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File: 1ad5b912e2b06c6⋯.png (1.72 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, talpra magyar.png)

e88611  No.13361984

You have the right to change your legal gender. Yes in HUNGARY.

You can't marry if you're gay but you can have REGISTERED PARTNERSHIP.

Don't worry gay people. We have anti-discrimination laws in all places of speech and expression. So people can't discriminate against you.

We don't have statistics about CRIMES since something like 1998 because it's RACIST.

We also have NO right to bear firearms. No right to have a knife with a blade longer than 3 cm-s. Yeah, just look up Hungary's most wanted you'll find cute criminals with GUNS and some minorities might stab you with their ILLEGAL knifes but we are FUCKING BASED.

Abortion not only LEGAL but encouraged.

Walk in the capital. You'll find most businesses excluding Mari néni's goulash shop are owned by people with either Jewish/German or Chinese origins, but we are a HOMOGENEOUS CHRISTIAN BASED SOCIETY.

We also get paid the same amount in a day what you Americans make in half an hour.

If you're not a boomer from pre-'democracy' you won't even have a chance to buy a house for yourself unless you want to make living a bigger version of hell for yourself.

You are racist? Too bad it won't be jews or minorities who will truly fuck you over. It'll be your own kind.

Now tell my why I shouldn't jump ship.

ec38aa  No.13361990

If Eastern Europe can't save the White Race we are all doomed outside of our native lands

a4c643  No.13361995

First the blackpill spamming in other threads didn’t work so now you have to make a entire dedicated thread to try and blackpill with IP-hopping samefagging.

I wonder how long you worked on that OP and how long you kept it in reserves waiting for “le perfect time”

Sad, plz try better next time

369301  No.13361997

File: 7f39e8b7816207d⋯.jpeg (561.35 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, Hegedűs Zoltán és Lázár J….jpeg)


>Now tell my why I shouldn't jump ship.

You are free to do that, but don't blame others if you miss the chance to hang baste fidesz members like pic related. By the way, by buger standard they are huwite as freshly fallen snow.

3c381d  No.13362001

File: 7e140b6c781e46f⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 400x266, 200:133, 7e140b6c781e46f6c56eabbe53….jpg)


Anybody that ever implied hungary is a good place or a "based" country are people who are either fidesz's partysoldiers or idiots from all over the world who maybe once came here as a trip, but don't actually live or work here. Y'all just blinded like all of the grannies at home buying into propaganda of the wrong type, thinking Orbán does fuck all but sell his own country while lying about it. Think I'm joking? Ever notice how "the gypsy problem" never came up since the "migrant crisis" began? Do you think hose parasites magically disappeared and aren't all on welfare popping out 6-9 kids by 30?

4-6 years ago I didn't ever see anybody not hungarian in our small town of almost 30k people, yet nowadays all the fucking niggers, pakis, ukranians and even bloody poo in loos are all flooding into the country and shitting it up. It has become an every other day occurance to see these maggots around.

t. hungarian.

236b4f  No.13362006


We have the same problems everywhere in Eastern Europe, almost all governments are zogged, but that doesn't mean that you personally can't fight the good fight.

236b4f  No.13362008


I could spot their Jewish mugs from miles away. Not a burger btw.

e88611  No.13362011




>implying muh day of the rope will come

Even our most BASED movement is controlled opposition.

>by buger standard they are huwite

I don't care about their definition of white. I care about

<individual rights and freedom

<freedom of speech and expression

<being well of to actually afford a family the breeding program won't work it's a shill missing it's audience as always



>/pol/ memesters in denial

It's your fault you made Hungary a dreamland in your mind. Just wait with your opinions until you visit this shithole without all your money.


Why should I fight? I don't see you mowing down bankers. I didn't see Tarrant shoot up a golf course.

369301  No.13362013


That's because you are obviously a D&C black pilling shill! How's the weather in Tel-Aviv, Schlomo? Those upstanding baste fasisct are huwite!

00ce28  No.13362031


Just out of curiosity, who exactly do you consider our most BASED movement? I have a few guesses, but I also admittedly have nothing but surface-level knowledge of them. Care to enlighten a hungarian anon on the controlled opposition part?

e88611  No.13362051


>who exactly do you consider our most BASED movement?

