its just like the Current year in the west but the exterior forces are not british but some globohomo-jewish-masonic faggots.

But for all those years we kept our language, religion and culture. Yes, culture; like the maple sirup, hockey, the square red shirt for lumberkjack it came from old-canada, our songs, ours coureurs des bois, our cuisine (poutine) and our fervent catholic faith it was once said by the pope that Québec was the New Jérusalem. What is build into the Québécois culture/mindset is a rebelious spirit. A spirit that is lacking many nations a this moment in the west, but you can see in places like Flanders,Catalognia and maybe in north Italy. A spirit that /pol tries to meme into existence. The loosers of the past shall be the winner of the future.

But my brother canadians, lets stop fighting and make peace and allie eachother to fight those that dosent want our existence. We are very similar racially, culturaly, religious and english is alot like french. Lets peace the Anglo-French conflict because we have bigger fish to fry.

Dont Divide and conquer.

3a11fc  No.13100267


Thank you, I'll look into it.


I'll be considering german as well.


I understand the importance of Latin. The problem lies in the fact that I want to be functional and active in society. I can't concern myself that much to a dead language if I'm not going to be a hermit scholar. It's not entirely out of question, but I should at least learn the world's main languages first.


I like to think Quebéc is a sleeper good country amidst the chaos that is Canada.

a3427c  No.13100276



>but I should at least learn the world's main languages first.

You should always start with the language that interests you most, regardless of how useless it is. If you're OP and that's French, you should go for French. If you don't feel passionate about learning it, it'll be a drag.

51c503  No.13100318

>all these faggots ITT advising OP to soil his tongue with ant-people chittering and semitic hacks and growls

Learn French, German and/or Spanish to your heart's content. Europa endures, as it always has.

f369c5  No.13100400

File: 46e5b4370f0d8f5⋯.png (871.37 KB, 1012x735, 1012:735, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 765d64ec7c78bc7⋯.png (794.91 KB, 981x737, 981:737, ClipboardImage.png)


Learn Spanish or Chinese (Mandarin).

76ede6  No.13103349


Do the Deutsche Well course "Nicos Weg" and use the accompanying Anki decks from here https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/nicos%20weg Also get the Hammer German grammar book. You can also supplement with this 4k vocab deck (cleaned audio) https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1520423974 just delete the English -> German card, and use the German -> English only

76ede6  No.13103360


This is the correct order, with the annotation of German/French being disputable.

3e56fc  No.13104377

File: e0967e4597b11c4⋯.png (351.13 KB, 500x320, 25:16, assband.png)


your province sucks off of our hard fuckin' earning.

good luck when the west gets the hell out of the confederacy, and starts shipping migrants to ontario and quebec.

07b302  No.13104566

File: a48166ce4447a75⋯.jpg (253.19 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, d59291b97e3d8dbc74fb8bbfdb….jpg)

Been learning Hindi for a little bit now. It's basically Sanskrit but with heavy influence from Urdu thanks to Muslim invasion, and also very few grammatical rules. Comparing the two languages side by side makes it appear as though there was a once great nation that slowly slid into poverty and decay, with only a vague goblinoid language remaining.

269fce  No.13104626

Theres some french guides here



also the /int/ library


269fce  No.13104641


Oh and these, I forgot



644106  No.13105024


Good luck when your land will be empty of oil. Btw the French Canada paid all your debt in the begining of english canada, so now its only payback time.

3e56fc  No.13105151












stop forcing us to learn your shitty gay language made by romans that got drunk and rammed eachother in the ass

000000  No.13105214


>they just say Nah, everybody in Quebec speaks English.

They're fucking retarded and never left Montreal, the pozzed diverse anglo metropolis. Go off the island and most people don't speak english (and are white, most immigrants are concentrated in Montreal)


>I think we should let you french faggots leave just so we can invade you, fuck your women, and force you to speak english.

Typical anglo-kike hatred for everything white. I'm glad your women are being raped by pakis.



go fuck a cow, prairie nigger



this anglo nigger can't be serious

000000  No.13105237


>stop forcing us to learn your shitty gay language made by romans that got drunk and rammed eachother in the ass

>29% of english is french words

lol nègre

cc373e  No.13105412


France will be completely cucked by the time you get good at it

000000  No.13105455


Learn all of White people's languages. And then, japanese.

76ede6  No.13105471


A lifetime's worth of good content has already been produced though. Plus there is still the greater rural France, and Quebec.

76ede6  No.13105490


There's really interesting. I can only imagine how enlightening it would be to read original Sanskrit documents.

07b302  No.13105763

File: 75d88ce33cdfa25⋯.png (188.05 KB, 1040x780, 4:3, IMG_20190409_220417.png)


That's how I started on this.It's impossible to not learn some Sanskrit when reading a word for word exegesis of scripture. I'm still at caveman level though.

12ab10  No.13107242



When are you going to start shitting on the street?

000000  No.13107253

All NATO countries are going extinct to make room for Israel. First the whites get replaced by troglodytes. Then the jews sweep them away like they sweep away Palestinians. Mandarin is the only sane option right now.

51d26b  No.13107612

Languages ranked by relevance, learning anything else is purely out of hobby.

