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File: 6a08ec9dbd31268⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8921d8352ac1eb3⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 90b1ef854007ad4⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

14873f  No.15670658

FF7 is on sale so once again I am considering buying it but I always run into the same fucking question. Should I buy it or wait for the remake? I've heard that FF7, in particular, got FUCKED by the passage of time.

Also which is better, Steam version or PS4 version?

af1b11  No.15670668

Unless you're posting form an N-Gage or something then what you're browsing the net with right now can emulate the original fine. Also it holds up fine too because it was one of the last JRPGs without completely fucked pacing.

fa632d  No.15670669


Just pirate it you pussy.

14873f  No.15670690


I would but I wanna know if it's worth my time and energy to fuckin play it knowing there's a remake on the way.

46dd69  No.15670705


The remake is probably going to change a lot of shit so you are better off playing the original.

Also the remake is never going to come out.

83da41  No.15670719

Buy the PS4 version. It fixes mistranslations and other bugs from the original PS1 version.

14873f  No.15670721


Appearntly devlopment is going smoothly so I wouldn't say that it's never gonna come out. Thoooooough yeah it probably won't come out for a long fucking while.

Though even if lots are changed I've heard the orignal was pretty fucking archaic and has aged like fine shit.

56c62b  No.15670722


The remake is years away and is going to be completely different and shit. Just play the original.

fa632d  No.15670726


>should i play x game or y episodic remake that doesn't have a release date

Are you retarded?

3771e5  No.15670736


The remake is going to be a completely different game anyways and will probably be shit, you won't "lose" anything. Just play the original (and don't forget to use the retranslation patch)

af1b11  No.15670738


>Appearntly devlopment is going smoothly

They've completely fired the people who did the original mockup. It's at least another 2 years off and that's giving them a massive benefit of the doubt.

83da41  No.15670757

File: 370f1fd0dd6c6bd⋯.png (344.17 KB, 578x442, 17:13, ech.png)


>They've completely fired the people who did the original mockup.

You can't fire people from another company, retard. CC2 did some development for it, and Square Enix didn't like the quality, so they scrapped it and are doing it in-house instead.

f9c53f  No.15670770


Buy the steam version, best version of the game that actually works.

af1b11  No.15670776


You seem upset.

ccaa81  No.15670788

File: bc6398d6b315985⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 906x768, 151:128, 1378077325396.jpg)


>I would but I wanna know if it's worth my time and energy to fuckin play it

<this requires wasting money on a port when you emulate the original PS1 for fucking FREE

Jesus fuck, are you that retarded?


>Appearntly devlopment is going smoothly so I wouldn't say that it's never gonna come out.

>completely fire CC2 after two years of work

>release date still up in the air


Jesus you're dumb. Pirate it or be a retard with your money.


Don't listen to this retard.

cc0e78  No.15670793


Yeah that totally sounds like smooth development. Good thing they have the steady hand of Nomura at the wheel.

14873f  No.15670833



I had my doubts that it was going smoothly, the whole "going smoothly" thing was probably just fucking damage control.

As for the whole "time and effort to pirate" shit I said, I am pretty tired and ain't all there atm. Plus I usually never like playing a game through on emulation only for some unknown reason. (I just don't feel good about it I guess? Sometimes they don't feel as fun or some autism.)

Anyway I should probably just do what I should've and just pirated the fucker and tried it out. If I like it I'll continue and if I don't then I'll fucking kill myself and become one of those faggots who always calls FF7 overated on threads because I have nothing better to do.

I still have no fuckin clue of the best version however, some niggers say just emulate the orignal and some niggers say steam version with mods. For fuckers who've actually played BOTH which did you prefer so I don't crave death on my first attempt.

ccaa81  No.15670853


Emulate the PS1 version or pirate the PC version, they're both playable. And stop spacing like you're on >>>/reddit/

c1bdab  No.15670933


Go play the ps1 version broseph, no need to give SE any money for their jewified crap.

587512  No.15670951


The remake is going to be episodic, have completely different gameplay and is most likely going to remove the less politically correct elements from the story. The original game aged fine, aside from the graphics which look like everything is made out of Lego blocks.


This. There are even some mods for it that improve the graphics IIRC.

