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File: c9db702a2f88628⋯.png (359.27 KB, 680x523, 680:523, Darkness within Darkness a….png)

bfa3ea  No.16383897

So can we all agree that Kingdom Hearts 3 was the most disappointing anticipated game of the last couple of years?

>mfw it was all just a dream


>Nomura is retarded enough to do this

>next game takes place in a video game within a video game that's all of FF's retardation cranked up to the extreme

I could've probably forgiven this piece of shit and its worse than usual story if it hadn't been so damn easy. You can 100% this shit and beat the secret boss without even needing to reach level 50.

33b352  No.16383909


>caring about KH

what is this gaia?

695d70  No.16383912

Can we all agree OP sucks dicks while we check these digits?

0d40dd  No.16383927

File: 95de568f8c3885c⋯.mp4 (220.96 KB, 854x480, 427:240, YES DAMN IT.mp4)

0d40dd  No.16383929


No. Because KH sucks and you're a bigger faggot.

e9a06f  No.16383930

>it took this series 17 years to finally let you have a party of 4

e3a379  No.16383949

File: 26dc5ac89b1754c⋯.jpg (15.79 KB, 320x320, 1:1, ébigue.jpg)

check my singles honhon

6a5ae9  No.16383952


Everything about it in it's current state has been talked to death. Just wait for critical mode.

5ee771  No.16383968


>You can 100% this shit and beat the secret boss without even needing to reach level 50.

Really? You needed to get over 40? I honestly beat this and the Inferno Heartless at lvl38. Everything else is non-combat shit and bullshit Lucky Emblem garbage. I honestly don't how anyone can put up with taking selfies of that garbage for 4 hours. Even in the hardest setting there's no challenge.

5ee771  No.16383974


>17 years later to finally have Hercules in your party

>there's no Olympus Coliseum or Underworld Coliseum to truly exploit the joys of having Herc in your party

Having 4/5 party members was the best thing the series could do, everything was just horribly lackluster without having to bring up the awful story.

c7a46a  No.16383993

>So can we all agree


3b1272  No.16384017

Does it have a decent postgame at least? 2FM had an entire bonus dungeon that didn't let you progress if you didn't upgrade every single drive form to max, the organization 13 "graveyard" where you could fight them all you wanted for rare materials and stat boosts, lingering will, sephiroth, hades colosseum and the 13 minigame mushrooms.

e9a06f  No.16384020


The game is completely fucking barebones to the point people speedrunning the game managed to literally cut their times in half within a week of release without any major sequence breaking glitches.

19c1b8  No.16384033


>can we all agree

Faggot you could say "can we all agree we like breathing oxygen" and some asshat from the moons of jupiter would disagree.

cff55d  No.16384051

File: 4758100d393b319⋯.jpg (86.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4758100d393b31939899aade3e….jpg)


I've been warning you KH fags it was going to be shit for years, yet you still bought it. Your fault for getting drunk on hype.

7b5aea  No.16384061




KH3 was mediocre as all fuck


>The game is completely fucking barebones to the point people speedrunning the game managed to literally cut their times in half within a week of release without any major sequence breaking glitches.

KH3 in a nutshell

c72a3b  No.16384076

Can someone please tell me what the fuck is up with this Xehanort bullshit? Why does he want to make clones of himself? Didn't he just need thirteen dumbasses to do what he said? What does making them into clones even do anyway? It doesn't brainwash them since those two blonde faggots from the Organization rebelled. And why does everyone just fucking forgive him at the end? Is Xehanort the male version of Lightning? Does Nomura want to fuck this bald geriatric bastard?

6cd155  No.16384158

My problem is how fucking easy it was.

d259c1  No.16384186


The answer is surprisingly simple: Nomura doesn't fucking know what a clone is. For more evidence, see Final Fantasy 7.

670619  No.16384205


Read the stuff in the OP.

The KH3 we play occurs in a dream after Xehanort wins and kills Sora, the reason its all happy is because Sora's the dreamer and he wants everyone to have a happy ending, but in doing so hes driven himself deeper into the dream world away from his friends.

670619  No.16384216

This shit is more cohesive then Squall is dead.

b7ab73  No.16384245


Stop stating game-theory bullshit as canon.

b7ab73  No.16384247

488e84  No.16384252

>most disappointing anticipated game of the last couple of years?

Fuck no. That would be Left Alive or New Gundam Breaker. These kusoges are so bad that no scene group still gave a fuck about cracking them.

e9a06f  No.16384264


I sincerely doubt anyone was looking forward to Let Alive.

89734e  No.16384266


No shit. Nomura stated that they haven't released the Critical mode dlc yet. Proud mode is just an appetizer.

f94712  No.16384328


I hated the first KH game. I honestly don't get why you kiddo's liked it in the first place.

2033f1  No.16384333

File: ca8ff2e56c0d09a⋯.gif (188.31 KB, 500x365, 100:73, inquisitive catdog.gif)


>Left Alive


2e0953  No.16384349

>this theory

It really loves to push that homo shit don't it?

but remember, it's all a theory,


2e0953  No.16384365


>also, that entire autistic section about fist clenching

I can get the basic theory behind it, there's a lot of dumb shit they force to fit into this theory though

488e84  No.16384372



>new Front Mission game announced

>Metal Gear concept artist is involved

>Armored Core director is there, too

>including mecha designer that worked on MGS4/MGR/Xenoblade Chronicles X designs

It's only when the gameplay trailers were released that the disappointment set in and the interest had faded away. People did anticipate something good before that, even though they were told it's a third-person action spin-off.