1) English

Difficulty: VE-E-|M|-H-VH

Short term advantage

+Socializing/Travel 11/10

+Economic/Career 11/10

+Internet/Media/Music 11/10

+Education/Literature 11/10

2) Chinese

Difficulty: VE-E-M-H-|VH|

Long Term advantage

+Socializing/Travel 10/10

+Economic/Career 10/10

+Internet/Media/Music 2/10

+Education/Literature 10/10

3) Spanish

Difficulty: VE-|E|-M-H-VH

Long term advantage

+Socializing/Travel 10/10

+Economic/Career 7/10

+Internet/Media/Music 9/10

+Education/Literature 6/10

4) German

Short term advantage

Difficulty: VE-|E|-M-H-VH

+Socializing/Travel 5/10

+Economic/Career 9/10

+Internet/Media/Music 9/10

+Education/Literature 8/10

5) French

Difficulty: VE-E-|M|-H-VH

+Socializing/Travel 6/10

+Economic/Career 5/10

+Internet/Media/Music 5/10

+Education/Literature 10/10

6) Hebrew (+bonus yiddish)

Difficulty: VE-E-M-|H|-VH

+Bartering 15% off items

+Socializing/Travel 8/10

+Economic/Career 3/10

+Internet/Media/Music 1/10

+Education/Literature 9/10

7) Arabic

Difficulty: VE-E-M-H-|VH|

Long term advantage

+Socializing/Travel 4/10

+Economic/Career 7/10

+Internet/Media/Music 9/10

+Education/Literature 2/10

8) Japanese

Difficulty: VE-E-M-H-|VH|

( 2nd to chinese in asia )

+Socializing/Travel 1/10

+Economic/Career 6/10

+Internet/Media/Music 6/10

+Education/Literature 3/10

9) Portuguese

Difficulty: VE-E-|M|-H-VH

( 2nd to spanish in latin america)

+Socializing/Travel 6/10

+Economic/Career 2/10

+Internet/Media/Music 2/10

+Education/Literature 5/10

10) Russian

Difficulty: VE-E-M-|H|-VH

+Socializing/Travel 4/10

+Economic/Career 1/10

+Internet/Media/Music 3/10

+Education/Literature 4/10

07b302  No.13107619


Probably next year.

971e96  No.13107625



>not Latin

the nose knows

8431cd  No.13107640


/dempart/ has really a quality of posting though.

8431cd  No.13107642


*a low quality of posting

f6eb45  No.13107662

File: 0efb72e3533c0a8⋯.gif (123.9 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 0efb72e3533c0a8c408b559c97….gif)


>German on the same level of difficulty as Spanish

Stop boasting, you reddit-cuck.

Ich schwöre Stein und Bein, dass du Deutsch niemals vollständig beherrschen wirst.

f5eb19  No.13107665


>english hard

>german easy

51d26b  No.13107671


This isn't the age Jesus died. Latin is useless unless you're a history teacher. Hebrew is the underground language of the chosenites, every major country with a banking system will have hebrew speakers and translation all around.

3c66a8  No.13107688


Weird, isn't this the same /pol/ that mourns the loss of the real ancient Slavic languages? No amount of European history should be lost to time. To die is one thing, to be forgotten is far worse.

51d26b  No.13107714



t. germaboos

German is a beautiful but simple language ( unlike swiss german ). The meme that english is easily learnt stems from the majority of the world being forced to learn basic English at a young age. If it were an obscure language english would be as difficult as Russian.

252e60  No.13107733



Germanic languages are piss easy niggers

f5eb19  No.13107748


t. braindead

english has an absolutely piss easy grammar even niggers can master in little time, its only difficulty if anything is that its phonological rules are abhorrent so learning to speak it properly can perhaps be somewhat more challenging, but otherwise reading and writing are easily accessible with little effort

German has three genders, grammatical cases and a somewhat complete verbal declension system, unlike english which is mostly just left with the root of the verb

1d1c1c  No.13107781



shittiest part of English is vocabulary. Theres are hundreds of words with several meanings and dozens of words that mean the same.

971e96  No.13107824


oy vey, don't read your cultural heritage without our (((translation and interpretation))), goy! Especially don't learn ancient greek either, so obsolete.

a31ad1  No.13107843


>Español that high

otherwise solid list

5890a3  No.13107916

Learning how your enemy speaks can be a great skill. That is the only reason I would advocate someone to learn something like arabic or other ugly languages, like hebrew/yiddish (also a filthy corruption of German).

e0ab0d  No.13107967


Pronunciation isnt easy for non-natives. There's exceptions and the occasional curve ball of the expection doesn't count English throws on how to pronounce

3bea05  No.13107981



Montreal has been a lost cause for the past 50 years.

They are brainwashed with the french "fraternity egality" bullshit, and would rather import french speaking 70 iq niggers than non-francophone whites.

Graffiti everywhere, litter everywhere, garbage bags rotting in the streets out in front of houses, homeless drug addicted blacks lying around in the middle of the sidewalks, homo/trans shit everywhere, even the bathrooms have these half men-half women signs for trans. Tons of nightclubs and prostitution where young white girls go out to get raped in a bathroom and then whine about it on social media. A massive welfare drain, Quebec and Ontario eat up way more money than they give back to the federal gov, and the workers are lazy and useless despite getting a huge amount of vacation and benefits. Montreal has a big street in the middle of the city outside McGill where they have flags from all over the world and a big sign that says "this is everyone's home". I've never seen so much died hair, face piercings, and tattoos anywhere else in the world.

Truly a disgusting and corrupt place. You'd be far better off living in Quebec city than Montreal, and better off still living in a township or purchasing land.

644106  No.13108021


Coming from a Montrealer, what you said is sadly true, but at our defense its like that everywhere in big city. In San Fransisco, Ney Jersey, Toronto, London. But they are still good places in Montréal; like the Old Montréal (it looks like paris mix with new york), the Oratory St Joseph (the biggest Oratory in America South and North) and to live you have the West Island where its cozy.

f38786  No.13108086

Yes, there is still hope, France has seen darker times.

b15b1f  No.13108104

"Je suis une pute pour des juifs."

