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Whoops I farted!

What did she mean by this?


File: df287c002ca5dd9⋯.webm (12.26 MB, 854x480, 427:240, One Life.webm)

It was an intentional signal to all viewers that she held some of the same vices of 3DPD, and was thus WORST GIRL and a shit.


File: dd9b1a1c6c0586c⋯.png (32.85 KB, 800x400, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I want to sniff her fartsu


File: dc77bccf09951ef⋯.jpg (151.29 KB, 638x696, 11:12, 2D is best.jpg)


If I wanted my women to fart, I'd go after 3DPD.


File: a5c1c896810d7bf⋯.webm (6.86 MB, 854x480, 427:240, brap.webm)


And I'd dive headfirst into her ass to inhale them deep.



File: 97c83d8e1946c6f⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Huffy.webm)




I'm pretty sure farting is a sin.



it's fagime you kike fuck



No it isn't.





Uh, I'm pretty sure it is.



Farting is definitely a sin.



See? I knew it.


File: 9b163cc4ad546a4⋯.jpg (607.55 KB, 1280x1600, 4:5, 9e5fe4baf656e50207b4067705….jpg)

File: 6624309ed4a3ecf⋯.jpeg (185.24 KB, 963x1200, 321:400, d3d57293c237cf950d752712e….jpeg)

File: a125911ccfebf46⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1200x1368, 50:57, 1519703959391.png)


brapime does sinful things to my penis







Post more!


File: 0b30215dbe67cf2⋯.jpg (457.4 KB, 949x1341, 949:1341, 19c3a73b7e8a92cd30dc9be72b….jpg)

File: ffb56a2060e3867⋯.jpg (183.75 KB, 850x935, 10:11, 1519742417261.jpg)

File: 4baa92477faa1d6⋯.jpg (152.1 KB, 1074x1517, 1074:1517, 1487294862145.jpg)

File: 428a300628ace15⋯.jpg (876.69 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, 1508675984751.jpg)

File: 0d31378ca2c9bb2⋯.jpg (414.71 KB, 701x1125, 701:1125, 1497046061313.jpg)





File: e6994badea7a7ae⋯.jpeg (206.27 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, C221DEE3-2A11-4B49-B0B6-B….jpeg)


The second one is canon in the manga.



holy shit


File: 1546d036de5fd49⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 974.19 KB, 1134x1559, 1134:1559, 1485277474879.jpg)

File: 226dc17b5f95469⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 624.11 KB, 907x1261, 907:1261, 1485296726187.jpg)


loli braps are too hot


Post moar brapime


File: f782866eddae7b1⋯.jpg (286.98 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1439239095235.jpg)


are the fart fetishits more degenerate than the mentally ill faggot tranny fetishits?



Speaking as a jewish trap who wants to eat nigger cum out of my girlfriend's ass I'd say they're not even close to our level. They're entry level perverts.


File: 7d4f91263a319a5⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 346x311, 346:311, 1361764498133.jpg)



Anyone has the English translation to this?



Do girls really act like this?



Too young for me tbh.



What the fuck is wrong with these kikes?


File: 2db5de161718920⋯.png (190.22 KB, 1230x890, 123:89, dab.png)


That's just in their nature.


File: 9789d7a9a152b6c⋯.webm (5.74 MB, 720x480, 3:2, brap queen.webm)



File: 07512d64db11715⋯.png (946.54 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1509734858691.png)

File: 9321d6cbfb173bc⋯.jpg (70.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1481694383232.jpg)

File: 3ea0c492c2e8562⋯.jpg (417.8 KB, 1196x1659, 1196:1659, 5c9b986a313edf2056247f22f5….jpg)

File: f21f8002e658131⋯.jpg (79.69 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1536613312020.jpg)

File: 02c24c25ca7c206⋯.jpg (492.05 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, b8baff207bf0bd8be8f6cdb62d….jpg)


2Dshit is fucking disgusting, farts aren't nuclear waste.



why do they draw them like that anyways





absolutely vile.


how else are you going to visually depict an odor I guess.


File: 3cfe23679216161⋯.jpg (132.75 KB, 634x922, 317:461, 9242b993f919245722062ae30f….jpg)

Thick gassy 3D braphogs > 2D mustard gas releasing cartoons


File: d55b9176a9e92f3⋯.jpg (92.36 KB, 1005x1053, 335:351, photoalbum_470222034_user7….jpg)




your hogs arn't even brapping, step it up



Office ladies at underrated in anime even outside of braaap




Farts can’t move a skirt!


File: 28ff54e1a95c277⋯.webm (3.53 MB, 500x333, 500:333, QOF.webm)



Yes they can!


