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File: e4cf5addfc54632⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 1024x609, 1024:609, level_up_by_deadslug_d8djl….jpg)

cad113  No.16496587

What are games that have a good sense of escalation where the game starts at a small scale and increases in scope later.

5d0fb0  No.16496605

7e6b28  No.16496607

Metal Slug 3


Sin and Punishment games

Tons of 4X games

a44072  No.16496619


Batman Arkham Asylum

Metroid games

8ea877  No.16496650

File: 1fb064ac6ba2d35⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1199x641, 1199:641, ClipboardImage.png)


Inazuma Eleven

You start by playing soccer with your lads (albeit the first match is against some paramilitary dudes), by the end of the original trilogy you fought against angels and demons trying to summon the anticrhist and a PMC from the future

By the end of the following series you went back in time yourself and prevent the Big Crunch by shooting the collective love of the universe into the deep unknown

123123  No.16496670


What the fuck? I thought it was just a regular soccer game. That sounds awesome.

18c57d  No.16496694

Every JRPG has you starting with something mundane like killing wolves to killing god by the end of the game.

cad113  No.16496714


I guess I'll try it out.

Btw which device are the the original trilogy in?

cd74a9  No.16496716


Each game has pretty decent progression from 1-100, except HK. In HK things skip a few levels of extremity in the first chapter.

cad113  No.16496725


But rpg are a snore to play through unless you really like the story(which is rare) or it has a unique gameplay style

25248e  No.16496728


Don't watch the anime, it's infinitely shittier than that. By the way, anyone got that screencap of anon explaining the full story of the games?

50c55f  No.16497714


Shadowrun is indeed a good example but I'd only play dragonfall. Returns is very rough around the edges and the story and writing are weak.

Honk Kong improves a few things over Dragonfall but the writing is a bit pozzed, the only male companions are your gay orc brother and a crazy russian scientist. The rest are stronk women, also Felicia Day is in the game. It's also in serious need of editing and trimming. No piece of dialogue felt like too much in dragonfall but I almost fell asleep with hk and the pacing isn't as good. You are a fugitive for example but that goes nowhere and there's no consequences to it.

But in all of the games you start with small time contracts and end up fighting demon invasions, dragons and gods from other dimensions by the end.

76bd01  No.16497720

Infinite Space.

099ff7  No.16497739

Wonderful 101

35b33a  No.16497744

File: 921b7731522b973⋯.png (684.37 KB, 1786x1898, 893:949, Inazuma Eleven.png)


As a matter of fact, I do.

ddcf98  No.16497770

File: e828f84d9e27e43⋯.png (585.07 KB, 994x738, 497:369, Jotaro heatenings.png)


What the flying fuck?

What were those japs smoking?

3ecd22  No.16497880


>All of that rollercoaster of fuckery and the fucking Mexicans stick with FIFA

Now I understand the GameStop employee's despair on a deeper level.

2f5c12  No.16497882

File: 7c35f9f8888120c⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 217x208, 217:208, 1403729208442.jpg)


Okami, the first God of War and Dark Souls all have you start humble and end the game with you defeating some sort of deity.

e682b6  No.16497892


You are a deity at all times in Okami

2f5c12  No.16497902


I remember something about being stripped of all power since not enough people knew or prayed to you, so you go around doing chores and helping them out so by the end (spoiler) you pull a genkidama "give me your energy" to defeat the final boss.

4124c9  No.16497910


This is so utterly, impossibly, infinitely retarded that you KNOW it came from Japan.

f9e348  No.16497917

Starcraft. Start off as a redneck on some shit-tier outpost in the middle of nowhere, end with helping one of the most powerful Protoss destroy the leader of the Tyranid Zerg swarm. End up losing in the expansion, though. Also Starcraft 2 isn't canon.

6cf911  No.16497947

8ea877  No.16498039

File: 487caaa12709ea2⋯.gif (357.11 KB, 500x281, 500:281, PRAISE SAKKA.gif)


>I thought it was just a regular soccer game.