That will make you real popular in France.

e0ab0d  No.13108193


>3) German

>4) Spanish

Germany companies are starting to manufacture in Mexico and south America, German quality isn't what it used to be.

76ede6  No.13108281


No real case system, no genders, no real conjugations, no pronoun dropping, simple alphabet. The only somewhat hard thing is spelling/pronunciation and mastering some of the subtleties of the language. But it's incredibly easy to get decent enough at it that you can start absorbing the corpus of content and passively become more fluent over time. English is easy.

76ede6  No.13108299


The tooling is still German AFAIK but maybe the QC suffers

e0ab0d  No.13108345


>The tooling is still German AFAIK

But for how long? Tooling companies are being boughtout by ITT and black and decker/Stanley

76ede6  No.13108371


Really? I'm talking about fabrication tooling, for industrial machines. Not tools that a single craftsman would use.

000000  No.13108473




>German is a beautiful but simple language ( unlike swiss german )

"Swiss German" isn't a language, it doesn't even exist. In Switzerland there a different contradicting dialects of German. "Swiss German" is just government pretending that they are not German. La Swiss Romande learns standard German.


>Germany companies are starting to manufacture in Mexico and south America, German quality isn't what it used to be

The 1950's did call and want their bug back

dba83b  No.13108497


I believe learning as many languages as possible is good for you in general. I'm French-Canadian, and I'm trying to learn Russian and German now that I am proficient with English.

It's worth it. French is a beautiful language, and maybe France isn't completely dead yet: the lower and middle classes are waking up, see the yellow vest movement. It is not organised or that big, but it is for sure a good sign that people are waking up.

9da789  No.13109023


The majority of english speakers are a bunch of worthless africans, "african"-"americans", and pajeets

9da789  No.13109034


>Portuguese literature higher than Russia

cant even think of one Portugese author

295e8a  No.13109055


>White genocide is literally complete.

Much like a severed head retains awareness for several seconds, while having no hope of recovery.

76ede6  No.13109163


Do you know of good places online where I can practice my French, like you can with your English here? I have a great passive understanding but my writing skills are poor, and I don't want to shit up a French board. But maybe I can provide insight or knowledge that will make it worth the community bearing my writing while I get over that awkward intermediate hump.

3c66a8  No.13109179


>Theres are hundreds of words with several meanings and dozens of words that mean the same.

We should totally start culling massive amounts of the language, then. Definitely a plusgood idea, fellow rightthinker.

000000  No.13109191


whats ur favorite cake recipe?

000000  No.13109192


>Do you know of good places online where I can practice my French


000000  No.13109197


bs retard, english is that easy

it's a terribly dumbed down "language"

3245ce  No.13109224


You are severely mistaken if you think anyone in Europe wants any further interest from the 56% creatures. The niggest of African niggers is more worthy than anyone born and raised in your subhuman society.

b44065  No.13109261



danger of (((sjw)))





End the (((jews))) now.

We are Free.


In my opinion, OP, French sounds like snotty high class people. The written part is filled with knotted workarounds to Spanish and Latin's simplicity, and it looks like it takes more time to express ideas than in the aforemenctioned languages.

431d3b  No.13109282


The fuck are you talking about?

English has no genders, no masculine/feminine/neuter, absolutely no declensions, unlike autistic German, and barely any conjugation

04dfe8  No.13109332


Honestly a Frenchman would have to use Google Translate too if only there was one.

Part of Africa, Asia and the middle-east still speak some french. And of course, France. If it's for doing business with Europe in the future, consider it.

France, Germany and Italy (!) have held decent gold reserves, an indication they intend to weather what's coming. Germany has kept its industry in much better shape than the two others though.

04dfe8  No.13109358




It's a lie.

ca0b13  No.13109989

File: 44a5b506c89b075⋯.jpg (122.65 KB, 422x423, 422:423, captcuck.jpg)


>Nah, everybody in Quebec speaks English

That's beyond retarded. In Quebec "people" who speak English are mostly non-Whites, so you still have a lot of francophones in the remaining ~85% of European descent population.

ffd134  No.13109992

Spam thread still up.

92a877  No.13110045


it's the same because those brits that hate us are anglo jew vermin, just like the anglo jew vermin that are trying to enslave the world

892826  No.13110084

File: 80818567aec458a⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 285x380, 3:4, 1200px-Cathédrale_Saint-Lo….jpg)


Frenchfag here, it's good if you want to talk to white french, or just discover a very complex but deep language. The demographic argument is not helping though, our blacks and Arabs usually have a very poor vocabulary, I've seen anglos or German with a better understanding of French than "french" negros or Arabs with 500 words vocabulary and many issues on grammar or syntax. And we've been opposed to learning English for many years it's in our genes, but nowadays we have something called "Frenglish" (Franglais in French), that illustrates the influence of english and the overuse of its words.

But all you care is to learn it to get bitches, amirite?

As a gift, a french nationalist song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MCLBUqtN0Y

07f3a8  No.13110677


Same French guy here

You can try learning it the way I learned English: through exposition and use. Online courses and stuff are fine for a basic understanding, but after you learn to understand the basic meaning of words and phrases, it's all about practice.

Expose yourself to french stuff. French books, media, movies (although french movies often kinda suck in my experience), etc. It takes a while to learn, but if you can just read basic stuff in books, or even wikipedia articles, you'll learn.

