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File: b27a0efbd4a683d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 600x800, 3:4, image_420.png)


>meanest thing you did to a girl



Apparently when I was like 2 I bit the cheek off some cunt and she has a huge scar and slopped eye. Like I just turned around at day care one day and lached on and started ripping into her cheek.

Roastie probably deserved it


File: 27ac61ca3fdfb9f⋯.jpeg (8.34 KB, 276x182, 138:91, 3C8ACFB5-8E50-49CE-B5A5-C….jpeg)


I had a kid bite my ear when I was in day care, people like you should be gassed.



A girl was making fun of me once so I spat right on her face.


I once told a girl I liked her. I was then informed that this is somehow an insult, and also literally rape. If I ever get out of prison, I will never do it again.


File: 2c7d25bd14cf2e5⋯.jpg (86.36 KB, 600x860, 30:43, batmangrimrealization.jpg)


>>meanest thing you did to a girl

Married her, dooming her to a life of never getting ahead.


File: 4f2c4d311208231⋯.jpeg (17.81 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 4B56706C-ECD3-4370-AF55-B….jpeg)


>left my house and they had to witness me


I broke up with her for a petty reason and she cried and then I ignored her when she tried to reconcile.





>petty reason

which was?


I ran over a girl with a bike and it broke her tooth right clean half in two. she had an implant in her mouth at age 11



My natural response when I'm in situations that I don't know how to deal with (in regards to me being offered something), I just kind of mumble out, "no, thanks, I'm good".

So in jr high when a girl actually asked ME out…

She asked me to a dance, and I didn't like danced, and I didn't like her (I don't know what her deal was, but she looked weird).

I doubt I emotionally scarred her, but I always felt like she was the type of girl to be really unlucky with guys and I just added to that presumed misery.

Other than that, many years later, there was this girl I met once and then fell in love with. I did a lot of spergy faggot shit both when I was trying to court her and after it became spoken that she had literally no interest in me. There was a day where we were sitting on two chairs pushed together in the community center of the college we went to, and I shit you not I was rubbing my face against her legs (she had shaven, but they were rough from new growth). Afterward, I realized that must have been really fucking awkward for her, but I just loved everything about her so much. In my undeveloped retard brain I thought I was being romantic somehow, god I should kill myself.

I literally think back to this, and other things during that period of my life and get depressed. My own cringe as self gives me ptsd.

Anyway, these weren't like, intentionally mean, maybe not even mean per se, so maybe they don't count.

I called one of my sisters a bitch once, she picked on me a lot and when I would retaliate I'd be the one to get in trouble. We get along now, but I got in trouble quite a lot because of her. Then another sister I punched in the stomach because she wouldn't leave me alone. That one I felt immediately bad about, especially because she was much younger than me.



I'll go out on a limb here and say a lot of retard nerds browse this site so you're in good company

and also don't think about it so much, it only affects if you if you let it (or if you still run into this girl regularly)



>I doubt I emotionally scarred her, but I always felt like she was the type of girl to be really unlucky with guys and I just added to that presumed misery.

When a girl is "unlucky with guys" it means she has to wait another day or two before some guy asks her out. Or she can just ask a second guy and her odds are very good. A girl getting rejected is rare. They usually don't have to even ask. It's not like when a guy is "unlucky with girls" which means no girl ever asks him ever and when he asks he gets rejected and is also made the bad guy for asking in the first place.


threw a rock at her head

a big rock



No, I mean I literally think she was retarded or something, I was kinda vague in my post because it was a long ass time ago and I can't remember. I just remember she was more than just an odd looking girl. She had a sprinkle of some kind of thing. I don't know, man.


I try not to think about it, but I do anyway. She lives many miles away now, but a lot of things remind me of her. Thinking of her ultimately reminds me of the cringe inducing way I acted, and I just shudder at myself.


File: 0ad510af1b79fc0⋯.gif (246.19 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ee3a88c1e1609098d072f69011….gif)


>my sister took an impossibly large shit and ended up clogging the toilet

>out of fear of embarrassment, she swaddled her gargantuan turd in wet toilet paper and attempted to hide it behind the bathtub in a trashcan

>I'm assuming her plan was to hide it thre so she could venture out to find a toilet plunger somewhere else in the house without anyone discovering the grotesque monstrosity she had birthed within

>it didn't work because the stink was so powerful, it was quick to attract my mother's easily offended nose right to it

>my mother is not a merciful woman, and demanded everyone in the house to assemble in the living room and for someone to fess up

>my sister panicked, and immediately tried to pin the whole thing on me. Literally trying to argue that she couldn't have possibly produced a shit that massive

>this gave her away her away to me, but my mother was convinced

>she proceeded to bitch me out for a few solid minutes. I shot my sister a "fucking really?" look, and I guess that was enough to make the guilt set in because she finally confessed to her heinous act soon after

>I couldn't miss the opportunity to rub it in her face, so that's what I did without pity, and watch as my mother produced her to pathetic tears, but it was not enough to satisfy me

>my sister even came to my room later that night and apologized, but it did nothing to cool my head, I was still pissed

so, naturally, I decided that I would tell everyone she knew about she had done. One guy in particular; a guy at church who I knew my sister had a massive crush on, and friend of mine of sorts

>so, me and this guy, his four three brothers and my sister, where all gathered up after first service and I spill the who story to everyone in complete detail, even as my sister is begging me to stop under a guise of nervous laughter

>she stormed out of the building as everyone laughed behind her

>didn't see her again for a few hours, until we you d her hiding in the car, face beet-ret and glistening with tears and snot

>wouldn't talk to me or anyone all the way home

>she didn't go back to church for months, and I don't think she talked to that boy ever again



Retarded girls still get laid easy. They have to be hideously disfigured for it to really matter. You have to realize they don't operate on the same standards as you. They play life on easy mode. everything is handed to them.


File: ef15fbd04431be0⋯.png (375.91 KB, 626x1252, 1:2, 1466535759740.png)

>8th grade, get a note passed to me during class

>Open it up, a good half page of writing

>"hi lol um i kind of like u and…"

>Stop reading, fold it back up, throw it in the trash

>Forget about it completely by the end of the day

>Few years pass before I realize how fucking autistic that was






That made me sad just reading it.



excuse the phoneposting fuckups tbh.


these two girls were making fun of me so I went all out on the insulting them. one of them was fat with bad acne so I called her a pimple-faced fat pig or something, and the other one had a huge forehead so I made fun of that. doesn't seem too bad in text but they probably both cried 'cause they must have been very self-conscious about their grotesque features. feel no remorse for the fat piggy one 'cause she's a stupid fat cunt (just like her stupid fat cunt mom that twisted her ankle on our steps on Halloween, then sued us and our insurance paid her and our rate went up. ywc for the free candy, fucking cunt) , but the other one wasn't really and she's a butterface tbh

and another one, there was this fugly brown mexican girl that had a crush on me at a job and was trying to flirt, staring etc. even though she didn't speak English. so I pointed at the sexual harassment flyers on the wall and said "work" so she must have asked around in spic language "wat 'WERK' mean? oh". and then there was this tall, beautiful blonde girl with incredibly ass/legs in blue short shorts and I was gawking at her like a rottweiler drooling over a t-bone steak (even did a double take, like 'WOW, this girl is so incredibly gorgeous') right in front of that fugly brown mexican girl. I looked at her facial expression afterwards and it was this deep sorrow, she must have balled her eyes out that night "wahhh, why do I have to be an ugly troll-faced dirty mexican? why can't I be a tall, beautiful, blonde American girl that every guy drools over? wahhh!"




I have never done anything mean to anyone ever, let alone to a girl. I’m being serious.


I haven't done anything mean to girls, but I did tell my aunt that I would be happy if she killed herself


I don't give them attention


I came in her socks while she was asleep.


File: f73ca48da3c0fd4⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.61 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 60276368-AE12-4DA0-8657-F….jpeg)


Some bitch was being a manipulative whore so I told her to go fuck whatever she wants so she gets more children to neglect



I need to take a dump.



Not that bad.




I took my dump.



> Meanest in hindsight:

Met a girl at a party and I got her virginity if I promised to be her boyfriend. I broke up with her the next day because another girl was interested in me. I haven't seen her be in a relationship since then and her friends gave me shit til' I moved out of town.