I guess you just weren't around the discussions when the announcement and news were dropping.

22c647  No.16384392


People basically thought it would be a decent Metal Gear clone with actual mechs, before the gameplay trailers dropped anyways.

b4f7a8  No.16384417

File: 4e00dd1aedf4e66⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1200x1440, 5:6, Bang.png)


Regardless, OP sucks massive dick.

9ac9c5  No.16384439

File: 8f636d58334765b⋯.png (121.16 KB, 797x528, 797:528, 8f636d58334765b77c847ab49b….png)

I mean saying it was disappointing would kind of imply I have expectations of modern games aside from a carefully picked handful of developers that I won't mention.

60bb99  No.16384482

File: c303082a0719563⋯.jpg (38.55 KB, 372x399, 124:133, SEARS.jpg)


I'm still disappointed that fucking nigger who got the copy of KH3 early didn't leak the ending so that we could've a Boston Salt Party 2.0.

b7bf66  No.16384492


He probably just wanted crack money.

60bb99  No.16384510


Again, for niggers it's all about "me me me".

341d91  No.16384530

Considering the massive hype this game got, seeing so many normalfags shitting on KH3 was quite unexpected

a89c7c  No.16384765


It was bizarre that it got so much hype and attention from outside the KH sphere. I guess any game that's been a long time coming will get hyped to hell and back by streamers and retard followers.

9ac9c5  No.16384779


It hadn't got a new (main series home console) game in what, 12 years? It's not super out of the ordinary, plus, didn't they show it off when the gen was beginning?

c02e49  No.16384862

File: 068ac20a503fa69⋯.png (92.61 KB, 231x331, 231:331, 280.png)


>You can 100% this shit and beat the secret boss without even needing to reach level 50.

Does that make it 50 times as hard as KH2FM, since you can do that one at level 1?

7e7a1f  No.16384867

I never anticipated, therefore I could not be dissapointed.

c02e49  No.16384882

File: b149e4fb3382aa7⋯.png (105.93 KB, 343x318, 343:318, 231.png)

Everyone always talks about the base gameplay being trash, but what about gummi ships? I've scarcely heard them mentioned, but I heard they were fun.

cce051  No.16384892


Squeenix just gave them the leftovers of whatever's left for the FF15 and KH3 slashfund, they got the fucking talent set up but fucking shit writers and a directionless set up. The couple of Wanzer sections is great, everything else was exposition droning like FF13 or FF Type-0

ada39e  No.16385186


They should be. Einhander team worked on it.

1bc7db  No.16385357

File: b542d1a78c47ed3⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1a2f10c757cd54db67307d435f….jpg)


all that talent gone because squeenix doesn't know how to manage money

e9a06f  No.16385784


It's open ended and dull. You don't hear anyone talk about it because it's boring as shit.

2f620b  No.16385797

Expalin the plot

58ec20  No.16385825

File: 6406204cdb0931e⋯.webm (4.48 MB, 426x240, 71:40, OP1.webm)


>So can we all agree that

0e1b0d  No.16385839

File: 6cb86743133a132⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 595x596, 595:596, D2W4_U8WsAItjcM.jpg)


I smelled some funky shit from a mile away and yeeted out my preorder right on time. My cuck friend bought it and had to sit through its shit in all of its glory though.

At leave DMCV delivered, that game is fuckin great.

0e1b0d  No.16385840


*At least

b3c636  No.16385857

I'm a KH fag so heres my take

KH3 was a disappointment but there are hints of it being incomplete like it was forced out of rushed production.

>you can swap keyblades on the fly, even keeping them in their form change mode to do fucking crazy combos.

<but you have to wait til after your hit connects before the game acknowledges the switch

>you can stack grand magic and deploy all of them at the same time, doing massive damage

<you've never once needed to

>pirates is a huge world with great naval battles and heavily detailed backdrops and islands

<no other world comes even remotely close to attention put into this world.

>Ars Solcrum(sp?) Has reaction commands allowing you to get onto various cable cars and go to other sections

<they are only accessible by breaking and going through the map

I swear they didnt start production on KH3 until after FFXV.

Atleadt the spiritbomb moment was fucking cool.

I saw my username and I did get really excited

4f011e  No.16385893


Some evil dude wants to gain ultimate power, but a boy with a large key and the power of friendship at his side stops him. If you want a more detailed explanation, I suggest you rev up your search engine of choice and look it up.

69932d  No.16385904

Mobile gaming killed Kingdom Hearts. 1 and 2 were excellent games, but the series was destroyed by all the "game on the go" bullshit that only appeals to jap NEETs and Western weebs.

