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File: 8a963e443f99c20⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 8a963e443f99c20aa9bf893731….png)


Setup lobbies, bitch about poppo stealing your stars, discuss the other games, lose to the ai every time, get bullied, land on a bomb etc

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PW: robutt


File: ef7c1ff3e9134f7⋯.png (840.5 KB, 900x798, 150:133, kanna_toooot.png)

>One of the bosses is Star Devourer

>Its Poppo and Star Breaker fused together


File: 2e35ebb11c3fe0f⋯.jpg (190.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190525185024_1.jpg)

We're playing again.


PW: star thief



changed the PW to tits


File: 0fca057806f40c9⋯.png (304.76 KB, 720x311, 720:311, a9631fdb150a0926582028810f….png)

New OJ Update!

New Idols, New Songs, New Cards!

The path to stardom is now open! Become top idols with the new Sora & Sham (Cuties) Character Pack!

The new character pair comes fully voiced and ready to put on a live concert!

Sora & Sham (Cuties) (Voices: Maruyama Miki (Sora), Fukuyama Saori (Sham))

0/0/+1, 4 HP, 5 REC

Can only choose Stars norma. Gain X additional stars from all sources, where X is the number of different Event cards you played. In battle, randomly gain +1 ATK or DEF.

Hyper (Boost): Special Stage

Level: 1, ★Cost: Level x10

nGo to Live Mode for (your Lvl) turns. Gain MOV -3, can only trigger movement type panels and cannot use cards. Cannot be challenged or be the target of Boost cards. If an opponent ends their turn in 2 panel radius, steal (your Lvl) x5 stars from them. Ends on KO.

Ultimate Weapon Girl Character Song Pack

Prepare to die of cuteness overload! A second DLC has been made available alongside the new unit: 100% Orange Juice - Character Song Pack: Ultimate Weapon Girl is the first official character song pack made exclusively for 100% Orange Juice! It contains the Sham & Sora (Cuties) character song "Ultimate Weapon Girl" in 5 different versions!

Lyrics: Hono

Composition: DEKU

Arrangement: Fukuyama Saori

Vocals: Sora (Maruyama Miki) and Sham (Fukuyama Saori)

This has been an awesome project to work on, and we hope you'll enjoy how it turned out!

Please note that this DLC grants no in-game bonuses.

You can check out the full track on the official Fruitbat Factory YouTube channel:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 255cc3955d77733⋯.jpg (471.17 KB, 1274x764, 637:382, Homu homuing 2.jpg)


Post ITT every time you visit this board

so that we can generate more activity.

Previous thread >>104

Another Madoka OP because Walpurgisnacht is April 30th.

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File: 6f4d91642af862e⋯.png (668.44 KB, 1290x1822, 645:911, r5.png)

File: dd7bd44e4afe35d⋯.jpg (585.11 KB, 1114x1600, 557:800, V32.jpg)

June 22, 2019


1 x ½ - Ch. 13.12 +α - MangaDex.html


Luminous=Blue - Ch. 7


Futaribeya - Vol. 7 Ch. 57


Video Rental Shop - Ch. 10


Futakaku Kankei. - Vol. 2 Ch. 9


Kurokami Miko to Maria Witch - Vol. 1 Ch. 3


Not the Holy Mother or anything by hikaru (ofuton at5)


Please Call Me


Kanaete! Yuri Yousei - Ch. 6



File: 9d80e5db44384a4⋯.png (661.74 KB, 800x567, 800:567, ClipboardImage.png)

>my gf is a lolicon


File: 2db692615fdbaed⋯.jpg (154.86 KB, 1200x1029, 400:343, D94GoI2UEAEfshv.jpg)

File: 9dc38a2e5e558bb⋯.jpg (165.93 KB, 1200x845, 240:169, D95d50pU8AAlcTO.jpg)

File: 52cdab05bfad9d6⋯.jpg (120.26 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, D95dcvnVAAIHO9o.jpg)