> Meanest deliberately:

I had a lady friend that was very clingy. When we were 16 she would get abused by other guys, dared into having sex with them and then talk shit about her behind her back. It was a mess. I was there to pick up the pieces. I never did anything to her, I just wasn't interested but she would call me to come pick her up and sob with her when she had been dumped. After a while I asked myself why I even did these things for her, she wasn't very nice and seemed to use me for her own gain.

In the end I laid it out straight for her: She was gullible, stupid and easy prey for chads. I was even convinced she actively wanted to be seen as a victim, to get people to huddle around her. If she didn't want people to abuse her then she wouldn't join in perverted party games and/or hit on the biggest douche in the room. I told her she was a slut with daddy issues, and no one would ever look at her as an equal if she kept this shit up, and I was tired of this. I had hoped that this would straighten her out, being brutally honest but it seemed to have the opposite effect. When I wasn't around she would get even more desperate. In our final year I saw a lot of facebook images of her at parties with random dudes, never the same ones twice. It went from a single image per week to more than a dozen in one weekend.

I think I broke her that night.



I held the door open for this one chick at work every day. Then one time I forgot. That was three years ago. I'm still on the run cause she said it was a form of sexual harassment and convinced the cops I had fucked her up.


I once tried to shit In a woman's cunt



I told her about how I had sex with guys before and she got very weird. Then she begged for me back. She was black, and seemed ti have absorbed her cultures hatred for the gays.



That second one isn't even close to mean.

?"She got laid and then cried to me about it. I told her this was stupid, so she had more sex."

Fucking roastie needs to die.



>rubbing my face against her legs…I just loved everything about her so much

The thought that what I'm doing is anywhere near as cringy as this terrifies the fuck out of me.

I am never going to speak to the girl I like at work unless spoken to again. Holy shit, it's not worth it.


you win the thread


I went ass to pussy






File: 4c18bfb0ad17e41⋯.jpg (34.47 KB, 720x792, 10:11, 2ecb5e95df4a460f5fc749e83c….jpg)

Accidentally poked her chest and then told her it doesn't matter because she has no tits anyway? I guess?

IDK I don't interact with people.



I hope your mother gave her more than a talking to. The turd smuggling, lying and pinning it on you were worthy of a good bare bottom spanking; with you watching.


I was a fat autistic retard in middle school that got picked on a lot.turned into a athletic autistic retard in highschool, whenever a girl would ask me to lunch or go out I'd shoot them down rudely assuming they were fucking with me, made two cry. One gave a note to my friend's girlfriend to give to me during class, I paid so little attention to this girl I forgot she was sitting three chairs back as I commented how much I disliked her personality and nose, it didn't go over well. She's really successful now, I'd like to think I had something to do with it.



you are my rolemodel


File: 67408fda90b4dfb⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 249x249, 1:1, a61d1ba5434b4e1e4d9276225f….jpg)

>be me

>have mega bitch sister

>she tries to run me over with her brand new nissam gtr daddy got her

>also single mother with spoiled hellspawn toddler

>get legal guardianship of her daughter and change her name to pepe

>she screams and cries and curls up into a ball every time she sees her ex daughter cuss pepe is a alt right symbol


File: 28e6bfab55f8453⋯.gif (977.01 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 5b593439111d2ca2b91323e322….gif)

In middle school some preppy bitch was taunting me I said "at least I am a real person, everything about you is a lie"

I then licked my thumb and wipes off (completely deleted) one of her penciled on eyebrows.


Her friends laughed at her as she ran off.

Turns out she had some kind of cancer or something, and those were the only kind of eyebrows she could have. Also wore a wig but no one knew until high school when she dropped dead over the summer.



All's well that ends well.



Harsh dude, any regrets? Not that you should feel regret.





You are the cancer destroying this society, along with that girl. If you take a virginity you need to keep her till death or she betrays you. You have no sense of responsibility faggot.


Told her to fucking stop talking to me, shouting over the phone, since there was a bad signal. She was obsessed with me. Also, told a girl that was wearing a skimpy skirts "Aren't you feeling cold showing all your legs?" Never wore that skimpy outfit again, at least I never saw.



that guy is a dick


I once sent a photoshopped photo of a girl in her DMs, it was of her with a straw in her mouth so I photoshopped it so she's sucking shit out of tub girl's anus through the straw. I don't think she liked that.



You obviously come from a very classy family. LOL!



What stopped you?



>She was black



File: 6c7664e80e0539f⋯.jpg (77.26 KB, 800x574, 400:287, 7c462f80771e4e1457cc5326d7….jpg)


Some woman I was friends with was interested in dating me.

She asked me if I thought she was attractive.

I told her 'no'.

She was married and I didn't want to get mixed up with that. I guess she may have had some kind of "arrangement" but it would have just been too weird.

I guess I could have told her that though instead of telling her she was ugly.



Go outside a bit, please


File: 7c316f4aad9bd68⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.05 MB, 640x352, 20:11, No.webm)

Good morning, virgins.



Her father is the cancer destroying this society.



that was comfy tbh



Bait girl into having sex

Tell her youll be in a relationship

Find other woman and dump her like trash

Yeah her dad is the asshole rightttt



Fuck off, cumdumpster. The fattest, meanest, ugliest, dumbest female still gets beta orbiters, still gets guys asking for permission to love her. If you have a vagina, the only way you aren't getting offers of romance and sex is if you have hideous facial deformities or are Terry Schiavo levels of retarded.


Fake and gay.




Yes. Her father didn't taught anything of value to her.

I mean, only a white trash would fall for such bait



Betas don't count. Nobody likes betas, no even other betas



Exactly the attitude of a spoiled cumdumpster. Omega-level women still get laid literally any time they want. But "beta" men don't even count. Thanks for proving my point.




Betas aren't even men at all. The soy has melted their brains.



By the same logic, unappealing women shouldn't be women, but they still get laid so much that they get mad when people offer them sex or romance.



Lmao I gave several omega landwhales my beta cock. Get ass blasted.



Exactly my point. You're acting proud of giving sex to omega landwhales. You acknowledge they're beneath you but you don't care because they're women and women automatically get everything.



I just wanted to have sex with a woman who would be open to me contacting them again if I wanted to who wouldn't ignore me or tell me to fuck off (when they contacted me again I ignored them or told them to fuck off).



Yes, exactly. You're not refuting my point at all by expressing how pathetic this whole thing is.


File: 7a4de03c7662b26⋯.png (279.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tenmauho.png)


I can see that working to hit on girls, will try



I hope you get reincarnated a s a girl op

And have that happen to you




But it was our lizard overlords and not the soy for me


File: 84ae3a2bd359143⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1280x955, 256:191, 757d50cc55dd860d319288a701….png)


>oh no lizard overlords



What a punishment, to be reincarnated as a girl and get laid whenever you want and then be called the victim for it. To have every institution in society, from law to government to schools to jobs to charities, all proudly discriminate in your favor, and then call you the victim for it. Yes, what a terrible punishment that would be.


I could have lost my v-card but she didn't have a condom so I refused to stick it to her. She started to cry and say stuff like

>I can't believe I actually liked you

>What the fuck, I can't believe you think I have STD's

Then she started pushing me out of her room while I was still getting dressed anf thrn she went on spiel of her life story

>Anon, I was raped and yada yada

and I told her

>What are you telling me this?? What am I supposed to do; travel back in time and punch the rapist in the face??

Then she got really mad and tried to punch me in the face (which I blocked because women suck at fighting)

Then I took a cab home and was paranoid that she'd try to say I raped her. I told the driver about what happened, some muslim or east-indian guy and he said

>Nah bro, she wouldn't do that, besides, you did the right thing– all women have STD's



Not mean at all. You were being responsible. Even if she didn't have STDs, you don't want her purposely getting pregnant and then trying to stick you with child support.

Also, the fact that she would lie about being raped (it's always a lie) makes you know she's absolutely crazy and would do something like that if she could.



That's why I said betas are not men at all.



Men being treated as second class citizens has nothing to do with "alphas" and "betas." By trying to shit on betas instead of realizing the problem is women, you might be trying to claim your place as an "alpha," but you're really only competing for the position of Boss Nigger, while women lord over you, with objectively more rights and fewer responsibilities, and you are still treated as a hated beast of burden.