It's not easy, and one of the reasons English is easy to learn is because of the abundance of content in that language. French has a lot of content too, although you have to look for it.

Feel free to post on french boards (once you got basic writing skills), worst thing that happens is you get called an illiterate nigger, but then their English probably sucks worst then your french will at that point.

It's practice and exposition. Don't waste your time with grammar until you figured out how to speak the language. French grammar is a bitch, but makes more sense after you learn to speak and read the language proficiently. Anyway 90% of frogs write "incorrectly" because of how ridiculously fucked "proper grammar" is.

(Ok maybe my teachers in HS just sucked and I have a bias)

Goal is to have learn and have fun. Learning a language shouldn't be a chore, it should open you doors to more information and opportunities. Also, you won't have to deal with chinks.

Side note: for Quebec french, don't bother. Our accents and slangs are retarded, and there is only 6-7 million (oy vey) of us out there. Unless you want to learn what is basically Navajo code talk but for smelly maple-syrup boiling rednecks.

T. Pure-Laine Rural Quebecfag.

07f3a8  No.13110732


Quebecfag here, can confirm any type of brown """francophone""" are basically speaking another language, somehow more fucked up than our version of french (which his 400 years and a sea apart, not counting the generations of mild inbreeding)

I've had encounters with such """fellow Francophones""" during visits to Montreal (fuck that shithole, please don't think of them when you think of us) and they are barely intelligible. They also often get mad at you when you don't understand what the fuck they are babbling about, and insult your way of speaking french. They don't understand well when your curse at them using local slang.

Niggers pervert and try to ruin everything, including the language of love and diplomacy. Thank god they are few in number and confined to Montreal.

Come visit us one time down in Beauce, Ill buy a piece of woodland to shoot guns on and start a maple syrup plantation. We'll drink homemade wine and eat fried pork, talk about shit. Gets lonely down here.

People always talk about learning French to get girls, but honestly, I'm thinking of learning Russian to get girls. I heard Slavs are hot but age faster. I hope it's due to shitty life conditions in Russia, and not genetics.

Or maybe polish. Pilsudski won against the commies at the Vistula.

76ede6  No.13110894


Thanks anon. I can read novels and understand TV just need writing practice. Keep an eye out for my butchered French on a board near you

73e360  No.13111092


I have some old French Math books from the 1720s that my ancestors brought to America when they immigrated to the United States in the early 1800s.

Sadly I don't know French.

02b16b  No.13111296


I was in Montreal a while ago. I honestly find it less depressing than Vancouver. There is still some semblance of European civilization- even if it is kiked up. I saw lots of dumb art galleries there but there were lots of young art sloots.

I got busted for pickpocketing at McGill university. I was stealing laptops from the university and got caught. In jail it was all blacks, Pakistani ATM skimmers, and natives that had been busted for stealing beer.

02b16b  No.13111305


Russia is kiked to the max and everything is owned by kikes. You'll work for a factory and then they'll just refuse to pay you. Thats part of why nobody wants to work and why so many women get into porn. Just watch this video and remember most of the attractive women there get a similar treatment from kikes.


b44065  No.13111323


I hope that they are good!

53b67c  No.13111406


>Canada is importing like a million nignogs per year

What's the source of your number?


1 November 2017

>The number of economic migrants, family reunifications and refugees will climb to 310,000 in 2018, up from 300,000 this year.

>That number will rise to 330,000 in 2019 then 340,000 in 2020.

Do you have any more recent publications which dial this up? The present controversy is essentially because Libs/Cons want to keep this happening while Maxime "Slow Boil" Bernier wants to cap it at 250,000.

Noticed a guy suggest it be 200,000 at https://twitter.com/Vancity888/status/1110199279971229696

I like the way he thinks.

7bfc6a  No.13111756


>+Bartering 15% off items

Pretty accurate list. Thanks.

000000  No.13111831

Why the fuck would you want to learn that shitty language? France is a land of degenerates, is responsible of empowering Christianity, produced some of the worst philosophers ever, generated the template for any future communistic terror systems and they loved it. Besides these retards are so full of themselves.

000000  No.13111836


>Brazil is the future and will it be forever.

Kek! Just a land of shitskins and stupid carnivals. Terrible economy and filthy cities. Go Brazil Go!

fe5300  No.13111869


6ad4b3  No.13114083


Not planning on moving there, just fascinated by their history and culture (before communism).

6ad4b3  No.13114116


From Quebec too. It's pretty sad to see churches be condemned and demolished because they lack attendance. Quebec has forgotten about religion since the sixties, and atheism has become the norm. Outside of Montreal, things aren't to bad, but even in Drummondville (closest big Town to my village) degeneracy is popping up, and darkies run around shittier parts of town. Where are these people from? Who let them in?

76ede6  No.13114293


>Besides these retards are so full of themselves.

How would you know if you don't even speak French to talk to them? Sounds like you're regurgitating someone else's opinion.

6b897a  No.13114311



7f969f  No.13114719


French very hard to learn from English.

German is hard advanced language like English, but is much closer to English.

French is main 1st or 2nd language of Africa, German is main 2nd language (with English) in rest of Europe, especially Eastern and Northern Europe (where the blond girls live, and where the cool machines are created)

935da1  No.13114731


>Quebec has forgotten about religion since the sixties

No, Trudeau actively did everything he could to eliminate religion in Quebec because he was still pissy about getting his hands slapped by nuns when he was an obnoxious little shit in school.

7f969f  No.13114736


> It's pretty sad to see churches be condemned and demolished because they lack attendance.

give it another 5 yrs and the buildings can be saved when turned into Mosques, probably with direct Tax C-Dollars.