File: 9f75000a7f4c908⋯.jpg (144.71 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D95EMSrUcAAPFsc.jpg)

File: 66c2c6adc5202f3⋯.jpg (171.44 KB, 1200x847, 1200:847, D95g23HVAAA8_mk.jpg)

Also happy yuri day! These are art I could find on Twitter,


File: 1b84426afaa5400⋯.jpg (79.39 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, D924husU0AACvDp.jpg)

File: 5ba319a6c2e5336⋯.jpg (226.89 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DggIFnnU0AAUfsJ.jpg)

File: 93547b9963c6762⋯.jpg (149.16 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, DgiODJSUEAA0cvT.jpg)

File: 8f23baa6d248e29⋯.jpg (191.52 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, DgiOMiCUcAAqyKJ.jpg)


File: 7ecce7867de534e⋯.png (1.2 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 75369267_p0.png)

File: 061a664c824936e⋯.jpg (2.73 MB, 2894x2039, 2894:2039, 59357852_p0.jpg)


A general thread for all Internet streams that pertains to /yuri/, including but not limited to the Weekly Stream. Discussions, suggestions, and technical questions for all streams are welcome on this thread.

/yuri/ Stream Channel:


/u/ Stream Channel:




135 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at


Good ep today. Was wondering - should we just do two eps of Marimite a night for this season since the guy who suggested Xena is gonna be gone for a while? It was only me and you in the stream for that ep.


File: aa8fb49cd678c74⋯.jpg (154.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd S….jpg)


>Maybe a Chikane pushing the couch during the rape scene too.

Forgive me, but I am still a newfag who hasn't watched that yet. I'll probably start streaming it October since iirc that's when the anime takes place


I was going to bring this up right now actually.

Since people leave when we put up Xena and the guy who requested is gone I think we should put it on hold for now.

Either 2 eps of marimite or if you guys want we could probably start on another series in Xena's place if you want. But Marimite is really getting interesting now, so I think 2 eps might be better.



I'm for two eps.


File: 063d634be4cb505⋯.jpg (67.53 KB, 519x530, 519:530, 49800.jpg)

File: ade0c4518c4212c⋯.jpg (67.66 KB, 500x800, 5:8, 2335707.jpg)



For the fiddle emote, I found 2 fitting pictures.

The first is of a girl from Rival Schools, her pose works better imo and the second is more relevant because it's Sachiko.

Which one do you guys think works better?



meant to quote >>1469

File: 3c65d503bdff719⋯.png (36.09 KB, 1837x131, 1837:131, life_of_a_scanlator.png)


Make requests and post your scanlations/translations. Also request cleaners/typesetters/quality checkers here for anything you want to translate.

Some useful info:


I'll post other links later.

49 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: a34e8b9526f3d5c⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 220x220, 1:1, fuckin bitch.jpg)

>Get doujins that were never uploaded anywhere

>The artist who made them attempted to TL and typeset them

>His English version has terrible English, uses comic sans as the main font, and has text going out of speech bubbles

When I release these, I'm only going to release the JP versions since they can get a better TL later. I really don't want these to be the versions that everyone reads first.

Don't expect them to be released asap. I'm going to wait a bit before releasing them since he might be able to figure out who's sharing them if I release them now.


File: 60509bad1c5d0e5⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1600x2262, 800:1131, 3968489_p0 english.png)

While we wait for the next release, here's a 4koma I requested to be TL'd ages ago.

[Kupala] Monhun

It's literally just girls from an obscure PS2 game playing Monster Hunter. This was probably best left untranslated so you wouldn't how unfunny it is.



I find the, perhaps unintentional, jab at longsword users quite funny.



Me too. Longsword even in single player only has some very niche uses with some of the elemental swords vs specific monsters.




Good joke

File: 77acace4e73b233⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 79b495ae449ee9cc56e1167706….png)


Go nuts and post any game or VN with yuri in it.

55 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 50d1a2d667ae999⋯.jpg (26.8 KB, 293x360, 293:360, scared kat.jpg)


I-it won't be bad right?

