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File: 5cfa73ca8325e06⋯.png (47.62 KB, 330x478, 165:239, git.png)


Is there any worse VCS than Git?





I think git is pretty /comfy/ and easy to use. Why you don't rike it, Anon? I think Mercurial (hg) is okay, too.


git commit -m "sudoku"


Tell me, what is your alternative to git?

Also the picture depicts a situation where a person doesn't know how to actually use diff to solve conflicts.



None, apart from every other VCS out there.





I think people tend to prefer whichever VCS they're most familiar with, regardless of technical merit.




>git is too hard to use




saging because I refuse to bump tire fires.



> project has branches

> nope out

Anyone else?



Enjoy rebuilding the BDB when it inevitably shits itself.



Does xkcd ever portray the female character as stupid?


Soon some Javascript fag will decide VCS are not 'modern' enough, and he'll cobble together a tower of 258 different packages that kinda works, but requires 10 gb of memory to checkout a moderately sized project.



>a tower of 258 different packages that kinda works, but requires 10 gb of memory

so basically the nanonigger's software?


Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

Not even MS themselves touch it.


File: 6c43e0395f333f5⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 250x248, 125:124, 1442539759717.jpg)


I'll give you one guess.










more like



CVS uber alles! T'is what Lord Theo ordains for the OpenBSD Masterrace!


Trunk based development, anyone?



> document final.docx

> document final2.docx

> document final2 fixed.docx

> document final2 fixed scaled final8.docx


File: c5268e762127830⋯.jpg (440.21 KB, 676x1023, 676:1023, XkcdMunroe.jpg)

File: fe64ca9886adae0⋯.jpeg (125.41 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, soy.jpeg)


Strange, because he looks like a serious nerd without the typical 'cuck face'.



Any other VCS.




please give me a normal version of second image

not this obviously upsampled mess

(I need it only for good purposes obviously)



why would it?

do you not have enough of them in real life?


File: aee2509ce5d6902⋯.jpg (84.29 KB, 750x488, 375:244, 1ieyc6m18qq01.jpg)

File: c2dbc5198fd2b2d⋯.jpg (55.44 KB, 729x733, 729:733, r8jhgg7g9wq01.jpg)

File: 6a2a4660870167c⋯.jpg (83.11 KB, 400x800, 1:2, 25fm6x.jpg)


Knock yourself out. You can always use tineye of heaven forbid, google images to search for larger versions. Searching 'soy face' will get you many more examples.



because the second is someone pulling an expressive face, and not their default expression?




Yeah, the "oh look I'm super trendy and non-threatening so I'll look submissive with an open mouth. If you pose like that, start lifting immediately.


I should also point out that while 'soy boy' is catchy, 'soy' itself is not incredibly bad for you, and a plant-based diet with plenty of exercise is far better for you. Especially if you're eating factory-farmed processed meat.



>google images to search for larger versions

until (not so) recently, it won't give you the actual images, google image search is CUCKED



also thank you for the images

this is super useful


ClearCase bitch



Yandex has a far superior image reverse search system.



I always forget about Yandex, will test it out.





Fossil is better than git.



Why anon? I usually at least have a "hotfix" and "development" branch, so that users can just clone master for a stable(ish) build.





Russian Putin botnet. At least use something like Tor and don't search for stuff that is connected to you.


File: 6f8192eb6d98c6a⋯.jpg (129.95 KB, 2197x1463, 2197:1463, Anna-Chapman.jpg)


If Putin wants my secrets, he has to extract it the old fashioned way. Seriously though, it's probably better to whisper sweet nothings into Putin's ear than your local glowniggers if those are NSA or GCHQ. Putin won't arrest me for "hate searches".



Now when I think about it - git is one of the most perfect, stable, convenient and sophisticated pieces of software ever made. It is truly reliable and is used by the hugest pieces of software. The more I use it, the more respect I have towards Linus and all the other contributors. I realize OP is probably trolling but if any of you haven't learned git yet - spend some time doing so - it certainly improves your workflow.


File: 958af13766a1083⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 600x737, 600:737, to-what-end.jpg)


>Fossil is better than git.

but why?


Darcs. I fell hard for the Haskell meme a decade ago, and this was in style for a while, but it faded away due to poor performance for large trees.



File: 959c4e949f40b2a⋯.jpg (273.34 KB, 650x609, 650:609, Copy of Copy of Copy of Co….jpg)

>>994400 (checked)

>Copy (4) of Copy of document final2 fixed scaled final8.docx



For one, an integrated issue tracker means projects don't get locked into a host by using a temptingly convenient proprietary issue tracking system.


I see no one has mentioned Bazaar. It doesn't seem to get much attention anymore, but Canonical seemed to like it. I do wonder why everyone settled on Git for new projects.


Alright this is the worst one: Bit Keeper. I cannot talk about its technical merits, but their disasterous ways of attempting to protect their proprietary license scheme is what gave the impetus to create Git.


Read the History and especially the "Pricing Change" system.

>End of support for the "Free Use" version of BitKeeper was officially July 1, 2005, and users were required to switch to the commercial version or change version control system by then. Commercial users are also required not to produce any competing tools: In October 2005, McVoy contacted a customer using commercially licensed BitKeeper, demanding that an employee of the customer stop contributing to the Mercurial project, a GPL source management tool.



>integrated issues

Just make an issue folder and create a text file for every issue.



>"its le decentralized"

>everyone centralizes it by making an online repo anyway

>that boomer that makes toy branches that are 200 commits behind master

>people who make one branch per issue

Starting to think DVCS are a meme.



t. has never used git



Oh god what a terrible idea.


