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File: 85ac0cea221ef70⋯.jpg (49.42 KB, 620x330, 62:33, bachabazi.jpg)

dbf8a7  No.13370311

Hi /pol/,

The links between homosexuality/bisexuality and other sexual dysfunctions has a direct link to early childhood experiences. In this case, being molested by a same sex adult.

Exploring this topic has been enlightening and really drives home how important ones first sexual experience is. Ancient cultures hold sex/marriage as essential and sex outside of marriage was (until recently, thanks Juden) a huge societal taboo.

We know that first partner marriages have the greatest success rates for avoiding divorce among other things.

So now we know why the gays hate marriage and are quietly pushing for pedophilia while also spreading a "blood libel"(which we know for a fact Jewish people did use blood for their rituals, especially in the Kaballah) sort of lie by saying "homosexuals are NOT pedophiles" a fact known for aeons to be false.

Here's some info:

"In research with 942 nonclinical adult participants, gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation. This research is apparently the first survey that has reported substantial homosexual molestation of girls. Suggestions for future research were offered."


1aeb9b  No.13370312

File: 2b01faf51b8727a⋯.jpg (140.53 KB, 1584x2016, 11:14, FAGS.jpg)

dbf8a7  No.13370318

File: e7340c7486cba93⋯.jpg (87.27 KB, 590x398, 295:199, desmond.jpg)

Bacha Bazi is practiced in Afghanistan and parts of the middle east. It revolves around taking vulnerable young boys (who lack family or protection) and forcing them into drag.

The boys are then made to dance for groups of men and prostituted. Numerous U.S. Military can speak to this custom as a little "tea boy" would often be kept by Police and Military leaders in Iraq/Afghanistan and used for anal sex.

Very much like the drag kids dancing in America isin't it? Almost there.

We can also see in things like the Ancient Greeks which had a ritualized man/biy relationship where the young boy had his thighs fucked (but most likely his ass and mouth as well). Hence we have a lot of homosexuality in Greece as the young boys first sexual experience was being taken by an older man that was bigger and stronger then them.

The psychological damage of this is incalculable but leads, quite often, to the same boy when older re-enacting this crime upon a young victim that can not resist.


dbf8a7  No.13370338

File: 2f154b39bc0a27a⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 640x365, 128:73, june.jpg)

While obfuscated by the media, the Older man/younger "boy" relationship among homosexuals is very common.

Established men will often take in vulnerable boys in their teens (15-17) and introduce them to the gay culture, initiate them sexually and share them with others.

Elder Jew, Milo Yiannopolus spoke publicly on this very point.

Being gay is a mental disease that is spread through forced sex upon an innocent. Homosexuality is evil.

9aafa3  No.13370342

I was molested as a child and I was homosexual through my late teens and early 20s but later became disgusted with it and became heterosexual in my mid-twenties. Now I am in a steady relationship with a woman.

dbf8a7  No.13370350


Good on you Anon for shaking off that mind virus. Must have been hard but I'm glad you found escape.

92e8a2  No.13370358


Can you pinpoint what made you disgusted? Sodomy? Repetitive sex life? Lack of social bonding? Hedonistic behaviors?

3fcbf0  No.13370361

File: 23c38ddf723f3ba⋯.jpeg (35.11 KB, 900x100, 9:1, 3B77E3B6-CAA1-4CDA-8391-3….jpeg)


How did you change what you were attracted to?

000000  No.13370371

What a person is attracted to has nothing to do with their duty as men or women.

It does not matter if you are attracted to young, old, beautiful, ugly, smart, bird, or fox.

What matters is that you understand very well that you must select a partner who is equal or greater than you are, and breed with them to ensure humanity goes onward, and that you help your people to grow.

What you are attracted to is absolutely meaningless. Life is not meant to be fun or entertaining. Otherwise I would be entertained. It is difficult and horrible often, and I'm not going to pretend like life is meant to be pleasurable. There is no pleasure. There is only duty and responsibility.

The exact opposite of this opinion would have me be a gorgeous trap, so take it seriously.

ed106a  No.13370396

File: ab8b267cd917202⋯.png (30.86 KB, 1138x170, 569:85, globohomo.png)

49b256  No.13370458

File: d22476685b97a32⋯.gif (212.13 KB, 1166x875, 1166:875, 1376199648303.gif)

>>13370311 (OP)


390e48  No.13370591


Was it your dad, mom or both that buggered you senseless ?

747206  No.13372975


Who is greater, someone born good, or someone who overcomes their evil through great effort?

39d9b2  No.13372988

Pedo here, I only like lolis

747206  No.13372997


The fact that you think you're somehow better than a homosexual is the most disgusting part about you.

39d9b2  No.13373002


The Jews are trying to keep you from liking what is natural. Females are breeding and dating material as soon as they hit puberty

747206  No.13373016


Most traditional cultures put girls on the market at 16. That isn't 'just hit puberty', and that definitely isn't 'lolis'. Please consider suicide.

39d9b2  No.13373021


>hurr kill yourself

When they start to bleed it’s nature’s way of telling us that they’re ready for marriage.

6850aa  No.13373032

File: ae913a4863aa720⋯.jpg (39.37 KB, 400x623, 400:623, homosexuality a freedom to….jpg)


This was common knowledge as late as the 60s/70s. See book related.

6850aa  No.13373035

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Homosexuals CBS documentary from 1967

747206  No.13373039


People aren't done developing physically until about 19 or 20, and their minds aren't developed until age 25 (guys) and 23 (girls).

You have a common form of sexual pathology. That's what being a pedo is, just like homosexuality. In your case, you're honed into youthful features that signify fertility (nice skin etc), but you block out underdeveloped features that signify childishness (too short, naive, etc.) Girls are at peak fertility from like 16-27, I'm prety sure.

6850aa  No.13373044

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They don't stop at 15, they keep going lower in age. Basically as long as they can get away with. See vid related, fags caught on candid camera in a club spilling it all.

9fbccc  No.13373053

Could you faggots just leave /pol/, for fucks sake. Just leave. Just fuck off.

747206  No.13373055


Which faggots do you mean, Anon?

c36925  No.13373056


Semites like you wouldn’t allow us to breed with women until they’ve hit the wall at thirty and are borderline infertile. Jews keep all of the young lolis to themselves because they know it’s the cream of the crop

747206  No.13373064


How old are you, Anon? Over 30?

