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File: 917e901713cba95⋯.jpg (126.26 KB, 693x1024, 693:1024, RNFetchBlobTmp_6mzr1zev4qiā€¦.jpg)


>Be me

>At November Potluck for my moms job

>Helping set up


>Meet her boss for first time

>"Hello anon, I've never meet you, names Joe!"

>Run firmhandshake.exe

>"Hey Joe, I'm Momanon's Daughter, fuck I mean son"


Captcha was mex how topical with all the legumes here


Made me giggle tbh


File: 4b6b5e710bcd7d0⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 1024x612, 256:153, RNFetchBlobTmp_c494673z7r5ā€¦.jpg)


I am glad my dismay can provide you with some enjoyment anon. It was a slip of the tongue, I hhad spent all morning drowning in estrogen from my mom's bubbly co-worker my bitch tits don't help none either



Me as well


File: 8ebbaa38ed104ce⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 304x429, 304:429, jiggle.gif)

The only way to make it less awkward is if you tell your mom you're a girl and start taking hormones.


File: ebf8d34b9e77307⋯.jpg (56.64 KB, 754x528, 377:264, ebf8d34b9e77307fea3242fcd7ā€¦.jpg)


>>"Hey Joe, I'm Momanon's Daughter, fuck I mean son"




>live by this code that the people in charge have spent centuries modifying and warping to make it de-facto impossible to do something they don't like without going against said code

>you need virtues, not a future

>dying in a rich man's war gives your life meaning

>pray that things will get better, that's better than trying to change them in some way that might inconvenience the rich

>it's not an overly-idealized pic from an detergent ad or MSM magazine cover in the 50s, therefore it's not a family

OP is a fag



Codes of honor aren't made by "the people in charge" but by the people.

>being against honor

>being against virtue

>being against family

Even villains from comics are more realistic than commies nowadays, you guys are evil for the sake of being evil.



>codes of honor aren't made by the people who make 90% of all media that purports to represent it, society is totally prepared to go against the grain of all the brainwashing from the top 1% about how not wanting to work more for less every year is dishonorable

>if you're against the popular image of honor, you're against the concept of honor

>if you're against my advertisment for a thing that doesn't look anything like the ad, you're against the thing it's advertising and not how disingenuous it is and how it's gamed by the system to get you to do what it wants

>blah blah blah communism bad beep boop

useful idiot



You should take your meds (or, if you're taking them, stop and go see a new quack). Media wasn't even a thing when codes of honor existed anon, the closest was theater and what was done on the street wasn't full of propaganda but dick jokes. The vast majority of codes of honor don't say anything about charging a lot or little for a service, you retard. Exceptions are like the quakers, who were few and charged according to the work put into what they were selling instead of trying to maximize profit, but they owned the means of production (like hammers, saws, etc) so they were capitalist pig dogs.


I have a similar story.

>meeting teacher's husband

>"you must be her wife, shit I meant husband"



>I don't understand the daily dose meme because I'm a newfag and/or shill here to proselytize about my failed debunked ideology/religion/movement/[insert other shitty disproven idea here]


File: 4229f9588695d6a⋯.jpg (486.54 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, hang yourself.jpg)



That's an anal hook right?



only if you want it to be



but it is tho right? That's the only possible reason for the large ball at the end and the handle on the top.



Also the second picture is literally it up some guys ass





File: 99a6e6ea7e6a4e3⋯.png (120.93 KB, 723x563, 723:563, hhhhnnmgggg.png)



My plan is to get my IQ into negative numbers so it causes an integer underflow and becomes the highest IQ in existence and I ascend to a higher plane.



That's a great plan but it has one small but fatal flaw: IQ doesn't go into the negatives.



>deformed wojak



the fuck is november potluck?


File: 7fd3c001cf016f1⋯.png (378.25 KB, 807x700, 807:700, cf7823efdf86.png)


When you get your IQ low enough you can't make sense of the images your eyes create and don't know how to move your hands, also forget to breathe. I've had to work with autistic kids with IQs of 35. They can't survive without 24/7 machines, supervision. Yes, autism can get so bad it's called "pervasive" and basically like extreme retardation.



>forget to breathe.

Breathing is automatic. Usually that is, now you're breathing manually and doing the same with blinking.



They didn't strip you of your ability to earn profit OP, you're just too incompetent for financially accelerated gains.



Breathing isn't automatic when the very basic parts of your brain can't keep track of what they did a millisecond before. Pervasive autists are borderline vegetables.



>brain can't keep track of what they did a millisecond befor

Hej, me in irl lol



They'd have to be on life support since birth or they'd die from forgetting to breathe first time they went to sleep.

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