Mi Hazánk

>Care to enlighten a hungarian anon on the controlled opposition part?

The obvious.

<Not only not naming them but wanting to give them even more benefits.

<Somehow have money to rent billboards all over the country days after shilling for more money from Boomers in the name of "not really having support because we are the good goys".

<Not naming the Chinese.

<Endorsing Christian values.

<Reinstating conscription

Sure they have some right ideas but not a single thing that means real change in the right direction.

This from the top of my head but I'm sure as time passes they will show their true colors.

9ddab3  No.13362083



e88611  No.13362110


Source on what?

Gun ownership.


You can't find statistics by nationality so here's your lack of source:

Same sex partnership.


Hourly wage exactly 3 dollars.


On the ridiculous knife laws



A magyar Büntető törvénykönyv 269. §,

Holocaust denial:

A magyar Büntető törvénykönyv 269/C. §

e88611  No.13362123


Lol even fake guns are illegal. But I remembered wrong. It was 8 cm long blade. My bad. But I remembered 3 cm, and I would've sweared on it.

Melléklet a 175/2003. (X. 28.) Korm. rendelethez

>e) az olyan eszköz, amely az utánzás jellege és méretarányos kivitelezése miatt megtévesztésre alkalmas módon hasonlít a lőfegyverre (lőfegyverutánzat);

7c2539  No.13362130

Jump ship and go where?

0553c9  No.13362159


All democracies are rotten at the core.

>You can take infinite debt and increase taxes all the time to support ever-increasing public spending, where people get less and less

>You can replace all leaders and population without losing anything!

Democracies are evil. However, within them is a self-destruct button that allows one to vote for literally Hitler.

0141f8  No.13362181

Country has stupid name.

Jump ship.

e740c6  No.13362327

For french Hungaria look like white paradise, her half of tv publicity promot race mixing. If you have the good color you can kill or rape and just take 2 year of jail, now they orgaize the complet censure of white on the internet, our remplacment is for the next génération, we have franc macon and zog inside, they use our colonial paste to submerge use… etc.

You are realy lucky compare to use, you have a real chance to change the situation. Orba isn't perfect but he have exlaine lot of thing to your people. Her we haven't the quarter of pourcent of what he tell you.

79dd23  No.13362642

Kill traitors and save your people. Dont run like a rat.

79dd23  No.13362646


Kill the traitors you stupid frog

000000  No.13363270


americans really should live in eastern europe for a year. there is nothing based about these countries on any level whatsoever, they are just poor obscure countries that are not seen as viable globalization targets, because they are too weak and the virus would kill them.

generally eastern europeans are pretty docile and not a threat to authority, the fact that hungarian anons have recognized this and are criticising their own "based" government heavily is a hopeful sign, you don't see this in other countries in "based" eastern europe.

64e378  No.13368337


Teljesen így van barátom. Kurva nagy szopás és a külföldiek azt hiszik itt minden szuper mert vased fidesz megmenti a világot Mészáros Lőrinccel.

64e378  No.13368362


Mi hazánk azt hittem a fidesz zsebében volt hogy elszívja a szavazatokat. Most az EUs szavazáson úgy tűnt nekem legalábbis. Tudom a Jobbik nincs ott a szeren sokaknál, de szerintem igazuk van abban, hogy lófaszt se fognak elérni az átlag magyar támogatottságáért, ha csak a támogatók kemény magvához fordulnak. Papa és mama soha nem fog szavazni a mi hazánkra pont ezért és a Jobbik is épp ennek elismerése miatt juthatott be a parlamentbe még ilyen elbaszott szavazásokkal is.

3698b5  No.13368472

Sage because OP is retarded and made a retarded thread but I just want to point out that abortion is only wrong if it is a white, healthy, child being aborted.

Currently in the US minorities get abortions at much higher rates than white people do so it is in our best interest to keep it legal

c1cae4  No.13369747




no one said ever

c1cae4  No.13369752


>Sage because OP is retarded and made a retarded thread but I just want to point out that abortion is only wrong if it is a white, healthy, child being aborted.


