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File: a63a87b6ad5f738⋯.jpg (645.97 KB, 1920x2401, 1920:2401, patrickstewart-oscar2018.jpg)

6f2129  No.25487

Looks like Picard is returning in a brand new Star Trek series. However, isn't he old as FUCK right now? He's 78 and could literally die any minute. I don't see this series going very far. Plus, with the latest introduction of the pozzed Odyssey series, it's safe to say that any new St series will be pozzed as well. After all Picard is just another Trump-hating celebrity who would agree to anything that involves subverting the science fiction we all love with some queer revisionism.

833095  No.25489

it'll probably just be some Bones-tier cameo like in the first episode of TNG.

3c7e8e  No.25490

>still CBS All Access

aren't they unable to use certain designs? How will that factor in?

852883  No.25492

Isn't he very old? How will this work?

6f2129  No.25493

File: 0deb1d529be707a⋯.jpg (194.39 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1361652353532.jpg)


What I think is going to happen is that he will be captain for no more than a single season. Meanwhile, he'll have a first officer who is black, female, lesbian, and trans, and the entire season will be spent developing the first officer's story arc in preparation for her to become the new ship captain after Picard's eventual exit from the series. They want to boil the frog slowly here because they know from experience what backlash they receive when they try to inject their SJW propaganda into the mainstream all at once.

Mark my words. This is exactly how it will play out.

298bb4  No.25495

Shouldn't he be an Admiral by now?

6dd50a  No.25498


I hope they ignore Nemesis and Riker's still a commander

54a5eb  No.25499

I'm surprised that they brought Picard back instead of Janeway. That's not very woke.

dcb8b5  No.25500


It's supposedly 20 years after Nemesis, meaning he would probably be a diplomat instead.

badb1f  No.25503

File: 52bb807d32fcd2d⋯.jpg (147.36 KB, 880x660, 4:3, star trek janeway.jpg)



And a lower ranked Admiral than Janeway.

848b0f  No.25504

File: 19be90981c7c34e⋯.jpg (72.93 KB, 523x715, 523:715, s-l1000.jpg)

It'll have a decent chance of being marginally better than STD, but it doesn't sound promising. looks like they have many of the same people from STD involved.


>licensing conspiracy theory

easier to deal with here because it'll be a decade or two past Nemesis and even though that time period was already shown on screen in "flash forward" type scenes in TNG, nobody really counts those as hard canon. Practically speaking, they've got a pass on being compared to any in prior Trek, but that's not their problem. They'll likely still film it using meme techniques (lens flare, shaky cam, dutch angles, etc.) and will differ it significant in visual tone from TNG for those license and ownership reasons. It's like those older rock bands that re-record their own songs so they can own the rights to them. Anything is possible these days because the people who make this shit are insane CIA propaganda contractors, but i don't see it trying to snatch that look from The Orville because I don't think they could do it without it coming across as parody. What inoculates The Orville is that the people making it really love Star Trek and it comes through. The opposite is true of STD.

You wont see anything from TNG on this show, except for very limited objects and images like the Star Trek 6 crew photo that showed up in one of the JJ nuTrek films. That was probably licensed separately and very expensive for them to do considering it's just a prop. The same limitations probably applies here to. It'll look and feel a very expensive fan film by one of those cosplay autists that makes up his own "future Trek" costume but the writing and plot will be like it's written by a communist jew who hates Star Trek, because it is.


yep. they may try to 'mirror' STD by making Picard the anti-Lorca, but he'll absolutely play the wise mentor to someone pre-ordained to be the focus after Stewart departs. There may also be a hand-off to another legacy character like LeVar Burton. Personally, I'm hoping they bring in Wil Wheaton so he can essentially play himself. Nothing in the history of television could be so honest.


lots of 80+ year old Admirals in TNG. McCoy did a cameo in the first episode and he was like double that or some shit. It's dumb when they play it straight, but you can't really argue with it canonically.

ceb717  No.25505


> I'm hoping they bring in Wil Wheaton so he can essentially play himself.

I want them to rehire the actor they had play Adult Wesley in that 1st season episode, just as the ultimate fuck off to weaton

bfae68  No.25508


Probably have him as a retired Ambassador sitting around at home unsure with what to do with himself and that will be literally the entire series.

54a5eb  No.25509


I don't think it fits the character. He should've become a diplomat.

be53f0  No.25516

Can't they find a young actor who did theater and distinguished himself in theater? Like… fuck I don't even mean young. If he's 40 or 50 he's still good for a dozen seasons.