0e7f40  No.16385908

File: a4309a7f498f265⋯.jpg (8.98 KB, 201x251, 201:251, man who lost all hope.jpg)


>heard about this game back when Final Fantasy was still a name that people respected

>last FF i had trully enjoied was IX, i had kinda mixed feeling about X and X-2 but i didn't hate them

>didn't care for the MMOFF but at least i was styl hyped about FFXIII

>not the biggest Disney fan but i was willing to put up with Disney if it meant i could get more FF

>don't read any reviews before getting buying it and it turns out FF characters are practically there for decoration and the game is mostly Disney shit

>game ain't so great but not bad enough so that i wouldn't finish it

>shitty cliffhanger ending that requires me to own another console if i wanna see the follow up

>sequel comes out years later and i can't understand the story without a wiki or faq

>play it cos the gameplay was kinda better and i just wanted to reunite the MC with his waifu

>story so shit and comboluted that i can't remeber anything about it, except the fact that the MC is still without his waifu

>a metricfuck ton of spinoffs that i don't give a shit about and require me to own more consoles than the "Tales Of…" series

>FFXIII comes out and teaches me to never ever feel hype for anything ever agains

>2 sequels to the absolute worst FF in history kill any hope i maight have had for a comeback of the series

>don't care for the seocnd MMOFF and XV just reminds me of how shit the series has become

>decade long development hell for KH3 cos they were wating for the Pixar licence to put the Toy Story levels

>the Mouse get the Star Wars and Marvel IPs during this time

>it would've been damn fun to see Sephiroth duke it out with Darth Vader while Galactus fights the Death Star

>KH3 comes out and not only is it shit but the ending is the literal dissapointment of the decade


thank god i had given up hope for this shit over the last decade

i can't imagine the butthurt of some fanboys who waited their entier childhoods to reunite MC and his Waifu only for Thanos to snap his fingers at the end

69932d  No.16385916


All this shit and Sora still doesn't get the girl?

0e7f40  No.16385939


did you miss the salt party anon?

>after all these years

>they were sitting at the beach, gasing at the sunset on the sea

>they had that star shaped fruit the both of them had always wanted to share with each other in their hands

>that fruit that was practically used as a marrige proposal in that island

>just as they are about to share it, and fullfill that dream they drew on that stone all those years ago

>Sora vanishes into thin air

i had long stopped caring about this series it's MC and his waifu but i still fell pain for all those Zoomers and Millenials who likelly got the game for the Disney shit as kid, grew up with Kairy as their first waifu and after all the waitting and suffering they can't even share a fucking fruit at the end

this was cruel man, it's not like in FFX where you just have one game that's not even that good tbh and it's kinda hinted at the middle that the ending is gonna suck

people waited more than a decade for this

0e7f40  No.16385946



i meant gazing

i need to quit shitposting on /pol/

c02e49  No.16388526



Nigger spotted.

000000  No.16388606


It is shit.

909b8a  No.16388611

Kingdom hearts 3 was amazing, haters just got shit up their dung hole

c02e49  No.16388765

File: 600887f1aea8847⋯.jpg (213.3 KB, 953x953, 1:1, wewlad.jpg)


>i had kinda mixed feeling about X and X-2 but i didn't hate them

>Didn't hate X-2

89734e  No.16388828

File: 5176e933d64e7ff⋯.gif (5.73 MB, 480x270, 16:9, kairi.gif)


KH3's ending was literally the disintegration meme. No kiss either.

cff55d  No.16389398

File: e5168753b084be6⋯.jpg (225.8 KB, 598x650, 23:25, e5168753b084be667d0a90d2d8….jpg)


Why would you hate X-2? It had cute girls in skimpy clothes and a fun battle system.

8137a9  No.16389886

File: cb5db45cfeb71a8⋯.png (224.81 KB, 1009x668, 1009:668, Square-Enix-Q3-FY2019.png)


It was rushed out because they wanted the KH3 sales to be reflected in that fiscal year since without it the stakeholders would have been even more pissed over how awful SE did.

3f9220  No.16389897

>hype game up for +10 years for no reason

<oh wow it's not what 12 year old me expected

Who could've guessed?

000000  No.16390222


It is good to know that Square is indeed, dying. Any company that abandon their fanbase to seek the cancer of "broaden audience" must die.

c02e49  No.16390244


It shat all over what little was good about X. I couldn't sit through the first cutscene. I've heard the gameplay was good though. It would have been fine had it been an original IP instead of leeching off the FF name recognition.

89734e  No.16390571


Maybe because some people don't let their boners decide a game's quality.

e9a06f  No.16390600


Gettin real sick of people thinking a combat system that relies of positioning with no way to directly control your characters is in any way good. Just because it dazzled your nigger brain with flashy bars and numbers doesn't mean it's well designed.

2f51a6  No.16392080

File: 3ec2bb8e664dd56⋯.png (195.92 KB, 610x756, 305:378, ClipboardImage.png)


>critical mode's coming out tomorrow

Finally. Here's hoping it's not as bad as 0.2's.

6cd155  No.16392123

>tfw no qt Heartless gf

d3f49d  No.16392175

File: 0fbe94d691a17da⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 0fbe94d691a17da00e4ca2449a….jpg)

File: 2679faf2abc8012⋯.jpg (62.63 KB, 443x602, 443:602, 2679faf2abc8012791560519dd….jpg)


>having any sort of expectations that KH3 would be enjoyable in any way

6a193f  No.16392261


>So can we all agree

That's Reddit right there.

c3743b  No.16392451

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For all its faults, KH3 did one thing right.

889ca6  No.16392468


>Disney x Final Fantasy: Complete Edition

This is a pretty autistic fanbase.

cff55d  No.16392479


Pretty sure they got rid of all the FF characters. Not sure how, since they were pretty major characters from what I remember of the first 2 games.

7b7583  No.16393501


I mean do they forgive him? Sora puts him at the brown side of death, the keyblade wielders show up and before Xehanort can summon a space ship/skyscrapers/a time machine Eraqus tells him to give it up and he does it willingly.