>Currently in the US minorities get abortions at much higher rates than white people do so it is in our best interest to keep it legal

ea00d2  No.13369770


That's incorrect. Abortions should be banned globally just so George Soros can't get his daily intake of fetuses to live one more day.

c1cae4  No.13369782


>That's incorrect. Abortions should be banned globally just so George Soros can't get his daily intake of fetuses to live one more day.

he'll still get his intake of foreskins from your rabbi, shlomo

44a2d2  No.13369799


You shouldn't jump ship, because these are your people. And you Owe it to your blood to remain with your blood. Otherwise I agree with you; to point to one nation as "baaaased" or faring better than any other, or worse, is stupid. Outside of the international propaganda to fool us; to make us think "atleast somewhere Things are improving for the better, so I can release some pressure and be at ease" it's getting worse everywhere, for everyone of us.

This is more reason for us to put aside our infighting and past feuds, to stand together and Work and always fight.

e484dc  No.13370152

>Now tell my why I shouldn't jump ship

Go ahead and drown, retarded kike.

28e35d  No.13383951


This. Just because our country is in deep shit doesn't mean you should run away, otherwise you just prove that you are a coward. Hold on my brother, this nation survived worse things, I'm sure we'll find a way to solve this trouble too.

86d994  No.13384257


Yeah I was disappointed to hear recently from a Europoor friend of mine that it's not the nascent nationalist utopia we wistful burgers thought it was. Oh well. He in Burgerland, we are readying for the collapse, no point in fixating across the waters.

741761  No.13384267

There has been a recent influx of anti-Poles and anti-Hungary threads. Serbian?

28e35d  No.13385049

File: a49a95be7ef7a07⋯.png (198.49 KB, 1114x835, 1114:835, 15595288651589.png)


Nah, Serbs are too obvious with their "muh turks" and "muh mongol steppeniggers" insults against us. This guy seems to be a genuine magyar and I agree with most of his words, although I discourage him from running away since its a pussy thing to do.

40bc2b  No.13386163


Typical (((media))) butt hurt because Hungary and Poland won't choose white genocide.

241b83  No.13386796

File: 2fa24ab1d9f34f1⋯.jpg (99.03 KB, 638x832, 319:416, 2fa24ab1d9f34f1cf695d62772….jpg)


Now why would anyone pay money to put this up the front page?

c710eb  No.13386993

It's pretty based for VPN locations though like Romania and great for CyberCrime because you poor degenerate jewish fucks will do anything for the Shekel like host my seedbox and TOR exit nodes.

c710eb  No.13386996

Now stfu and make me more VPNs peasant.

ed83d5  No.13387042


Escape plan scuttled. At least I won't have to learn Hungarian.

4bcb95  No.13387503


I suppose because it's not much better elsewhere, and ultimately it is presumably your homeland. Let me put it like this: If I can't stay and fight in Sweden when things are bad here, do I really deserve to be Swedish when it's easy, and things are good? The same applies to all nations, including eastern Europeans ones.

That said I do find the enormous pedestal people here will put eastern Europe on to be a bit silly and disconnected from the very real problems which exist in all nations, if not outright counterproductive.

The real issue is that we've been indoctrinated into believing the meme of democracy, which doesn't even technically exist in most "democratic" nations. People need to be reminded that democracy doesn't mean that we have the right to vote for a politician, but that those politicians are intended to curate our say in society, and that we don't actually need said politicians to curate it for us any longer.

357439  No.13387818


>We also have NO right to bear firearms

Get a hunting permit retard, you dont even have to go hunting ever and you can own long rifles and shotguns.

50b369  No.13387870

File: d493d58f6454aa9⋯.jpg (119.43 KB, 941x799, 941:799, 1559046277183.jpg)

Fuck off kike


5ed6ab  No.13387898


>Hungary is BASED

based on what?

000000  No.13388429

000000  No.13388498


>the enormous pedestal people here will put eastern Europe on

these people have probably never been to eastern europe, if the rich countries in europe were poor like those in the east none of the pozzing would work, and there would be more resistance than there is currently in eastern europe. its like a city; the rich part of town would put up more resistance if you took away their money than the ghetto currently does.