I don't know what gave you that impression, the EU cover for the game is really bland but I mean, they shoot fucking fire and ice from their feet in the promotional material. That is not some visual interpretation of their attacks by the way, it's canonically explained that the Abrahamic God taught soccer to the forces of Good and Evil so that they would stop breaking Armageddon any time they had grievances with each other and somehow the secret fighting techniques involving sportsball got "leaked" to humankind when every x-ty millennia both forces need to sacrifice a broad to the Demon King (basically Satan's middle management boss) to give him strength (the bad guys) or force another broad to marry him, an act that would seal him for another thousand years at the cost of the unwilling maiden (the good guys), you and your European friends with their superior White Caucasian genes defeat the literal interpretation of Good, Bad and Gray Areas, THRICE OVER. You are really shooting fire out of your ass and summoning lighting bolts from your scrotum like William Wallace. This is something that people in universe know exists and discuss over like they were discussing the weather.

The more you try to explain the plot of the game, the more you sound deranged, but I can assure you that everything that happens is canonical and everything loops back in the story. It's a reverse Kojimbo, in that they make up stuff as they go ahead but it's always coherent with the story instead of the other way around.



It depends on the kind of experience you wanna get.

Inazuma Eleven 1 JAP, has an exploit that I won't mention here but makes it really easy to cheese some unfair matches later on, you can figure it out on your own, there's translation patches floating around but it's best enjoyed in moonrunes; alternatively, Inazuma Eleven PAL has a terrible britbong redubbing of everything but there's also un-translation patches so you aren't playing in some Commonwealth country yet still get the otherwise excellent translation. Be wary though that the PAL version uses the engine from the second canonical game, so some exploits and quirks of the JAP version can't be replicated.

Inazuma Eleven 2 JP and PAL are both on the DS and are the same game, more or less you will still need an untranslation patch if you want to stop looking at names like Mark Evans instead of Endou Mamoru, you can emulate the games easily and it's actually just as enjoyable as on a DS thanks to the fact that it's 99% just touch controls with the occasional dpad moving for the main map, menuing and camera adjustments mid match.

Then you're kind of at a crossroad: Inazuma Eleven 3 has the JAP version, which plays fine on an emulator but has a stillborn translation project, or pony up some cash or just wait for the Citra emulator to work properly and play the PAL version, which is just a Jewish port of the third game with minimal effort in making it "tri-dimensional".

Afterwards, if you're still hungry for more, you can either proceed with the GO series, whose titles are all on the 3DS, with the first two fully translated and the last one being Jap only because the creative minds behind the games started catering to fujoshits a little bit too much and lost the core audience and a lot of sales. OR, you can go back to the original trio of games by playing The Ogre, which is basically the equivalent of Sonic 3 & Knuckles but with soccer, and then moving on to the Wii games, which have fun glitches to perform on Netplay with your lads.

We don't talk about Ares though, because we wanna have a good time.

8ea877  No.16498048

File: aad27d0ce4abf39⋯.png (433.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Also, a word of advice: avoid the anime like the fucking plague. It's some of the worst meddling shit ever, the first season is the only one worth watching for the occasionally good animation but otherwise it's a continuous meme of quality™ shots and people being depressed about being able to summon literal demigods with no repercussions other than feeling a bit windy sometimes. There also used to be plenty of really cute girls, so obviously Level 5's answer to the prayers of its fanbase was to make sure to include as many /cuteboys/ as possible and ignoring most of them and the ugly yet funny looking guys in favor of generic ass BL bait in their chink cartoons.

Also keep in mind that while the first three games are some tight shit that will make you hungry for more, the GO trilogy is some grindy shit with huge powercreeps, you can cheese a lot of all three GO games just by realizing whose characters have the most overpowered moves, and even then the challenges are more about making you grind through the special matches than testing your skills at the game.

Don't forget to also link up the different versions of the games via emulators to gain access to some extra content which, while minimal, is still fun to fuck around with.

From best to objectively worst:

IE2 > IE1 > IE3 > IEGO Chrono Stones > Wii 2013 Game > IEGO > IEGO Galaxy > IE Online >>> whatever Ares is going to be like >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anime


What a nice, fuzzy feeling knowing someone screencapped by descent into madness

I see you're missing the GO parts but I don't blame you, it's like four other posts of mindfucking


Latinos fucking loved the series and Level 5 thanked them by completely ignoring them until the animeonly faggots started dropping in numbers.