39d9b2  No.13373065


>being a boomer

747206  No.13373069


Boomers are at least 60, tard

39d9b2  No.13373072


Lurk more

c36925  No.13373075


Nice try, Jew, but I’m not giving you anything about my age. Men are supposed to be older than their wives either way

747206  No.13373078


So you're just an epic troll, some kind of elaborate ruseman? Okay, you got me, I thought you were a real perv.

c36925  No.13373086



>what is the 30 year old boomer meme

That is why you should lurk more, moralfag

747206  No.13373092


>The Baby Boom generation is most often defined as those individuals born between 1946 and 1964. Baby boomers are associated with a rejection or redefinition of traditional values.

I don't care about the 30 year old boomer meme, it's fucking stupid. And you're the one redefining traditional values by trying to justify your fucked-up sexuality. You're the boomer, you turbofaggot

39d9b2  No.13373103


>liking fertile girls is fucked up

Just admit you’re a Jew

747206  No.13373108



But you said you were a pedo

c36925  No.13373110


If you could read anything written ITT, I said any girl who has had her period and is undergoing puberty is prime breeding and marriage material

747206  No.13373116


I was just talking to 39d9b2… You forgot to switch back your IP.

747206  No.13373140



wow… and i thought ip-hopping shills were just a meme

44cd1b  No.13374700


>watch little Schlomo, this is how you shill, you accuse the other side of–HEY I SAID SWALLOW YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKER!

5e023a  No.13374721


>someone born good

You answer your own question anon.

f66dd7  No.13374783


i think trauma induced brain damage can heal

5e023a  No.13374791


There is no way, on God's green Earth, that it would be worthwhile to find out. Parasites need to die. Once a homosexual, ALWAYS a homosexual. They just aren't worth it anon.

7b1750  No.13374808

File: 1d864fdbcdcfa49⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 353x352, 353:352, 1546462688813.jpg)


>be me

>29 years old

>when was 8 was molested by a faggot

>multiple times was molested when I was alone with some faggot in the elevator.

>usually they just touched my groin.

>after the elevator opens they walk out fast.

>I was a silent child so I was just in shock. a silent shock, like im paralyzed or something.

>the closest to rape was when he took my hand and put his penis in my palm.

>Only mom knows about it, because I dont talk about it with people. but I did said it to her.

>im 100% sure that all the homosexuals are pedos, if theres no surveillance.

From my experience.

1cd065  No.13374811


Why didn't you hunt the faggot down and kill yourself afterwards?

7b1750  No.13374813


I was a little kid. they were adults.

Killing self is a sin.

5e023a  No.13374819


There probably was survellance anon. How do you think he found you or knew when you would be in the elevator. This is why fags need to be exterminated without remorse. They are all pedos and they damage the next generation LITERALLY THE ONLY THING THEY THINK IS OF HEDONISTIC 'MUH DICK'. That is it…they care nothing for others, for future generations, if they are damaging children. They are a Death Cult and they need to be UTTERLY CULLED FROM THIS PLANET.

0d73db  No.13374823


While anecdotes are not evidence of anything, my own brother is a tranny and is more sexually confused than anyone I have ever met in person and I lived next to a pair of faggots for a period.

I know for a fact that our father never molested him. My father was actually a pretty swell guy though our mother was a neglectful embarrassment. An alcoholic nutcase. But I know she didn't sexually abuse him either. Quite the opposite in fact. She just neglected us.

7b1750  No.13374826



I actually saw 3 times when homosexuals changed through praying and fasting. religious stuff.

but its kinda rare because no one wants to do it.




>exclusion of sweets and milk

>exclusion of sexual relationships

PS: also i heard that the chinese have some (scientific) techniques to cure homosexuality, but I dont know any details.

So in other words both science and religion has a solution. its pretty good if they both work togather, I think.

5e023a  No.13374838


Nope. How about this…you stake your life (meaning that I get to slaughter you) in place of the faggots. If he relapses I am coming to cut your fucking head off and maybe your family as well.


See, fucking kikes like you are the reason that we are in the situation that we are in right now. You DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK about the people who REALLY NEED AND DESERVE PROTECTION and you excuse the criminal and blatantly/wantonly corrupted filth.

Tell me, are you keen on staking your own life and the life of your offspring that he won't relapse?

Or are you only willing to gamble with other people's (childrens) lives

Fucking faggot!

cbb24b  No.13374848

How do I convince somone to stop drugs?

>inb4 what kind

It may be a joint, it could be all kinds of shit.

7b1750  No.13374852



Hah yeah, thats what I know very good now.

Also, I think I didnt explain myself clearly,

Its not one homosexual, it was different people over time, I remember more than 10 times when it happened. always a different fag.

Overall it happened when I was 8 to 13 yrs old. because at the age of 14-15 I started to grow very fast. I think they were afraid to try something like that. however they still kinda tried to talk to me, place a hand on my leg (when I was sitting bench. but again, I was too silent and way too nice to just ko the motherfucker. today I would just papper spray them.

>they care nothing for others, for future generations.

This. tbqh im kinda messed up because of them, im a good looking 29 years old virgin because Im kinda afraid of any relationships now, its like they fucked my life up. srs.

im kinda paralyzed when it comes to relationships.

no wonder the ancient civilizations/religions always killed them to protect the future.

7b1750  No.13374861



hell no.

but im a realist, the ((gov)) will never allow to kill them, so atleast fucking try to change them or something.

I mean, what do you suggest? creating an underground crew? to secretly kill them as much as possible?

the real power is the low and the mass media, but all of that belongs to ((them)). I dont see a reasonable solution, thats what im trying to say.

6850aa  No.13374973

File: 4fd37593ea38c58⋯.jpg (425.66 KB, 2117x1970, 2117:1970, 901854061515f9c529ab4e117e….jpg)


Yes they're sick and they feel especially empowered to act in bolder and bolder ways with the full support of society. Since anything they do will be met with cognitive dissonance from the fag hag society (our special gays could never do such a thing!) they have carte blanche. Can't wait until DotR.

3ed0e7  No.13375010


It's true, homosexuals reproduce through pedophilia.

f07e13  No.13375028

No, that’s a ploy.

When slave-moralists in their irrational hatreds and hostility to human prosperity eventually manage to eliminate “gay genes”, the female libido will plummet, while men will become more primitive and worthless as mates. This evolution could conceivably extinguish humanity, though it’s more likely to lead to a sexless all-female clone society that I personally am looking forward to.

I’m a gay man who got molested by his sister when he was young. There was nothing gay about the experience, and I didn’t encounter any pedophiles. Men are more beautiful than women to me, and I don’t seek reproduction. Homosexuality is genetic, but bored sociopaths agonized by the joyous honest peace of modern society want to squelch that truth so that they can have a depraved and worthless world instead.

Remember: human populations increase in slavery and the aftermath of plagues. If you want to send a human population soaring, decimate it repeatedly. That’s why Tarrant, subsequently to converting to Islam, murdered a bunch of his coreligionists.