>version control

>not overwriting and deleting all your shit

Life has no "version control", why should programs? Face the consequences of your mistakes and don't make mistakes, pussy.



Why though?



or any other vcs for that matter. If you don't know what makes git "decentralized", you aren't old enough to post here.


here's esr on the topic, who I think is roughly correct: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=3940

>not the other guy



What's that one Valve was using which allowed someone to leak all their project manifests? It was some kind of expensive proprietary solution.



> That image

> Retards don't know how to squash commits



All the meme programmers around me, like the women and minorities, are so attached to GIT and their githubs where they put their daily shit of code on. From a technological perspective GIT or really any VCS is fine for what it needs to do but the "culture" GIT has created is so cancerous its infected the whole of programming.



I maintain a record of my programming activity through Git. I do not use Github or any form of convenience hosting providers for Git repositories. Use Git for what it is and ignore those services of convenience.



At work I use mercurial but at home I just setup an always on CVS server, its comfy enough when moving between machines.




>use branchshit

>branches never merge

>git fucks up the files

>"just use a GUI anon, it shows you what files git corrupted"

Its insectoid software for bugmen. Not even hard, just busywork for angrybird players to grind through.



t. bugman



Nah, you're just a retard.



>Doesn't quicksave before doing something risky

NPCs will never know that they were killed during my murder spree before I reload a previous save state.




No, it's very much not okay.



>branch never merges

>what is git merge

>git fucks up the files

More likely, "retarded fucked up the files and force-commited they in conflicted state"

>just use a GUI

No one tells that when using git, because it is easy enough to use in the CLI.



good pic demonstrating every SF Bay fag's usage of git



Always fun when a dot-head checked out a file and then left for a month on the annual trip back to Bangalore



My current method: copies of directories with version numbers.



What's bad about that? You know that's how git functions internally, just with a complicated interface built overtop it.



All the busywork required to maintain it and also access one specific piece of history. Git does all this magic for you, you just have to learn how to use it.



What >>995637 linked is mostly my thoughts.

Bugs are independent(ish) of the code, and it seems silly to me to "merge bug reports". Even if you don't use, don't know how to use, and don't care to learn a particular project's version control system, you should still be able to report bugs easily. I think it probably falls down on larger projects too. As soon as someone finds a bug, it should be available to the people who can fix it asap, and shouldn't wait for the merging and bubbling up that huge projects like linux undergo.



anyone tried darcs or pijul ?



git is pretty nice, sounds like you just need to read about it.


this site is pretty cool because you can do some basic fucking around.



Pijul is usable but pretty rough right now. The patch system is nice but it really needs a GUI (inb4 muh cli it's not predictable what the graph will be, it's not git) for anything complex. I'm not sure if it has squash equivalent functionality. As far as I can tell from their forums the rewrite still has some performance issues. The last patch is within a week or so though so they're sill working on it.

also pijul diff doesn't show line numbers wtf fucking brazilians



/tech/ should use Fossil if for no reason other than just to be contrarian. Fossil is also good way to resist any temptation to "socially-code" your project by sharing it on github. I know you can export fossil to git, but if you're not a homosexual github.com should mapped to loopback in your hosts file.



It's only a meme if you let it.

ssh [hostname] git init --bare /remote/repo/path
git remote add [remote-name] [hostname]:/remote/repo/path
git push [remote-name] master


File: 9c35ec6d521253d⋯.jpg (42.8 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1541036044512.jpg)


Git is dogshit. Version control systems are for queers. Take the .tar.gz pill, wash it down with redbull, become a one man army, and upload the source code directly to your personal website. Even though you've compiled your software for your own use you should never upload those binaries for convenience. Fuck the users. Never show them weakness.



Real Aryan men set up a cron task to tar the source folder periodically. When has any person thought, oh yeah, let's look at my source code revision 300 versions ago. Exactly, you don't, so can also delete old archives from time to time. The archives are backed up regularly with rsync to your remote server.

>Yeah but this doesn't handle merge conflicts when you incorporate teams.

Every heard of diff/patch? Email yes EMAIL you fag, not aidsHub or Slack your diffs to the person in charge of the authoritative source tree and be done with it.

>But, muh social code




File: 4fc5b52dcf5e720⋯.png (26.91 KB, 722x173, 722:173, PTC_Integrity.png)


It's what I am forced to use at work.


File: e82c1fbe972b6a3⋯.png (43.33 KB, 740x346, 370:173, internal_monologues.png)


No, because then Randy wouldn't be able to pat himself on the back for being a feminist ally. Also, female representation in technical fields must be portrayed as being 60%.



You know it's true though. We use VCS to follow "best practises", but for much of what we do, that would be adequate.



I think he's never drawn any stupid character.


tfwno intelligent science gf


I have a training document/script. Let's keep it simple and say it's plain text.

Depending on who I train, only certain sections of that document is required. And sometimes, there are minor differences between the same section.

Can VCS help me manage this?

Because right now there are a copy of this document for each type of people I train and keeping them in sync when changes are made is a nightmare.



There's one where some guy is being mean to women online, and then another guy comes in and threatens to kill him.


>Can VCS help me manage this?

Sounds like a good job for a shell script.



The soyface is just a method to weed out the obvious cuckolds. Of course there will be some that don't look like punchable faggots and yet still are unironic cucks.



Write your document in Asciidoc and make use of the preprocessor's include and ifdef stuff.


You should still use version control for it, and maybe a Makefile.



>high test


>low test




Yes. Every other VCS but Git is worse than Git.

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