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File: b8dcc9016e12c1e⋯.jpg (344.24 KB, 975x1200, 13:16, 1547583590518.jpg)


Let's read, request, recommend, and discuss books that are /yuri/ related!


ulit Archives 2017 torrent (4670 books, release dates up till December 2017):



Direct download:


ulit Archives 2017 Erotica add-on torrent (969 books):


How to find books:

Mobilism Search for Lesbian, FF, LGBT, and GLBT keywords:


Custom Google Search:


Downloading from #bookz on IRC:


B-OK (Bookzz):


Library Genesis:



File: 6fff7cfaa614d65⋯.png (301.54 KB, 1309x726, 119:66, 1547583779773.png)

Start with this chart.


File: dd41519c71d55bd⋯.png (1.2 MB, 11000x1578, 5500:789, 4u rec chart.png)


Move to this later. Edited both halves to be a single image.

All of this was taken from 4/u/ obviously.



Oh and here's a collection for this chart:



File: ffbf2b666955590⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 313x500, 313:500, pegasi_and_prefects.jpg)

I'm currently reading this novel. It's about a girls boarding school and some magical stuff is involved, but the interpersonal relations seem to be the focus. Only about 20% in but it's ultra-cute so far. Reminds me of a Marimite novel.



You can find that in this archive here:




I finished reading this. It’s really just so nice and delightful, especially for lesfic. The author doesn’t seem to have written anything new since 2015, and that’s a terrible shame.



And the author even says here https://www.sarahdaltonbooks.com/single-post/2015/03/30/YA-Spring-Fling-Interview-with-Eleanor-Beresford that class S and Marimite are some of her inspirations.



>Another inspiration is manga, anime and Japanese light novels, particularly the ‘Class S’ genre that focus on girls at school and their friendships, romantic or otherwise. I would single out Dear Brother and Maria Watches Over Us as inspiration—and Revolutionary Girl Utena, another magical boarding school series, in which a girl prince is torn between a conventional, passive heterosexual role and being drawn to a mysterious princess/witch.

>Oniisama E



Good taste in anime.


File: 4165e5206d03f25⋯.png (64.98 KB, 500x533, 500:533, ya_novels_by_gender.png)

>50% about men

>25% about women

Men ruin everything yet again.



I'm surprised it's not higher for girls.




Went and downloaded this. I'll post my thoughts later.


File: efb6d67170b82e2⋯.jpg (29.93 KB, 313x500, 313:500, elves_and_escapades.jpg)

File: 32adf18247ede32⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 323x500, 323:500, faires_and_felicitations.jpg)


I also read the other two books she's published, and they're both great. The author seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth, but Charley's storyline at least does get wrapped up in the next book.



Yeah I grabbed all three books. Was it wrapped up with the third book or was it supposed to be wrapped up in the fourth book and now they've disappeared?



It was wrapped up in the second book. The third book is a novella-length side story involving different characters. The next book in the series was supposed to switch focus to Esther, one of Charley's friends (also the most based character).



Ah ok.

>The next book in the series was supposed to switch focus to Esther, one of Charley's friends (also the most based character).

Why is she based? Like is she a proper sexually repressed gay ojou with glorious hair who is secretly one step away from going Terminator on the entire cast with a wand?



She's beautiful and cool, and spends a lot of time teasing Charley and trying to seduce her even though she clearly belongs with Cecily. Gay as hell and kind of reminds me of Sachiko.



Sachiko was always best Marimite. She sounds pretty good tho.


File: ff6c3bac29a3448⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 357x499, 357:499, if_not_winter.jpg)

I just got this in the mail.



Are there two pages devoted to exactly two words?



There are lots of pages with only a few words on them. All of the book is fragments except for one complete poem, and some of the fragments are very fragmentary.


> For if she flees, soon she will pursue.

> If she refuses gifts, rather will she give them.

> If she does not love, soon she will love

> even unwilling.

>even unwilling



Hm. Post a good poem from it.



Well post a good fragment from it I guess. I might be too much of a pleb for this sort of thing…



I just did. But okay, here's another one (excerpt from fragment 94):

> I simply want to be dead.

> Weeping she left me


> with many tears and said this:

> Oh how badly things have turned out for us.

> Sappho, I swear, against my will I leave you.


> And I answered her:

> Rejoice, go and

> remember me. For you know how we cherished you.


> But if not, I want

> to remind you

> ] and beautiful times we had.

> For many crowns of violets

> and roses

> ] at my side you put on

> and many woven garlands

> made of flowers

> around your soft throat.


> And with sweet oil

> costly

> you anointed yourself


> and on a soft bed

> delicate

> you would let loose your longing




> And with sweet oil

> costly

> you anointed yourself

> and on a soft bed

> delicate

> you would let loose your longing

Hm. Actually. I see what you mean.



> If she does not love, soon she will love

> even unwilling.

Lesbian rape. A tradition.


Anybody read anything good recently?


File: 6169c238ef07059⋯.jpg (179.34 KB, 400x661, 400:661, colette-en-claudine.jpg)


Not exactly what I was expecting but it was a good read. In terms of lesbian content: Claudine seduces the young new schoolteacher, then the school headmistress NTRs her and steals the schoolteacher away, then Claudine later gets her claws into the schoolteacher's younger sister. And besides that it's just really fun to read about their provincial French town and all the mischief the girls get up to and their little dramas and the mean things they do to each other. It had me almost rolling around laughing several times. Haven't gotten the other books in the series yet though.



Ah. Was hoping I could find it online. But they only have previews. Could probably just get it out of a local library though from the looks of it.






Bingo this works. Just use the mirror links to get the epub.

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