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File: d4774330d132ff1⋯.jpg (91.86 KB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG-20190610-WA0032.jpg)

e8eacd  No.16586856

Is doom eternal collectors edition worth 200$ usd?

93fc87  No.16586864

File: 25c6b46e8990de1⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 655x881, 655:881, 3bb53deb39e33c4d976b4e4196….jpg)

>Collectors Editions

54946f  No.16586872


Does it come with the game?

6dea8d  No.16586879

Is Doom 4 worth playing?

26a72d  No.16586882

6dea8d  No.16586884


Why/Why not?

898142  No.16586888


Yes but it's nowhere as good as people drone about (or as bad as people on /v/ say it is).

38fc37  No.16586890


Its fun, but dont expect doom 2.

3d2870  No.16586891

File: 1c945a7d12272df⋯.png (157.02 KB, 333x441, 37:49, 1733bb5a57efed4aee8e646495….png)


>Shitty nu-doom helmet instead of the old one and a handful of shitty skins and a sound pack


e8eacd  No.16586893


Yes it does

77c97d  No.16586896


It's a better Halo game.

6dea8d  No.16586901


I never played Halo.

720b99  No.16586905

File: a783b09d1e94566⋯.jpg (218.65 KB, 1281x686, 183:98, We Happy Few Collector's E….jpg)

>Are any collectors edition worth it?

Determines how much of a fan you are and what you're willing to spend. If you're reselling it later, I don't think its worth it. Also, what is shown is not often what it will turn out like when it's released. We have Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and Fallout 76 as examples of that.


Says it comes with a game. Only indie games pull the no games in collectors edition like We Happy Few.

576dc1  No.16586907

File: 640dc78d08fef1c⋯.webm (88.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Denton No.webm)

54ac27  No.16586910

File: 507cde5175d3141⋯.jpg (3.44 MB, 1318x12006, 659:6003, 507cde5175d3141f11d36f4676….jpg)


the game is ok

If they fix at least a couple of the problems then the newest one will be something.

93fc87  No.16586916


>Determines how much of a fan

I think you misspelled "faggot" there mate

c37452  No.16586923

No, never buy collectors editions and it is bethesda, they don't deserve your money.

54946f  No.16586929


>Only indie games pull the no games in collectors edition like We Happy Few.

Battlefield 1 and Andromeda did this.

6dea8d  No.16586940


Meh. I'd like to play it at some point but I can't be arsed to download 20+ gigs for an "okay' game.

Guess I'm going back to wads. What's a good mapset for GMOTA?

b8ddc7  No.16586953

File: 1415c0f52ef17ac⋯.gif (723.37 KB, 450x360, 5:4, 42643263_1579428015492483_….gif)


It's good if you go into it expecting Metroid Prime and not Doom

000000  No.16586959



For an old-school meaty shooter with double jumps just like in original classic DOOM(tm)? Hell do you even need to ask?

c58362  No.16586961

File: 49fc117dda7b5f1⋯.png (185.2 KB, 466x492, 233:246, 1421590191807.png)



>anything like Metroid in any way, shape or form

9620ac  No.16586969

File: 5d1ad8deddf462e⋯.jpg (61.74 KB, 386x500, 193:250, 5d1ad8deddf462e46fb8784238….jpg)

6dea8d  No.16586972


I also haven't played Metroid Prime. never owned a nintendo console post SNES I have played the Space hunter gameplay wad and I really enjoyed it.

Does mouse control break the game's balance too badly?

9c85fe  No.16586975

>even considering buying this game


77c97d  No.16586991


Good for you. Doom 4 is what Halo suppose to be about: A supersoldier fighting hordes of aliens.

000000  No.16586992





71e323  No.16587018

File: dd0b1ec265af8d5⋯.png (182.98 KB, 341x354, 341:354, confused and disgusted sam….PNG)


>It's good if you go into it expecting Metroid Prime

>expecting Metroid Prime

It's brutal doom HD by pretty much every measure.

bba5e2  No.16587109

File: a028715b82bfd75⋯.jpg (289.46 KB, 1500x1071, 500:357, 91lOcMALr0S._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

File: 9a05e13eab60a2d⋯.jpg (288.45 KB, 1500x1048, 375:262, 81JRt6s3pFL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)


I don't understand most these shitty "collector's" editions with all that worthless paper and plastic junk. Give me a proper collcetor's edition or just do the standard game+artbook+soundtrack limited editions. Both of these editions came out for

60 dollars.

59c2fe  No.16587125


It's actually way worse than Brutal Doom, and not even current the current version either. I mean 2012 early ass ones which still stomp this in every conceivable way. It's more like Bulletstorm without a semblance of self awareness.

0687b9  No.16587222


For a game that is supposed to take points from the mod Brutal Doom is superior to nuDoom in every way.

e1c91d  No.16587242


I've actually played it.

It's okay, it's not really Doom. It kind of reminds me of Quake 4 or the early Serious Sam levels, but much slower than both of those games.

The glory kills really ruin the game for me, though.

335f6b  No.16587285


For technical reasons, yes. It shows how well a game can perform using Vulkan when said API is being implemented by devs who know how to code.

975023  No.16587290

No. The helmet won't even fit or it'll be made of cheap plastic. The metal case with crack your disc. Season passes are cancer.