3ed0e7  No.13375036


Tarrant never converted to Islam you Kike.

5e023a  No.13375039


You will be first. Fuck you. You are damaged goods anon. Preyed on by a pedophile. If there had been justice your sister would have been dragged out and murdered in front of you and then you could have grown up as a normal man rather than converting your rage into hedonistic self destruction. I really hate you fucking kikes. I can't believe that /pol/ has a problem with christianity when you fuckers roam this place. You are a parasite on society worse than a nigger because you are harder to spot due to your skin color.

3ed0e7  No.13375042

File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, Christ reaches through the….jpg)



5e023a  No.13375044


Also, this.

>That’s why Tarrant, subsequently to converting to Islam, murdered a bunch of his coreligionists.

Possibly the most retarded statement I have ever seen on /pol/ and I have seen some STUPID FUCKING SHIT ON HERE.

It is not even a 'clever' attempt as subversion. 84 IQ.

f07e13  No.13375048

Instead of being shattered niggerchimps, why don’t you people try being proud again? Be your own people, attend your own lives, quit screaming in violent agony about how utterly tormented you are that other people exist.

You know what distinguishes ghettoes? Buncha stupid violence from people who can’t handle reality. Ghetto people hate the world and each other. Somehow this attitude doesn’t seem to strengthen them.

You know what happens when gay guys move into a poor region together near each other? Lessa stupid violence, and the area gentrifies. Gays move to be near each other, not near children, and the crime rate starts dropping as people live in deeper peace with their neighbors. Gays have the strength not found in this place; they aren’t screaming in broken prideless agony over the existence of other people.

They aren’t broken, and you niggers don’t need to be. Heal your spines; be strong again. Give up being niggers.

f07e13  No.13375058


I spent a good while prodding this place into false flagging before it happened, pointing out repeatedly such things as the expanding population of genocidal Africa. They kill each other, but also breed constantly. The human societies that don’t die constantly don’t breed constantly.

3ed0e7  No.13375061

File: d9a2f4535685246⋯.png (371.34 KB, 728x546, 4:3, welcome_faggots.png)

File: a81ef962e2b24c9⋯.jpg (101.22 KB, 392x379, 392:379, Can't kill self brainlet.jpg)


I know right, that was just the most retarded thing I ever heard.

Herr der, if you kill your own group it will reproduce more.


Kill yourself faggot. The only reason gays have money is because they don't have kids, homosexuality is symbolic of a dying society.

5e023a  No.13375083


No worries than. We will kill all the fags and you will have a 'population explosion'. Works for me. Put your address down below, anons will visit you and you can experience the population explosion you faggots have been waiting for.

f07e13  No.13375132


One of the problems Islam has in the first world is acceptance. Their culture is unwanted, but not violently unwanted. Not much is ever violently unwanted in the first world. First worlders are good at tolerating a society that most people don’t like most of. We find beauty in our niches and across the first world humans defend a hundred million nests of personalized appeal.

That is not how society works among the Islamic nations, who I tend to think of as “the second world”. In second world nations, slight differences of style or allegiance result in murder, and nearly-prosperous nations are beset by rival tribes of screaming suffering conformists who would rather die than live in a society that they dislike most of. They are like you, in this thread; they can find no happiness, and tend to die unfulfilled.

Islam spreads and breeds much more readily in the agonized aryanist hateslave climate of the second world than in the disparate and diverse strength of the first world. Islam relies on the “sectarian violence” “problem” in its “society” as a goad. It keeps people threatened enough to reproduce; it keeps potentially happy people dying miserable rather than producing beauty in this world.

So they need false flags to achieve that. Never was a submission more absolute than that of Islam; never was a society more broken in submission to liars; never was a society more absolutist in corruption. They fight forever, one way or another, so obedient are they.

It’s a religion that psychologically abuses its adherents until they’re so desperate to escape each other that they strap bombs to themselves and explode with voiceless blood-spattered rage. How is it hard to imagine they would sacrifice each other in other ways as well?

The second world kills those people because its made of those people. The first world tries to quell rage with a more fully reciprocal soothing pattern, and doesn’t kill Islamics enough to reify the persecution complexes of Islamics. They aren’t loved or hated. In the first world, they have to deal with being merely people. So the first world doesn’t kill enough and isn’t oppressive enough for Islam to spread readily in.

c6fe49  No.13375139


> Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation.

What % of current active fagots/pedos intentionally didn't report being molested as kids for political/perv reasons? I'd guess about 54%, if you get my drift.

3ed0e7  No.13375142


Your a homosexual kike that wants Aryan warriors to fight your wars for you. We will kill the Jew before the Kebab. Go to Hell.

f07e13  No.13375155


Mm. You’re retarded. Try reading what you oppose. Cool the emotional flux and grow spine enough to address your tormenter.

Let me cut you again.

Faggots are a prosperous society that doesn’t kill. We are the joyous death of ghettoes; we help people to live. We are this, even in societies that kill us, because it’s genetic. The prosperous societies tolerate us while the poorer societies suffer in hatred; our genes are efficacious.

Did you catch that? It’s genetic.

Expunge the relevant genes, and you get a society less peaceful and prosperous. So, by my structures, you retarded weaklings tortured by the happiness of others would experience the actual population explosion.

Or would you?

Imagine your society stripped of the genetic capacity to appreciate masculinity, and you will imagine a society genetically “cleansed” of gays. Even your women won’t appreciate masculinity. You can survive that evolution as a species only if you’re willing to be rapenigger savannah apes… but you’re aryan genetrash, or undignified enough to fake it, so obviously you’re that broken.

f07e13  No.13375161


You’re easily tortured, and have such delightfully thin skin. Where do people go in mythology to experience a world that tortures them constantly, growing worse every time they fight it? You are already in hell, and I have come to you, my dear pet.

3ed0e7  No.13375162


>Thinking that killing gays would make women not appreciate masculinity.

This is a new level of Kike anti-logic.

f07e13  No.13375167


>expunging genetic attraction to masculinity won’t reduce genetic attraction to masculinity

Fucking genetrash, I swear.

5e023a  No.13375174


I am serious when I say this fag needs to die first.

You will notice a lack of address in any of the responses.

3ed0e7  No.13375175


You realize the sexes have different genes right? Faggots don't reproduce anyway, if anyone is killing "genetic attraction to masculinity" it's faggots like you.

53f2c4  No.13375178


I was subjected to the same, but never became a faggot. Instead I just couldn’t trust people. I fucking hate them though. By God, they are going to experience torture when DOTR comes.

e2dc96  No.13375179


Faggotry= Pederasty, faggots are into soft, petite boys not hairy high test men you fucking tranny shill.