Their Killer 7 PC port was alright


Steam added a LGBTQ+ tag. No yuri/lesbian tag or anything like that so you are gonna be stuck getting recommended bara gay and tranny shit.



At least curators exist to void having to go through all of that shit.



Yeah. There is that. I'm subscribed to one of the yuri ones myself.



Just a reminder that if you're a buyfag or don't want to rely on cracking groups who never update their shit but don't want to support NISA, you can always buy a steam key from key sellers listed here https://isthereanydeal.com/

If you can stomach the fact that someone already bought a copy of it and later sold it to you.

Also make sure that the key wasn't developer generated otherwise they'll get 100% of what you paid for it instead.

File: 82b8a483c351160⋯.jpg (395.09 KB, 1856x1534, 928:767, How_to_draw_tits.jpg)

File: cc815cb4742611a⋯.jpg (230.24 KB, 700x700, 1:1, How_to_draw_arms.jpg)

File: 073c16b9635a613⋯.jpg (42.64 KB, 640x598, 320:299, How_to_draw_female_arms.jpg)

File: 967434f5a2f2972⋯.jpg (190.79 KB, 1280x975, 256:195, How_to_draw_fingers_and_fo….jpg)

File: d6fb86f9ab07783⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2854x3362, 1427:1681, Lean_line.jpg)


Tired of waiting for good Yuri stuff? You want fluffy romance stories with something beyond schoolgirls, more content of your favorite couple or just sexy women eating lots of pussy? Then, how about to make them yourself?

Based on /monster/'s drawing thread, where anons learn how to make monster girls, this one will give sources and tips for those who want to create Yuri-themed pictures. If you find anything interesting or want to share your gains, please feel free to post.

Websites to browse:



/loomis/ is the 8chan version of /ic/'s begginner threads but with more constructive critique and less shitposts. The board is very slow but has interesting topics about drawing and precious books and videos in their sticky:

Resource Hub:


MEGA.nz page:


Recommended book for start: "Fun with a Pencil" -Andrew Loomis.

Fun with a Pencil explores the basics explaining construction and use of shapes on pictures. A very funny didactic book, imo.

Second book: Famous Artists Course Collection.

Quoting Wikipedia:

>"Famous Artists School is an art correspondence course institution, in operation since 1948. The school was founded by members of the New York Society of Illustrators, principally Albert Dorne and Norman Rockwell."

>"The original courses offered in 1948 were Painting, Illustration/DesiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

26 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Ah yes, they're both cute and a bit creepy, which is perfect for them. I see you even drew the kanji on her yellow paper.

By the way, we're back to not having any requests again. I'm the one that requested that so I feel I should leave someone else to request now.


File: 9afee13e0b26efc⋯.png (370.88 KB, 1460x1681, 1460:1681, 2481_44475dc33d622ad4.png)

File: 1a0bac170acbd64⋯.png (128.32 KB, 2020x1084, 505:271, 2482_c1010825967f2050.png)

File: 13e60b7f31ca163⋯.png (492.51 KB, 3500x1800, 35:18, 2479_bf6027579509f652.png)

File: 7c75069f58080e7⋯.png (102.72 KB, 809x857, 809:857, Shermanne.png)

Okay this isn't my favorite but the IRC pretty much impacted on what to request, and the people there have a lot of requests done apparently. I'll go and try for my second draw request.

I have a pretty complex request, so I'll list a easier one to go with it.

Can I have the two having a tank battle while one of them is crying? They may be looking outside of the tank like in the last 2 images, if necessary. Doesn't stop them form controlling the tank.

Alternatively, could I have them eating MRE after what seems to be a small battle?


File: 81e0c70ae926c39⋯.png (55.12 KB, 849x949, 849:949, Armory_Anne.png)


File: dca51ecfe5c139b⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 3553x4687, 3553:4687, 6561c63b1314748f468c0045de….jpg)

Request: Shizuma on a throne with a harem of girls sitting at her feet and Nagisa sitting on her lap getting seduced. How you go about this is up to you.