94280d  No.16587329


Don't know why people like the original doom so much tbh. If anything nu-doom being mediocre is being faithful to the original.

8bc9be  No.16587389


Wtf, that thing exists?

622ad3  No.16587405

File: 23e91a9c2d3096e⋯.jpg (78.59 KB, 423x509, 423:509, 23e91a9c2d3096ea4be3584d6c….jpg)


this honestly, just fucking give me artbook and soundtrack and maybe a steel case with different what the fuck else do I need, a life size figurine of todd howard? i mean that could fit into the package.

53a7c8  No.16587427

File: 10756323a791d59⋯.jpg (141.38 KB, 1024x593, 1024:593, lollipop-chainsaw-valentin….jpg)


This tbh. I want the soundtrack, in-depth making-of/behind-the-scenes docus and books, a extensive artbook with the artists and devs commentary next to it, maybe a dev audio commentary for the actual game that is exclusive to the Collector's Edition. Posters, pinups, comics and exclusive DLC would be nice as well. Just no figurines/busts or other plastic nonsense.

718c3a  No.16587461

File: a865da9d0b48c3f⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 339x342, 113:114, noises.jpg)

What puzzles me the most about DEWM is not that people praise this mediocre game, but that they praise its godawful, disgraceful, horrible, atrocious soundtrack. That shit is not music, it's just a bunch of noises mashed together.

59c2fe  No.16587481


Even fans of that crap game tend to shit on the soundtrack in my experience. There was some obvious shilling at first but within months it dried up and to this day you'd be hard pressed to find someone who legitimately finds anything on the soundtrack more memorable than E1M1 or what have you.

53a7c8  No.16587484

File: ef58eb592680dbf⋯.gif (720.87 KB, 512x512, 1:1, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)


You know, I wouldn't mind having a life-size carboard cutout of Todd in my room.


When and why did they start calling it Doom Slayer instead of Doomguy? That shit annoys me just as much as the fucking Glory Kills tbh.

59c2fe  No.16587493


These companies love to force their idea of how things are to be interpreted, even petty shit like the official™ name of a silent protagonist. Hell, the called the game DOOM, like all previous games are irrelevant.

a7143d  No.16587494

File: b2f73f91188d3f6⋯.jpg (88.09 KB, 593x592, 593:592, happyhappysoyboys.JPG)


It sure does.

c58362  No.16587509

File: 23467096d133589⋯.png (496.33 KB, 638x1054, 319:527, doot fellow gamers.png)

Why can't anything just happen and then pass on?

Why does everything have to be milked into oblivion?

4cb907  No.16587513


Its not,its actually 1 of the most boring games i've ever played.The same repetitive shit over and over again. It fucking sucks

ce5101  No.16587524


>When and why did they start calling it Doom Slayer instead of Doomguy?

Because of Messiah syndrome. Before you were a powerful protagonist. Now everyone bends over and sucks your dick every second you are on screen just to let you know how great you are because devs aren't confident in the gameplay actually making them feel cool.

898142  No.16587530


Brutal doom is way nicer and harder than nuDoom (and brutal doom clearly ain't the best doom mod)…

0cd58b  No.16587557


This is a huge symptom of modern gaming. The story is framed around the protagonist being a badass with everyone reminding you about it while all of your actual cool moves are just one button press followed by an animation.

59c2fe  No.16587570


Often times this extends to the player character themselves, constantly having to comment on everything. Watch a bit of the nuTomb Raiders and see how many fucking times Lara says something along the lines of "this is dangerous". Nothing is allowed to speak for itself anymore.

40e917  No.16587584


The glory kills is the only way I can play the game. I desperately need the extra health/ammo pickups to survive.

f42cd9  No.16587592


You get extra health when you're low from regular kills. If you switch weapons enough you rarely need to chainsaw anything. Git gud.

bdcc27  No.16587628


I usually like industrial, and metal, and wub wub, but NuDoom's soundtrack does nothing for me.

3c3448  No.16587633


Glory kills are the main reason I can't play the game. I hate being forced to do some retarded animation 1 button kill constantly. It isnt Doom

95d326  No.16587649


To this day the first Record of Agarest War limited edition is my absolute favorite. That mouse pad was ridiculously comfy and the pillowcase was nice. It's a shame the game was so mediocre

ffd062  No.16587652


Because kikes have poisoned civilization and the collective soul of the people to the core. Nothing is allowed to be pure in this time of evil.

2b2856  No.16587716


Kinda what this anon >>16586953

7c5fef  No.16587766

File: 355ee6eb64cee3e⋯.jpg (35.35 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1556422799.jpg)

I don't get it, why does /v/ hate nuDoom? I thought it was pretty good besides that shitty windmill platforming level.

ea00e1  No.16587777


>le DOOT

Suprised they didnt put that boomer shit in there somewhere


>why does /v/ hate a shit game made for casuals and an extreme downgrade from even doom 3

its a mystery

e092ac  No.16587779


It was really repetitive with little variety for the 60GB install size it demands. Hopefully Eternal nu has more level and weapon variety

f42cd9  No.16587780


>it's not Doom

>it's the epitome of flanderization in game design

>glory kills are implemented poorly regardless of whether or not you think they're a good idea

>glory kills are forced on you throughout the game, the game deliberately leads you to believe they're required

>upgrades are a shit mechanic implemented badly

>the story is barely passable, the lore/backstory is actually far more interesting and would have made for a better game


I could go on, but these usually jump out to most people.