Even Xehanort wasn't sasuga enough to take on 9 keyblade wielders and Donald and Goofy

Even if I would've liked him to slap Eraqus' ghost away and go super cosmic DARKNESS final form, with everyone working together to finish him

c02e49  No.16393599


I recently had a dream where I was Kairi, but with a stacked adult body, and naked.

c02e49  No.16393606



That's Reddit right there.

b44d23  No.16393866


Where did all the talent go anyway?

e560db  No.16393996

File: eea2842244b8b3c⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 480x475, 96:95, eea2842244b8b3cdf1a09022e0….jpg)


God dammit Sora how could they do this to you.

000000  No.16394551


To pachinko parlors to waste money gambling.

e9a06f  No.16394607


Disney is magnitudes more power hungry and controlling with their IP's appearances now than they were 13 years ago. I would imagine some suit said it's either all Disney or nothing.

2ec8be  No.16394619

File: da1de5d0b689282⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 640x268, 160:67, I_dont_meme_so_good.mp4)

2ec8be  No.16394659

File: dda8639cf6f2b70⋯.gif (1016.85 KB, 300x154, 150:77, Yongary bleeding.gif)

File: 46422ade1ae8f4d⋯.png (297.13 KB, 1112x1072, 139:134, ea kill score update.png)


Yeah, with (((yidsney))) having gone insane since it's procurement of the starwars license, they are just trying to buy everything. It brings me peace of mind that

>they fucked starwars so hard, no one but soyboys and disney addicts will see it as the actual fans disowned it

>MCU ended for most people with Thanos' snap and the lack of adam warlock means that anyone with two brain cells to rub together doesn't even know what the fuck the point of end game is since MCU Thanos isn't after lady death and t he snap was 100% did what he set out to do and he did it so all's good

>captain marvel fucked up their PR because of the retards in charge of it kneejerk responding to the people who said "eh, I don't much care for this character and never heard of them before, and I'm kinda tired of the same old hero formula, I think I'll skip it" with "YOU'RE A SEXIST MYSOGYNIST RACIST WHO'S AFRAID OF WOMYN!"

>their only other movies are grotesque cgi "realistic" remakes of their original animated classics that make detective pikachu look appealing

bet you didn't even know dumbo hit theaters over a week ago. Disney is in a hurry to buy up as many IPs as possible, akin to EA getting game licences, just so they can sit on them and ensure no one can make films/shit about them.

This is all coming to a head since Mickey Mouse will be going public domain in 9 years (2028) and Disney will no longer be able to profit off of him and will have to pour an insane amount of money out in order to completely restructure the Public Domain system or lose their mascot.

Disney is fucking scared and is bleeding out the ass worse than Yongary and their days are numbered.

e9a06f  No.16394666


Don't forget they just launched a streaming service with literally nothing on it despite owning like a quarter of all cable TV channels.

2ec8be  No.16394690

File: bd3bc1f3cf074a8⋯.webm (407.8 KB, 640x360, 16:9, thanks.webm)



c569c4  No.16394711

File: 7f04dc08fdf94e4⋯.png (529.66 KB, 580x441, 580:441, KINGDOMHEARTS.PNG)

File: 4dbbfcdc6bb122c⋯.mp4 (209.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, KINGDOM HEARTS.MP4)

cff55d  No.16394738


>This is all coming to a head since Mickey Mouse will be going public domain in 9 years (2028) and Disney will no longer be able to profit off of him

>implying they won't just get the law changed again

2ec8be  No.16394758


One of the best ways to endanger a jew is to threaten him with the jewishness of another jew.

c569c4  No.16394825


>implying jews aren't all in cahoots with each other

The only way kike infighting can happen is if two rabbis have a spat and sic their pawns on each other. Otherwise it never happens; the "bite a chunk of a newborn's dick off, sodomize him regularly, and have him taught in your synagogue that rabbis are wiser and more powerful than God" brainwashing program that they've been running for millennia works too well.

What'll happen before 2028 (assuming civilization survives that long) will be the exact same thing that's happened every single time Steamboat Willie's copyright was about to expire: a Super PAC-funded politician will propose a bill extending the length of copyright even further beyond its already absurd duration, and the other Super PAC-funded politicians will unanimously vote it into law.

2ec8be  No.16394874


>assuming civilization survives that long

Yeah you're right, something will break

fdfec0  No.16394929


>eh, I don't much care for this character and never heard of them before

Yeah because she’s boring as dirt, it wouldn’t have mattered who played her because she has no iconic story to adapt.

They couldn’t even do her origin story right because it was a convoluted miss.

Also it was accurate as some anon here predicted the entire movie was “you go girl”.

That’s the movie by the way every 15min that’s what happens

2ec8be  No.16394983

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yup. This dude crawled out of a hole to post his once a year videos because of this shit (he also did the Legend of Whorra series) and straight up compares it to Alita Battle angel. It's beautiful.

3044d6  No.16395026


>I saw my username and I did get really excited

I saw mine and cringed that my old username was immortalized in that pile of shit.

c2fe24  No.16395162

Kingdom Hearts III 'Critical Mode' update launches April 23


It's going to be a free update.

Sure. I'll replay the game one more time and try a Level 1 Critical run.

e9a06f  No.16395165


Why the fuck did it not come with this in the first place?

fdfec0  No.16395273


I can’t help but feel the movie makers sabotaged themselves with Alita’s stupid eyes if they hadn’t done that it wouldn’t have gotten so much hate.

c02e49  No.16395360


They rushed the game out to make their fiscal year look better.