5e023a  No.13375185

File: e86f854f8173bd2⋯.png (42.86 KB, 1220x822, 610:411, new_york_aids_cartoon.png)


Does it matter? They take their cock (the life generative principle) and ram it into shit, cum and semen until they are diseased husks of flesh that are basically nothing more than zombie hedonists who kill people with the generative principle.

5e023a  No.13375187


>shit, cum and semen

shit, blood and semen

f07e13  No.13375199


Relatives of faggots reproduce more because of shared genes. Humans share nearly all of their genes between sexes; the difference between men and women is not entirely a truncation, but it’s mostly a truncation.

Also, genes aren’t everything, although they’re a lot. A genetic gay (and especially a genetic bi) might live their life being straight without knowing - imagine a man who finds both men and women beautiful, which attitude would be highly effective, in fact. Bisexuality is secretly ubiquitous in human populations because both the sons and daughters of bisexuals have elevated reproductive success.

f07e13  No.13375205


I’m into construction workers, myself.

If “strong men” weren’t sometimes suffer/screaming aryan/niggers, gays would be even more transparently aligned towards stronger men.

3ed0e7  No.13375210


I still have not heard a reason to not bomb a gay bar.

5e023a  No.13375211

File: 8b5575dab4df0b9⋯.jpg (302.19 KB, 1236x909, 412:303, intentionally infected wit….jpg)

f07e13  No.13375215

To get along in this world you have to have enough emotional strength to recognize causalities inconvenient.

Clenched fist types complaining that masculinity is being undermined are the predominant reason why masculinity might be undermined. Your emotional incontinence makes you unsafe to be around and undesirable to emulate. That prevents your culture from spreading.

I know it’s pointless to say these things; people in places like this aren’t strong enough to contain their rage-barfs, and they eventually die covered in the emesis of hate. Fortunately, I’m fucking around wasting time for my amusement, so why should I care about efficacy? Truth torments you people; I can be casual hellfire to people like you.

5e023a  No.13375218

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you laugh at the Pulse footage as well? Can you imagine how many faggots dicks got broken running from that muzzy faggot?

d52eed  No.13375221

File: cf47ec2c2d37090⋯.gif (267.5 KB, 250x175, 10:7, Kek.gif)


KEK to the picture but what your saying reeks of the truth

3ed0e7  No.13375225


I did not know there was footage, do you have it?

f07e13  No.13375229


That’s curable already, and will be very curable eventually. Without gay people, your kind would never even cure these things. Do you know how many introns are in your DNA? It’s filthy, filthy, filthy.


Eh. You want to be a nigger, you’ll get to live in a ghetto. You’re only destroying your own kind, lomg-term. It’s the way the world works that all must eat the fruit that grows from the tree of their own pattern.

f07e13  No.13375233

You people live in terror of violence, and call that strength. You show off what you expect to work. Is it REALLY unfathomable that I consider myself stronger for not being terrified of the world?

Your kind die to concealed firearms.

5e023a  No.13375236


Have seen it, don't have it…I might have some stills.

It is almost as good as the niggers murdering the muzzies in africa, man woman and child.

Great stuff…man the next person that goes postal better live stream it so we can all laugh.

I do have a couple videos of muzzies dropping fags off buildings…somewhere…but that is pretty old for /pol/

5e023a  No.13375237


<It begins to realize that it is truly hated for its degenerate and foul behavior and begins spam posting harder.

3ed0e7  No.13375241

File: d7f9e856467b708⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Easy on the projection.jpg)




You faggots are a disease.

d1c456  No.13375242

The other thing about because the faggots have been abused some will find a reason to get some unexpecting women to get pregnant hoping that its a boy so they can start abusing them as well.

5e023a  No.13375243

The original video is hard to find. Maybe another anon has it still.

Pretty much every site you go to is 404 because it was so popular to watch fags running, screaming and dying.


5e023a  No.13375248


I have known many women who were tricked into bearing a faggots children. They always go back to their hedonism after the child is born and become and absentee dad leaving a single mom to raise the children while they go get cornholed and their prolapsed anus falls out (don't worry anons; there are instructions online on how to take your dirty shit and blood covered hands and shove that fucker right back inside you). Course I suppose it means you waste a perfectly good set of diapers as well that prevent your anal leakage in public.

5e023a  No.13375259


Come back you big strong fucking faggot and face the truth about your lifestyle. Being big and strong I am sure you won't have any problem looking at it.

[ready to gore post anons?]

bfc922  No.13375266


lol once a fag always a fag

5e023a  No.13375270


>emotional strength

Come back with your emotional strength anon…you have to have the 'emotional strength' to face our hatred of your disease spreading lifestyle and parasitism and prove you are a stronk man.


5e023a  No.13375290

File: 5e074681c5f522e⋯.png (140.56 KB, 640x400, 8:5, fun faggot facts gay homo ….png)

File: 8abeb9f0cead627⋯.png (122.92 KB, 796x601, 796:601, tranny addiction gay drugs….png)

File: 5790a7d96ef23e3⋯.png (764.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, single motherhood ruins ch….png)


Aka he is POZZING HER until he feels the call of butt sex at which point he will leave her to raise the kids while he sucks cock like a retard and dies of heroin or gets nullo'd by a BDSM nigger; when he has exhausted himself; he will go on public assistance and leech off the rest of society while he dies slowly alone, with MANY ROUNDS OF LIFE PRESERVING DRUGS and ass rekt of some filthy vile disease that no one ever heard of and he caught from some monkey raping nigger on a night that he can't even remember.

MANY times he will have parasitized and FUCKED OUR SOCIETY. Once as a 'husband', once as a 'pedo' towards his own or other people's children, once while abandoning his family or POZZING his wife because he lied to her, and once in death sucking off the welfare tit.

There is nothing that these stronk faggots bring to society that could make up for the abused, death and disease that they bring to it.

5144dc  No.13375352

File: e73f530a83df3e5⋯.jpg (51.86 KB, 734x489, 734:489, lactacia.jpg)

As soon as you come out o your mother's pussy, she makes you suck her tits - think about these facts in the development of your sexuality first.

Also, moral hysteria of a subject is clearly in a branch of pornography, you are looking up pictures, reading descriptions and so on of these things you apparently hate. You are like those police officers who watch child porn to make sure the guy in the video is the suspect.

To cam your mind, you must first admit that you get some type of sexual pleasure from the knowledge of these activities. Most people never think about "sexualizing" children btw, looking up child drag queens and crying about dumb parades reflects moreso unto you than on the activities themselves.

You abandon common sense for hysteria, you are suffering from a sexual disease. Try letting off a little steam.

5e023a  No.13375386


BWAHAHAHAHA…faggot had to change IP's.