4bf2da  No.15670972

File: 35f6a2a430fa7dc⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Slavery.jpg)

Avoid the DRM-crippled piece of shit and just get the original PC version. Original PC + mods is the best.

000000  No.15671915


The original is eternally good.

Pirate it and run it on an emulator.

Never give money to Square.

76e1fc  No.15671994


>Squeenix makes the dressing up like a girl part a permanent change for the whole game, and cloud cuts his dick off with the buster sword

5b13b6  No.15672008


More like bust HIS sword amirite

76e1fc  No.15672034


a tifa gets turned into a dyke nigger with an afro and giant lips

79f678  No.15672036

The remake will be a completely different game just with the same title. Get the original anyhow.

5b13b6  No.15672038


>Red XIII gets a FurAffinity account

aab1c7  No.15672056

No need to emulate it, just torrent the PC version. It runs fine.

53c39e  No.15672092


>or wait for the remake?

If you aren't joking then you should get the fuck out. For multiple reasons.

5a4c0b  No.15685771


Pirate it.

736ab9  No.15685879

Was the black haired chick a coal burner? I only kind of touched the game about a decade ago.

279619  No.15685919

9e74ed  No.15685955

the remake is a different game entirely. Play the original like you should have in any of your past 15 years of life.

9398a6  No.15687237


Emulate the ps1 version you fat dumb nigger.

9398a6  No.15687256

File: 2520535ae0c429a⋯.jpg (280.15 KB, 1134x1602, 63:89, gelbooru.com 244154 1girl ….jpg)


Tifa? She was an everything burner, white, black, yellow, various shades of brown, animals, lab experiments, other women, robots, didn't matter she'd fuck anything.

d08f70  No.15687263

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video says it better than I ever could.

d2cf5f  No.15688271

File: 914a0b58079f9f0⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_o4wj78LUuk1shd224o1….gif)

Emulate the original it's the best option. Steam and PS4 versions look like ass. When it comes to modding forget about them. http://forums.qhimm.com is a hive of insufferable Advent Children loving cunts. Graphics and music mods are made by tasteless faggots.

aab1c7  No.15688275


>BestGoyEver aka Pozz's Basement makes a video that isn't pozzed garbage

That's a surprising turn of events.

5328e0  No.15688326

File: 57bb065347206a4⋯.png (514.9 KB, 755x410, 151:82, tqidj6mggsny.png)

File: ee6e1412fb2690e⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 578x327, 578:327, pokemon-omega-ruby-alpha-s….jpg)


Wha's with Japan and their shitty remakes?

79a622  No.15688331

Been thinking VIII was better than VII, but both way better than IX.

Also, FF13 games had great music and are worth playing for that alone.

I think FF12 had the best mechanics and made the pacing very good due to gambits.

The worst part of the series is always the fans who make it part of their identity.

aab1c7  No.15688344


>VIII better than VII

Debateable, but they're both not great so okay.

>but both way better than IX

Lynch yourself, you insufferable, tasteless nigger.

2f27dc  No.15689591

>buying games before you know if you'll enjoy them or not

>I would but I wanna know if it's worth my time and energy to fuckin play it knowing there's a remake on the way.

>Thoooooough yeah

>all that fucking meme spacing

Kill yourself, OP

a04ae8  No.15690097

78d645  No.15698204

Is there more to this game in terms of gameplay than just going through menus, doing some number crunching to optimize attacks and walking around?

3771e5  No.15698229


There's a lot of mini-games, but…you sound like you've never played a JRPG before

78d645  No.15698242


I've played a bit of FF6 and got bored. I really like the Mario RPG's though.

3a73f6  No.15698283

File: 620df7836b12c8d⋯.png (41.08 KB, 698x942, 349:471, 620df7836b12c8d488ca2c3bb1….png)

>OP is so fucking casual he never played VII

>OP is so fucking casual he doesnt know how much of a dumpster fire the remake is going to be

>OP is so fucking casual that he had to ask where he should B U Y the fucking game

Dubs, kill yourself.

8994cd  No.15699501

File: 2e85f9badd1941d⋯.png (769.1 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, y061ubgah5h11.png)


You're a fag, the XIII games are absolute trash and you shouldn't play them just to listen to the music. IX is the second best out of the Ps1 titles because VIII easily has the most boring and tedious game play in the series with a pants on head retarded plot.