52f06a  No.13114739

By the way, is this thread a sign that my slaves are finally coming near to admitting their roles?

76ede6  No.13115096


French is insanely easy coming from English, since there is a massive overlap of vocabularly. You just have to verb conjugations, which are easily crammed from flash cards (Anki), and pronunciation which you can also cram from Anki by learning IPA. Grammar is even somewhat similar since they are both non pronoun-dropping languages and follow the same Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) pattern. You just have to learn the new pronouns and prepositions. Then buy a book on slang and realize the importance of merde and ficher/futre.

28db90  No.13122518


Yeah its worth it. Don't listen to these fucking dimwits. You learn French now, master it, in 10 years you're a fucking god as one out of 10,000 in France who can read/write. Everyone else will be brown so by default the white looking people will rule, and the Jews need whites around as an emergency buffer.

9da789  No.13122652


Egyptians can easily understand MSA and MSA speakers can easily unserstand Egyptians. Only Tunisian/Algerian/Morocan arabic you wont be able to understand straight away

014396  No.13122836

Bienvenue dans la fwancofonie !

2e020d  No.13125140


Do you speak Arabic? Can you easily understand and be understood by Gulf speakers as well if you known MSA?

122682  No.13125288

>Japanese seems like a better choice now

Depends on what you want it for. I speak a little nip, and I can say that I have never even come close to having to use it for a practical real life situation, but if you want it for business or weeb shit, knock yourself out.

b4ef8d  No.13129438


Chink here

The language doesnt have extremely hard grammar. But the characters are pretty hard tho. I dont think that would be the nightmare people often describe as, but definitely not easy.

361427  No.13129449


>it's not worth learning a language that still has scientific research documents written in it untranslated

But it's true, french is definitely not worth learning for the people who speak it.

If anything, Russian and Spanish are the languages one should invest in, probably even Portugese.

2e020d  No.13129625


The quality of Spanish and Portuguese content is very low, though. You have to consider who is speaking and writing it. If the vast majority are subhumans, you're going to get subhuman output. At least Spanish still has Spain. Portuguese doesn't have much of Portugal left, since it's a very small country and is being rapidly flooded with Brazilians and other shitskins. True Portuguese are under a real threat of practical extinction within our lifetimes, except for a small pocket in the north and a small upper ruling caste.

d38b9c  No.13129947


Most "white hispanic" immigrants to the US speak something that is to Spanish what ebonics is to English. Could be useful to learn some basic phrases/key words though if you are in the US.

German is probably the best language to learn from a European culture as well as economic standpoint.

French is probably the second most useful, but doesn't have a large internet sphere, economic value is less than german, and has a history of being more leftie than Deutschland, but ND is some interesting stuff.

Russian is probably the most useful to learn if you were going to get good. But it's notoriously difficult for western speakers, so you probably won't ever get there unless you learned a Slavic language as a kid.

1a4f09  No.13130025

File: 784dac3aa89828f⋯.jpg (523.63 KB, 970x647, 970:647, anita 1417027195490.jpg)

File: 4306541e32b7813⋯.jpg (54.99 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1497025935855-fourchan-pol….jpg)

File: ece7c166f7c3a9c⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 577x1024, 577:1024, cruz obama CdD_t3yWAAEwU27.jpg)

File: e5b68e8a5c4cb62⋯.jpg (111.64 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 911 1361985517186.jpg)

File: b06e071ee61b3bf⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 500x578, 250:289, 51d7118a67475ceb3f9fa0fb56….gif)


>I don't know the country's future (any frenchie's insight it welcome)

caliphate in 3… 2… 1…


ac5a80  No.13130219


Why do you speak like a nigger?

Nigs that speak "french" tend to slur their words and replace most consonants with "w". Why? Is it their oversized lips? Is it their IQ?

c9b688  No.13130229


Fucking newfags

ac5a80  No.13130409

0f04ec  No.13130475

File: 71c93be93c5fe1d⋯.jpg (597.73 KB, 1627x1067, 1627:1067, French for soldiers3.jpg)

File: 86caa96c5e6cb83⋯.jpg (604.75 KB, 1606x1123, 1606:1123, French for soldiers2.jpg)

File: 20051ebb20ed2d2⋯.jpg (228.11 KB, 834x1120, 417:560, French for soldiers1.jpg)

File: 7dd8368e81e9d00⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1722x2302, 861:1151, French for soldiers.jpg)

>see thread

>have a book from my grandpa during the war.

>think of you nigger faggots

8a81c6  No.13130687


8a81c6  No.13130700


Could you upload it all?

0f04ec  No.13130940

>>13130700 (checked)

>Could you upload it all?

I would have to scan the whole fucking 134 pages 2 at a time. I thought you guys might like a quick look into history.

I did notice I fucked up scanning the same 2 pages twice. There is a bunch of soldier war related phrases in it.

How bad do you need the book anon?

e440ed  No.13131001

File: 537092d204beb7f⋯.jpg (319.51 KB, 2197x1463, 2197:1463, proxy.duckduckgo.jpg)



>Literature 4/10

Fucking neck yourself you illiterate pleb

41e293  No.13131556

Christ I made the mistake of learning French in HS because Spanish was for beaners. Didn't realize the extent of niggers/MENA there, would have picked Russian.

2fde63  No.13131662


french fag here and i laughed when i saw the difference between the slang and the good french. My grandma was use to order me to not say "bouffer" because we're not animals.