He is hoping we won't recognize his 'reddit style'…

5144dc  No.13375403


Yes, I have a reddit style because I am predominantly a leftyfag, but my point still remains, spending your days looking at boys dressed as girls makes you as much of a pedo as any other guy who is obsessed with what young boys are doing with their bodies.

5e023a  No.13375435


>but my point still remains

You have no point and neither does your life.

5144dc  No.13375439


is that the best comeback you had?

okay keep wasting your adult life reading clickbait articles by spooked boomers.

5e023a  No.13375451


>keep wasting your adult life reading clickbait articles by spooked boomers.

You write online as well? Give us your address, anon. You know, so that faggots can 'multiply on Earth'.

5144dc  No.13375461


I know you're mad, but can you at least try to make sense? thx

000000  No.13375465


The first, Jesus was born good and even he chased moneychangers and sacrifice sellers with a whip. Sure the wisdom of experience has its benefits, but being a former buttpirate isn't something to brag about.

Overall this whole thing is a mix of degenerate elites who promote their fetish and a globalist attempt to destroy Western Society so the elite can live like King Saud.

5e023a  No.13375468


I am not mad, IP hopping stronk faggot.

I bet it hurts having someone tell you the truth about how fucking disgusting you fags are, doesn't it?

5144dc  No.13375479


I go to this site enough to know that I'm a disgusting beast who sucks cock, I don't need emotional people telling me that in every thread.

5e023a  No.13375489


If you would FUCKING LEAVE…



<Your emotional incontinence makes you unsafe to be around and undesirable to emulate.

51af48  No.13375494

Greeks and romans being fags is faggot propaganda


000000  No.13375511


Next you'll tell me that Lincoln, Hamilton, Hitler, Roosevelt, King Louie XIV, and Leonardo Da Vinci weren't gay.

5e023a  No.13375518


When the semites overthrew them, they became fags. Semites are parasites and faggotry is one of their ways of destroying nations.

5144dc  No.13375523


>literally everything i don't like is the jews

5e023a  No.13375531


>literally everything I don't like are parasites. You are not 'emotionally stable' (lol) enough to be a kike, they are stupid as a fucking stone. You are one of their puppets that got fisted so hard they control your mouth.

8c2050  No.13375535

File: 62c973a9e897943⋯.png (14.61 KB, 108x140, 27:35, ClipboardImage.png)

*Sing along with the classic Stray Cats melody*

Poppa's at the back door looking for a piece of tail

Poppa's at the back door looking for a piece of tail

Poppa knows the back door's the place that he wants to dwell

/I'm so soory

//the demons made me post this

5144dc  No.13375536


>being so mad that you become schizo

5e023a  No.13375556


Still not mad stupid fag. Being utterly repulsed is not the same thing as 'anger'. I can understand why you can't tell the difference. On second thought, you just might be a classic example of 84 IQ

5144dc  No.13375559


>everything i don't like is low IQ

5e023a  No.13375569


When your boyfriend takes his dick out of your asshole and you have a chance to wash the shit off, come back…I know you can't type or think right now because you are 'busy'.

000000  No.13375597

>Study: Homosexuality Linked with Childhood Trauma

http://archive.is/yfjOu (news article)

http://archive.fo/6D8YE (archive link to study)

>Does Maltreatment in Childhood Affect Sexual Orientation in Adulthood?



>The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children: an exploratory study.


>Childhood family correlates of heterosexual and homosexual marriages: a national cohort study of two million Danes.




>79% of homosexual men say over half of their sex partners are strangers.


>Homosexuals are more likely than straight people to have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and to commit suicide.


>Active homosexual men are 1700% more likely than straight people to have anal cancer.


>Syphilis was almost eradicated, but made a comeback among homosexual men.


>How Do the Kids of Homosexual Parents Turn Out? The Best Evidence


000000  No.13375612

>Claims that gay parents are just as capable of raising children as straight parents are misrepresented. Source:http://www.jstor.org/stable/2657413

>Between 24% and 90% of lesbians report being psychologically abused by their partners. Source: https://mainweb-v.musc.edu/vawprevention/lesbianrx/factsheet.shtml

>Gay men are 60x more likely to have HIV than straight men. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3462414/

>46% of male homosexuals report being molested, as compared to only 7% of heterosexual men. Source:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11501300

>Gays are more likely than straight people to have mental illness. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2072932/

>1/4 gay men in America have had over 1000 sex partners. Source:http://www.ama-zon.com/Homosexualities-Study-Diversity-Among-Women/dp/0671251503

>43% of gay men have over 500 partners. Source:http://www.ama-zon.com/Homosexualities-Study-Diversity-Among-Women/dp/0671251503

>Gay men are six times more likely to commit suicide than straight men. Source: http://www.ama-zon.com/Unequal-Opportunity-Disparities-Affecting-Bisexual/dp/0195301536

>Gay men are 12x more likely to use amphetamines than straight men. Source: http://www.ama-zon.com/Unequal-Opportunity-Disparities-Affecting-Bisexual/dp/0195301536

>Gay men are 10x more likely to use heroin than straight men. Source: http://www.ama-zon.com/Unequal-Opportunity-Disparities-Affecting-Bisexual/dp/0195301536

>Liberal arguments in favor of homosexuality are based on logical fallacies. Source: http://hrcak.srce.hr/index.php?show=clanak&id_clanak_jezik=19028&lang=en

>10 to 15 percent of older homosexuals have more than 1000 sex partners. Source: http://www.jstor.org/stable/3813477

>Gay people are 2-3x more likely to abuse alcohol than straight people. Source: http://www.ama-zon.com/Unequal-Opportunity-Disparities-Affecting-Bisexual/dp/0195301536

>Up to 50% of lesbians have reported sexual abuse. Source:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9360290

>79% of homosexual men say over half of their sex partners are strangers. Source: http://www.ama=zon.com/Unequal-Opportunity-Disparities-Affecting-Bisexual/dp/0195301536

>99.8% of lesbian, gay and bisexual teens will change their sexual orientation within 13 years. Source:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26048483

>Two-thirds of men and women who were homosexual change their orientation to heterosexual five years later. Source:http://psycnet.apa.org/books/11261/004

>Two thirds of self-identified lesbians later have heterosexual relationships. Source: http://psycnet.apa.org/books/11261/004

>Identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual does not end sexual questioning or confusion. Source:http://psycnet.apa.org/books/11261/004

>One in eight gay men in London has HIV. Source:http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2014/11/18/13-of-gay-and-bisexual-men-in-london-living-with-hiv/