48c4db  No.16498194

Sly 2 was good about this. It starts as busting some relatively small criminal operations which happen to use clockwerk parts to unveiling a global criminal organization. Then you play right into the mastermind's hands and lose all of the clockwerk parts so that he can resurrect clockwerk and live forever inside of his robot body. The pacing and atmosphere of each stage as you get closer to the end gets more intense and oppressive. I always thought that sucker punch was pretty good at that kind of thing and sly 2 is probably one of their best games.

80e1c8  No.16498204

Postal 2

27c3cd  No.16498214

File: 806de996368bde1⋯.png (624.08 KB, 680x907, 680:907, 164dea3832154ddfe71fa8767f….png)


Monster Girl Quest, unironically.

You start off as a weak little bitch who can barely stand up against the weakest monsters and you eventually kill a god.

35b33a  No.16498231


Too bad it gets progressively more fucked up in terms of fetishes (pretty sure there is vore/unbirthing with the lab experiment chimeras and such)

a44072  No.16498236


>He thinks thats bad

The Angels and the Bug Forest are way worse.

35b33a  No.16498252


I haven't actually played it, just seen some of the scenes. What's wrong with those particular areas?

6718c2  No.16498258


>bug forest

Why do you even need to ask?

a45866  No.16498266


Let's just say you better hope you have vore disabled and you don't lose against those fights.

a44072  No.16498272


Play it and find out


35b33a  No.16498293


Well I don't have a problem with bug on girls, but the MC is boy so I'm guessing it's not just IT'S HIP TO FUCK BEES

05645b  No.16498322

Fable, but unfortunately the jump from "village orphan" to "Casanova hero, being able to fuck every woman he meets" happens too fast.

a44072  No.16498349


The issue isn't the fetish content as much as the fucking artstyle.

>Normalfag memes

Get the fuck out

1751a5  No.16498368


I'm fairly certain we're the ones who invented "it's hip to fuck bees"

a44072  No.16498401


>Jewtube born meme spread to reddit via Vinesauce


>8chan is one person

>8chan is a hivemind

Oh boy, summer is finally here

Fuckoff back to your shithole >>>/cuckchan/

c65159  No.16498452

File: d66249e60b9d0b1⋯.jpg (191.24 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Mideast-Israel-Horns-_Horo….jpg)


Kingdom of cum: deliver ass?

You start off as a blacksmith's son learning the trade of smithing and doing stupid shit with your adolescent friends about the town. It's highly suggested that you would never really swing a sword/leave skalitz as anything but a smith had the entire town not been massacred. In true RPG style you turn from absolute medieval pleb finding fights against typical battlefield scavengers a challenge, to eventually fighting against the strongest fighters of the realm drafted into tournaments, holding your own against 4 dudes in full plate mail at once, and fending basically become the errand boy of lords. It's feudalism so a low-born high octane motherfucker still has to bend the knee to some uppity faggot who's never stepped out of a silk robe in his life. It was fulfilling my desire for bannerlord until Mordhau came out.

7b0c75  No.16498461


I skipped Arkham Asylum, was it really that good?

94d964  No.16498493

File: 504a2f7fdf871f9⋯.png (300.7 KB, 800x1556, 200:389, quitter tier list.png)


It is very cool, anon. But that's nothing.

Look at this.

8ea877  No.16498776


I don't think there's a single person on /v/ who didn't get Owl or higher.

6c5c47  No.16498847

File: e8a90296ca0a609⋯.jpg (72.92 KB, 437x500, 437:500, 61qSsWxN8aL.jpg)

OP Think you'll like the katamari damacy genre then.

Pic related is one of my favourite on the ps3

>the story of the game is that you're apart of a species that start tornadoes on planets

>you start the game as a small tornado the size of fences

>by the end of the game you grow enough to swallow sky scrapers and fight aliens the size of cities

5c11a5  No.16498873


I remember playing the first few games on the DS and they being decent. This sound like absolute fucking bonkers. I remember shit was starting to be weird when you learn the "Golden Sun like power" to catch balls. Maybe I should play it.

76a631  No.16498914

File: 848fcdd7a92ac5c⋯.jpg (359.96 KB, 2308x1020, 577:255, arisen vs rook.jpg)


Dragon's Dogma starts out small where you're pretty much a nobody. But after your showdown with the dragon you realise everything you've done up to the final quest was basically an easy modo tutorial and now the REAL shit begins.

