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531807  No.13278738




c59eb2  No.13278747



Kappy was one.

531807  No.13278772

Kappy NOT suicidal.


15mintes: "I am not suicidal."

He posted this video shortly before "forcing himself" off a bridge.

What's going on, /pol/?

c59eb2  No.13278789


The letter he posted that was dated July 4, apparently to coincide with some Q LARP thing, expressed his willingness to die for whatever he did.

30f8d9  No.13278803

fake gay lame

lolcow snuffed himself

000000  No.13278870

Never heard of him before.

Someone posted this earlier.


The alleged dead man's switch webm


f94741  No.13278936

<Oy vey goy better ignore seriously weird videos in connection with kike pedos because Qlarpers are retarded (unironically tho), but at the same time don’t forget we own you and Hollywood and the fact that a JEWISH actor said and showed to be in connection with high end elite pedo “pizza” parties due to his hollywood connections and spoke out about it and then mysteriously ends up “jumping” off a bridge, nope goy just a “schizpost”.

<Look the letter Q!!

<better disregard everything amirite.

<better ignore the fact that the only reason “Qtard” has any traction is due to the whole pedo business.

<better post in another spoonfeed thread which then de-evolves to a flamewar between 2 literal shills and the detractors replying instead of filtering, oy vey dis a big one goy.

a95215  No.13278944

File: ade1b453a7377c2⋯.png (683.35 KB, 875x607, 875:607, munching shit.png)

Direct Youtube Link!


000000  No.13278954


yeah he betrayed his own tribe and got killed for it. If you think jewish children aren't getting fucked by pedos as well, think again.

000000  No.13278957

can someone backup his channel because it will get memoryholed by hollywood?

a54f75  No.13278963


anthony pls

8ac887  No.13278966


That WEBM gives me the shivers.


Kill yourself, Tom Hanks

000000  No.13278989


>He posted this video shortly before "forcing himself" off a bridge.

that means he got a warning and decided to go ahead regardless. its pretty heroic to go out like that.

4e7ef3  No.13278994

Inb4 (((mods))) kill this thread by calling it a "duplicate" even though it's a different topic entirely that happens to reference a single person

9ebb39  No.13279006

Jordan Peterson went nuclear.

000000  No.13279011

This shit is nothing but a distraction.

"Its not the jews its the illuminati goys"

"its the Clintons and pizzagate not the jews goys!"

000000  No.13279084


don't you feel a little bit bad about your job at times like this?

d1214e  No.13279142


<Jews aren't pizzagate.

Try again.

99a877  No.13279265

This is the gayest shit i've ever seen, that wasn't a black sun you absolute fucking spazoid. Also the "WEIRD CLOTHING" those kids were wearing are called bikinis. Take your meds. Isaac was clearly a pedo if he had vids of young kids in bikinis at some spa resort. Jew creep

d1214e  No.13279271


>one shekel has been deposited in your account, we hope to work with you again rabbi.

a2f6f0  No.13279273

No idea who this fag is other then he looks 100000% jewish

d1214e  No.13279280


that's the point. A jew who goes against the programming and hollykike cult. That's why he "jumped" off a bridge when he just 2 days ago posted a video explicitly stating he wouldn't kill himself. Theres 2 threads (different content about same guy) you know?

000000  No.13279284



the whole point of shilling is to move the debate in a certain direction, and most importantly make it seem organic. i know its late and everything but still.

30f8d9  No.13279293


although it is weird that european and mongol girls are being used to cleanse a turk bath. globalism is pretty ugly

000000  No.13279296


I listened to his entire last video -

If you listen to it he basically admits to gambling all his money away in a stupid bet (he had gambling problems). So a jew loses all his money and commits suicide. Seems plausible to me.

Reading anything else into it is just stupid imo. We'll see though.

000000  No.13279299


that's the spirit!

30f8d9  No.13279314



yes lets ignore germans busting jew gangsters while the US mutt navy gets it's shit split in the gulf

i'm really interested in this pyschotic drug addict weasel fuck

d0fb05  No.13279318

Underground WiFi routers started this whole thing

Pubah and cheesybay

Hotdogs and pizza parties and shit

a84241  No.13279334

File: d7043d383c5e9a7⋯.png (389.5 KB, 1239x663, 413:221, digging time.png)


Pizzagate was a reveal of higher echelon occult jewish activity retard. Pizzagate drew people to the JQ faster than any other leak in modern history, because ALL of the major figures were either jews, or connected to the jewish cult. Free-masons, jews, templars, I don't really give a fuck who you are, what you are, if you are in league with these subhumans, you are an enemy of man.

Anyway. Since this thread about his "deadmans switch" lets start digging.

It's a small clip, so why he'd think this is an effective dead mans switch is up to us to find out why and or how, and why they killed him now. Maybe they figured out what the leverage was and did some cleaning and felt satisfied they could off him at this point in time.

471ee1  No.13279354


you make it all too obvious you kike faggot

000000  No.13279360


too clunky.