7468ec  No.16587797


Do not ever put the pile of dogshit that is doom 3 above anything else in the doom franchise.

695906  No.16587798


>max 12 enemies spawned at once

>stupid fucking glory kills that butcher the pace of the game

>bethesda in-jokes (LMAO ARROW 2 THE KNEE XD)

>snapmap is a fucking disaster

>muh deep lore

>constantly trying to tip their hat to the community with various references and coming across as desperately out of touch ("rip and tear am i right? am i right bros? am i right? XD shoutout to /r/doom!!!!!")

>the multiplayer sucked

>the soundtrack was like a low-effort Trent Reznor + Ministry album mixed in with random sound clips taken from your local steel mill

>the industry tried so fucking hard to push this as DOOM IS BACK YOU FUCKIN BABIES, gave it a million awards and talked it up like the second coming of christ

i actually enjoyed it but would only rate it as a 6/10 at most

e1c91d  No.16587800


My problem is that it really wasn't Doom at all. Whatever kind of game it was, it didn't appeal to me.

4657f8  No.16587803

File: 46a9b899a7f8d04⋯.jpg (109.66 KB, 900x1138, 450:569, 46a9b899a7f8d04598d7cfec27….jpg)


Because it's new which triggers reddit, it doesn't have tits which doesn't hold over /v/'s degenerate sensibilities, and it's not japanese which is against (((The Mantra)))

e1c91d  No.16587810


Mein Führer, please understand that people can dislike games because of mechanics.

4657f8  No.16587822


It's understandable to dislike a game over X, it's questionable to see shilling campaigns against it.

ea00e1  No.16587846

File: c96b63d95a2998b⋯.jpg (5.65 KB, 259x194, 259:194, DOOM goatse.jpg)


sup niggercattle! whats it like basing your game likes and dislikes soley upon popular opinion? Doom 3 was natty AF, even had a goatse in it too

0687b9  No.16587905


Outside the "you hate it because it's new" I've never heard anyone bring up the game not being Japanese as ever mattering for this game. Where the hell did you hear that?

df9b63  No.16587907


Corporations are increasingly full of people who can't pull their weight. This means hiring extra people who actually are productive and paying 2x for the same amount of work. Someone's got to pay for it and it's not the executives.

59c2fe  No.16587917


His shilling manual.

5ce4cb  No.16587919

File: 412991b4099909f⋯.jpg (85.4 KB, 800x800, 1:1, soyim.jpg)

Work. Buy. Collect.

15b00e  No.16587925



>glory kills are a necessity and basically replace pickups instead of being an optional mechanic

>difficulty levels just give enemies more health instead of making the maps and enemy arrangements more challenging

>poorly optimized

I will give them credit for kicking off the story from where Doom64 left off. A lot of complaints were that it was violating canon from Doom 2's ending but such is not the case

59c2fe  No.16587929


>I will give them credit for kicking off the story from where Doom64 left off

Yet they still had the audacity to not call it Doom 4.

38ecac  No.16587937

15b00e  No.16587938


well D44M reads as Deform

4c9b18  No.16587946


No. Just play Doom 1 and 2.

31a999  No.16587956


>Wanting to give Bethesda money.

>Wanting to give Bethesda even more money for a CE.



Speaking of CEs, what the fuck has been the deal with companies opting to include the likes of fucking stickers and microfiber cloths over anything that might actually be of interest to a fan? Especially in cases where the art and/or music are quite good to the point a full OST set or artbook would be quite welcome.

5689e4  No.16587957

>Killing angels

If they do this than they are missing the point entirely, but we’ll see what happens

7468ec  No.16587987

File: 7b76e06eaa52790⋯.png (100.37 KB, 374x535, 374:535, 01b0c9bcee8a0ddd02de1a62c7….png)


doom 3 was the worst trash to ever be conceived with such title. If you like doom 3 you're the niggercattle of the 2000s. Probably ate up half life 2 like the cocksucker you are.

1e09e9  No.16587997




7cd60b  No.16588009


Doom 3 is a pretty good System Shock/Doom hybrid and it's miles above the garbage Bethesda shat out. Fucking brutal doom zoomers ate that shit up though, since they didn't know any better.

e16f0f  No.16588016



You are part of the problem

799fad  No.16588025


It sucks because I like the same guys nuKI soundtrack, but the doom4 ost doesn't fit the Doom series at all. Maybe the nu audience likes it.

8bc9be  No.16588036


By the way all those men's legs are crossed, I'd say that they are gay.

267591  No.16588042

File: cb7f4beeb3c9bc5⋯.png (479.64 KB, 1024x891, 1024:891, cacodemon_by_kna-d97qfs6.png)


So like I was originally going to draw more sableye, but I really like the cacodemon the problem is I have a really hard time with the amount of detail that it has in it's sprite I want to capture that, and do something cute with it, I don't know.