As a frenchfag i would tell you : don't waste your time because french is a hard language for english speakers and it will take years before to start appreciate talking,reading,watching movies or documentaries or conference. I would advise you to learn something else like Mandarin since we will all have to deal with chinese in the future.

But if you are really motivated then go on and don't give up because it will be really hard ,sometimes you will see laws and don't even understand why ,it will makes you feel like an idiot but then you will have the khey to open the gate of the french litterature and maybe it's a bit arrogant from me (but not my goal to be) but it's wonderful.We have so much poetry,so much beautiful proverb,so much beautiful stories.I think first about balzac because for me it's incredibly a giant ,every details he wrote about things literally put you into the story that you picture easily every single details of every scene.Reading Celine in french is amazing ,Mort à crédit made me laugh so so much.Poetry of peguy or rimbaud is beautiful too.

Then sorry for this long post but voilà quoi.

wish the best for you.

2e020d  No.13132246


>french is a hard language for english speakers

lolno you just need an anki pronunciation trainer and flash cards for conjugations. It's a piss easy language for English speakers with the vocab overlap

d63e07  No.13133099


nigga waht, french is the easiest language for us to learn aside from dutch or german.

234960  No.13134204

Any Potatoniggers in here? Is it worth it at all to learn Gaeilge? Seems like a dying language.

923673  No.13134959

File: df63361bd772bae⋯.jpg (15.86 KB, 255x196, 255:196, df63361bd772baee9ae6f8a8e5….jpg)


Same frenchanon, i'm actually going to visit Canada in august and I was thinking about visiting Montreal too, I googled Beauce and it looks really beautiful. It's sad to see how niggers and arabs ruined our reputation all over the world (and our country at the same time), we can thanks (((them)))

I'm looking to move to a quiet place in France aswell (living in Lyon atm). Godspeed for your projects, anon.

86e9f4  No.13134982



I know you've got a lot of vocabulary similiarities but i always thought it's hard because of the grammar.

My bad then et bon courage.

1ac5e2  No.13135208


Learn arabic if you want to talk with frogs.

b249fe  No.13135232


Russia is 2nd kike homeland and is Turkish.

ef4355  No.13142291


Most parts of the province are nice, Beauce is pretty damn empty though. Unless that's what you're looking for. Mauricie is nice and got a national park, and the area around Quebec City (Charlevoix) is pretty mountainous, but with towns in the valleys.

Centre-du-Quebec and many other regions in the south are a patchwork of forests and fields.

It's pretty nice. The old town center in Quebec City is really nice, same for Montreal's Old town, but it's overrun by chink tourists 90% of the time. Last time my sister went there with her friends chinks kept taking pictures of them for some reason.

8ff733  No.13146995

French will be a dead language in 100 years

76ede6  No.13147380


Nah it will be the arabic lingua franca, kind of like now

000000  No.13158388



ain't a verb

475d69  No.13158654



ac10ed  No.13160583

File: 10f717197ca39a0⋯.webm (806.46 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, vive_la_france.webm)


Worth it.

e8d96a  No.13160937


You might as well ask is it worth it to learn Hittite?

1dc4c4  No.13160965


No. Learn Russian instead.

92a877  No.13160967

File: 38903116e61b2db⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 300x380, 15:19, md30247458960.jpg)


Nobody knows the future. You have to do what you feel is important. I'm an aesthete and artist and historian. I read a lot and spend a lot of time looking at art and thinking about art. You have to focus your intellectual work carefully so as not to waste your time. I would advise you to spend at least a month or two searching, researching and just thinking about what is important to you. In the worst of all possible event you might like me have the instincts of a monk copying precious manuscripts in some remote monastery in the midst of utter anarchy and ruin. You must do what your soul demands. Thus you must listen carefully to your own soul which is invariably atavistic. At least mine is.

92a877  No.13160977


Mont Tremblant is really nice; Laurentian ski resort with a lot of wealthy NY state people owning lodges there.

92a877  No.13161000

File: bd12a71984acd43⋯.jpg (202.92 KB, 1124x1692, 281:423, 189efe8ca32ed0264ab7a0db54….jpg)

File: 26b6d2da2f3f712⋯.jpg (21.04 KB, 300x483, 100:161, md22401014382.jpg)

92a877  No.13161037

File: d58b1fbb89e8615⋯.jpg (101.13 KB, 470x370, 47:37, Drapery_study_for_Semirami….jpg)

File: 017e7b87933d021⋯.jpg (143.55 KB, 903x974, 903:974, ingstamt.jpg)

File: 1a2afcb44057aad⋯.jpg (471.46 KB, 1734x2300, 867:1150, b93c01fe8c6e36f7d804e8539e….jpg)

File: 19297b4ada17a69⋯.jpg (57.94 KB, 517x751, 517:751, plate15.jpg)

File: 23689ab99ce8099⋯.jpg (140.81 KB, 734x1009, 734:1009, Madame-Seriziat_Jacques-Lo….jpg)

I really love the works of Degas, and Degas was inspired by Ingres. And Ingres was deeply influenced by David

I love Stendahl's writings. Stendahl was obsessed with Italy.

If you don't want French then learn Italian. Italy is awesome. I adore Italy.

e63c72  No.13161044

…it was never worth the time. learn Russian, it'll be one of the last places you have to go when all things go to shit. maybe Chinese or kike/yiddish so you can converse with our new overlords and current ones…take your pick all of those are better than french….french Canada is the worst part of canada

92a877  No.13161051



>french Canada is the worst part of canada

I've heard that all my life in Vancouver. I finally moved to Quebec and bought a house here. It's by far the best part of Canada.