They're also bringing back guys like Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone and they have palsy, their face is fucked up, they can't do any stunts…. just find a young musclebound hulk with a bad accent who has a lot to prove and is willing to be on the set 24/7 until its finished.


6dd50a  No.25517



Perhaps they'll take notes from The Last Jedi's portrayal of Luke Skywalker. That seemed to be a hit with the fans.

54a5eb  No.25518



Because Hollywood only wants to do character assassinations so they could get rid of the iconic characters and replace them with one-dimentional planks of wood like Burnham or Rey.

30116a  No.25519


Careful what you wish for. Or do you want a Captain Boynega, bihhhh?

30116a  No.25520


I hope the show has nothing to do with space and shit. It should be Piccard with a 45 minute monologue rambling about all kinds of shit while wearing a starfleet uniform.

758cb5  No.25521

File: 572e6b361b56f6a⋯.jpg (134.54 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, star-trek-convention-las-v….jpg)

>we'll never get a series of star trek where every episode is another different species taking on interesting problems and shitposting at other species at the same time

>wtf no Cardassians bantering with Klingons after they've outplayed them in combat

>wtf no Romulans fucking with Vulcans triping them up with their own logic

>wtf no Borgs purging themselves of autism borgs and becoming something that's not a joke anymore

>wtf no Pektards out jewing Ferengi only to get out jewed themselves

8c23b7  No.25523


Good Lord that Data is terrifying. Troi is on point, though.

ffca4b  No.25528


To be honest, Stewart was one of the few Trek actors who actually accepted Trump's presidency with enough grace. That's unlike, let's say, Combs, who can't stop reeing about Trump and anything on the right on his Twitter.

That said, the new series has (((Kurtzman))) involved so this project is already confirmed fucking shit.

badb1f  No.25529

I hope Janeway comes back as an Admiral and talks Picard down the entire time.

852883  No.25536

Ambassador Picard in charge of an embassy on a planet like Cardassia could be an awesome show.

a37c13  No.25537


Picard is an overrated captain. Solving every situation with a dramatic speech or technobabble solution is not real captaining.

7e66c8  No.25541


a bit weak in the milkers department

7041e2  No.25548

File: 3264a3c13694ee3⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 500x375, 4:3, jerkoff.jpg)


Jellico should have taken command. He didn't have time for a honeymoon with the crew. That motherfucker knew how to "get it done".

>I don't like your jerkoff first officer

>I don't like your jerkoff shift rotation

>I don't like your jerkoff fish

>and I don't like you…. jerkoff

58f0e0  No.25551

does this mean STD is dead?

7041e2  No.25552


No one knows. Nobody actually watches that faggot shit. It could have been cancelled a year ago and not a soul would realize it.

145b6e  No.25553


I wonder when they'll bring in Q and Guinan

a14f5f  No.25555


>It should be Piccard with a 45 minute monologue rambling about all kinds of shit while wearing a starfleet uniform.

Frame it as a semi-retired Admiral Picard giving a series of lectures for a 'Topics in Something-or-other' class at Starfleet Academy. Then do the standard TNG morality play bit where it's all social commentary told through thinly disguised analogy. And keep the SJWs out of it, give Sir Patrick Stewart free reign to talk about whatever he wants. For bonus points, include subtle conflict between Picard and the ideologically-driven future-space-future post-modernist faculty/students.

58f0e0  No.25558


id watch the fuck out of that

54a5eb  No.25559


CBS can't waste a ton of cash on 2 Trek shows especially when no one is paying to watch STD.

They will probably cancel STD at the end of the season but they won't admit that it was a huge failure.

ab0312  No.25561

File: d8f381712e91e35⋯.webm (220.17 KB, 576x304, 36:19, YEAAAAAAAH.webm)

What if the show is nothing but Picard hitting the gym?

be53f0  No.25567


If he's survived the theater circuit, he wouldn't be "captain boynega".

a37c13  No.25570


Works for me.

0edbac  No.25578

File: d615dc8e3664e25⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 2000x1353, 2000:1353, Old Picard.jpg)

e50492  No.25584

File: 5b8b53176942a05⋯.jpg (44.51 KB, 480x380, 24:19, 5b8b53176942a054c6cd58cfe4….jpg)


Pretty much this. This whole situation makes me upset. They already fucked with the TNG crew bad enough with the films, now this. I would be thankful that DS9 would remain untouched, but rumors still linger about a possible movie, and with everything we've seen of recent sci-fi flicks, I don't have high hopes of it being any good. The only silver lining of all of this is that half of the TOS crew passed away, and Captain Kirk died in Generations, so they can't ruin TOS. Not effectively, anyway.