2c6567  No.16498951



Historically all three of Hans Capon/Jan Ptacek, Hanush, and Radzig were pretty hardcore dudes themselves

a44072  No.16498958


It's alright, a product of it's time

a44072  No.16498960


Tigger kicked my ass so hard I feel like punching the monitor everytime I see his stupid fucking face

3f30ea  No.16498993


I've been playing City and Knight. Honestly I enjoyed both of them. Especially City. It streamlines what's clunky with 1 but knows where to push to make things fun. Knight's a clusterfuck but if you want more out of what City had to offer it delivers what's necessary. At least on a gameplay perspective. It's just bogged down by (((DLC))) and other micro payment shit. If it were easier to pirate the game with all that shit included I would have. I couldn't find it on any common torrent sites outside of sketchy Russian providers so I ended up biting the bullet and paying money for a steam game for the first time since 2012, for some reason Arkham Knight is tough to pirate, at least at the time I was searching for it

It's weird though, the combat is actually pretty difficult at times. There's that meme video of just holding Y to counter in origins but the combat can get pretty complicated in Knight. The story is absolute AAA garbage though. The "vague" ending still makes me fume.

4b6594  No.16500770

File: 5740d5e77b84fc0⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 389x358, 389:358, Magical_Starsign.jpg)

File: 466d81a51595ec3⋯.jpg (206.39 KB, 850x1000, 17:20, ms-main-characters.jpg)

>You and some friends set off to find your teacher who left without a word

>By the end of it you managed to land a spaceship on the sun to fight some giant worm

>Said giant worm will eat the sun and somehow cause the heat-death of the universe and for everything to be reborn

>You managed to find the teacher in the end though

>She fucking dies on you right near the end

262b76  No.16500779


Enemies that get stronger when hit by fire. The element that has been almost universally useful prior to then. AND the AI of enemy casters is smart enough to cast fire spells on those enemies. Fuck, some of those Everfall fights get intense if you aren't leveled for it yet.

Pity the actual last boss is such a damn let down.

8c7b9d  No.16500804

File: 5c8903ad6dfa871⋯.jpg (113.74 KB, 1200x636, 100:53, ff-fb-title.jpg)

460880  No.16500832

Without a doubt Kenshi.

That is if you have an end goal in mind and work towards it.

00c494  No.16500851

File: 23f2f94ab9091aa⋯.jpg (22.31 KB, 220x320, 11:16, 220px-KatamariDamacybox.jpg)

e7ef33  No.16502847


My end goal in kenshi is the same as my goal in most games: kill everyone. Cat-Lon did nothing wrong

e72037  No.16502882

File: a361d7e1ff34f62⋯.png (122.1 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)


This one is pretty good.

Also try "Glittermitten Grove".

8ea877  No.16508986

pls respond

8ea877  No.16508988

sorry thread wouldn't load otherwise

5899a8  No.16509003

File: a44baaf2cf197e2⋯.png (365.38 KB, 496x560, 31:35, Bannerlord.png)


>Crtl + F Mount and Blade


I'm disappointed /v/

Game literally lets you go from peasant to king and you have to claw your way up the entire time.

Never ever

e42a3c  No.16509014


stop reminding me of butterlord until it's out.

53db79  No.16509044


But it came out

5795ae  No.16509232


>TFW you have 0 losses until you fight the 2777 year old legal loli foxgirl and now have 54 losses

Hard wasn't that hard until that fucking cunt.

b79277  No.16509299

File: ad139c7a7007c7a⋯.png (745.08 KB, 587x549, 587:549, can't place that there m'l….png)

>stronghold and stronghold crusader

starts off comfy as fuck building wood huts and apple fields and then it's full scale war with 500 bowmen, fire ballistas, macemen and whatnot. the military campaign of the former builds up pretty well too because it's basically one long tutorial introducing new units and buildings as you progress.

8ea877  No.16521052

File: 2da8290aefda8b7⋯.png (439.04 KB, 336x480, 7:10, ClipboardImage.png)


>aren't you forgetting about something?

c71507  No.16521109


All the wild arms games

000000  No.16530528


pretty sure in the end you're still a little bitch.