98be21  No.15702507

File: 47d26420c235c6a⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 500x369, 500:369, ca45e5bc386ee5bb0416c3398f….jpg)



>steam version

47dc53  No.15702525

File: d67f721cc0337af⋯.jpg (64.4 KB, 640x802, 320:401, final fantasy vii remake™.jpg)

You know they'll do it.

ebb645  No.15702536


She only has eyes for the pasty, autistic, Scandinavian manlet protagonist. No, really.

79f678  No.15702563


VIII is the worst game in the entire series. IX is better than VII and VIII.

79f678  No.15702570


XIII at least has a good battle system going for it. VIII doesn't even have that. The junction bullshit is complete garbage.

92afb1  No.15702576


>Decreasing price per chapter

You've got it backwards. See, once they are already hooked they'll pay anything for a fix, so you jack the prices way up after the first installment.

021018  No.15702681


OP I'll give you a simple answer. No, you should not buy Final Fantasy VII. If you want to play it, you should pirate it because the money you're paying for won't go to Squaresoft. It will go towards Square Enix, who has shown time and time again they don't deserve it.

If you create a time machine and go back to the year it came out? That's the only moment you should consider paying for it.

0589e9  No.15702738

File: 9134ccd93e00834⋯.png (498.27 KB, 861x877, 861:877, 9134ccd93e00834c89eb163bd3….png)



>modern square enix

How do you NOT realize it'll be terrible.

You post like a newfag, lurk more

d921b5  No.15703168


I haven't played the remake Strange Odyssey, but I can tell you from personal experience that ORAS was shit because it was 1000x easier than the original, barely added anything other than a day-night cycle and on the whole pretty point less considering that they kept none of the charm of the original (so older players wouldn't like it) and newer players wouldn't like it because it's doesn't represent what's good about the Pokemon games.


Honestly, I'd say the opposite. At least the junction system made you think about battles before hand and made you strategize a bit. XIII's battle system felt like it almost played itself from what I played of it and not in the Ogre Battle way where you organize shit before the battle then it plays itself and even then you can change their tactics between turns. It felt kinda dull.

a4598c  No.15704703


fucking shill

you are the worst employee ever

no employee of the month for you, retarded shill

bf2935  No.15704860


You should wait for the remake because you sound like too much of a retard to enjoy the original (which really says something as the original isn't high art).

1688f6  No.15704873


This post suggests that the poster would choose to play the FF7 remake instead of the original, and only niggers play remakes before or ignoring the original.

b21cbd  No.15704930

File: f192a7d5949aa8c⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1251x1597, 1251:1597, chrono_cross_dvd_cover_by_….png)

File: 4848d505319e4ce⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 540x405, 4:3, thousand arms.jpg)

File: c31468e9428a9de⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 500x289, 500:289, bof4.gif)

File: 39a2e98f1948607⋯.png (527.77 KB, 1273x774, 1273:774, Screenshot_The_Legend_of_D….png)


>last boss is 6 times harder than the semi-last boss, can't beat without grinding

>game gets boring when you get the airship/Temple of the Ancients

I really don't get the Final Fantasy fandom, the game is grindy as hell even to a JRPG, annoying 5-steps random battles, the plot is confusing and gay, the characters are dull, flat and gay.

I could lose my day listing better JRPGs on the PS1 only, get a Fatlus one for better plot/character development, get any published by Sony for better gameplay, any other by Square/Enix itself for less grindy and smoother experience.

Only Famitsu corruption(perfect 10 to every single FF) can explain FF fame and cult following for such mediocre games.

1d71a8  No.15705176


>Legend of Dragoon

Bland as fuck gameplay. If they wanted to let the only variety come in the form of Timed Hits, they should have gone balls-deep and developed an actual combo system.

It was the first game I ever traded in.

118da9  No.15706623


>having to grind in FF7 for any reason other than fighting optional bosses

You can become overpowered quickly in every Final Fantasy game it seems like. In FF7 I found myself trying to avoid encounters as much as possible to avoid kicking the shit out of the stuff I had to fight. FF is to JRPGs what Halo is to FPS. I like them both, having grown up alongside them but I see them for what they are. Barebones mechanics, good presentation.