0edbac  No.25587

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Apparently the new show with Picard is supposed to be set in the Bad Robot universe along with STD.


I wonder what Shatner thinks of all of this.

badb1f  No.25588


I wonder if Les Moonves partially got #metoo'd because of STD. Like the straw that broke the camels back.

bfae68  No.25589


Need more frost on the Frosted Frakes.

3830dc  No.25590



They're going to give us the TLJ treatment while there's still time

ff7296  No.25594

File: 2f61cfd4675d652⋯.jpg (67.41 KB, 605x341, 55:31, babylon-5_05.jpg)


Come home, White man.

2e2789  No.25597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He'll play a gay captain who is in love with his twink first officer.

7bf10f  No.25608


>Nu-TNG set in the Jew Jew shitverse

>they won't stop until they retcon everything with Current Year standards

Also Shatner probably hates its, but he might not say anything since he probably hopes he can still make cameos in the new show.


>Babylon 5, the true home


badb1f  No.25612


Daphne aged like spoiled milk.

2e21ea  No.25620

I hope they captain pike him tbh, if he was coming to Orville I welcome it, but CBS Trek is so cucked atm, I have no anticipation of this turning out good.

0edbac  No.25621


>if he was coming to Orville I welcome it

He was supposed to but I doubt CBS will allow it.

969955  No.25628

they could have at least gone with the captain worf idea, he's still young enough to hide behind all the makeup

758cb5  No.25629


captain worf might be interesting if he stopped being autistic as fuck tbh

385945  No.25634



Didn't they turn him into Ambassador Worf?

86f226  No.25635

File: 62e05761e2c3a7a⋯.webm (4.52 MB, 450x360, 5:4, That Jean-Luc Picard.webm)

New Picard in a nutshell.

758cb5  No.25636


doesn't mean he can't be captain

ba53d7  No.25688


If I am honest I would be okay with that,

5cf2f6  No.26485

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RLM made a video about Mike's fanfic tier idea for a Picard series that he came up with after hearing about the official one. I think it's alright, I guess. Dunno if I like the idea of the ship traveling through time since time travel has to be done really well to work right. Like the idea of ignoring Romulus being destroyed, though, that was stupid.

71c511  No.26487


Not crazy about the idea of yet another "ship is stuck slowly moving through unfamiliar area" meta plot when we already ran that into the ground with voyager and enterprise's 3rd season. Also being on some new ship, whether it's an actual newly made ship or just an old one we've never seen before is half the fun of a new ST series. People didn't hate the discovery, because it was new, (ignoring the people who bitch because it doesn't look enough like a low budget 1960s tv show set) they hated it because the spinners were retarded looking and the spore drive was a terrible concept. Even a Galaxy class Refit would be better than what would literally just be a beat up, dusty version of the enterprise D set.

056b73  No.26488


It not a great pitch, but it's definitely better than any garbage CBS is going to come up with. We're in the age where Fan Fiction is more creative than the shit its based on.

ba902c  No.26489

File: 72774f6d509f6a3⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 480x270, 16:9, a_great_disturbance_i_sens….gif)

File: 5a153d58d71d519⋯.webm (1.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, elon musk is a historical….webm)




>People didn't hate the discovery, because it was new, (ignoring the people who bitch because it doesn't look enough like a low budget 1960s tv show set) they hated it because the spinners were retarded looking and the spore drive was a terrible concept

I mean those are bad, but they're the least of CIScovery's problems.

71c511  No.26492


Name dropping some contemporary figure or inventor is rather common for Trek. Hell, they flat out had Hawkings play himself on TNG. Gods know even the elon musk reference in STD was still less cringe than that episode of Legends of Tomorrow where they sucked Obama's dick for forty something minutes

ba902c  No.26493


That little clip isn't the worst of STD either, really. I just don't have a webm saved that encapsulates "BASED NEGRESS SAVES CURRENT STARDATE FROM TOXIC MASCULINITY" in 30 seconds or less.

704334  No.26495

File: f02782729a454c4⋯.jpeg (42.04 KB, 736x552, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


I respect his thought processes, but my autism will not allow many of his plot and setting concessions just to have easy shit to write about. Like, lets bring Geordi's kids along on this dangerous mission. By the end, though, I just thought if you're going to start disregarding bits from the films, why not just pick a point from Generations, re-enact it, and fork the timeline so the Enterprise-D never gets destroyed (which the show always assumed would be the future), then go from there, like his mission idea. In fact, I would go so far as to call it Star Trek: Recovery as a double-entendre to fuck with nuTrek.