0f4afa  No.13389472


>not having shekel king frame blocked

>in 2019

51a8a3  No.13390058


Being a faggot is extremely (((christian))). Sage for not news and defeatist blackpill faggotry.

cff14f  No.13390458

People in the USA won't even let me have sex with farm animals. They're all preoccupied with themselves until they find a reason to ruin our life. There isn't much different it's just more people have jobs in USA because their job function is ruining people's lives. That's called an economic plan.

fe7d36  No.13391307


>being a faggot is extremely christian

nice try kike

000000  No.13391322

The big problem in Hungary is.

1. Money - no bread young people can't make living. This is the most severe, and insurmountable problem. Most young people have to go to western european hellholes to scrape together a living. (ironically the funds they send home to aid parents and grandparents is funding the fidesz via taxes, and the parents and grandparents they send money to also than vote for the fidesz - at least any money sent home should be conditional on them voting more to the right)

2. Demoralization due to a lying government, no visible way out, and bunch of idiots on opium who keep voting these bastards in.

3. Gipsy crime - quite horrible by the standards of normality, but not quite as bad as the crime in western europe. Still if there was money and hope the gipsies could be combatted.

My advice is go overseas if you have to - until a solution can be found for the country - maybe if all the fidesz-opium idiots starve and suffer enough and the economy implodes sufficiently something will change - but make sure to have children - since one day we will have to return to our lands.

As for all the westerners who drank the cool-aid - LOL - by all means move to Hungary (bring your guns too if you can - make Orban happy you're shooting his gipsyes) - I recommend the village life LOL.

As for those staying stay in your lands - no bread - the gypsies are allowed to own samurai swords and guns - get 1 year SUSPENDED for murder, and 1year 6 months SUSPENDED for forcible pimping (repeated group rape and slavery), (although fortunately there's not many young women left in the country) and 40,000 droid cops (the most despicable traitors in any country) enforce the will of the jews to the letter.

000000  No.13391349

The solution is this.

Hungarians must take refuge where they can.

Hungary must be utterly destroyed economically.

If at all possible foreign invasions and foreign wars must somehow be brought down on the head of the system, the cops, and the fidesz-voter fools left there. Let the cities built for the jews burn, and the cops be run over by tanks.

All the wealth belongs to the enemy, let it all be destroyed, and let them be as destitute as we are.

If Hungary is burnt to the ground we lose nothing except the enemy will be deprived of his fat, and forced to flee. We lost the country and the wealth of it - so let it be turned to ash and dust, we lose nothing, and that way the field is leveled, and we stand a chance.

We have to burn the village to save the village.

04d923  No.13391378

File: 8c21c5680a577e7⋯.jpg (260.82 KB, 1333x1502, 1333:1502, Muh Based Orban.JPG)


++ ALERT ++

++ ALERT ++

++ ALERT ++



Any individual, organization or movement which is not explicitly anti-zionist is implicitly anti-White.

Any individual, organization or movement which is not engaged in explicit White advocacy is not pro-White.

There are NO good jews.



c710eb  No.13391384


Prime VPN servers too bois. Everyone switch there in your VPN apps now.

000000  No.13397352


Any "anti-zionist" who is not against ethnonationalism in general is a hypocrite.

44b545  No.13397366

You should jump ship, preferably in deep water, nigger.

4ae119  No.13397370


Money land and firearms are freedom. By this fact USA first and canada second are most based. Thats why theyre trying to make canada 3x its population in 8 decades to drive up land prices and get more shits to vote no guns. America too but accelerated and theyre more free.

e13692  No.13397989

Because it's your land. Hungarians are your blood. You can leave, but then you'll have nothing at all.

a0b87b  No.13398034



so you have no freedom? sounds dumb

d4d8db  No.13398066


imagine being such a nihilist that you would just leave your own homeland, abandon your flesh and blood and deny your posterity their ancestral environment because it's going through dark times

6121d0  No.13399371


Czech republic is one of the last remaining reasonable Eastern countries

>You can carry whatever the fuck you want knives, knuckle dusters, butterfly knives all the shit you want

>Guns are reasonably easy to get after like 2 tests to prove you're not a nigger

>No faggot marriage and contrary to what media pushes they'll still curb stomp any faggot outside of the kike capital that is Prague

>Everyone United in their hate of shitskin gypsies

>Right wing politicians said fuck you to EU and accepted like 4 refugees out of the planned 50 trillion

>Nearly a million guns distributed on 11 mil population and no mass shootings or terrorism

>Large demographic of not brainwashed traditional women

Basically nuke the shlomo hq in Prague and here you go, your white ethnostate instant

dcdd1e  No.13399585



>Same-sex sexual activity legal since 1962.

