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File: 032e3d4b139515a⋯.png (193.45 KB, 256x360, 32:45, Stronghold_(2001)_Coverart.png)

555afb  No.84876

Time for a thread on city builders and whatever the hell genre Tropico and Stronghold are. I haven't tried Tropico 5 yet, any idea if it's worth a shot? The DLC jewing put me off a bit. Is it better to start with the first game instead?

130cb3  No.84881


>The DLC jewing put me off a bit

It's not like you're paying for it.

6ad08e  No.84884

Well there are DLC unlockers out there hence why piratefag copies got so popular

Tropico is definitely a city builder mixed with economy sim like the way Anno is.

e29d4c  No.84893


Tropico 5 is like marmite. You will either like it or hate it. It does focus a bit more on multiplayer than previous games but it's a fun time sink. I might have to try and play it again to give you more than this simple response. Overall it is sort of like playing a more detailed Anno 2070 is what I remember.

119436  No.84917

Stronghold is still pretty fun after all these years, I just wish it had a bigger scope and got a proper sequel

555afb  No.84953




Anno's DLC nonsense also annoys me. The later games have cancerous as shit DRM as well.


Well there's Crusader I guess.

3d3c09  No.85006


I thought Anno games have at most 1 expac/dlc per game, what's wrong?


About Tropico in particular, I heard that past 3 it's all downhill, which is weird, since 3, 4 and 5 appear to just expand on 1.

a5103e  No.85017

File: 094dcd0d5ff4dfc⋯.jpg (72.81 KB, 1820x1500, 91:75, 30c24eeed5394a0e59b3188cda….jpg)


4 is downhill depending on how you look at it. I can't remember the details, but I think it was DLC that was sold as a stand alone game. Saying that though it is an improvement on Tropico 3.

Tropico 5 is definitely a mixed bag. Going through the different phases of the 90s is fun, but you can tell it's been consolised to hell and back.

555afb  No.88159



What about 2? Nobody ever even mentions it so I assume it's crap.

2df314  No.88181

Kings and Castles is just early access Anno 1404, with less complexity and content, but more pathfinding and pozcore aesthetics. I had a feeling it's going to be shit and I was right.

fb0b9e  No.88185

File: d1f8d73c8fc27e2⋯.png (10.4 KB, 400x450, 8:9, d1f8d73c8fc27e2327c5b2b6df….png)


>Tropico 5 is like marmite. You will either like it or hate it.

>like it

d4b0a5  No.88192

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Only non-whites dislike marmite. That's why it never crossed the pond.


2 is a strange pirate-themed spin-off. Actually quite a lot of fun and the soundtrack is made by the same faggot as 1 so it's still great. If anything it's even comfier than the first game's.

7d4724  No.88479

Which Settlers game is considered the best and/or beginner-friendly? I only played that weird spin-off that made the game more of an RTS and it wasn't very enjoyable.

3569da  No.88483


>Which Settlers game is considered the best and/or beginner-friendly?

I think it was III, but it was a while since I played it last time.

4caa07  No.88493


Anon I am going to strap you into a chair, take a spoon and force feed you marmite. Marmite masterrace.


The ones without Uplay

119436  No.88561


I didn't care for Crusaders except for the skirmish mode which was missing in the first Stronghold, but the setting is mediocre. With the sequel they should have added more unit types with proper formations and industries along with new fortifications and wall types

ed4d6a  No.88615

I can get into virtually every City Builder on the market but for whatever reason Stronghold just never ticked for me. Kind of felt all wrong and overly convoluted for the sake of being overly convoluted.

3ed400  No.91631


Last Anno I played was 2070 and it seemed like the series basically got progressively dumbed down so not really fun unless you go back to ancient 2D iterations. There's just not much city building challenge in the new versions.



Well 1 and 2 were made by PopTop, who also made Railroad Tycoon 2, they even use the same engine. All 3 are masterpieces IMO, but a bit hard to play these days due to very low res graphics. 2 was probably my favorite in the series, due to having more active management in the form of sending out ships. It's very different from 1 thematically, being set in the age of sail, but mechanically not that much different. Same gameplay, plus ships, with a different skin. I wonder if Poptop didn't die, whether later Tropicos would continue the island banana republic theme to other more exotic settings: Far future space stations, medieval free cities, shit like that.

3 and 4 was made by Kalypso, which basically tries to remake old classics on modest budgets. They don't dumb them down near as much as is usual, but they do have a compulsive need to add their own "improvements", which usually aren't that great. But the core gameplay is mostly preserved, if not as detailed or challenging as in Tropico 1. I don't even remember 3, but I think 4 was basically slightly improved 3 (the company isn't very creative or innovative). 4 is fun but don't expect much stimulation, the city management is pretty shallow and easy, the scenarios are either a pushover or have single very transparent sources of artificial difficulty.



Settlers 3 is cleaner thematically (no weird evil vampire people) and the cutscenes are funnier. But 4 is basically the same game with a lot of QoL improvements, fixes and much better graphics (especially on a modern machine).

Anything after 4 is not really settlers. Ubisoft bought Blue Byte (the original dev) after 4, and made them completely change the gameplay and make it more accessible. YMMV whether nuSettlers is fun, but it's definitely not as deep and feels very different.

Settlers 2 was also pretty different in that laborers could only move on roads, but the economy was similar to 3/4. There's a 3D remake of S2 which is pretty faithful to the original, except with better graphics.

There's an apparently obscure-ish series called Cultures that I think is very reminiscent of Settlers 3/4 gameplay. The 4 games seem like they basically have the same engine. I remember 2 and 3 being very similar, didn't play 1 or 4.

6d38fd  No.91710

File: f380a081570bb77⋯.jpg (579.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018.10.30-18.33.jpg)

How big is The Settlers' tech tree? I'm playing some indie Settlers clone and wondering how much it's lacking. I haven't played any of them yet, I'm not very focused on making up on what I've missed in the past. I think I'll play some Cultures next, I have to finally catch up to my sister.

bea034  No.91713


So if I were to start with Settlers I start with Settlers 4?

28e536  No.92163


Da fug is that clusterfuck?

5e4db9  No.92200


The Colonists? Was on the first page on Good Old Downloads and I was bored.

5847e1  No.92359


Got a download link for the lazy?

5e4db9  No.92431

File: 91e90583149e071⋯.png (187.13 KB, 361x691, 361:691, stop.png)


lurk 999 more years, until you learn how to read

c3bca6  No.93140


He said lazy

bb8bc9  No.93168


And I dropped the site's name in my post. If he's too lazy to find it, he's too lazy to install games, so it'd be pointless to provide him the link.

b0165a  No.93298


Actually 2 wasn't made by PopTop it was made by Frog City with PopTop helping out sometimes. Frog City were the Imperialism devs.

32fcc5  No.93308


Why does it look like ghosts are running that town?

bb8bc9  No.93422

File: 72247c949cc73d1⋯.jpg (556.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018.11.06-20.25.jpg)


These are iPods

510544  No.93515


So where is the /clang/?

19d03f  No.93855


Do they do anything unique or did they not want to animate humans or something?


Fucking degenerate.

852708  No.94126


How do I git gud at Stronghold?

9daf77  No.94139


The game is about robots being sent to set up a new colony on a new planet ahead of the human colonists who will live there.

d3623d  No.94147

File: f1f0544a1b0b07d⋯.jpg (481.53 KB, 1201x916, 1201:916, 59073965_p0.jpg)


>robot slaves slaving over making a colony just for ungrateful meatbags

Disgusting. Is there an option a t least to kill all humans?