Speak for yourself. No woman rule over me.



They objectively have more rights and legal protections than you. It's not even a matter of debate.


Two things. The first is understandable, IMO. The second, not so much.

>mid 90s

>at dudes house to buy a bag

>some girl my gf has beef with is there

>girl is 5'10" plays b-ball runs track etc

>gf maybe 5'2"

>chubby drug addicted alcoholic

>girl comes out and starts shoving gf around

>they scrap

>gf gets ass kicked

>on the ground

>punched in the face maybe 10 or 20 times

>says ok i'm done

>girl keeps hitting her

>gf says someone help

>i grab girl by the jacket and pull her off

>not even roughly just enough to break it up

>hey easy she said she gives up you won come on

>bitch screeches and spits in my eye


>headbutt to bridge of nose

>face explodes

>blood everywhere

>girl bends over screaming

>perfect uppercut.png

>lifted her right off her feet

no exaggeration

>lands on her ass

>grab her by hair and start dragging her to stairs saying something about taking a walk

>straight up about to throw her down a flight of stairs

>like 4 guys jump me and try to restrain me

>dude wtf not cool bro omg duuuuuude

>realize what i'm about to do

>let go

>buy weed




And so what? All power structure is, and will always be in male hands



kek you keep fucking them up anon good job



2nd thing

>mid/late 90s

>broke up with gf of previous story

>out with friend

>girl calls him

>hey yeah i'll come over

>i'm with my buddy he's a little heartbroken you got a friend for him

>hell yeah she says she knows just the girl

>we're stoked

>go up to girl's apt

>just her for now

>her friend is at work will be done at 9pm

>drinking bullshitting smoking laughing etc

>her friend finally shows up at like 11

>greasy grimy clothes

>still stinks like a deep fryer

>starts crying about how ex bf came in to work and made a scene

>literal tears

>the two disappear upstairs and stay up there for like an hour

>even my friend is like wtf is this

>he goes up there and is like what's going on

>crying girl comes down

>picks up my half a joint out of the ashtray lights it and leaves with it

>all my wtf

>sounds from upstairs

>buddy plowing this broad something fierce


>start looking around this apt

>little ceramic unicorns everywhere

>dozens upon dozens

>maybe a couple hundred idk

>drunk high pissed off etc

>start grabbing them off of shelves and out of display cases snapping the horns off them and putting them back

pt 3 incoming lol


File: c9b4dcab2b5ae4f⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 640x861, 640:861, buying cheap food with you….jpg)

File: 089c1db6a223942⋯.png (539.31 KB, 502x729, 502:729, feeling like you're all al….png)

File: 1c9caa29647ceb8⋯.png (695.36 KB, 498x775, 498:775, i want my childhood back.png)

File: 09beec249e81aeb⋯.png (513.38 KB, 500x668, 125:167, i'm trying.png)

File: 2402a5a20859dbb⋯.jpg (324.99 KB, 612x800, 153:200, wishing things would go ba….jpg)


This is feminist propaganda. Men are expected to give their lives for women, by slaving away at work for them, or literally by "defending" them, including in war. Then women claim they're oppressed. Yeah fucking right. And you fall for it because you think it makes you feel like a big man to be a little bitch who lives only to serve women.



Feminist propaganda is jewish propaganda. Females aren't smart enough to start a worldwide conspiracy


File: 35cc904fa36225d⋯.png (301.57 KB, 618x452, 309:226, a6MgHvU.png)


pt 3

>no more noises from upstairs

>stop what i'm doing

>buddy comes down still stuffing his dick back in his pants

>you about ready

>yeah lets go

>he doesn't hear from girl for like 3 weeks and finds it odd

>ends up talking to her

>turns out the apt was her grandmas

>she was house-sitting & watching the dog

>grandma cam home and spotted the unicorns right away

>she'd been collecting them for decades

>some were custom pieces worth real money

>grandma freaks out

>calls girl screaming and hyperventilating

>girl hear phone fall on floor and some kind of gargling/groaning sound

>rushes over there

>grandma on floor

>calls ambulance

>long story short

>grandma worked herself into a heart attack and a stroke

>was in hospital for three weeks being kept alive by machines until the family finally pulled the plug because outlook grim

>mfw i killed some girl's poor grandma

>using unicorns

>because her granddaughter's friend was a cunt to me



Didn't say female propaganda, I said feminist propaganda. It's an important distinction.


File: 042d88246a54aad⋯.png (95.19 KB, 208x194, 104:97, 1541340206875.png)


Anon that's fucking horrible.

like, dude just imagine the last moments of grandma's life.

her whole life she's been collecting unicorns and you just tarnished them all.

and then she died.

what the fuck.



I don't even care about killing the grandma. The fact that you're a chad stoner piece of shit who destroys property for no reason is worse.



There is a historical novel, The King Must Die, that covers this well. In a city ran by women, the king would fight challengers to the death each year. Whomever won would be king. The women kept control by pitting the men against eachother. The hero of the book, Theseus, understood this and forged a friendship through battle with the younger men of the city and rallied them to depose the female leadership. The entire book is looking at men through the eyes of a woman and depicts the types of societies they wish for themselves. There are also gladiator-type slaves women visit for sex, often with the support of their husbands.



That was my entire point. Look at who finance feminism and you'll who truly rule



Sure, but it's the women propping them up since the women are the ones with the legal and social power. You cannot truly rule without the majority submitting to it, and it's women who choose the rules we have because it's all built to give them godlike power and have men as servants.

Also, this is how it is in almost every society that ever existed. Men have always been expected to lay down their lives for women, whose only responsibility was taking the resources the men die for and distributing them among their own family, including themselves. Men work so that they can feed their family. Women are so spoiled they consider feeding their family to be work. Taking care of your family isn't work, it's reward. It's the motivation for why you work. And they'll say that the real motivation is to take care of yourself, and family is just extra responsibility. So great, they don't love their families. But it's bullshit anyway. When men lose hope of having a family they stop working. That's why now they're complaining about "incels" and herbivore men. The herbivore men don't work as hard because they realized that women hate them and will never agree to having a family with them. So fine. Now they only work to support themselves. Much easier. You removed family as a motivation and now society crumbles as your workforce has no reason to keep working. Good job.



>Let alone to a girl

You say that as if they deserve it just as much, let alone less.

is bait?


The worst thing I ever did was beat the shit out of my sister for no reason when I was a little shit, still fucking regret it and I hope someone would have beaten the shit out of me when I was around that age


>american girl




File: da3ad4538ac06d0⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 400x300, 4:3, yumm.jpg)

Convinced her to fuck her dog, even showed her how.

I don't think she consider it a bad thing but i think she's a damaged whore beyond repair now.

Tbh she was already a slut when i met her, meeting random guys she met on internet, bitch had no moral standards whatsoever its was fascinating

Her dog was a hideous gigantic pitbull



> You cannot truly rule without the majority submitting to it, and it's women who choose the rules we have because it's all built to give them godlike power and have men as servants.

I don't think women had much to do with the establishment of central banking, the FED, fiat currency or petrodollar. You see, things that trully matter.

>The herbivore men don't work as hard because they realized that women hate them and will never agree to having a family with them

"Herbivore men" worship females. They're just too scared to meet them. They're the way they are because the jews filled these "men" with estrogens.



Men were hated beasts of burden long before the things you mention. Their lives were always considered only to have as much value as they could provide to women. But go ahead and pretend this was a good life, if it makes you feel like a big man. Your life is still objectively worse, objectively treated as having less value because you don't have a vagina, and this is how it's always been.

Herbivore men are guys who realized that there's no point in working hard just so some used up christmas cake will "settle down" with them and resent them while cucking them wiith Chaderu. All they ask is to be treated with some basic human dignity that women take for granted. Either that will happen, or society will crumble as the herbivore men simply refuse to work more than they need to to support themselves. Either way, so be it. Their numbers will continue to grow until one of these things happens.