05f0ed  No.16530554


Miss Madeline deserved better.

3b68a7  No.16530585


I never got to finish it despite still owning it in my DS.


I always liked the original more than crusader because it was actually about defending the goddamn stronghold, with a few missions about attacking. Crusader had more emphasis on siege, to the point almost all missions were "Defeat this guy", so why concentrate in building an stronghold at all?


I always thought that Extreme was a shitty mod. When I realized it was an official "expansion" I couldn't believe it.

d1ce69  No.16530850



0a6fa6  No.16530948


I always liked that sort of gameplay but desired more than flash game shit

>start as little thing

>"devour" things and grow in size

>you continuously scale up and grow more and more powerful so you can "devour" more and more

what other games allow that?

I only know of

>Katamari damaci

>the Maw

baa597  No.16531242

>not one mention of Monster Hunter


f13f1a  No.16531490


Final Fantasy III is a good mainstream example. Start off exploring a continet which seems to be the entire game, then once fully explored learn it's actually just a small part of a massive world

9fb2d3  No.16531506

7.62 escalates pretty interestingly. Hard Life has a lot of features toward that but it will almost surely kick your asshole into your throat if you come into it not having played the original.


I remember taking on Christopher with my eyes closed because it was easier than trying to track the pitches.

ea7ae6  No.16531550

File: 1303cfb1f7bb7be⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 400x285, 80:57, cat jump.gif)


remove this sorry excuse of an expansion from my sight at once


well crusader doesn't really have a full scale campaign like the original does, the skirmish mode is basically 100% of the times "defeat this guy", and besides, if I remember right, the historical campaigns did have quite a few missions about defending your shit from sieges.

while I do agree that the original is superior in some ways, I feel that the additions crusader brought to the table make it the most complete one.

000000  No.16531573



a62f05  No.16531580

File: 2cdbc349966b62d⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 271x377, 271:377, spore-cover.jpg)

7e7eed  No.16531823


Noby Noby Boy

14177b  No.16531857


spore wasn't even that bad tbqh fam

499371  No.16531882


Fight the Ur dragon. I guarantee you won't beat it.

27a0ba  No.16532757


>something mundane like killing wolves

you try that with a wooden sword you ignorant slut

b343fb  No.16532890

File: dfc2359fa311ddd⋯.png (553.91 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, patapon.png)

262b76  No.16532997


I've tried before, but I wasn't referring to him. He is a super-boss. I was talking about the last boss of the main game; who is a cool concept, but not very fun to fight in execution.

d67d1c  No.16533056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wonderful 101

d67d1c  No.16533128


technically you can use the "start attacking then face your enemy and immediately disengage" skill since the game start, so you actually is born as a god in this game

a1979d  No.16533146


Anon, Ur-Dragon IS the last boss of the main game. Grigori is literally the mid-game boss.

d67d1c  No.16533155


your past self is actually the last boss, ur dragon is the extra boss

555720  No.16533163

File: 3a2ffa6234359d7⋯.jpg (8.03 KB, 229x173, 229:173, you can't learn japanese.jpg)

Slime Forest Adventure

262b76  No.16534521


Not really your past self, but a previous Arisen that actually did their job unlike every other Arisen you see in game.

7605d9  No.16534560


Do an offline new game+ run and the seneschal will be replaced with your first arisen and pawn.

0a6fa6  No.16534627


kinda fun but focused too much on PvP


Seems kinda interesting.



Once you hit space, the game quickly drops in quality and becomes a fucking baby sitting sim unless you really intend to take the galaxy by force. I liked partnering with the Grox, if only because it pisses everyone else off.

000000  No.16534724


>unless you really intend to take the galaxy by force. I liked partnering with the Grox, if only because it pisses everyone else off.

sounds like somebody might enjoy star control 2

8ea877  No.16534757



That's my joke, lads, don't get your panties in a twist over it.

e3a898  No.16534844

File: 378162e8306ac4c⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Earth 2150 had a pretty neat campaign where you had to collect enough resources to build a space ship in order to escape the planet before its ever-tighter orbit around the sun scorched all life on the surface.

It basically was an over-arching timed mission, and the less days you had remaining on the ominous counter in your main base, the stronger the environment changed - from a snow-covered tundra to a more summer-like setting to a volcanic hellscape with lava instead of water.