6b3aad  No.16395822

File: dfb4baee75bb221⋯.png (30.35 KB, 885x461, 885:461, patch notes.png)


Here's some translated patch notes.

89734e  No.16399882

File: 60b08eee314c2ca⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190424_122018.jpg)

Just downloaded it. I'm going to start playing Critical Mode right now.

1edb19  No.16399897

File: 1c71d9da66f2ea1⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dark souls deprived build.png)


>Wanting Disney Star Wars

No fucking thank you.

52730a  No.16399904


Let us know if it actually makes the game not “press x to win”

cff55d  No.16399918


>photographing your screen

Are you retarded?

89734e  No.16399947


lol. I just got my ass killed in 2 hits by the heartless boss in the tutorial level

0d85cb  No.16400205


>2 hits

Still for babies I see.

7ec062  No.16400576

File: 787ff04a0d3aed0⋯.png (702.81 KB, 1127x1094, 1127:1094, Surprise.png)

>Critical Converter, which disables the attraction indicator but allows form changes to be used more often.



89734e  No.16400659


I'm at the golden gates of Olympus and just defeated the Rock Titan. From what I noticed:

>you start off with a lot of Abilities you don't normally get into later in the game

Like being able to air dash, or do aerial recoveries, etc.

>regular field enemies are still relatively easy

Some bulky enemies are troublesome in swarms, but it's still manageable if you aren't careless.

>boss enemies can quickly kill you in 1 or 2 hits if you don't know shit about blocking

Learn to block if you want to stand a chance

>you can still cheese your way with Attraction attacks like the Pirate Ship

They still show up so often.

I still wouldn't call this a difficult mode though. It's still nothing compared to a FromSoftware game. But at least, it's more challenging than Proud mode ever was.

c02e49  No.16401301


Are you saying there's a way to turn the easy modo Disney world ads off? Because >>16400659 says they still let you cheese everything


It's still nothing compared to a FromSoftware game.

So it's piss easy. Unless you're one of those faggots who thinks DaS is hard and the point is to be hard.

b364f0  No.16401568


Did you fuck the Heartless?

c02e49  No.16401615

File: de5336b855a45ee⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 21.33 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


No I fucked Eeyore. Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with me. I was naked wearing nothing but socks and shoes on the edge of a large boat, and jumped down onto a small island. I walked a little bit and saw Donkey. I turned him on his back, straddled him, and fucked him behind a palm tree. His dick was conical and seemed as much of a stuffed animal as he was. I think it was an actual stuffed animal and I was just masturbating. When he came inside, it was all stuffed animal stuffing. Sora was standing behind a wooden drink bar on the shore and noticed me. Came walking over. He was adult bodied and naked too, but I didn't see a dick or nipples, like a doll. He didn't see what I did because of the tree. I hastily jumped into the water and tried to pulling all stuffing out of me to hide what I did. Got out of water and met him by the tree. Had some conversation while acting embarrassed and woke up.

bc5ab9  No.16401624

File: ed00625db9d6b7a⋯.jpg (32.28 KB, 535x535, 1:1, ohbother.jpg)

c02e49  No.16401632


>Saw Donkey

Fuck, I meant Eeyore.

c02e49  No.16401635

e0b5e1  No.16401648

File: c94e7a0fa9a238d⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 330x574, 165:287, 6b68f84c63c4bcd8d4e600ed59….jpg)


Are you cheating on Eeyore with this jackass?

c02e49  No.16401649

File: b27f67de2893604⋯.gif (775.4 KB, 400x293, 400:293, Fuck_you_Carlos.gif)

89734e  No.16401663


Maybe he was getting DP'd by both.

473d56  No.16402281

File: ed67ce2e4327064⋯.png (277.06 KB, 1260x1601, 1260:1601, Anon's wet dream about Kai….png)


Probably too early for this, but I figured I'd make one anyways. If we get some good bullying and/ or you have anything else you want to share then I'll add it in later.

c02e49  No.16402290


There was stuff in the dream before the boat, but I can't recall it. Not the first time I've been a girl in a dream and won't be the last. But it was the first time I was a specific female character.

b364f0  No.16402461


Color me fucking impressed.

d34b91  No.16402514


Critical converter isn't on by default, you activate it like exp zero and you'll trade the attractions for form changes unless the attraction is necessary to win the fight (that one titan fight or graveyard for example).

473d56  No.16402522


I could be mistaken, but I don't think I used the Attraction for Rock Titan. I think you're correct about the Graveyard fight though.

c02e49  No.16409411

File: 666348949dd7204⋯.png (17.9 KB, 133x232, 133:232, 353 casual.png)

Any of you fags completed a critical converter run to tell anons how the game is still shit even on critical?

351e17  No.16413324

File: fd682a3622639b5⋯.png (415.68 KB, 586x529, 586:529, ClipboardImage.png)

c02e49  No.16413336



>Not final mix

351e17  No.16413343


By the sounds of it, it'll be a piece of DLC, not all of it

c02e49  No.16413370


Even worse.

3b1272  No.16413571


>muh soulshit

Every time.

You start with a bunch of abilities and AP in case you want to do a LV1 run.