File: cc65e84c6c935f7⋯.png (5.42 KB, 238x212, 119:106, 1453088807895.png)


>Be me

>15 yrs old

>Have 13 yrs old gf

>She starts arguing with me for no reason

>This keeps going for an entire week

>Get extremely pissed off

>Meet really cute girl

>Cheat on her out of passion

>Tell her


>Be 16 yrs old

>Get back together months later

>She cheats on me

>Get extremely pissed off again

>Verbally abuse her

>She pushes me

>I slap her

>Tell her to get the fuck out of my house

>She leaves crying

>New bf cheats on her

>Emotionally destroyed

>We get back once again

>Mfw i cheated on her yet again out of revenge for cheating on me



>the beta male has impotent rage

in other news, water is wet



That has nothing to do with what you replied to. But I guess that means you don't refute the point. So okay. As long as you acknowledge it's true.





Still a dick move to trick a girl into sex

Then snake her



Or maybe both genders have their upsides and downsides

Women are worshipped in modern society which is weird a fuck

Both should be equal



Piss disguised as mountain dew



>Or maybe both genders have their upsides and downsides

Yes. But some have a more negative or positive impact than others. The outright legal discrimination against men that is not only allowed, but enforced by the government, is an obvious example that is much more negative than whatever women have to complain about. Yeah, it's tough to have so many choices in life when you're allowed to do anything you want, including nothing if you so choose. I know why the caged bird sings. But I'd still rather be free.

All I ever wanted was equality. They won't let me have it. They keep yelling at me that I'm an evil oppressor while proudly discriminating against me at every turn.



Why are you even here?



Both should not be equal and it's sexes, not genders.



Muslim East Indian guy must have some jew in him since he's trying to discourage White people from having sex.

I bet he's be on her in a second tho.



Responded to the wrong one last time.


>Muslim East Indian guy must have some jew in him since he's trying to discourage White people from having sex.

>I bet he's be on her in a second tho.



Jewish males and homosexual males from now on tho.



>besides, you did the right thing– all women have STD's






OMG, that's some weird fucking karma.

I really hope you're not the sensitive type or that could drive you crazy some day.


File: 02a5f515b38784d⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2273x1100, 2273:1100, Siemiradzki_Christian_Dirc….jpg)


Sounds a lot like ancient Rome.

Many women actually ruled that country through their sons and husbands as it declined.



Good god!

What the fuck is wrong with you?



You're confusing chivalry with some kind of demented sexual slavery.

I'm not saying the latter doesn't exist, just that its a more recent thing.



To laugh at you virgin losers.


I was out drinking with a mate and we met these two girls who were doing the same at a local hot spot beach, there's bars and shit there. My mate was keen on one and she was eager to go but had a fat friend. The fat friends mum owned/leased whatever the penthouse of a resort type apartment thingo on the beach.

We get up there and my mate goes into a room and plows the hottie. I'm left out in the lounge area with the fatty. I think, why not. I start pushing her head into my crutch, she is not keen. I kiss her and what not, play with her titties, they were small for a fat bitch. I still haven't asked her name, I just went there because she had a mate and my mate was hanging with me. We go into her mums grande bedroom. Fucking duck feather quilts and stupid looking ornaments. There was a bunch of twigs in vases, I don't know what that was about, art I guess. Anyway I get her on her back and she lies there like a stunned mullet, full starfish. So I just go mental, smashing her poon like an animal half cut. So much so my mate and the hottie stop and come watch, the room has glass walls.. art, I guess. I've got her with her ankles behind her ears, I'm standing on the bed smashing and my mate turns the light on.

There's blood everywhere.

She was a virgin, I took her virginity and didn't know her name. I was calling her a whore and sticking my thumb in her bum treating her like a 2bob gook pro. I dropped her right there and walked out. I did it without thinking. She will forever compare all other men and sex to that. I have never talked to her since and I still don't know her name.

I also punch a bitch once and gave her a black eye, but I think the other thing is worse.



I'm a degenerate



Jesus Christ dude.

Move to Israel already!



Good lad.



lol, you big meany.

You weren't wrong though. Even her life itself was a lie.



Her friends sound like real cunts.



>showed her how.




>even showed her how

Sick faggot detected.


I spit on a girls face when she told me she liked it rough. She cried immediately.



That's fucking so hot. I want to find a slut and a doggo to fuck the slut.



What the fuck kind of loser pervert are you?

You're supposed to fuck the girl yourself you tard.

Why are fucked up weirdos like you even allowed to live and take up space?



Its pretty hard actually.

Girls that are open to try it are rare and the ones willing to share the experience with a stranger are even more rare.

I'v been looking for over 6 months to find her, found a couple of girls that were open to the idea before her, one of them was a hideous indian, had no dog and lived far away but was open for anything and the other also had no dog and lived far away but was decent looking


Not on purpose, but probably one of those things that hangs in the back of your head till yer dead kinda thing

<be me

<be like 16 or whatever

<at walmart with dad, shopping for foods

>mom calls dad on phone to bullshit

<while dad is getting his ear talked off I go look at some clothes irons

<pretend cloth irons are lazer guns

<saying pewpew while pretending to shoot into nothing

<I basically just completely blanked out for like 5 min saying pewpew shooting with my "lazer gun"

>after a bit, my dad calls me over

>says girl tried talking to me

>says she called me "cute"


>dad tells me to be more attentive

<my dumbshit is thinking it was a little girl

>walk to checkout because we done

>dad is pointing, says the girl is that one

<I don't see a little girl


<realize it wasn't a little girl


>she waves to me

>says she like my shades

<I had sunglasses (they were really cool ones)

>she says I look cute

<I make sure to say "YOU TOO"

<I'm beet fucking red while my dad is at the checkout

>from her point of view I was ignoring her advances completely

>dad tells me this will happen more often

<not if I don't go out of the house it won't

Haha, jokes on you stacey, you tried asking a semi-autist out!


File: ae2629f9886bcd8⋯.png (20.33 KB, 262x246, 131:123, 1XMux3Q.png)

>Be in gradeschool

>Girl was being a cunt to me (she was always a bitch to me & my friends)

>Me in class making brain learn smarter

>Ask the teacher if I can take a piss

>"yea sure kid, just come back soon"

>Take her backpack to the bathroom

>Dunk it in the urinal & piss on it

>Some faggot kid sees me

>I make off like a nig with kids back to class

>Get called to the principal a while later

>Faggot kid tattled on me & girl found backpack soaked in piss

>I say I dindu nuffin

>I say faggot always hated me (he did too)

>Principal stumped

>Girl cried, I laughed, principal is assblasted, my parents get called

>Parents don't care & hate the principal too

>Me a good boy anyways

>Principal tells parents to pay for the backpack

>Parents tell principal "okay yea sure whatever fuckoff"

>After school I get a toy at the store for my troubles

>Shit was cash

Winners: Me

Losers: Everyone thats not me


Girl in my runescape clan throws shade at me

Listened to her bitch about literallt everything cuz i felt bad for months and she was fucked up

Spam her with e whore nudes she sent to one of the other guys

I feel bad



>e whore nudes she sent to one of the other guys



File: 6243b8375388125⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 6243b8375388125c8b27f8f602….jpg)

>be in grade 6 on class field trip to a camp

>it's all about nature so I genuinely don't belong there

>one day walking around by myself avoiding all camp activities

>most popular girl in our class notices this

>comes over to me with her friend already laughing

<something is up.mp4

>"Hey Anon *still giggling*, you want my phone number?"

>friend is behind her laughing it up

>popular girl can barely keep it together

<"No, you're a bitch. I don't need your fucking number"

>walk away while they laugh

I think I actually hurt popular girl's feelings though, she tried throwing rocks/kickballs/beans from lunch at me for the rest of the time I was there



You should have kicked her in the pussy.


File: a71ac6c8b54e5a0⋯.jpg (5.4 KB, 251x242, 251:242, 1402381572319.jpg)


Funny you say that, I forgot to mention that I pretty much did kick her in the pussy later that week. My friends convinced me to boot a kickball around in the gym because some fat fuck broke the volleyball net that was popularly used. So we were just standing there kicking balls at the wall as hard as we could, lots of people in the gym, including Popular Girl.

Anyway I gave my ball a real good boot. Right when that happened my friend bonked me on the head with his ball. Seeing that my ball had come back to me I quickly set up my punt to bean my friend with a power kick. And just as I kick it, Popular Girl gets right in the way, I guess expecting me to lightly kick it her way. Nope.

The ball went flying at what seemed like Mach 5 straight into her vagina. She went down like she had a set of balls though. Hopefully I popped her cherry on accident and made her paranoid of being called a whore by her bf




Oh also that same girl still lives in the same town and is a single mother working as a waitress.