4f2122  No.94159


Misanthropes like you don't deserve to live. There can be no perfect, beautiful machines without humans to build them. Honor thy engineer you stupid clanking faggot.

103791  No.94161


here's a few pro tactics to be a stronghold pro

>build woodcutter's huts in front of the enemy AI castle's entrance

>spam horse archers as soon as game starts. out of gold? sell everything and your mum too. out of recruits? build a shitload of houses. did all your horse archers get killed? sucks to be you

>click everything very fast

673f69  No.94169

File: ecbf47ffd3910ac⋯.webm (2.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, colonists.webm)



Anon, I…


This isn't Colobot. Your robots were serving humanity, but decided to fuck off and become humanity instead. The game itself isn't anything to write home about, I stopped playing it at the moment as at first there was a game-breaking bug and then there's just boats being retarded and hardly transporting anything through the islands. I will try making more boats next time.

305fa7  No.94968


You forgot the tar pits.

0b074f  No.94969

File: 044ef20ad8a9a2b⋯.jpg (711.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, PharaohCleo.jpg)

File: 7d09b3bba657bb3⋯.jpg (623.88 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Banished.jpg)

927b1b  No.95278



I always found those games comfy. Which reminds me is OpenCaeser any good yet?

2ee0f0  No.95952

The Settlers: History Collection is out. I hope there are going to be torrents soon, I'm curious to see what have they changed.

62837e  No.96104


I'll wait for some Russian Hackers to release it.

119436  No.96132


Banished would have been perfect if it had a larger scope, more to do, more buildings and so on

900d81  No.96289


Banished would have been perfect if it wasn't Banished.

68ffe8  No.96673

>always hear about how good anno 1404 is

>not on steam

>give up trying to play it

>yesterday discover it is on steam just under a different name

>played until 6am

119436  No.96678


>buying games

0d91b7  No.96684

File: 3fe29703f95dfdb⋯.png (253.27 KB, 600x536, 75:67, 1533233891892.png)


>buying games on Steam

>buying games that are available on other, better platforms

>buying games

377d0f  No.96813







What is the fucking reasoning?

079012  No.96815

File: 2752690cdb2f3c4⋯.png (104.99 KB, 179x209, 179:209, ClipboardImage.png)

Can't build that there my liege

4a5b64  No.96823

Anyone got a taste for the new Tropico?

cd293f  No.96833


What ass backward country are you in where they change the name of Anno 1404? And why are you buying it from (((Steam))) when Good Old Goyiming has it?


Not really. Las Tropicos have been sort of disappointing DLC fests.

4a5b64  No.98790

File: 3b944d9c90d14a8⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 532x400, 133:100, -_-5.jpg)

So I was feeling nostalgic about Tropico, seeing as the new game just recently came out, I somehow had a good feeling about it from the past

trying out the nuTropico(5) again I just couldn't bear it

luckily I had 4 in my library from some time ago, and indeed now I remember why I liked, even though there's barely anything that generational and colonization aspect, its much more solid on the city building it self,

not to mention somewhat cleaner UI design and controls

next, another game that's been on my backlog for ages, is Settlers

can anon give me a quick rundown on it? and also about which iteration is best, if any newer one is worth it too

2ac491  No.99656


Settlers I can't really describe that well. It's a bit like Sims merged with Anno a little but nothing like any of those games. III or IV are good starting points since it's before it got locked behind Uplay. Does that help at all?

ed2e9c  No.99694

>We'll never get a true sequel to Sim City 4 with weather effects, realistic damage to buildings and other goodies

1b3d9a  No.100332


Unless Cities Skylines 3 ever comes out.

fc4f60  No.101111

File: d633e60b4f12584⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sc4.jpg)


but I want a 2d city builder

8852b9  No.101260


That game wasn't 2D though.

fc4f60  No.101476


It was 3d, but relied heavily on 2d sprites. whatever.

e203f2  No.101517


That's my fetish.

6ad08e  No.101836


Open Sim City? If you can find a copy of it that is

d4b0a5  No.101988

File: 3c3bd4c46e598df⋯.gif (227.9 KB, 423x500, 423:500, 3c3bd4c46e598dfe17312a4a0d….gif)



Wasn't that another abandoned (((Early Access))) game? I'm pretty sure it was.

f95348  No.102054


Not really. But they did sort of get to a point of "Oh crap, what now?" with development so never knew really where to take it. Game is playable for a bit but doesn't hold sway for a long time.

555afb  No.102500

File: 05446fb7139248e⋯.png (173.38 KB, 256x339, 256:339, Master_of_Olympus_-_Zeus_C….png)

By the way picrelated is am improved Caesar III for anyone who hasn't played it yet.


>2 is a strange pirate-themed spin-off. Actually quite a lot of fun and the soundtrack is made by the same faggot as 1 so it's still great. If anything it's even comfier than the first game's.

Guess I'll try it out then.

37f55e  No.103138


Never heard of it. Care to explain in more detail what it is?

d4b0a5  No.104544


If you haven't heard of it you need to sit down and play the City Builders series lad.

555afb  No.105161

File: 775052710173973⋯.jpg (122.27 KB, 252x252, 1:1, Caeser_III.jpg)


One of the big names in the City Builder genre is Impression's City Builder series which has such a dumb name because it's really two distinct series with the same engine and basic gameplay. You have the Caeser branch (I, II, III, IV) and the Pharaoh/Zeus branch. They all play like a Sim City with more substance to them beyond just building the city since you have actual goals to work towards and the logistics and military management are more in depth. For people who struggle with the complete sandbox freedom of more convention city builders they're great.

555afb  No.105162


more conventional*

e57bdb  No.105241

File: f847609ef76c358⋯.png (350.33 KB, 608x551, 32:29, satan.png)

>tfw building cities in AoE and Stronghold is comfy but I'm too slow for the difficulty of the game

I ended up dropping the latter game completely due to my incompetence on Medium. I don't remember anything other than getting slayered with no money, swarms of enemies killing everyone outside the base, and ending up rushing out things. Besides that the game was comfy

62adf0  No.105376


The thing about these games is that while tempting to play like them like city builders, they are not city builders and you will get your ass pushed in. Stronghold in particular is about pushing more absurd tactics to win while AOE is all about micromanaging units.

6abbc7  No.105754


I could never quite get to grips with Stronghold myself but then again I am not so sure if it was my cup of tea.

d4b0a5  No.106097


Why not go for pure City Builders like Simcity then? No potential for loss there unless you want it.

329c7f  No.106107


That looks like a sequel to https://denki.itch.io/autonauts but without all the programming, so I don't see the point.

2e53f0  No.106116

File: 00d857f34bcaad8⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jfeYq.jpg)


>No potential for loss

I wish how does one git gud at Sim City?

79c431  No.106814


Babysteps anon, that's how.

555afb  No.107013


Either git gud or go play casual games where you simply cannot lose. Tropico 3 and 4 are apparently impossible to fail with.

765860  No.108790


Speaking of zeus+poseidon do any anons have any recommendations for custom maps? I just finished all the adventures, but still want more. I already downloaded a couple, but I am not wild on them.

0ebe72  No.108865


I haven't even downloaded it at all. Is it any good?

765860  No.108882


Zeus+poseidon? Yah it's great. The custom maps are pure no fun allowed though. It's like they don't understand what fun is. Unconquerable towns everywhere, and they make everything a chore.

8eaecf  No.109306


That's typically the suretell sign of the autist. For what ever reason RTS fags have it worse for custom single player missions which the map autist idea of a challenge is to just turn the game into defacto tower defense and punish any strategy for thinking outside the box. Or if you are very lucky more commando missions

cc6975  No.110382

So of these Early Access City Builders out there, which are the comfiest and have the most chance of becoming something?

ac3871  No.111002


Absolutely nothing.