89734e  No.16413730


I actually erased that file and started over. I was doing a regular Critical Mode run, but then decided to do a LV1 Critical Mode run instead. My self-imposed rules are:

>have Zero EXP on (at all times) and never gain a single exp point

>have Critical Converter on (at all times) to disable the Attractions

>specifically customized my party members to do absolutely Nothing in battle and earn zero exp

That way, it'll just be me vs the game challenges. All by myself. No help from Attractions, Donald/Goofy/whoever, and all with zero exp at LV1.

I just finished up Twilight Town a few minutes ago and do ya know what? It's actually pretty fucking fun. I keep dying a lot, sure, but I keep on progressing too. It's fun testing out strategies, learning the enemy's attack patterns, knowing when to block or avoid attacks, and winning battles where even basic Nobodies can oneshot you. I'm probably having way more fun on this difficult playthrough than I ever did on my easier KH3 runs.

My Sora, Donald, and Goofy all have zero exp and are all still at LV1.

69e008  No.16413745

File: d6d311f0f339e19⋯.jpg (121.75 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Dnab36hU0AAu7B_.jpg)


>They never woke up from Dream Drop Distance

>KH3 never happened

>Which means all that disgusting Xion and Roxas fanservice never happened

>Ventus is still fucking dead as he should

>Organization XIII leftovers didn't revive for no fucking reason

>Nomura single handedly saved the franchise's lore while tricking Square faggots

I ain't even mad, this is extremely clever

3756a0  No.16414890


Not as bad as launching Kingdom Hearts 3 in an Xbox Console, that's a fucking sin worse than killing Jesus

bfa3ea  No.16417509

File: f4e13c5da739d2f⋯.jpg (64.19 KB, 680x436, 170:109, im retarded.jpg)


Those hacks had at least better keep Lightning out of this shit.


Its stupidly easy. Easier even than KH2FM.

113806  No.16418444


Hope this is the case. I wish I could try three but don't want to get a PS4 exclusively for it. Wish they'd realize they would have a significant audience on the PC market. Why haven't they realized a port anyways?

c02e49  No.16430376

File: d1f285905c79e15⋯.jpeg (185.7 KB, 800x480, 5:3, 999.jpeg)

cbce36  No.16431425


I wish Larxene was my gf.

c02e49  No.16432018

File: 956ffc7c5e01ed7⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 605x611, 605:611, pthbl.jpg)


>Wanting a slut for a girlfriend.

1a4009  No.16432443


Larxene is pure.

c02e49  No.16432519

File: 00f722fabff41b3⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1269x1920, 423:640, 99999.jpg)



cd098e  No.16432550


pure slut.

bfa5d9  No.16432608

File: 82d054b1bb7cff4⋯.jpg (86.93 KB, 802x602, 401:301, Vagrant-Story-02.jpg)

File: 1005065a503af31⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 530x350, 53:35, vagrantstory1229.jpg)


So that's what Ashley Riot's real sister looks like…

c02e49  No.16435928

File: 3ff0a02729ce36d⋯.jpg (371.96 KB, 850x525, 34:21, ohohoho.jpg)

3fd02e  No.16436321


This is "Squall Dies at the end of disk 1" level shit.

2cb66d  No.16438248


Is there a single KH girl that is pure?

c02e49  No.16445919


I think they've all been inside Sora at this point.

881657  No.16446006


There are plenty of high quality PS4 exclusives, you got:

Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far

God of War

Persona 5

Yakuza 6

Shadow of the Colossus


inFamous: Second Son


Detroit: Become Human

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Ratchet & Clank

Gravity Rush 2

and a lot more. Truth is: The only two 8th gen consoles worth caring for are either Switch or PS4

f98bdf  No.16446017


>There are plenty of high quality PS4 exclusives, you got:

>Yakuza 6


I know, two games is totally worth buying a ps4 when the quint is around the corner which will have full backwards compatability with the ps4 library. Thanks for the sales pitch, bub.

e9a06f  No.16446042


Man, what a slut.

000000  No.16446214


Literally, all shit.

PS4 has no games.

39fbfe  No.16446226


It's Osaka branch. You're getting HP bars longer than a Keyblade and that's all.

873eed  No.16446256

File: 6658a77ccc526f5⋯.webm (6.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, A regular day in the King….webm)

3b1272  No.16446353


Funny how you don't need a PS4 to play most of those games, only a device with youtube.

Real PS4 exclusive list.

-Dariusburst CS AE (more content than the arcade and vita version)

-Gravity Rush 2

-Yakuza 6 if you ignore the fact that kiryu got handed the title of the ultimate cuck: he's raising another man's child, AGAIN, while the mother goes riding the cock carousel

-Girls Und Panzer Dream Tank Match (soytch port runs like shit and looks worse, thankfully PS4 did get the BC Freedom update)


-The Last Guardian

-Fist Of The North Star Lost Paradise

-EDF 5

c02e49  No.16449117




16ef30  No.16449194


wait it has TITS?!?!?!!?

10/10 GOTYAY


ded2cb  No.16449202

File: a415b4dd0d8a649⋯.png (78.5 KB, 330x385, 6:7, are you trying to trick me.png)


>400+ page document to explain why KH3's story is bullshit and doesn't matter

Fuck you, OP.

c02e49  No.16462885

File: c2a6ea45b68bd79⋯.png (200.92 KB, 503x653, 503:653, Sore is a NIGGER NIGGER NI….png)

39fbfe  No.16463304

>most disappointing anticipated game of the last couple years

I dunno. KHIII and Ace Combat 7 are pretty neck and neck for me.