7d4be0  No.15706789


That's not the same question you asked earlier.

You asked if the passage of time "fucked it up"; as far as that goes, it didn't.

Then you asked if it's worth your time. Considering your posts, it's absolutely worth your time, but so is even the shittiest game out there since you're low IQ garbage.

8c30d5  No.15707782


b-but then Squeenix wouldn't get my shekels! w-we can't have that, now can we?!

93e994  No.15707796

File: 87f3f1c140ad8ef⋯.png (81.51 KB, 376x385, 376:385, ClipboardImage.png)

If graphics make or break a game for you, don't play FF7. Don't play the remake either, because it will be shit.

If you care about sound design, music, story, characterization, setting, worldbuilding, or turn-based RPG gameplay, then you should play the original. I wouldn't recommend buying it because you can emulate it just fine, but you can do whatever's most convenient for you.

Don't play the remake, because it will be shit. It bears repeating.

006cd0  No.15707840

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Appearntly devlopment is going smoothly

Fucking Going Smoothly! Bull Shit!

This goddamn remake should started development 12 fucking years ago, and then they announced they were actually making it 3 years ago only to have not even started Fucking development until after FF15.

I didn't grow up with Final Fantasy 7 I had an N64 so I don't have the same level of attachment to it allot of people do, but even I can tell this whole thing is totally fucked.

282c76  No.15707882

File: 74d804ef943fb55⋯.png (1008.9 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 74d804ef943fb55199df8e7f24….png)

Since everyone is mentioning the remake in one way or another, does anyone know what the reception has been like so far?

/v/ is going to be full of sceptics at best, but how is the "hype" doing elsewhere?



How many times do you think they remade the game before finally gathering enough courage to announce it?

Yes, I know it says "tech demo," but I have a feeling that they had it in production for many years by now.

229b63  No.15708062


Go play it, remake is probably gonna be shit other than visual flare. Also

>I've heard that FF7, in particular, got FUCKED by the passage of time.

Pre-renders still look nice, the low poly chibis aren't great but not awful either and you'll do fine unless you are an autistic graphics whore lauding 30 fps cinematic walking sims. Also the steam version is updated from the original PC version and therefore has that awful midi soundtrack, so get a patch to fix that before anything.

1307a0  No.15708587

File: 3c8f17408d51ad0⋯.jpg (272.7 KB, 778x1036, 389:518, around nips never relax.jpg)

>Steam version

>always online DRM

>no controller compatible

>crappy midi chiptune instead of PS1 or better music

>fags still buy it so they can look "so retronerd bazzinga" to their retarded e-friends

e8b3bc  No.15708667

File: 56f6446dcb2eaa8⋯.jpg (51.63 KB, 450x454, 225:227, 43qf34rdfghnm7u68mi76hg5b6….jpg)


b08f8d  No.15709391


It made me dream back in the days but today it's an old piece of shit nigger.

Also the dog dies of stipsis.

b08f8d  No.15709399


jking about the dog

0d7f9e  No.15709411


742ace  No.15709460

I used to love the Final Fantasy games then XII came out. Lotta fags go on about X2 or VIII being the start of the downfall but in reality it was XII. Its just so fucking boring.

34a194  No.15715628



5a4c0b  No.15718174


>Also the dog dies of stipsis.


5a4c0b  No.15718184


>Also the dog dies of stipsis.


54594a  No.15723510


You're going to need much better examples than that.

e80c0e  No.15726749

just pirate it you stupid fuck.

god you're so stupid you still think the remake is going to come out.

279619  No.15726757


>no controller compatible

>crappy midi chiptune instead of PS1 or better music

They fixed that

560032  No.15729585

fucking zede


88d36c  No.15733179


Same I could never get into 12. I liked 10 because of the world building and combat system. OP might enjoy pirating the HD remake.

0f5ea2  No.15733205

File: 72c3bbdf291f634⋯.jpg (235.91 KB, 645x412, 645:412, 7c1f5f4c37a938422052582bf8….jpg)

nucloud looks like he has grids

47f6e8  No.15737845


God damn, someone should beat that thing to death with a stick, and put it out of its misery.

cbc706  No.15738272

Final Fantasy 7 really isn't worth playing to begin with. It aged like milk thrown in the hyperbolic time chamber.

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