59c2fe  No.16588052


Just do what the sprite artists did and trace :^)

267591  No.16588063


Did they actually do that? I'm just curious whether that's true or not, I know they made a 3d model and based lot of it's design on that, but did they just simply trace it?

59c2fe  No.16588087


Yep. Wish I could find the gif that shows it off better.


267591  No.16588095


I kinda feel bad about tracing, but seeing as they didn't care that they did, I guess I shouldn't either. Plus isn't like majority of doom mods just traces and edits of existing things?

e70ea3  No.16588166

Most of these bonus items end up at good will 6 months after release. Just keep an eye on those and get one for a few bucks.

59c2fe  No.16588168


If not traces then outright sprite rips, yes.

b53919  No.16588177

File: bcf13b2f557812c⋯.png (9.45 MB, 2048x1843, 2048:1843, ClipboardImage.png)

Love the new doom eternal artwork

f42cd9  No.16588222


Well at least we know why he's killing the "angels" now.

9433a4  No.16588269

File: 2a46ab04c84bfb2⋯.jpg (151.08 KB, 665x800, 133:160, just pirate everything.jpg)




267591  No.16588290


Then real no reason to feel bad about then, since so little fucks are being given.

b54276  No.16588315


Romero himself said Doom was meant to be as violent and speedy as Brutal Doom, if not more. They just didn't have the tech.

9433a4  No.16588355


Brutal doom, as a mod, incentivizes doing headshots for x5 (x8 against bigger enemies, trivializing the cyberdemon, barons, knights, mancubi, etc) damage and not using explosives against weaker enemies because of a_fastchase spam, despite level design of some maps in vanilla doom 1 and 2 dictating that you should be doing this to thin crowds. Chaingun still sticks on one enemy for too long wasting ammo, making ammo conservation a thing of using the pistol/rifle instead and just abusing headshots. Shotgun trivializes supershotgun, despite the latter supposed to be a straight up upgrade, because of shell efficiency of the SSG being nullified and the headshot mechanic being just fucking broken.

BFG was nerfed to oblivion because it was turned into a bigger rocketlauncher making it suicide in CQC unlike vanilla where it's partways a big unwieldy fuckyou ball and an unorthodox but very powerful shotgun in one weapon.

At least it graphically looks better, but the gameplay is all sorts of wack. A Shotgunner or an Imp is a bigger threat to you on Brutal Doom than a Baron because the latter can't zip and dodge around nor does it have a hitscan that wrecks your face, and it dies to 6 shotgun shells to the face too. It just looks flashier.

3f1086  No.16588362

File: 7aefee0ada0eb5e⋯.gif (442.92 KB, 506x516, 253:258, 7aefee0ada0eb5e7ddd94ac3e2….gif)


There are two or three tracks I enjoyed, made for good weightlifting fodder. Even those had their flaws, but I also can't deny I enjoyed them a fair bit.

Really though it's just derivative industrial metal. If you want to hear the actually-good music that inspired it, listen to NIN and Tool, stuff like that.

59c2fe  No.16588369


And after all that it's still better than what a team of so called professionals can pull off.

5c819b  No.16588374

File: dcc8088c8154a79⋯.jpg (130.09 KB, 850x851, 850:851, anime thinking.jpg)


>install Doom sourceport of choice

>acquire original wads as well as final doom

>get a bunch of mods/maps

>spend hundreds of hours playing a much better and more varied game than bethesdoom could ever be, without giving any shekels to the rich kikes who run bethesda

59c2fe  No.16588380


Also, in the off chance you want to actually play D44M there's already a wad replicating the guns and the maps.

267591  No.16588381


So the lack of technologically made the game better.

5c819b  No.16588382


Two actually. One with MUH FEATURES and one's that's simpler.

59c2fe  No.16588387


By features I'm guessing you mean pointless lighting and screen effects.

9433a4  No.16588390


And you can play with the guns on other maps as well, because it's not really limited to wasting your time on the awful consoletrash level design the designers were restricted to make for nudoom, making the proposition of playing nudoom a moot point and a waste of hard disk space considering it still only has snapmap for "modding" support and it's just moving prefabricated rooms around.

5c819b  No.16588400


Probably, but I haven't played them since there's no reason to, when I have 20 years of maps and more than enough mods to enjoy them with.

daf9e8  No.16588406

File: d8c16c0ab78784f⋯.mp4 (5.94 MB, 720x364, 180:91, doom_NZ_Gameplay.mp4)

260505  No.16588415

File: b9c8f7ac2124f93⋯.mp4 (162.57 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Are_you_retarded.mp4)


Yes, Bethesda's last big pre-order bundle was extremely high quality.

5c819b  No.16588420

Related to >>16587461

What kind of soundtrack do you think Doom should have, anons? Heroic power metal, bloodthirsty death metal, depressing doom metal, hopeless black metal, or grinding industrial?

9433a4  No.16588428


Also i forgot to say the reloading mechanic and the absolute ballbusting changes to hitscanners in the mod actually make the game a whole lot slower overal, because it incentivices you to hide behind a pillar and pick enemies off one by one. Comparing to the gameplay Vanilla doom offers, of wading into the fray and expertly dodging fireballs to land SSG blasts into the hordes for maximum damage, Brutal Doom falters via eating the modern shooter trope shit of wasting your time with weapon animations and making hitscanners act like Blood Cultists with very fast projectile attacks, when the grand mayority of the levels made for Doom 2 don't account the monsters affected by these changes as bigger threats except for chaingunners, but fuck chaingunners everyone hates them even in vanilla.