Try to remember that a lot of "popular girls" eventually just become worthless humans



Popular girl ain't so popular no more!






>All I ever wanted was equality.

This explains much. No one respect men that want equality


>be me

>HIV positive

>I'm really handsome

>I'm always getting laid without condoms



>Her dog was a hideous gigantic pitbull

She was deranged and beyond repair before you even met her, tbh.



Niggers are unwelcome here.



That's pretty horrible anon



Go fuck yourself.



This thread is about doing bad things to women, not other men.



Thats what i think, i just got there to whiteness her degeneracy



>whiteness her degeneracy

whiteness her degeneracy with your black, rotting soul


File: 6475521438c9409⋯.jpg (46.17 KB, 400x440, 10:11, hys.jpg)


>in between hs and college

>take a year off to work an internship overseas

>wealthy parents just buy me a flat and leave me to my devices

>boss loves me, convince him to let me off early every day

>spend the extra time sitting in bars and working illustration

>meet russian girl with insecurity issues

>compliment her and say shit that she likes to gain her trust

>take her back to my apartment to smoke cigarettes

>I'm in the kitchen over the sink making tea when she says "anon, do you think I'm pretty"

>turn around

>wtf bitch I just met you

>she looks hurt

>turn back around

>she comes behind me and puts her hands under my shirt

>"am I pretty anon"

>this pisses me off

>turn around, just grab her

>she looks shocked

>push her against the counter

>stand over her

>she looks me in the eye and won't look away

>hit her

>she still won't look away

>push her away and go sit on the couch

>she follows me and sits down next to me

>turn on the tv

>"my father hit me anon"

>"anon he hit me until I cried"

>she leans over towards me


>I'm not your daddy

>"can you make me cry anon"


>grab her arm

>she looks hysterical

>get on top of her and pull up her shirt

>"anon anon anon"

>slap her

>"anon anon"

>slap her harder

>she whimpers

>hit her, her whole head moves

>grab her face and take the cigarette out of my mouth

>where do you want it

>"anon pleeassse"

>where do you want it


>pull down her jeans and grab her underwear

>how about here

>she starts yelling at me in russian

>speak english dumb bitch

>put the cig out on her inner thigh

>she cries

>flick the butt and sit back down

>her tears are smearing her eyeliner and lipstick


>come here

>she slowly slides over

>whip away her tears

>she leans in and kisses me

>turn her around

>pull her head back and ragefuck her through her underwear

>blood all over the white couch, she was virgin

>at least its leather

>send her to the bathroom for towels and force her to clean it up

>she changes into one of my longsleeves and sweatpants because her clothes are fucked

>"I'm hungry anon"

>throw out the towels, just leave them at the end of the hallway someone will take them

>she puts them in a bag and shuffles out the door

>she comes running back in 30 seconds later in tears

>one of my elderly neighbors called her a slut





should have raped her some more



I did. We live in different areas but I visit her when I can


File: 070ea67d9232be4⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 410x410, 1:1, 683cfb6e63e974d371d52ca550….jpg)


I say mean things to women, but I can't wait to get married in a Saudi country and beat my wife.



this isn't really mean but just funny.

i once undressed my cousin when i was 5 or 6 (she was a year younger). she thought it was natural. one day she ran into my room naked and her mom was walking behind her. i covered my eyes like i know this is wrong and i don't wanna see this. she got yelled at. lel


I mentioned some of this in another thread recently, but fuck it. I'm still excited about it.

>be very close to wizardhood

>get a high-paying job,

>women start suddenly not thinking I'm an ugly sperg. What a coincidence!

>their treatment of me throughout the rest of my life has caused me to be too bitter and jaded to fall for their tricks.

>within the first month of my job, three women all ask me out. When we meet, they all quickly ask if I'll go back to their place, and they all quickly start getting sexual

>none of them know about the others

>one was a major SJW.

>claims that she is a lesbian but her last girlfriend was very abusive so she says she now realizes women can be as evil as men

>but she's already started like all the SJW organizations in the city, leading all the SJW clubs at the university, etc

>anyway she says she only let her girlfriends penetrate her butt because she wanted to feel masculine and didn't like using her pussy because she didn't like feeling like a girl

>she only tells me this once I'm inside her pussy, because she says it hurts too much from hitting her cervix, so she wants me to put it in her butt so maybe it doesn't hurt as bad

>obviously it hurts her way worse

>she asks me to stop fucking her butt

>without skipping a beat I just switch right back into her pussy, not thinking about it

>she yells at me, but doesn't really get an actual message out before she just buries her face in the pillow and is screaming

>I think it's just because I'm fucking her really hard

>she starts crying

>that's hot as fuck and I'm about to cum

>she tells me not to cum in her pussy because she's not on the pill

>she's on her period anyway but fine, just in case

>pull out and immediately shove it in her mouth

>she's acting like she doesn't want it but she still goes for it. She was liking it rough anyway, asking me to spank her and stuff.

>make her gag and cum in her throat

>only after as we're getting some rest, I ask her how it was for her, and she points out that I took it out of her butt and then fucked her pussy and made her suck it.

>I tell her I didn't realize and was sorry, I got too into it

>her response is just "it tasted really bad the second time…"

>I ask her if she's really mad and doesn't want to do it again

>instead she asks if I'll go with her to the washroom so she can wash my dick so that she can put it in her pussy again and without worrying about an infection

>fuck her a couple more times that week

>don't hear from her for a few weeks. Assume she just felt like a slut and didn't want to talk to me anymore

>texts me a few days ago and says she can't have sex because she has a really bad vaginal infection

>actually says sorry to me, not acknowledging that it's obviously my fault

>tells me she'll call me to come over when she's better


>one of the other two girls was a virgin, and when I saw the hymen I felt bad and was going to stop seeing the other two, but then she said that she was going back to China in a few months anyway.

>I told her I was surprised that she would be so casual about her first time

>she said she just wanted to "go crazy" while she was away from home

>so basically she's probably gonna go back and pretend she's not a slut

>this is after the SJW one so now I have a new fetish

>one time "accidentally" slip out and ram it in her butt

>she screams and starts crying and asking me to take it out

>I pretend I don't know what she's talking about and just slow down a bit, but keep fucking her in the ass

>she tries to catch her breath and tells me I'm in her ass

>I act surprised and apologize

>so I take it out and put it right back in her pussy

>she yells at me but I just start fucking her harder and deeper so she can't talk

>again doesn't want me to cum in her pussy

>again tell her that if she doesn't want that she has to take it in the mouth

>point out that she normally loves sucking dick, just to make her feel like a slut, since she likes to pretend she's not

>"yeah, but…"

>tell her she better decide now because otherwise I'm gonna cum in her pussy

>she quickly tells me to pull out and let her suck it

>she frowns but reluctantly does it, almost puking

>we're on her bed, so I tell her that she'd better not throw up on her own bed

>cum in her mouth

>afterwards, again act like I didn't realize what I did

>of course she still wants to go again after, because women are sick

>she's going back to China in one month now. I hope I can give her a massive shitty vagina infection before she goes. Maybe she already has it but I don't know yet. But it's tough to pull this multiple times on the same chick.

>I figure if I just say that in the heat of the moment I forgot not to put it back in her pussy after "accidentally" putting it in her butt, that might work once or twice.

>third girl was fat so I'm not doing butt stuff with her. She lets me hit her and stuff but she likes it so it doesn't count.

Not trying to brag. Two months ago I was a level 27 wizard's apprentice. But now that these golddigging whores are willing to pretend they like me just because I have money, then I'm going to do my best to hurt them. They're all horrible individually for other reasons too. The worst part is that all I ever wanted was a single good woman to share my life with and actually love, but can't have that. They're all golddigging SJW sluts. So fine, if I can't find one to love, I'll find ones to hate.

And no, anal isn't even good. Surprisingly it wasn't as messy as I was told to expect, but it doesn't even feel as good as the pussy. It's only good because I know I'm using it to hurt them.



Angrily shoved this arrogant girl down the stairs in middle school,from that day on she cried whenever she looked at me.

School went crazy, teachers started shaking their heads and babbling uncomfortably. We got a school cop posted next week. Everyone was afraid that I'd shoot up the place, this was back when such things were first starting to enter the news. The cop even transferred to my high school when I did, I always thought he was following me.