70ac49  No.16463831


I like the music in the game though.

aefff6  No.16465537


this is a girl fetishist (ie a retard)

b94af7  No.16465590

File: 582c96dcbba1b51⋯.jpg (78.32 KB, 476x447, 476:447, aj styles addresses the ga….jpg)


I came here to post AJ at you.

a99c3d  No.16466845


Not really good enough to get a PS4. Exclusives as a selling point is long dead to me.

44e3d3  No.16467980


>Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far Compilation

>God of War Shit

>Persona 5

>Yakuza 6 I dunno, maybe it's alright but apparently the translation is shit

>Shadow of the Colossus Remake


>inFamous: Second Son Shit

>Spiderman Shit

>Detroit: Become Human Hot garbage

>Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

>Ratchet & Clank Shitty remake

>Gravity Rush 2

So like four games, that's if EDF is any good, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

c02e49  No.16468099


>>Persona 5

>Not shit

<Already on the PS3 and already emulatable

331e2d  No.16468121

File: 8f131f41a7e7991⋯.gif (216.61 KB, 328x272, 41:34, c5d87ad806caae0706d8fe3982….gif)

>ITT: Powergamers disliking a game that isn't and never was meant to be perfect in every way possible

So what if the combat sucks ? So what if the story's getting a bit clunky ? It's been a while since i've seen anyone on /v/ looking at the positives of a game instead of a negatives, fucking grumpy bastards. And i'm not even a kh fag

c02e49  No.16468181


>So what if it sucks and is stupid, nothing's meant to be perfect

That doesn't justify it being dogshit, or even just mediocre. People want good games nigger.

>It's been a while since i've seen anyone on /v/ looking at the positives of a game instead of a negatives, fucking grumpy bastards. And i'm not even a kh fag

You illiterate nigger.



There's at least a slim hope that this shit heap will be decently fun by the time they get around to the final mix.

7ff1e9  No.16468286



>Persona 5 is a good game

Do people turn their brains off when playing Persona games?

f165a8  No.16468291


I don't expect it to be perfect, but I do expect a sequel to learn from the mistakes of its predecessor. MGS2 is by no means perfect, but it improves on the gameplay of 1 while adding new ways to interact, and new things to do. Each of the Resident Evil games (while all are very flawed) improve on or remove a flaw in the previous game, sometimes making drastic changes to accommodate.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of those sequels that reverses the improvements. It doesn't expand, polish, or innovate. It maintains. For a game with such a large budget, with such a big title, it's entirely worthy of being called shit. Of course you can still have fun with it, since you can also still have fun with 1 or 2 or any of the side games.

c02e49  No.16468353


Just like, turn your brain off and it's fun, man. :^)

c02e49  No.16468359


> It doesn't expand, polish, or innovate. It maintains.

It didn't even maintain nigger. Both KH2FM and base KH2 are better than this.

6273de  No.16474930


not the way you turn your brain off when you post

c02e49  No.16475040

Just got it. Critical with critical converter is okay. Even during other special shit, like form changes, team attacks, links/summons and whatnot you aren't invincible like with the Disney rides. It's no KH2FM, but it's decent.

c02e49  No.16482182

Only halfway through Twilight Town.

>Some team attacks do still make you invincible or at least very hard to hit.

>Flowmotion, wall running, auto-step climbing, etc. have destroyed what platforming the game could have had.

>You cannot turn off the glowing walls.

>They brought in the Olympus Titans, but not once do you see the cyclops.

>Unlike previous games, you can aerial combo forever without have to touch the ground.

>Sora still sticks his landings, but there's a much shorter delay before you can take other actions after landing than previous games.

>Despite axing all the Final Fantasy characters, those characters are still referenced, FF monsters and other FF references are still used often for Gummi ships, and they've doubled down on FF spells.

>They removed the hole in the wall leading to the woods that lead to the old mansion and instead make you go through the new sewers.

>The entrance from the main plaza to the Sandlot is replaced with the entrance to the completely linear and very short sewers.

>Trying to leave the plaza to the uphill area that would've have lead to the iconic train station, and would've lead to the back alley that would've lead to the Usual Spot, now instead prompts you to leave the world.

Why did they fuck up Twilight Town so bad? There was no reason to make almost all the changes I've seen thus far. They're just ruining the iconic areas for nostalgiafags.


You don't have to use the rollercoaster to beat the Rock Titan, but good luck doing that on critical. Just being near the heads as they move around not doing any telegraphed attack animations can one or two shot you. They really fucking want you to use that rollercoaster.

b6c5e7  No.16483231


I almost wonder why TT is in the game with how gutted it is, after a certain point the only reason to come back besides some minor story reasons is for postcards or 100 acre.

000000  No.16483337


>Retard judges a product by it's positives, instead of by it's flaws

>So what if the game sucks? That doesn't mean that the game sucks

Not a functional human being, i see. Exposed to soy?

c02e49  No.16484654

The heavens area of Olympus is really fucking small compared to how they made it look in the trailers with the skydiving shit. And there's zero platforms that have to be skydived to in order to be reached.

38dd2c  No.16487738

File: 18381e9cc455970⋯.jpg (161.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


I'm giving it a pass for having this semen demon in it.


<Already on the PS3 and already emulatable

Nevermind then, I'm retarded.

So it really is just a Bloodborne machine.

