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Friend Board: [/ar/ - Retro Anime & Manga]

File: b662f5487792b4c⋯.jpg (228.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 10840284085.jpg)


/randamu/ is /b/ but without the anime haters.

Everything is allowed in here as long as it doesn't break the global rule or isn't anti-anime.


Post last edited at


File: b4450d4b5715772⋯.gif (757.48 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 1506442102487.gif)

Please help me there is this girl on the bottom right screen of my computer and hse keeps looking at me and its scary.



>2- /randamu/ is not your toilet!

>We already have >>>/b/, >>>/s8s/ and >>>/tv/ for that.

Then why is it called /randamu/ -Anime/Random★?


This kinda reminds me of classic halfchan /b/ back when it was called "/b/ - anime random".



Because despite all the random boards out there, I still haven't found one I liked. Yes, really.

I named it Anime/Random in order to keep it as close to old/b/ as possible.


File: 918898c300d2734⋯.png (419.4 KB, 751x479, 751:479, 1429493648390.png)




File: 2b43dc6303c1bfa⋯.jpg (171.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Niceposting.jpg)


No bullying.




So you did word filter D I S C O R D. Fucking clever!


File: 306844d3d0db393⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 816x989, 816:989, __original_drawn_by_bow_bh….jpg)


isn't that /animu/



No. /animu/ is /a/, /jp/, This is /a/, /jp/, /b/.


File: 2d2daf480696f92⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 941x720, 941:720, 1522577531600.jpg)

I just got here and I don't like it change everything plx thanke


Why you delete my thread m7.


You're being just like /animu/ now?




Yuri is the gateway for lgbt acceptance in nipland. And it's NTR.


It's not anti anime at all.


Hating it is not anti anime at all.


>1- Early 404 is turned on in this board, meaning that if a thread with less than 10 posts reaches page 5, it'll automatically 404. This is done to encourage more board activity. Don't want a thread to 404? Post on said thread to keep it afloat!

Way to encourage low quality shitposting like /jp/-tier trash.



People who think /b/ in its beginning was like nijiura make me laugh.



It will get deleted when it reaches page 5 though. So just make good threads for the bad ones to get bumped off.



I meant in the replies.


Nuke all the threads, so we can restart



All of them though? Not every thread is bad. I'd say the futaba thread, touhou thread, chen thread and a few others are good.


File: b06d450e5bb00ed⋯.png (324.7 KB, 523x500, 523:500, s4s.png)

can i get an uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

s8s bruger


Can you remove the captcha, please?



BO added it because of a bunch of funposting and now everyone has to suffer for it.

Today, I will remind them. This board was almost property of /s8s/.



They seem to have stopped, I'll remove captcha now. Note: I turned on the /r9k/ robot. I think I'm going to leave it for now just to see how it turns out.


File: effda22563b569f⋯.jpg (80.72 KB, 627x310, 627:310, eff.jpg)


Truth be told I think the rules against 3dpd, shitposting, and the like are a little forced. Old /b/ was old /b/ because it just was. If you want a community that's like old /b/ then letting things be truly random and just getting some users who want to post about things to set the boards topic and culture in stone is a much better way to go. At least, on my side of things I was never a huge fan of having too many rules. The shitposting rule is also incredibly vague and if abused could easily become the "rule 8" of this board. Take a look at /liberty/'s sticky for a good stance on shitposting.

Of course, I'm not sure what you're going to do with these rules. Rules are rules but what matters is how they're enforced. On my board I just let the userbase reign free and the general culture and vibe has managed to be beautiful on its own without me having to go in and delete a bunch of things; people just post a certain way there and it brings in more of the same. As a BO, if you want to encourage certain kinds of posts, make those posts yourself. Make those posts to be known as a good standard for your board to set an example as to what your board is about for everyone else. Some people are always going to be different and unique, but that's just the beauty of imageboards; it's a true free market of ideas.

Discussion reigns on an imageboard and it leads to bad opinions being debated against and won against, and everyone learning something as a result. And of course, having rules against certain ideas or opinions or banning for things you don't like crushes this and turns it into an echochamber; it's no longer about what belief makes more sense and is stronger, but rather about what kinds of discussion and opinions the board owner will allow. 8chan has fallen into this trap for a lot of its major boards, and a lot of users don't even embrace the free speech this website originally stood for anymore.

Now at the end of the day it's still your board. I may not consider this to be a board I'm fond of but you seem to have a small userbase that posts regardless. This board is still only a few days old, however, so I really can't say much for it or judge what direction it's going to go in. And I'm not saying you're suppressing discussion, either, as this board is really too new to have seen what your stances are on things when it comes to moderation.