Of course this was many years ago, I'd never do crazy shit like this today.



>A woman's lifelong materialism manifested into worthlessness. Literally an entire reality and history based off nonliving ceramic/glass creatures.

Looks like her reality was as fragile as those unicorn horns amiright?



It's her fault anon. If she wanted something different or wanted you to stop, she should have said so.



this sounds fake also sound like u have a fetish to give women vaginal infections lol



>Girls are used goods




I do have that fetish now, but it's not fake. Burning my mana only made me hate them more. Nothing changed about me except I started making money. Suddenly they don't hate me anymore. Women are just awful excuses for people. They are not truly people, but soulless leeching homunculi.



Well gee MORONI we're hardwired to be cucks (read Sex at Dawn) but some of us have learned to game the system biologically and have our furry buddy fuck our women with us and you want to say you'd rather have your lady get extra dick from disgusting, arrogant, egotistical, lying, human douchebros?

Not me man, not me.


File: f3703c91a5d33ad⋯.jpg (83.31 KB, 1280x961, 1280:961, IMG-20181106-WA0036.jpg)


Not defending sluts, but have you noticed what you wrote? Your dreams(no one will believe in your lies)are fucked up. You're disgusting. Jewish-tier disgusting.


>little girl tells me she 'really likes' me in front of her parents

>tell her i dont like her

>starts bawling

>her parents freak out on me

>never see them again



I acknowledge this. But monsters are not born, they're made. I wish I wasn't this bitter, but that bitterness is a logical response when faced with the true nature of how horrible women are. Now that they actually want me, the only thing that feels fulfilling about it is the ability to hurt them with my dick.



Bitterness is not logical. You're using a woman's argument.

A logical person would just ignore them. You daydream about hurting people because other people supposedly hurt you.



If I ignore them they'll just continue what they're doing and getting no comeuppance whatsoever. They give me the opportunity to do this, so I'll show them just what a mistake that is.



I have never seen a vagina, but I am fondly thinking about giving woman's clit a titty twister (or purple nurple). Is there a name for that? Would that be mean, or sadistic?


>meanest thing you did to a girl

>edgy cucks posting

>highlight with your mouse

ooooo...oooo,,,oooo...o., . .....oo,,,ooooo...oo,,,,o,. . . ,,
]8d/8P888b8?8?dd8dPP8[\`\ ' ' /[[`\\\??8d8dPPPb8bb8?888/' ,, \.
' \b888888dd8P88bb8\ '' . ] ']///,[[bb\???888d8PP8Pb`` . ' ,,[
` P8888b8888888dP `b\\?]d'd//,[,bb?\?]?dd// ``....
. ' ]?88ddP8888b88? '''8PP8[b`?\?]8/d//,8[bb?\\ ', ,, `
, 88888?8888dPPP . ' ` .??8]8PP/8b[b\?\?]8d/P/[, ..] '' '
] ' 'd88P888b8888P ,/` . '' ,,["``\\]]8dd88P88b888?8. /, `` `
???888d8P888\\\ ., ` . ' , ` \\88?8888d8P8[b` .].'''
'8b8888??8'' ,, b\` . 'PP888b88?88// ,, `..
?8888P8[``.\?8'///,, . ]?88888P888bb\ ' /,[ ,
\8?\?'''' /888b`..]]', ',/,,/8888888?888///[ ` . ]'
. ', /P,[ ` ..]?888P,, \ \ `bbb.]888d888888b8\]]', ,,, `
',,,,[\`\.].'/'P8888b88` ' , ]888888888888888P[[```. ' '
. .'''' ,,````.8?8888d88bo .?888dd/P888b?b??]'/ ,, `` .
` /PP88bb?8??8]d,, b[8b8??88dd8/P8[\`\.. ''/' ,
. .\?88d///P88bb8b '8dd8P88bbb88?88//, [,[\\\` `
, ]88bb?\?88d/8PP[` .b8b??88dd8d88bb\\ ]]'/'/, , `
']d/P/88bb888?8d, '88P888b88?8888dP, \\\\] '
, `\8888888d8P88888b.. . . ?8888888888b88? '/ /,[,` , `
'8P888b888888888888888` d88, `?888?8888888[` ?..] ' ' ,
?88888P8888888?8888P[ o88??8 'P888b8888P, '/, [b` ...
b8888?88d88P888b88" dd8P888bb ]8888888b` .] '//, ' ,
]8888888888888ddP .b888888dd8P, ?88888d/, [[ \\. . ''
.?8888d8P8888b8` od8PP888b88?88d '88888\ ]]''',, ' ,, ``.
8888888?88888[ o88?8888d8P8888bb ]8/P[[ `\`... ' ,
'd8888888b88" ' ddP8888b8888888d8P[ ?\\' ' ,, ` `.
\???88888PP ` .8\?8?d8PPPPP?b???8], ,,[ ` . ' . ,,
. /[Pbb8???' 'P/8[bbb\\??]////Pb[b` ] ' , ` ` . . '
.]///P/b[` .??]'//P,b,\\\\?]''/', ,\ . ' ' , `
. `b\?\?d]/ "b[b\\\]d]////,b,b`\\ ''/ ... ' ',
. '/,[bbb\ .]////[b[b\\\] ]//P/ \`\. , ' ``. .
, .\?]'d//, \b?\?]]]//P/bbbb?\ ]d/,,[, . ' ,
,,[[[b\b\?, 'PPP8[b\???8]d/', .b\\...'' ,, . '
.\]']]d///88b ?88ddd8PPb[b`\ .dd/P,P[[``\ ' ,
//,,,\b????8dd, "8b\?????''', ,[bb\\.. '/ /,, ,, ` . ''
. ]///PP[[bb\8. ''/P'`````..]]"/'P/[[b\\\. ' ,, ` .
'/,[ `\\\\?]]//P/8[[o ... ,//P[8bbb\]o]///,/[ \ ` .. '' ,,
',/[, .. .'/' /,b,b\b\]?]8ddP/b[\\??\]''////8[[\b\\].'/', ' , ` . '



She would probably like it because women are sick like that. Women love purple nurples, like it doesn't even hurt them, and I once had a woman ask me to bite her clit. I did it to a point that I thought was getting dangerously close to actually causing damage and chickened out, but she said it never hurt. If I get the chance again, I won't chicken out.




They'll keep doing what they have always been doing.

You're just angry that someone hurt your feelings.




Not just one. All of them. Any only now do they suddenly become nice to me. Well it's too late, and it's too transparent why they've suddenly changed their tune. So yeah they'll probably keep doing what they always do, but if they're dumb enough to try to golddig me, I'm not going to be their beta provider, I'll do my best to cause them pain in retaliation for their bad behavior. It wouldn't happen if they weren't trying to golddig me. Of course they'll still keep doing it. But better than them not suffering at all for it, and actually getting that beta provider.



Just stop anon.

This is like beating a dog with a iron bar for barking in the hopes that he'll stop barking.



Even if they won't stop, at least they'll suffer slightly for their actions.



>meanest thing you did to a girl

Dumped her to marry her daughter.



I threw a bitches resume in the garbage, tee hee.



I wanted a coworker to say "i m a boobanimal", she didnt want to do it and called me a pasha.



The 90s were a different time, anon. Everything changed on 9/11.



>(she had shaven, but they were rough from new growth)

as a hairy girls pro (and general knower of how hair works), grown hair feels softer and is a better option

unless it's a fresh shave it's worse than no shave at all



Hot. How huge was her shit?


Dating one, fucking her, fucking another, told her that I don't want it anymore because I was fucking another and the other was better

Another time I was fucking this shitty annoying cumbucket and I told her that we didn't have a connection, but we still fucked anyway

Another time a a woman who I dated sometimes, called me and I told her to never call again because I was living with another woman, and I was actually living with another woman

Another time a junky nympho called me while I was in the house of a woman I was seeing and I gave the phone to talk to her, just to see wtf would happen



Not bad anon





>any regrets?

Actually, this is something I still feel guilty about to this day. I always wanted to apologize, but my pride would never allow it. I've gone out of my way to make her angry, annoyed, and embarrassed countless times before with predictable results, and I had only ever felt gleefully vindicated for it, but I'd never made her cry, I had never truly wounded her, not like that.