File: 0f9f824d6f27063⋯.png (98.78 KB, 632x2776, 79:347, TheWordsofthePoet.png)

File: 46fe6e8ad43340b⋯.png (96.39 KB, 612x3437, 612:3437, TheWordsofthePoetpt2.png)

File: a64675bfe31c2e8⋯.png (350.89 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1559250023437.png)



File: 383e4e084538729⋯.png (14.88 KB, 492x121, 492:121, Not gay if its an elf.png)


I really need to sit down and play these games one day.

Thank you for the links.



a Dragon's Request is the latest one and not fully finished yet and still being demo'd for minor errors but there is a ton of content there. I'd say go for Embric and then Quantum. 5 Witches is supposed to be a demo still.



Oh shit! Is QE done? I've been waiting on that for ever. Thanks for this.



I don't know if it is. I think that's just an update.

File: a68ff31f2cb087e⋯.jpg (271.7 KB, 2011x1175, 2011:1175, abd811a9bb11927e5ec8f6a6a7….jpg)


This series always had a bunch of gay girls in it.

10 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I've never touched a single FE game before.

Can someone please recommend me some? Preferably ones that are yuri friendly and can be emulated.


File: 1c6f71cc7b51718⋯.jpg (205.32 KB, 1168x780, 292:195, __priscilla_rebecca_lyndis….jpg)


Start with 7 on the GBA. The stories there are Kino. Sacred Stones afterwards is pretty good as it refines the gameplay to make it better.


File: e349528af3fdf88⋯.jpg (131.49 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, f60343f2a1840ff2d724e26070….jpg)

Three Houses actually looks like it might be good story wise now that the leak turned out to be true and the timeskip is real. Apparently there is gonna be a bunch of yuri pairings too and the characters and supports are gonna be a massive step up from Fates and Awakening more along the lines of Jugdral (FE4 and FE5).


File: 99dc8fbb7635898⋯.jpg (353.07 KB, 1428x1108, 357:277, 75073720_p0.jpg)



That's a lot of Lyns.

File: a4e88dc2a4a0118⋯.jpg (92.69 KB, 500x702, 250:351, patron_saints_of_fanfictio….jpg)


This is a thread for fanfiction.

Places to read fanfiction:

fanfiction.net (sort by follows)

archiveofourown.org (sort by kudos)

>An archive of fics compiled and shared by a kind anon


Post links to fics and discuss them and fanfiction in general.

113 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


That feeling when you have multiple plotlines planned or theorized but a couple conflict with each other and could easily be their own fics and you kinda want to write them as well.


I had a bunch of archived sites full of old Xena fics if anyone is interested.



I might dump the chapter early. We'll see.





File: ef62198cef818b8⋯.jpg (144.53 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, angel.jpg)


I binge read White Angels Have No Wings/Rest the other day:



Pretty good stuff. Post anything you all have read or are currently reading. Don't link to Lezhin tho. Try to provide a free to read site or download.

I've wondered about something - is there any reason 4/u/ doesn't post links to places that aren't lezhin? Just seems really stupid.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Yeonhwa best girl.


File: 79f2ced832a6d4f⋯.png (1.23 MB, 712x1700, 178:425, 1560975900871.png)

>>1414 (checked)

Sure she is. Yeonhwa best unnie.



She should grow her hair out long again though. I do like how fucked in the head Dahye is though and how she still can't get over her attraction to Yeonhwa.


File: c29a4e132722f55⋯.jpg (367.5 KB, 1024x3758, 512:1879, 020.jpg)


Yeonhwa looks better with long hair. Since Dahye is eager to get her revenge in WAHNR, I think there are chances of Yeonhwa making her hair longer again. After all, when she couldn't have the real albino, she hired a tanned prostitute using a white long straight wig just like Yeonhwa's hair. She's that obsessed for the rapist.



I'm wondering how badly Rest is gonna end. Will Dahye end up in prison this time or will we get a rare good end for everyone? I was thinking on the choking stuff - there might be a chance this even ends in accidental murder. The hate sex has been glorious so far.