8dc8ba  No.111026

When I start a map on Cities Skylines with all the DLCs on High Textures it fucks so hard with my gtx 1070ti I get a memory message and the game plus firefox crash. If I run it on Medium Texture Quality and everything else on max it is fine.

What the fuck?

8dc8ba  No.111036


Okay, maybe it was RAM related anyway, even though it is super dumb. I had to re-enable the pagefile, which I have disabled long time ago. Set it at a maximum of 4GB. Technically I am only at 60% RAM usage, but even so the game just bricks itself and fucks with my PC otherwise. VRAM is almost 6 out of 8GB.

8dc8ba  No.111219

File: c1c0e253a231025⋯.png (5.16 MB, 7680x4320, 16:9, HiresScreenshot 1.png)

File: 6e9e95d19ae006d⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot 2.png)

34fe55  No.111221

File: 0e4e1ca61c43234⋯.jpg (798.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180922165814_1.jpg)

04f445  No.111224



What am I looking at here?

8dc8ba  No.111227


I am just on my first square, no bully. Though admittedly it is not well planed to be a part of a big megalopolis. Maybe it will just end up being on the side somewhere. Getting any bigger will properly eventually require me to not play with 4k internal resolution.

Did you use any mods? I think these are maybe only the default buildings? Sadly mine can't get any bigger, because I am using the European Suburbia ones for the high density districts. Even so I think they have equal stats to the default ones.


What do you mean?

8dc8ba  No.111438

C:S question. Fucking why are four lane and six lane roads so shit?

They create traffic lights where two lane roads don't. So making two lane roads on crossroadс is actually more efficient.

4a5b64  No.111461



Welcome to C:SL

high density roads create light signals everywhere, therefore they're crap indeed, use a mod to remove them or to properly signal the lights (also cool).

Building are another annoyance, they level up and just become just higher density, there no wealth differentiation, there is no medium density, there is no poor but cramped, or rich and sparse. plus general design is shitty and repetitive

119436  No.111463



This game looks so fucking awful

206773  No.111563


Just wait till you encounter the memory leeks.

d25f97  No.111709


I remember this faggot wishing me a merry christmas a few years back. Why can't modern videogames have single shed of soul?

8448ee  No.111765


>TOR users can't upload on this board

Hello newfaggo

TOR users can't upload content period on 8chan. Otherwise it'll be non stop Cheese Pizza spam.

2f9d89  No.111785


>Can't show screenshots because Tor users can't upload files on this board (who else do you think uses 8chan).

It's been that way site-wide for years because CP posting was making finding a host hard, apparently.

703b12  No.115642


Anyone got to play the Anno 1800 open beta version without having to pay for it :^)?

119436  No.115643


I took a look at it and it looks like typical SJW gay shit. They didn't learn anything from the abortions of the last 2 games

66bb80  No.115670


I got in but Uplay refuses to launch it. I will update if I can get it to work.

d386fb  No.115765


They should've dropped that cringey english accent, it's being used everywhere including vidya. Is there no studio that can do voiceovers that's not wannabe english accent crap?

acbf86  No.115800

So Anno 1800 is now delayed for 2 months. Wonder if it has anything to do with the beta being an unplayable piece of shit?


9f5ef9  No.115979

File: 54ab30565ef375d⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 640x566, 320:283, re loli internal screaming.jpg)


They probably think denuvo might get cracked too early so they mixed up the codes to make it harder for Codex to crack

>Anno 1800

A third of the characters there are token diversity niggers, they don't even look like European colonials or actual Natives, just straight up negros out of africa. Fucking hell man, I ain't playing this shit until someone can mod out the niggers, replace them with actual colonials with a native or two for the local production buildings.

And speaking of New World buildings, I'm pretty sure the residential houses should look at least aesthetic, with colonial architecture not shanty fucking ghetto houses.

9f5ef9  No.115980


forgot to add

>stronk independent female captain with bulldyke voice

>comandeering the SotL

23a849  No.116002


>When niggers are now Native Americans

We Wuz Apaches N' Sheeit!

25678c  No.116019

File: c31a3d6f098e1d9⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 320x240, 4:3, tropican nacionalism.jpg)

Will tropico 6 be worth playing?

998b53  No.116091

File: ce3cc04cdabd640⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1207x668, 1207:668, individualists.png)

File: 3206941069f1cd8⋯.jpg (38.95 KB, 500x493, 500:493, 3206941069f1cd808317e9ccc7….jpg)



Shouldn't it be Individuals? They make it sound like they're 'sophisticated (((ambidextriousists)))'. I'm not liking the character dialogue in this game with every moment I watched all the 'let's play' vids on jewtube, dammit all.

998b53  No.116092

File: b4135dcfa7cf29a⋯.jpg (100.31 KB, 679x431, 679:431, 1542598523574.jpg)


*sophisticated (((@narch1sts)))

>that word filter

4f2122  No.116093


Hey nigger nigger. It isn't Jewish to want to be free of masters. It's, in fact, a product of Jewish mind control that one might desire "noble masters" or anything of the sort.

998b53  No.116095


You missed the point, I'm talking about the devs using 'Individualists' instead of the normal term 'Individuals', the former make it sound like they're putting off some kind of political statement, while the latter simply doesn't have such allusions

'Gauzy fabrics and perfume enswathe this troupe of motley Individuals. See the special pull-out within entitled 'Herding Cats'.'

Doesn't sound so vaguely political now does it, nigger?

a1872a  No.116096

File: e034b0dadab36ca⋯.jpg (327.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Addon 2018-05-05 16-17-27-….jpg)


>first Tropico 6 now Anno 1800

Atleast that gives them time to polish up their disappointments

119436  No.116097


>A third of the characters there are token diversity niggers, they don't even look like European colonials or actual Natives, just straight up negros out of africa

Yeah, I saw that too. What a shame, not sure what I expected though, was hoping for something that wasn't pozzed, but nope. Anno 1701 and even anno 2070 didn't have it this badly but for whatever reason they decided to do it for anno 1800

998b53  No.116098

File: 462b501faa1933f⋯.jpg (129.34 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 1542980965451.jpg)


They think all this marxist pozz is now considered (((standard business practice))) or (((normal character designs))) since most of their higher-ups are corporate marxists, whatever they say is (((the will of the industry)))and whatever is trending is (((what they perceive is trending))) on CY+4.

If anyone can make a mod that can remove the pozz characters and dialogues, that guy will be a fucking legend. That is after the game is cracked and it's coding re-arranged to be mod-friendly

998b53  No.116099

File: 7208bc49924fba8⋯.jpg (362.3 KB, 531x768, 177:256, Amir Halgal.jpg)

File: a1ac39bd37f1f78⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1577x948, 1577:948, 1547514365982.png)

File: c9e7a860fdb978d⋯.png (697.35 KB, 1441x1500, 1441:1500, __akiyama_yukari_girls_und….png)

File: 9d6ca017fcdaef1⋯.jpg (46 KB, 601x826, 601:826, __sesshouin_kiara_fate_gra….jpg)

File: 1d4b02e1c544d62⋯.jpg (456.46 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __archangel_gabriel_archan….jpg)


And to add to the point, said character designing using (((photo realism))) is absolute dogshit, the method is what the hipsters want art to be, as a conceptual whole, that 'stronk independent womyn voicing as captain of the Ship of the Line' part made it even worse

Character designing in video games will have to be pics related, and yes, even if that meant making them anime-esque, it's light years better than their (((realism))) bullshit, kinda like that one western game that adapted an art style from a western one into an anime style character design not long ago from last year (forgot it's name though)

Imagine, an Anno game with anime characters that don't look ugly as fuck, and the VAs don't sound like scrawny hipster teens with emotional instability or some rainbow-haired bulldyke acting tough.

a2001d  No.116102


You forgot Anno dev's obsession with 'Sausages', they could've just name it Meat since the in-game resources made it from Pigs and Cows, but nope; it's all about the sausages like it's some kind of fetish, it's been like that since Settlers 7, and that was 9 years ago.