>Equal age of consent since 1990

>Anti-discrimination laws in employment since 2009

>Anti-discrimination laws in the provision of goods and services since 2009

>Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas, including INDIRECT discrimination, hate speech since 2009

>Recognition of same-sex unions (e.g. registered partnership) since 2006

>ADOPTION by single LGBT persons (whether in a registered partnership or not) since 2016

>LGBT people allowed to serve openly in the military since 1999

>Right to change legal gender

>minimal wage 518.97 euro/month

Very BASED indeed. Might as well live in fucking New York you inbred retard.

7c97a8  No.13399692


if 90% of our own people are so weak that they can be sold into liberalism are they honestly even worth it?

e120ed  No.13399768

File: 1b91b0d4fadb1c1⋯.png (401.5 KB, 760x449, 760:449, poor_hungary.png)


It worth more to me to be able to actually afford living a good life in an objectively more FREE land all MAYOR things considered like gun ownership, quality of living, free speech, ethnicity than pleasing people who support killing some muslim nobodies instead of people who actually matter journalists, politicians, actually rich and influential jews, wall street fat cats, golf clubs, art galleries etc with LARPing as a Based Hungarian with no shekels to even afford basic necessities.

b76eb6  No.13399778

Hungary is a base place to go to a termalfurdo for a holiday but I would not want to live there plus a lot of them look like literal gypsies, I am always on my guard. t. Czech

28e35d  No.13399944

Also Masaryk did nothing wrong, he killed a bunch of evil nazi Germans and Turko-Mongol-Gipsy-Slavs-in-denial magyars. He was such a good goy guy a village was named after him in the Land of the Chosen People. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kfar_Masaryk

f4da78  No.13399949

it's more complicated than that

f4da78  No.13399997


Hispanics are as Aryan as Poles and Slavs: FACT.


aa0c2a  No.13400106


The country is going into the shitter, we are still surrounded by enemies on all sides, whom occupy at least 2/3rd of our land, and we have more claim than that. We have no serious army, we may get some new fancy toys, but so few in numbers we cannot fight a 6 front war as we should, also implying those weapons are not being brought to oppress the remaining white hungrians while gypsies outbreed us, and to protect jewish business interests. Orbán is only in the business of serving jews and breeding gypsies, being a mix of those himself. Best chance we got is to spread a massive fast killing plague in all cities, and hope we are among the few that would survive it, and higher percentage would die in all enemy neighbour countries. We should spread ebola all over the world, but especially all over every neighbouring countries, but also spread it at Budapest. A massive global ebola plague is currently my best hope for any brighter future.

Also OP, where the fuck do you think you could flee now? Every single country is being flooded with shitskins by jews, nowhere is clean, your body and mind is being poisoned by jews in thousands of different ways everywhere. You can't hide in nature either, you still die by pollution, or some weird invasive exotic bug or disease eventually, that jews bring in, implying kikes won't just outright hunt you with robots when they'll have the power for it.

EMP + plague is the best bet of humanity, a hard reset, followed by medieval racewar till extermination of all but one winning race, or at least races being separated in tribes.

aa0c2a  No.13400134


If you see humanoids that looks like gypsies, than most likely those are gypsies or other subhumans. There are over 1 million gypsies running around in Hungary, they are foreigners that don't belong in the country, they never intergrated, and will never intergrate, but breeding exponentially like any other brown subhumans. Hungarians are whiter than slavs, so stop slandering us, and you can keep out of our thermal water as well, and give back our land you fucking land thiefs, and take your slovak subhuman pets on your way out.

d4da2d  No.13400197


>generally eastern europeans are pretty docile and not a threat to authority

So basically Eastern Europe is like America except with almost no jews and no niggers but is still recovering from an entire century of communist looting and two centuries of imperialist looting on top of that.

b76eb6  No.13400251

File: 0e1fa4f9c4ef406⋯.png (835.2 KB, 800x600, 4:3, uc0IrDL.png)


I really like how you progressively got madder and madder there, Attila.