>Shatner probably hates it, but he might not say anything since he probably hopes he can still make cameos in the new show.

PStu almost certainly was offered a boat load of cash and other assurances to participate in nuTrek. Otherwise, it makes no sense for a former Star Trek actor to get involved with a reboot that is actively trying to replace and permanently vault their prior work. Frakes and McNeil are directing so they don't care. Gates McFadden just wanted to be invited to the premier of STD. Leonard Nemoy was too old and possibly had no idea what was really at stake and what JJ Abram, Paramount, and CBS were conspiring to do. At this point, Shatner has to know, like every other actor and he would have no reason to "return" for them. It's one thing to reprise Kirk in a DirectTV commercial or for a clip at an awards ceremony. This is something entirely different and the cat's out of the bag as far as what nuTrek really is. Patrick Stewart is a weird case, though. He might not care about the politics involved or Star Trek as a franchise enough to say no, and a fat paycheck + the opportunity to "revisit Picard" in some gaynigger actor sort of way might be enough to sway him. True artfags are pretty much the same as other high-functioning autists. They're dumb as fuck in a lot of ways. Shatner isn't quite the autist, though. He's more of a shitposter and retains his jew wily nature and i'm sure he gets what is going on.


>famous person, famous person, name we made up

it's a recognized trope in genre fiction. It's basically a cheap tool a writer can use to tweak the sense of realism and versimilitude. It's also lame, and hack thing to include and really bizarre in Star Trek because it always backfires when your show isn't about trying to "future shock" or otherwise disorient your audience. It just comes off as confusing, superfluous, and out-of-place.

cc2b8c  No.26498


>Name dropping some contemporary figure or inventor is rather common for Trek

Sure but Musk is not an inventor, he's a business man.

71c511  No.26499


normies see him as an Howard Hughes type eccentric jack of all trades philanthropist.

8a55e0  No.26500


Musk graduated with a double-bachelor in economics and physics, was literally hands-on in the development of Falcon 1, and directly supervises SpaceX's engineers. That's not exactly standard issue businessman territory, especially since he leaves day-to-day business decisions to his COO.

Let's be fair to the man: if he was just in it for the money, he'd have put his paypal payout straight into wall street like every other greedy econ/physics quant, instead of trying to get into the super-high-startup-failure-rate auto and aerospace industries. And he's not a form-over-function marketing scumbag like Steve Jobs was. Musk and his engineers push technological envelopes. That's worthy of respect.

29f5ed  No.26501


>>famous person, famous person, name we made up

"Abraham Lincoln, Jared Fogle, Laro Barnaeysh"

Well sheeeit, it makes for a decent enough time waster on a long car ride.

fac48a  No.26504


>Captain Kirk died


5bf8af  No.26505


>Musk and his engineers push technological envelopes. That's worthy of respect.

It's kind of hard for me to respect a company that's only solvent fue to government subsidies and gibs. And while his stuff might be more substantive than Jobs's, much of Tesla's worth and popularity is still based on memes and hype.

8a55e0  No.26507


Oh, could we knock the fuck off with this "SpaceX survives on handouts" horseshit? You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

If you want to talk aerospace handouts, how about the fact that SpaceX competitor ULA (50/50 ownership: Lockheed Martin and Boeing) has been paid about $1 billion per year by the US government for the past 15 years to build and fly NOTHING. Seriously, it's just money to keep technicians employed and factories open. Google "ULA launch readiness contract" before you start bitching about imaginary SpaceX handouts that exist only in your head.

Or how about the fact that the NASA "hands out" $87 million as taxi fair to Russia to fly each NASA astronaut to the space station in a Soyuz? That's like paying a $1000 for a two-mile Uber trip in the back seat of a volkswagen.

Or how about the fact that NASA's paid Boeing almost $12 billion over the past nine years to build SLS, a an already-obsolete rocket that won't fly a test flight for another two years - assuming the schedule doesn't slip even further. A disposable rocket with estimated $1.5 billion construction costs, and which will only fly 1-2 times per year and only carries about 10% more cargo than the already-flying R&D-already-paid $250m-in-disposable-mode Falcon Heavy.

And before you start whining about how SLS can actually carry 130 tonnes, that's for the planned Block 2 version that's not likely to ever be designed, let alone built. The current Block 0 design is 70 tonnes max payload. Compare and contrast to 64 tonnes for Falcon Heavy in disposable mode at 1/6th of the price.