Regardless I wish your board a good future, even if I disagree with a few of your principles you again still have a small userbase at the moment that likes what's going on. I can't exactly be certain if your board is going to grow or shrink as of yet, but I'm giving my two cents as to what I believe is good for an imageboard.



I changed it. Check the rules now!



Remove third rule



Absolutely don't do this! I want people to take it easy.



>listen to the faggot who got ass blasted because he wasn't allowed to post 3DPD

>doesn't listen to me, the voice of reason



Whomst've you quote?



I was referring to him >>373



>On my board I just let the userbase reign free and the general culture and vibe has managed to be beautiful on its own without me having to go in and delete a bunch of things; people just post a certain way there and it brings in more of the same.

Are you the board owner of /tv/?


Is NSFW permited here?



Close. /s8s/. Couldn't ignore the invite posted on my board and a bunch of funposters followed.

/liberty/ has similar rules and it's one of the best boards on the website if you ask me.



Ah, nice. Shit like 3dpd should be decided on the users; if it gets posted the users should be able to laugh at them and then the poster gets to decide what to do from there. It leads to natural interactions and it's good for a board.


I actually don't want to, believe it or not. It's just a matter of freedom. Enjoying the fact that people you disagree with have freedom doesn't mean agreeing with what they say. I think that ability to say what you want is what makes imageboards so special.




I forgot to bring up the other rule changes but they're nice. I think it's fair that serious threads shouldn't be derailed; real discussions are happening and it's important that they stay for the people who are actually interested in them. Regardless, think over what people are saying in this thread BO; you can learn a lot by talking to your userbase and figuring out what works best for a good future. Seriously Mark does almost none of that and it's incredibly painful dear lord, though I guess he's just set on his ways of making /v/ for a certain audience.


File: 9831031c96af090⋯.jpg (308.57 KB, 850x566, 425:283, 1521856116720.jpg)


>Is NSFW permited here?



Hey guys, just letting you know I've turned off the robot9000 since I didn't see it doing any good. I might turn it on again if we ever phase another spam attack.


File: 22fdbab028e9fca⋯.swf (156.87 KB, Konata by ZONE 18 (2007).swf)


Thank god. The board isn't pure if we can't post anime tiddy, or in this case a lack of anime tiddy. I'll share a favorite of mine with you my man; turns out ZONE made this way back in the day. Blast from the past, huh?



I kind of liked the idea of an anime-themed /r9k/.



Well, no one seems to be opposing to it. I could turn it back on if you want me to.



Leave it off for now. Once the board ages enough I think it'll be a good time to decide. I feel like the r9k option doesn't exactly belong on a "random" board though, but that's just me.



>anime-themed /r9k/

NO. Fuck your shit untermensch board.


File: 00fb96a588a0c27⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 231x250, 231:250, 1449540236674.jpg)


Niggercattle, respect the foundations of the internet.


>We already have >>>/v/ for that

/v/ is a good board though and I like it






/v/ is pretty bad. It's just /pol/ larpers flinging shit with a moderate amount of vidya discussion threads that either get derailed or shitposted in to the point of not being good threads at all, and then a bunch of other shit just gets randomly deleted by Mark because he doesn't like it. The people who like /v/ tend to be the /pol/ sorts who like that the "wrong" opinion gets silenced so many times. I will admit that /v/ is a good board to post bait on; people can't seem to hold back on attacking when an opinion they don't like is held by someone and it's become a shitposters paradise.

I guess I like it for the wrong reasons though. I used to try and post good posts to improve board quality but then I realized how pointless it was, so I just use /vg/ for actual vidya. /v/ is a great shitposting board though.


File: e6a2ea95d990f3f⋯.png (242.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Osaka_Ep_24_2.png)

Quick update: It is no longer required to enter something in the subject field to make a thread.

Post last edited at


Hey guys, I thought of an experiment that COULD be interesting, and that's making this a one page only board. That way, content get's created and disappears within days (or maybe even hours) to create an illusion of faster activity. I wanted to make sure if other people were on board with this idea before going through with it.



It sounds nice to have a catalog that isn't clogged and gets "refreshed" all the time but maybe it would be better to at least limit it to 2 so it's still possible for people to bump good older threads.



It seems like you went through with the idea. This should be interesting!


>>739 Go for it mate, though I'd suggest merging the rules and meta threads into one so that there's more room.



Not sure about that. While it does create an illusion of faster activity, it's still just an illusion; all it means is that content is going to get purged faster and your board is more suspectable to being raided, because it only takes a good handful of threads to completely wipe the catalog of anything you might have already.

