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File: 72ae76cfad06497⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, plastics make it possible.jpg)

d5a613  No.15981587

Vanilla meh

5DIMS zz2ez

Omni okay but i can't stand staring at screens flooded with mauve for hours on end

Bobs okay now we're talkin'

Angelbobs i think i can handle this whatelse you got

Angelbobs Petrochem brain suddenly smoother than a marble

None of you have ever so overly-designed a system that's worked so poorly; change my mind.

9ffc6f  No.15981686

I never got that far. I played seablock but i had major power problems and issues getting more than 6 electrolyzers going. I scales up 14 algae farms and it was just so prohibitive to smelt new stuff i didnt know how to progress after i handcrafted a bunch of green science. You cant automate science worth a shit because theres no flow of raw materials so you have to upgrade to increase the flow and…

d5a613  No.15981710


I've never tried seablock, but I've heard the name a bunch. What is it, exactly? Some kind of water-focused mapgen mod?

8e386f  No.15981746


You start out in a tiny island and have to expand slowly, there is angelbobs seablock and a regular seablock mod, instead of having to extract resources that are available from the map you need to use different (infinite) method of getting resource. Ayy lamo spawns in tiny island chunk too and by default they can't make large scale attack against your base.

d5a613  No.15981769


Huh, interesting. Definitely sounds different. I'll be giving that a try once petrochem finishes melting my brain.

697905  No.15988203

File: 8d34763968c26a8⋯.mp4 (1.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, What does this button do •….mp4)

inb4 they remove bugs altogether

8e386f  No.15988303


You mean because they simplified the combat research stuff or something?

820af7  No.15988365

File: 3cf42382343eb95⋯.jpg (77.69 KB, 574x675, 574:675, 3cf42382343eb9509450c22401….jpg)

I want more enemy types with different kinds of behavior and different strengths/resistances, and the enemy bases spawn in more interesting ways than arbitrary blobs of every enemy type. Like maybe the chance of X enemy base is significantly increased near iron patches, and Y enemy is more likely to spawn near water, and the enemy types are clustered almost like mini-biomes so there's only 2-3 enemy types near each other, and other areas have different mixtures. Maybe you can't go into a specific location because you haven't researched/stocked up on the appropriate weapons for the enemies in there. I want to use different strategies that aren't "run backwards while shooting flamethrower" every time.

918053  No.15988577


Enemies are pretty much tacked on.

30fe81  No.15990220


There's a "creative mode" in the game that does just that.

It's completely pointless because over half the shit you build is dedicated to killing bugs so you can expand to more resource patches.

116502  No.15990683


Is pyanodon any good?


The fundamental problem with enemies in factorio that you need to be able to kill them in order to survive and continue the game, so there's a hard limit to how complicated or demanding they can be. Everything other problem in the game is something you solve at your own pace, in whatever order you want, and with varying degrees of success. Ayys just don't fit the paradigm of the game, they need to be solved completely and once that's done they're completely uninteresting.

820af7  No.15990816


>you need to be able to kill them in order to survive and continue the game

Well duh, I don't mean "spawn behemoths randomly", I mean add variance in the behaviors so it's not the same shit every single time. For example add an enemy that charges at you at high speed and explodes on contact. You'll have to use either a machine gun or a shotgun on them to pick them off quickly, but those weapons are weak against biters with such ridiculous defense/HP. It's not that you can't go there with the wrong weapons, it just becomes much more inconvenient.

Add a worm variation that spews toxic gas that floats in the nearby environment for a while. Add another that shoots 8 spikes in a circular pattern and you have to dodge them.

Add second spitter type that shoots non-homing projectiles from a long distance that can be dodged. Add third spitter that tosses high damage grenades which explode after a few seconds.

Add enemy that slowly floats around randomly and damages anything nearby with electricity, but never chases you, allowing you to avoid them.

Add underground crawling mole enemies that are hard to see visually and have a strong flamethrower resistance, but easily killed by explosives and land mines.

Add a tanky enemy that intercepts all projectiles that passes through and takes the damage onto itself, but is mortally weak against flamethrowers.

Enemies that are paralyzed by disruptor drones or gas grenades. Enemies that prioritize attacking your drones. Enemies that flee from fire. Enemies that are on water and never come to the shore. Enemies that become much stronger or become dormant depending on time of day. Enemies that randomly stop moving and attacking and withdraw into their shell for a short period, giving them incredible defense for the duration.