>Lesbians are twice as likely as straight women to have eating disorders. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Lesbians are twice as likely as straight women to be stalked or physically abused by their partners. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Married lesbians are 2-3 times more likely to divorce than straight couples. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>America has spent $700 million promoting faggotry literal global homo abroad – an “integral” part of American foreign policy. Source:http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/21/world/africa/us-support-of-gay-rights-in-africa-may-have-done-more-harm-than-good.html?_r=0

000000  No.13375615

>Gay men are twice as likely as straight men to be in interracial relationships. Source:http://sf.oxfordjournals.org/content/93/4/1423

>In Australia, 25% of homosexuals have had more than 100 sex partners. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Gay men, who are 1.65% of the US population, account for 63% of the country’s syphilis cases. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>In 2010, homosexuals were about 200 times more likely than everyone else to be diagnosed with HIV. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Gay men are 15 times more likely to have Hepatitis B than everyone else. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Homosexuals are more to use illegal drugs and drink to excess than straight people. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Homosexuals are more likely than straight people to have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and to commit suicide. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Gay men are 10-15 times more likely than straight men to have eating disorders. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>40% to 60% of serial killers are homosexuals. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Homosexual men are more likely to have been abused by their partners than straight men. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Monogamy is not a central feature of most homosexual relationships. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Married homosexual men are 50% more likely than straight couples to divorce. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>In the Netherlands, the average homosexual in a “steady relationship” has seven to eight affairs per year. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

>Over 20% of older homosexuals have had more than 500 different sex partners. Source: http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>The average gay man has several dozen sex partners per year. Source: http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>28% of homosexuals have had sex with over a thousand men. For straight men? Just 25% have had sex with more than 10 women. Source: http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>Most “long term relationships” between gay men last less than eight years. Source: http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>Among gay Canadian men in “committed relationships, only 25% were monogamous. Source: http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>In one study, only 9% of gay men were monogamous. Source:http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>75% of straight men an are faithful, compared to just 4.5% of gay men. Source: http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>In Berlin, 83% of gay men in “steady” relationships had had frequent affairs in the last year. Source:http://advindicate.com/articles/3022

>Infection rates for gonorrhea and chlamydia are increasing among active homosexual men. Source:http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/12/the_gay_agenda_and_the_real_world.html

>Gay men, 1% of the population, account for 83% of syphilis cases. Source:http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/12/the_gay_agenda_and_the_real_world.html

>Syphilis was almost eradicated, but made a comeback among homosexual men. Source:http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/12/the_gay_agenda_and_the_real_world.html

>Active homosexual men are 17 times more likely than straight people to have anal cancer. Source:http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/12/the_gay_agenda_and_the_real_world.html

>Lesbians are 2.5x more likely than straight women to be obese. Source:http://takimag.com/article/the_straight_dope_on_homosexuality_elizabeth_mccaw/print

f07e13  No.13375793


Lol, you’re fragile. You people are pathetic before truth, burned before reality. All truth is as violence to you, all freedom unwanted, your submission absolute! You will not submit to me, but I have no power over you; it’s hilarious that you’re such screaming wimps when faced only with the threat of reality.

Your tormented screaming… doesn’t make me laugh. It makes me smile, and come back again and again, to remind you that there’s a world of strength out there to enjoy if you’re willing to overcome being shattered whiny slaves.

f07e13  No.13375800

Peaceful conduct literally got me sexually harassed. You people cannot have the sex that I rejected out of hedonism. Moralists project their empty souls onto others, being deep down nothing but bitter replicants.

5e023a  No.13375813

File: e946b02fb830317⋯.jpg (276.78 KB, 736x701, 736:701, homo child abuse pedo stat….jpg)



df2f99  No.13375819


In your opinion do all victims of male molestation carry these same risks?

e84edb  No.13375828

File: 31fbb4d88dc0d73⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 640x800, 4:5, Bernie supporter.webm)

File: ae582363dc57e29⋯.png (661.73 KB, 493x795, 493:795, whats up guys its scarce h….PNG)

File: e9bdf617523ceb6⋯.mp4 (6.94 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, piggy squeal.mp4)


>world of strength



5e023a  No.13375834


Probably, I can't really survey them all because a lot of them defend their molesters (classic example is that faggot kike Milo) or they commit suicide.

f07e13  No.13375838

Medicine advances because people attend to truth and hazard both. The incomprehensible strength of the unbroken people who do not scream and threaten at truth is that they cannot be shocked and repulsed by medical information. As we study and mitigate hazards, the whole world becomes more peaceful and prosperous.

HIV is fading; blind stupid heterosexuals would keep it alive forever, but gays don’t preserve suffering. STDs historically were spread by whores and “not” sluts; now prostitutes are likely to be vlean, and any legalization scheme would make them cleaner, and meanwhile our culture has the concept of the ethical slut who takes all necessary precautions. Has this created epidemics? Why, no! Epidemics are a thing of the past. Diseases are getting scientifically squelched. Ethical sluts haven’t created an epidemic of pregnancies either. People who embrace truth in an emotionally resilient way enact their conducts in effective manners.

I don’t drink or do drugs. Meanwhile, the opioid crisis was dumbass tardwhites self-administrating opioids. They did it to themselves and then screamed at truth. Hedonism is winning because moralists lie!

Fundamentally, actual pedophiles desperately need a scapegoat so that violent imbeciles will go kill someone else. Gays aren’t USEFUL to pedos, so guess what kind of people pedophiles hate? It isn’t hard to fake an origin, and pedophiles are retarded slaves to morality who can’t handle hedonism’s touch. Their joyless ancestral obeisances are why they have to groom the young rather than seeking partners among equals.

e84edb  No.13375851

File: 3a6440de9c2f349⋯.jpg (182.5 KB, 717x880, 717:880, go home.jpg)



#loveislove #slayqueen

df2f99  No.13375859


Thanks for sharing OP that took courage. I also was molested at an early age a couple times but nothing beyond fondling. I can only fucking imagine what pentration would do to a growing mind. I was reading that pedos target boys who seem distant from their parents, as if the parents and child aren't on a personal enough basis for the kid to trust his parents and tell them what happened. Pedos are very very careful about who they choose as their victims. They choose the people who aren't protected. Completely vulnerable. This inof has lead me to questioning even my relationship with my parents. The trust issues are real anon.

5e023a  No.13375860


The faggots are running more than one thread on /pol/ tonight. All of it is the faggot normalization agenda.

5e023a  No.13375862


>Thanks for sharing OP that took courage.