I should have dropped the moment she apologized.



*dropped it


File: 5acdad80368eae1⋯.png (100.32 KB, 625x605, 125:121, ClipboardImage.png)


You should consider suicide, Anon has done more good for these women than anyone in their life ever has.

>kind when he took chinks virginity

>allowed a SJW to stop pretendign she is something she isn't and find some moments of peace without worry.

>fucked a fatty

Frankly everything he has done has been a kindness in their fated to be hopeless lives.

You on the other hand need to stop acting like a white knight orbiter desperately trying to be nice to women in the hope that maybe it will get you laid.



well anon that only shows you are a human being, emphasis on man. I only hope she has learned something positive out of the experience.



Good things like this don't happen irl though.


File: 3073c0b59aa1d62⋯.png (77.9 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 1458161158542.png)

>8 yo

>hung out with kids in the block

>we played cops and robbers

>you were caught if the "cop" could put their arms around you

>the boys were the robbers this time

>hide behind some bushes in an unused strip of land

>minutes go by

>friend's younger sister shows up

>she spots me


>about to haul ass

>she's too close

>grabs me by the arm

>don't want to get caught

>reflexes kick in and I instinctively move


>she falls down, crying

>other "cops" notice the crying

>come over and start making a big deal out of it

>guys eventually come by

>anonbro sees sister in pain

>punches me

And that's pretty much it

At least I didn't get caught



u r a fag



Mate all women are this hypocritical. Literally any woman is, has or will make out with other women. It's normal for them and they and men encourage it. On the other hand however women are completely repulsed by men who had gay experiences. If you don't get that 0.1% of women who are ok with it just never mention it. Ever. Even if you are in a long term relationship.



>girl chasing after me



This is my fetish.



Fucking told some bitch to fuck off because it was getting late.

Fuck women. The girl of your dreams will leave you when the smallest problem comes up and her guy friend offers her the smallest semblance of emotional support.

I've been both guys.

Women are sluts.


File: 8341d0432fc3a17⋯.png (254.87 KB, 438x277, 438:277, 8341d0432fc3a175630a8d96ff….png)


>open note

>no goblins



File: 1beac495403d536⋯.png (112.19 KB, 445x132, 445:132, mfw med2.png)

> be me, aged about 23

> have a female friend who's birthday is close to Christmas

> for some reason one year she wasn't home for Christmas when her birthday came up, and all our friend group were either away or busy or whatever

> tell her I'll take her somewhere to eat as it's her birthday and it's crappy if she has to spend it on her own

> go to her house in jeans, hoodie, general casual outfit, she comes to the door in a dress and heels, think it's a bit weird but whatever

> take her to KFC because she doesn't like cheese, so though pizza/burger was a bad idea

> she is a bit weird when I suggest getting a bucket for value

> starts crying when I bring the food over to the table she is sat at

> suddenly realize she thought this was a date or something rather than me meeting her after work to get some fast food

> can't even redeem it by going to a bar afterwards and buying her a drink because it's a work night for me and getting late

> never spoke about it again, none of our mutual friends know about it

> its actually the closest thing I've ever been on to a date

> mfw



Were they dirty or clean before?

Did you give them back after, and if so did you wash them first?



so basically I took a belt to my sister after she was disrespecting the old bag and me. (mom was going through midlife chrisis shit so their dad wasnt around)



>You on the other hand need to stop acting like a white knight orbiter desperately trying to be nice to women in the hope that maybe it will get you laid.

Don't make assumptions about me.

Not everyone is a stupid, walking stereotype like you.



This isn't mean. Girls do this all the time, and then they have the audacity to be angry at the guy for it, and act as if she is the victim. You feel bad for it. That means it's not mean, you just didn't expect her to like you. She could have just been upfront about her feelings, instead of expecting you to read her mind, and then being mad when you didn't. From what you say in your story, you didn't reject her or anything. She just got upset because you didn't do everything she wanted without her saying she wanted it.


Not everyone, but you are, faggot.


File: 49af4e5d4d82bbc⋯.jpg (483.35 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, 1535030052703.jpg)



I didn't smile back


File: dd9591534c6f67e⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 625x351, 625:351, Sweet summer child.jpg)


It doesn't need to be considered or intentional, or planned. It's just women running on instinct and trying to set things up to their own, personal, benefit in the immediate here and now (which is why almost all feminist plans result in catastrophe or at least 'unintended consequences').


>just that its a more recent thing.

pic related



*shakes my butt on your face till you smile*



You're acting like they were ever different things. Chivalry is just a way to make men literally give their lives for women, just for the sake of it. Men have always been hated beasts of burden whose lives were considered of no value except for the value they could give to a woman.


File: 446fae2ef28f013⋯.jpg (7.84 KB, 224x224, 1:1, Imarges.jpg)

kneed my girlfriend in the pussy right in front of my friends.



>pic related

Soyboy meme. Kys



Stop taking your opinions from hollywood movies. Real knights had nothing to do with fairy tale knights



Real knights were just semi-sanctioned bandits. But obviously that's not what he was referring to by "chivalry."



The "chivalry" he was talking about never existed outside the books and movies.

Even then, the medieval sources didn't claim that knights should die for a female.



They didn't need to. It's a given that all men are expected to give up their lives for females. That's why men are expected to go to war and literally die for women, and if they somehow survive, they break their backs working for women in fields or mines.


In middle school I had a slim tall blonde ask me out. I wasn't really sure how to react so I eyed her up and down and just said no and walked away. At that age it probably hurt her self image more than a bit and by highschool she was anorexicly skinny (not sure if she actually had an eating disorder but was unnaturally thin) maybe I caused that maybe I didn't, I'll never know



>That's why men are expected to go to war and literally die for women

Who else would fight in a war? Females are too weak and break easily under pressure. They're unworthy of dying in battle.

> and if they somehow survive, they break their backs working for women in fields or mines.

They're no working for women. They're working for their families.

No wonder the incel meme exist. Your guys do not think, just feel. Like a woman



>They're unworthy of dying in battle.

Exactly. Take pride in being sent off to slaughter, as if this is some sort of honor, better than getting to live a cushy life of luxury.

>They're no working for women. They're working for their families.

Which includes women who just sit there and leech, then complain about their only responsibility, distributing the fruits of their man's labor among themselves and their families. For men, getting to feed your family is a reward, it's why you work. Women consider feeding your family to be work. Because that's how fucking cushy their lives are, that what is reward to men is work to women.

You don't think. You're the one just feeling. You feel like a big man because you get the honor of being killed while women get to sit home and be worthless parasites. Well go on and keep feeling like a big man. You're nothing but a cuck.








My brother and I got a pair of new Super Soakers many years ago (the wonderful XP-105 model that I could never fucking find after that). We were in some other neighborhood, so naturally we filled them with the coldest fucking water we could and went hunting. We sprayed some bitch on her ass with the water and she turned around and screamed, so we sprayed her some more in the crotch area and ran off laughing. We sprayed a bunch of other shit too on our assault loop thing back to our hide and then exfil'd back to the house without anyone finding us. I guess we were like 8 or something, but that was pretty fucking fun.

>tfw raped a bitch with a Soaker



How many panties this bitch be wearing



>Exactly. Take pride in being sent off to slaughter, as if this is some sort of honor, better than getting to live a cushy life of luxury.

Honestly, better than dying forgotten and in a hospital bed. Nobody remember or honour a random woman that spend the war cooking for her children

>Women consider feeding your family to be work.

How so? I've never heard about it

>You're nothing but a cuck.

I do not enjoy seeing another fucking my woman, therefore I1m not a cuck.



>tfw going into /pol/ and admitting that i'm black


File: a0b71d07cd14b81⋯.jpg (22.58 KB, 338x305, 338:305, 7d363290b7bab1f76a28546589….jpg)


Women are fake and vapid, does this surprise you?


Accidentally pushed a girl off a slide and broke her collarbone



>Honestly, better than dying forgotten and in a hospital bed. Nobody remember or honour a random woman that spend the war cooking for her children

First of all, it does no good for you if you're dead anyway. Secondly, the vast, vast majority of men are never remembered either. Just because there are like 100 men throughout all of time who are actually remembered doesn't mean shit for the countless billions who aren't. You make the same mistake as feminists, looking only at the top successful men and assuming you'd be one of them, instead of looking at average people.