30f8d9  No.13279384





entire forum dedicated to your larp. fuck off

30f8d9  No.13279386

4e7ef3  No.13279439


>muh mutt

You're not even trying. Where were you when the board was flooded with the gayop about doxing a single high school tranny and watching another tranny put a basket of paper somewhere?

a84241  No.13279444


What the fuck are you talking about you retard. Pizzagate has nothing to do with Q beyond that jew's attempt to co-opt all Boomer interest and curiously regarding occult and black operations from all angles in order to control the narrative.

000000  No.13279495


one of the ways used to shut down threads with leaked material is accusing the person leaking of being a larper. is this a leak thread? why is this thread so important to you? questions, questions.

4e7ef3  No.13279501


It's an interesting angle for the shills, considering they're undoubtedly also pushing (((purple))) as legitimate despite him being a refined Q meant for younger generations than 50-70 year olds.

6f882f  No.13279506


Oh man…. I can't wait til things kick off.

I'm racing to hollyweird and I'm going to kill and kill and kill (in Minecraft) until my soul can bear it no longer.

ece22e  No.13279578

File: 7afc2f1ed39825e⋯.webm (12.37 MB, 720x480, 3:2, kappy.webm)

>that demon nose

Dude looks exactly like Jezz North, the infamous British paedophile.

suckers believe this 'dead man switch' crap, it's all theatrics, the guy is probably not even dead

>guy just happens to have a (((BASED))) subscriber who just happens to be able to perfectly interpret the (((dead man's switch video))) , giving the whole spooky classical mythology breakdown.

So spooky guise.

ece22e  No.13279583

File: 5daedb7f3af07bc⋯.jpg (16.92 KB, 541x488, 541:488, kappy.jpg)


4e7ef3  No.13279621


How many IPs are you going to hop to call this fake, schlomo?

6f6ccc  No.13279658


If it's real and well thought through, then where is his dead man's switch? where'd he set it to be released? And, shouldn't we expect more? Like if he was kidnapped, he would want his insurance to be released slowly to give him some possibility of release.

b2c02c  No.13279673

File: 4cc45d3ccbd157a⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 450x447, 150:149, kev-pedo.jpg)


Could it be something is embedded in the file itself ala steg?


Fuck off with your Q shit. Literally has nothing to do with that faggot. But you know that you derailing kike.


Wouldn't say interesting considering they've bene using Q as a boogeyman to push the 'muh conspiracy tinfoil' angle. It's the same with trying to make anime radioactive here by claiming it was only brought in by the roach. If they can successfully associate certain things with what they've deemed as 'undesirable', then it can be used to turn anons away from certain ideas because of that knee-jerk reaction.

It's basically guilt by association.

000000  No.13279705


you need to try and blend in more

4fa862  No.13280090

I'm trying to watch porn and thus stupid shit lagged my connection trying to load. Waste of time. Cya.

4e7ef3  No.13280197


This kind of spam is personally protected and endorsed by the moderation.

c73481  No.13281397


Looks like a disposable enema on the bench in the video

e0eaa3  No.13281441

File: f7d138dc6212104⋯.jpg (85.2 KB, 616x693, 8:9, f7d138dc6212104ca03648838a….jpg)


He wasn't the jew we wanted, but the jew we might just have needed.

a3a950  No.13281552


>Never heard of him before.

>Someone posted this earlier.


>The alleged dead man's switch webm




a3a950  No.13281554



>>Never heard of him before.

>>Someone posted this earlier.


>>The alleged dead man's switch webm





0:05, my bad.

9fa1dc  No.13281639


Just because he's a jew doesn't mean he can't go against his fellow kikes. That doesn't make him /ourguy/ but it does go to show there is plenty of infighting amongst the jews that we should be aware of and take advantage of. If one of the lesser jews who is not part of the elite inner circle wants to dime out his fellow kikes then we should be all over it.

f6c6a7  No.13281938


f6c6a7  No.13281965


This is definitely a good place to start, I'd say.

e852d7  No.13282029

Psyop to make people think you can’t fight back

Yawn. Same shit ever time

Step it up Tel Aviv.

This dude is literally in a cafe in Israel right now being blessed with a 5% off coupon .

3e6a28  No.13282094

>RIP jew

Eat shit moshe.

000000  No.13282163



If no one has found it yet, viewing the building elements says LOCATION: USA

t. autism.

Pretty shitty deadman's switch. If he was scared they'd off him he should have told everything on camera. He was probably concerned others would get killed too. He should have used the scorched earth policy and told everything anyway. Whistleblowers always die before their big reveal. If you need to blow a whistle blow it loud, clear, and keep blowing it. NEVER wait for a big reveal, or speak about it in useless vague terms like this long ass rant video guy (or many other whistleblowers) did.

>in b4 torpedo

If you knew what I do from digging about Pizza-Gate you'd be behind 7 proxies too!

4eead6  No.13289454

Isaac Kappy (words from his In$tagr@m post that are in all caps) with ,, added by me, please adjust as required. Question: does text have any meaning?

many have not,, many who loved me,, family expected,, work at all,, myself,, so little care,, my own q friends,, after sheer arrogance,, q keep up the fight,, again the justice way,, not now,, many sheer arrogance,, reflect on my own truths,, and many, many shortcomings,, awaken of others within,, so arrogant,, the light

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