So, on the one hand we have a private launch company bidding in open competitions and paying for their own R&D, resulting in cheap and reliable flights. On the other hand, we have government spending at least an order of magnitude more money on corrupt wasteful cost-plus defense contractors, and funding Russia's coffers on the side.

Riddle me this, Batman: which one is better value for money for the taxpayers? I think it's pretty fucking obvious.

ba902c  No.26508


>Oh, could we knock the fuck off with this "SpaceX survives on handouts" horseshit? You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

I was talking about Tesla, not not SpaceX. I think it goes without saying that SpaceX, a company whose sole client is governments, can't survive without government money. You are aware that Tesla is gliding on state funds, right?

>Lockheed, Boeing, NASA

Yes, these are are all welfare queens as well. What's your point? Does the fact that lots of companies take gibs alter Elon Musk's status as a member of that group?

8a55e0  No.26509


Oh please. Tesla is even LESS of a valid "but they take handouts!" target than SpaceX. Tesla took out $450m DoE loan for electric drivetrain development in 2010. Those loans were available to any company who wanted to bother applying. The Tesla loan was to come due in 2023.

Key word: loan. Not corporate tax break. Not gift. (Or "gib" as your simian mind keeps repeating.) Not cash handouts. Not bailouts. Loan. As in, Tesla pays the government back later, with interest. It's kind of a common thing in finance. If you knew anything about business (which you don't seem to) then you might have heard of the concept.

Not only did Tesla make regular payments on time in 2012 and 2013, but they paid the entire loan back with interest in 2013. TEN FUCKING YEARS AHEAD OF TIME. Tesla put that money to good R&D use, and then quickly paid back the taxpayers everything that they were owed. Sounds like a pretty good fucking deal to me.

If you want to talk auto industry cash gifts from government, go look up Chrysler and General Motors' financial history over the past decade. They sure as shit didn't pay back what they were given in handouts to keep them alive. The taxpayer loss on General Motors alone is about $10.5 billion; $49.5 billion went in, $39 billion was recovered after the US gov sold its last GM stock in 2013. Chrysler was a $1.3 billion loss for taxpayers; $12.5B went in, $11.2B was recovered in 2011 after the stock sale.

As for the other usual "handout" accusation, tax breaks for car buyers, I have never heard of a Tesla-specific tax break. Every electric car tax break I know of in any legal jurisdiction is for ANY electric vehicle. Don't blame me if non-Tesla electric cars are overpriced underperforming shitheaps that the general public avoids like the plague.

You're spouting bullshit. I'm just not sure why. Is it true ignorance and you're just repeating memes you've heard elsewhere? Or are you a straight-up shill for LM/Boeing/Roscosmos VIPs pissed at SpaceX for eating their lunch, or car makers/oil companies pissed at Tesla for making their tech obsolete?

fac48a  No.26510


>(Or "gib" as your simian mind keeps repeating.)

i agreed with you until you were a cunt. go back to watching Rick and Morty.

cc2b8c  No.26513


Hi, Elon.

39b516  No.26514


having fuel tanks reland them selves after take off isn't an innovation, it's a waste of fuel, thus waste of money and also more hazardous to the oz. tbh

fac48a  No.26515


the whole point of a rocket is to leave the Earth. if we have other planets, who gives a shit?

cd821b  No.26517


Because we don't actually have other planets yet? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for telling the earth and who ever might still be on it to go fuck itself and laugh as it's all slowly consumed by the sun dying out, but I'm not going to do that until we have at least a couple of self sustaining colones on other planets to run off to first

30116a  No.26519


Captain Worf would be great. In a comedy.

c9133f  No.26520

>there are still anons on fullchan who think trump has any merit to him

39b516  No.26521


while I agree with that and also think we wont ever get off this rock without utterly wrecking it. I hope it doesn't actually come to that.


star trek ENT saw to it that the klingons are for comedy just as pretty much like any other alien race too tbh

37d60f  No.26525


Yes, Worf would be great as the straight man in a wacky Trek show.

I'm thinking he fucks up, gets reassigned to be the captain of a ship filled with starfleet's wacky rejects. Over the course of the series, they earn each other's respect, and he turns them into a well oiled machine. Lessons learned all around. Kind of like Irresponsible Captain Tylor, but with an actually competent captain.

37d60f  No.26526


Maybe "Down Periscope in Starfleet" is a better way to describe it.

89dcaf  No.26713


As a better way to get back at Weaton have someone else play the character

>"Sorry Will, but you just don't look like Wesley anymore, and your public image wouldn't help either - don't worry, I'm sure the new guy will do fantastically with the character you made important!"