457860  No.13375867

File: d3d2f9e76cfb7bb⋯.jpg (118.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1523007709785.jpg)



>I am predominantly a leftyfag

>has pedoshit saved to his hard drive

Typical leftyniggery

df2f99  No.13375871


As a victim myself maybe I can shed some light. I've never had any sexual or romantic feelings for a man, but perhaps this is because I had sexual experiences with girls at a very early age after the molestation and so maybe I was pushed in the right direction. It seems to me that one method victims of pedophilia use to hide their shame is turning full on gay to make what happened okay. It seems only the gay victims defend their molesters.

df2f99  No.13375875


Haha I can guarantee I get more pussy than you

5e023a  No.13375880


IDGAF anon; dr. You need the rope. You are a parasite in hetero culture.

f07e13  No.13375887

Hedonism is pleasure seeking. I’m not a teetotaler, but I rarely drink, and never to blackout. If I get blackout drunk, I’m no longer conscious if the pleasure of existing. It’s hedonically invalid.

Similarly, opioids aren’t really pleasurable, they’re just an escape. I think they appeal to people whose bad personal patterns make their whole life unappealing. Cultist Simulator had an insight here, as did Fallen London; the people who forever give themselves nightmares cling to opioids.

People seem to hate hefonism when they themselves seek life’s exits. When they fantasize about dying violently at the hands of cops or armed bystanders, we see that weakness writ anew. People who hate every waking moment of life are drawn against hedonism by a sense of unfairness, or so I speculate; it must seem unfair that some people get to experience pleasures while others experience only pain.

Bad news, though; it’s got a huge strike of genetic factors. I live in pain, and yet I enjoy existing. I am not constantly running for the exits by screaming about how I want to murder others (which is nothing less than a desire to BE murdered, when viewed through the Rawlsian veil of ignorance). I’ve noticed that different people have different hedonic setpoints which govern their ability to enjoy experiences. People with low setpoints want booze, they want sexual service, they want painkillers, they want dreamless sleep, and they think these things are what hedonism is, because they need such sledgehammer pleasures they can’t even enjoy smashing melons, much less good art and gentle company.

When I was a child I knew a priest whose chastity WAS true in private, as indeed I believe is true of most of them despite occasional scandals. He gave me texts on philosophy which convinced me hedonism was the true path of integrity.

Let us be open about our pleasures

oh wait

you just want to die of opium?

and you want someone to SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF?

Anti-hedonists are just broken, dull people.

df2f99  No.13375888


>But you don't matter because no one wants your genes inside them.

df2f99  No.13375889


That's why you shrugged off my virgin comment you virgin.

df2f99  No.13375890


ignore the green

5e023a  No.13375896


Ummm ok…I can ignore you and everything you say. You are a faggot and I actually wish that I was a virgin.

df2f99  No.13375903


>pretends girls don't find him repulsive

5e023a  No.13375906

7b1750  No.13376681


No problem Anon, thanks for sharing what happened to you.

>They choose the people who aren't protected.

thats true, but dont blame your parents because theres always a posibility when youre just walking on your own, hanging out and stuff.

My biggest problem was that I was too shy and trusted people as if they were angels.

A small child has no life experience, has not stereotypes at all, so the pedos capitalize on it.

The parents protect us as much as they can, but they have job and stuff so they cannot be there with us every minute of our childhood, plus children are curious, they always tend to seek adventures and sometimes hang out on their own/or with other kids. its normal.

Im sure that your parents love you very much but its impossible to have a 100% control over a child and protect him every minute.

5e023a  No.13376849


> they have job and stuff so they cannot be there with us every minute of our childhood

You realize this is all designed? Right…get the parents away from the children. Especially the mothers.

7498c2  No.13376855


pol is pro pedo. Delete the anti-pedo propaganda. raping isn't anything to do with pedos.

7498c2  No.13376857

Pedophilia is straight.

5e023a  No.13376860


It won't matter when they are dead.

6850aa  No.13377223

File: 99854ce3fa2e2d6⋯.mp4 (5.57 MB, 540x360, 3:2, gay_The_Gift_excerpt_-_fet….mp4)

Faggots purposefully spread disease to one another.

6850aa  No.13377228

File: 66693a1e485a7db⋯.mp4 (3.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lactatia discusses Ketamin….mp4)

Faggots reproduce by molesting children. Often lures of drugs, consumer items, food, candy, cash, or housing are provided.

6850aa  No.13377233

File: 0b1e672e6327737⋯.mp4 (7.4 MB, 224x400, 14:25, drag boy strip club.mp4)

Here's an entire documentary on how faggots prey on children. They will abuse any position of authority, and they thrive when given time alone where their target is separated from others. If they can get the collaboration of the child's parents, it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

45f1de  No.13377350


everyone has 2 sex drives anon

pair bonding sex drive, and masturbation sex drive. The former is hardwired, the latter can be highly variable, often just right hand or inanimate sex toy, but also includes masterbation with the opposite sex to your pair bonding sex drive. i.e. hetrosexual men can have masterbate inside the rectums of men and homosexuals can masterbate inside the vaginas of women - this is known as bisexualism, a somewhat misleading term.

da156b  No.13377395


^that post can only be heard with a jewy nasally voice.

45f1de  No.13377426


whats so jewish about it? i think you're an paid antagonist

1aeb9b  No.13377508


I'll choke you the fuck into oblivion. So, there's that little pitfall of pedophilia to watch out for, nigger.

9f82be  No.13377557

File: 16859cc77fb40bb⋯.webm (9.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, little_girls.webm)

Check out this beautifully LEGAL webm

1aeb9b  No.13377558


Come after my daughter. I dare you, nigger.

25d7e1  No.13377580


I'd be honored. See, this is how it should be. Women are only the property of their fathers and husbands, any age of consent laws are only feminist kikery. Wake up, sheeple!

987edc  No.13377598



honestly kill yourself

499dcf  No.13377621

Anti pedo is anti islam!

You will be v& and your children will be fleshlight fuck toys for mangey dicked muzzies.


1aeb9b  No.13377640

File: 31ca79b2fca464b⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1600x1105, 320:221, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't see how that could be possible.

You'd be dead, drained, and buried in my backyard, faggot.

25d7e1  No.13377642


t. feminist yid


>muslims get lolis

>asians get lolis

>niggers get lolis

>spics get lolis

>jews get lolis

<whites get punished for lolis

Really makes you think.

1aeb9b  No.13377649


>let's be muslims

>let's be asians

>let's be niggers

>let's be spics

>let's be kikes

No, pedonigger.

We are Aryan.

You are already extinct.

9f82be  No.13377656

25d7e1  No.13377659


Uh huh, that's why white birth rates are low and whites are being outbred across the world. We're onto your tricks, schlomo.

45f1de  No.13377666


careful, you might be reporting a jew or a paki, in which case the pigs will come after u, take your kids and hand them over to child protective services where they will be drugged raped and maybe sacrificed ( blood libel ) by kikes

5d9539  No.13377673


"Oh, hey there Jamal and Tyrone! Are you here to take my daughter on a date again? You can have her, it's her body and her choice! Hashtag I'm with her lol. I can't wait to see my little mulatto grandchildren!"