119436  No.116104

File: d2fb08f7f43d8a3⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 273x320, 273:320, faggot.jpg)




I mean I get the Anno games were never trying to be historically 100% accurate but I mean, come on. 19th Century Victorian England, which is what I assume this game is modeled after, hated the ever loving shit out of non-Anglos and savages. So sad too because I had such high hopes for this game, finally they decided to go back to their roots only to go back filled with SJW aids

998b53  No.116105


Can you meme a company that can do an Anno-like game but instead of 'realistic' characters it's OC anime characters instead, obviously you'll have to make sure said company is not infected with the sjw cooties, nor are they influenced by their kiddie lingo. Or at least some group has the manpower to significantly change the base game, especially the voice acting, text dialogue, and the character designs.

>yfw there is a side quest about some guy finding his pals for the (((socialist congress))) meeting

2ae3b5  No.116109

I feel like City Builders at this rate should be called Civilization Destruction games considering where they are going.

d92216  No.116202


>19th Century Victorian England, which is what I assume this game is modeled after, hated the ever loving shit out of non-Anglos and savages.

You forget they're owned by (((ubisoft))) now not Max Design, when they say they don't try to be historically accurate, they actually meant THEIR meaning of historical accuracy in other words the world of Anno is according to their revisionist sjw fantasy realm


>a company that can do an Anno-like game

Make sure they bring along the guys from Max Design (the original creators of Anno)

d92216  No.116212

File: 27acc852947990f⋯.jpg (184.6 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DaikoukaiUtopia-Art-Change….jpg)

File: 71d1ab8bd224487⋯.jpg (96.7 KB, 631x750, 631:750, DaikoukaiUtopia-Art-Change….jpg)


>kinda like that one western game that adapted an art style from a western one into an anime style character design not long ago from last year (forgot it's name though)

you mean this?

>western game

The only thing that's 'western' is it's old character designs.

119436  No.116218


>You forget they're owned by (((ubisoft))) now not Max Design

Yeah, which is very sad

4f2122  No.116233

File: 66f6740e7181071⋯.webm (436.68 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Go_Home.webm)


(((You))) have terrible (((opinions))) and don't (((understand))) how to use (((Jewish parentheses))) to proper (((effect))), so why don't (((you))) go back to watching (((anime))) on ((((crunchyroll))) or whatever it is (((people))) like (((you))) do when (((you're))) not (((posting))) here. Your grammar is also terrible. You wrote a run-on-sentence as long as a paragraph, so even if it wasn't so full of memes It'd be hard to read and understand.


If you or anyone else thinks the moe trash on the right looks better than the girl on the left, you've got brain problems or maybe dick problems.

1dae22  No.116263

Well Anno 1800 closed beta requirements announced. http://archive.li/kNG2n

Anno 1800 Closed Beta Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 3.2 GHz or AMD FX-6350 3.9 GHz

RAM: 8 GB System Memory

GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory

GPU: GeForce GTX 670 or Radeon R9 285

DX: DirectX 11

HDD: 60 GB Available Hard Drive Space

Anno 1800 Closed Beta Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.5 GHz

RAM: 8 GB System Memory

GPU RAM: 4 GB Video Memory

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480

DX: DirectX 11

HDD: 60 GB Available Hard Drive Space

8f5530  No.116268

File: 003327de11dab68⋯.jpg (140.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Addon 2018-05-06 15-04-56-….jpg)


>60 GB

For what reason

This is almost twice the size of Anno 2205

38a86d  No.116269


Harddrives are so cheap these days anon that devs don't even bother to compress textures anymore.

d92216  No.116312

File: d38d8ad3eda5660⋯.png (449.93 KB, 689x1019, 689:1019, __anchovy_girls_und_panzer….png)

File: aa6108b7f38dd09⋯.jpg (617.02 KB, 1710x2048, 855:1024, 2db84f5ce7b57ec2a7cef6b392….jpg)

File: 6fb069e825116f0⋯.jpg (74.67 KB, 600x760, 15:19, EK_Nice.jpg)

File: f61187d804c61a6⋯.jpg (101.46 KB, 1024x935, 1024:935, f61187d804c61a698868d9bf26….jpg)

File: 438fe6c5eefba12⋯.jpg (290.17 KB, 850x1511, 850:1511, 1530627236451.jpg)


>thinks anime character design is worse than (((photorealism))) character design

>thinks I watch anime on crunchyroll

>unironically putting jewish echoes on Anime like it's a bad thing

>hurr u know nothing anon

That's a pretty solid argument you have there faggot, never said it should be k-on tier moeblob nor does it have to be implemented to all other western games, as long as the characters are not hipster trash or diversity nigger shit they won't even need remodeling.

If it is going to be anime style it's cute, sexy, and cool factor needed to be 'balanced' just right.

4f2122  No.116319


>as long as the characters are not hipster trash or diversity nigger shit they won't even need remodeling

Look (((you))) bitch. Perhaps it's true (((you))) didn't say "Everything western must go!" but (((you))) have implied it. When you say "Well, if we're going to go that route" you're presupposing that's the case. In other words, you're asserting it is or should be the case and I'm sick of (((philistines))) shouting down any art that isn't (((anime))) because of your (((fetish))).

Now I'm getting bored of mocking (((you))) for your incorrect use of (((parentheses))). However, I'd like you to tell me how it's Jewish photo-realism. Which Jews invented it? Which Jews push it? Are there Jews working on every single video game that isn't anime-styled? Or could it be that you just put anything you don't like in parentheses even though they're not Jewish at all?

119436  No.116320


60 fucking gigs? LOL, fuck that shit

6ad08e  No.116349


Devs can't into optimization these days.

88d6cb  No.116429



I feel like these two anons are about to fuck?

4f9d80  No.116491


4f2122 sounded like one of those faggots with no amygdala /pol/ was talking about, they hate everything cute and beautiful and that anyone wants to even think of putting anime in their games is literally the second coming of hitler and shit.

1ebf32  No.116517

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well here is something new I guess

Medieval City Builder although I am personally not a fan of the art style it does seem somewhat interesting


I keep looking up info on Universim by the way and find nothing, is that project dead?

6e582e  No.116717

Anno 1800 open beta 12th-14th April so you can see how fucked it is. http://archive.li/wwB7k

79b38a  No.116752


I get bad Perimeter vibes from that zoning system. >>116717

Who cares?

119436  No.116764


>more cel-shading shit childrens graphics

Naw, no thanks

2f9f75  No.116775

File: a81536a80696d57⋯.png (610.93 KB, 628x665, 628:665, ClipboardImage.png)


Do i even dare to add fuel into fire?

0a53ce  No.116777


Of course not. 3 and 4 are the only good nu-Tropico games.

0ea569  No.116784

File: aaba05edf92729d⋯.jpg (298.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Addon 2017-11-08 23-12-35-….jpg)


Whats the point of this?

Downloading 60gb denuvo infested game plus an extra client seems kinda much for me and at that point the game will release in a couple of days and I doubt those few days will be enough to find and fix any bugs

25678c  No.116823


>no more slider wages

>no more worker skill bar

>no more cartonish character portraits

>no more cuban/caribean inmersion, now it's a ex-british colony that speaks spanish for some reason

>arcade like borign age progression

>less cold-war shenanigans that was the core of Tropico

i am missing something that Tropico 5 did wrong? i cant remember all the reasons why i wanted to play Tropico 4 instead when i pirated and tries Tropico 5.