It plays slower and incentivizes you to be slower to be good at the game, which is antithetical to doom's philosophy of Speed and Violence through simplicity. It does certainly live up to the violence, but it does away with the speed for aesthetics. I'd rather be playing some other mod than it.

And yes, it's still a better game than nudoom, even if it's a stolen assets mod made by a brazilian prick that only has a bad rep because he told some attentionwhore to kill themselves. He's a facebook normalfag soupmonkey anyway and "his" mod is trash compared to things like Project MSX, Xa-Necrosuit or fuckin' ww-Doomnukem/Accessories to murder.

59c2fe  No.16588474


Brutal Doom does seem like it was made almost exclusively with giant maps or just large distances in general in mind. There was one I tried, can't remember the name, that had a really long hallway with a high up ceiling leading to a big room with at least like 70 imps in it. When you sniped one imp they all swarmed at you and it was actually pretty fun dodging their fireballs and having to keep track of the ones going up the walls so they don't get behind you. It actually felt more like an Aliens game that probably any Aliens shooter ever did in that regard.

9433a4  No.16588492


Yeah, some of the maps actually made for Brutal Doom in specific, and SgtMark's own maps, are certainly made to be more like milsim maps. Big, expansive areas with lots of clutter but also lots of action, enemies on every corner but also much further away with distances and encounters than the usual doom levelsets.

I think NeoDoom, that one old zdoom mapset people kept playing nonstop in Skulltag back in 2009, plays perfectly with it because it encompases this kind of level design and does it really well.

8ee516  No.16588527

File: 7d4fc6745f1759b⋯.webm (7.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, OP's_theme_song.webm)

df7aa3  No.16588542


How man people here own a titty mousepad?

f392f5  No.16588634


He's just a faggot who got burned by bethesda and/or id and hates anything by them.

5bc688  No.16588647


Has a collector's edition ever come with an item that's actually useful in a day-to-day life? Not a fucking helmet that will rot on the shelf anyway. But something you'd wear or use regularly.

e6044e  No.16588650

File: 01ad4b5a530d5ae⋯.jpg (188.28 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, 714BIMGXHUL._SL1500_.jpg)

File: b348f7949a9665a⋯.jpg (421.5 KB, 1777x1000, 1777:1000, DOA6-2.jpg)

ab63d3  No.16588655


I disliked it but it's not a bad game.

9f4433  No.16588658


Frontline Fuels of war had a deck of cards i used for ages until the cards fell apart after so much use,

a0fe30  No.16588771

I guess I'm putting doom 4 on hold for a few more years.

What did they do with it such that eternal has a lore book?

ec1f39  No.16588784

>DLC pass, implying there'll be DLC in the game

>a fucking skin

>having to pay for classic weapon sounds

>shit new helmet that's probably going to be cheap as shit like usual

>lore book by the same faggots that can't even get the name of the demons right

>meme tape

>lithograph you'll forget about the day after

>steelbooks that could've been good if they weren't about the generic new designs

>possibly doesn't even come with the game

>200 bucks

Fuck no.

9a301f  No.16588785

File: 62200e325d648fb⋯.png (126.68 KB, 749x267, 749:267, 62200e325d648fb4a4623e4fc9….png)


Now that you mention it, I'm calling it now: Le boomer meemee is going to appear somewhere in the game.

That or after the game's launch they work out a product placement deal with Monster Beverage Corporation to release a Boomer Pack DLC featuring an exclusive taunt of the Doomguy taking a delicious sip of Monster Energy.

fb2111  No.16588789

File: 51cae792a49194a⋯.webm (4.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, todd howard here.webm)

a0fe30  No.16588795


where did this shit meme even come from?

5d66d6  No.16588806


You mean Brutal Halo?

9a301f  No.16588814

File: cce368750b05a21⋯.jpg (90.06 KB, 990x292, 495:146, cce368750b05a21e362e023bbf….jpg)


Given the literal product placement it revolves around, I wouldn't be surprised if it's genuinely the result of a "guerrilla marketing" campaign. Of course, though, that's just pure speculation on my part.

1fd082  No.16588816

File: 26052680fe1c130⋯.png (644.06 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 4chan starter pack.png)


Like every other wojack edit, 4um.

0687b9  No.16588830


Guerrilla marketing campaigns targets all social media, forums, and anywhere else. It is essentially injecting a meme strategically with the goal of pushing a product whether that be an item or movie or whatever else. Since 8chan doesn't require any formal membership to post it's trivially easy to just slap them in some lists as an afterthought once the ecelebs are targeted and the strategy is laid out for the team.