754af5  No.16488453

File: ef8eb8c0c4c2892⋯.jpg (704.81 KB, 787x640, 787:640, PhotoEditor_20190520_10172….jpg)

How'd I do?

c02e49  No.16489443

Jesus fuck. I thought I was halfway through Twilight Town. I was at the fucking end. The world is even smaller than it was in 2. you can't even enter the mansion.

6d59dc  No.16490095

File: 0a18268e30c6a7d⋯.png (34.15 KB, 840x567, 40:27, d8yeyet-d7bb50fc-1932-4a65….png)

> mfw i am the true heir to the 7 kingdoms but i dunwantit

> "i pledge loyalty to muh queen!"

> i'll always love muhqueen! muhkween! muhkween! muhkwen… makween… makween! makween!

> mfw i live out my days in retardation at the wall as makwen

caa261  No.16490132


Go shitpost on /tv/, nobody cares about your shitty waifu and the retarded story.

89734e  No.16490242


Twilight Town is also the home of the Winnie the Pooh world. I hate to spoil this for you, but there's no Eeyore in this game, Kairi.

762cda  No.16490320



It's ok, certainly not great by all means but it's got the core parts of EDF done, it's a spin off for sure. Though there's nothing it could bring over to the main series aside from that wing diver drop down movement. If it was on sale for a cheap price I'd say it's worth a shot, and if it's ever on PC it worth a pirate at least.

148a1f  No.16490909


Talk about a donkey punchline.

c02e49  No.16495184

Gummi missions are shit, exploration is tedious, you can't get S-ranks, you can't warp to gummi missions, you can't turn all the way up or down in exploration mode, there's no medals, colored enemy ships don't drop special items, and there's three kinds of missions: Kill as much as possible within the time limit, kill X heartless as fast as possible, and beat the boss. Everything about the gummi sections of the game is SHIT save for customization and the ability to easily get mythril materials from asteroids.

89734e  No.16495712

File: eb613a9f0be5091⋯.jpg (361.84 KB, 804x505, 804:505, endymion.jpg)


>Everything about the gummi sections of the game is SHIT save for customization and the ability to easily get mythril materials from asteroids.

I never bothered with customizations or farming for gummi ships. It's a waste of time. If you take photos of constellations, the game gives you Free ships that are good at A-ranking most missions. Once you get to the Misty Stream Galaxy, look for the Endymion constellation. That powerful ship carried me all the way to the end and post-game. Getting it didn't cost me any munny, and I didn't have to waste time in the customization editor or farming for materials.

c02e49  No.16497369


What the fuck? Are you telling me you're allowed to use ships above the cost limit if they're premade? Even though you're not allowed to edit them?

89734e  No.16497581

File: 89a92fee1d55ebc⋯.mp4 (4.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, free-ships-kh3.mp4)


Yeah. On my first playthrough, I thought I had to gather all of the Endymion's rare materials before I could I use it. But no, you could actually use it right away after taking a photo of its constellation.

Here are all the free ships you can get from constellations. https://samurai-gamers.com/kingdom-hearts-3/constellation-photo-locations/

Note: Simply taking a photo of a constellation won't unlock it. You'll need to take a constellation's photo first, then you need to check the "Gummi Missions" section in your menu in order to unlock it. I included a video to help you out.

ffe3be  No.16497592


>That ship

That's the Einhander

37141b  No.16497599

File: e2ec4fd5ab19276⋯.png (693.04 KB, 684x620, 171:155, alldownhillfromhere.PNG)

37141b  No.16497604

File: d162687ba64e8eb⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 1024x736, 32:23, 1557515909731.jpg)


>So what if the combat sucks

I bet you suck at a lot of games

ba1a3e  No.16499594

File: 0433d3254f4a3f6⋯.png (8.15 KB, 255x250, 51:50, 11394e0abb201e209d61a66afb….png)


>So what if the combat sucks ?

6b2d3e  No.16500714


Nah, I liked it. As a big fan of this series it was a generally above average game. If you were expecting Osaka team to make the next KH2FM you're a god damn retard. It was a great game for what it was. Plus critical is out and is harder than KH2FM by leaps and bounds. Suck a dick fag.

116a68  No.16501204

File: cedd710d7c42d9a⋯.png (55.59 KB, 277x358, 277:358, Apathy.png)

Is there a game franchise that requires as much autism as KH to properly follow? I mean this seriously.

922205  No.16501213


does metal gear count?

c02e49  No.16501315


>Plus critical is out and is harder than KH2FM by leaps and bounds.

Wew lad. I'm playing the game.

89734e  No.16502067

File: 395f301e922c48a⋯.jpg (92.5 KB, 727x1000, 727:1000, anti-aqua.jpg)


>Plus critical is out and is harder than KH2FM by leaps and bounds.

Not really. Beating Terra on Level 1 is still a fucking nightmare.

Anyways, I'm still chugging along on that Level 1 Critical run I began over a week ago. Before I headed off to bed last night, I just finished beating Anti-Aqua and stopped at the savepoint before the Aqua vs Vanitas fight. She was thankfully easy imo and only took an hour to figure out her attack patterns. Unlike that bitch Davy Jones, who took me two days to figure out and prepare for.

000000  No.16504184


>this is the mind of a shill when it is exposed to soy

>shilling for a shitty game from a shitty company

>literally brings "muh dick sucking" into every discussion

>literally turning into a faggot that only cares about dicks and corporate brands

Indeed, Kingdom Hearts shills are all literal faggots.

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