You no doubt are a perfidious drunken anglo jew. Fuck you in the ass, preferably in Vancouver, so you can have a swift death from AIDS.

92a877  No.13161057

File: cfe96005163049c⋯.jpg (107 KB, 1024x398, 512:199, sunsetbeach4201_160421_eme….jpg)

But don't let me bum you out about Vancouver. After all, tomorrow is almost here and that means it's 4/20 day in Vancouver and all the stoner shitheads will be out in force down near the Aquatic Center to get even more stupid and dull than they normally. All it takes to get high for free is a willingness to be a human sardine in a tightly packed can of sub human filth.

e63c72  No.13161077


so you gave up the chinks for the niggers and Muslims? and it's far better? you're fucking retarded and a canacuck to aboot. lol, enjoy getting murder and raped, in that order.

92a877  No.13161093

File: 2f43d6f1ba2cfaa⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 360x285, 24:19, photo-history4_9a.jpg)



>so you gave up the chinks for the niggers and Muslims? and it's far better? you're fucking retarded and a canacuck to aboot. lol, enjoy getting murder and raped, in that order.

98%+ white here. Montreal is intolerable. In fact when I drive around Montreal I get these powerful hallucinations that I'm in Vancouver. St. Catherines makes me channel Burrard St. harshly. You want to go small town rural. It's white white white and everybody is young and raising an adorable family.

And it's far more friendly than the west coast which has turned to shit.

When WAC Bennett was premier, BC was the greatest place to live on earth. Now? It's a vile den of iniquity, a cess pit.

What a great man he was. Too bad his son turned out to be a drunken piece of shit who totally betrayed his father's legacy.

It's the same sad story over and over again; you create great wealth and prosperity, a heaven on earth, with moral virtues and then all the vagabonds, grifters, pimps and dope pushers come running to partake.

2576fa  No.13161268

Bonjour mes amis

f85943  No.13163529

How the hell does one pronounce the french R?

76ede6  No.13163578



10c9d7  No.13165508

it’s a good idea to learn the French language to snag a black Muslim wife.

73e360  No.13165732

File: 2f0e91dc5bfafef⋯.jpg (719.03 KB, 1563x2400, 521:800, 2f0e91dc5bfafefc64e293a60c….jpg)


If you happen to be jewish, you should read this book.

a3427c  No.13173118



I can't do any kind of trill. Am I retarded?

76ede6  No.13173658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ba3305  No.13174004


I doubt you would get any other kind of bride soon. Same for German.

5a945d  No.13174682


No, you're just English. Modern english is the only language without some form of trill so many people can't do it.

5951b2  No.13191656



best* and whitest

556c14  No.13191664

I love dominating “dominant” people. For I hate dominance, indeed, but when the chain is broken we may someday at last have a world without masters. Oh no, alas, I missed the 666

556c14  No.13191665

hey that was aimed at 667 :(

556c14  No.13191666

You faggots are letting me down. Have I at last drove the poster population down so far anyone could remake this site?

Lol, it’s mine now.

556c14  No.13191668


556c14  No.13191669

Well done!

43d97e  No.13191922

43d97e  No.13191935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


French speakers can move to New Caledonia. New Caledonia is a territory of France and it is very close to Australia so you can start your own business and export the Aussie products to the rich people especially chinks who are paranoid of the chink products.


3e14a9  No.13192150


>English is easy.

Yeah, it's so easy that even after 20 or 30 years living in an English-speaking country, immigrants still haven't mastered it.

English speakers are used to ignoring the mistakes of non-natives, while speakers of other languages pounce on every mistake/wrong accent that the native English speaker makes while learning their language.

Do not take a high degree of tolerance for your mispronunciations, alien grammar etc, and overall agreeable attitude and willingness to overlook mistakes, as a sign that your English is "perfect" or can "pass for native" - it almost certainly can't, and never will.

3e14a9  No.13192155


>Isn't Russian slavic?

Slavic is a type of person.

Slavonic is a type of language.

3e14a9  No.13192167


>Russian is probably the most useful to learn if you were going to get good. But it's notoriously difficult for western speakers, so you probably won't ever get there unless you learned a Slavic language as a kid.

>notoriously difficult for western speakers

citation needed.

Russian pronunciation is much simpler than English.

Anyone who did some Latin in school will find the Russian grammar system familiar and easy.

3e14a9  No.13192177

Undertaking to "learn a language" isn't something you "do" for a year or two and "achieve".

It's a life-long undertaking that will never be complete.

If you start learning a language because

>you met a girl and want to impress her

>your favourite cartoon or movie uses the language

>to appear more intelligent

>to appear more cultured

Then you are almost certainly wasting your time.

Even if you have a natural aptitude for languages, your gains will just feel empty when the girl is gone, when the movie is passe, when you realize that culture isn't a showcase of relics.

Reasons conducive to success:

>You derive intrinsic enjoyment from the process of learning per se.

>you find yourself living somewhere that English is not the native language, and will be there for an extended period of time

>to better understand your own culture.

Secret spoiler: most millennials want to learn a foreign language (usually Japanese), because of jew demoralization regarding their own culture. A common refrain is 'Whites/Brits/Americans/English speakers have no culture. If this is your motivation then you are wasting your time.

One of the best reasons to learn Latin is to open up historical texts describing your own culture, without having to rely on jewed translations and corruptions.

cefbce  No.13205385


fucking this, most foreign bodies "fluent" in English couldn't write a 8th grade essay.

d5f326  No.13205462

File: f8c7519b6516fa6⋯.jpg (61.84 KB, 500x393, 500:393, 1489499047_hon.hon.hon.Fre….jpg)

I'm currently learning French and looking to increase the intensity of my efforts past doing duolingo exercises every night. Learning more than one language makes you live longer and gives you the ability to communicate with more people around the world.