I don't understand why you guys think online ads are particularly difficult to achieve or accomplish, it really is that easy. The only hard part is a lack of humor for the team since they're out of touch with pretty much everyone.

ab63d3  No.16588831



daf9e8  No.16588840

File: 2d6f1d9452ffb3e⋯.png (128.51 KB, 985x226, 985:226, furry incel slayer.png)


02f0c0  No.16588867


9 different Feels guy repackages within 2 years man 4chan really lost it's creativity didn't it

f42cd9  No.16588877

File: bed7620d4d6d3d1⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 718x718, 1:1, second person shitposter g….jpg)


They've literally become reddit in terms of content creation. It's rage faces all over again but this time it's 4chan that's the one running it straight into the fucking ground. At least they have the decency to shuffle shit around a bit once in a while though, even if it doesn't help.

9620ac  No.16588882



9c2fd3  No.16588891

0e9d54  No.16588901



Nigger that's expensive. I expect then to quietly switch to cardboard and give $5 in $layerbucks to people who complain to spend on skins or something

c88066  No.16588904


Ackchyually, the weapon/suit upgrades and other garbage were ported into that mod.

02f0c0  No.16588919


Yeah it's really terrible. Everyone has the same ironic shitposter type of humor that's painfully unfunny and wears down really fast. It's like the people who were saying shit like "tbh fam" ironically 4 years ago attracted people who say it seriously and them assimilated and then became larger then everyone else on the site

5d66d6  No.16588998


Guess this is how humor dies? Not with a censor, but with homogenization.

ffd062  No.16589031


>"It's okay, I'm only eating shit IRONICALLY"

Right there's your problem, numbnuts.

31a999  No.16589222


>It's like the people who were saying shit like "tbh fam" ironically 4 years ago attracted people who say it seriously and them assimilated and then became larger then everyone else on the site

The old "any community that gets its laughs pretending to be idiots will soon find themselves flooded with actual idiots that think they're in good company" or however it goes, but also apply it to plain old normalfaggotry. They drown out any one decent that could be left as they become majority, and then you've got the inmates running the asylum.

c2f3a8  No.16589293

File: 96259d2008b1985⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 001.png)

File: 92f15c6174c8c3a⋯.png (2.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 002.png)

File: 32a4da60a35638c⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 003.png)

File: 2d912f037b95a70⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 004.png)

File: de46846095ea556⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 005.png)


I'm more curious about what the fuck have they done with the game. Sure, nuDoom and the first gameplay trailer of Doomy Turnal were mediocre at best but this is some Serious Sam 2 shit now.

> that HUD

> those pain sounds

> those constant "squink" and "bulp" collectathon sounds

> that cacophony music

> that sound design in general

> those animations

> those glowing buttons and breakable walls

> those Bowser traps from Super Mario Bros.

> those giant glowing "1UP", question mark and other pickups

< Wait… Lives?


< Open-world…?


< Oh, for fuck's sake, don't touch Quake at least.


34692e  No.16589436


Reminds me more of the Shadow Warrior reboot with the double dash and the hook mechanic, but I can see the similarities with SS2 as well. Either way, the game will be a slow, boring slog through shit levels with QTE's like nuDoom was.

59c2fe  No.16589457


The enemy design looks even more retarded, like everything is a Diablo 3 monster reject.

cecc7f  No.16589460

File: a8071b7dcaf78a4⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1938x1804, 969:902, Balls.jpg)


>It's brutal doom HD by pretty much every measure.

I'd say it's Brutal Duke Nukem Forever.

>stale memes haphazardly forced in trying way too hard to be funny and relevant HOW DO YOU DO FELLOW GAMERS DO YOU LIKE SKYRIM OF COURSE YOU DO xD xD xD

>monster arenas that have to be cleared to progress

>linear as fuck

>1-button baby kill on bosses OH EM GEE SO WICKEDDD

>doesn't 'get' the main character or the franchise, in Duke's case this was intentional since Bitchford actually hates Duke and wants to make him the punchline of his own franchise, in Doomgay's case this is down to a millenial's understanding of the character being based entirely in memes HEY GUYS RIP AND TEAR AM I COOL NOW

and that's not even getting into Nu id pretending that MUH LORE was ever a key component of the franchise, a franchise that used to be known for having some of the purest focus on gameplay-over-all-else you could find (see Carmack's famous comment about story in a game being like story in a porno) instead of just something that soyboys and trannies get off to that has nothing to do with playing the game but they force it in anyway and then pat themselves on the back for being such visionaries. For all Duke4ever's flaws at least it doesn't resort to such naval-gazing autism as trying to make a cheesy action game have DEEPEST LORE.

59c2fe  No.16589465



I'm gonna need an explanation for this.

7c73f3  No.16589476

What does nu in nudoom stand for?

cecc7f  No.16589483


in one of the promotional developer interviews for NumaleDoom2 some Nu id fags harp on about how obsessed they are with lore. I'm too lazy to dig it up but you don't even need to see it, just look at the codex in NumaleDoom and how bloated it is with unnecessary drivel. See it's not just about killing demons it's about understanding the demons, what's their motivation, what are their hopes, fears dreams, what's their favorite movie and why is it The Breakfast Club?

cecc7f  No.16589509


even Quake 1 soundtrack is more listenable and that is literally just bunch of noises mashed together. Difference being the noises are not all earrape tryhard edgy adolescent nonsense.

152ede  No.16589636


What deepest lore did they add to Doom 4 though? Is Doom Guy suddenly an angel, messiah or a secret fifth horseman or something?

260505  No.16589653

152ede  No.16589661


Yes what? Doomguy's a horseman?

