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File: ae3a07281922b71⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 720x370, 72:37, Screenshot_20181113-064111….jpg)


>imagine being so insecure about your own ethnicity you need to put your fellow European brothers down



>t.insecure Italian who needs to make fun of others for being too white



>imagine being you

>imagine all those cocks you've sucked



You can't be argued with, all you would do is airport about "muh cumskins."

>Roman gladiators were just meds version of chimping out




That's some nice autocorrect, phonefag



>ad hominem

I meant to type shitpost, but my point still stands.



You'll be too busy watching people killing each other during the glorified chimp out of gladiators.


File: 86fc815b6baa10f⋯.jpg (45.37 KB, 381x458, 381:458, italiandark.jpg)


>t.insecure Italian who needs to make fun of others for being too white

lol when has there ever been an insecure italian?


test check what


It's a commie doing d&c like the good goy he is.





File: 25901451669b479⋯.jpg (162.68 KB, 1200x1180, 60:59, dieforisrael.jpg)

>yes goyim fight among yourselves good goy


File: 07e615250d42997⋯.jpg (82.84 KB, 1024x719, 1024:719, lye42unm0io01.jpg)

Reminder the goyim were made to serve Israel


File: b163c235e861448⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 627x470, 627:470, 1507189299357.jpg)

/pol/ needs to fuck off



but they're so randumb :DDD




Hey, anyone have other similar pics? I'd like to have the whole collection!



>he thinks white people post these


We must all unite against the jews


File: 24f6cb570251a3a⋯.jpeg (22.54 KB, 305x200, 61:40, 2A793E25-58BB-4D62-9D9F-E….jpeg)


Pic related is true except for slavs who also aren’t white. Attached is a picture of a slav. Note the non-cumskin cranium, eyes, nose, and mouth shape.



This, Slavs belong to the Siberian race.


Italians stopped being white before mongols created Turkey and they are so stupid that they destroyed Argentina.



looks like your mom's bull


File: 81b92425d53a964⋯.png (371.39 KB, 830x467, 830:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Imagine being so weak that a simple hot box causes 6 gorillion of your people to vanish into thin air.


I’ve had plenty of white men put down my photos



A what now race?. Its white, black, yellow. He doesnt look black or yellow, so guess what.


File: 2d83a8bf0b5c846⋯.jpg (307.65 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, anjelica20.jpg)


Slav men all look like inbred retards. Slav women on the other hand…



is this 12 year old tier shit considered trolling these days?


File: 3e11c30f4893ccd⋯.gif (688 KB, 320x246, 160:123, mr t no.gif)


well put..


File: e85b7a64903a81f⋯.jpg (24.78 KB, 646x373, 646:373, heroes.jpg)




You mean caucasian? Does that mean all caucasians are white?


File: 5433f1978c5ff7e⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_20170209-120415.png)

If I'm of Jewish ancestry but am a Christian does that still make me one of god's chosen people?



Yep, this is what passes for trolling here. This place is all squeakers and ree-rees now.



is your jewish ancestory from the maternal line? then yes.



Are you Jewish if you look like a stereotypical jew but aren't one?



k what race are pajeets

what abut abos



if u want to larp as one



That would make a great cosplay.



My go to costume is as a pathetic loser. It's easy because I dress the same as I always do


File: d469a9d7d36a4a3⋯.jpg (592.14 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, gene-wilder-willy-wonka.jpg)


I concur, thus its only reasonable to assert that our fellow Ashkenazi Jews are white and thus are our brothers. Israel is essentially a white ethnostate

>/pol/ seriously think pic related isn't white


File: 5f7c630fe147f2c⋯.jpg (177.61 KB, 853x960, 853:960, typical slavs.jpg)

File: dd2ed1ebdd833fe⋯.jpg (152.17 KB, 660x495, 4:3, slavtypical.jpg)

File: f2ee539570b5cbe⋯.jpg (103.44 KB, 1089x726, 3:2, anjelica37.jpg)

File: 20fd71167935bc5⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 600x900, 2:3, anjelica23.jpg)


The truth is trolling now?



A large portion of the Russian population east of the urals is part Asian. They cant be put into nice, neat little boxes.

Neither can mixed race arabs, Persians, amerinds and turks, who are nowhere close to being "white, black or yellow"


File: 814e9a9c62755fd⋯.jpg (216.13 KB, 1244x643, 1244:643, Duke Nukem 8493983983.jpg)


>fellow European

I'm an American, fuck Eurofags and their multicultural fourth reich ruled by Technocrats and Japanese Jews.



many populations are like that,



>squinty slanted eyes

>hairy legs




i'd cyka her blyat if you know what i mean, tovaritch


File: e0867e8d095c0c7⋯.png (2.68 MB, 2836x1884, 709:471, nordic scum vs master race….png)

File: 15a4cd182792bc9⋯.png (265.05 KB, 800x1745, 160:349, the truth is often spoken ….png)

File: d875a324047e705⋯.png (122.26 KB, 1400x1630, 140:163, aryans vs the master race ….png)

>it got deleted




>he thinks nu-/pol/ is white



Why does it trigger them so?



Telling the inferior that they are inferior. Heh, and the med posters are'nt even posting the evidence yet.


File: 69a4e57b50840d2⋯.jpg (462.65 KB, 2448x2373, 816:791, 20180627_033031.jpg)


Stay mad Mediterranean mutt. You're literally mixed with sandniggers.

Most of the emperors of the Roman Empire had light hair, blue and or green eyes.



/pol/ is a literal brain cancer, protip:

>You are part of "the white race" only if you have beige, be it bright or a little bit dark beige skin, and since you are a part of the white race then it means…. FUCKING NOTHING! It's just how your body is adjusted to place on earth that you live in.


File: 4cc7c4b52330e7a⋯.gif (1021.61 KB, 500x281, 500:281, nigsbeingnigs2.gif)


If only it just had to do with bodies adjusting to where they live

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