79b38a  No.116830


Betas are the new demos.

176966  No.116875

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well new city builder announced called Romans: Age of Caesar.


> a co-operative grand strategy MMO and spiritual successor to their hit MMORTS Stronghold Kingdoms.

And it's trash.

4996b0  No.116880

File: 9afcbbf527caff7⋯.jpg (441.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Addon 2018-05-05 16-13-21-….jpg)


>a co-operative grand strategy MMO

What the flying fuck

426df0  No.116894


>Mobile MMO

If it was like Anno I'd be interested but there are so many red flags in that article I don't know where to begin.

e20b85  No.117551

File: d5ec5f078534e20⋯.jpg (922.18 KB, 1800x2560, 45:64, Isekai Tensei Soudouki Man….jpg)

File: 59fc73709c59f86⋯.png (10.39 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, live 2d.png)

File: 83d1ccac0ac005a⋯.jpg (164.26 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 3d and live 2d comparison.jpg)


Please bear with my autistic ranting leaking out

>No similar massive freeplay sandbox mode on a well made large worldmap with aesthetic view distance similar to the Witcher series or a modded GTA game, or any other game with a similar feature

>No similar Town Building Gameplay like Banished/Foundations/Sims/Cities Skylines

>No simple and practical resource gathering or types with matching names that actually makes sense

>No simple and practical Equipment types you can make with matching names that actually makes sense

>No simple and practical Army building that you can do quests and epic missions for glory with similar to Age of Wonders/Empires, C&C, or Stronghold

>No simple and practical RPG-like Gameplay that you can do quests and epic missions for glory with either as a solo character or with your party of odd misfits similar to Elder Scrolls or pre-bethesda Fallout

>No aesthetic, cute, and beautiful Anime 2D character designs that never uses shitty 'photo-realism' or ugly as fuck sjw soy hipsters, fembulldykes with neon color haired character designs with matching sideshaves and soy-soaked facial hair

>No storyline and dialogue that's actually good and straightforward without having to delve into muh morals or real-world issues like abortion,ethnic skin colors, religion, gender, third-world immigration, left-wing reference bias, etc. and the over excessive usage of cultural marxist meme words like the six gorillion -isms and other subverted words

>mfw what I truly want is a game that combines all of the above after a long while of contemplation

>mfw finding, playing games that might just cure my bob builder autism only to end up feeling utterly disappointed a while after left me in a constant state of burnout filled with nothing but sadness

Will there ever be that one game that can cure 100 million anons with bob autism syndrome, the so-called Panacea of vidya?

And yes, the aformentioned 2d anime-style character designs will have to be at least similar to pic related, however they will be created with a (greatly) modified and improved version of a Live2D Engine

>but what about the terrain and buildings?

Terrain (and the buildings) can remain as 3DCG

inb4 fag

162739  No.117576

d07cbd  No.117773

So Anno 1800 has a boring tutorial campaign and most of the features that reviewers have been given access to are limited that they can't really test the game.


Apparently at one point it had Microtranscations that have since been removed.


782bad  No.117839

File: 409fb14743ae6c7⋯.png (31.08 KB, 120x100, 6:5, Screams.png)


>play Stronghold HD because i heard it has a campaign in contrast to the chained skirmishes of Stronghold crusade

>get to mission 15


any tips on how to fix firefly´s bullshit?

25678c  No.117848

what is the mission about? it's whit the pig?

782bad  No.117849


the mission wich you have to siege the pig´s castle on a mountain pass

654ca9  No.117851


Thats fucking horrible, more so because the original is genuinely good and pretty.

ebdfbf  No.117866

File: dd4dc0a76917e38⋯.png (77.89 KB, 265x294, 265:294, terror level.png)


>position all ranged units on that one hill just outside towers range early to defeat macemen counterattack

>carefully turtle towers with all ranged units starting from bottom left one, keep out of other towers range as much as possible

>when path is cleared, use lancemen to fill the moat

>make an entry point and dont run into the pikemens trap, remember that plugging holes in walls is their specialty

>now all-in on second defense line and make sure their second gate gets destroyed along the way because its a victory condition

Had to look it up to see if I remember it right, apparently I'm not the only one who used this tactic

25678c  No.117900

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


from what i remember:

1.use Spearmen to fill the moat, when they are under fire cover them whit archers and crossbowmen, focus their fire (you can use the cheap trick in the video, wont work on hard tough, too many archers)

2.when the moat is nearly finished, send the ram forward

3. Tunnelers are optional, they are more usefull in hard difficulty

4.when you breack the outer wall, send in the remaining spearmen along whit the the ladders and macemen, you should still be manually focusing fire aganist enemy archers, if the ram is alive, attack the gate whit it.

5. make the macemen and remaining spearmen (the more stuff the enemy has to shot, the less important units you lose, use cannon fodder), climb up the walls to kill all the crossbowmen, dont attack the insides yet.

6. Once you killed all the enemies in the walls whit the macemen, you can attack the keep now.

On hard diffuculty, you have to do the same but you will lose all you spearmen when filling the moat so dont bother giving them archer and crossbow support, you will have to use the tunnelers to destroy the outer wall (do his while the spearmen are alive or they will be shot), later send in everything, use the ram along whit the ladders (your ram will be useless, use it as a decoy), kill all the crossbowmen in the inner walls and later the keep, it's most probable that only a few macemen will survive.

7c7894  No.117908


Just think of their new artwork as some kind of sjw repellant anon, the western one is the kind they can tolerate, the right one is too much for their brain with their near non-existant Amygdala even though it's not that even especially cute or pretty.

fededf  No.118565


That is a very weeaboo statmenet to make anon and is the cancer killing the very foundation fo vidya

fad0e3  No.118581


<no dis weeabu is the cancer that can and will kill the very soul and absolute universal beating heart core of a foundation that is da vidya

<it's okay when we do it :^)

yeah nah fuck off goon

Animu is the panacea of vidya

A vidya with Animu keeps the sjw cooties away FUCKING DEAD AND ROTTING ON THE GROUND

99c3b8  No.118583

File: 27da7ed92b56e07⋯.png (56.58 KB, 1912x1041, 1912:1041, fuck.png)

Is DF a city builder?

If so, I think I just did the DF version of accidentally deleting a damn in Cities Skylines.

We locked underground water-dorfs nao

faadb0  No.119527

File: 27d145136a955ed⋯.jpeg (18.31 KB, 468x431, 468:431, 27d145136a955edcd8961e9fd….jpeg)


>Already played city buildng games that mattered

>Ones that actually have the right idea of city building sandox vidya either have shitty inconsistent 'modern' CG graphics design, needlessly complicated gameplay or a resource grind heavy 'realistic simulation' borefest

Everyday the search for the 'one game' continues.

4b3bad  No.119531


DF is a bit micro-heavy to be w true city builder but it's close enough.

3e6340  No.119631

My opinion of the Tropicos is here >>71767 The only DLC that aren't single missions and an associated building, are Espionage and Waterborne, which are full campaigns.


Campaign for 2070 is completely fine pirated if you're interested. Even on the legit version you can't carry over upgrades in the campaign so the ARK functionality is a moot point.

78aa6d  No.120237

There's closed beta footage of Anno 1800 popping out of Youtube now. I've no patience for these three hour long vids, can anyone drop the bogpill on this?

45b5f0  No.120282


No as I am not sure I want to touch it myself.