5c819b  No.16589705


He's not Doomguy anymore, he's DONTE THE DEMON KILLER THE DOOM SLAYER. Because it wasn't enough to actually have gameplay that made you feel like a badass, because the soy-saturated faggots who play this game are not capable of enough independent thought to realise how powerful the Doomguy is and how much of a feat it would be to tear through hell like he did, you get the typical Bethesda Expe®ien©e. Being told YAAAS QUEEN SLAAAY all the fucking time with no gameplay to back it up.

Welcome to CY+4, a far more depressing hell than ever Thy Flesh Consumed was.

6ae525  No.16589715

File: 43d837fcc9bcbd9⋯.png (182.81 KB, 1152x796, 288:199, 43d837fcc9bcbd9061aa3ede11….png)


Pic related.


Apparently Doomguy's now an immortal being killing demons for eons. As far as I know, angels gave him superhuman abilities and his nu-armor.

71a92b  No.16589801


"Irony" has done more damage to humor on the internet than anything else recently. Shit like chapo popularized it but it started on SA I think.

Regarding doom eternal, its probably gonna be just like nudoom. Maybe fun for one playthrough and then utterly forgettable afterwards.

e5e5de  No.16589912


I watched the gameplay trailer and it reminds me of Unreal Tournament 4 with demons, except with these retarded "press F to do something cool and be invincible" moments. But the music and sound is fucking terrible and I'm sure they'll shit all over the rest of the game with a retarded story, lore rape, etc. I feel like they listened to a lot of criticism that people had for nuDOOM, but I don't think they could make nuDOOM4EVA good because they will have to pander to the soyboy "OH MAH GOSH DOOOOMMMM arrow to the knew LOL! UPBOAT ME!" crowd.

267591  No.16589959

File: 8c8bb6af79689e5⋯.png (102.22 KB, 764x753, 764:753, caco.PNG)


Well it could have gone a lot better, but also could have been a lot worse, I at least feel okay with how it came out.

59c2fe  No.16589968


Looks like the art school guy from that episode of Spongebob.

910eb1  No.16589971


I'm generally against the idea of dynamic difficulty or rubberbanding so I distrust all of the faggots who said the glory kill mechanic is good.

267591  No.16589981


You know, I could see it in spongebob, It looks like it has a mustache to me while that's not good I do kinda like the idea of a cacodemons with mustaches.

59c2fe  No.16589983


It's not even dynamic. It's just a constant get out of jail free card.

8f8267  No.16589989

File: 606e7ee410b7606⋯.jpg (240.01 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, labo mark.jpg)

the only collector's edition I've ever owned was for Dork Souls II but that was because Namco Bandai gave it to me

535fe0  No.16590021

>>16587766 (checked)

It doesn't really what anyone think about the game. If you like brutal doom/project brutality you'll like that. Being due nudoom is a rip off of it. Just ignore the autists and enjoy what you like. Change is the norm and sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. Its up to you decide and ignore the children, either that or mock and laugh at them. I do it all the time to who people play ss13 and dwarf fortress.

38d9e5  No.16590116


Anon I'm curious to give this WAD a whirl, give link please.

5c819b  No.16590192


It's Doom 4 Doom/D4D. The one with less of MUH FEATURES is Death Foretold/D4T.

c5d94b  No.16590296

Companies have realized they can sell collectors editions for hundreds now if they just make their cheap plastic shit "collectibles" oversized. No, it's not worth it. I do look forward to the videos of fat fuck soyboys who can't even fit their head in the helmet, though.

6ae525  No.16590342


There's also Argent, which only has weapons and weapon mods.

b79ee5  No.16590343


The helmet was showcased in E3 and it was fucking tiny, like "barely fitted the wearer's head" tiny. It's a total ripoff and made solely with marketting in mind.

If only they'd make actual utilitarian shit, like a classic Doom 1/2 biker helmet that's actually sizeable and with cushions and polyfibers and a good strong glass visor so you could actually use it like a normal helmet for protection so that it's actually worth the 50 bucks to purchase it, but no. It's just fucking numale garbagebin trash, made of brittle plastic that bends and breaks easily, that probably chafes your ears if you wear it for too long and is painted by some underaged and underpaid chinese slave.

ff0a0c  No.16590371

>rehashed BoS helmet from all the unsold editions of FO76

They could at least send a canvas bag with it :^)

0687b9  No.16590391


All wads are Cannon and Doomguy is now some mythical demon slayer, even though Bethesda's wisdom also makes him canonically fuck them too.

e1c91d  No.16590475


I genuinely believe it's a marketing push by Monster.

c37452  No.16590636

Doom guy helmet that looks better and is cheaper


8f8267  No.16590645

File: a641db76021464c⋯.jpg (73.5 KB, 388x304, 97:76, 1374377511684 Kiddo.jpg)




>where did it come from

Actually iirc it was a cancerous perversion of a meme stolen from here like everything from 4cuck (Just like how the NPC meme was from here). It started as a joke to post as an old man talking down to kids, calling summerfags things like "kiddo" or "sunny-jim" and talk about "gaming back in my day" (from the 90's). Sorta a reference to "Gaming in the Clinton Years" aka George Wood's Maryland public-access show called Flights of Fantasy.