None of this hinders your ability to progress in the game, all it does it make the combat aspect of the game more varied and interesting. Of course you won't survive without more weapons later on, but that already applies to Factorio right now. Good luck surviving against a horde of Behemoth biters without flamethrower or rockets or combat drones or fucking nuclear grade bullets.

d5a613  No.15993806


Mods do all of this. There are mods for burrowing, climbing, exploding and all other kinds of enemies. There are also enemy AI mods that affect how they spawn, and they'll even use scent-tracking to hunt players specifically as well as intelligently probe for weaknesses with small scout packs and then only attack where you're weakest with big groups. It's fun sometimes. Other times I just want to be left the fuck alone so I can design my next 5km x 5km factory segment in peace without constant distractions.

I think I'd like it better if instead of turrets the focus was on combat drones. All you'd have to do is feed an ever-increasing number of factories that spit out drones and occasionally walk around to lay down waypoint or perimeter markers to tell them where to patrol or defend, and then let them seek and destroy on their own.

I'm fairly sure there are combat robotics mods that do something similar to this, but I don't think any of them are hands-off enough for it - except maybe AAI but I'm not an ascended being so I can't handle having to write behavioral scripts for every unit and building just yet.

It honestly feels like the game was designed for multiplayer, but with 1 player engaged in full-time construction and the other player engaged in full-time warfare and defense maintenance. The problem is just that the warfare and defense portion is very boring and monotonous, while the construction part of the game is so dynamic and exciting. It's all kinda tipped on its head. I hope they find a solution rather than just gutting it.

71df47  No.15993856

0.17 when?

9ffc6f  No.15993863


Mods don't fix shit anon. They've cut pickaxes from the final version and removed the ability for modders to things with them. They changed assemblers to all have 6 slots and again removed the ability you change it.

d5a613  No.15993905


I didn't say they fix it, I just said that they do it. Most mods can add fun things, but those things rarely compensate for innate weaknesses in the structure of the base game. Just how it is.

9ffc6f  No.15993951


And you missed my point entirely. Mods can't fix some things with this game, because they're proven that they are all too willing to cut things and remove modder ability to re-add it. This was a thing. This happened like 3 months ago and they pissed everyone off, and … next FFF update, they didn't mention a fucking thing about it.

d5a613  No.15994066


There's never been a mod that's fixed anything in the history of modding, but I get what you're saying. It's unfortunate that they're sabotaging their own game like that. It just means that either someone will end up reverse engineering the game, or that 0.16 will become the final definitive version that most players stick with forever regardless of developer updates.

2012ec  No.15994083

File: e4f1aa1e4ca7092⋯.png (35.79 KB, 256x177, 256:177, blPQmnp.png)





>Mods can't fix shit anon

>But mods exist with the features you're pining for


Fix your autism

d5a613  No.15994259


They don't, though. You can mod a broken game and make it better, but you can't fix the game underneath the mod. Sometimes developers wisely steal mods and thus fix aspects of their games, but then they stop being mods, so mods still can't fix anything.

The point is 100% semantic, but not untrue.

116502  No.15994883


Yeah but I mean, the ayys are pretty poorly coupled with the rest of the game, you have to deal with them very specific ways at specific points (wall them off from your base, exterminate them when you want to expand) and once you've dealt with them it wont affect anything else. Combat is always going to feel tacked on even if you add some variety to it, because it basically functions as a minigame. I'd much rather have ways to automate it (e.g. AAI vehicles) since that at least that requires some decisions and tradeoffs that affect the rest of the factory.

03dd14  No.15994912


>A mod added by player doesnt fix a problem

>A mod added to the game by dev fixes a problem

This isnt even autism this is just plain old stupidity.

Stalker games have a problem with enemies seeing through bushes in call of pripyat and there are mods that fix it so that they no longer see through them.

Are you really claiming that isnt somehow fixing a problem with the base game with a mod?

000000  No.15998835


>This happened like 3 months ago and they pissed everyone off, and … next FFF update, they didn't mention a fucking thing about it.

that's because they no longer need to appease "everyone".

they already have these people's money.

they now need to cater to niggercattle and casuals to rake in their money.

this is why early access is always a mistake, every time.

8e386f  No.15999629

File: 0a37fb917a34325⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 500x366, 250:183, 1436735734150.jpg)


>next FFF update, they didn't mention a fucking thing about it.

>Almost every FFF mentions that encourages the player to post his options

>none of those recent FFF even gives a hint from the player feedback if its overall positive or negative

I wonder how much damage control they have been doing lately. And I find from them quite strange too first they mentioned quite often how gud modding support this game has and then doesn't even provide a means to restore those removed functions.

edc4e2  No.16003724

File: 27e059667cee6b2⋯.png (3.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Alright, started a new file. Is this the best way to set up electrolyzers on seablock?

b19254  No.16006823

Did they ever manage to finish this game or is it still a giant cauldron of game mechanics with paper-thin goals to actually tie them together into a game? i.e., another never-to-be-finished pile of wasted potential just like Minecraft?

b19254  No.16006827


>this is why early access is always a mistake, every time.