900d81  No.120301


Most of the features are turned off so it's boring to watch and does not tell you anything really about other mechanics. From what I see it's smooth but boring.

21a806  No.120481


I'm only interested in it if it isn't going to come with Ubsisoft's malware like the previous two Anno games.

0ce904  No.120486


Would you rather spend an extra 30 gigs of HD space, or 10 minutes on startup uncompressing 30 gigs worth of textures.

98dce1  No.120756


Just get an SSD fam :^)

484eae  No.120768


Isn't decompression CPU dependent? The only reason SSD is fast is because it transfers data at ridiculous rate to RAM. I bet twenty years from now, people are just gonna laugh at our high-end toaster specs.

a2beeb  No.120906


I think you missed the joke I presume anon where devs just tell everyone to just get an SSD rather than fixing their game.

2068ef  No.121080

File: fba017185f357a0⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

There finally a new game for the waste around:

Dawn of Man

> Prehistoric Banished with enhanced game play elements

< magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ff4d46350e48107bf35ee41a01bc4c98e66e81d8&dn=Dawn%20of%20Man%20-%201.0.0&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fbt.t-ru.org%2Fann%3Fmagnet

Beware that this is a linux version, and that I have no clue if the game is in a good released state yet.

b276a5  No.121083

File: 60aff7d6c899c45⋯.jpg (797.37 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 60aff7d6c899c45315915b38a0….jpg)

File: 653be8241bd4ef4⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 653be8241bd4ef49cc7cd90c47….jpg)

File: 79955584436176a⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 79955584436176a67a3723d6df….jpg)

File: ef80e0539727de6⋯.jpg (738.28 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, ef80e0539727de69d8b1378ebd….jpg)


Tried out Frostpunk a couple days ago since it was mentioned here and even though it works on a much smaller scale compared to most city builders I enjoyed getting my citizens through a super arctic winter by becoming a theocracy and whipping any heretic into shape.

Pics are just those of the original post

d4b0a5  No.121091


I like the idea of surviving in a frozen wasteland for once but the game has that impression of being an Early Access game that starts getting boring about 20 hours in. Not sure why though.

34d464  No.121095


It's very linear. Great atmosphere but zero replay value.

119436  No.121105


Huge disappointment, it's basically one game and done and just completely linear, 0 replayability

83a52b  No.121106


Almost fell asleep about 20 minutes in because I could immediately tell just how bad it would be later on.

25678c  No.121108



>guy plays the crater medium sized map on survival mode and tries to fill it whit buldings

>the game crashes because it runs out of memory whit less than a half of the map filled

>he had 16Gb

It's the first game that is 3D and has more gameplay, last one was This War of Mine, dont ask for much

b276a5  No.121109


Can't really say I agree, the multiple campaings plus endless mode do offer some replay value though it's not great in that term


I haven't seen it that bad but my fps went into the 20s with a full map on a 1080ti so it needs some serious tweaking The game does look good so at least it isn't for nothing

d4b0a5  No.121118



Basically what I expected then.


I'll pay a low price for that or pirate it. Noting more.

7f285a  No.121155

File: 3362cba69c2edb6⋯.gif (10.1 MB, 616x151, 616:151, dawnofman.gif)

0fcf6c  No.121159




>iron weapons


You fellows trying to trick me into downloading more dolphin porn?

55af1d  No.121253


Well it's prehistoric so technically it would be Kentriodontid porn.

15c4e4  No.121367


>It's too hard guize, you should totally cheat!


f6e14e  No.121386

c65aa7  No.121763


>you aren't actually nomadic at the start

>this means that sources of food around you will both sustain a large population and replenish relatively quickly

>unlocking wheat domestication is instant win

>unlocking animal domestication is instant win x2

>entire neolithic age sets you up massively for the following ages

>it takes annoyingly long to build walls around your village

>can't build walls into the water so that the enemy has to go into the water - rivers aren't natural barriers

>watchtowers are made out wet paper

>hunting is simplistic, but serviceable

>except if you want to hunt/catch something far away from your village, then you have to babysit your people or else they'll die from starvation/thirst/wolfs/old age (yes)

>combat is too simplistic

>wooden and bone tools are okay-ish, but they are very similar to one another

>flint tools are your workhorse until bronze

>copper tools are 'exactly' as durable and effective as flint tools, thus not even worth making

>iron tools are better just as good as bronze tools

>copper and tin are lying fucking everywhere

They should've thrown the ez modo out and let the player play the real game with real difficulty first. All of the first area could be condensed to a 15 minute walkthrough.

0678db  No.127188

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well found another city builder.

119436  No.127222


Man invidious sucks to use. Also fuck every single game that has that stupid goddamn art style, that cartoony garbage needs to end

31e1a6  No.127407

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Probably will hate this then.

41ba84  No.127432


>stupid goddamn art style

There was talk about this in a thread a while back. Did anons ever figure out what started this entire shitty artstyle fad?

6d9f8a  No.127589

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Surviving Mars getting an expansion.

Meanwhile did anyone notice that Tropico 6 released?

938174  No.127617


There was a Tropico 6? Doesn't look so bad but Paradox lel means there will be no way it will release in a state without years of DLC

a746ee  No.127623


Low poly 3D cartoon style? Personally think it's a breath of fresh air since photorealism became a thing. Very few devs can actually even pull off photorealism and even then they still have to skimp on shit like grass and whatnot.


If you want to get technical, it was the limitation on the N64 and PS1's specs that spearheaded stylized 3D like these.

c69bab  No.127652



>cartoony art style

There is nothing cartoony about it, this is plain low poly low texture shit, basically devs being lazy and waking themselves off with muh "indie"shit as an excuse.

I heard it was nice but this game seriously doesn't like it would hold for more than a hour or two, which is completely heresy for city builders.

119436  No.127660


Breath of fresh air? Not only do these games look worse then something made 15 years ago they also run like dog shit. Being incompetent is not something anyone should be accepting of

8fd778  No.127712


I was just mostly referring to the art style.

f8aaeb  No.127741

File: 137086ea8c0f499⋯.jpg (162.17 KB, 1034x557, 1034:557, ymir.jpg)

Theres no mention of it in the thread and I personally havent played it past the tutorial yet but theres Ymir.

Its a pvp settlers style city builder, youre supposed to play extremely long games on a persistent serber against other players in an overmap conquest mode.

587929  No.127745


does it have singleplayer vs ai?

b42c7d  No.127751

Any city builders that have the same building options like Timber and Stone but don't have a GUI and troop system that isn't COMPLETE ass?

57be14  No.127762


From a glance it reminds me of Strongholds. How far off am I from the mark?

3dc4a3  No.127825


Not as far as I know. You can play the city building portion without an enemy AI tho for what its worth.


Its more Settlers than Stronghold really.

8c5a41  No.127828


I've been playing a bit of Tropico 6. Good stuff is that traffic congestion is down and multiple islands means having one devoted to tourists and one for farming and so forth. Downsides are small things, like taking out social security for some reason which means once you hit 50 and are out of a job, it's a shack and quick death for you. They're probably add that back in as DLC or some shit, unfortunately.

12bb2d  No.127832


Does it have natural disasters at least?

4286e6  No.128610

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Have I mentioned this at all lately? Can't remember if I have.

27aab7  No.128632


>like taking out social security for some reason which means once you hit 50 and are out of a job, it's a shack and quick death for you.

Wait seriously? What else have they screwed up with Tropico 6? Or what is missing?

0b6bee  No.128722

Anyone checked out the full version of Anno 1800? I hear plenty of stuff was added to it, here's hoping the game does not have pozz content.