Then, when you've booked Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson to play Wesley you write an endless stream of scenes where Wesley gets cucked by a Pakled into the script (and so into canon) and whenever Wesley opens his mouth to speak someone tells him to shut up, if he tries to talk in 10 forwards the entire bar will tell him to shut up, even when he's alone in his cabin if he tries to speak the captain will tell him to shut up over the comm link, no matter what.

aa1700  No.26714


>Then, when you've booked Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson to play Wesley

Why would you do that to the Rock?

ae6579  No.26999


The destruction of Romulus gives Star Trek writers the opportunity to mine the current political situation as they always have and deal with rapefugees in Europe.

ae6579  No.27004


I saw one of the special promotional shots of him back in uniform.

It seems one of the perks of looking old from a young age is that when people take your pic decades later it seems as though you haven't aged much from that point on.

bb3baa  No.27005

File: e83c23675e2c7da⋯.png (1.36 MB, 914x688, 457:344, writing room.png)

7e7dea  No.27010


Is he there to make sure they don't plagiarise this time?

0c3d0f  No.27027


The Worf that abandoned his son?

bfae68  No.27037


They will find some other obscure video game to rip off the characters and story from.

ae6579  No.27059


Tell that to John Malkovich….he's a fuckin pirate.

8792ce  No.27060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Apparently the new show with Picard is supposed to be set in the Bad Robot universe along with STD.

The source who reported this is the same one who reported actors leaving Nu-Trek 4. So this signals the death of Star Trek…

30116a  No.27064

File: f3d79e105b0ee81⋯.jpg (32.23 KB, 554x510, 277:255, 23423234789.jpg)


You hold that against him?????????????????

I salute him for getting rid of his 25% human bastard. Kid was also a honorless little shit. He would have brought nothing but shame to the house of Mogh. He'll never be a real Klingon! Let those old kikes on earth raise him for what he is. A use- and dickless little shit!

0dd0a2  No.27067



He race mixed with a libshit cat lady who was was riding the cock carousel, Alexander's le 25% face and general fagginess are all his fault

852883  No.27068


Alexander grew up to be a fairly awesome diplomat/warrior on TNG who time travelled back to kill himself for being weak.

0c3d0f  No.27070


Worf is the worst character on TNG besides Wesley. Why do people like him?

dc8432  No.27071


B-but, muh noble savage.

9153be  No.27072


I personally enjoy him because he overplays his noble savagery in his autistic human-indoctrinated LARP of actual Klingons that are nowhere near as noble nor as savage as he portrayed them. I mean they have their muh honor shit too but they're not joyless stoics and he's actually a pretty shit Klingon as he later more or less realizes and in DS9 somewhat corrects. He really benefitted from that huge arc though, if we never got DS9 my take would probably be less favorable.

ae6579  No.27090


>Alexander grew up to be a fairly awesome diplomat/warrior

The outsiders usually do.

ae6579  No.27091


I don't think Musk even likes Star Trek much, the stuff he reads is slightly more obscure (to NORMALFAGS, calm down).

e0e171  No.27097


friendly reminder that time travel plots aren't canon unless they follow-through and close the loop (like Star Trek IV) and that Star Trek doesn't believe in fate. Just knowing the future assumes you've already changed it so this shit they just showed you is now non-binding.

Time traveling characters or glimpses into the future should be viewed as fun "dream" episodes, otherwise All Good Things would have ensured that the Enterprise-D is never destroyed in Generations and many other events are off the table.

30116a  No.27099


You are correct, it is his fault. So do you want to see your mistake running circles around you every day? Hell no, you get rid of it. So it's totally OK for Worf to abandon his wifes son.

9e33a2  No.27135

File: 2f3a30504621ccc⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 775x692, 775:692, Tora_Ziyal,_In_Purgatorys_….jpg)


All Good Things is better than the movie canon though


Is anybody a bad enough dude to edit le 56% face with Klingon ridges, Vulcan ears, etc? Applications seem limitless…

533841  No.27146

According to some insiders, the new Picard show (Star Trek: Destiny) is pretty much a Bad Robot production.

ba902c  No.27148


The only thing worse than being terminally cynical and pessimistic about every new production is constantly being proven right.

852883  No.27172


>friendly reminder that time travel plots aren't canon

Link for where paramount said this or you are talking out of your asshole.

Any event shown on screen is canon, dialogue trumps visuals, ship power was retconned from TOS to TNG.

1e9479  No.27195


>paramount is my authority

imagine being this person

ae6579  No.27196



that was one of the worst tng episodes

7d522d  No.27198


>Star Trek: Destiny

>Hey, you know that last show we did?