7b76cd  No.16535736

File: ef95018a7adbdb6⋯.png (225.63 KB, 872x632, 109:79, iek66c7rv7wy.png)

dd3b6d  No.16538865


t. someone who never had to use import

000000  No.16539290


df33d5  No.16544605

File: 82f60404b2bfeb4⋯.png (202.27 KB, 546x858, 7:11, 82f60404b2bfeb44b4374e7388….png)


>by the end of the original trilogy you fought against angels and demons trying to summon the anticrhist and a PMC from the future

What the fuck I didn't know this game was good I thought it was just soccer.

7c8f8d  No.16544627


I ve been trying to hear about anyone who played competitive Earth 2150 for opinions, I think the digging mechanics were completely unbalanced, Terraforming sucked it was mega slow, the actual RTS part was godlike though, I only had fun like that until years after when I played the Star Ruler games

4124c9  No.16544920


Are you implying such escalation is a good thing?

I fuckign hate it when the escalation doesn't know when to end. Starting as a pesant and ending up killing gods is ssut downright retarded.

It is neither epic (because the gods you kill are laughable and retarded as is hte way you kill them) nor cool.

000000  No.16545278


>progression is bad

go back to your shitty unity simulators

e3a898  No.16545293


But Anon, there's Earth 2160



From what little I saw, digging, terraforming or even just the airborne transport craft for ground units never saw any use in competitive play - as did most other gadgets like the UCS shadow generator, and so forth. Instead, you just propped up as many production structures as possible and drowned the enemy with vehicles (while he tried to do the same thing).

291273  No.16550675

File: 3c0d9329d37f4f7⋯.png (545.2 KB, 474x421, 474:421, image.png)

44377d  No.16551218


Except the game sucks ass. They released it in what is basically an alpha state.

4f1f9e  No.16551256

I just realized how few games in my library actually have a good sense of progression. And most of the games with good progression posted here are from nearly a decade ago. The gaming crash needs to happen quicker

bcc56a  No.16551309


It's the result of games only having effort at the beginning and the end with the middle being filler or time wasting garbage.

Notice how after the first few levels of a game the story and gameplay takes a halt and nothing of note happens until the very end.

2d7c48  No.16551316

xenoblade chronicles, kotor, thief 1

44377d  No.16551350



Playing this for the first time, up until owl is pretty easy tbh. Probably going to take 3 or 4 tries to beat owl. the game has a fucking upgrades menu

208671  No.16551384

File: a7ef5f89a0e5d89⋯.jpg (249.46 KB, 746x910, 373:455, c6e42693b2e2c3b91c81793477….jpg)

Xenoblade Chronicles

>Start as bitch junk-rat scavenging scrap for a living

>Do small jobs for chump change

>Machines invade

>Kill your waifu

>They fucking impale that bitch right in front of you, and you have to watch it twice

>Embark on quest of revenge against the machines

>Not all Machines.jpg

>Apparently only one of the Machina were truly evil

>Turns out he wasn't actually evil

>MC was actually harboring the true evil

>Based Monado sword was evil all along

>Evil God of the Bionis kills MC and assumes direct control

>Evil God kills burd people and most other things you like

>Fight against God of all life and creator of the world in all his fury

000000  No.16582952


This is some hardcore bluepilled shit

Also sequel when?

36dfc9  No.16583515


I want escalation to progress very slowly, perhaps even with the ability to degress, ie. you built a town and all is well but random events and basic maintenance still needs to be done until much later where you automate it.

000000  No.16583720


Like in elona? or minecraft

f84125  No.16583733

That goddamn tingle ds game that ends in you going galactic and throwing rupees like hellzone grenades

7a3797  No.16590102

File: 4ba0dfa10782d41⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

The original Final Fantasy XIV.

000000  No.16597211


What actually happened that led to ARR?

4124c9  No.16597238


>unless progress is infinite there is no progress

>bigger numbers = progress

>stupidity = progress

How can you be this retarded and NOT be on life support?

187e80  No.16597282


not quite as bad as Knight, but still pretty bad. Origins and City were a bit better.

dbaf8c  No.16597308


Square fell into a complacency trap, as it often does, and released the game with poor performance, an incredibly convoluted UI, bugs. The programing was so bad that they couldn't even fix it, they had to start from scratch.