Then I can only assume this inside joke was labeled "boomer posting" by cuckchan cross-posters. This type of posting was used occasionally in our Doom General threads back in 2015-2017 era. Thus the parallel to facebookjak Doom Guy on a lawn mower. If anything, as with all cuckchan memes, it's just an uninspired countersignal-meme using en ebin edit of wojak or pepe to mock or co-opt an older albeit more esoteric and not as widespread 8chan meme. keep in mind most of these counter signal cross-posters (who often behave like /intl/) are essentially operatives with political agendas (or useful idiots encouraged by handlers) because these jack asses think cultivating consensus and cracking consensus that don't suit their agenda is important

Pic related was often used (or other J. R. "Bob" Dobbs paraphernalia).

also I like to imagine "Zoomer" was made up by Hilary Clinton herself. Cuckchan can't meme


this might be true too because I have no idea where the energy drink came from. The only think tangentially associated I can think of was that /pol/ meme where Monster logo is allegedly 666 in Hebrew.

ac3a5d  No.16590674


I did. It was the most comfortable mousepad I have ever used. No joke. It wore out in a year or so though. But I’d get another one with the same shape and without the anime art.

9a301f  No.16592265

File: ef022e6809d8d1a⋯.png (372.8 KB, 971x1342, 971:1342, saved file.png)

Here's some of this thread screencapped, since I think this is a pretty valuable discussion (and >>16590645 especially).

aae7f3  No.16592321

File: f5b6038c9a68028⋯.gif (447.01 KB, 480x340, 24:17, yotsuba watches the world ….gif)


>tfw I've gone so far down the rabbit hole that the idea of boomerjak being a literal shill meme barely registers on the scale of strange shit

9a301f  No.16592377

File: b834e401bf2ded3⋯.pdf (751.59 KB, b834e401bf2ded3c0fdcc24842….pdf)


Just something I want to note off the cuff:

One thing I mentioned in a previous thread was that when it comes to corporate bodies attempting to commodify things, like memes, that tie into peoples' identities - that in itself is a worthwhile venture, even if there's no direct material gain to be had in doing so, because commodifying things that tie into peoples' identities leads to your being able to make those peoples' identities a commodified extension of your brand. Like how in a chunk of the public consciousness now being older than 20 axiomatically equals being a devoted customer of Monster Energy.

PDF related.

9a301f  No.16592394


Off the cuff, again, someone in that previous thread had mentioned how that PDF had issues with its formatting so I might go back to its source ( https://archive.is/ZRd3j ) and make my own screencap of its discussion now.

40ce21  No.16592407


>sage as Le downboat.

Your “memes” are shit, cuckchan. Back to halfchannel with you, don’t forget to give Hiroyuki his ten bucks for 4chan gold.

9a301f  No.16592423


It's interesting how the previous thread I'd posted that PDF in had suddenly gotten flooded with your type of poster after I posted that PDF in it.

16e865  No.16592439

File: d41eb13a6d124f7⋯.png (306.7 KB, 848x480, 53:30, 1407710846733.png)

>sold out for both consoles

>not sold out for pc because we can just 3d print the helmet anyway

16e865  No.16592445

File: 70bfec051014148⋯.png (374.8 KB, 837x360, 93:40, (COMITIA117) [Kuroneko Wal….PNG)

aae7f3  No.16594003


>trump was unforseen

Yeah bro, they totally just elected LITERALLY HITLER while making the biggest media shitstorm about how he's LITERALLY HITLER on purpose, bro, it's totally cool. sources: dude trust me

212bde  No.16594530


The most genious marketing campaign devised

I actually like that drink tbh, fits in will with the diet

c21b5d  No.16596220


Buckethead. Sigil has plenty of flaws, but soundtrack alone makes it worth playing.

32a5cc  No.16598020


Paddock's MIDI/SC-55 OST was better. In general, Trash metal fits doom more and not just because of the OG soundtrack, but because it encapsulates a feeling of both, mindless carnage, and a sense of dread for the unknown entity that's enabling said carnage to happen. Just like the level design, it does it right in the middle, just a little bit of both when warranted.

94a15f  No.16600807


The devs clearly took too much inspiration from Brutal Doom to the point where they made the damn game so melee focused that it becomes essential to being good at it. The concept of glory kills would have been fine if done better. Demons shouldn't stop pursuing you even once you can glory kill them and it shouldn't be mandatory to do it at all. Its not a bad game but it is overrated.

32a5cc  No.16604811


Brutal doom isn't melee focused at all, if you actually look at it, the top weapons are the ones with the highest range (Rifle, SG, RL) because at higher skill settings, every encounter with a shotgunguy or an Imp is going to take off 40% of your health if you get hit trying to close in. It's much slower than vanilla doom and executions/glory kills are just a cool thing you can do, but isn't even remotely practical. nuDoom has a different philosophy on what those mechanics are for and based the combat itself around the meme, instead of just being something else you can do, and comes off as something worse overal because of it.

000000  No.16607146

Hell no. Remember, this is by the publisher that already has a record of backing down from marketed collector's edition content because it' too expensive to make. The helmet will be shit, the rest is piratable.

Sage for open shill and bait thread.

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