>Remember how it shared an acronym with Sexually Transmitted Disease?

>For our next show, let's continue that theme.

I'm half convinced it's a deliberate in-joke among the production staff they chuckle about as they exchange


in the studio backlot.

ae6579  No.27199


Actually now days we call it "Star Trek: Infinity", because the word Destiny upsets people.

dcb8b5  No.27200

File: 3a2b44dd70d9cb1⋯.jpg (77.89 KB, 692x530, 346:265, DS9Laugh.jpg)

a8059a  No.27221


I want this to happen for real.

852883  No.27225


>the owner of star trek since its inception doesn't determine canon


b9d90d  No.31449


Lol. It should be a sit com on Communist Star Fleet earth.

9cb74a  No.31450



>This [stupid shit by the current copyright holder which contradicts the previous story] is canon!

<No, this [stupid shit from the previous but not original team of writers] is canon!

Alright, I'll give you fucking dorks some good advice: trying to determine what "really" happened in a fictional and self-contradictory series split between multiple different authors and ip holders is retarded. Even if it weren't then by this standard the next writer or ip holder could just decide that the previous "canon" isn't anymore, so what the hell's the point? If it really bothers you how shit the story has become then just make up your own canon in your mind. So based on this irrefutable standard here's the actual canon:

>The All good things scenario is how the future turns out, excluding the actual events of the episode which are nullified after the anomaly is closed

>The replicator cloning Riker and anything else really stupid that happened was a dream

>STD never happens, and you know what, neither does Voyager, fuck Janeway

>Armen Tanzarian was just an MK Ultra false personality implanted in a secret army experiment, he really is the real Principal Skinner

>Z ends after the Frieza saga, Bulma marries Yamcha, Tien marries Launch, and Krillin marries Marin

There you have it, by word of god.

9d8334  No.31458

File: 5fe376e6aa6e6f7⋯.jpg (480.93 KB, 1079x1763, 1079:1763, Screenshot_20190517-011141….jpg)


I'll watch you when you sleep

a25381  No.31460


No. You have no credibility. Now what?

a7d1dd  No.31467

31db49  No.31477


Declaring nutrek non-canon is not as arbitrary as declaring, say, VOY non-canon because nutrek has no links to the original production teams, no thematic similarity and is separated by years from the last production. Roddenbery was involved with TNG, for example, and crew, characters and storylines were carried from TNG into DS9, VOY and ENT so you have at least some shared parts as well as just being broadly similar in terms of tone.

5fd626  No.31478


Never trust a man who crosses his legs.


I've said it before and will say it again, Star Trek 4 will still be in the Kelvin universe and have a recasted TNG crew.

a5b924  No.31479


No, no you don't get it.

You see the first officer will be a pre-op transgender female (so a male) and the world's first TRANSRACIAL black woman (therefore white) as well as being a lesbian (into women, therefore basically straight since she's a he). They can get all their virtue signaling while at the same time literally just re-casting Riker as-is.

This is what you call "playing both sides", and getting away with it.

2dcb28  No.31527

How would /strek/ write the return of Picard?

3c7e8e  No.31535


Well, firstly we should probably ask, does this character need to return? I'm not really big into the idea of Star Trek just being stuck in nostalgia mode as a franchise. It should be forward looking. It should be giving us new characters who we come to appreciate just as much as Picard.

6dd50a  No.31537


cast Stewart as Picard's half-romulan alternate timeline rape child

5daa20  No.31540

File: dcc7aeb2bacb06d⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 388x418, 194:209, matsuri_reads_hentai.jpg)


Yeah I'd love just a regular show. An occassional cameo is a fun thing but I dont think these 90 year old actors need the work that bad.

Hell, if you wanted to make something sorta canon have one of the riker's father a kid and play off a my two gay dads thing without either of them being gay. Just have him be an ordinary starfleet guy (or perhaps if you want to do something different have him on a patrol not exploration ship, as 2nd command (as an extremely green lieutentant and take command as a still green lieutenant commander in season 2 after fighting something notable). Use some of that IP without it being all captains and admirals and shit. Emphasis on Frigate level ships and a small crew (think 20 people total) as riker goes to collect his gym badges/rankup/get in 15000 hours of bridge command experience so he can apply as first officer on a bigger ship. Be nice to have something that is not so SAVE THE UNIVERSE but still wanted to explore the trek universe.