6bc29c  No.128729

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's a nearly 3 hour long vid of a fag playing who admits not knowing how to play properly.

Apparently it's quite easy to fail at this game and you can be fucked over by (((merchants)))

ef1f9a  No.128830


Marmite is only to be used very sparingly unless you're hardcore into it. Virgin tongued Yanks taste test it by taking a big old spoonful like a fucking hog and wretch their guts out cos the concept of using 'a little' is akin to admitting they're fond of being sodomised.

4f2122  No.128841


>cos the concept of using 'a little' is akin to admitting they're fond of being sodomised.

This is factually correct. If you can't drink the entire bottle, eat the entire tub, etc, you are like a little child.

60254a  No.128884


Then explain the rising sales?


cc717a  No.128954




>all these faggots replying to anon and not understanding the point he was making

double digits IQ

6be72d  No.130615


Who cares? This is a marmite discussion thread now anyway.

f85984  No.131102

File: 3ed5974c756d299⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1792x934, 896:467, ClipboardImage.png)

I know it's browser shit but is anyone interested in Lichenia?

It's like Sim City if you had to start up from a polluted world.

b900ad  No.131257

Well Frostpunk has sold over 1.4million copies huh. http://archive.fo/lr8Ql

4ddfeb  No.131277


I liked Poseidon Master of Atlantis much more.

96674c  No.131290


How is the latest updates to the game like?

c5514d  No.131363


Couldn't tell you honestly. They are bringing it to console though. http://archive.fo/owM6Z

Meanwhile Surviving Mars Space Farming update comes May 16th http://archive.fo/Cn7km

82564d  No.131383


I sort of wanted to try the endless modes after a break (and having finished all other scenarios), but I couldn't make it even after three tries on the harder difficulty. I think I'll eventually get a newer version and try endless modes again, though I'm still not convinced enough to buy it.


What was Surviving Mars even like?

d11fdd  No.131388


>What was Surviving Mars even like?

Forgettable. It suffers from all Paradox games issues in that it does not release with nearly enough features to keep you entertained so by the point it releases in a fun enough state you are already moving onto another game.

7d4724  No.131448


I wonder if Imperator: Rome will suffer from this as well.

aece8f  No.131468


It already is according to reviews.

929aa0  No.131509


I was quite surprised to hear this because usually journalists suck Paradox's dick over releasing unfinished trash. If even they are getting sick of their practices maybe Paradox might have to start rethinking their business model?

82564d  No.131653


I very much doubt it. Paradox Plaza can be described as more Reddit than Reddit with some extreme Stockholm Syndrome going on. They will prop up whatever inane scam Paradox put out this time.

faab8c  No.131815

So Anno 1800 apparently having issues with players being unable to play. Not entirely clear what's the issue at the moment but will try to follow this.


e50b08  No.131888


Same could be said with your average Gearbox, Bethesda, and Bioware drone. Hell just your average drone in general.


So it's nothing?

a52aaa  No.131993


Seems nothing, no new news other than Anno 1800 selling insanely well and Steam getting BTFO. http://archive.fo/lVxEC

5f8ceb  No.132408


>Comparing it to Anno 2205

Well shit, anything could outsell that shitty garbagefest.

c35d2e  No.133008

Well Clockwork Empires, a City Builder nobody has ever heard of, is being removed from sale. http://archive.fo/4oeKT

e1c7a9  No.133017


What even is it?

590861  No.133020


Damn, they made Dungeons of Dredmor. Didn't know they died back in 2016 too. With random indie darlings like Stardew Valley and such, it's easy to forget that the indie devs actually have very few chances to make mistakes and often die quick.


Steampunk city builder with Lovecraftian horrors, if I remember correctly.

119436  No.133085


>anno 1800

lol people still buy this SJW shit? Fags constantly talk about how SJW infested and cucked video games are and then still end up buying it

1d4bf7  No.133120


How is it SJW?

f69659  No.133188

>city builders

>not RTS master race

b2851e  No.133244


>Being a nigger

>Not going to RTS thread

I bet you like Starcraft 2

80c556  No.133419

Islanders just got a significant content update http://archive.fo/lklV1

fdca7f  No.133551

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I feel like Cities Skylines is turning into The Sims.

Useless degrees DLC.

6a1858  No.133639


Wait a second is this for the first game? Wasn't there a sequel already out? Have I switched universes again without knowing?

fa7c0d  No.133672


It had a major update to the visuals recently. Might be the reason for your confusion.

a4af2a  No.134145


You are clearly dropped from a parallel dimension anon. Tell us, what is it like?

cbc938  No.136258

Are any of the anno games worthy to buy? I only got to play anno 20077 long ago, and I think didnt liked much, but not sure if was because game was shitty or not. And now that the games are really cheap now, so maybe I can try them.

b63372  No.136445


All games are fine, except for 2205 (srsly, don't), and I don't know anything about 1800, haven't played it yet (and I probably won't), since like 2070 and 2205, it's on unoplay. 1404 and earlier games are available on GoG, for ease of access.

db1c6b  No.136461


>Anno 20077

Excuse me anon?

0e2c4d  No.136715


Anno 1404 and 1701 are good. Basically anything before Uplay.

7d4724  No.136780

File: 7a3332243515873⋯.jpg (199.29 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 6rSdar-jzkI.jpg)

File: 06ed5da89477dab⋯.jpg (178.73 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, bg-LNYO2-30.jpg)

File: e306c07172ee26a⋯.jpg (314.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, oTX1WizP6s4.jpg)

First Anno 1800 expansion dropping June 5th. Introduces a new Medium opponent, desertion mechanic, new quests and items plus avatars and achiements for (((Ubisoft Club)))

66b88f  No.136816


There's something very jarring about that massive 1984-style poster in a game set in the 1800s. It looks like Dishonored.

>champion of a union of student dentists

They having a giggle? Or is he supposed to be a legitimate threat?

a16e98  No.136819


That guy's face looks like a M&B character.

7d4724  No.136824


He is, that's the new Medium opponent I mentioned.

4f2122  No.136825



>property is theft

Just fucking say Communist. I guess they don't want to paint them in a negative light.

4f2122  No.136826


Word filters are just so fucking gay. Not funny, not interesting, just an obstruction to discourse.

367e0e  No.136900


It looks like someone watched The Time Machine and felt that's what old timey was like.

66b88f  No.136985


I am actually still interested in the game, it seems like it will be like 2070 were it ironically makes the "bad" guys look awesome. It's hard to hate the Tycoons when you brought home a burger and are having a drink. Shame about the DRM, I'll post some screenshots in 5 years when I finally cave and buy a boxed copy.

e48b92  No.136990

File: fc66ab2cdef6aaa⋯.jpg (49.47 KB, 545x526, 545:526, 1528131862426.jpg)


>looked interesting

>developer's name sounded familiar

<Molleindustria is an Italian guerrilla semiotics and culture jamming website that produces flash videogames based on provocative left-wing socio-political points of view, like on topics like labour market flexibility and Queer theory, in explicit opposition with the mainstream video game industry.

Well looks like they became gay, they made some flash games like the McDonald's simulator and Oiligarchy but what the fuck.

66b88f  No.136992


Presumably you get the subtext out of a game based on simulating minimum wage work and a game named "oligarchy"? They were probably always gay, they had just yet to jump the shark.

>explicit opposition

Yeah nah, they're trying to slip it in real quiet like. Typical tricks.

7d4724  No.136998


Technically, neither are bad guys. Hell Tycoons faction leader sounds like your typical overworked CEO. There's plenty of other enemies to go around, like pirates that steal nukes for lulz.