>How so? I've never heard about it

Feminists constantly try to claim that being a housewife is actual work. They say being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Their only job is to make sure their kids don't die. Meanwhile, men break their backs and give their lives just for the opportunity to maybe come home and briefly take care of their families. What is reward for a man is considered work by a woman.

>I do not enjoy seeing another fucking my woman, therefore I1m not a cuck.

You proudly work against your own self-interest because you think it somehow makes you morally superior. This is what a cuck is. Just because you are not literally raising other men's children doesn't mean you're not fundamentally operating on the same principles.

Also, while their men are off working and dying, women are fucking whichever guys they still have around. This is why the we have twice as many female ancestors as male ancestors. Most men never reproduced, they got killed and cucked. While your grandfather fought in the war or ruined his health in the factory day in day out, your grandmother was fucking the milkman.



When I was in Grade 3 in Toronto, 1999-2000, I went to a school with two floors. The main floor was a regular elementary school, but in the basement there was some sort of school for retards, and the retards were really proud of it, saying stuff like "Don't mess with me, I go to the retard school in the basement!" (They didn't call it that but I forget the actual name. It was some three letter abbreviation.) Anyway, there was this one retard who couldn't talk. One day he stood at the top of the slide on our sweet ass jungle gym and would ask people something in retard language, which nobody could understand. So everyone just awkwardly responded with stuff like "uh… no thanks" and other stuff like that. Except this one girl in my class, Cassandra. She made the mistake of saying "uh… sure." or "okay…" or something like that. So the retard pushed her off the jungle gym and she broke her collarbone.

I moved away that summer, but found out that they demolished the coolest jungle gym I've ever seen right after I moved away, presumably because of that retard.

Anyway, I know it was you, retard. You got our jungle gym taken away. On the other hand, I'm sure Cassandra grew up to be a cunt anyway, so whatever.




Probably fake but if not I salute you, sir.


Nothing too serious.

>14 at the time

>mother and older sister always being bitchy toward me

>sister always hitting me and doing stupid shit like hiding my videogames

>decide to get revenge

>go inside bathroom

>fap with sisters face towel and rubbing balls on it

>wipe ass with moms personal bar of soap until I see poop specs

>did this a few times each day


After a couple of weeks my mother mentioned that her soap smelled disgusting and my sister said she had small bumps all over her face. Felt good man



You are a champion, man.



>First of all, it does no good for you if you're dead anyway. Secondly, the vast, vast majority of men are never remembered either.

Family will remember for years after death.

>Feminists constantly try to claim that being a housewife is actual work.

Why do you care about what feminists say?

>You proudly work against your own self-interest because you think it somehow makes you morally superior.

I'm not. Your making this shit up.



End your life, and the lives of everyone you slept with, and the lives of everyone they slept with. Make sure you kill yourself and the others with fire.



So what you are saying is that women belong in the kitchen or the bedroom, should be barefoot and pregnant, that we should lower the age of consent, and engage in a little domestic discipline when required?

That we should vote for far right christian fringe groups that have no chance of winning, so that the mainstream parties (conservative / republicans) politicians will start to represent the above values and people like you? (moving the needle)

stop bitching and do something about it


Yes women have it easy. Everybody loves women. That’s why there are entire threads dedicated to how much you hate us, how much joy you get in seeing us hurt. I read the news and everyday there are several stories about women being raped and killed. I shouldn’t say women as little girls certainly aren’t excluded from this abuse you call love. Yes FEMALES are loved…..



I feel bad now though because they seem nice toward me.

I'd never confess though





HIV is a gay disease, you can't get it from PIV intercourse >>8454527 well it's like 1 in 600-something, it's not happening





i told a female coworker a redpill about what is reality and what men and womens expectation on reality was. I got fired because she was "scared" of me and thought i was dangerous.


In my early 20s, I dated this achingly beautiful girl. Way out of my league. I didn't understand how I managed to snag her until I realized the depth of her insanity. She was fucking nuts. Cutter. Made up stories about being raped. Locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to kill herself whenever we had a fight. Stuff like that. The sex was wild, though. I still remember the way she used moan bestially in my ear when she came.

Well, after we'd been together for a while, she got in a bad car wreck. Rearranged her face. No amount of plastic surgery was going to make her beautiful again, not in the way she used to be. I always thought I wasn't a shallow person, but I was wrong. I lost all interest in her when she wasn't beautiful anymore. Suddenly, I had zero interest in putting up with her shit. I didn't want to be the one to break up with her, though, so I started playing mind games with her. I got distant, then blamed it on her when she brought it up. Found ways to take a lot of what she'd said to me over the months of our relationship and turn it around on her. I stopped freaking out when she cut herself and just let her do it. I think that hurt her the most. We'd fight, she'd disappear, and I knew she was cutting. Unlike before, when I'd follow her, scream at her, break the bathroom door down, etc., I just waited until she was done, and I'd smile at her when she came back in the room and then go back to whatever I was doing.

It's not that she didn't see through it. She understood what was happening, and finally broke up with me, though she said something along the lines of "Because that's what you want." I insisted that, no, she was breaking up with me because that's what she wanted. That's what I told all of our friends, too.

In all of the other relationships I've had that ended, I've always felt some combination of grief, anger, and similar emotions. When I finally got this bitch to break up with me, I only felt relief. It was a unique experience among my break-ups.

We kept in touch for a while afterward, and I made a point of telling her how happy I was and how well I was doing. Really rubbed it in. Finally, I just stopped responding to her calls and emails. Maybe she finally sacked up and offed herself. I wonder sometimes.


File: 06c66b8d28dd5f0⋯.gif (80.5 KB, 259x199, 259:199, 4917951 _d3b47fc7f7b74fb80….gif)

A girl my brother made friends with started trying to hangout with me after he basically ditched her. I felt bad and decided to give her a chance only to discover she was a whore and self centered bitch. Instead of avoiding her, I played along and got her fat ass to blow me each time I went over saying I'd fuck her eventually. I basically had a slut suck me off when I said. Was fun for a while til I got tired of her actual personality. Haven't seen much of her since she decided to settle down with a guy actually willing to fuck her. Betcha I could make her do it again, but I seriously don't care about her.



>Family will remember for years after death.

Yeah, the family will remember women, too, no matter how little those women did.

>Why do you care about what feminists say?

Because they use their excuses to control society.

>I'm not. Your making this shit up.

You are. Even when you say "why do you care about what feminists say?" Oh, big man, pretending like it doesn't hurt you when they use their rhetoric to pass laws and further customs that openly and proudly give you a harder life, make you live to serve them. But at least you get to act like a big man. Go ahead and be proud of your status as a second class citizen. They still hate you and see you as nothing but a workhorse they reluctantly have to tolerate because you're enough of a cuck to be proud of working harder so they can reap the fruits of your labor.


>Yes women have it easy. Everybody loves women. That’s why there are entire threads dedicated to how much you hate us, how much joy you get in seeing us hurt.

On a fringe website made for people who can no longer stand the previous fringe website because it got too filled with normalfags. People come here to say things that are not allowed to be said anywhere else, not even on the internet. The fact that it's said here shows that it is hated by the mainstream.

>I read the news and everyday there are several stories about women being raped and killed.

And you don't see as much about men suffering the same way and worse, even though statistically it happens much, much more often.

Women objectively have better lives, with every major western institution, including governments, all openly and proudly favoring women and discriminating against men. And feminists try to counter with the conspiracy theory of "Patriarchy" implying that men get benefits in unseen ways, despite all the laws being set against them. But stats show the opposite. Women have body image issues? Dating site stats show that women think 90% of men are butt ugly, while men rate women on a low bell curve with most in the middle. Women live in fear? Men are far more likely to be injured in just about every way, especially every violent way. Women earn less money? When you adjust for employees that actually work the same jobs and same hours and take the same risks, women make more. Then they get extra help and sympathy from charities and governments and regular people on the street because of the lies they're constantly told.



Damn… You fucking nigger.



This muslim is a best mate than most of your best mates, mate.


you're not even beta. you're gamma.



>points out that you are being actively hated and discriminated against

>"lol ur just a loser"

Being proud of being a second class citizen doesn't make it any better, you massive cuck.

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