File: b664366866b23d9⋯.jpg (97.24 KB, 600x577, 600:577, f4e9b5d0fb42475bad70cc69ea….jpg)



That's fucking revolting



My sister use to blow up her skirt with her farts all the time


File: de167706e83316c⋯.png (630.93 KB, 834x664, 417:332, 1420679213748.png)


My sister was a hard brapper too




snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff…oh yes my dear….sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff….quite pungent indeed…is that….dare I say….sssssssnniff…eggs I smell?……sniff sniff….hmmm…yes…quite so my darling….sniff….quite pungent eggs yes very much so …..ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff….ah yes…and also….a hint of….sniff….cheese…..quite wet my dear….sniff…but of yes…this will do nicely….sniff…..please my dear….another if you please….nice a big now….


Oh yes…very good!….very sloppy and wet my dear….hmmmmm…is that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?…hmmmm…..let me…..let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling…….hmmmmm….hmm..yes….that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear….ah yes….let me guess…curry for dinner?….oh quite right I am….aren't I?….ok….time for sniff…..sssssnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff…..hmmm…hhhmmmmm I see…yes….yes indeed as well curry……hmmm….that fragrance is quite noticeable….yes…..onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear?…..hmmmmm….yes quite…..


Oh I was not expecting that…that little gust my dear….you caught me off guard…yes…so gentle it was though…hmmmm…let me taste this little one…just one small sniff…..sniff…ah….ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffffff…and yet…so strong…yes…the odor….sniff sniff…hmmm….is that….sniff….hmmm….I can almost taste it my dear…..yes….just…sniff….a little whiff more if you please…..ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffff…ah yes I have it now….yes quite….hhhhmmmm…delectable my dear…..quite exquisite yes…..I dare say…sniff….the most pungent one yet my dear….





haha did your sister ever make you smell her farts? that would be so gross haha what did they smell like?


anime is pedophilia in cartoon form, I hope The Don makes it illegal in the west during his second term



this, but unironically



dupweebs btfo



>My sister was a hard brapper too

Story time with us!


File: a99b8b129da7b9c⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1200x1678, 600:839, fartslut.jpg)


2D braps smell like heaven and sunflowers except Karen's.

3D braps are smelly.


File: c396a1ff61e1ecd⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 500x750, 2:3, arisublush.gif)

Reminder that Alisu has the most pure and heavenly farts.



File: bcd097e44f04a7f⋯.jpg (137.14 KB, 909x880, 909:880, kiniro slut.JPG)





Sorry kid, cuckime isn't gonna be allowed in the brap barn, and it certainly isn't making it into the brapnostate.



File: bd5701d1111c7e1⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1020x988, 255:247, a5041aac5ece25b102740fdb87….png)


I bet honoka and shino would huff kinpatsu brapus




Not huffing in 2D braps is a sign of homosexuality.


Only faggot wouldn't huff them.



>Reminder that Alisu has the most pure and heavenly farts.

Is this canon?




Karen meanwhile farts paki nigger cum like the stinky nigger cumdump she is.



>not huffing mustard gas makes you a faggot



2D braps are NOT mustard gas! They are the scent of ephemeral transcendence




dupweebs btfo



That didn’t happen in the manga



That's the appeal though.




bumping the best thread on /tv/


How many of you are pathetic brapcels and do we have any brapchads except me here?


File: 5ab2ff33cafa8fe⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 500x333, 500:333, masketta brapped.webm)



I wish that was me.


Someone somewhere wrote this, another one approved it, people agreed on it at a meeting, artists drew it and a voice actor voiced it and nobody thought "why the fuck are we making a fart joke"? Also:



>school club


>poop jokes

Consider killing yourself if you actually watched this of your own volition.


File: 2e5acf12c7e2557⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1421085909246.png)

File: d642e1a879c4fdb⋯.jpg (167.86 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 1486235187807.jpg)

File: 5e510ef4201f679⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 393x600, 131:200, IMG_3029.JPG)

File: 1fd628a2b2ea897⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 592x600, 74:75, IMG_3035.JPG)


I watched every single brapisode


>ywn suck the braps directly out of her asshole with a bendy straw



>Not sucking the braps out of her asshole raw



But that place is dirty :3


File: 395bf95ba2d8c56⋯.png (506.51 KB, 595x595, 1:1, 395bf95ba2d8c56ad265658c0f….png)


We went to a catholic school and she could flutter the hem of her skirt when she let a big one go. She was always gassiest in the morning we had hardwood chairs in the kitchen and it sounded like someone was hammering a 2X4 when she brapped at the breakfast table


File: b129004b83f4b7e⋯.png (715.1 KB, 1132x691, 1132:691, anime nazi deviantart.png)



God I wish that were me.



That anime nazi has a future in literature



That not medically possible



I don't believe you.



Prove it medically possible



fucked ur mum lol



She has a cute butt



this is pretty much what it is like to be married



Fug, I want to marry now.



What kind of pants are those?


stop trying to make brapppppp happen

farting isnt going to be popular ever

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