Dahye needs to stop trying to wear pants and just accept that she wants to be the submissive imouto to a more dominant oneesama.

File: 767a22680969b83⋯.jpg (661.48 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, c941603400cd21578df7e649db….jpg)


What music do you listen to whilst browsing /yuri/?

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 95bad011d248d23⋯.mp4 (4.68 MB, 600x600, 1:1, dagothur.mp4)


mp4 form for (you)





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


N'wahs did nine eleven.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: b8dcc9016e12c1e⋯.jpg (344.24 KB, 975x1200, 13:16, 1547583590518.jpg)


Let's read, request, recommend, and discuss books that are /yuri/ related!


ulit Archives 2017 torrent (4670 books, release dates up till December 2017):



Direct download:


ulit Archives 2017 Erotica add-on torrent (969 books):


How to find books:

Mobilism Search for Lesbian, FF, LGBT, and GLBT keywords:


Custom Google Search:


Downloading from #bookz on IRC:


B-OK (Bookzz):

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
25 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Anybody read anything good recently?


File: 6169c238ef07059⋯.jpg (179.34 KB, 400x661, 400:661, colette-en-claudine.jpg)


Not exactly what I was expecting but it was a good read. In terms of lesbian content: Claudine seduces the young new schoolteacher, then the school headmistress NTRs her and steals the schoolteacher away, then Claudine later gets her claws into the schoolteacher's younger sister. And besides that it's just really fun to read about their provincial French town and all the mischief the girls get up to and their little dramas and the mean things they do to each other. It had me almost rolling around laughing several times. Haven't gotten the other books in the series yet though.



Ah. Was hoping I could find it online. But they only have previews. Could probably just get it out of a local library though from the looks of it.






Bingo this works. Just use the mirror links to get the epub.

File: 9b285c4a83815bc⋯.jpg (274.26 KB, 800x782, 400:391, 23846330_p0.jpg)

File: 0f2de59559a82dd⋯.jpg (310.69 KB, 600x461, 600:461, 25052984_p0.jpg)


It's about time we have one of these. Share whatever relevant files you have, or request things that other Anons might have.

Sharing is caring and you do care about other anons right?

To get things started I'll post links to things on my mega account that people here might want.

7 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Thanks. I've been needing this for a while!



>Error: File too big to be reliably handled in memory.

Kill me



Hm, that's right, mega hates letting people download large files

I'll have to reupload it to Google drive later since it's unironically a good place to host stuff

I've downloaded PS3 roms there in one go.



Sorry for the delay, here's a google drive mirror



File: c37ca4ef18caa6b⋯.jpg (826.97 KB, 1518x1375, 138:125, Cover.jpg)

For that Anon in the streams who wanted the music I played before todays stream:

Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection OST


Techincally yuri since Dark Resurrection added /ourgirl/, Lili.

File: ea1d8a9e72f842d⋯.jpg (420.14 KB, 1073x1650, 1073:1650, crush_1.jpg)

File: 4ed6e9300eb4678⋯.jpg (338.92 KB, 1073x1650, 1073:1650, crush_2.jpg)


Comic book yuri thread. This is a thread for non-Japanese comic books.


File: 127ebfe22a82c1e⋯.jpg (41.95 KB, 364x499, 364:499, 51eTez9dnML._SX362_BO1,204….jpg)

Just finished reading this and I liked it a lot. It's about two French girls falling in love over the Internet and supporting each other's dreams to become artists. Also mild age gap.


File: 01cec1c12a07c2e⋯.jpg (73.23 KB, 529x814, 529:814, 657577.jpg)

I think this is basically the original indie lesbo shipping comic. It ran for over 10 years. There's some epic angst, but also some really weird plotlines and a man who tries to interfere in the main girls' relationship. Might be worth checking out.



Is this available in english?



I tried looking but couldn’t find one. Probably not.



Yeah I tried looking too. Sucks.

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