1aeb9b  No.13377678

File: 21730a535c1dc28⋯.png (88.82 KB, 300x280, 15:14, ClipboardImage.png)


Aryan birth rates aren't "low", nigger. We attempt to be in balance with our environment, like any self respecting, and self aware Aryan would be.

Subhuman filth is breeding like rats in contrast.

Kike "leaders" are flooding the Western World with these rats.

You don't just start fucking like mad, overpopulating beyond your resources, just so you can "keep up" with the vermin.

No, nigger.


It's very simple, yid.

Whom is onto whose tricks again, Ari?

You're going to die.

43530f  No.13377686

Sahih Bukhari (6:298) - Muhammad would take a bath with the little girl and fondle her.

Sahih Muslim (8:3311) - The girl took her dolls with her to Muhammad's house (something to play with when the "prophet" was not having sex with her)

translated into English: “I saw the Messenger of Allah pbuh putting Husein’s legs apart and kissing his (little) penis.”

Sahih Bukhari (52:220) - Allah's Apostle said… 'I have been made victorious with terror'

Sahih Muslim (1:33) - the Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

Kill all muds

5f4c10  No.13377695

Daily reminder that nazi larpers will be killed on the real DOTR

69116a  No.13377701

You know in a way pedos are white supremacist. Go to any pedo site, all you will see is white children. Even the chinks and shitskins want white kids.

1aeb9b  No.13377722


Everyone wants to degenerate, pervert, infect, or in some way fuck over the Aryan Race.

This is why we are done sharing our altruism and cooperation with the rest of you filthy vermin.

You'll never be trusted among us ever again.

We're simply going to start eliminating ALL of the threats with impunity.

6850aa  No.13377797


Prank it

21f012  No.13380883

>>13373044 (checked and checked id)

Thanks anon. I've been looking for this.

27f04f  No.13381638

File: 5895e4fe4daa200⋯.png (110.36 KB, 450x675, 2:3, Chris hansen.png)

Why is it always little boys? religious leaders, politcians, parents, people with power like teachers and police,etc in almost every case its a grown man raping a young boy, but rarely targeting girls.


000000  No.13381668


because they don't have a baby dick to suck goy





Jewish Woman Talks About Ritual Killings


7251a2  No.13381685

File: 5283cff49a7f3cb⋯.png (378.56 KB, 558x528, 93:88, and the ottochildren.png)


>gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women

>significantly higher

<you mean like 140-190% higher?

>700% higher for men 2200% for women


Never thought that "significantly higher" would be used as an underestimating term.

7251a2  No.13381697








e2dc96  No.13381738


You shouldnt spread this pill because it puts faggots into a victim role, people will be hesitant to gas a child abuse victim. Point out the damage faggotry does instead, dont let them claim sympathy.

27f04f  No.13381774


just because someone was a victim at one point doesnt mean anything, who cares if they got passed around as a child, if they turn into faggots then they have to die. if the only thing stopping you from gassing a pedo is that they got touched that one time as a kid, then I dont think your cut out for the new society

e2dc96  No.13381811


Killing child abuse victims to save child abuse victims is fallacious, so the logic has to be kill child abusers to save child abuse victims. Dont cause sympathy for them by portraying them as victims in the first place.

27f04f  No.13381837


no one said anything about killing child abuse victims to save child abuse victims. its about killing fags to stop the cycle of child abuse. its quite simple

>man molests child

>child grows up to be a fag

>fag molests child

>child grows up to be a fag

>fag molests child

>repeat to infinity and beyond

When everyone who has ever been molested as a child grows up to be child molesters themselves, the only solution is to kill both the abused and the abuser.

>Dont cause sympathy for them by portraying them as victims in the first place.

Being a victim has nothing to do with sympathy,a victim is simply a person who has been affected by force.

>the logic has to be kill child abusers to save child abuse victims

This isnt about saving people who have been molested but saving normal children from ever being molested, you cant save a child who has been molested you can only kill them

277f67  No.13381842


archive.is has started deleting "nationalist" content too. It got pressure from leftist mutts.

000000  No.13381869


Source? Got any alternative archives?

34c366  No.13381993

File: 48d05270469ae12⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 750x524, 375:262, 48d05270469ae1268dd26d1815….jpg)


You are wrong. My Daddy never been a pedo but I am a ga y.

277f67  No.13382010


It's not anything new, pretty much all major websites have been starting to disable nationalist content from their services.

10 seconds of google and I find this:


73fc55  No.13382047

File: 20ad6205a24aeed⋯.png (639.81 KB, 960x723, 320:241, a96bd6242d0650c10970d976ce….png)


That's archive.org not archive.is. But it's pretty crazy how an "archive" is literally rewriting history.

27f04f  No.13382066


>But it's pretty crazy how an "archive" is literally rewriting history.

If you think history is always 100% the truth of what happend during a specific time period, then you're niggercattle.

336773  No.13382219

File: 707525f48b7af62⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


>t. Paarthurnax

1e6d68  No.13382241


I notice the lack of "i was raped by an adult"

Distract by saying "daddy wasnt gay"

Nice try pedo

42e939  No.13383597


I hate faggots so much

255f9a  No.13383664


I need something like that but with source links.

27ce46  No.13383750


Literal fucking demons. Wolfs in sheep's clothing

000000  No.13383769

>Despite numerous attempts to bias the results in favour of the null hypothesis and allowing for up to 20 (of 63, 32%) coding errors, Cameron's (2006) hypothesis that gay and lesbian parents would be more likely to have gay, lesbian, bisexual or unsure (of sexual orientation) sons and daughters was confirmed.


>“Finally, our results add to evidence that sexual experiences in childhood in men classified as gay or bisexual may play a role in adult psychological adjustment,” they conclude.


>Children who are sexually abused or raped are three times more likely to grow up to be gay or bisexual


>Domestic violence has become a "silent epidemic" in the gay and lesbian community despite being the subject of increasing scrutiny in heterosexual relationships, according to the AIDS Council of NSW.


>Gay and bisexual men are more severely affected by HIV than any other group in the United States.


000000  No.13383775

>the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1


>There's disturbing news coming out of Abilene, Texas after local police in cooperation with federal agencies raided an alleged homosexual pedophile's home, which led to three illegal aliens being arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into those believed responsible for child rape and child pornography production.

>44-year-old Juan Flores, 26-year-old Enrique Rosales, and 30-year-old Oscar Flores are now in federal custody pending criminal charges against them for immigration violations.


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