And fuck what anyone thinks, French is some smooth shit and makes panties drop.

ba3305  No.13205870



Use kanjidamage

f219eb  No.13205897



Precisely. Lack of inflection is often misconstrued as low difficulty.

a1e67b  No.13205995

I mean, you can expand this question to most foreign languages. I run into the desire to learn one occasionally, but then I run into the question of….why? It is a very considerable time investment to get to the point of being even halfway decent, and whats the use? So I can visit said country?

000000  No.13210625

>French for old texts

Le fuck. What old texts exactly?

Stuff shat by soft commies? Pretentious civnat philosophers?

Most people in the US should start learning English btw.


>2) Chinese

Socializing? lol

Economic/Career? LEL

Education/Literature? KEKEKEKE

826af5  No.13217662



Socializing? niggers

Economic/Career? gibs

Education/Literature? WE WUZ KANGS

d19342  No.13217826



>I mean, you can expand this question to most foreign languages. I run into the desire to learn one occasionally, but then I run into the question of….why? It is a very considerable time investment to get to the point of being even halfway decent, and whats the use? So I can visit said country?

I knew a guy who had five university degrees and 35 languages under his belt; he was heavily into cross cultural religious studies. He even learned pre islamic arabic so he could read that shit. He shook his head sadly and declared it all worthless dreck.

27bf6b  No.13226317

It seems likely that the chatbots cannot read redtext. Probably a shitty parser that doesn't descend properly. Like a nigger cannot read cursive, buts cannot read this. You'd think at least one would have called me a faggot, but no. They juts post in a bumped thread like nothing even happened.

fe34bc  No.13226525


>French is insanely easy coming from English

I've never met an anglo that spoke french correctly even after they spent living 20 years in France.

French is not that hard to understand due to the fact that English is 75% to 90% french (Modern English almost entirely came from either 17 &18th century french when everyone that mattered spoke it and it was the language of the court, the nobles and the bourgeois, or from old middle age french, that english pretend is "old norman" even if by the time of Guillaume all the Normans spoke exactly the same language than Parisians, as the, small, band of vikings had married locally X generations ago and didn't were completely integrated into the french nobility. It's a national myth. Any non-completely-illiterate french can directly translate "old norman" today. No english can.) the grammar, phrase structure is different and more germanic but that's about it.

The problem is that's for a basic level, but french is almost impossible to master for a foreigner (it's hard for a native) and french are extremely discriminating when it comes to language (speaking basic french is literally called "nigger-speak", petit nègre which is an actual thing they used to teach to nogs in Africa).

It's also the reason why no french speak English. Just like anywhere else in western Europe since WWII, English is taught in class since elementary school. Everyone that's not an elderly KNOWS ENGLISH and due to the aforementioned origin of English at the very least understand it if they make an effort.

BUT they will never speak it unless cornered into.

Why? People assumes it's arrogance, it's not, it's because of the same "nigger speak", unconsciously they will not speak a language they have a poor mastery of, because of the social stigma that comes with speaking "basic french".

It's proportionally less present in the younger generation as their mastery of french is more and more lacking due to "modern, mandatory and comprehensive" education, which churn out retards that can barely emote like anywhere in the western world.

People think it's a good thing, it's not. No great writers since the last ones died in the 60's, no great poet, composer, philosopher. Want to read a french classic? Just buy it in English, there are very good versions, refined over a century.

TL;DR: Don't learn french. There is no point, France is dead country.

Not dying, dead.

92a877  No.13226887


> No great writers since the last ones died in the 60's, no great poet, composer, philosopher.

Sadly, this.

46b47a  No.13231399

File: 494da12f6a66f76⋯.jpg (23.41 KB, 380x395, 76:79, AB5NMlh.jpg)


the only people who will speak french in the near future will be in africa

99fdc2  No.13231522


>Is it worth it to learn French?


>Then what should I learn instead?

Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Estonian, Russian… Basically languages of white countries that will remain white in the foreseeable future.


It will be niggers and maybe French Canadians if Quebec finally secedes. They were pretty damn close before, with the way Canacuck is changing now its possible a 2nd vote can steer them towards the light.

644106  No.13238202


Who is Deleuze? It truly shows that we are not on the same plateau.

6eed54  No.13238375

File: 38d75f24a25807e⋯.png (1003.31 KB, 1018x539, 1018:539, PH.png)


Finnish, Polish and Hungarian are EXTREMELY difficult. I don't advise learning it unless you're 12 years old or less. Children can very easily grasp languages, remember it if you'll ever have one of your own.

Italian is pleasant, especially if you know some Latin, or Spanish; Spanish might be a good option too, sometimes communicating with spics might be an useful opportunity. Don't limit yourself to understanding the speech of your friends, you can use your knowledge against your enemies.

bc5de6  No.13239237

Considering that many anti Jewish writings are written in French, and that France is a hotbed of anti Jewishness today, you would be wise to learn it.

2b4662  No.13239269


If a 12 year old goes on /pol/ he/she must be really based.

7256ed  No.13239295


I'd like to learn Russian and German, although I never intend to visit either country. Learn the language you want, Chief, if you're gonna give up then just fucking learn Hebrew or Arabic and be quiet

22614f  No.13239316

File: c78a861fffd07da⋯.webm (9.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Generation_Revenge.webm)


the basedist

01f67a  No.13245569

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