66b88f  No.137039


>>neither of them are bad guys

Indeed, especially when you consider that they were going for an environmental message and then the ecos have fucking smart phones as a luxury and all of their buildings require more clearing of land than the tycoons.

I've only done campaign and single missions, I take it the nuke stealing happens randomly in continuous?

d69bd2  No.137049


Better than what Atari have been up to. http://archive.fo/ue6FV

8c79ff  No.137091


both the games had you be management and were made in the early 2000s so could have been seen as being anti-(((neoconservative))) but they decided to become commies instead

ace763  No.137955


>an.archist AI opponent

<muh revolution muh working class and shit

<(((socialist congress)))

>totally not communism: the faction

>obama hope and change meme banner

>ubisoft blatantly painting communism as a good thing

Glad I didn't DL this fucking AIDS-ridden sjw bullshit, the game could've been good but never did

I fucking hate sneaky left wing bullshit inserts on vidya

abe813  No.137978

That ambidextriousist guy is in Anno 1800 now which is neat.

ace763  No.138000


But at what cost? And there's nothing neat about putting not!commie shit under a 'muh anarghe :DD' label tag in a video game, this is (((ubisoft))) we're talking about not it's former owners and creators 'Max Design'.

If the latter were still around I'm sure they wouldn't come up with low key political shit like this

cf9302  No.138031

File: 9d0454592da1eb7⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1096, 240:137, ClipboardImage.png)

So I just had an autism thought question that felt this was the best place to ask.

Most fantasy worlds are full of cities that infamously have retarded to non existent logistics that means essential services won't work, in otherwords there's no ways they should be able to function.

So how would anons make the ideal fantasy city?

ace763  No.138032

File: 03caa2501216fb4⋯.png (191.78 KB, 589x640, 589:640, komi lisa by Hioyami.png)


Practicality, Efficiency, a bit of Logic, and also depending on how involved magic and related creatures are in their universe.

At least that's what I think, I might miss a few things though however that is the basics on how to make an interesting universe for a novel/game.

cf9302  No.138033

File: 818dca0d43ecbdf⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1244x700, 311:175, ClipboardImage.png)


What rules would you establish?

ace763  No.138036

File: 89138dbf50326e9⋯.jpg (402.06 KB, 3143x1385, 3143:1385, 1529181408200.jpg)

File: e190577ad2d5a30⋯.png (352.59 KB, 584x392, 73:49, 5f3be69a101294fc72e046f859….png)

File: 1fc39a59e850080⋯.jpg (73.53 KB, 500x663, 500:663, 1386737357707.jpg)


I would factor in;

>Geological location

>Bio-region type (Redwood Forests of the US west coast, North American/Tibetan Tundra, Latakia Highlands of Syria, Himalayan Mountain Range, Cambodian Jungle, etc.)

>Cultural and religious influence from other regions/nations/factions

>Arcane Involvement and level (aka magic)

>level/influence of related creatures (Dragons, Fey, Demon, Angel, Eldritch, Deities, etc.)

>involvement/influence of other races like Elves, Dwarves, Therianthropes (e.g. cat/dog/bunnygirls), Demihumans (e.g. Goblins, Orcs, Werewolf), Heteromorphs (Undead,Monsters,Giants,etc.) and high level beings(Angels, Demons, Eldritch) and others (Automatons, Yokai/Spirits, Higher level Humans)

>World type (Compact Planet with a molten interior or a Hollow Planet with an inner realm)

Just to name a few.

cf9302  No.138038


Gives me an idea for setting up a few rulesets. fantasy worlds are best when they create logic to follow

ac272c  No.138043

Is the mars game gud yet?

f7932d  No.138045


What a vague statement. Which ones?

d84242  No.138191


Which one? There's like 8.

a9c7b3  No.138989



The paradox one, Surviving Mars or something like that?

2460c3  No.139242


Pretty sure that was a Slav game?

7d4724  No.139271


It happens in one of mini-campaigns. The pirates steal nukes because they're acting like Nolan's Joker and you need to stop them.

7d4724  No.139675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Guess what game series is coming back

93ea99  No.139696


Not a new Stronghold is it? Couldn't get trailer to load

7d4724  No.139700


It actually is, and set in picturesque Asia. You can play as chinks, mongols, gooks or Charlies.

4ba900  No.139711

File: 2f201825fcf421d⋯.jpg (136.63 KB, 487x524, 487:524, Finngolian.jpg)




7d4724  No.139713


Also Japs, almost forgot about them. Time period will be China 300 years B.C. till rise of Mongol Empire. And troops are now commanded by eponymous warlords,each with his own stats and strenghts.

4ba900  No.139714


>eponymous warlords

Lewd Boy and Big Dong?

571c85  No.139730


I swear I saw an anon revealing this a few months back.

7d4724  No.140298

Oh, and those of you that actually bought lol, people payed for it Age of Empires 2 HD can rest easy - it won't be pulled from Steam after Definitive Edition comes out.

e64133  No.140433


Age of Empires isn't a City Builder anon unless you are a terrible player

1f0567  No.140468


>Age of Empires isn't a city builder

Isn't that what made it popular with normals though? i.e. you could play it like a city builder?

5175d8  No.141437

File: 31127a0bfc4e826⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 600x831, 200:277, iron pagoda.jpg)

File: 15d6e98ac7f46ca⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 312x525, 104:175, 568338a9b646d7c889785c08f1….jpg)


>chinks again

>chinks being the focus of a series about building castles

can anyone here name 3 most well known chinese fortresses? because i cannot think of a single one. maybe forbidden city but it really doesnt count. i am pretty sure they always just walled in their cities.

85916d  No.141444


I dunno, maybe the most extensive line of fortifications in the world that was build in China.

5175d8  No.141445


its a wall, not a castle. how can you make a good game from manning a wall?

85916d  No.141446


What is a castle but a set of walls? Chinese just thought bigger. And regardless, there was plenty of fortresses build along the clustefuck of fortifications that is now called a singular wall.

513c07  No.141449


What if you built your castle underground?

85916d  No.141478


Wouldn't that be a bunker? I can't say I'm actually familiar enough of these definitions to go all semantic over this. Are there actually any underground fortresses that are called castles? I guess you could say the ground is the walls.

28e536  No.141479

File: 43c14c897bbee65⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1400x700, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Dwarf Fortress?

6e5aa3  No.141744

Can we consider games like Dungeon Keeper city builders?

757a8a  No.141752


Wikipedia says there's about 100 different ways to refer to a castle or something that's part of a fortification. I think it's all made up names to describe what is effectively the same thing, but invented at a different time.

6ad08e  No.141765


I don't see why not. Played and discussed it to death though.

508e67  No.141767

How do people here feel about Cities: Skylines? I remember playing it years ago and it was pretty unfinished-mechanics wise but somehow it was fun to just build things and see miniature people and cars go around.

6ad08e  No.141774


Been a while but I always felt it had huge performance issues. After a while there was what definitely felt like a memory leak that forced you to shut down and restart the game.

ac272c  No.141816


I thought the DLCs were really disappointing. The nightlife one was a great addition but had a few bugs that were never fixed sadly. Haven't played for awhile but I'm willing to bet Taxis are still useless. Mass Transit is probably the best one but came like two years after launch. Can't comment on the last couple expansions though.

6be72d  No.141830

I still swear Cities Skyline 2 came out yet it got erased from history due to warp fuckery. Am I living in an alternate timeline?

668a5c  No.142541


Maybe. I don't remember it ever being in development.

dcc05c  No.142694

So Tropico 6 is coming to console. Thoughts or just leave it? https://archive.vn/TQ1rd

e52b7a  No.145834

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What about becoming an industrial tycoon?

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