aa0c2a  No.13400267


And two centuries of ottoman skirmishes prior to that, and occupation of parts of our land, and beating back several mongol and other nomadic invasions prior to that. Without external enemies to fight from the east and south, Hungary would be the largest country in Europe, with the highest population. We ended up protecting western Europe, who later just sabotaged and fought us, but to be fair, if not for the massive losses in figting east and south, we would have been so strong we would have taken the entire west eventually. Attila got as far as middle of France, while fighting the romans also. After he was poisoned, our empire fell apart, but when we returned to the carpathian basin, we wiped out 60000 strong east frankian and german troops that were sent to to chase us away without any meaningful losses. We only ever lost being outnumbered 10 to 1, in almost every single war we ever fought, and sometimes we beat the ten times larger amies anyways. We have land claims from the the English channel to the Ural mountains, if not more, we could claim almost all of europe, middle east and asia as rightful claim, and honestly everyone else on the planet can just fuck themself. If our history would not be supressed we could have claims even further, as we can tie ourself to the sumerians, the first civilization, as we had similar writing, they were most likely us, and everyone else just copied us, while outbreeding us, and zergrushing us from all sides, always.

b76eb6  No.13400292


Stop this pathetic LARP, it is on the level of Turkshits and niggers muhing about being kangz.

aa0c2a  No.13400305


Which part of that do you think is larp?

af3c65  No.13402261


>get 1 year SUSPENDED for murder


5de581  No.13402278


How can you explain the similar writing stile O great shitposter?


Magyar =/= Hun. Different tribes.

0b7973  No.13402294


Jump ship only if you are litterally on a ship with no land in sight and you have something heavy tied around your neck, you imbecile

Hungary is mostly hungarian and all the problems you mentioned are relatively minor

Jeez just fix them you lazy cunt

04d923  No.13402358

File: 2fa9827e0060cf5⋯.jpg (183.57 KB, 776x1267, 776:1267, Jews - For No Reason.jpg)


>y-y-y-you're a hypocrite!

Who fucking cares you fag?

You think we're going to let you use our principles against us? Not a chance.

… Thing is…

I'm not a hypocrite.

Jews lost their right to ethnonatioanlist inclusion due to their aggression against it conceptually and historically.

As such, in reality, you're the hypocrite: You demand that jews, who demand ethnonationalism be ended everywhere BUT israel, be included in the notion that ethnonationalism for everyone should exist…. And why the fuck would that be, exactly?

You cry that any "anti-Zionist" would also be against ethnonationalism, but its the very fact that Jews, and specifically zionists, have SO AGGRESSIVELY and SO UBIQUITOUSLY attacked ethnonationalist conceptually and historically outside themselves that they do not receive the same support for ethnonationalism on their behalf that almost all others receive, BECAUSE they are hypocrites, demanding the end of ethnonationalism everywhere BUT israel, thus resulting in the, perhaps equally hypocrital (in a vacuum), demand that ethnonationalism exist for everyone BUT them.


Due to jewish hypocrisy in demanding ethnonationalism for them and them alone, when ethnonationalists take control, ethnonationalism will be promoted for everyone except jews.

d54f19  No.13402698


>Mindezen hun-sumér baromság

Remek, egy újabb turanista larpogány…

533dec  No.13402770

Hungarians are a bunch of gypsies.

5de581  No.13402780


thanks man

82ab72  No.13402804


>I don't see you fight, so therefore I'm not going to fight

Fuck you, ask yourself and this goes for everyone else aswell:


If everyone share your impotent, pathetic and passively craven sentiment of requiring others to do for you, what you ought be doing yourself already, then you have no grounds for complaining you piece of shit. Utter disgrace.

Now chastisement aside, keep that question in mind.


Basically this.

10415b  No.13402813

Yes, they sell us images of Budapest with those beautiful neo-classical buildings.

I would like to ask a hungarian to post the ugly part of Budapest, where the gypsies live. We want a reality check.

5de581  No.13402822


You're pretty good at shifting the blame. Why should I ruin my life with radical action that changes nothing or with being a good cog in the system and do unimportant BASED shit instead of living a quality life in, let's say Alabama.


Just use google maps. You'll find out how 'good' it really looks and feels being there.

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