000000  No.16597347


>Fighting the GOW


how's the brainlet life going?


Then what made the original so great?

dbaf8c  No.16597454


Visuals and story.

7a3797  No.16598551


Game was pretty bad in almost every way, story was interesting and soundtrack was alright but that's not enough to save an MMO.

Square took a plan to actually fix this mess because at the time, fans were losing hope in the FF titles, so fixing this instead of just calling it failure and moving on to another game was probably the best decision to try to gain the fans trust. This was after XIII after all.

They got a new director in and divided the team in 2, one would work on the 1.X version of the game, updating it with fixes and content, while experimenting with things, and another one on 2.0, which was initially going to be a huge patch up.

However the game was fucking broken right down to it's core, and the 2.0 team realized that patching this mess was impossible, the only option was a brand new game with the original games assets.

So from there on the 1.X would add in a star to the skybox that would get progressively closer with each and every update, at first nothing was noticeable but on XIV's final days it looked like that. The game started out with a relative small scale, and along with updates, lead to a world ending calamity that was unavoidable. After the star started to become visible player character would experience nightmares while logging in of the future that was to come.

During it's last day, the overworld of FFXIV only had the sound of clashing thunder and the wind blowing with a somber version of Answers playing in the background, while Dalamud was next to impact. During this day GM's would spam the hardest enemy types next to the big cities and just all around fuck with players. They even offered free entry to everyone who owned the game, just to experience it's end.

After the shutdown a cutscene triggers showing Dalamud opening up, revealing Bahamut, as he wipes away a huge portion of the world map in mere seconds and the characters being unable to stop it. And that was the end for FFXIV.

tl;dr: game was so shit they nuked not just the game but they made it part of the story. It was probably one of the most interesting experiences on an MMO.

Your character gets teleported away at just the right time and lives on, playing with the same character in ARR gives you unique cutscenes.

f1ddc5  No.16598604


Damn, that's fucking cool. It's a shame FFXIV is infested with trannies.

7a3797  No.16598632


I still think WoW's community is worse. Maybe it's the EU servers but I haven't ran into any trannies, at least not the obnoxious and obvious kind.

I guess that's the trade off from having to wait around 15+ minutes in queue to run DPS.

2b8bd8  No.16599840

File: 8b892d60c0e41d7⋯.jpg (15.03 KB, 474x331, 474:331, download (1).jpg)

Shadow Tower Abyss first starts you off as a weak nobody falling into a mysterious place, with only a pistol and a knife, the pistol is pwerful but ammo is scarce so you must go and lure enemies into knife range or first try to take out a leg with the pistol. Near the end of the game you'll come across a rocket launcher, at that point you'll come across a sniper rifle, a machine gun all in this fantasy setting.

000000  No.16600363


Fucking hell. did anybody record it?

b2a47c  No.16602793


What the fuck kind of synthesis is this I just played the game.

My vote goes to Marathon as it starts out with an alien assault on your colony ship and ends with preventing the release of a chaos being that would break the entire universe.

ea57aa  No.16602824

75da4b  No.16602846


This game is amazing, some of the locations you go to feel terrible and isolating. Shadow Tower and Kings Field are great at this.

420928  No.16602928


not a cat

000000  No.16604637


Thanks anon, you were right.

If only they put something other than a cheap ad card at the end it would've been almost perfect. Also I didn't know ff14 used to look so much more like ff11.

042288  No.16604649



c374d2  No.16604739


Not really. At least not what I've seen. If there's trannies, they certainly keep to themselves because in dungeons no one actually talks.

And yes, I'm talking about the Primal datacentre, with the festering memelords of Balmeme.

000000  No.16606800

How come nobody mentioned Asheron's Call yet?

22a0ae  No.16607377

File: d3beb122d973d9f⋯.png (1002.9 KB, 1205x1102, 1205:1102, [next!].png)


But especially 2. That game will never, under any circumstances, be cleared for a remake that retains a 1:1 plot from the original. It (not limited to but particularly the events relating to the finale) simply would not fly, even without it being a Sony owned property, and in a way, the translation editor being asleep at the wheel is probably the only reason it made it over mostly intact (aside from turning a faggot into an androgynous yandere girl).

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