No, the reason early access is a mistake is because they start pandering to the loud backers on their forums instead of committing to a design plan and then get bogged down in features.

edc4e2  No.16007877

File: cc88f916adad043⋯.png (3.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Played for about 8h, fucked up really bad and slowed down, then restarted and got to pic related at 4h.

For some reason, my charcoal is consumed immediately, I can't seem to stockpile carbon because my base is too hungry

1b1bd2  No.16008148

File: 52b9346394cef42⋯.png (4.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Focus on expanding your building space.

985561  No.16008179

What happened with the axe removal? Did the devs realize that they are retarded?

d8e5e1  No.16008452


>not making indefinitely expandable lines

Oh anon…

1b1bd2  No.16008457


you kinda have to pack things together since space is quite limited for a very long time

d8e5e1  No.16008500


Ground can be placed in lines as well.

edc4e2  No.16008505

File: fa2bd9dfd751efc⋯.png (3.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



This is sort of where I'm at now.

I made enough room to put double wide lanes on algae and electrolyzer production, and I'm just getting a slag crushing line set up. One thing that baffles me is the whole production chain to product slag slurry. I can do it, but my chem plants look awful

d8e5e1  No.16008572

File: 9c1af42a42f89cb⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1910x1021, 1910:1021, Seablock Geodes 2.jpg)


Geodes are where its at eventually.

edc4e2  No.16008606

File: d69c38b772471d4⋯.png (3.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Like here's the least retarded way I could get sulfuric acid going


So after I get slurry and smelting going, I should focus on what, getting green science? What do I build towards after that?

f93730  No.16008612


I keep trying to get into this game, but I'm not nearly autistic enough to enjoy it properly.

edc4e2  No.16008627


How far do you get?

Once fluids and green science kick in, it's a bit of a fuck if you're not careful

1a1aa0  No.16008631

File: e8c8e5671cfa41b⋯.jpg (844.42 KB, 1920x1018, 960:509, 20190117223727_1.jpg)


I feel like Slag is a lot simpler when you have nuclear power and you don't care about power because of the crushing part, you don't have to worry about bottlenecks.

d96683  No.16008634

File: 16ad4cf164d8e42⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1000x7494, 500:3747, XCOM EU basics.png)


So is there any repository for factory designs, or just basic stuff that is in an infograph that is simple to grasp like this?

f93730  No.16008653


I usually get a few tiers into science and get burned out from trying to automate everything. Trying to make everything not a complete clusterfuck is tiring.

edc4e2  No.16008665


I restarted twice, about 8-10h in, and that was the game I won. My first rocket launch took about 55h, my map had this giant lake in the middle, and I just kinda built around it. I had to drive around it to get to the coal seams and once I hit blue science, I was still running stacks of stuff around to the very end. It was awful, but it worked

d8e5e1  No.16008677


Past a certain point you just blueprint everything anyway. If your blueprints work then it all works.

d8e5e1  No.16008682

d8e5e1  No.16008684



Also there is a site with blueprints but IMO stay away from that at least until you launch your first rocket.

918053  No.16008701

Are there any useful applications for the circuit stuff? I have never felt any need to learn about them.

fe9f41  No.16008703


>those soy levels

every fucking time

d8e5e1  No.16008725


A few.

>Having oil cracked when light/petrol is needed but otherwise keep a reserve of heavy/light

>not running nuclear continuously, having it turn off until it needs energy.

>sushi belts (OK they aren't exactly useful, but pretty)

>Having a switch to turn off all non-essential production if power gets low and you need all 500 laser turrets working because its marathon deathworld and shits fucked.

edc4e2  No.16008910

File: f15e5dc091dd3d2⋯.png (224.62 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

>Muting the ingame soundtrack and listening to Starcraft OST instead

edc4e2  No.16008999

File: 8924917ce75da89⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>You can store molten metal in tanks

Okay that's neat. This also lets me stock up on slurry while I prepare other shit.

Fuck this is all one session, I don't want to go to bed

8e386f  No.16009305


They don't give a shit about it anymore, from what I could read so far they removed this entire slot from the engine side of thing and doesn't even provide a Lua API or something to add it back. For me personally I will stick with 0.16 for a while at least their mod site is sorted by major versions so that shouldn't be too bad I think unless they decide to (((overhaul))) it too.

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