The real catch is it's never explain'd if he will's or thomas's son. Never have him be called number one (or at least not until show finale) and never have him grow beard).

f689db  No.31541


>two rikers have a kid

I'd watch the shit out of that but didn't Thomas Riker go maquis? That means he's either dead or in a penal colony.

fa61c9  No.31542


He's pretty much left to rot in jail.

fa61c9  No.31543



Forgot to mention, in a certain star trek videogame, there's a mission where you rescue Thomas from prison, so if that game counts as canon, thomas is free and still with the maquis I'd assume.

6dd50a  No.31554


Doesn't Picard have congenital mental brain insanity?

3738ec  No.31556


They don't, games and books are not officially canon.

fa61c9  No.31559


They should, they're comparably better than all the newer crap.

2e21ea  No.31578

waiting for the rule34 ST:CP memes to start the salt flowing

with special holodeck guest star pedobear

2e21ea  No.31579

File: f7d0fdf5f512c29⋯.jpg (60.4 KB, 634x397, 634:397, r34_stcp.jpg)

7c9615  No.31693

File: ba6586e9c5e59e0⋯.jpg (7.18 KB, 480x360, 4:3, even maniac would never sa….jpg)

7c9615  No.31694


this is why they made the internet, for things like this.

86c743  No.31701


You mean Irumodic Syndrome? Due to his time-jumping, Crusher was able to detect the small defect that might have brought it on at Picard's suggestion, so it's possible he was able to get some preventative maintenance done on it.

5daa20  No.31708

File: cafa4fa2a175aae⋯.webm (6.88 MB, 480x270, 16:9, The_Klingon_Pakled_Shoppi….webm)


Startrek, Starchan edition

>be me

>Pakled obviously

>ferengi comes

>offer to play a game

>dumb ferengi wagers

>72 draws and a win later get wager

>Am pakled lol

>what are stembolts

>ferengi offer to dispose for modest fee


a5b924  No.31806

I just want to say that watering grapevines via spraying them from above with hovering robot water tankers, while sci-fi "cool" (and a quick way to show the audience that this takes place in the future) is going to fuck the up. You water them with a drip system, or don't at all because drought makes stronger plants that produce better wine. You see all that fucking grass that's uselessly growing in the ground between the rows of vines? That's what you get by spraying water like that!

Also: bourgogne-franche-comté is just a region in France. That doesn't tell me which fucking wine that is. What idiot prints a label for a wine bottle and doesn't put on it the varietal(s) of wine? Do you expect me to taste it and then GUESS??

baf4f6  No.31807


>Also: bourgogne-franche-comté is just a region in France. That doesn't tell me which fucking wine that is. What idiot prints a label for a wine bottle and doesn't put on it the varietal(s) of wine? Do you expect me to taste it and then GUESS??

In the future it refers to wine made not only in that region but with a specific varietal, like Burgundy.

588d51  No.31867


Producer here. That's the plot. Picard fucks up so bad at the vineyard he gets kicked out and has to go back to Starfleet.

37f5ca  No.31873


fuck off stupid fag

cb08db  No.31881


Not even a /strek/ie but fkn lol

c6036f  No.31882


It's a shame we'll never get more.

5a670d  No.31885


>queer revisionism.

You must not have watched TNG, it already had LOTS of queer episodes

1ba1d1  No.31898

File: 9607dfceacd4eeb⋯.jpg (177.74 KB, 576x432, 4:3, spaceballs2.jpg)

crack cocaine costs money. i bet he uses a fake oscar as a dildo.

7ab18b  No.31901

File: bc4ee055f7ff5ce⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332, 1:1, b06d3f41a6c427c6dd2272581d….gif)


Why the fuck hasn't it been cancelled? I couldn't even stomach more than 1 episode.

066f1a  No.31912


To tell the masses that white men are all old and over. There will never be a new white actor action star. They don't want it.

a5b924  No.32001


>Can't they find a young actor who did theater and distinguished himself in theater?

Theater is dead. It's too expensive for normies and largely is just more productions from decades (if not centuries) ago. A lot of people harp about Hollywood being creatively bankrupt, but the fact is literally every single creative medium in existence (movies, TV, animation, video games, books, theater, music) is the same way. There isn't enough profit in being avant-garde, so every company is taking the "safe" option of rehashing the same old shit.

a15d0b  No.32054


Loads of investors and it being too big to fail now. Basically a lot of money got shoved up front and they have to produce something or risk being sued.


Local and amateur theater can be quite good providing the actors are not pretentious and up their own ass.

a5b924  No.32110


Local and amateur ANYTHING can be quite good. But that's never going to be on TV.

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