Go ahead if you'd like, but for a slower board this means a lot of threads that could potentially be nostalgic to look back on in the future are going to be lost to time that much quicker. I suppose it'd be possible to make an archive of sorts if you're that interested, though. I personally right-click and save as for all of the threads that are about to fall off of my board. It's a manual archive but it's nice to have.



Can you stop bringing your board on every comments you make, can't you?


File: e7ef8fe56450e6a⋯.jpg (6.08 KB, 300x100, 3:1, duality of man.jpg)







tbh it's been a while so I forgot I brought it up a few times, and even then I just bring it up because we're talking about board rules and such. I'm not going "hey guys by the way i own a board" I'm just saying "i've been doing things this way and it's been nice".



What's your board called?


This is a good board.


File: fecdaa5c7eacdac⋯.jpg (107.69 KB, 551x551, 1:1, 1523632499214.jpg)


Nice numbers. I was intending to get them for Cirno, but I let my guard down.



thanks you very mush



Sounds funny until you get certain amount of users. All you'll do is limit the amount of topics that people can have on this board and it becomes nothing more than a FOTM dumping toilet for shitposts where you can't have proper threads or discussions at all.



Yeah, I've noticed activity actually went DOWN since I made this a one page only board, and I think its bc ppl are afraid of posting now. They don't want to bump off threads… So I'm turning 10 pages back up but still keeping the early 404. The experiment is over. It failed.



Not necessarily, I also had small board, and the traffic would fluctuate no matter what you do depending on various different factors, it's just important to shill it once in a while.

The main appeal of this board is unserious anime shiposting, so as long as you stick with that niche, it's good.



>So I'm turning 10 pages back up

You could still keep it low, like somewhere between 5 and 8. But I don't think you should base your decisions on how much it will increase activity. I personally like how slow the board is most of the time, it gives it a comfy atmosphere.



Well it's all good, experimenting is how we learn.


It seems like someone took /ar/ (I forgot to sign in for a while). I'm not angry though, its just not owned by me anymore. I still encourage you guys to go and use it!



That was me, I can give it back to you if you want to though. I just liked the idea of a retro anime board and thought that the old BO had lost interest in the place.



I kinda did honestly. You can keep it. I just really wanted to at least attempt to have an active /ar/.



>The main appeal of this board is unserious anime shiposting

Don't fool yourself, it's just shiitposting



Anime shitposting is just shitposting, the distinction needs to be made for non-anime shitposting.



Non-anime shitposting is just shit.



My point exactly.


File: d845aad2757d7ac⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 224x189, 32:27, 1543771093699.gif)

lol dead board


File: c670150e56d1629⋯.png (2.35 KB, 174x40, 87:20, sage!.png)

Please remove the "SAGE!" text from posts that sage. You can do it with CSS. It is a very unfortunate default that embraces the corrosive idea of "sage" being a downvote.


File: 1ccd6f54719d766⋯.webm (1.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pants.webm)


>tfw you stop posting for half a year and all the old threads are still up

What happened BO?



BO's single page experiment killed the board.



>implying /b2/ is any good


File: 71d06d001ea72d7⋯.png (303.89 KB, 500x357, 500:357, ClipboardImage.png)

>threads per hour limited

are you fucking serious? on this small piece of shit board? the peak of mount everest gets more traffic than this place and you've already enabled the pussiest anti-flooding method?



you don't even have to do it with CSS it's literally in the board settings and i think it's off by defaut


File: e7e84cc53c63f1d⋯.jpg (53.07 KB, 430x351, 430:351, e7e84cc53c63f1dec6afe1cbbd….jpg)




Remove this abomination please.




REASON: None specific need be given – we’re Jews.

Have a nice day.



yet it was deleted, I was right all along.


Hey BO, could you take off the "10 threads per hour"?


File: fdfd35754829215⋯.png (33.81 KB, 1005x145, 201:29, Screenshot from 2019-06-04….png)


I don't have that turned on though, I have the amount of threads per hour set to unlimited… Could someone confirm if they're still getting the "10 threads per hour"? Cause if so, this may be a glitch or something.


Requesting the board log to be public for transparency.


File: b589ffd48af1b16⋯.png (166.98 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1521339103.png)

What's the gimmick behind the shaking reply button?


Requesting the board log to be public for transparency.





Can I still post even I don't like anime?



File: 833b111114c964d⋯.jpg (47.09 KB, 540x960, 9:16, isnd34n2tni2jth5j2ini2.jpg)

how do i see wordfilters…………


File: 633e92be256f2fb⋯.png (49.49 KB, 368x735, 368:735, Screenshot from 2019-06-23….png)


I wholeheartedly believe that the tryhard BO should fucking off himself.

You are worse that Gahoole.

(NO U)


Why was my "How does this make you feel?" thread anchored? Which rule did it break, faggot?

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